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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 15, 1901, Image 3

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Though the resumes of Ainas;i
are many una varied, by !ar the n.o.st
prominent are Its mines. Since the
humnier of lviS when a party of ex
plorers !run th Marinette Ilanu'e
'A:rl I'x-ated iron ore in the Hemloek
valley and bean t' develop what is
now one of th-le:t'li:r,' znim-s of the
raue. the Hemlock, the mlner.l
wealth of thl s? t!"n has i en the
subject of much .sp'oul.iti"n.
For more than a half-score of year
the IIemlK-k mine has been a laive
producer, has irlvon L-tniymeiit to
hundreds of and until the lat
two years has play-.d the all-i:nl"' l
ant part in the development of the
twn. This scavm it premises a ship
ment of about 1-.,M,I Puis which sur
passes lt.s record for any previous
year and which alv places it hUh
aiiM'tik' the 1 ii ' ' l' '
Follow UiiiK C "-'I.' up-' te vc:;.
of th- lIiMuli.de c;i. " t';i- : ; ti n o:
the Micliian miif. whidi Mined ly
0!th. Thh ir'- 'V vi- i'Ui-d on
.nail M:a!e V-v a cupie ; r..s
but on tii-appia tie-!.: .'i tu.e.
' oocrath-ns were ceased aim the mine
allowed t till with water, About
two veals ao lioweef it was picked
up iy the oliur Miniii'-' O'lupauy
and has heeu vMvatiy improved since
that time. With the advent of thU
nennanv the town at M,ce presented
Ms ou.siness
u ii'-w ;t ;im':i r:u.'--' a;:f.
I,,-.m to y .. i 01 .1: ihai ...s
ich towns
and i
(1 ' A'.uasa could
M ii.!;ijan mine
, 1
in no w;
has i.lent v t' ore ot a K'-"d '-' 11,1,1
can Justly P'-ast of an equipment that
is not to he suipasvd by any adne or
it.s sies in the country. Wit'.: its 2.7
Lnr-poArr Cahah '--H''-. its larce
new Pand cro-,-, compound c npressor
capable ot I.andlln-r thirty power
drills, its nee. hoistm:: ,-.iAi- and its
Mor. skips it will soon ! e i.b'.e to p. it
,,ut ore at almost any rat- de.slreri.
Tie No. 1 three-compartment sliaft
is now down b'.d .w the second level
and the development of this level is in
1)r(1Jiv, ore is now l.dnw' sent from
here but a h.w days more of develop
ment work will be le.piired before
huisthr-'can be pushed at the desire 1
rate Its shaft. -house is a crownuu
. . . 11111 1 Ik
strudure to lTotes'ani am aoo ,
i-ii.e-house is a b- ai.ty, having every
' io lern convenience.
-mi i i-li is also belnir
i ne mm'vmi .....v
developed by the Oliver people bids
fair to be a mine o! no small nmaunt.
development woik Is now beintf car
ried on from three shafts and a laive
amount of v 1 ore is beinu' en
countered. A diamond drill is also
behu' started on the property, hut as
yet lias merely entered the ledtfe.
That this property has an immense
amount of excellent on: Is no longer
a question and it is only a matter of a
v...v short time until the (libson
assumes a prominent place amonk' the
Iron producers of this vicinity.
The Oliver Company we understand
also lias several cruisers in the woods
examining mineral lands, but what is
to come of tills work is still a mystery.
The riwelliiu: exploration In Sec.
UO-P.-Ti Is also very favorably located
for Iron and has already shown up
considerable ore of a hUh urade.
We understand that It is looking bet
ter every day and It Is hoped that it
will develop Into a kr"'d mine.
One thlmr Is sure, that the mineral
wealth of this vicinity is unsurpassed
and all that is needed is time and
money to develop this and make the
pride of the Hemlock valley the met
ropolis of the Menominee country as
Mrs. J. P. IMwardslett for liess.mer
Saturday morning to attend the Com
mencement exercises of hi-di school on
the evening of the 13th. Mr. Edwards
arrived there that afternoon. Their
son. l'erclval Charles. Is nneofth
graduates. Tie- younger sn halv
attending the same sdi'n.l. I'.oth
I oys will return with their parents.
Anion those who attended the
k'amc ot base ball between tie' Crystal
, Tails and Republic Ivys last Sunday
' were Mr. and Mrs. .Taan-s WoMlward.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N-tt. Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Horder. Messrs. Will
ir.sehner, Pete Kilren. (.has. vv .
! Kxtrmn. Julius L "ntuehnir and (Jeorire
! The announcement has been made
or th- manreir ,,f Mr. -lake LindouM
to M:-.s Ai'iJc.ii Jemlniaii iieenleaf.
I , r:;ke place in A;;. as.:, .lune i"Jn.
We e;t-:d u;' heartv con-iatuiati":i-
, :::;r; v.i.sh t in h!e I.-!,.- and happy.
.! '.n Mas',:i. bookl.f-per for tite
l;ib.sin mine, is mjov in- a vacati'n
'.which h" is spendiir-' with ids parents
and friends at Nashvii;. . Mich. lie
will visit the Pan-American exposi
tion before rcturiduir to Amasa.
Several of Amasa's youirj people at
tended the ball uame at Ciystal I'aIN
Sunday. s -in- sv.. te that
th-y us :idh v.- i '..i-t t -n t'.e !.".'.e
trip('Win-r to the conliti":i of the
Clias. ( er 1. went th- Mon
day as one of tlie juryni' ii for this
termor court. lie was accompanied
ly his two little dairnteis. Jltd n ;md
Emma. They will visit friends.
Mrs. Henry Furldt was at Iron
Kier a l w (!as last. week, look in-'
over l lie Murihy mine location, where
she and Mr. h t t expect to locate
Ivjr Ols -n was at Crystal Palls on I
lujsitiess Saturday.
Supervisor W. 11. Johe was at Crys
tal Palls Monday.
Mat (iit-son spent Sunday :.t h!s
home in Ilepubltc.
Mr. and Mrs. Clias, Hudies were at
Crystal Falls at::v!r.
The new Su,v''...y -!:eo', 01....; at
rived e.!;u s. , v.
Prof. Murl;;:... was in t .i tuniuu'
pianos Wedues lay.
Copper Range Railroad Co.
Inrtr-rt t !2"l SHtur.Liy. Niv-uil.-r a. I'.' "'
ou u N t!i 1
- a N. l;
r 1 M:x''t V.-.
. . 1 1 1
i'N.i. m
. i
IV M I'. M
I j e, -j :. j r, MA.-s W .
-J- l'i yJ hr A
i 1 a a if, f 17, .-v.irf.-r
2", 1 U 'J' VVlii .:ut
m; a a or, stw ky'.-
Jl.W' I 00 a 1 Klii U:v-r
17.1 l i' ja i'T; L.tkow.M.t
I I.e. I a 4.i' lii'l.i.f
s ' .-, m.- j a . I j Mc:i r
1 ' ." I 1.0 At hiiCle
t !." I lI'.K,nteii
r. M v, m.; i n i
: A. M. I' M.
' j t 00 1 i"
1 .' 1 - I
(to L".i ! J I.'.
17 I i l"
f lo 1 II -'"
Uie'i; 11 "
1 ! .-. t ' II' I '
ti as 1 " "
f '.i an loo,
i 1 s a
A. M.l A M.
No. t
' N.
i V
"SameU.ir.2 New Uaier the Sun."
All pottor liavt- tried t- niecT.v mi
by t.io n-e o! )ouiU rIacidi;i'-'-. inhiiN-iM
..lid iIi uj: in ja-le foi in. He ir po d- i .
1 rv up tin tiiii-ii mi, imiihIm a in rai.-iin:
M.tia to dark opi-M ntel blitil. Ti e
l oMt-rfiil iiciu- ti-ed m tin- inlmk in liiiv-
cut ir v rutin away tl.e Minn' tin-iii- . , . , . , , i, .
1 ' . 1 . 1 . . i . 1. . 1 1 from t auiinet , Lake Imioi. ti, J'owai ''
! .( 1 u t lei t t it II .1 ke - I. 1 1 a till 'i I t o . . . ...
Short Lino to Copper Country.
Ti :iit.x lrul:f i ln-.- roiiiactioti to and
ei.ii-. iv le! ;n-o and omt nu tit- e.ii i.ot
li on tl"- ili-ea-i'. Al) old ainl ip'l-
ne" I iactiti'in'i who has for many
im 1 - 1:1 id-- a close tudy and fperialty
1):.- 10 ..ine't.t ot via 1:1:11, lia at la-t
T. . tni .. ti-Htim-iit i'i ( ATA m; 11. winch
wi . .. '.01 Ufj'ly u.-ed, not ('ill 1 I'i i. vii
.t o (r, Imt pei in im i.tly run mcvtiu:m,
bv I el). ivinjj tin1 cuil-e. stopping till
ilUelri i'i . and em m.' m M iiiila mni t e .
It 1- the only .vm-dy l;nown lo ., i. i,. .
that act nally leaches t he allli -ti d pa I ti-.
Tin- wotxhifu! irmedy i.s kj...-. m n--m
itlus the ( ii Ai; !u:i:n rviAium
("l I!,:'' Mini i- -old at the etl" ii, lv aw
ii n()ia' J'o'.iar, laeh iii-a.;.- eie.
t m 1 " e. iti ' t 1 : .a 1 aed rteinai n.'l me
-mi ,.t f -f .! fa'! vi 1'.'- t r.-atne-nt
a - 1 v I . 1 . 1 1 U !! .! ; v t it - f' rt
v r: ! ;. s ' i- t ' - , 1 . ;.M-t ' a t m:u
: I 1 1; - t 1 r Mil ! I- in 1 If: 1 'JMj.-i I
1. ' . 1 1.- . ...- o 1 riiie !..
t i... ! aii'.vai. ,o.l d-.i-tilU ! !- -'.
It ( int - nil inlla ma t ion i-meldy an I pe.
maiently ami i- a'.-o 'vond. ifuhy ij'.t k
to iv'i. vY f! vy I'kvui: or Co!.i m the
AlvUKII whtn in l.-ctei I open lead- to
I 'oW.MI'IIoN "M I ri.i.s" wd! p;iv e ou
ify ie It at 01, re. Iti- no oo'maiy
leniedy, but a im';ii !i te t lea t ne lit
w liich i- po-itivt iv L'ua ra nti eii t" cine
'at aiuui m any form or itai;e j n-ed
mvonlii'lj to tlie d!0'Ctie)l.s wliuh ar
1 on.panv eiieh iiacka'r. Pon't ihlav
Mrs.'Casp.-". Wile of PeV. Casper. 1 ! "t -ml ..r it at ot,re, ami w,ite fall
, . ,, . . j paiticm.il.- a - to our (oiiditi.iti. too
formerly ot ( ry.stal 1 ahs. was in town-. .,, .vi!1 Mer...! Hilvi.v f..,ei the
and other point.- on Mineral Kate and
H.tl i;'y-. por information m o
ard lo 1 ate-, etc.. apply toiaai.-t
aelit 0! to thl- otiire.
V. .1. Son ui:.
1 ti. P. A.
I Hou-lltoll,' Mleh.
I ...
( iuc.vno. mu.u n;i::: v sr. r.vt n.
; Im.'us noiti. ':-" ' '"
i : ,oit;-: Mint! " l"' I' "
i i:k .vi o mh:tii w ii i:un.
A 1 rive.
1 l-..an ( ry.-tal Fall- ' '' ' "i.
j Pi. mi riura-.'o :ir' ll "'
' I.eaVf.
i'.a Crystal pail- atid points
north ami .-outli T. b", a. in,
pot ( r,tal Palisar.di'hicao. ..":(.' p. m,
A very pretty wedding took place at
the Amasa Finnish Temperance hall
on Sunday afternoon, June nth. the
M.ntriictlim'lartles lelmr Mr. Frank
Heiv and Miss Anna .lofs, Kev. Iloika
oniclatlnr. The bride was very
prettily p.wned In pink cashmere,
u,,,,!,, a bridal veil. After the cere
monies at the hall, the Amasa Pand
,.crt..,l the bridal party, witn in
mativ Invited quests, to the home of
Atr f'has. Carlson, uncle of the bride,
where all are enjoyed a sumptuous
rrs.nst. Ill the cve!.im..vienraiion
took the form of a dai ce which was
1 nt no till the dancers, weary witn
the (lav's exercises, separated to their
several homes.
Tin. bride and wroom started houst
keeping' In rooms furnished to the
wedding. Tin: Diamond iiuili. ex
tends its hearty congratulations.
last week solicit In.' a;d tor the ( rphan
Ho'.nes of Miehi'.'an.
Mr. and Mrs. .!. T. Ciibson attended
the weddim-' of Miss Maie Plewrllin-
and Mr. Prank Pah at Cr,tal Falls.
Wednesday evenltu.
Mrs. CeoiL-e In. Land and children
joined her husband here last week.
Thev are house'.ceei'iii'j in the P. J.
WarmhiLiton l-'e-ck.
We are kdad to s-e Willie (iill on
our streets arain. Alter )eiiur dis
abled with an injured foot lie is able
to be about.
Mrs. .las. Woodward spent M.nday
and Monday in Crystal Falls with her
parents. Capt. and Mrs. Isai.c
las. (leorye. of Champion, wlm has
recent ly liei n very ill, spent a week
week with his daughter. Mis. Wm.
I'. C. Coinstoek. representative for
IP.undy. Peckha.n Co., wholesale
jroccis. made his reirular bi-monthly
visit to A ma.'.a Tuesday.
Miss Vivian, of Crystal Falls, who
has a music class of krood size here,
was up administering to the net ds of
her pupils last week.
Frank Nelson, of Vulcan, was in
Amasa a lew davs last week, doiir'
duty In the HeinloeU Piver Minim'
company's otfice.
Mrs. .las. Pailk'ett returned home.
living made a visit with her parent,
Mr. and Mrs. Piehards. of Mansfield.
Pmll Pavlic expects his bride today.
They will betfin housekeeping at once
In the Dallafolr hnildlnir.
Alex LaPolnt, who has been ill in
Ir. McPurney's hospital for several
weeks, is rapidly improvlnc.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Wall, of Iron
Plwr, visited Wednesday with 'Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. Lawrence.
Will Kschner spent a few clays last
week vlsitink' relatives and friends at
Seymour and Appleton.
Mr. and Mrs. .lavenen arc rejoicing
over a bouncing hoy, who arrived at
their home Saturday.
Mrs. Tom lledard returned Satur
day from a two weeks visit with
friends at Kscanaba.
Mrs. Anna Mueller left for Menoml
nee Monday where she will make her
future home.
Amasa 's supply of Hot Air" is not
yet exhausted as a certain .xoiinu' lad.v
can testify.
Wonder how (Jeorcic" enjoyed
thatdrhC' L"ked mikdity c(jmfort
Vi ll
di-' . .vei 01 of t Iri-w. inl' i fal i.-!nedy re
Chiiiiii;' vniii en... 'iinoiit co-t to von
l.. ..nd tin o i'.dar pure of " IT,I"
th" "Cilkmi:i:i 'ataiu:.vh Ti ui:."'
sent oieiitid t' any addre-- in the
Plilted State.- or Canada on tereipt of
Oia- hollar. Addle I'ept. P. PT'.t l'.il
win P ii- - ivv Co a 1 pa 11 v, 'J.'i.'lo ttnd'Jo.'PJ
Mai ket -tieet, Ph il nlelpli ia .
1 i
That is, who sai.
could not Lret
mm kt
I that you
as i;ocd
At Amasa as anywhere else
and at as low prices as
urcvail in Chicago.
C. M. &. St. Paul Railway.
(ioini: north to all point in thi
T : 1 , a.m.
IIOll alai roppel roiintrv.
( ioillU' "out l to Mlw tlll-ee and
Chl'auo a', 1 id'. point
Mitith. .;iop.ni.
(ioinu ioi th to ali points in
iron and copp. 1 conntty. L':l." p.m.
(ioir.ir co'it li to !ipvaido'e and
1 lilcajjo ,11 d ali point.
south. 7:'i." f) ui
ii pitmcai- to Mipviiukcc and
Call at Co1'''h Pharmacy and act H free
san.t.n.olCliauihe.l.iiu''' Stomach m'
Pu.r TatiletH. They are uu d.atit
pl.ycic. Tlu-y nlso improve the npK t ito,
..tirnsth'n the diction and ngulnte
tl.e liver 11 ml howeK They ate ny to
tke and pleasant in effect.
It's imt expensive. Try somg. Wc
mem Ilonev Coml). det it at lierk' s.
He's the. only one that handles it.
and Atlantic Railway.
Do You Rent a Farm?
You can own one m Northern Miehi
can or Wi.-con-in on tin- Pututh, outli
hoic and Atlantic K.ul-vay lor oic
.at'- lint.
Thou-and-i of acic of Krtile lands
open lor sett l-Mia nt
Their are I o.. niicj; for fanners.
iahoiriand inainilacturel.
There aie k'ood its for mills i'i it
inili.-, pulp mil's and taunerien.
pkndid oppoi tunitir.s for. ntotU rai
inj, dairyitn: and diveii(iid farmi 1:
Work can l? found on faun-, m
iniiu ! 1 thi on me iiei- in
Mitnmrr and diiritu the winter in thi
Soil i- good.
Wood and water arc plentiful.
Stock raising and dairy faunin;.'. Tin
ahundanceof water, the certainty of
mass mid other food for vattle mi
natural shelter make thi a natmnl
rtock country.
Small fruit. Small fruit culture Im
proved rem. ninthly successful.
(iruin. Wheat, rye, oata, barley, pea
iliut corn and buckwheat can be raised
in on. fusion iiiul tho ha v crop i most
Home Market. The tuinini and mill-in-
towns i! this region furni.sli a hplen
did market anl at bent juices for all
fa tin products.
c:n be arrant d at any time. One fare
ior round tri) from all points on our
For further ir:foi tnation apply to
P. W. MaiThehkan,
Pand t'oinmi-sioner,
Manpiette, Nlicli.
-yte-tTi a n inn a
sWash goods
saves Two From Peatli.
"Our little dauht. l laid an iilllii'it
fatal attack of whooping rough and
aomcl.itis," wt ites ? I ias. . k. Havi-
land, of Atinotik, N. V., "hut. when al
other remedies failed, we -aved her life
with Pr. Kind's Nw Pi-covery. Our
niece, who had C ni-iruptiou in an
advanced Kta;'e, al.-o u-ed this wonder
ful medicine and to-d iy nli.. is perfectly
well." p.'sperate throat and lutn: dis
oases yield to Ir. Kind's New Pi-covery
as to no other medicine on eaiih. In-
fal'ible for Couiilis and Cold-. foc and
SPOO liottles guaranteed by .1. C. Wilk
The Indian and the Northwest.
A handsomely illustrated nook just
i-sned by tin Chicaiio i North-Western
I !' v I wai ml in riot Ii and ron la in int.' 1 1
pages of intere-t ing historical data re
lating to the settlement of the great
Vmi'I invent, with fine halbtone encra v ini!
,.f ino l.- Hnwk. Sittiri P.nll. P.ed Cloud
iiml other noted chieis, t ustcr h i)iit tie
ground and ten colored mupplatesshow.
itii locution of the various tribes dating
back to 1000. A cartful review of the
book iuiprcs.-cs one that it is a valued
contribution to the history of these
early pioneers, and a copy hhould be in
every library. Price .."0 cents per copy.
Mailed postag" perpaid upon receit of
this amount by W. P.. Ktiiskem, -J
Fifth avenue, Chicago, III.
A Sprained Ankle Ouickly Cured.
"At one time I suffered from a severe
fprnin of the ankle," hays (Jeo. P. Carry,
editor of the iail. Washington, Va.
"After using noveral well ie oinmended
nndicinr without sneers, I tii' d Cham
brilain's Pain Palm, and am pit used to
say that relief came us soon a- 1 began
its u-e and a complete cure -p. nlily fol
lowed." Sold at Cola's peaunaey.
CoInK East Across Laku Michigan
via Ann Arbor Ft. ft. Steamers.
The Car Frrrie of the Ann Aibor p. Stoamers leave? Milwaukee daily
9:15 p. m., arrin at Grand
Haven 5 a. m. and Muskegon at
7:.,0 a. in.
Dominic Dallifor,
chancp: TO GMT
TUNITY. . . .
B. Isaacson.
I u
Dulutli South Shore The Light of the World
Dealer In
Fancy Imported anil Domestic Wines,
LUiuuib dim u$m.
able, anyway.
A youn-r daughter arrived at the );. are now i uiuiii k' on M-ular Mhedule
homo of Mr. and Mis. .lobn .Pucbvin ( f,om Manitowoc aid Kewminee, Win.,
last week. land Menominee and Gladstone, Mich.,
Isaac- Williams. Sr., of Crystal Falls. 1 1 Frankfort, where connection is mide
,,,'nt Tn. sdav with Amai friends. , -ill. tP-c. mpunyj. t rain or all point.
.,,.v.. - ,n nowrr i i niifiiia, v aiuioa, u
W. .1. Holder inadi' a business trip i Fast and South-east. The public wi
to Jnm Mountain Thursday.
nuhlic wi
find t tic f-rrviee of tlie Ann Arbor P. P.
1...H1 mi Inml ntnl water in cvtrv n sttect .
I. N. Uerj returned from a business ! nt)(j f1(t rates lower than any other
trip to Iron Piver Monday. ' lino.
Tho shortest and most direct
trans-lako lino east.
Atlantic ll'y
In 1 tVrt M.iy .".tin
Trains Leave Champion
For Montreal, the raft
and lower Michigan a. in.
For Hoiii:ht..u and the
rofijMT country '.: lo a. in.
For Ironwo Hurley,
A-hland and Dnliith phoon. m.
For Petroit and thecal. ..fl l'M
For Honnhton, 'alumrt,
Dulutli and the .M M2:().)
Trains lenvo Heiu!;llc
For Hoahton and the
copper country f:i:."i0 p. m.
For Mar.pi. tie '.:10 a. m.
For Petroit and the a-.t....'J:P a. in.
For NVsaunre, I.-hpemiti and
Manpiotte :v'if V-
For ticke ts, time tables and other in-
f.irmation, npply to
A. IP Fiu-, Ticket Act.,
Champion, Mich.
P. P. llA;or.uu()N, Tickct'Au't.,
Pepublic, Mich.
Our Savior In Art
i-tt iinirly sloo.ooo to j.iiMNh N,ir!y Jii
st)M ilirinfiavl!irfHof lirUf im.l J M.tlierl.y
tin i t-ut puliiicr". ClilM .tori.-H ,ir earh
(.letutv. Si 1 iM'iiiitiful It !! It-.-lf. I'r""e
niTiitiiiLr hi v uu I nftit tn fill ooliT. I'.' car
itii.1 nf .h..t f.r lnt eilltloii. Mr-. W'ulte.lii
Ma.irlni-.'tt" !i.i viM ovrr ?...ooii iiurttiof
l.o kH. Klr.t rxiniriKv. Mr-. sn k tt . i f Nw
York. Im hol. (,iv. r L' .h 111 ui.rt Ii nl Imokv
l'lr-t rx.. ri.'in . Mr. IIno-ll took 11 oi-Ut
l!r-t tio. .lav-. Mr-. r.. iii,-!l tnnk HI .r.l.-r
llrf wvk. ChrMlioi nma or woninti 1,111 rank
Ml. 000 in tlii- romitj iil(k. Tt-rrltorj H
K'llmj rn l.lly. Writ.' inm k f r tnn-.
Wiintr l. state Miiinni-r I o look ii(!i r f orn-H-
JWlfulflK f fill. I HW'flltH.
AMn- Thf II, iti1,. A,, rirnu t ,
IiiMirimo. l'.xi tiuiitfe Unli'llim,
Ml It H til lli, ,1(1)111.
- IOU MV( AN IB-ft
md Itt (f Inviiil n.- wiH1, to Ao( IA11UM
MLHUAN I N V K.vroilrt, rbllifllplil. I'
Minriui Thii rA.
Yen rly.
Mia an. 1 wi .iiii'U of yoo.l irLIrt to r. jr -i-nt
a, ffnae to trnvi-1 Mi.j.i.lutlnu in;, tit-. .t Ior
f..r liK.d rk lookam nMrr our In'i-o-tn,
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