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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, April 06, 1901, Image 7

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Cupper Icaiie Nailrond Co.
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A. M.
Ni. I
Short Line to Cooper Country.
'Plains make elose coma ctiori to 1111(1
from Calumet, Lake Linden, Hollar Pay
mid other point on Mineiul Kutge himI
11. AC. lPyn. Tor inhumation in ie
gard lo rates, eli-., apply toi.t'uiot
.agent of Id til in oili .
V. J. Eot it:it,
Ci. I. A.
Houghton, Midi.
CJoing north '..'-'. a.
ioing south. ., r:-ir . in.
.A I live.
IFtom Ci'.vmIiiI Fall .:1.r, n. in
l-'ioni Chicago l:lo P- o.
For Crystal Full and point-
north and Houth 7. 1. h. in,
l?oi Crystal Fallsand Chicago. .r:0a p. in
Amasa passed a o,nlct day election
day, the tirst one since the township
of Hematite was organized, and now
that the people have had a taste of a
mild, time many express themselves In
hopes of a continuance of "the era of
yood feellntf." The vote for the dif
ferent otllces Is as follows:
w. u Johe i:r.
Kmll (luehse 3
Iver Olson lXJ
Isaac Williams I
Jas. P. Kd wards t"
Isaac Williams as
:.School Inspector
Mat I'ederson I2l
Highway Omiml:;sl( ner
J(ihn Onvling
Thos. Hedanl 4."
Justice (full term) -
J. K. Walen H
Justice (vacancy) -
('has. W. Kxtrum I T.
i Constables
Nicholas Myers K"
John Osier....
Isaac Loepa ia
Wm. (iowery 13.1
M-uiher Hoard of Ilevlow
Hum. Dallalior 1 Ti
Ocerseer of Highways
Andrew Hloonuiuist l.'W
Member Hoard of Education
Chas. W. Hughes V.l
Our Uuffaloes.
There Is a great bunch of nutrah.os
up here w ith Mat (Jlbs( n as the Hlg
HuiTalo and a funy old bion he is,
too, when turned loose among the
shaggy Mock of Amasa with orders to
take them Into the fold. Last week
he started to lound til bl and,
as a nsult, sundry and numerous are
the victims. Theiewas considerable
"beefing." (Seo. Darrah , lanced a
two-step when he was "touched" for
.$l.fjt) while Ceo, rrcmo softly hunnned
The ru-turethat wasturned tnwaids
the Wall," as he wiw the corner of a
bill disappear into the pockets of
the Hlg Hnffalo. Jas. Wfxxlwonl
fainted and had to U' carried hone on
at stretcher after passing the title to a
"live-spot." Dr. Mcllurney tried to
stand the IlulTalo off but he wouldn't
stand for It. loc. touched up the
till In the drugstore to no avail so he
was put through the secret work and
stands Knsiendcd until his dues are
paid. Will Jol e wore the sole (-IT a
shoe standing one foot waiting for
Mat to give him back the change, out
of his fifty-cent piece. Finally,
tumbling that he was out of order, lit
he had a hurry-up call from the shaft
and wasn't seen In town again for a
day. Iver Olson Is shy $2, W ill Holder
$1," IKimlnlck Dallalior fifty cents ami
so on down the list to Ike Isaacson,
who wouldn't Join. He gave as his
reason that lie wants to Malt until he
gets some new shes In stock so that
be can tog up for the Initiation cere
monies ami the boys have given up
hope of ever getting him. More liter.
The St; Paul route via Or) Mai .Falls
Is a very handy one for Amasa people
going to and coming from Marquette.
Hy leaving here at H a. m. a person
van catch the p. in. train' .on., the
M. I'aul for Marquette, arrhlng at
the latter place about live o'clock.
Itctuudnga icistu (an Uac Mar
quette at 8 a. ru., get tQ the J'h113 at
and take the 3:3. p. m. North
western for Amasa, arriving here at
alM.ut 1 oVloek. It Is much handier
than stopping over night at Channlng
or Iron Mountain as was formerly
Mis.ses Jlorder and Donovan went to
Marquette Tuesday, the latter to
spend her vacation at her home and
the former to visit the gem city of
the peninsula.''" Miss Ilorder returned
Thursday ami Miss Donovan will re-
turn' Monday morning.
SchiK.l let out last Friday for the
re gular spring vacation and the teach
ers kit for t itierent t'att.i or toe
peninsula to enjoy their well - .earned
rest. The spring term will bgln next
Monday morning.
Joe Hower has smile;; all over
his broad countenance this week be
cause of the arrival of a brand new
girl at his house. She tips the beam
at just HI. Mother and baby are le
ported well.
Ike Hmsseau went to Florence
Thursday to spend a few days visiting
friends and Incidentally to tell the
natives down there what a good baby
nurse he Is. OJi, Ike has a reputation
up here.
There will be Easter services at the
M. E. church next Sunday, lu the
evening the children will give an ex
ercise to which all are Invited.
Mr. Hanson, the druggist at the
Amasa drug store, went to Florence
tody to spend Sunday with friends
and keep tab on Ike Brusuau.
Captain Isacc William has secured a
position as mining captain at the Hill
top mine and will move to Crystal
Falls In the near future.
Joe Somervllle has gone to house
keeping. Joe reminds us to say to the
Iron Mountain reporters that he's no
Madames Jobe, Lawrence, (iibson
and Heath Inspected' the spring
bonnets of Crystal Falls merchants
last Tuesday.
Misses Mary and Nellie Donohue, of
Ishpemlng, visited with Dr. Mcllur
ney and family last Saturday and Sun
day. There was a dance here last Monday
evening. ltc)oits say that it was
Mood tide, very deep.
John Westland lost a little boy by
death last Monday. Ills funeral was
held here Tuesday.
W.J. Holder has been at Norway
several days this week closing out his
business there.
W. II. Eschner came up from the
Falls for a brief visit one day during
the week.
Art Scott, of Crystal Falls, has
taken a imsitlon with H. F. Ohristen
son t Co.
F. II. Warmlngton was at Fon du
du Lac early In the week on a busi
ness til p.
The temperance society has added
seunt.'eii new menbers to its roll
Mipt. W. S Wall was inspecting
matters at the Nichlgan this week.
Miss Hroad Is spending her vacation
at her home lu Negaunee.
( 'has. Ext rum was at the Falls Wed
nesday evening.
'Hie Uet KiMiie.ly for Ulieumatlsm.
ijucic KuliiiK Fuo.u Fain.
All who ii8H Chaiiibei-laiii'it I'.iin t'alm
Ini- thtHiimitirffii aiu delighted with tint
quick ivlit'f from pHin which it idfindn.
When Hpcnkini, of IhU Mr. I). N. Sinkx,
of Troy, Ohio, Hayn: "Soinu timo no 1
had u nevt-i' attack ol i heiiinut inm in my
iirm ninl hliuuldt-r. I li ii-d nuineioiH
iftncdieM hut ut no if lief until 1 miih le
t'otntiu'iuli'd by Muamih. (Jeo. F. I'hI'moii
C(-, dmnuit of thii (dare, to hy
t'hainbt'i l.iin'i l'.tiu ll-ihn. They mom
inemlt'd it ho highly that I Itouht a
bottle. I vtfiH mum relieved of nil p.iin.
I have Hi rice recommended thi liniment
to many of my fi iemlrt, who nive
uih that it is the bett reni.ily tor muscu
lar I heiifiiat imii in thtf maiket. For
mate at ('olc'it Fliarmacy.
Low Kates to California and Hack
this Summer.
An illustrated book, which will Ik- of
much intercut to all who me rxpiTtinK
to take advantage of the low raten to
Cuhfoiiii u thin MiinnuT. nt the time of
the L'pworth League Con vent ion, to Ik
Ik 10 in .Sin Frnm Ueo in July, ban jut
leeu iKui(l by the. Chicaya A Noith
VttPii.i ItrtiUay. Much valuabli; in
humation U given ichtting to the tdatc,
en i iiihlc i-oii ten, etc. The rate via thin
line ill be only $,"J.0Q for the round
tiiji fioifi Chicago, witli coi rexiioudiuu
hov ihIth from other point. Copy of
I In hook may ie had bee upon applica
tion to W. II. Kni-kcrn, 22 Fifth Avp
mie, Ch it hj;o, HI.
Ilie lies! Itlood I'm! tier.
The blood i constantly being purified
hy the lutigH, liver mid kidney, Keep
IIk-mo pigate in t healthy coniliti.m mid
ihe IwovfN regular nndyou will have no
rued of h IdtiOfl purillt r, ; I'or tliM pur
pose there is'iiothiiin equal to ChuinUu
laiu'i btomucl. and Liver Table I. t, one
doee of thfin will i! von lieue good
than tulollar bottle' of Ihe bot blood
putifier. lt Ice, 2o cent. Sample fiee
ntC'oV Fharmflcy.
Ike Mrcu Saya Tbat It Will Ct Alter an
-v iron MounUla P9t.
A fellow named Ike Marcus was ar
rested here Wednesday on advices
from the sheriff of Ashland county,
Wis., who wired to .Sheriff Holmes to
hold the man pending his arrival.
The charge alleged against Marcus
was emlzzleinent and It was pre
ferred against him by his partner,
Chas. Cohen, of Ashland, WIr. Mar
cus Immediately employed counsel ami
was '.'about to apply for a writ 'or
habeaus corpus when It was learned
that the sheriff would be here the fol
lowing morning and the nutter was
let rest until then.
The sheriff arrived In due time
minus requisition papers and with no
very satisfactory reasons for the man's
apprehension. Marcus story Is that
he and Cohen were In partnership;
that he went to Duluth and sold a
carload of old Junk belonging to the
firm and took the money for It as he
had a right to do under the partner
ship arrangement. HecaiiThere in
stead of returning to Ashland which
gave rise to the charge of embezzle
ment brought by his partner against
him. An Iron Mountain paper re
ceived the information that he was an
embezzler and printed It ami Marcus
threatens to start criminal libel pro
ceedings against the proprietors.
. -' HILL.
Marguerite Knowles Hill, the second
child of Prof. W. D. Hill, of cur city
schools, was born at Jonesville, Mich.,
Sept. 2ith, 18i7t andf d i'edt on Thursday
evening last at the family residence
on Fifth street. She was a winsome
child, full of animation and of a happy
disposition. She will be very sorely
missed by her little playmates and by
her class in Sunday School where she
was always present, as well as by her
relatives and the neighbors ami im
mediate friends of the lamily. It is a
comfort to those who are left to mourn
her loss that she is once more with
her mother who preceded her by but a
few weeks. Heaven is made brighter
by the addition of her sweet face and
rnnocent face.
The funeral took place this after
noon from the house.
With a Razor.
J Liberty had a narrow escaje
from being seriously, If not fatally,
cut by an Italian last Sunday after
noon. The two men got Into an alter
cation and the Italian pulled a razor.
Liberty turned and fled but the
Italian was fleeter of foot and caught
up with him. He slashed Liberty a
couple of tl inert across the back, cut
ting his thick macklnaw. Joe Levoy
happened to be there and knocked the
Italian senseless with a stick of wood.
The police arrived and Jugged the
Italian and next mornlug he paid In
to the county treasury $100 for prac
ticing the barber trade without a
It Wasn't Srlous.
A large crowd gathered on one of
our principal streets the other day to
witness, what they supposed to be, a
struggle between two of our promi
nent merchants. Someone, In his
excitement, called for tho fire depart
ment and, Just as the how cart arrived
on t he scene, the chief of police got
there and found that It was a scuffle
over a New Cuba cigar.
Dancing School Ball.
The grand eloainif oanombly ol the
dancing xchool will lx held at th opera
houe on Th u red ay evening, April Tl,
Hint. The Cryntal FuIU orchmtru will
fut ti inlt music and ' a good time in
promiHcd. The new dance taught dur
ing ll.e M'inon aie Ihe three atcp, font -etc
p, fivc-Htrp glide and Harvard. Plain
d inceN will Ik) the rule for the evening.
Fteryhody invited. Tickula 75 rente,
at .1.0. Wilkingon'rt and Hemh itk'.
Notice for Publication.
Hrt publication April 15; laat. May 8.
l sm:i. State I.n Ornrt, Manvkttk, Huh
Amu. 'On). li).
N'tttici ih hrrfby ;! ven that In enuiplUutv
ivith Hit- i.rovlnloim of the met of t:ntia.rMn of
JtinvM. IS7S. entitlfi "Aa net for th haI of
OhiImt ItiiivU lii l tie Htrtlm of .tlf)rula.OreK-Mi.
NVsti hk, Hint W Mhlngton Terrltorjr," nn ex
lemlftl t ll Ihe Publle Land Ptatra by act of
Anpuf-t 1. INU2, WalUra M. Tavlor. of Mitil
i'lctltj. (ouiity ol Mitriiiattt, Stufa of Wltin
kIii. lun tM 1nr fll-J lu tli it ofDce tU aworu
HiH(i-m'iit No. !l7. tor tba purvniiM of tl
H-W. "1 U K, V ' H tion No. U4 lu TmwiihIiIp
No. 41 N . Umiiiw No. 2H W..mii1 will nffr prool
to kUow thMt the UnJ anuulit I num vhIiimII
fi r ItM 1 1 in tier or Hton thiia for Hiriculiunil pur
ifttm-M, Mil l to eMablUU hi oUiia to aM Imi.l
ix forr I lit? H-ultfr Hii'l Ktftvivvr of thU otTlctf t
MnrniieUe. .Mich., on Alondaf , tbt 17th day of
Jim. I!nl.
Il niiinr-N n wltliemea:
i:U trfl Wor.lHii, of HofAen, MUh.
I.mux (irlinT. of lloyileii, Mich.
William lliirton. of HojrUru, Mleb.
llutti (Hinpbtil, of boydrn. Mirh.
stnifoii A . piinn, of MUwMtikea. Wit.
Any anil Mil franiia cialmliif advrrMly the
ut4ive.dtrribeil Uiida ar reqnU?d to MI th lr
clrtliiii in thU ottice on or tfoi nnltl 17th dny
of June, laul.
TaoMta ScaiiIl'n.
f:r.75 -Reduced Rates-39.75 to
Via the Chicago, Milwaukee A Sf,
Paul i ail way. On encli aud every Tues
day until .prilHOtli, iiKluaive, the Chi
cago, Mil raukoe A St. Paul raiUny will
m II iqxoi i leduced rate tickets tu San
FiiinciK-o, San Diego Aud other Ca li
f.u nl i pifinU at thb eitf emely low rate
of $;;'!. 7o, iuierineliate point at tor
iiepomliug low rule. For paiticulaia
call at tickt-t oftlce or appbr to
Agent CryttaUNdU, Mich.
Ifcc 5 f.Ilnute Breakfast feci
Purina Health Flour
ITKINA Mlht.S. ST. I.-cw. Mo.
Dealer In
Fancy Impelled and Domestic Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Steamers lave Milvvaukro daily
0:15 p. in., unin at (iraml
Ilavon 0 a. ni. ami Musliogon at
7 :o() a. in.
Tho shortest and most direct
trans-lako lino oast.
We huve been employed to net aa tie
attoi neva for the trustee of the .Military
Ko.nl I ..ini Ir helongiug to the Aver
Pritale to prolcet km hi lunda against
trertp;iMM Mud piPiigt. The prompt coiu
ininieatioii to ih of any information ax
to lichpiiNH ou said lautl.s wilt be
enleemni a favor.
Kl.lUtKlKJK t Mll.l.KK,
Maripietle, lich.
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're tcr
libly nmioyiiig; Out lhiekl.'ii'a Aiuiea
Salve will cure t he worst case of piles ou
eaith. It has cured thousands. For In
jurire, Pains or Podily Fruptions itV
the U-st salve in the 'woild. Pr're li.e a
box. Cute guaranteed. Sold hy .1. 0.
827. 1 - -Reduced Rates- $27.1 5
To points on the (ileal Northern anil
Not Ihei it Puciiie railways eUft of itiiii
inehnhling Anaconda, Uutte and Mis
soula, Mont., via I he Chicago, Mihvaii
kecSt. Paul. Tieketa ui mile each
and i very Tuesday until April :t()th, in
clusive. Shot ti Hl t ime enroutc. Finest
scenery. lYisou. illy conducted Tom int
Car FxcuiMotis. fur ticket! and full in
mat ion apply to .1. V..Iom;s,
Agent Crystal Falls, Mich.
Tlx Kaiv To Feel tiood.
Countless thoiHuthls have foimd n
bhsiiig to the body in I)c. King's New
Life Pills, which positively cute Con
stipation, Sick Headache, Pizziuess,
Jaundice, Mahiri.a Fever and Ague anil
all Liver ami .Stomach troubles. Pnteh
vegetable; never gi ipe or weaken. Only
LV at .1. C. Wilkinson diui store.
CaulP a Prcailful Cold.
Marion Kooke, in.iuiier for T. M.
Thompson, ii Luge iiuporler of hue
inillinery at ltloS MiKvaukto Avenue,
Chicago, says: "Paring the kite eeveie
weather I caught n die. nihil cold which
kept me a wate at night and made me
unlit to nl tend lo in v wink during tie
day. Oncol tnv milliners was taking
Chambet tain's Couji remedy for u
eevcie cold at tha t t ime, which seemed
to relieve her so ipiickly that I lanight
some for luvM-lf. It acted like magic
and I Ih gan to improve at once. Iain
now entirely well and feel very plemed
to iickliow ledge its tin i ils." Por ealc at
Cole's Phaitnacy,
For Ulecdiiu Piles.
All ihuggint4 are authorir.eil by the
manufacturers of Pmio-Cai bo I Salve to
refund I he money where it tail to cipe
any case ol Itching, blind, bleeding or
Prolud.vg Piles. L'.'i cts. For' s;le by
J. C. Wilkm.ion.
Very Low flatos to Ca'lforn'a, Port
land, SiattlH, TaoLnn anil Pugt t
Via the Noilh Westnri Line. Tickets
on rale each . Tuesday until April IlO,
iuclusiie. Shoitist time i ii unite.
Finest tceiary. D.iily mi. I lVteonally
CoihIik led Touiitil Cur 1'xcutsions. For
tickets and full infoiiii it ion, apply to
neatest ticket ucut, Chicago A .Yolh
Westet n Il'y.
A Tc ill. non 111 from 01 1 Ktil.m.L
"I cousitler Clianibei la iu's Cough Hem
edy Ih- Ikh( jln i, woild for laou-rliiti-sV
my Mr. WiJhani -Savory, ot
Wai i ini'lon, lvgliml "It b in eavid
my w it.-V Lti-, flie Inning In-iii a tn ittyr
to bn.tK I.iIm h-r over ei years, bfing
most of the time confined to IktIh'.I.
She is run ipjite tll. fjold ut Cole's
Pli-ti uiary.
That is, who saiJ thai yoti
could not ,rL't as l(I
At Amasa as anywhere else
and at as low prices as
prevail in Chicago.
If you do not believe it just step into
&CO. -
B-HSA-M tabhies
Tta for flv MTSi.H Drtfifi. tlrorm, P.tr,nt.
B.looo.. NmSuiii, Cf..rI St.ftl .1,4 H.fh,r;
Ehopg. TUf bMUh pim. tudur ,!Pl nJ prolon. lit.,
giwt rtlltf I N toaitcr wtS.c't ih m.M,r. wi. will .
f foo4. T wapln M m ihou.Bd t-tO.
bf MU I mf tttdrtM rm rlpi 0f r,rk
k &1,mi 6mtcml C... i3prw. St., NT.V.Vk Ox,'.

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