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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, May 05, 1900, Image 8

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The people ot thia city cannot Ik too
careful and attentive to thvir prcmiHeH
tind to the hjiTo keeping of their' property
in general thia jcur. For the' punt fccven
rciht years we have been practicnlly
inolut'cd from trump and ad venture r
jf the lower order, but, owing to the
jjro8crous condition of the country and
tho railroad construction work, u great
ammy of thiMclnKS are Ix-ins dumped in
thl vicinity. Nearly thrte hundred men
Imve been brought here by the railroad
contractors within tho past three
months and out of that number not
rnoic than f-eventy-fho mo at nuik
Tho others are scattered about town.
iSume of them vroik and home ilon't.
On account of the extreme drouth the
the foiCbt flres or the pant week aMHtimed
proportions, that, for a time, looked
iuite heiious for outlinn camps. The
greatest lire wus to the east of the Crys
tal Fulls mine over the great chopping
made by that company lact winter.
Sumo' el it came pretty close to the
Hilltop and for a time it looked hcrioiiM
and the men were bu.y lighting tins,
l'artoftho day, Tuesday, communica
tion with Mansfield was cut off.
Forest fires have Thcii ruging nil over
this rango tho past week. Monday they
were so threatening at Niagara, in Dick
inson county, that the lire civjino khm
wnt down from lion Mountain. It was
thought at one time that the whole
town, including the fine paper mill of tin
Kimlierly -Clark company, was -doomed
but the residents, with the assistance of
tho lire engine, succeeded ia warding it
off with tho loss only of fcome of the
pulp wood piled in the yards.
Superintendent llennett pursued a
lilicrnl policy with the men at the Ciie.it
Western nunc Inst Monday pairg each
man ten dollars with which to buy him
a vcvr outfit. An outfit costs (as was
hhown by one of our readers hint
(winter not less than ten dollars. We
learn that nearly $1500 were paid out
to tho men that day. This sum, added
to tho hiss by stoppage of tho mine,
means ft great deal to the mining com
pany. The John Tufts company is going to
Live tho people of Crystal Falls an op
portunity of attending a regular city
conducted sale of ahirt wainta next Tues
day. This is a bona fide sale, and
opportunities will bo offend that cannot
Ik) had at any other placet n the city.
They explain all about this hide in their
ad in another column. Readjt carefully
and drop in next week and kec the bar
g litis they will provide for you.
.President Abbott, of Iron Kivcr
village was in tho city several days
during the week attending to some
business matters and found time to pay
.Tut: Diamond Diuix u pleasant call.
Mr. Abbott has taken hold of tho village
matters in a thorough, up-to-date busi
ness manner and promises to give our
western neighbors the bent administra
tion in every way that that municipal
ity ever enjoyed.
In spite of tho high pi ices for railroad
ties, the Manistiquo Ti ibune is informed
that the demand exceeds the supply.
Most of the railroads are experiencing
difficulty in securing what they want,
and it looks ns though (trices would go
still higher. A good tract of cedar now
adays represents a fortune to the owner,
and there is also a big demand for tam
arack and hemlock ties.
Tho Misses Henderson are working
early and late theso days to keep up
with their orders, but there is always
"room for ono more." And you nenl
not bo without a stylish, U corning hat,
while there is yet time to take advan
tage of the beautiful line of hats to select
We are sorry to announce the death
of Hon. John FcUer, of Iron Uiver. Mr.
Fetter died last Wednesday night. He
was one of tho Ut known men in
northwestern Wisconsin n;:d came to
-lion Kivcr four years ngo with the firm
of Youngs ik FetRer. lie was univer
sally respected by all who knew him.
Conductor S. J. Murphy who has Uci
on u lay-off for nearly six months ic
sumed his run again hist Monday morn
ing ami may now be nvn punching paste
boards with a mechanical regulaiity
and .'musing, between times, upon the
valuation which ho is going to place up
on tho editor's hen coop.
Tho most stubborn coughs resulting
from an attack i t higrippe or heavy
cold, must yield to the wonderful heal
ing properties of Foley's Honey and
Tar, which strcnuthciis tho -lungs and
makes them sound. Nothing else as
good. Cole's Pharmacy.
It is with plcufcuiu that we are able
to announce thnt the Metropolitan
.company will rebuild at Atkinson
though their new mill will be on now In r.;
near the t-calo that the old one wuh.
We undeistand that a mill with two
band saws will 1m built and that tl ey
expect to bo ready to do business over
there by .July 1st.
The school board I lired Miss Mo Hie
(iibson to fill a. vacancy in the Maple
Ciovo school and Miss Kachel P.ehnn for
tho (Jreat Western t-chool last Wednes
day evening. Mis (iibson comes from
Itepublic w here she has taught sucrei-s-fully
for a number of years.
Mr. Kimball, of the Him of Kimball
HiIIm, the railroad conlractois, who
bavi the contract for doing the woik on
ml :
There is Nothing
-Like it!,
If you want nothing but the best in
line of
Diamonds and Fine Jevelry,Ster! ng
Silver Novelties, Etc.
The place to buy your goods is at
Sliirt Waist Styles
Spring 1900.
Watch Repairing and Engraving a Specialty.
tho Milwaukee grade, was in tin- lily
last Saturday. Thw lirm ha.- another
piece of woik in Iowa that Mr. Kimball
is looking niter.
A bi lino of dress hatu, -1 r i t t hats
and children' hats jut opened at Mii-w.
A. E. Henderson'.
Tho trammers who quit woi U at tho
Ih'Ucnt mine of the Oliver mining com
pany verej;iven the alternat ive of e.oiuu
back to woik at tho old lato of wanes,
$1.8." per day, or looking i l-cwheii for
work. Many went baek but iilout.
half of the crew "hit tho road."
I reckon not tho seasons,
Nor tho year that cmo and uo,
Life's an nil-round plenr-iire to me,
Sinec tak ng Kocky Mountain Tea.
Tho laruest check paid for taxes in the
history of tho county was t il to
Treasurer Moiiarly tho other day to
Mpmro the account of the Aycrs Kstate.
It amounted t( ?21,7."0 and the
treasurer ha had money to burn ever
si nee. ,
Mi Shi h. Kimball and Willi worn tit
Iron Kivcr one day duiing tho week
looking niter teams to work on the rail
road. They arc paying $ Lot) per day
which is more than hams are beiu;; paid
on any other work about heie.
Science ha found that I hi umatisai is
caused by u lie acid in the blood. Th'n
poison should bo excreted by the kid
neys. No i heuinat ism w ith healthy kid
ney. Foley' Kidney Cure make them
well. Colo' Pharmacy.
(i. K. Voos and Sam lhides It ft Mon
day evening for Iotroit where they rep
resented Iron county in the state con
vention Thursday. Tiny started
Monday so a to see Pewey at Chicaf.
If swtct young widow want to" ketch '
some sweetheart in tho ninny tannic
their golden cuil, they'd belli r take
Kocky Mountain Tea. (treat Medicine.
II fie.
Tho body of a m m who started to
walk from Florence to one of the out
lying camps last Christina in an in
toxicated condition was found in a
Htvacip iicur Commonwealth lat week.
A dancing pnity is on tho tapis fm
thi city on tho Jlth inst. Panii's
oichostra ha been secured. Tlio party
i an invitation ono and will no doubt
Ih ii very enjoyable affair.
Sound advice to those who have
kidney and bladder troubles, is to take
a safe, sure medicine like Foley ' Kidney
Cure. It always bemfits tho kidney
Cole' Piiarmacy.
K. P. Hollow is building a hune ad
dition to bis house on Crystal Avenue.
Ho has toiu down the back put nit. I
will erect a two story addition.
Soda water ia nllllivois. The linost
and cook st in the cily at 1'cig's.
Khpciuing and S.iult Sto M.nie ale
each figuring upon the firemen's tourna
ment for 1001. At present tho odds
sum to be in favor f I.hp unng.
(iuldt n wedding aro taking place all
over the countiy. Tho old couples evi
deiitly took Ihx ky Mountain lea in
their young days. .'Ifie.
Wanti'o. A pood ni'l fr general
housevvoik in family of cinht. Wues
?10 jx r month. Apply to 1. P.. IIkm.i:y,
Atkinson, Mich.
MisH Laura Hooper has bnu n-hired
to teach at Man-(icld. A fine compli
ment for her woik at that pi. ice.
Fi-hing season opened l.it Tu sday
and tho boy are now wiitiug loving
miile to "Mr. Johi;on."
Pneumonia follotvH lagrippe, but
never follow the use of Folia's Honey
and Tar, the great I In oat and lung leiu
edy. (!ok-' Piiarmacy.
(ioo. Puffy It ft Thursday morning for
the copper country to visit his t womui,
Mai k and doe, who live in Culuun t.
Lots for do in all part of the tity.
If you are thinking of buy ing it will pay
you to see Kimball liist.
SupciViror .lohn Lyoi s came our
from Iron Kivcr t look up Home
business matins Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lu.-tlield wc re at lion
Mountain last Wednesday on bit-ancs-.
House and lot for sale cheap. L.isy
term. See Kimball, 'Putin block.
Fd. iVlormc was at Iron Ibver la-t
Waxtkii A bov to 1,-ani tl- liai
1 1 oilo. Apply to II. C. Ihteni r.
A Busy Plnco.
The Journal Keportcr was at Wells
Mo-iday and visited tho sile of the n w
ore dock which is b iag built, by the ('.
M. i:. St. P. II" v. Two pile diivers ar
constantly at woik, one on the ap
proach to the dock, an I tli') otlfM- on
(hi1 dis k proper. A largo cleat inn has
Imtii made neaily back to the('. N. W.
ni tin line, nud numeious Kpur i have
been built where the timber for the con
struction of tho dock i-4 b"ing unloaded.
The scene in indeed u bu-y one.
About one huadreil and thiitv men
are employed am
I the work
iium cuted day and nilit. Tle rihl-of-way
For the in, lin track li'adiug ihov n to
the d ck has been cut tliou i an 1 aS
ready a con-d leraMe pot t ion of t lie shvi
has been laid. 'lhe hue e!iiel-i lrui
the bin; of tM. ;. l, s. K'y u s!ioi t.
di-taece wet of wheie t ie latter ero:';-.
t ll" Si hlesilinel- III id. 'I'he V)hoe triii-
tory between F.seanaba and I-'lal Kuck
is fast becoming a pel feet net woik of
railroad tracks.
Out1 thing that hr. presses the visitor
to Wells is the uniui-takable evidence
on all hands of tho intention of the com
panies operating there to e.-dalilish pei
inaiunt aad etenivo indutiies. The
a-pictof the territory . t hero has In en
channid, and within a shot l tin e a
tin iving little city will grow up there,
which will practically be a part of Fsca-
nuba. Il-caii.ilia Join nal.
Sealed proposals will be 1 1 i ved by
the county cli i k of lion county, Mich",
until noon of the 7ih day of May, l'.too.
for making new indeu k of all iheil.s and
11101 tganes in the ollic-of the nnistir ol
duds of said couuly, recorded in s :td
otliee piior to und including thoyiai
1S0I, vvlioti Cott index system was lii.d
Ucd, said indexii g to bo done in ( 'i d I
iixlexi s. and nil indexes to be from
giantor to niatitee, and from ;'iiiiilu! to
gi antor, Pid.s to be ha. sod on so much
per entiy. 'I lie peiMUi leceivinn s :i l I
contr.ict will Kijiiiiil to fmni-h
bonds in the mud of One Hundred
Dollars for the con ect pi 1 ha ma nee of
sa i' I work .
The r.onnl leservc th'' light, to I eject
any or a II bids.
Per older of I'.o iid of Supervisor.
doil'.- W.M.t., ( lei k.
Dale I at Crystal FalU, .Mi, h.,Apiil f,
m 1 '
Some very dainty
(effects will bo worn in
Shirt Waists this sum
mer. You will find the
dressiest waists at
At this Store.
I can't take plain cod-liver g
oil Doctor says, try it. lie 5
miht as Vvcll tell me to mclt
0 lard or butter and try to take v
them. It is too rich and
o will upset the stomach. ttut
Q you can take milk or cream, v
a :.u juu tun iukc
(U'i) if
; i ..'j,.;V i i ilti
See ourelcgant lawn
waists in Pink and
Blue with all-over lace
0 Scoffs E
It is like cream; but willd
feed and nourbh when cream
will not. Babies and chil-i
drcn will .thrive and grow
fat on it when their ordinary
r 1 J 1 f. it ci
iuuu uucs nui uuunsii incut.
Persons luvc been known (0 Cal
a pound a day when takint en
ounce cf Scott's Emulsion. It tcts
the dilutive tnachincry in wcr&nj
order to liut the ordirury laoil Ur
properly digested and auimilafcd. a
V-. 'ul l.iv, a dru :.,( 1V
SCOTT ft l.oWNt-, i.hfmi.ts New York.
r vMM C ! 'H'Vv
Dr. A. i. IlocMnft
Den ti.-st.
All Work (iit.uaiitei il.
9 A. M. to 12 fl. and I to 5 I , ,M.
We have never in
vited you to a more
interesting showing.
Prices from
50 to S2i
pA $1
Ak Sacliim, Prop.
Hen Seaman, Mgr.
m' ... Vi
fCoffse and
And v: know wc can please you
if you ;ivt: us a -chance.
In our
Vd havo grades from 12 l-2c to 40c per lb. -
Including tho Famous W
Hi i
Hi Club House Brand. w
vl; (j
Hi m
Hi If you havo trouble in getting good
m tt? . l l
iry our iiign uraao
Silver Leaf Tea.
& i&atets Co.
S.' -5 '-5 '- '--) 3 !r5 '-2 '-i3 ''2)
1 (
Painting is part of it just as inucli as soap
ing and Fcrubbinjj. There arc -.pots that water
cannot remove, in id decolorations that scouring
will uot take away. Use the paint brush in such cases.
Family Paint
In 6mnll cms, 1.4 iimles to meet the thousand and
vVA!M!h&TfHr 'J one lcinftnda forti lillle iviint alxut the house. It
I j re aily to u.-ie. Dries quickly with a good gloss.
Cuii Lc wut-ual.
"5 For sale by. . . .
Farming, Mineral and
Timber Land. .
Qorrc$po9der;cc Soh'oitcd.
io'iot l..y Property Without acor-irc-t
Ahtrart ol'tlie Title. Miviisuml
Diusrrains furnhhed toonh r.
CIIAS.M. Rollers.
Ofirtln Court llouir. 'I'honr Xo. tiS.
Delivered on short
'PHONE NO. 61.

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