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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, April 14, 1900, Image 7

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1 .-Omj.'W4-' !
wrirr frrm pain and the torture of
over t tied nerves, It is but natural that
Joa should Ix tow-spirited, and dc
ectcd. Worn-out by the care, the
worry and the long fuffr-rlnz from
weaknesses that have bafiled the lst
efforts of your family doctor, it is no
wonder you have become discouraged,
nd think there is nothing left for you
but suffering and misery. Do not (five
un all hope, do not lose all courage
Remember Dr. Miles' Nervine has
helrrd thousands of despondent wom
en to regain their lovt health and fail
ing strength. It quiets the irritated
nerves, res-tj' the weary brain and
drives worry and care away. It gives
xe-st to the failing appetite, invigorates
the digestion and nods new HreMij'th
and vi.'or to the whole sybttru. Dou't
forget Um Mm.
"Chance of life left me a total
wreck and , I suffered nervousness,
rheumatism, heart tiouble and dropsy.
When 1 commenced taking Dr. Miles
Nervine bst Decembtr 1 was thought
to be in the last ttats of nervous pios-
ttulion anu was scaicely able to move
hout the house. 1 U-gan to improve
olniiii t from the lirft elebe, Jiud in a few
niniit!:j 1 was enjoying letter hrallh
llniM 1 had In-fore in fifteen years. I
mil now aide to vvulW ten or u docn
blocks without fee bnrdjt the least ia
tigued. Bin 1 I l.lc'stluCWy 1 lubt heard
of Dr. Miles' Nirviii.t."
Mrs. Dk. Nokkis Kotk Rapids, la,
Sold at all ehueelst. on a j-obilive
f uarantee. Wiite fur free advice and
inoklet to
Or. fc'.ilos Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
work til hU npw building thU week.
There In rumor Into that V. .1.
Ilordcr Ii.im nutch.ne.l tbo Ilui-L'tj
oilier, iiu hiding Mr. Txirgu'ri re-xidenco
mill 1 1iia t ho Mill vni l it lurtw htore
building on the, ceiiner lot for Mm u.so
t lloiden eV OUon.
A liiMi-c-waVmiiig at tho Aiiuih i houi
next Monday evenjn,: in laini looked
forward to with coiiHiileniblo iinxiety by
our tiiiiHiKMplc; Mm. Collin. U the
Minn I'micnulfy ed Florence,' is v Initio.:
at Fui lot Io'h.
AuyuHt Miller Iiiih n contract to
Mint all (ho hoiiMH ed tho Hemlock
liver iitiuing company.
Tliu new eliy at tho Hemlock ha Utti
Our new train htailn Monday motning
It nriivi'H hern at C:l.r A. M. a ml
ItttvtH 7:15 A. M. It c anion mhmm
tfene lo ami from (he Full.
Word Wit rrtvlvfd l-rv thin morula of a hjK
llr Mt Sl-lniiW. Ttin Ui-ord otlWtt" uhm humeri
mid tho Klondike hotel win blown ii ho h to
ptvvi ut lht llrw from h.reiidiiK to the reumiii
iiirf Hirtloii of the town.
I'mI FUmnuaii, the luinhrrin.iii fioni Siigolu
wan in town Kil-Uy looking up biitiieH
The new lioiihen fur t to Oliver io'l were
eoinpletrd during t lie week ami Mill h occuUmI
Tin- Hemlock prtjw today. The labor ulona
on their roll tli Ih mouth muiouiiIm to IO.r.OO.
on. ijnittf u Hum for a phut? of I hi hize.
Town Uoarel Matter's.
Much KiMCiibil ion in rife In-remn to tin
make-up f tho town board. An far aH
we tan learn Mm imike-tip until July
foui (h will 1h ax followH. Chaii tuaii,
KiiM'rviHtr Law retire; Clei k, Win .lilitho,
JurtlireH, Fli Foiiteuiii and Uiehard Uo
tallik. Tho epiebtion HeeniH to lo iih to
tho illegibility ed F.li lViulenin to hit on
thoboanl h having held the ollieo ed
towiiHhip eleik, thenfore cauning the
contention that when ho accepted a
higher (dlieo ho vacated tho lower orfe.
OlheiH contend that tho accepting of the
ollieo f t li rk er huh'i vinor iloen tnt
vacate the ollieo of juMico "ml the.v
plaee'd their f.iitli in that hci lion of the
Hlaluto which nayw that the election
board nhall Iks nimle up of tho Hiiptt viii
or, cleik mid two juriticeM of the peace
not holding tho edlico of Hiipervi-nor eu
clerk. It 'm likely that thin point will le
Hettlnl before long and harmony pie
vailrt. I'outeniirM term expires July I Hi.
School Matters.
The Mchool board mot and organized
last Mondav night. Win. Ilurgo lieing the
olth'Mt itiHiM'ctor took tho chair and Win.
Ilolitho, tho newly elected clerk, hand lew
tho reeordd. T. J. tiilwon wan elected
treasurer o tho elititet. ' The school
uffajii are in 'good condition but the
board will have considerable work on
lb hamlH for the coining year. The
now HchKol luiurto which wan built last
year and which n excellent in every K
nK;ct will, if our population continue
to increase, prove ia ulequ ito and iuumI
m' enlati!' d. It i understood that the
Oliver people will build twenty new
Iioumcm Hit Bummer which meaiiH
twenty or foi ty new f iniilieH with from
fifty to ono 1 u idieil more children.
Two thousand live hundred dollar
' wero rainiHl at ;tho annu il meeting for
1.0 tool ox pouHca the coming year and it
lookH iih if it will take every cent of it to
keep the nchoola going.
n.moile Dallifoir returned hint wnk
fromlliity where ho went about a ,oar
ago to Hecuro ho mo money inai wu eiue
Itiui there and wlueii ho count in get
.Hi oil. boini! there in perron. We
i..,.H. il.nL Mr. Dallafoir will remain in
Annum and erect a building in which to
cat ry on the naloon buiunefH.
Jlow many rnloona will wo have?"
n.. mietion that in ithkednow-a
dayH. It lookn, from prewnt, iipMar
.unM. that '."Micro will lonix at any rate.
Homo nay that in addition to nix
Mtilooi'H thete will Ihj two ding More.
Trube Law i euro was in the FalU
Thumly on buiuneMrt.
Miclmel llcalh, viniled nt the FnlU
i ui Miimlii v. Mr. Heath ia Mih. 1. J
(Jilon'rt father ami an old wttler ed
...ilirrii WicconHin. lie camo to dial
ui,.f U tore the lailroadrt and grew up
Willi tho place. While in the Fall he
met nevei al that he had known down
in the Itadgcr Htato.
noi Hchool let out lat Friday right
tlin Miirini! vacitltui the teachers,
MinMcrt Kilgren and DouahiMt going to
their home at MliHMiiing lor mo vu
on I ii ll
Arnold Miller U hero from Uocklaml,
i ......
vi-iting at r ui lotto h.
Mim. II. F. ('hiiHtrimon wan la the
FalU neveial day thin week.
Ilinrv DiidHMH returnl here tho fore
pa it of the wcvk ami in piepaiing to
inovo hi family to Milwnukeef. We
underhtaml that Mr. iVinlnrg j goinj:
fanning. ,
iHimuic Diillofior i'(ld his old buildini;
t MoMirrA':. Mi er. the prevent exTu
piiidM, who Intend ftt continue there in
the Haloon iumeH.
A Hurptlme parly in Jennie
U on the tHiax for leuiight.
Geo. lVemo ii putting up the Irani
City Council.
'UYSTAI. FAI.IX, MieilKJAN, AlMtlf. 11,
Tho liixt meeting f I ho city council
wan called to einler by Mayor (?. T.
lohei ta at S o'e lock, p. in., for the pur
H?t ed organizing.
The following mcmlNTH were present:
Ofter Fither, ahh iiiiiin Int wnnl; K. II.
Webb, uMerman 2nd ward; A. Charon,
itdcim in .'bd waul; Jacob Hauer. alder
man .'bd ward.
i'lie follow ing ineHi-ae wan then lead
y the Mayor and on mot ion of K. It.
Webb, Hiippoi ted by Oflcr Kthirr, haid
mehHMgi' wan ei deled plead upon the
re)TMK IIonouaui.i;, rut: ('eur.Ne it. ok Tin:
Citv oh' Cuyhtai. Fai.i k:
The chart'ar of our city prencrilK-M that
tho mayor "chaU, from t ime to t line,
give the council information e oncei ning
tho uffairu of tho corporation and
recommend uch rneaniiie-H ate bet may
eleem exK'lient."
Upon u eoiiMitlt'ialion of the affairs of
our municipal inl itulion, tho llit mat
ter that challetigeH eair aMention in iIh
financial condilion. The fMienlion of (he
public indrbti iIih hm and a com no where'
by itH nlarming increase may be e ffeclu
ally tayed dm ing the eiiHuing rear ate,
in my judgment, matlera which demand
your catelul coiiMiuenuion ami ejur
anient co-operation. The preheat in
elebti'dueH c if tho cily, nsiile freun cur
rent exH.nHeH, not yet audited, approxi
mating $(i()0, in an follown:
'UyordiTH outhtiiiHlhit! .$ n,t7l.lfi
Vllliut ord(-rn onUt iokUhu r,lll.:U
Hondi-d IiiIi-I lit HH "J.'.ooo imi
Approxhuiito InltTiMt dm on IjoikIh.. y.doo.ou
Total iiidi btidin f.8 of city :t!. IS.-. r.)
Fiom thirt In id ulaleine nt, the nec hhi
ty of future irtirnchment ui public ex-
H.udituie Imcoiucm iniinifit, e'KiMCiallv
when it in counseled that at Ihecloxeeif
boincMe on , pi il f, 1'. i()t there wuh in
the city treasury, w ith which to pay the
$1 1, H.". I'.) ef imlebtctJiiOHH now dim,
the hum ot $10 1 CI.
To the accomplishment id thi.-e e nd, I
would revommend, in the lit Ht instance,
I h;it tho expenditure ol money in ail
public woikn during the cunning year be
reduced to absolute minimum. TIiohc
in authority eluring tho adininiHt ration
ed my honoranle predecenMor having ac
coinplinhed much in tho way of reclaim
ing emr city from tho dilapidation
attending it upon ita incoi (Mtratiou, it
Is peiHuihle at the pieMent time to pe rmit
public improvement to halt, temporari
ly, and until hucIi timo dk the weight ed
our pienent linanriiil bureleu hIimII Imi
leHHined. I recommend that no wotk U
elono on our treetn eluring tho prrHen
year, Hrtvo hiicIi rcpairn an aro alinohite
ly neceHNary for the public lieulth ami
While the hchctne of venting municipal
corporal ionrt with power to etect, main
tain and control e h chic light ami water
plautM coutemplale'M that hucIi MynteniM
will Ih hi II BiiMtaining ami ojH-rale an a
source ed convenience and ereuujmy to
the ritizctiM, rather than a burden upon
tho tax paycrie of the munie ipality, uch
a pienumptiem hit in m to bo violent when
texteel by eur eiwn exiH'rience. lam in
fo i mcd that notwit butiiiiiling (he recent
improvcmenitit mado upon the cily
elect lie. light plant, the capacity ef the
plant ire et inferior lo the demand upon
it, and that an additional heavy cx
Huditiiro of fundrt for further equipment
ire well utgh unHrative. It it equally
impracticable for a public ae well iih fot
a pi Ivato corporation lei carry em any
branch ed it landm without adeepiate
eipiipment, and elenpile tho lnont
Mtringcnt policy ed retrenchment mih
mbiy tnaintalnahie, u u-come-H your
duty to finnioli (Ida plant with mkI
tepiipmcnt exigency rrepiircH. I triiMt
however, that while (damning all pami
money in Mi'h mailer, yeu will, throngl
the board of public woiki, ndiniuirtle
thin brunch ef the public bunineHH with a
Hue ecomany, elin-ct ing the employ men
of Mich wayn and incunn, ngrtt ablo lei
our organic law, an will render any new
leak In the pablie foffer fiom thin chumo
impoMMbl'V Fnder tho reepiinilo I'gin
la live a ut hoi itly, I werahl ii-ceanmend
that an cffoit bo tumlo to dipene of Ihe
lectric light nnd water plant to such
private purlieu na could l ImuiuiI tei
in prove- Ihr neivice, thun nhiflingthe
uirilen from Ihe thouldeiH id I hone (ax
paierie who are elcrivMug no elirect lie'iie
lit from itri maiiitenam'e, are we II, an
reilucmg t In cuxt bi patloiiH of the
While it i our eluty to reihnu the
uitHtamling wai rautri f tho city jim well
ih the edd village cot potation with all
peiHHtblo despatch, buhinos prudence
MiiggehlM a connervative cemrno in lhi
eliiection. Kxpei iciice in village govern-
iiient Iimm taught our KopIo that uulcHri
a time'ly check upplieel, moid, it
not all ed tho liquor taxeit reach
ing tho municipal trcntuirv cornea
in the form ed municipal warrants Our
pre.-H'tit (inanci il condition will not vor-
mil ed th'ue indirect payment ed iso larye
an amount ef eair indeble'duena iinme-
liately. Faiine'H'i to all pailien cou-
cerneel. however, Huggi'hta that a poition
of theHC evidelidenccri ed iudebteelnenH Ix.
rect'ieel by t he treasurer in hiMMeltleinent
ejii acceniut ef Ihiri mouico tif icvi-nue. I
would lecouimeml that the tiearoiNT Im
authoiized by reHolutiou to accept from
the county tnnniirer in bin Helllement
on nccouiit ed liquor licences an amount
in city wan iiiita not in cxithh ed twenty-
live per centum ed the whole, a like pr
rentage in village warrant nml the
balance in eiihli, at the Mime timo uu-
thoriziug the county tieiiHiuer lo urevpt
the nanio fr cenlngrn, nMpec lively,
fiom each liquor tax paer. In Hum
ur prenent linancial elintreMH can In) re
lieved, and at tho name time, a fair pro
poi lion id eair outnlnnding indehti elncHH
In relation to tho aalarieH ed theiHe
ity olIicciN w Iiom compeiinalion i-e li.ee)
by onliiiance, I would i-ay that, in my
judgini'iit, noiiie rev iniou is neceHHaiy.
Ml public olliciiilrt hhoulil comNUMaled
fail ly for I heir he-r icen, a t leant, to the
xt.-nt of the ability ed I he public nerved,
o pay; but our cily in, at the pienent
ime, unable to maintain any lucrative
niuecuren. 1 mi I lie ett Iter liauu, e llicieut
wa vice can hardly Ik expected freun tin
underp nil edliciid. The prewnt nalar.v
of Mim city marnhal, in my judgement, in
much teintnall. The dul icn at Inching to
thin ollice are many and trying nml its
incumhe-nt oiigb I to In paid, at leant, an
amexiut that npproximali'H fair com-
pennalieui for the nerviee remleied. (bi
tho ceuilrary, the salary of Ihe city
altoi ney, an now lixrd, I connidri to he
gronnly exe"enni ve. While the luTensity
d employ ing and pay ing for comelcnt
iMMintnnce in the construction nml in-
terpietatiou ed eair municipal law in
manifint, the iucoiininteney eI paying
$7f 00 for the e xecution and e tdoire-
iitent ed, approximately, $1,000 woith
of nui'h ceaintiuclion and iuterptcta I ion
iiiunt nhock any mind wheieiu jiinticc
hoUIn a nent. I would therefejte lecom
mend (hat, prior to the elate lixed by
eair charter for Tilling the K-veralappoin-
tivo ollieea of Ihe city, t he-no na la lien bo
re-aeljunted and tixed, rcn'M-clivcly, at
fiiir amounts, tho elulitn entailed con-hided.
While the prenent policing ed the city
in probably adepuab, notw ithntandiug
t he exccKsive fi upility in the matter ed
flalary above refeircel te, I weadd bug
test the probability ed the nc-cennity, in
Ihe near futuie, ed the employment of
an additional niht policeman Tho
i t 1 1 1 1 x id a lloating population, Home ed
w hich in of a very obnoxious and elan-
ge-ioiiH neut, ceameepietit upon our im
proved condit ions iit.d the railroad con-
ntiuction in the vicinity in rabidly de
veloping thin iicccudtj-
Ma 113' other matters, lime KnniMing,
uiiglit le considered at I his time. With
thene few micgentioiin, heiwevcr, I hlinll
rent for the present, with the hope that
dm ing the continuance ed ouk re lations
wo may nccompinh that for emr city and
emr people which in more material than
words and contemplation. With a
more careful e-fpializat ion of the tax
burdens ed (he municipality than has
he'cu edmerve-el in M o pnd, and a vigor-
oiih policy ed re I rencluuent in the
administ ration ed our municipal nffairn,
I feel eonlident of emr ability no to do,
and for the accomplishment of which I
auk yourearnast co on ration.
t.'iutisToi'iiKU T. IieutKitrs,
Crystal Falls, Mich., Apiil 1 1, 1S00.
If you arc lover of Good Tea you should
try our Celebrated
Sun-dried Japan, Oolong, Gunpowder,
Ceylon, Basket-fired Japan, Regular
Japan, Young Hyson, Imperial
and English Breakfast.
H. F, Ghfiengon Gompariy
General Merchandise.
There be ing no fuithe-r businenn that
ou Id prK'ily rome be-fore this mi-cling
it wan move-d by II. It. Webb nml hiik-
porte-el by Oiler lathe r that we adjourn
until our next regular meeting.
L. A. IIkniiv,
City Clerk.
Tho jiorfonnruK'os ivon hy
t no Sowoll Stock company at
tho opont liouso Thursday nml
Friday evenings woro especially
gooel and they had a ftdl house
each night, Tho performance
irivon Thursday niiriit was The
Soldiers Sweetheart." Thurs
day evening they played A
Little Meddler." this being
the first timo tho latter play was
played in tho cily. A full house
is expected tonight when, they
will play "The Captain's Wife.
If yon wish to have a good
laugh bo sum and take in the
performance tonight,
1 1 oun'i cleaning lime in on hand emce'
more. You will nievl n in; new pieces ed
fui ml ure. buy Ibem w hue you can gel
tt. cm cheap. At Henry n.
.'.v. '.Watch this space.'.'.'.'
border "&
Groceries, Provisions,
Meats, Etc.
Commandery Election.
An dec lion ot ofllcciu took place Ht
Hugh McCu rely Comma mlery laat Tues
day evening. The lenult ot the election
in un follown:
John Miucksos '. K. V,.
)', lli'M'tiUKs (Jen.
(I. T. Ito'j j( h Capt. (Jen.
A. b. I x ..i.nu Sen. Ward.
IrVU. Ihht:.......... Jr. Ward.
C. 11T Watsom...:.:...... IVeh
fit anu 'CAimic.v..... Stan. Hearer.
A. M. DAiti.iNei...... Swoid Bearer.
l W. Cou: Warder.
l (J. liuow.N......... Sen.
The ne-.v time card coined into eipcra
lion tomorrow. The only changes aro
as follow h. A tnornii-.g train to Atuana
have'M here ait o:.r0 and urrivei
hie on leluru nt S:ro. The evening
tin in eut week iI.i,h leave at G;00 and
Sunday at 1 :!..
Perry Powers.
P rry F. Fowe rn, thel eleuteel editor
of the ( adillac I'xprefei, till lecture in
Crystal Falla on t be evenug of the 10th
umler (he aupiceH e)I the MaccaU'O
lodge. .Mr. Fowerf' lectin e w ill Ihj upon
general matter and FKKI2 to ull.
Small bill w ill Ih put out later telling
pint while (he lecture will lw hold.
I've iybody ii invite-el to attend ami We
can auie our reader tint it will ho a
rare (ii-ut () hear htich a talented mau
a Mr. Power.
John Krenati who ha line chargo ot
the day run le-twi-en here and Fowem
ince the iltne ed Mr. Murphy was
shoved up a notch eluring the. week
taking a run em the m nil line. Dan
(Jallegher i punching pant board em the
rim out ed here; now and incidentally tell
ing (he boy how late the train are on
the "Sue."
I have started a boiler shop
in the Dunn block and am now
prepared to do ail kinds 01
Boiler Repairing, Etc.
Not Meaningly Hut ThoughtleMty.
There is not a workingman In this
country but feels that trusts ore the
bitterest enemies of labor. It' the work
Inincn withdraw their support' from
the trusts by refusing to buy brands
made by them, the monopolies cannot
exist. The lalormi men nml friends of
Ihiion labor are rcepirstcel to inquire as
to whether the brands of tobacco they
arc using are made bv a trust, and if so
to net according to their judgment as to
whctlk-r or not they will buy them.
The following brands are mnele outside
of a trust nnd alwnya will be. They are
made by Union labor in a Union lactory
at Union prices, and are called Mold Hojic,
KiiiKlajlt, Rise and Shine, Thrasher.
They arc made by the Wilson-Mc-Callay
Tebacco Co., Middlctown, Oh'u,
who elurinj l0 years ef business hare
never had a strike in their establishment
iKcnusethcy have always paid a lilieral
price to labor. Paste this list in yeur
iiat and buy the brand you prefer. You
will not only secure the best tobacco
made, but strik: a tclliug blow at The
Tobacco Tiust.
t - . .It l .!' k ic
; ! I i t I m'.Au l-d, h ur
e i j I! . te th? Ull .Hit
I' la;n Stotc.
F. W.T
Clinch Notes.
M.S. Sander returned fiom hi viit
lo Chicago bot Tuewlay. We uniler-
Mtand that Mr. SamleiH will move hi
family here nnd become a resident of
Crytal Fall.
F very ota i looking foiwaiel lo (he
the opening up id (he wab r wotk. A
windmill wa placed over I lie ppiing em
the Hoiilh end of tin location lat fall
and piM rim from the mill to a htaud-
piK tank ot the hilt back ed the hiix riii-
te-nili ul'rt rehidence. Thi lank will hold
reveral thou-and gallon and will It ed
the pipe l tinning to vai iou point on
Ihe location nnd to Ihe boiler houe.
It will In a. great eon ve-nieine and wilt
brlp out (he H-opli; living here wonder
billy. The new ollire ha Ih-i'ii compli-ted nnd
i now occupied. It i on the' old lock
dump near the nhalt.
Not!co For Publication.
Klrt ullioitln Miirett I; lat May 1?U.
Mm ii.. Mim H '.1st, IliO'l.
Nuttiv U li-ri'ly plvin lli.kt. In (Tini!i:tMrit
Willi Ilie ro UIniM of the Hct of I 'tiuui-Hi t
June M. 17. e ntltli'.l "An ii.-t for th M iii.f
tlmUr hoili In tl. Siiiu-M of r.illf.irnl.i.
Iin-cmi, NrVHlii, niid Wuxlitiicton Trrntury,"
iim fXltlll.'-l to nil t liw I'lll.lU- l.tilul htnti l.v
iu t of AntfiiHt I. IH'.U. Tlii-rHik V. Unlit, i-f Iron
lUvr, e'oimt y oflroa, Htate of Micltiuiut. Iih-4
thU liny ttu-'t tn t litx iiIVki tier nivorii n'Mtf nicnt
N. Ui. for tlin pun lii of th. H. W. of N. K,
of Hwtl.ui No. y! ta Towulili no. IMS..
IOeitK N. a.'i V',, h ii-1 Mill .f.-r t-rouf to lifw
tli.it tlx IiokI KMitlit I inori' viilnilit' for It
t imttrr or "totii-1 linn for itcrlciilt nml nreM-M.
io. to ol rtMKt) ln-r ri.iiiii t Niilil l.i'Kl lei.in
I lu K"KlHtr nnl lUivlvr ol t till i!liv ui Mar
i lie IIh, MUIi, em TiH-ul.iy, I lie '-"-Mil il.iy it
Mny, lloo.
KIki tiiiin) n wttnfe':
llfiiry eirnlinni, of Iron Klverr. Midi.
AlexioxW tjntrt, ol Ir ni Itlvi-r, MU Ii.
John I'omh. of At Miixoii, Mil Ii.
WilSliim lnrliy. of 1'ntnt Kivi r. MU b.
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nliovi li'Hi'rt-il Iienil4 urn iiNiiilel lo fil
Ihf Ir liilm In tltU illlr on nr l. lore rgill
'.".Uli l.iy of Miey, I'.ioo.
Thomas fcii ,-i:-fci-i.'r.
Carel f Th nnks.
I wish l tli.utk lli( 'ood
friends wJjo m olTrctually solao
ed by their kind words anil acts
and made? nut sorrows tho less
hard lo beat . To tho inombors
of the? K. of i'.. tho se liool board
tho school ediihlri'ti nnd the
leaohers wo are especially lhank
ful. Mks. 1. V: Dt'NN and Family.
Hoiiolutlon of Condolence.
Win itt en. I In Ain 'I of Pcitli liiix Hiuniiioiu-il
from imr t'n-tl.' II ell our worthy nml wi-'.l
In low.-.l toot lift' li' rU k I. I'miiii; nml
Win ikh, our P t In ot rioifH not alone In
tlUftri-ntf ! '.iriii'-iit win-inn il Im- lot
niii' of tlx ll.o-t . K.-.-.I ill Iiii'IiiIm IX. hilt licit tin'
homo ot otif il.ii-toi-l htol h.-r h i" hi-ii ili-n i vi-l
of il km l nml (.rovi'li lit looh oul nn. l.illn r.
Ihe l it ' of e r y xliil I-'.iIIk of v.ihir l rlllrll nli'l
tin" woihl n Jii-t man. Mow t liipfon,
;i: It I;i. ..i. i, iv e't v-inl I'.iIU I.o.lc No.
l'JH. KnlihtH i f I') lln.f.-", tl- it oiif il.i-.i..t
u iiip.il h . hoi Ii ii it oilif mi I if in.lol.hiil
Mi'iiOiciH i hi-o-hv ! fri'iilly h nliiv.l to II i'
Ii, hi I htoki n will-1 nl .riouinu f ouily of our
il..nrti'. t . i-. ( r r Ii i,i. tho hour of tlnir
nlllii Hon; 1 tut r ii .e '.. d.i'- r. solui ion ro.
i-riy I'ni'i oHta h- , it I . Ih- f.tuilly of our
hiolhor. lit O ii h- ,. n liO!!. tifon tii
l.oi.N of lh. lo l" ; II. t o n- li.irl.-r nml tin
th ilr w Ii ii h our I i .11.. ihlv nu.l faithfully
tili.-.l im I'n-I it. I-- .11 i ril it moniiiln for n
n-tlo.l 'f t Ii il t V iloV".
.1 evo it'. N it Me.
J Ul'i I-. I Mill oil IN.
e neiii i.e II. Wathi.n,
fh. l.ri.;.i nil Koi'nty of lli h-'ili
bothiTii rlnin Ii wi!i li:i' nn miction M mlny
nfli-riioon nii'l 'A uinu In III. hn'im-n eif tin
I' liin h.
Kiu'Mi m-rvfi-c-i Kun.lay ivenluK hi tin
Hwe-linli I,utlirii ilmvcli.
Wi iio' ii:cncf to itntr th:it John llns.d
nt rotn Ih much In t tcr .
Tin fot hiM-rt'ion of III.' mvtetl fit I-'IoimIh
IJo to II.hhIh f.r eiinii Ik t'm fruit lee i ion in
K i-ter ojh ii im nt I-'IihuI'm with iv ereiiin.

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