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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 22, 1901, Image 3

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iOLID A Y , DRESS. ! local and peksonal.
Is Rapidly BeinJ Put ii Fitting
Altire to Celebrate.
"7 -
FaJU AthleUi C&mintf Vp Afier the
Prin MoneyPey-day t Crystal Fall
Will Keep Many Awiy.
' From one end of tho town to
lie other there is evidence of
Reparations for the rand cele
Isation to be neld today. Ever
jreens arc being hauled in at a
vcly rate to give shade on both
idos of tho main street. There
re several bowery pavilions
lected and numerous refresh-
pent stands in ail parts of the
: One great interference with
ho attendance from Crystal
ralLAo the celebration is the
I fact that the mines at tha
Dlace pay today, a fact whicl
Vill keep almost all of the mine
Amnlovos from vi.sitinir our town
tlad the ,pay-day occurred last
paturday or been deferred a few
lays, at least throe times as
manv people wouia anenu uie
celebration here. This was an
unforeseen contingency when we
arranged the date and it is to be
deplored that it happens as it
Great interest is centered in
ft ho sports. Amasa p-eple are
Molly interested in the pige?n
'shoot for some of our citizens
pride themselves on being expert.
shots and will tight hard for the
honor of keeping this prize here.
AVe understand that Chas. Hen
derson, one of Crystal Falls
icrack shots, will be here to con
test for tho trophy. Dr. McBur-
ney aud Geo. Piemo will detenu
lAmasa's honors.
Tly; Crystal Falls Fire depart-yV-ill
be here without fail to
lake the 25 offered in the tire
men's race. The boys shipped
their cart and ho-e last night
and have made sacrifices to get
here. We tried hard to get a
team in from Iron River and
also from Republic but could
make no headway.
The bicycle race will be con
tested for by Crysaal Falls
people. Ed. Hatch has his eye
on the prize and thinks that lie
,nU.rv tn rnrrv awav the
43 ()UH'h " f
Crystal Falls societies will
turn out fairly well, considering
the handicap of the pay-day.
The Mystics and Maccabees are
trying for the Hag but it is likely
that the society that appears to
be in the majority will have
clear sailing, the members that
. are in both Hoc king to the one
best prepared to take tho flag.
. School ciosed yesterday and
Monday the teachers will leave
for their summer vacation. ;
Miss Broad will to go Iron River i
for a short visit. Miss Donovan i
to Marquette and Miss Horderl
to Darien. j
Doctor McBurney says that if i
he fails to get tho prize in thet
pigeon shoot it will be tho gun s
ault. not his. for he certain iy
ias practiced enough.
Chas. Extrum was at Crystal
Falls last Sunday. The boys
say Charlie purchase a crepe
ribbon to wear on his hat, now
that school is out.
Mr. aud Mrs. Jobe attended
the meeting of the Eastern Star
last Monday when Mr.-. Jobe
was initiated into the order.
Captain Edwards returned
from Bessemer Monday where
lie had been attending the grad
uating exercises.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jobe were
initated into the Mystics at the
last meeting. Ail degrees were
Jack Essler is going to let the
boys throw eggs at him. He
draws the line at rotten ones,
Two baby girls are reported
this week, one at Chris Wilson's
and the other at Andrew Blum
quist's. The Ladies Aid society has
arranged to serve cream. They
promise the best of everything.
Mrs. Henry Dei n berg, of
Oconto, came here Wednesday
for a visit with her sister.
Miss Lydia Border visited
friends at the Falls over Sun
Mrs. Isaac Williams is ex
pected up from the Falls today.
Joseph Rowe, Sr., of Norway
is visiting his son. Chris Rowe.
Mrs.. Warmington is on the
sick list this week.
Wait until you see Lueutrret's
sausage grinder.
The Furlotts move next week
to Stambaugh.
J. T. Gibson has a beautiful
pair of fawns.
Ike has his cane rack ready.
I.e T It iin 1 lalf lUU's to uu F ru a
cisio. lVio:i;Uv (Vmlueml pec
Ul IV.ir.i. ;
r.ntit- ti..m all t 1 1 1 1 - in MuMii'.'MM
ran j . t n ria! train paitv via ti
Chicago iV; N... t)i-UV-t in K'y, uo.Ih
Hitpii -! of I!inv.i t!) I,'rtiMi-. t'lvri --n
route will !(. mad at D-rwei, (.'!
tii iidt ftiii'j-, M n ii it i e. tt-iiiirii "f the
(tod, l'iki-'i. IVnk, Salt I, k City, . tc.
KvelV l''lv IH tt l rt- I !l"Uil Hiakf
nt tanzi iiit utK tit jo'n tlii party. Le
than half rate for the- round trip from
nil c iti t in Michigan. I'rivilf-jf of t
tui iiin.' diffeient route finiii that coin;:.
Tickets limited to AugiM 31, U"l.
Call on agents for full particulars or
,u1,iv.p4 V. It. Kni-keru. (. V. k T. A.
chkajo, III., for copy of fol.!T contain
ltii l"tni!t (1 at raricrment an I map of
California ami Sau Francieco.
Copper Range Railroad Co,
In . -' t rj.i'l Srttur-lrtj-, NovemUr limn
.(.o'ji N th
-T' sitx a i'n 1
?II I..
II. M i P. M.! t A. M ' V M-
n it ' .to r MAS - CITY. ' 11 I'M I "
-t -in v -y.-i
.11 a I a i.'.' f 17
-7.1 a
17.41 i va f a :
1 i.tjt i a 4a
s.-. r. : in .m
7t. it Tt inn
! r. ir. i ir
II'. M iV. M
We'il in r.u1 1J 4
S-nrf.r fpi 'J Tt !
WmoiiA lu 17 1 I Pi
5.Voi a a..' t :.-,! MH.kp. ipHi 111
ai.fl.t i mi K:i r' Khu Kiver iptoll 11 j
l.ilkfWUDU I ...Hi ! (
KiivlKte : i a, ! i
AtUiitlC ' 1' !
) Hui.whU'll I ; '. ':" li
U.ti.cocli ) A. M.I A. M.
Ni. a Nn. l
No. 2 N.
Try lud'.ell' Kidney
Tli'-v hip Hip only kidf-y . uailii inc
that o.it i vtly cm c a ll di'i-m arinin
from ili-otdt'ii-il Ui'lnc.Vfi. poor tirvc
Htnl a thin watt-rv co'il it i.m of the
Mootl Midi art lifl voil lifi(l M'hf , (lizzi-l
-, ve;;k iiu-k, rliriirii.itiiii. tlialt ti. I
cal'lit.' ut itn an. I otln r U i i ney ti on-;
d1-h. Ivr.rllV Kidney Till-, the irmitj
iiilticv n idhiIv. Kvci'y hox van ant-il. j
i." cent- fief lix For !. by .1. ('.
Vcrv 1 : '.v Hates Kxcuiim Tickets
fa t!. ran-Aineric:in Exposition,
r.uffulo. X. V.,
Via ' h Not th-Wei-t?i n lAuf are hold
daih 'vitli f ivoraWle tvtunt limit r.
I j i t ronnt'Cli"!! at C'lica-.'', tth f.int
trains -f till litit'i to Ilaffalo. For fur
ther particular, apply to agents. An
illu-trut-'! liookiet will V mailed on
twcipt of two (vnts p'f.tMjf by W. H.
Knikern, i-tn ral l'a"'.Mijer and Ticket
A'.vtit, cliicaso.
Urcatet Catarrh 'ure.
N i Mil t'atMi tit, (.atari li of lb-ad atid
( 'a i 1 1 1 ! ' 1 Di'afni'", No ( ui , N' I'.t.v.
A'i ilrn.-.'i-t ate mith 'iizi-d by the
in. i nf." rnrci of i a 1 1 nV ''rt atn Ca
tan ha! o refund the nnniey hern it fail
to i nn ;i ay cae of "a t a 1 1 ii no matter
of how una t indii. O n application
iive.- e,i and i ct. Thif i K new di.-cov-r
d i- the "fily ''a' a rrh remedy
hoM o a po-itici gu tra utee, No (.'lire,
Nol'.i. I'rice fin ct. For r.le by J.
C. V!k inott.
F.ezenia No Cure No Pay.
Your lruit will refund your money
if Iioro'V'arbol alve fail to cure Ecze
ma, Tetti-r, Old Hore-, I'ih' or any itch
ing kiu dli' i-e, tiO matter of how long
staudiig. One applicatioti give ease
and re?t. Price 'J.'ct. per box. For
ale bv J. C. Wi!kifi-on.
C. M. & St. Paul Railway.
ioicu north to all point in th
iron and copper country. ;io a.m.
ioiri! noiith to 31iiwaukee atiu
Chicago and all points
houtli. l:40p.m.
Short Line to Copoer Country.
Ttain make clorc contuction to and
from Calumet, Lake Linden, Pollar Hay
and (dher point on Mineral Kurg' ,U1
il.iVC. K'. For information in re
cat d to late, etc.. apply to neaiet
agent or to tin olliit.
W. J. .SofPKlt,
li. 1. A.
Houghton, Mich.
t IIICAf.O, MILWAl KEi: A: tT. l'Al I-
loing north ':-"'
tioing outli ':'" V- "
Frotn Crytul Fall a.
From Chicngo Llo P- tn.
For Crytal FalU and point
north and outh ".4" a. m,
ForCrytalFrtllsan lClucagt...":C3 p. tn.
and Atlantic Railway.
That is, who said that you
could not et as i;ood
Underground Telephone.
Tho tirst undercrounc tele
pVo syctcrn to be installed in
aLron county mine was put in
at the Hemlock tho past week.
It is working nicely and proving
to bo one- of the - handiest- itn
provements made at the mine in
a long time. The system starts
at the oftico and makes tho
different engine houses and dry
aud then goes to the shaft whero
the wire descends to the lovcls
below. Certain stations are
select id below whero there is
generally an attendant at work
and a receiver placed therein.
Thus, if the captain wishes to
speak to the engineer, tlio super
iandent or someone on the leve
above he has simply to step
to tho 'nhono nearest
and givo tho required number o
rings, Tho system works wel
and Is a money saver. It was
put in by Mr. Nelson, of Iron
Mountain, formerly with the
Range Telephone company.
Something New UnJer the Sun."
All Pottor havf tliid to cUHTATAt itu
l.v Hip huh of liowdrt. add gaft'n, ItlUaltTH
aiid drug in paMe form. I'lfir powder
dry up the mucuou memnram canna:
thtm to rrack otxll and bhril. The
fid .indM used in Wm inluilcrn have
cntirtlv eaten away tho huuo mem
i.r..n.. Hint thfir makers' have movd to
cure, while pa?tH and ointmetitH cannot
reach the disease. -n oui ami e.p r
if.nr:t itrnrtitiota-r tii) Iuih for tunny
years made a close study and specially
of the treatment oi catahhii, iiiih iu iai
tu.rf a treatment ol CATAulJH. WHICH
when faithfully used, not only relieves
at once, but permanently cuicsCatauuii,
liv removing the cause, (-topping the
discharge, and curing ull inflammation.
It is the onlv itinedy known to science
Hint artnfillv reaches the at licted parts.
'iu womferini remeuv s Known as
'Svrrri.KH the (iL'AK ASHEED ('ATAHIU!
riMr" un.l Kold at the extreiiaMv low
price oi une l'oiiar, f ucn package con
taining internal and external medicine
Htilllcent lor a full month h treatment
and everything necessary to it perfect
Si:rrLi s" is theoulv Del feet ATAIUUI
I'l-np oif p mnilp nrid now rcr(c;nized
u thflijnl.v Piife ami jjgsitiyo ..cure. .for
that annoying unl (li-gustmg disease,
if xnroa nil ifill imntioii ouicklv and nrr-
tlv nnd is also wonderfullv ouick
to relieve hay j t.vkii or vouu in iuu
nr. a i. . ...
CiTArtim when neuccted oltcn lends to
CoNHfMiTioN ".Smfkm:s" willsavc you
if you use it at once. It is no ordinary
..mwiir. tint n comnlete treatment
which is positively guaranteed to cure
Catahhii in any lorm or mage n useo
according to the direction wmcn ac
iuiiiiiui ,...v ...... . - - f ",
but semi for It at oure, ami wrne inn
i.jriiriilnrK um to otir condition, and
you will receive special advice from tho
discoveror ol this windcnui remedy rt
carding your cone without cost to you
tovond the regular price oi yvt tyua
Vi ( If i in vTF.rcn t 'at Attn Att LIUK.
Kant nronniit to ntlV llddfC! in the
United .States or Cannula on receipt o!
One Dollar. Addrew Dept. u vt rxi
!tln II. Gilen A Compnnr, 2330 aD(J2332
Jlarkt etrcet, l'tiiiaueipnia.
ioing north to all points in
iron and copper country. u:i, p.m.
ioing couth to Milwaukee and
Chicago aud all points
south. 7 :'-'." p.tn
Through sleeping cars to Milwaukee and
Saves Two From Death.
"Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
tromchitMt" writes Mrs. W. K. Mavi-
and, of Armonk, N. Y., "but. when al
other remedies failed, we sared her life
with Pr. King's New Discovery. Our
niece, who had Consumption iu au
idvanccd stage, also used this wonder
ful medicine nnd to-day shj ia perfectly
well." iV-perate throat and lung dis
eases yield to Ir. King's New Discovery
a to no other medicine on earth. In
fallible for Cough and Cold. 50c and
SI. 00 bottles guaranteed by J. C. Wilk
rtm.n to travel ami ft lv rtls for old estab
llhl houM of ooll.l flnanclAl itandlnij. SaUry
. Va.ir,tt ,,,i(r,l (lira rrferencpfl an
encln H'lf aililri tamp'l nTitop. AJ
dr Manager, UZZ Caxtou lilJtf., C la It ago.
Do You Rent a Farm?
You can own one in Northern Michi
can or Viconin on tl.e Dututh, South
.Shore and Atlantic Uailway for one
year' rent.
Thousand" of acres of fertile lands
oreu for ett lenient.
There are good opening for farmers,
laborer, and manufacturers.
There are good sites for saw mills, grist
mills, pulp mil's and tanneries.
Snlendid opportunities for stock ran
ing, dairying and diversified farmr g
Work can be found on farm, tin
numerous mill and on the river in
Mitumer and during the winter in the
Soil is good.
Wood und water are plentiful.
Stock raising and dairy farming. The
abundance of water, the certainty oi
i?rnss and other food for tattle nnd
natural tdielter make this a natural
stock country.
Mii.ill fruit. Small fiuit culture lias
nrovid remarkably successful.
Gram. Wheat, rye, oats, barley, peas
Hint corn and buckwheat can be ruised
in profusion and the hay crop i most
Home Markets. The mining nnd mill
mil' towns of this region furnish a plen
diil market and at best prices for all
farm products.
1 1 o m i:s i:i: k eks' i:xcc ks ions
can be arranged at any time. One fare
for round trip from all points on our
For further information apply to
K. W. MacPhkkkan,
T -.1 1 . ....... I , ,r,
lilimi reiuiiirriuim.
Marquette, Mich.
At Amasa as anywhere else
and at as low prices as
prevail in Chicago.
2 7 .
l Umbrellas
TUNITY. . . .
Tin- Indian and the Northwest.
A handsomely illustrated book just
issued by the Chicago A North-Western
li'y, bound iu cloth and containing 115
piige.s of .Interest ing ..hi-itoji'ial data, re
lating to the settlement oi me great
YortliwnBt with firm half-tone enciavit)2
of r.lack Hawk, Sitting Hull, lied Cloud
and other noted chief; lusters Puttie
ground and ten colored map platesshow-
Ing location oi the various innes oaung
lack to lu(M). A crtrclui review oi ine
book impresses one that it i a valued
.!!., , ll,. l.ijlnrv i,f thpwn
early ioneer, atul a copy sfiould be in
i'Ptv lihrnrv. I'riro ..ill rents ner rn )V.
.iaiicil posiage perpaiu upou ireeii ui
this amount by W. Ii. Kniskern, 22
V if t u avenue, C Incagc, 111.
Dominic Dallilor,
Dealer In
ancy Imported and Domestic Wines,
liquors ana u&ais..
GoInK East Across Lake Michigan
via Ann Arbor R. R. Steamers.
The Car Terries of the Ann Arbor K.
R. are now running on regular schedule
from Manitowoc and Kewaunee, Win.,
and Menominee and Gladstone, Mich.,
to Frankfort, where connection is made
with the company's trains for all points
in the Lower l'enlneula, Canada, the
East and South-cast. The public will
And tho service of the Ann Arbor R. R.
both on land and water in every respect.
and the rates lower than via any other
Dulutli South Shore The Light of the World
;Atl;intic R'y
Am as a,
Stonmnrs leave Milwaukco daily
9:15 n. m.. arring at uranu
Haven 5 a. m. and Muskegon at
7:30 a. m.
The shortest and most direct
trans-lako line easi.
- -MttrM-t May nth. inou
Trains Leave Champion
For Montreal, the cant
and lower Michigan "S-.a? a. tn.
For Hounhton and the
copper country i:45 a. m.
For Ironwood, Hurley,
Anhland and Duluth f:r.5 a. m.
For Detroit and the vnt...tll:"J
For Houiihtn, Calumet,
Duluth and the west U2:09 a. m.
Trains leave Reputllo
For Ilouehton and the
copper country p. m.
For Marquette "Jau
For Detroit and thelea8t....'9:10 a. m.
For Negaunec, Ishpeming and
Marquette TJ: P- m-
For tickets, time tables ana ouicr in
formation, apply to
A. II. Fisk, Ticket
Champion, Mich.
C. E. IUcoEnnoN, TicketAgt.,
Republic, Mich.
Our Savior In Art
0"t nrurly Slno.noo tn uMUIi. N'wrly lo
rii(.Tii fiiKravNim ca i iirii aiia ill iumuer dt
tti urnit inilutT. Clilld'n Morifs fur fucli
jlcnir. Su l.fiiutiriil it f-f9 lt(wlf. rre)
runiunu dny ami tillit to fill crli-r. 1 cat
lomJ dl paj'tr fir Uit edition. Mr. Walte.ln
.-vi.i-af iiii'M'ii nn fK.iii ov r p..tioo wnrtn or
li(n)l!.-HrM exprlMKv. Mrn. Hiukt'tt.ol New
York, Iiah RnM over V.ooo wort h of tiiok.
Klrt .ttrlt?!ir. Mr. Itowrll tok 14 ordrn
f1r.t I ltd l 11 l-u Vfr. T. -.11 . L. 1 I
tlfwl vk."('hriftlii iiiaii or woiiitiii can ni.ikfl"
fi.ini hi mis county qturi. Territory i
Ifolnu ritj.ldly. Write ijulek (or term.
Wanted. stat MittuiRerto look after rorre-r-ondetice
and MKi-nti.
AddreMt Th llriHth-.tmrrican Cn.,
Inurance Kxi'liHtiw Hulldltitf.
.11 tnnrttj U, Minn.
Patent it.
Writ for frNvk on rtnt 1th . offrf
u,nmon r.f dahiI iil.lrMi tn rprreftpfit
tin, oni to travel appointing! aefntw. othrn
for local work looking after our lntireitB.
$900 alry RiiarantwJ yearly; eitra com
tnltf'lnn and exieni. rapid advanremnt,
old etabUhi'd houe. Oranl thant tor ani
ft man or woman to ecure plettnant. perma
nent poltlnn. liberal Income and futar. New,
brilliant linen. Writ at otic.
23 Church St., llartn. Conn.

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