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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, May 25, 1901, Image 4

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The Diamond Drill.
rciiunni iivkuy iutchiiav it
Tonus: 82.00 per y';u in alvunce.
TllKUK If il general wail ht.'!lll lib. ut
town of "poor business nntl tight toll c
tions" mikI the winl is rai"-t-l justly for
tlif business of t 't y m I Kal In toihiy is
not more tli. hi I). ill of what it wan last
yilir HfH tllUcIl It'SS tllllll WllS lookctl fill-
wartl to. Why in thin cornlirion of
affairs in evidence? It in nrtainly ut
il normal otic
Tin ii' are, iKconJiiiy to our way ol
viewing the tnirntioii, several lriH"n
for' thin coinlition. Flint tiiini' tl e
changt of ownership of mining proper-
1 1 t'n a I uii t licit' ami tin' i !. nl Mil';
nt tin- mill" got fruhtcnetl and shut up
their purses t ight. Then t aint' rutnm
of other iiitt-iahd transfers and with
tln iii tin- fraiM of the-people at ol her
Should ba compounded
by :i cimijjotont phar
macist, and . . . .
pufe DiHigg
Should b3 used. We
carry nothing but the
purest of drills and our
precriptions are put up
Our Prices arc Right.
J. C Willviotson
City Druggist
Oakman's appointment. This decision
given th neat to Iimt and t-etllrt the
rnuhe-np of t h commis-ion.
It u ak with a guat sigh of it hi t that
the whole country rVnil of the lettered
condition of Mrs. McKinlcy. Had her
illness been fatal it. would iiUhvn have
HiTineil to her tmnliand and to tin'
country that the sires of the tiiji
rbought it about. ' ,
Tin-: New j.erry New 'entered upon it
sixteenth year with the lust, issue. The
Nrwg in a bright and interest ing publica
tion and Kditor Fietr. keep it right iif
to the Klandard. We extend to the
Ncwh our hearty congratula tions.
iiiui tgngitl pioperty is situated, and
t hat, tin amount of the mortgage shall
Di'otx i t ies wt ie nrousctl Mini thev in be (ledut'-d from the value of the
tin 11 shut ii their pulses anil eurtailctl j premise in the asses-uient. Under the
their cpe ralit urt h. Thin in turn cur- old law tin- prcinists were taxed full
tailed trade and crauipetl the merchants value and the mortgage at. its face value,
who had piled up big stocks expecting a thus imposing a tlouble tax every year
bit! trade.
This condit ion is one that in tiun
lemcdit s itself w hen t he equiliht ium in
tcstoretl hut tin le aie a couple of othei
conilitions that don't icuieiiy and mviii
to be growing woise instenil tf lettei.
First of thine is the influx of mi gle
foreigners (lit t ct from the old country
who take the plates of the Ann i icuiiiz.tl
Mien of families. Ahuutthe only inllu
ence these men aie to a community in
the detriment, they do to it. Of the
JOOO on n employed in the mines about
heie fully two-thud numt he of the
class jllnt lt M' lln (I. This hint
mentioned contlition is augim-ntt l by
the lat U of Iioiim's for ma 1 1 ied men t u
live in. Mai 1 1' d na n cannot come heie
because there i no place for them to
live with their families and their platen
tile taken hy thefc single tin ll. There
is a lack of confidence in t he permanency
of the prcM-nt commercial prosperity
that is huMiig thin plate hack.
The other coinl it ion a lluded to is the
unwillingness of the large landed com
panies to part with their lands at any
where near a fair price ho that the coun
try m iht he net tied up and hecome a
stable one. When the mines nlack oTf or
cease work the 'people of the community
who are let out have no alternative
than to pack their belongings and get
out of the eountiy. Had we a nettled
Country ahout that would absorb the
residue of labor ill such canes, condition
nun Id be altog. t her changed. It is this
ho-t condition as much or more than
liny of the others that is the cause of
our bad business showing. How can we
remedy it ? The first two aie beyond
our remedy. 'I hey aie, to a certain
miihc, a resultant of the last mentioned
and about the only way to remedy the
Inst one is to make thene npiculative
laud owner pay taxes commensurate
with the values they place on their
lands, bet them net' that it is not n
Rood npeculat ion and t hey Ml quit it and
let no at leasonable prices.
oil the sa me property . This is a much
needed m a mi re of reform, for the limit
ea;je tax almost in ar iably came out of
the borrower. If mortaes welt; exempt
fit'ln taxation it would be no much
easier n the borrower, and the country
would develop so much faster. Hut
t heie ne ver was a shadow' of an exeunt-
for a law imptMiu the burden of hi I h
Tin: I'nion inach ini-ts tit the United
Statt m have none tut on a strike to en
foice u nine hour-per-day-und-morc-puy
tlemaial. It is to be i facetted that, just
lit this time when the nkiew of the indus
trial wot Id aie clearing nic t ly, such a
utr ike fchoultl ho brought about. There
may be iirievanci in the case that those
not acquainted with the circumstance
do not know of but it is a great qui s
tioti ' whether the wclfaie of the whole
people nhould Vie affected for the bt nelit
of a few.
Theie is much talk of restricting
tiu-ts in their operations as they have
become laie that thtyare a menace
to the people. It follows tlrat theie
ehould a No be t est i ict ing la w s on labor
ttunts ho that tie- t tpnlibi ium of the
country tniglit not he upset by the meie
whim of Home dc.-igning politician or
demagogue. There are just strikes and
unjust otits. It's tl." unjust one that
nhould beguaidtd against.
W. L. KlMi of the linn of .lone A;
l.allhlm, II (HI and steel tnuutifact tilt I n
of 1'ittnburg, testifying before the indus
trial ( ommNnioti, mi id he had no appu -
helinioil of evil effects fiom thette
eomliina t ion. Ponnibly some independ
ent opciatois inulit be injui ed, but It
w as his opinion I ha t , in t he main , t he
t fleet of the coinldna t ion would be to
steady pi ices.
"I do not believe that the average
price of ii on and steel will be greater for
the next tin years than they have been
for the last ten yeain," he aid, "but I
am confident that theie will not be so
gieat fluctuations."
One difficulty which independent
operators would have to encounter
would be to Hjcutc oies, but Mr, King
cxpreHHcd confidence that there would
be new oie discoveries to nnet future
demands. He thought, however, that
iron and nttel manufacturers would
nted a capital of L'0,0)0,000 to o0,-000,001).
Tin: hoaid of education at its last
meet ing adopted a i t solut ion whic h re
quires teachers w ho desire positions in
the city Hchools hereafter to hold
normal or colltge cei t iticates. There
has been constant trouble over the cer
tificate quest ion. Many good teachers,
teacher that have given excellent
results, aie riot able to pass require
ment of a second grade county .exami
nation Ik-cuum! they have been out of
training ho long that they have become
lusty in the higher grade Htmlies, al
though their store of general knowledge
may be excellent. The resolution re
quiring Hecond grade teiuhei has kept
kept them out of the rank.
15y rcquii ing all new additions to the
force to hold normal certificate this
trouble in obviated.
Tro: Lowry.Ward taxation bill hav
ing been pued by the legislature, it will
Ik come a la w if nigie tl by the govenor.
The bill providt that mortgage nhall
be taxed in the townships where the
Tin: decoration of the soldier' grave
brill's to miial the condition of the
Crystal Fall cemetery. We have hpok
en about this before but it Hems that
it is nteesnary to remind the trustees
very frequently in order to get anything
done. Why not do a little with the
cemetery this yeai? Plant tiro; do
Homethiiig to bleak the bhakucs and
de-ola tent ss of that lonely field, (hie
bundled dollar p r tar juditiously
tq icii t tie le would, at the end of five
ycain, give us a fmo ctmctciy. (ientle
men of the board of tr.istcc, it' up to
An Ordinance-
An Oimhnanci: u-lative to ccitain pul
lic exhibitions.
Tirr: Uitv of Ckvstal Fai.i.m ()imi:
Skction 1. That the proprietor or
proprietor-, manater or manuals,
or any other peion or pt rson
in charge of any circus, menagerie,
animal or animals or any other
show or exhibition given either
wholly or partly under any tent,
temporary -tiuetuie or in the
open air, shall, befoie exhibiting the
same within the corporate limit of the
City of Crystal Fall, obtain it lieene so
to do a hereina Iter piovidtd and pay
therefor f. r each day or part of a day of
such exhibition the num of ; twenty-live
Skctiov U. The proprietor or pro-,
pi -it-tor, manager or manager, or any
other person or person in charte of
tiny nhootinir gallery, bowling alley or
other device, mechanism or contrivance
th signeti or used a a mean for ttnting
skill strength or other mental or
physical qualities or characteristic,
dia il, before exhibiting the name within
the corporate limit f the City of Crys
tal halls, obtain a license so to do as
hereinafter provided and pay therefor
the sum of two and oO-ltMl dollars for
each day or part thereof of such exhibi
tion, or ten dollar for each week.
.Skction .'1. The proprietor or pro
prietors, manager or managei , or any
other person or persons in charge of any
rnei ry-go-i ound, r oiler -coa-ter or other
similar device, mechanism or con
trivance, shall, befoie txlilbitini: the
same w it bin the corporate limits of the
City of ( "i sta I Falls, ohta in a license no
to do and pay therefor for each day or
part thereof of such exhibition the sum
of two and flO lot) dollars, or tin
dollars for each week.
Motion I. Fvtiy lict rise contem
plated hy the pit-ceding sections of this
ordinance shall be NsU'-d by the City
Clerk ou the applica tion of the proposed
licensee and the payment of the he
then for above specified ; provided that,
from the fifth to the tenth days of
Auiiu.nt, 11)01, inclu-ively, the fee pro
vided for in section one of this v.rdi
nance shall be fifty dollar pel' day and
the fee provided for in section two and
three shall be ten dollar pt r day. Mich
license sha 11 be signed by the City Clerk
and scaled with the coi porate s a I of
the City of Crvstal Falls, and shall
state therein it coiisicutivc number,
the fee paid therefor, the name and
residence of the licensee, the business
licensed and the term for which it is
granted. F.veiy application for suth
license shall be tiled in the oMice of the
City Clerk, shall be in writing, verilieti
by the proposed licensee or by some
person in his behalf, and shall slate the
name and place of icsidcuce of the pro
positi licensee, the business for which a
license is applied for, the time when such
business is to be commenced and the
term for which a license is applied for .
SnrriiiN a. Any peison violating any
of tin: provisions of this ordinance shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, arid
shall, upon convict ion thereof, be pun
ished by a line not exceeding fifty dollar
ami the cost of prosecution, or by im
prisonment in the jail of Iron county
not exceeding three month, or by both
Niich tine and imprisonment in the di-
en tion of the court. !
Mixtion (. The council may at any
time revoke ami annul any license lu re- j
after granted, w henever in the opinion i
of the council it shall be deemed expedi
ent so to do. Whenever any license is
ho revoked ami annulled, the City Clerk
shall give notice thereof in writing to the
patty to whom such license wasgranted,
and ifnnv license shall be revoked and
annulled ls-cuiise of the unlawful or
wrongful act of the party to whom am h
license was granted, ti I) the money paid
for the licenni- revoked i-hall be foifeittd
to the city.
Si;ction'7. All ordinance or parts of
ordmuni-s in any way contravening the
provision of this ordinance are hereby
Si: Tlo N. Th is ordinance sha II take
effect on th- lLMh day of June, U.hiJ .
Approved this. 'J 2nd day of May,
I!k n um Wi-iisi:,
Ma vor.
Hcware of a Cotiffli.
A Cough i not a dieae but a H.virip
toin. Conuinption and bronchitis,
w hich Hie the most dangerous and fatal
disease, have for tliur first indication a
persistent couh, and if properly treated
a soon a this couch appear aie easily
cured.: Chamlx-i lain' Cough Kemedy
has pioven wontlei fully succesnful, and
gained it with reputation and exten
sive ale by it success in curing the
disease which cause coughing. If it is
not iM iieticial it will not cost you a cent.
For sale at Cole' Pluinnacv.
First iul.lietitlf.ii April nth: htj.t. May I'.'.th.
2."0i .Iiiilleiiil Omilt ti I'littnet-ry.
IVtt-r Mctiuvt-rit unl Frank May ,l'aiqlaiiiiut,
Henry llt-witt. Ofiti- f. Junes. J. lfoyt Smith,
Hint Sunniel N lloyt. Alired M. Ituyt ami
-laiiittn W. .laekson, exeenUirs Hiel.T tli wiat.f
J'n Hoyt. tlfecilM-!. Ih-tftl!uiltn.
stilt Tlelau ia t tit t In ult Couti ..r the
( unty ol Irn. In t linnet r At li iihImts la
the City f.t Mai-i:-Uf on the "tli .lay ta Ai.rlt,
a. n. mot.
In this eaii-e it itipeariim Ir-aa an al; lavlt
tai tl.e t hat none l I l.e s.ti l tj.-t.-n-i.t nt m tvnle
la the si:e of WtehiiMii. I. at tint thf mil-l
tli ffii.laiit. ll.-nry Jl-witi. ivsi.),- m the City of
N.fiiuli. ia th.. Stale of Wisconsin ; that nael
! l.-iKlant. i.t-oii:- .. Jii'-s,rilli-s tt A.ttni
ia Mie s(i. ,, iroiiiil ; that nal-l tli 1-I.Ualit
J 1 1 o t sin 1 1 Ii . i. Mi . H la Milwaiik.
If you are thinklne; of
buying a Bicycle you
want to bo sure and got a
good one a a cheap 'one
will cost you iTioro in the
end than what you will
pay for a good one.
ant . 1 1,
j an) i maun, i.mu.h la M u w a u s -e . in t he ' Ifi
Statw of Wini-tniNiti, hikI that s.ii.l SiiniiK'l N. ! pi
llojt, Alfre.l M. Moyt an.l James W. Jatk-oii,U
tsvrts.-.l. n-si-1.. at the Cil y of N.-w-'Voi k ia the i KZTL tZSKSSSSD C
Stalf ot NVw- Va k. On iiaaion oi Coiniil.tiii I
tlltts' ttolieltt.r, II In (riler,-. that the a ! -ear- ! ...... . .
for S25 & S 35.
llll.f o siil.l tioit-ivshtcnt ilef.-lnl Hit s llclirV
lli-witt. John f. .I.ait--, J. Host tn'At
Samu-I X. A II r.-t M. lP.t au-IJaii
JaikHoii, t'xts-ntors timi.-r the will ol J-
llo t. .I.e.-fiM-.l. l- i-iitfri-. l.erv-ni wltlnn hen j P
month iroia rli- .late ol this or '.-'r; ami In ea.se j K
of tl.eir ai-vnruliee, th-y nuisj Ih. ir an-vM-r to T
nit-mil ol .-milauit h.-n-in. to he liie.l, ami a
eoj.y tht-ret.f to neiVnl, on th- i tim .!.i man t s'
soli, itor with ii twtiitv las alttr st-rviee on
them of ji eopy of s.ihi hill of eoinpl.ilnt ami
nt .1 it i- of this order; ami in .l.-fanlt. ull bill of
eom..aint will he taken as eonfi'M.-.el by iii,
lion resilient l. lemlaiit s. Ami it is laith. r
onh-ivii lh.it withai twenty ila., th- vom lam
unt fails,- it ma i.r of t !ii order to I..- .nb!ishe.t
in Thk Pi amom) Imii i. a in-ws.n..-r aiiitei,
j-ublishi'a an.) t Ireal.itiiii! in t oantyof
Iron, an. t that said eui.Iit -ati-.n be .oiitmaeil
therein oiit'c in e.trli w-fii for six we.-ks in sn -eesxion.
or 1 hat said eiimilain.tiits e.tuse aeo).y
of th's tad-r to he leisonahy t-ervid ai said
inai-r-sieiit tl-li iKl.tnts ni least twenty .lass
l.elore the time above laeserSbvd fur their ap-pe-irani--.
J. W. skim:,
M. C. Kl-VVSKi VN. fltt tilt .1 ll'li.--'.
i 'tan . mi. nits' Solicit or.
Ibisiia ss Addii ss,
X.a-A.iy, Mic :!j;.in.
('atari li Fan He cured.
Nasal Fatal i h, Fatal I h t.l the ilea. I or
Fa tail ha I I ).-a tness, ' I'm", N't Pav.
All tli moists are authouzt .l hy the
manufacturers of Hansen's (.'ream ('at
at l ha I to 1 1 final money where its fails
to cuie ati. ease of ( a tail h t.f 1 .-atl in .
matter of how hum st.iiuliie. )IU.
a p)ln-a t i-iii v s i ase jintl 1 1 st . 'j'his irs
a in'tt (li-cnvi iv anl the tnil.v Catarrh
n liietl' so'tl iiv a iiisitie u 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 e .
NiiI'hii'Nii I'.u, Pi iee ." cents, l-'or
sale l .1 , ('. Wilkit'Miri.
wk t Miux tiii: fim:st ami most comim.ktk link of
In the City
Files l itif 1 Without Knife.
Itching, r.liiul, lilt 'ctliug or protruding
Files, No Cure, No Fay. All druiristH
finthori.t (I by the rnanuf.ictuKrs of
F.oro-Curhol Salve to refuntl the money
Tun tutstion v Kohi rt Oakrnan'H
i iht to a retention of his i-tat ou the
Htate tax ctjtnrnission was settled hy the
upti me court last Tuesday when that w,'tre il faiU to Cl,t0 nn-v r,,M? of VlU"
,,,,,, , .. , 1 no matter of how long Htanding. Cures
laal v liiiriileil ilown il tlet rt t to tho t ff.-rt I
that the senate had n right to change Its
mind rind icconwidcr the confirmation of
ordinary cases in rdx tlayn, the worst
case in fourteen day. Trice 2." cents
per box. For alo by J. C. Wilkitmon.
Notlco for Pulitication.
i-'lr-t pnliheatioii A.i-:IC, ; last, Jan.. s.
I'mti i. sr v rt:s I. isn t U i n r;, M vi iji i itk. Ma n
Aeitii. .'tiii.. Mt 1 1 .
Noti-e is h.-rei.y i;iveti that in compliance
With Hie pi -ovisii -lis . . I t he .tit oM oncfess ol
June :t. 1 s7s, ,-i,t r d "An act ha- th- ,. ,,i
t im bet- la Ii-Is III t he sl.t ft s of '.ill! )-ia . ( ireu' HI ,
Nevada, and Waslanuioii T.-ri a a ," ,t ex
tended t-t all tlie I'uMic h.tnd siao-s ,y act of
Anutist I. si Wallace M. "lavlor. of Mail
incite, count y ol Marinette, State of Wiscon
sin, has tills day tiled la this olhce his smoiii
statement No. .'o7, br the pnici.ase of the
S-W. of S 11. of Section No .I I ill ToVMislnp
No. 1 l N..Kaiwe No. L'S T"..and will offer pro,. I
to s,ow that t he IhikI sought is more valuable
forits timberir stone than for am-icult nral pnr-an-1
1.) I'staiilih his cl.tiia to said land
before thf I.Vwistel' and Kect-hel- of this olliee at
Maiiiiette, Mich., tai Monday, the 1 7l Ii ilay of
June, l'.till.
lie nit mi-s lis w it iit-ssi- i :
Ivlward Wonle f lirvden, Mich.
l.o'lis (,.-IIe-. of
Willi. on r.aiton. of
llnuh fampb.-il. of
simt-oii A. Innin, of Milwiiiikee, Wis,
Any ami all i-ci-sons ciaimim adversely th
abo e-il.-M rib.-il lauds arc re.ii.-.ted to file their
claims in t hi otlice o-i or l foi-e -aid I 7: h it ty
of June, uo .
Thomas m ii.i.kn,
Fur Kidne' IMscase.
P. 1'. ell's Kidney Pills tire the hcM of
all metlieiries, lncau.se they cive you the
best of pule blood. They cuie, tone up,
invigorate and revitalize the kidneys as
no other med iei tie can lo. I el'.ell's Pills
are the onlv mttliciiie that cuiv all ilis
east s aii-inu' from tlisord. n i Litlneys
such as backache, weak back, rheuma
tism, diabetes, and lumbago. Kvery
box waiantt d. Price cents per bo
For sale by .!.('. Wilkinson.
Notlco for Publication.
First publication May I : last . July 0.
Aeitu, U7th. 11'I.
Nottct- Is hereby tfiveu that, in compliance
with (la; provisions of t lie act of onuress t.f
June a, lS7s. clltlt;."t, "An it. t for the sale of
tlinU-r lands n the states of t 'alifornia, onyon,
Nevada, and Washington Territ orv." ast-x-tended
to all the Public Land St. ties lV ai t of
August I. t si', Ai.ron M. Uralont. d Menomi
nee, count y ol Meiioin In. -e, state id Michicaa,
has t his day lile.l in 1 his olla-e Ins wurn state
ment No. .". Ml. for the purchase ol the X-K. '. o
s i:. of Section No- In township
No. tl' X., ftanne N't. at W.. an I wnl olf.r
Proof to show .bat the land souulit is more
valaable for ltstlmtH-r or stone than for
miricult nral purpose, hii-1 to establish Ids
t laim to sanl land bt fore the !: ulster ami
lleceivt-r t.f this otlice nt Marquette, Mich., on
.Moiiilay. Hi- sth tlay ol July, I'.tol .
lie names n witnesses:
l:olH it Mv. rs of Iron Mountain. Midi.
Kdward Mitt h-II ol t rystal FalN, Mich.
Thomas Vorvill of Me naiilnce, Mich,
Iavtd Hot hwt-ll of Meiiomin.'e, Mich.
Any and nil t.crson claimnin ailvcrs. ly tin?
above de-ci ihed Ian I- ate r.-iU'-teil to f'.ln th.-ir
claims In t his orhce on or 1..-om sai l sth day
.if July, l!.i.
TlloM S s, u.liKM,
Notlco for Publication.
First .nblic.itivu Ai-rll -'7 : lat, June ;i.
M Mt'i K.TTr:,
Pipes, Pump-Packing, Tools, Fittings.
R. 0- VEDB, Msr. j
I'vill I. .sflTIS ,VD ( 1 1 1 (
Mn a.. Aeitii. .'d, 1 m 1 1 .
Xt.tlcfl luTt-by k-iveii that in t-iaepbainv
w It h t he ir , i., ns of t lie h,-i of I ouwrt-". t.f
June .1. 1 s7s. ent it l-d "An a. t for tl..- s.u.nf
timber Win-Is in the state of I al;t, iiil.t,
I ir.'i'ou, N- v itda. mi t Wa-hini't on T.-rrif ory."
as exteiid-'l to all the I'ublie f.und Mate by
act of Atu'iist I, I s;., J otai M.lni, of s;,i,i:,Mi
county of lloiu'hf on. state of Mi hlir.ttt. ha
this day filed in this olhce bin naniu tat-mei.t
No. :t JO, for t he pun hae of t he N W of s W.
', ff Section No. s in Township No. I'. N ,
l;.iii,e No. W.. ami w ill otter proof to hov
flntt the land S'eibt Is more valuable for It s
timber or stone than for nirrlen.t ur.il purp.is. ,
ami to i stabilsh ,h tlaim to said hoi'l be fop
t he :.vitr ami Ceccl t-r of f fill olTiee i Mar
tiu.tte. Ml. h , on Wt-iln-sday, th-; .'trd day of
July. I!mi,
I fe name a w It nesse ;
H lb Ibiudall t.f sh-m!nct, Micti.
William Cami-rt.il of Ishpemlmi, Ml. h.
I'alrlt k l; van of Mariiu-tte, Midi.
Jam- Johnson t.f sidiiaw. Midi.
Any an.l all i. rsom f lalmlii sdv-rsely the
wbovr i. rihe.J land Mre tcjiiesti-d to file
thrlr claim In this nflW ai or la-lore ai
:trl .lay t-f July, llo).
Tiii.m n Vt amu v.
Private Mailing Caret.
Piiv.ite Mailin.' Caul with colored
views of scenery on t !: ( 'h ieau'o, M ilwau
keeiN:t. Paul Paul lltilway, sent on
it cei t "f ten (ll) edit s iii si ami is. .tl-
iliess, F, A. Miller, i.fictal Passenger
Aent, (,iiini;a, III.
P.-obate Notlco.
First pal lieation Mav II, lJtol; lat May
L'." . 1 :m i .
ST ATI I F M It JI .'; A N, I
) s .
At a ess,,n oi th.- 1'robatt- Court for ai.l
Cout. tV. Ii-'ld at lh probate olliee, in the City
of Crtal Falls on th" ti uth day ol May, In
the year nm- thouan 1 nine hundred one.
I'l.-seiit. Hon. A. I.. Fleuellint!. Jaduc t.f
Ill the matter of tie- estate of Claude Ituchc.
1 1 iiiih A I den 1 1 itches, Kuih Sarah lluutiesaul
Iblen i:i-lyil Utilities, Illinois.
on r.-a.lim and liiinu tlx- petition duly veri
fied, of Mary I,. Ilmm.s. uuai-.lian or t laude
IIul-Iics, Much Anle. i llutfhes, Uuth Sarah
llmm.-s and 11-lcii i:eln llmihcs, minors
umh r t he ai, ol fourteen year, praylia: this
court , for i asoiis t Icrein stated, to make n
d.'i iv.; aut horlinu' t he said pet it inner to convey
t he riuht, t it V and Interest of the said minor
wards in and to lot numbered fifty-six ("1),
aecorduiK to the plat of J. U. sclnv art. First
A. hill ion to the - 'i:iau. of ( rystal Kalis, as
recorded III the olliee of tile leul-tef of deeds of
Iron County, Ml bican. to one Felix LaFrame,
under the statute provldmu for the p.clile
petformiim c of contracts of deceased person;
Thereupon it Is o.-dcteil. that Friday, the
seventh day id June ii-'Xt.at ten o'clock ill the
forenoon, be assigned for the hi arlii of said
petition, and that the belts at law of s.u.j
deceased, Slid Mil other persons Ilitfrt'sted ill
said estate, are i- -juii'.- l to appear at a session
otsald Court, tie ii to be hohl' ii in the 1'robatt
olliee. In the CM ot crystal Falls, and show
cause, if any I ! .re be, why the prayer of the
i. tit loner sham!.! not be uranted: And it Is
further oi-iered that said pet It loner ulve notice
to the person i;iteies-. l In said estate, t.fth.
pendi-m-v of said petition, and th- hearlnu
thereof, hy cansinii a copy ot t hi order to be
published in Thk IHtMiMi lutii.r.. a m-.vsj.aper
printed and tirculitted In said County, three
successive w.eks previf a to said day of
hearliiw Ai.uriir I. Fl t:w ki i.imi,
Ciuh. I. W.lTsoN. Judu'-'ol frobate.
Attorn, y for Petitioner.
f A Till i; t iiI'V.)
A I -I ii r i ti ir Cold.
Is quickly cured by Ihinscn's Pine Tar
Cou'h Ifoney. Also a specilio for La
(b ippe, w huo.iiu; eolith, bronchitin arid
all throat ami luu affections. Try
Ihinsen's Pine Tiir (.'ouu'li Honey ttnlay
and you will be pleased with the result.
No Cure, No Pay. Pi ire L'." & ."() ct rits.
For sale by .1. C. Wilkinson.
Chancory Salo.
Flr-t pub ii. -at loti A pril '."; last , Jim I.
In pnr-uaii. ami by ii t ue of an order ami
decree of th- irciiit ( ourt lT th" County of
I ron, In t ban. ry, In th- Mat- of Mlclmiau,
made a n I cut. i .-1 on t he I'.U h ua y of February,
A. P. I 'it I , In t certain cans.- t herein pending,
whfi.-.ii i.in II I'.aii is cotiiplahiMlit ittidt a-p.-r
Abcrle, Jull.t Ab. rl' and the Count y r.f Iron are
tl- f. nd nits. NoiK i; Is Mi it f h y (iiviv that I
shall s, : t I'u', II,- ui t i..u f o the hiyhest bid
der at th- fr .i, doort I th-t ..art House In th,.
( Ity ol crs' ,; Kails, in ,i. County of r,,,,
and st,,t.. of Mil hlL-an. sal I Court Ho us- vn
tie- pht. e for hi-ldimr t he ll' i.lt f t.urf for said
county, ou Monday, th- fourth day of Jim-. A,
I. IM'.I. a' tea o t lock ill the forenoon of said
day, ail, or so mudi t hereof, as may be ne.-i .
s try to raise th.. amount l to th- complain
unt I'.r the principal and Inter. -st ,m 1 f,,ts, tif
th- follown.j; !' -. i if-.-l laud situated in itald
tounty t.f Iron and state of M ichiif in, des
. ril-'d a follovn . to w it :
The W-st half af tl,,. southeast unarter of
Section Twenty -five c".i In Township Forty
three riai North, of Cum:.' Thirty three ci.i)
We-t, exceptlmr. H.tvinj and reserving, howeysr,
th.-r-from nd mlti-rals and rnlninif rlt.'hts as the
same are r. served in the con veyatice of s,.l
land (o said c.per Abcrle.
Itiitcl Crystal Fall, Midi., April I ."ah. A. P.
Fitci Jf . AmioTT,
( iroiif Court Commissioner in nn-t
for nd County of Iron.
It 4 r. A mr.i.,
Solicitors for (mt. lain, int ,
JiuHim ? ntldrv'tt : Miir'UH'tt, Midi.
iDealm' in:
Crystal Falls, Mich.
nnw s thf
f you Wc'int any
Building or re
pairing done,
Call on the old
Reliable Contractor,
Specifications furnlshod on

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