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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, May 06, 1899, Image 1

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llricito Mining; Company Kreftting i
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mImiiiI tin Iirintol
Lare New County Uuard of SuiervUori Met and
Organised on the 3rd Int.
Klovcri iiiimi wt'iltttl down with lln
mini tin ollirr day a ii jioi li r fur'TiiK r.iriH 11ml iTntiliilitiiH of mirviHtir
Iiamu.m Ikii.i. it t I ti'iili .of ' of tlu-ir ntn'Ctive liuiliw ickn tiHHttiiltci
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S:lo ronunencos Saturday, April 8. continuing until
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C Crystal Falls. Mioli.. April 0,.lsOO. , J
s - rXi
iiiiii liiiifi v I 1 1 c tiliiiut (lif lirni I ; t f I
vrt of tin- oK'ii pit. IV'" iniiiiiin we
Mcii' tolil tliat tlifiiiiirliltii'i.v ii iiilcmlnj
f'r a vt ii-lu r pi. nit wliicli vill Ik- t'H rtt il
ut oim ! ilinttly opposit, tin- sluift nu n
tiiiiiiii. Jt h tin' intention of tin' coin
p iny to li iit tlio nt'T part of I he mu
which Him mini' pioiluciH, for the
pii M iit at Ifaht, thiough thin cli.ift im
to Kin it nlMliHMi,'li the ('iuaIkt. The
1'i'iiHoiiM cicn for this ti cat limit of 1 hf
ore in tli.it it timkcM it timiv h ilcuhk'.
The oiv proiluci'tl lv the !i itil nnd itn
liiiini ill itc lie ih I tor, tlu Ylllltow n, in
vt i y h.-ml mill lumpy. It luvnU, in the
mini', in vt-r.v hirp chunk" iieiTKHitntini
ii Kit nt amount of "Mock l.olm" to cd
it iiiluccil enough for hoiliiiL', hih even
t licit tin yte.itiT portion of the oro re-'
mninri in ipiite l.uire clninks. I'.v ruiinint;
it through t hi' ci tislii'i t lii rr cliiinU-i will
U' rriliicdl very much, ami the ore will
run uniform in nizi'.
What phin the I'.i intol people w ill devise
next, to make the ore from this piopcrty
more ileMmMt is u ipii'stion, hut we are
conliilent that they will leave no stone
uiiturrvd to improve the ipi.ility of
their proiluct ami thus inline a creat
iiicinise in the ipiautily tliat Mill lie
mined each ear and to kii p t he mine
k'oinn t he ear a round. '1 he ore deposit
is, without douhl, the l.nest on the
Menominee, hut, the low lion contents
h. is kept it from In inj; uoiketl.. With
treatment that will overcome thr ohjec
tionaMe features the Hi istol will prove
n lioiiiinz i, tioth to the ioiup.iuy and
I he people of this city.
Transfers and Loaeoa.
A deid traiisfi'i'Muu realty in Atkinson
toiirhip Irom Ihiit. Trintrin, et.nl.,
to 7a hiiia McColnian w as tiled with the
ri winter of h cds hint we, k.
1. N. Minkler and otheiM have wltlcd
their tax title casu with the K. I', com
pany, p.ipi is to that effect huviu Uon
tiled. The property transit ired includeH
a dam on the Paint river.
Ii. A. Henry pui chased the Kitchen
house in Ma plt- (iiove and will move
there in the near future.
Win. hou.it has leased the hotel at
SLimhauh and lift Monda morning
to take po-s.si-.ioii, his f.imi'y accom-
piins l.i liun.
Mai tin S.-.auson and .1 ! n i Krei d
lea-el t he Munhall miIooii tuiihi ii i and
Imve stalled a saloon and hoaidin
,las. Collins, of Maiisl'ald, I'tuchased
the ('ampU'll llmi-i- and has moved his
familv into it. It w ill he opem d at once
as a hoarding hou.e.
l''or sale or n-iit rhe (uieii Hay
House. Impiiie at this ollice or of M
II. Moi iaity.
Martin Olson and ('has. I.ars ui leased
the land I i i U I i r 1 1 in the .i r ml of
tow a and have started a h.i loon.
House for saleOn lot L".S h'CoimI
addition. Impiiie ot .lacoo I'mder.
A very small amount of proMi ty was
allowed topi to hale at the tax sah'
last Tuesda v and what wan m1I was
pi incipally woi thli ss land. A nuinher
of ilesn Ipt ioiirt weie hid ill l.V tin
owners, hut no "r-iiaps" wt ie to ! had.
Win. Tally has leased his residence to
Ir. U. II. Pa i lin and w ill move to Iron
Kiver the midille of the mouth where In
intends to cuilui k in the grocery lni-i
M. I. Waite will move into the Lurhu
pelle Iioum now occupied by Pr. K. II.
I a i linu. P. M. Koss will move his
family hi ie from Chicago as soon as Mr.
Waite vac. iti s his residence.
We learn troin aiitheulie sources that
the Piannciinan hou.--e will lie thoioughly
lenovati d and repaired and opened ii
as a liist class hotel in the near future
An estimate of the cost oliepuiisis
Ireim: made at piest ut and it is the in
tt ut urn to start cat h ntei 4 at work tot
soon possihlc.
Lot Thorn Com,
Tin: imonm Huili. is ideased to note
inltnx of a higher and U tter p ade o(
lalsir than has Inch the case, in this
district since IS'.'.'I. Purine the inteiini
U twicii Ihl'.'l and the present time the
class of lalsir that rame into this dis
trict was, as a crneral thinp, of tin
lower order hut lately a IN-Iter clasM of
ininciM have Ihcii attracted here hy the
Inch wanes and the exceptionally liriijM
outlook for this distiict.
The Hristol Mining company one of
the ror.cein- that is responsible for this
turn of affairs. Supt. P.ividsoii i
pelting in a treat many new men (piinci
pally of the Swedish nationality) who
w ill Is; a help and an honor to the town
Supt. Ityer hart nuccii'diil in st-ciiriiu:
a crew of lillccn Coniish miner
fiom lshH'inini;. These are pi incipally
man ied men who come here to liv
They are tkillel miner- and good
citi7,em and we wilionio then to our
in County Clerk Wall's ollice last
Wednesday afternoon. The gentlemen
comprised the tiew county board ot su-K-r
visors, tin.' numlM-r of that body
having Ui'ii incieasetl by three from that
of tin last board, the increase due to
the incorporation of Crystal Faltit ana
Clerk Wall called the board to order
at 10:110 and tin adjournment wart im
mediately taken until l:.'io p. in. to
I low the west hide inemlers to Ih)
present, the morning passenger train
i ing late. On reassembling the board
proceeded to elect a chairman, I'dwiti (!.
Sea lis, of Maitnlicld towushii, winning
out against M. Corcoran, of Stumbauuh.
gi ist of bills wasgrjund out, some
being disallowed nnd a number severelv
A resolution was adopted instructing
the county treasurer to secure the insur
ance policies and keep t hem in his cus-
ody. Another resolution instructed
the same official not to accept township
orders for taxes.
County Commissioner Conlin appeared
M-fore t he board and asked for a $lnn
appropriation for a summer school,
which request was granted.
What did you say about
W A O N S ?
Uadly Smashed up.
When returning from the Columbia
mine last Tuesday morning about two
o'clock, the switch engine ran over and
killed ii l'lidau ler named Chas. la ilk-
son. he engine was running liackwarus
atching the sleeping man and crushing
him up against (he foot board, thus
mangling him in a horrible manner. The
unfoi ttiuate man must have started for
the Columbia mine after the engine went
there. lb; was intoxicated and, when
near the I'.n ks warehouse, laid down on
the track to sleep. T'.e remains were
taken to the town hall whetean impiest
was held after which they where taken
in charge by Undertaker Henry and
but ied.
Salaries Sot.
The city council at the meeting held
last Monday evening net tied the oues-
tion of salaries of city ollioials for the
coining year. I he amounts allowiil the
ier year ollieers are as follows :
Citv Attorney .....S7.VMHI
nty Clerk .ir.O.OM
CitV Treasurer tOO.liO
Citv Maishal 7JVOO
I'' ire Chief...'. 7o OO
The street commissioner is to receive
'J 'Jo per day for time actually spent
in the interest of the city.
The Cleveland Iron Trade Review' Uhume of
tiie Week in ran CircL.
Two big lire cargoes have liecii un
loaded at Lake Krie ports in the past.
week The iHginning of the movement
for I N'.i'.). The ore is from I'.scanaba.
hake Supei ior loading is still delayed,
however, a number of boats that at
tempted to get out of Pulut h on Tues
day, May I!, being held back by the ice.
Last 3 ear LWJ.OOO Ions of ore passed
through the Sault in April; a week of
the present, month may p ih ln fore tin
record of iS'.i'.t i-t stalled. In view of
the shot tened Hi'Msou and of the largi
amount of oie sold, pu p nations mi
being made at Lake Mi ie docks to givt
the maximum dispatch this season. At
Coiineaut t he Ca rneuie docks, as noted
elsewhere, will push unloading work
day and tiiglit .
At Cleveland IheC. & I'.oie docks aic
under the management of M. A. ilanna
t Co , bi'g'.uuiiig May 1. Increased re
ceipts for IN'.KI may U- i ajmi ted ut this
port. It is r ident, as t heseason's work
I ley ins that all the machinery of on
trarispoi tatiou, fiom mine to furnace,
will lie taxed to do tin- woik, laid out;
and back of this is the problem of gett ing
t he on-from the UUU' S. In no lecelit
viai has there been aiiv such doubt
ii I m mt the ability of the mines to n
spond to the call upon them. The
pi ices obtained on later sales of ore, . in
such lots as have ben left from tin
rally rush, are unpleasantly suggestive
to selling lit ms, of their U uevolent at
titude at the otciiing. The advances
sec 1 1 red in March and April wire ,r0
cents, tin rents, and in some instances
7." ends above the original basis. Now
stray hds are U-ing hel. I for liuurrs ns
hiidi. in a few cases, as SI above first
- - -
A Summwr School.
There will lie a summer for the teach
ers nl Iron county the coming summer
The school w ill Is' held at Iron llivci
and Is fashioned after the one held here
last rummer. The conductor has not
Ui n definitely lived upon yet but It is
thonuht that Prof. C. W. Micki in will i
as-iiini'il by thestute Hiiperinleiideiit b
conduct the school. Prof. Coburii, who
did such excellent work hero last year
cannot I e secured iik'aiii. Prof, .Miekcns
is so well and favorably known here
that Ihe success of the school with him
ns n conductor is assured.
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Parks Mercantile Company.
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