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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 08, 1901, Image 6

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'j tie.- L.i-H-of rnMa' r. !.
How iil.ouL voar b:.y. you curele,
Ptoc of War i.obI!u Tapeatry 1
tuted HtiKicr I'rcxliUi.t i
f'nurt f Krit, ;
"Whn the car and tv-aiua wvre in J
Paris a few y-c .70 they v hi ted
tlurirji one ,ifr."':i'n the wonderful I
ollictiuu o! t,.4..:.:: l.;1.;rin,, tid,
f ofcv' piect after another wusrlicwn
afiem, they dd u : f:t v xrrev
their warm aahnlrativu. The czarina
w-us t-rpwiallgr e.a,ptIvaUtl by ;ie f pirn- J
Jii apeeimcn af art work I'trf ous
trip of UipvYtry rpr.ai4iii4r JAarU
Aat'iiite rind Mr rtiildrtb. fha
studied if ruruwrtly, aiul.tbn
piaiMil it mo hWy iiiit IRx faurt,
wko wjsa at that time pr.lJct of he
FVuk re;mtiR- and wlo acturapanttn
Look Carefully
To Your Kidneys
WaahliiKtAii Karaaera Uut t?eap
Title itwlnr An from River II
c.n. of Tlielr Liking for fuaon.
hich Dru?krJ
a n i..nu.i Treatment by
ar U.in -:ured Daily u Sr' of
tlx two now.raum, purely riuartu
Oil ifc
wuld jrivt th JNrn h j'tfopU
muth pWaxurc !! lr rmjewty wctfkl
skru to uoetpi this pie f tapitry
a a Kits iruta tkem, any, iht fc'aw
York He nil d.
TW oxarlm thanUtd ntm, and IJr.ai
dfcirt Faure ut on prepare! t carry
out his promise. As the Obelin tap
aMries are national property be fcntw
tlk;t oru formal action wouU ba
ntessary, and i.t.der ordinary clr
funwtan' it is probable that the
matter would bare to b brought be
fore parliament. After consulting
with the members of the cabinet, how
ever, who were just as anxious as be
wan to ple:iM' tl tarhia, he divided
that the rJnU'J-t way out o! the ditTl-
nifw f.i to have an cxat copy of
this v'ux-v nf tnsf.ry nuide, and, at
ordlnply, be M-ni an ordr t that
fTrct to the frentK'Tiitu tn eharjre of
the (Jobeliu t:.: : r r'.4 s.
The work w.'m lrtm ak cure and han
just ben fiii'mb!, afUr lour years'
ie'ady labor.
nit'i nwiknu miu-y l. know wither
h is U .'vi-iiit! fk-ar f A tin (Lw.r
spots on life's say N dui!t yen
luvr i .ia PiUhi ivr hi-, fuluiv. but
what have you done aNmt the ternpta-
jtious t:iat he is sure tmmvi.' iivw
lave u used your intluenoe." s,uni
tHisltion have you taken in regard to
tke saloutK' i'ossiMy so.ue lawbreaker i
irave him a taste of liquid hell U'fore
he was of ae. V.'hat arc you tr(-Ir.s to
do aN:ul that? Coward that you are.
you dare not lift your hand or voice,
not even to see that the laws are en
forced. Oh, no! trie u:niil present
"business" comes In first; that must
not be disturbed; never mind the boy.
no matter how promising he may be;
crowd down all fatherly feeling and
love; support your s-i loon, s::ul send the
lKy to hell; the lx ttcr the boy the
greater the victory for the saloon.
Hut don't let that disturb you; keep
cool and quite. I command you, don t
you dare antagonize the sabori; don't
stir up a strife; you will hurt some
one's feelings. What do a few tears
or a few human .souls amount to'r
Business, that all-absorbing thlntf,
must not be Interfered with.
Dr. Jenner's
Kidney Pills
cause tbc kidneys to work as
nature intended they should.
They build up the shrunken
walls of the kidneys, ts no
known remedy has betn fonnd
to do before.
As a cure for urinary troubles
they have no equal.
10, 25, 5'
Onts m
(ireatest Catarrh Cure.
Nt-al Catui i li, Ctari It I Ib id mikI
Cntitrrhal iK'uftifHH, No ( 'ore, Ni l'.y.
All dnii!iiHtt are mithui iz(l by the
limlilil.tttUlf lo of :lini It'.i Clralll
3 '
g roe
trJ -
of t Knttonal fnatfal tm
half'tlie It dto-ive th
,t,r T5 variations work aloiiK the wekt vj
lt'"n 1" lin of the nvtU-ui. To battle J a
Wafhinffton itiains ta tJ. IffOff ri
ms the distinetion which it had In the
1H0 eeufu f hnTnf? irot eolored in-LahiUt-tft
tl iia uuy rtbA city of th
UniHd HtJite. My report from tha-t
city. Th tsplauation of Washltifr
ion's jM)piii..i !ty er- a puuf of rid-nca
tor coloi d ioj1k is thl H is th niit
tr quart rr. of many thousand iwfrToe
who, ut the N ;:!t.:-.1::,7 of pprin begin
thvtr exodus t; u mhtrn watering
plaees and to Virginia and Maryland
summer report. The o?t of Ininjr for
tolored 1 epic In Wa.Linj:ton is not
high. The climaW is etputble, the na
tional iroverimient does not authorize
restrictions ar:l:ist etdtrtd petplc
such as prevail in most southern Ftatee
as to reMdenre and means of Iron il
lation. There if 1.0 dbcritiiination
apainst them in the Wufdiinpion courts
and the laxc ;r... n; p)puLaLion of
the District of Coluiubia during the
bns of coiuTi ar.d when the pnbHe
departments are under full headway
causes a bxrg-e demand for colored em
Wa-shinl-on wtalns Its jiqndarity
anumff colored people, but the Unr
porar3' depletion of its colored popula
tion, which begins on May 1, has been
j)inp on even lucre rapidly this year
than heretofore. In the month of Oe-
tolr the return of the colored people
to Vahintrt-on set; in most Mronly.
1 J . . , . t .1
" ftiruinsi nir one 01 uut ui ia mu. m -m
Our lnokleteiilain8it tymp- I
tanbal to refund the money where it fade
to cure any caxc of Cat mi rli n .m.
of hotv Inns Ktanihnj;. One appbeut
.u ,i4..i 1111. 1 rnrit TliiMlM H IU-W tiH
covery arjd in the only Catarrh reuiei
f3 Lrali-C-O
U DyspepsiaTablets 2
' T t ft erf Wiiairtn, fll
i school boj-s and rlrLs couLile Know,
art he greatest ealmon lshries in'
Ameri. Iery sprirp- fne fTift
' mouBtarn strearns are . fr.!Ij
with Iheia beantifnl reeWrch yellow
tsk (three and four feet in lerfth
and weJfhtaf efun SS and C pqpivdv),
an bey go iy ta river tn tejrt tkelr
rffti la tae heaatars of tat moun
tain rtfarru. Then 1n tae tnrly tall
Hit y eora down Bffilrv. Ft e tlitrhvcr
IhtK twa Mkf (ID that wkatie, Wrowa
as kt ?aloMn run ia at in full kcjfh.
arul thS is the tlma to hiea the wuh-'
ington boys lock forward to all tha
rtrt, of the ytar.
ftnl the cjiwere't fishe-rs art iitithtr
Indiana nur bojs, my an cxxehaaiga
of that state. They axa In gf.
fond art the heps af this dtbracy,
which costs the jep?t rJ Iondon y
dollar a pound, that the furmers who
hava pasture along tbe rlrrs hart
great trouble fencing the farms o
that the hogs cannot gt into the
streams. Mr. Uvl wades in, r swlias
in, aceording to tbe depth of the J
stream, and then watches for tbt j
salmon. The salmon swims along un j
suspeetingly. Mr. Hog is ready f.r
him. Quick as a flash he fastens his
greedy jaws abotit the great !h and
c.irnes uim asiiore, uire tiTur
him with the greatest relicb. Then
back he slips into the water to watch
for the next traveler along hat way.
lie will keep this up until his hun
jfr is satisfied. Thi indulgem-t ruina
the hfg frr pork, imvtr, am M givta
it a "fishy tnt, nnd no one fill r-nj
it. That fe tla r6m the farrntra
ktep tlklr hopi as far frewn tba
straarow as psihle.
Ki Nnv.ui boff. No W.kn.nt cf
A H-t -'1V Curt.
it .-...a v, i., ihIIv known and uiuiiij
m.m-: i. .t I'n.ri.f.. - m .-ease u.m!
MOt weakli.-- .V. ..I.V !
rvrvo. i..mi.Ute;y ht.atttiel
Mn.-..i.-.. ..i v. nstanru-e ol intoxhh;-
' : Mm.
the ciilVlim Ir
..r. r. iniiV i.o iuic
i Si
VMhin can b mort derncrilk.li)
(d neutril'tiiic
i)oioti, acul u-Nti.vim;
if inHHiii-. .:uuuii
themelv.H at home without tuibbcit j J
or uica .i in--' i' - ''-x L
..r..erlul "Momk tiol.l) IVHK 'i!
. 250,000 cur,
1 ii i rrr crB?ir"Cff.n
ni;w ' I
tirtxluee weuknert, liervoDrutK, a fhi-.. .
of diigapt and a whole train of rymptouis.
They unfit a mn for bneine. rniii tn
lift and tocial happinM. N o luaUf r. M
Dliurr iurv11 - I
rotund wtka or wiT.Br T"" V
New Aletboa irtaunem wm pukiurt ly v
tura yoa.
. . vi ii r-
. ...w. indv and treatment ! inrhMut'.
Th.; laitl.fud if ucoirdimj tt ilih-etini.M (
. i : i.l .11 . i . i. f r V Ik In tl l I V . T,
III uim wimiui ii'iii - .-
rutii. t il tn rure 1 1 1 nn
t.n ttiiilter linw hard
t..r r. .l.nv 'lie outrv
f..r.. ii ..f itii.ii-MMlH of Irunkanl
into h.1m r, induct riiiii. "ul upright
... 4V, !M citable. Vou beoome forKetful, aiow;.
M T.s t.l itK UK u in .-.u. ri -.. ...' j y-j an(1 defpondeotj uioicnes ana iiaiii.i
DV ( Ykk Vol K l ATUKifs:: ' ' i" l Funken eyes, wnnsiw cc. wiii
...iv ',- n, . .,iiw a t,..inini but !-. m 1.1 f0rm and downcast counteaonet
;.:,i. ..... ... ...u ..ii.i i.i m. J:i tha LlifMoi your oxw-.bbbw.
iri ii'i mii.'ii'-i"" : '. . i. r
u YjI tfttr cxeiwi y have weLtntd ,a. j,;;
in ,..Ulx . iv L!? "jT'SZ. hare diwsl you. louhj
-1 n I t i n a t e M Jot stfttiLl W. Our Ntw MttkuU jffl
I u drinker. I J willeartyou. You ran bo rifk.
i 250.000 CURED
FhI Ynanar Man You art rale, feille
and hnir'd; nertoua, lnittble ard er
I -l; I if,. I iv 1 1., vi-. ii .o.il iit i.rvd that it is
i " . . . . . .i . ; .i
U..M.i.i,lv soluble an.l pl.asiun ",, "!1
tilHte, m tll.it M e hi -i v.mi m a eu-.i ut i
t.-ii or eoff.e without tin- kn..wl,-d:e of
illlU.i ol
It il
I i.e person tnkiiii. it I ""
)i iinkanl- have novl U.uiiix.-n n. i r.i
tins prici remedy, an I a many more J uU jht pnrans become italiied
t m.iiAr how nrrious Tour ccfo may
h or hor 1? ya m? l,l,r
cure It. The "wortoy vcini'' retura t
tKi normal oondition and beac tu
Hold on u positive uua.a.itiv, No Cure, ( ) toma Our Dtsti Tabled giva
Nol'a). IW.-OCs. TorsKU- i,.v J. f con.plete and luting relief. ,
Kiir.t(7 mt BdltilA Matter m lmmu
lMm.dm in tU CSauaBitlM !
FrluliU Uk.
Some Hemnr knMr IViitiirrii tn Wblch
the IlepuMtc HunJi Piv
' einlnrnt.
' In our country, rays El Correo
8onoro, we have the following:
The highest mountain in North
America, 1'opoeatnpetJ; the deepest
mine in the world, Valenciana; the
richest vfrin in the world, nnd the one
which has vbld.d the most silver,
that of the mon::ti:ln of Guanajuato;
the most extensive and wonderful
caves, tbow of CacahmkTniljni and
Villa Garsi the okb-st cltv in the
Anicricas, fonr.er'y
tbc oldest commercial bouFv In
America, the look store of Abadnno,
founded 211 yean ago; the city in
which nrintlntr was first established
1n the. new world, Mexico, in 1.133;
tre nanctuarv most venerated in
America, that of Ouadalouie, with
which only mn' 1 comp-ared that of
Lnurdcs In Pmnce: the rn'oi le whose
tomuc, like that of the llasoue.s, can
not bo classified amontr onv of tha
Notice for Publication.
Flr-st j.uMieiitl.iii April 0; Ust, June S.
I'sitfi) S'tatkk Lasi Oh ii i:. Maiuji kttk. Mini.
A run. ;tun. Hol.
Notliv in tirrvby given that In eoinj.liaaee
with thf urovisioiiH of 1 1 not ol I onurecs oi
June a. 1M?H. entitled "All net for the Mile or
titular IuimIh iu t tie State of liliroriila.Oretinii
NeviuliL. ntKl WahhliiL'tou territory. n ex
tei.iie.1 to all the rulilic Land State hy not ol
Anut 4. lh!. Waliaee M. Taylor, or Mail
iuette. county of Marinette, State of Vi
in. hi. tlUK nay lile.l In tl.i oiliee lil vorn
.tMteii.eut No. ;io,. tur tl. nuiei.ae .1 Hie
S-W. '. ot S-K. of .-.i tKill .No. .i I In Tovuisim
No. 44 N.. Hiiiase No. 'J H W..anl will ciffer .rool
to hliow that the htud sought ! more valuable
f..rit tliiiheror stone than for iik-'ilcult ural pur
Ikim'k, ami to ihtahiinli hi elaiui to sall iniul
Irt.f.ire t he Iteulster ailtJ KeeelVer ol till olln-e at
Maruuette. Mleh., on Monday, the litlidayot
June. llo.
Jle nmi.e as ltiie.':
Kdward Vord."i. of llrydeu. Midi.
I,mi (m-Iikt. of
William Uurtou. of
Huuh t atni'hell. of " "
Mil tl A. Initill. of Milwaukee. v l.
Any and all imthoii i iaimliit! ad vt-r-cly t he
above d.-M ritel lands are remMed to fde tlair
dalm in thl oltiee on or l.efi.rc said 1 illi lay
of June, ItMll.
Try I)f Hell's Kidney Tills.
Thev nte the onlv kidney medicine
that positively cure nil diseases iiiifiriy
from disordered kidnevs. iioor nerves
and a thin wuterv condition of the
blood such iih nervous lieuihielie, tlizzi-
less, weak back, ilieumatim, diaU tts.
c-ti bling urine and other kidney tiou-
;j.h. Delkll's Kidney rills, the meat
lidney mriedy. lveiy box win ranted,
i.r rents ner box. l r sale bv .1. (-.
10c, 26C.
On aocoixnt of the abenee f eteda
and succulent roots of grarses, laya
the cJaief madleul offietr of Itajpatana
in a recent report, the lartc or trtea
nnd even ground-up rocks ure used
?. principally to gift bulk to the seanty
meaL atwl thereby Hut the pang of
hunger for a longer tiitta. At present
small proportions 4 ground Khejra
bark are in use nearly everywhere.
and in the proportion of unout one
part to twenty of Hour it does not
iuulair the digestion of the laboring
rlassea, although it does tso if taken
in exceas, f.tvs Ht, James' GaMtte.
Indeed, small quantities of this bark,
well ground, are said to aid digestion,
and to make up to some extent Tor
always leave bad after-effects the want of fresh vegetables. A soft
.i A. J ,t,,., stone. Pita thatu, lounu on me
oniric entire .yum, u , Hikanen-Marwar border of Jaipur, is
their use is persutcd tn, tend to liir ly ust.j n tnat r,art of the coun
V hr lnm.it. irv t Mvp bulk to the meaL ilnt
and bowels.
,..v Info euril and made temp
i. t. I I.m inc the t r iu;" .olmu.isu
b lovinc fia ia Is Mtid relatives vitlint
. . . . rr .....I I- .
in. ir Kni iciip' in ii.mr oi . j
lieve today that tl-y !'K in.uen
ilrmkltiW ol tliell o.M. nee iii. y
WAIT. D not be deluded by npo-iretit I tf'
i .:. . O II.'.... . "
illi.l Idl-it'iOliriK lllipi oo iin ir . ' v I
nut the disease at ntue and for nil time, j y
Tlin'MlllMKdol.DUlIK" dl ol "'e'ji
xtli tu l.v lnvr price of One lnllar, ttius
lacini: witlnn rencn m T,--in.i
tr. ut im nt nii.ri- thVeliiiti Ifiuli wltui
totirm m ..0. I-nil direc' mtm
ninpany eaci' p.ek.it. ."avi.n mn n
iv skiHui j iti sifians mn inuo.o.
Ithnnt extra cluirv-. eiit prepaal to
v part f the world nn rocoipt of tPe
,11.. r. Addiesb iH pt. b i7'. K it!i 15.
A Cniiipini.v, L':t:t mat -dL M-r-
et Street, l'lilladeldila.
All correcporiderice rtt.ctls cniiu-
utliil. I-
Dorit Force
Your Bowels
with harsh minerals which
stout is friable, and easily ground into
tine powder. It contains an oleagi
nous substance, which has some nutri
tious qualities, and the lople hae
found that when finely ground and
used in tlie proportion of about olc-
fimrlii In three-fourths of flour it
does not impair digesthm tor a con
.:,i..nd ltti.. tint when It is used
The onlv harmless, vegetable . ,.,,,, it HO,,ri Lrx t malnu-
bowel regulator, and liver vitalir trition, emaciation, bowel disease
swollen icet ami oiner mviu o4 n... .n
tion. Other bnrks and earthy sub
stances are nvre injurious, but the
flesh of the cattle tl .it died, which was
usd extensively, had im ill eiTccts.
Edgar s Cathartic
Notice for Publication.
Kind iuhlt(atlon May I ; lat. July
LMTt;t Statkh Lanii Uhuk, M a mjf kttk, Mm ii
Ai-iill. 27th. 11011.
Notice Ih herhv Klven that In eotin.llance
with the nroviflotix of the act of Conr." of
June It, 1S(H, entitled. "An act for the sale of
timher lands la the State on :aiiionua, onvon,
v... ...!, n, ..I veiwliltiit mi IVrrllnrv. iiel-
n-ndcl to nil the l'uhlie lain.l State by act of
AiiBnt 4. 1MH2. Aaron M. Jtrnlord. or Metiotni-
tu-e. count v of Menominee, state of Mlclitan.
' ' .. . I ha tin day fil.U in tht oftiee hi sworn tate-
lollan, now loin, ,,.. No. a IIS. for the, turchae ol the N-K. '.ol
S I. K or .Section No. -Z in hiwiikihi
No. .12 N.. Raiiisu No. Mt W., nnd will offer
A oleasant to the taite ai
candy, and as positive as the harsh
est mineral No gripe or pain.
839 10. 25. 50 cnts.
CbleaHO Itenler In the Anlmnlt TmU
How Ilia Imitator C-ome
to (ii-ltt.
Vnrtheru Wisconsin Kail way rami
Lands lor Sale.
The North-Western Lino has lor sale
continent, the Sell; the enpital with of J-uiy. Hoi.
a higher altitude than tin' other
cities of ltfl country, Mexico; the bi
gest known tree, the "Santa Maria
del Tnhv" In ()aaca; the most re
cently crcaOd volen.no, Jorullo;
finrdly, tho ruW now in porvcr who
Havs done most to prercrv jn-ace In
all the countries of Amvrk-n freed
from F pant ah rule, Orru VorGrio Diax'
in northern Wisconsin, at low prices and
proof to "show ihat'tlie land souuht l more I easy terms ol payment, about J150,0(io
vnlua . e or s tanner r un " - cri.rt c,0,ct. ai m lands.
claim to Hiiid land Ufore the Kccl-ter nnd
Receiver of this office lit Mnrouettf, Mu u.. on
Monday, the hth day of July, llot.
lie name a wiTnees :
Robert Myers of Iron Mountain, Mich.
Kdivard Mitchell of Crystal Full. Mien.
Thotna Vorvlll of Menominee, M u n.
liiLvid Hothwell of Menomitu'. Mich.
Anvand all reroii claimina ndverxely the
iihove-deMTlhed land nro rciniteI to iiie tni ir
claim In thl oltUe on or tafoie said sth day
Early buyers will secure the ndvantnce
f locations on the many lienutihil
streams and lakes, which abound vvlth
ni. ..r..l fnrniwli il never enditu and most
. . . ..I . . ... .. 1.11...... ... I,.1.lI1
excellent water supply, l)otb lor family peze-oar oi wiu
T hnd a couple of Imitators last
fall," said a Chicugoan who made
i,..c(th.i of fnndshlni? monkey aeri-
naubs for country fairs and street
shows, reports the Chronicle, hut
they came to grief, and as a result too
monkey market is pretty stiff. Thesa
fellows lessened the visible supply ny
i V I- . . V V, n nilnlK
a eonsuieraoie iiumwo
who lost their lives by dropping from
a. perilous height. The secret of my
Kncini.B i the naturalness wnu
which the monkey hangs to the tra
Till IM AH Si AM.KN,
use and for stork.
Lund is generally "ell tirnlred, the
oil fertile and easy of cultivation, and
this is rapidly developing into one of the
greatest sheep and cattle raising regions
iu tho Northwest.
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Taul, Minne-
Tlwm Knltor rttndj Muny Xtwupaptra'
Rmijror Williaia rcvA-ntry gavt or
ders firr o long Mat eJ news jkiihts to
be laid bofora Mm (buly, Instead ol
olippin'-TS. as hrnrf-ofor. Ilcahk pe- that the land souuht I more valuable for It
Notice for Publication.
First publication AjtII 7; lat, June !"..
L'MTion Ptatks Lanii Ori'ieu, maiujiktik,
Mk ii.. Ai nu. i!l!d. IUU.
Notice! hereby Kiven that in comt'liance
with the provision ot the act of Conres of
.1 n tie .'I. 1S7M. entitled "An act for the aie of
timber kind in the state or r-nwornin,
Oreiron. Nevada, nnd Wa-hliaton Territory,-'
n eitended to all the Public Land Stat.- by
not of AianiHt I, lSt2. John Melln, of Sidnaw,
rountv of llotiKhtou, State ot Mlchluati, ha
this day flleti In thi ouice ni sworn i ateiiicni, i iri.u.
i: ot Section No. in Township No. 40 N., Agent, St. l atll, Minn
RiuifM No. a.1 W., arul will oner proof to snow
attached to It.
"Last summer I explained that tho
trick was easy, that the monkey woul
never let go a nut in his hand and as
long ns he gripped It with tne Mini
thrust through a manncle ottaene
to the lwtx he maintained an acrobat ia
nttUtwl. I said the otner urm win
apolis, Duluth, Superior, Ashland and down Iy a bandngv and tne monic
Tho nr i.VVeatirri nnl rivvcri tno 11UI WIfl Ills
tlier towns on
Line" furnish good markets i.r stock
and farm, produce, tor lurl her par
ticulars address! (leo. W. Hell, Lund
Cornmifsioner, Hudson, is., or it. n.
Assistant (Jeneral rasHenger
,..;r ,in..ri1 df r.rmin ti-inpTR- timnerorstoneirian lorHKncuiiiirHi mr mw,
railing upwuraa al iQ (.arman papers, ..tnbiinh hi claim to said laud before
ha irlancea every dnv ftt tAro l'Yench tl.e Reirtter and Receiver of thl ofTli nt Mnr
WinaW ttr rVtrlUV rxn Amjrifum I quette, MU D., on vcuneuay, viiw .ru u.ty ...
ami tnreo .t)STnan.
lie name a wltnee :
I). P. Randall of Ihhpemlnn, Mich.
William ( 'a nit ron of lohpemimt. Mich,
Patrick Ryan of Marinette, Mich.
Junn' .TdhiiHon of Sidnaw. Mich.
Any and all ieron rlalmluK adversely the
above described land are re' jtieted to rile
their claim In thl office on or before said
:ird day of July, luni.
The Ciitr't 9tnlty.
The cmr ot Ilusvia has not the hos
ier's fondness to se hlmn-lf In print
and, on tho rare oee:.ion when he
deliver a rmhlle ape-ech. Is much an-
noy'd tf ho pee his words Ndng tke-n
down by o 6tenogTiiprer.
The Mnr tloiinler l'laint.
When Emperor Warkun irets weary
f a nt he ahuts it off. TM la alUtrnvTn for the trustee otthe Military McKiniey saw , t , TnSaii
WtTTlom 7' n Trti, ri run n tjvkip.. I . . . . , . ! "'.,,v .", . ' hk. r.iu.
........... .. - r-i imi i.nniia iHinnirinir in lho ayit i.rr tnr n 'ennT ivnnia. a iuuih-h .w,...r.
rcmarlM the C!hlc IKexicmblJerald, j T- . . ... nrM.t -ai.l 1in.lM ..Inat !
A . i, - i inauiruri year, uio ciw "
OWT WtTTpO WaO rxrara. . n. .,;n-a Tlmnrnmnt Lrtiviaft an.llmi can makt a MttWi fortune
" - ' In this territory. Territory u (to rapiaiy
mnnirat ion to ua ol unv information n . ,ni,, and niuht to All order.
on nai.t nn.n will t Wnnted.-Statt Manaffer to ioo ner ior
. ,n V ...... m... A 4 I - - inuiuvui. i.u n "
jarytrfc am oauu piuMca int u
We tut ve been employed to act us the
The Portraits of our Presidents
With Biographical sketches
Hpnernl ChnrlCA If. llrOAVCtlOr.
Member of Congrts for nttrly o yetrt.
f'ontaln twentT four laroe Photo vnivure
Vt..l.l..M l.nm I l.i Tllllllt till llldoHMXl l.y III
t..,iii.. u.i r.ue wlatlve of the President.
IMnUlnn tw.atrV l. nte Mtr, fmOOHWHI. A
very lariw book; title jae delned by Tiffany.
m.Jf,.hir.ai he printed In larife, oreii
i.-in i...r.,inn. The Biratet work of the
VI .t h Ci.nturv Ho beautiful that when Prel
Ik- ! Itt
1. 1
their noruial oondition
sexnal on
tuent. Th
sexnal organs roceiva rrorr rourifb U
OTKUnB UCCIUIIO uiuiucu, ""V 1
drmias or loffti
Ho tcmiriryl.
it. but a Ptrinanent enre wirivi.M
NO CUKKt 0 i'AA. IW v;r i. ; F.
TION NKCF.SSARY. o utatn-w
manly lowers rotarn
W treat and cure MYPHlLlrfI
tohKR ATK. If nnablt to call, write 'A
DtTKUl I f wivn. 'i
Notice for Publication.
Firt iut.!ii atiou June t : lad. Aiiuut a.
MTKU ST All I.AS1I Ot V l f.. M A Myt'KTTF:, Mil II
MAY I-'ikI. H'ol .
Notice l- hereby Kiven that In eoiup. lance
with the provision of the act oi i onrc oi
ime a. lsT.H. entitled. "All act tor the sale ol
timber laud in tbe state of California. ireCoii,
Nevada, and ahhliuiton lerritory,' n ex-
. nded to all the Public Land state bv act ol
AuKiit 4. ls'.e. N.-!i. MoUte.:, ul 1'riini ton.
ount v of Marquette, state of Mli hiuan, h.s
!)! duv tiled in tht ollu'e pi sworn ialeini iiT
'o. M-I.H. for the purchae of t he S VS i I s I '4
I Sectio:i No. lii In TjwukIup No. II N.,
iii'i.c No. '. W., and will offer proof to show
that the land Maiutit I more vaiuanie p.r u
timber or Mone than for iiurlcultnral pu-p.iM .
and to e!tablih hi claim to "aid Intel before
tb- R.-nlt.-r and lUcelvi r of thlrd'.ice at Mar-
jti. tte, Mii'hiwan. on 1 m sday. 1 1 ot h M l
Aumt. ll'ol.
lie name a witnecM':
William ( ard of PriU'Vton. M.ch
tiut Knk.'troni of
Nel Jiilinon of " "
Lrii i. Jobu-oii of N. n oun. "
Any ainl all ptoi.h ciuimitiu ilvci-'!y t he
above -di-MTibed laieN are n-.ii. -t.d t fie
tiu-ir claim In tlii othev on or la-lore anl i.tfi
day of Ai'.KUt. Had.
I IIOM AH M A ll"K .
!:-ii.i. i .
AC vnill? rPOTFi? R)l
tm 1 7
Tbc 5 Minute Breakfast food.
Purina Health Flour
prUIN'A MILLS. St. Lou. Mo.
Stops the Couuh and Works off the
Laxative liromo-Quinine Tablets
n cold in nne ibiv. iture,n
Triee -." cents
J Vi
A Ti rrihle IA; l i .11. j
"Ol 11 un-niine stove ltiiti.nl .1 l.oi.v f"-f.
h. ie f.iiihtf. illy," writer. N. P.. I'.iitn.r . j," 1 N
of KirkniH'i, la. "Ill" l''"l d.alni. U J
couldn't he.ii tin-runniiu snie that f 1 -
lowed, but IUli Ulcn's Arnien . Salve n..
tirely cured her." Infallible for Cuts.
Corns, Sores, Iloils, r.rule-, kin Di.-
cases nnd TiIcn. U.'.c ut .1 . ( '. Wiikin-nn.
rt.ickacbe, Weak brick, bum
bacu, kheumatism, I i7Zt
ness, Congestion of the Kid
neys, Inflammation of the.
IU.id.ler, (iravl. Diahews
nnd all Jrin. in troubles take
PRICdirs KlDNi:Y PILLS, not n patent
meditine.hut comprised of i'e table diuretics.
Huchu, L'vturs i. Potassium nitrate. Jiinucr
l...,.u.. nr., I .nml ip uilil ll.li li.ln.'V TC IIIClllCS.
l or sale by all druggists at aSc lor fii'.l-siwd
r.ack.-,i; Send for tree sample nnn ia:nrinri
,'lUU.C5J V
Send lor Tree sample andnatni'lilft
tclhnc all about kidney troubles.
W. lkyj's, ns Co., Chicago, 1 11.
ThU tlirnBtore i cu etcry boi of tho genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tawttt
Ut rmtdy that ere m o!4 la ou
3cwt Be Fooledi
To Cure aCold In Ono Day.
Tn ke La XMtlv-f iWnttio (iuinilie Tb
letf. All druk'iistn refund the money il
it fails to cure. L W. Grove's si-.'nature
in on each box. l!."c.
Tke nrk4 l brlnff tlixaled
wlvb votlhlctt Imitation uf
. ..TEA...
Tt rrct tfet public wt call I ''
petit! attention to our trdt I k
mark, printed on tvtry Paclc- &
ge. ikMiM int ffcnuin.
f $900
YEARLY to Chrltlnn
tnan or woman to l"ok
after our Browlnx bu-liif
In tin and adiolnint! couutle. to a t a
Mnuawr antl tv.rrespondeiit: work can
be done at your home. Kncloe self
add resed, stamped envelope fur pur
tjular to .1. Ij. Xtlnon, tirnrrul
Mitnaijrr, Insurance Exchange bulldlPK,
Minneapolis, Minn.
trespiihs and pillftKe. The prompt com-
A ItAiTvmoth Tina Ixtf.
Ao CTurirwcuij jrlna log, M fet faoj
other hand. A few ancx renows go
pom tnonkevs isud tartil in oppcs-
Whv should not tJie trick work for
them?" inuulred a listener.
Thev forirot tJiat the rnonlt p feet
.t.. .! .,..,.. an,t
M 11 Ki' rVK I I I ft ll fll.-l lllllo.- iviKl
as X had not enlightened anyone on
tha care of that part of the simian
anatomy tbey loert sumc Mgh-pricod
lorla Ltterwry WorU.
Tri father of tJie gumo of uhlst,
Tilmond lloyle, llvtd to b 07 yearn ohL
Hla treatise on cards tVui Uen puis
llahetl In nil l.wiron-a and probably
xvo work txeept the Mble bos pnsseel
thrmiffh uror ditlona. Tho oriRlnnl
work nppcArod tn Iiondon in 1743 and
1T70 It had renhej its fifteenth odi
tion. Then tf oomniejitabora, nvia
rra, critics, luanoolairta, piratva nnd
ftxponndcrs t In ami from that time
on down to in pmsejil (bv Innutrw
2ile UayWa" ha Wen IssuwoV
Marquette, Mich.
Cofftt la prsavjr.
Paraguay la ir tm eoViod Boon to the
Cx oJ ooffat grrrwlrr connfjio. Them
M now about miiZSoa pJbat lt2ie
Wathingten, V. C. I BU9sXak : .
;Al.M f,
1 Iff
f A vW 1 U HflllN
I M II K 1 ti Mil!'
wmr v
nne in encli town to rido nnd pTliiblt n MtrmV 1001 model I
JVV bicycle of our manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO .
.J $50 A WEEK besides having a Nvhccl to ride for yo-Vlf. !
UUU QV LIUUUIS Makes?! 10 Pit.
t Rnn Snrnnr ilftnri V'linn!
ww w w w m nuim at iifeWlW "J A H 1 1 '
Ukeu in trade by our Chicugo rctaU stores, aPO IU a
many Rood as nw....
We ship any bicycle ON APPROVAL t0 !
jnyone xcitlujut a cent deposit in advance and allow 'Jj
no rifk In ordering from us. ns you do not need to pay
if. a Cent if the bicvele tinea no anit vnti.
nn finT nilV ntll yoa have written for our ,
tT. VUU IIUI UUI rirthuv bi-rc'.n.1 rtn mil orfLB.
. .a I nil liiir-rni nrirr nn. hm,., fn 1 . . . a munniK ui 1
S the quality of our wheels. . i !
tellable jK-raon In each town to distrtbut catalojruft for 0 10
r a bicycle, write today for free catalogue aad oar sDeual offer.
J. L. HEAD CYCLE CO., Chicago.
J f
;narnntccl to tc the finest Qttnllty Bold In the
United State.
Sold by all dialirs. CLEARY DROS., Euanaba, P.Ich.

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