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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, July 06, 1901, Image 3

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rr 17
4- a
ji. A
; People Retted on lh Fourth Many
" Visited the Tills .rd Other Town.
Vlie Fourth was as uneventful here
(f ould wish for. The ha cele-
.y; held Mere a couple or weeks
took all the energy and money
Aiiiasa had to spare and so it was
rstood that there was to he no
irth." There was the usual sus
ioh of work at the mines and
crowd congregated ahout
number went out of town.
frystal Falls, (uinnesec and other
f salonir the line. The rain which
in ahout 11 o'clock and continued
iutfliout the day kept everyone
ft'Icve lier indoors and he didn't
j- out lofijr. The shooting club
it to the Falls and took what little
v s there were offered there. The
j.s people showed themselves to he
(small in the matter of prizes,
dally considering the way that
psajreated the people from that
1 1 (J'liwer than three weeks airo.
There's ex Hitch.
T'ine misunderstanding has arisen
ween the Amasa fire company and
Crystal Falls company over the
and hose cart deals. Crystal
IN A. (). U. W. came up here on
fia.sa's day and was awarded the Hat,'
j the greatest proportion of members
parade. Someone went to Crystal
lis and reirted that the township
ml had decided not to yivc the llatr
account of the small number in the
rade and that they wore no badges.
iat caused a report to be circulated
re that the Crystal Falls people
uld not loan the hose cart for
uetice. The dlHlculty will- tm
tibtedly be straightened out.
4 t
Frank Steddick and lamily hpe:it
'.eir Fourth at Florence,
('has. Iltiyhesand f'athlh and ('apt.
linir spent the Fourth at (,uiii
i ( 'lias. Widbertf and Vemla Swanson
re aniontr the Amasa people that
tut the Fourth at Norway.
L cow helontflni: to .lohn Manoxwas
ft., I ''3" fireworks (di the Fourth.
V VVibsoii has b. en at Mariette
VwS is on the I". S. jury.
John Lundk'ien was at Stambaurh
veral days this week.
I)r. and Mrs. Win. Mcllurney and
Irs. Morey and daughter Mahel
ent to Crystal Falls last Saturday
verdny to .ittend the production of
Faust". Ah enjoyed It immensely.
Tho Contract Systom.
(continued from minim; paire.)
oles to be drilled is marked,
nd their approximate depth and
lirection are indicated by the
oreman. Misplaced holes or
hose that are drilled too deep,
ire not accepted by the foreman
j i i . t : i t . .i
is eniiueti io oe p.uu iui , .uiu
r : i 1. ..r
ill occasional ciiul-n in im." muu
s all that is necessary to insure i shovelers aiv not Wept idle, wait
ood work. Drilling proceeds j inL, for tho smoke arid iras to bo
vithout interruption during work- j cIo!lrotl away from tJ0 working
up; hours, and is only stopped on I f
miners pick down the roof, put
up the horizontal bar supporting
the machine-drill, and proceed
with the drilling of the holes in
the upper part of the. face.
While drilling is carried on the
shovelers are removing the
broken rock from the previous
blast. By the time this has been
cleared away the machine-men
are ready to take down the bar,
set it again in a horizontal posi
tion near the tluor of the drift
and drill bottom-holes or "lift
ers." These being finished, the
machine is taken down; the holes
are cleaned out, and a floor. is
laid for the shovelers. Every
thing is then ready for the blast
ing, which, as in other parts of
the mine, is performed between
i and 7 a. m. by a special crew.
In headings where a certain
number of holes have to be
drilled before the whole set or
"round" can be blasted, the
difficulty with the hole system
(i. e., the system of payment ac
cording to linear feet of aggregate
drillin gj is in making sure that
the contractors finish this work
before blasting time, in order
that they may not have to lose
working time (luring the blasting,
and thus th t they may be kept
continuously employed. This
difficulty is met, either (a) by in
creasing or decreasing the depth
of the holes to be drilled; or (bj
by having one or two spare head
ings or stoping breasts in which
contractors can utilize their extra
time. The latter expedient is to
be preferred, for the reason that
to secure the best effect the
depth of drill holes ought to be
determined on other grounds
than thai of the time required to
drill them.
1. Its applicability in 'stoping,
where the ore shoots are irregular
in outline, and measurement by
weight or volume of the ore
broken cannot be easily made.
2. Within certain limits tho
numbor of machines in any cue
stopu can bo varied at will: and
tfioro is no difficulty such as
would arise from tho necossit
of keeping- separate tho work
done by each set of contractors.
15. The systom is extremely
clastic; that is, tho samo sot of
cant motors can bo employed in
different headings or stopos
without any resultant confusion
in measuring the work perfor
med. . Wasting is done only in
the interval between 1 a. m. and
7 a.m., and the minors and
it Jac
he night-shift in time to allow
he contractors to take down the
midlines, clean out the holes,
ind leave them in shape for the
lasting crew, before leaving the
ivorking faces at I a. in. I he
lumber of feet of holes drilled is
red at the end of the shift,
io a record of the
measurement is furnished to the
contractors, and a duplicate is
delivered at the office.
The blasting crew works be
tween the hours of I a. in. and
7 a. in., and its work consists in
loading and blasting the holes
drilled by the miners. This
effects a considerable saving in
the consumption of explosives,
since these are handled by a few
picked men only. Another ad
vantage of this method is that it
involves no loss of time by
miners and muckers (shovelers)
in waiting for the working faces
to become clear of smoke.
iO( headings, the details of the
work are, in all essentials, the
as previously explained
njwitli respect to the stopes. The
i,0m number, direction and depth of
the holes are outlined by the
foreman or shift boss; but when
contr actors have become familiar
with the ground, little direction
of this kind is needed, the work
being practically the same each
day. The working hours arc the
same as in stopes. On entering
thtWicading in the morning the
As above shown, this system
has boon perfectly satisfactory
in stopes. In headings, tho
disadvantages,' as compared
with tho linear system of pay
ment per running foot, are as
1. Two 8 hour shifts only are
employed under tho hole system;
while by tho systom of paying
according to the linear progress
of tho beading, three shifts may
bo employed daily, and blasting
done at any time, thus often in
creasing the rate of advance,
which may bo a matter of
supreme importance in opening
new ground, etc.
2. Tho difiiculty, already dis
cussed, of so laying out the work
that the round of noles may bo
completed in tho two daily shifts,
without an undue loss of timo to
the contractors.
The following tables show the
saving elfected by tho substitu
tion of the contract for the wage
system. In this connection I
may add that tho advantage
thus gained by tho employer is
not loss to tho workmen. Tho
miner now receives daily from
4 to 4.20, as against 3.50
under the wage system.
Ta U e I . O m i a rath e O ..st of s t opi n ir.
(Hole-) svstem Waee Ntem
Per ton. Per ton.f
Drillin.' I
lUastlnir o.uiM s K"'"
Explosives o.HM 0. 11."
Total o.4TT ij
Table II. Comparative Cost . of De
velopmet Work.
(Hole-) Svstem Waire svstem
Ferfoot.: l'erf(Mt.
IrillinK' .-.:; ) ....
blasting .. .;i(
Explosives 2.7-1 H.ss
Total s.7! 1 1. 14
Calculated from 4'..M'. tons of ore
tCalculateil from 13.M ton of ore
U'alculatetl from 1.244 feet of head
ings driven.
Calculated from l.;i77.." feet of head
ings driven.
Equally important with the
saving per foot or ton shown in
Tables I. and II. is the increased
speed with which shafts have
boon sunk, and the headings
have been driven. For it is
clear that, other condition re
maining the same, tho output of
the mii.es is governed by the
time required to open new
ground in depth by sinking and
driving level, etc. In drifting
and cross-cutting tho average
rate of advance per month has
boon increased from .").s ft.
under the wage .system to(.7.rft.
under the contract system; this
comparison being made on the
basis of 2 shifts (1 men) per day.
and a ."0-day month, tn shaft
sinking, calculating on a basis of
.'I shifts (li men) r day and a
oV -day month. ")"." ft. of worlc
done under tho contract system,
compared with the last i.oft.
done under tho wage system,
show tho rate of advance per
mouth to have been increased
l'rcm '27.-2 ft. to the present aver
ago of T ft.
White Man Turned Yellow.
( ii m t coiitti in t ion ivjis ft It I iy the
frit'iiil o( .M. A. Mobility, nf Lexington,
Kv., l't n IIh v hiiw he v jim t ul -nine t !
1 nv. Him nkin hli Iv clmriL't d color, filo
hi eye, and he MillYied tcnihly. Hi
tnnliuly wii Yellow Jaundice. He
wi- treated l.y the het doctor, hut
without Ixtnlit. Then he xmik advised
to try Elect lie hitteis, ,the wonderful
Stomach and Eiver EemeWy, and ho
write. "After ttihinu two hottles I
wa w holly cui'-d." A trial prove its
matchlct merit for all Stomach, Liwr
and Kidney trouble, Only ."Oc. Sold
hy .!.('. Wilkinson, di uueit.
Yen how Kates Exclusion Tickets
to the I'aii-Anierican Exposition,
bullalo, X. Y..
Via the North-Went "i n Line are old
(holy with f.ivorahle return limit.
Hired connection at Chicago, with f.tnt
train of all line to huffalo. Eor fur
ther particular, apply to acent. An
illust ra Imoklet will he mailed on
leceii't o? two cent postae' hy W. P.
Knikern, (hm ral liWni'er and Ticket
At nt, Chicago.
It Dazzles The World.
No Discovery in medicine has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that ha heeu caused by Dr. Kin'n
Nrw Discovery for i'onurnpt ion. It'
everet tit have Im i-o on hopclc
victim of ('onumptioti, Pneumorii.fi
Hemorrhage, Pleuriy and I'.ronchiti,
t.houund of whom it ha retore l to
perfect healh. Eor Cough, Cold,
Athma, Croup, Hay Fever. Hoareno
and Whooping Cough it i the quicked,
uret cure in the world. It i old by
J.C. Wilkinon who guarantee fati
t.iction or refund money. Large
bottle r.Oc and $1.0l. Trial bottle
C. M. & St. Paul Railway.
(ioing north to all point in thr
iron and roppor country. 7:lf a.m.
(ioing nutli to Milwaukee and
Chicago and all point
couth. 9: 10 p.m.
(ioing north to all point in
iron and copper country. 2:1." p.m.
(ioing couth to Milwaukee and
Chicago and nil point
eolith. 7:2." p.tn
Through sleeping car to Milwaukee and
Copper Range Railroad Co.
Iut-ftrct at 12:01 Sitturday, Novt-mb. r a. !S00
tnji iN'th. i jOoin.
r ' Xt, M No. 1 No. 2
2: MixM'1'Hcn. j ifc.
r. M V. M.
41. a' J ;iii j i.-, MAsciTY.
HS , X 45 VJ Tt' Hrlt
ai.a! M o.-, f y 47 seaurr
-'T.l ."I -' A'.' Wiiii.im
.3.i! a a.vta o.-; stackeoie
i. 4 oo::i in' Klin liivrr
A. M
11 oo
r. m.
1 III!
I f a -J7
i ."' n. 4 a
.1 o. t'.i r,i
1") rtl on
. 4.. I IT,
I. M il'. M.
No. a No. 1
Mhw r
At In Title
I Iliuirui W )
xlur.'l' 12 4-
t 10 y.l: J lo
lo 17 11
f io llj 11 H
Hid Ol 11 US
t ! .M io IS
h ii as i "
t ! :in lo oS
t n h ''
t m i u 1
A. M.I A. M.
No. i ' No. 1
Short Line to Copper Country.
Train make close connection to and
from Calumet. Lake Linden, Dollar Day
and other point on Mineral Kange and
tl. fc C. K'y. For information in re
gard to rate, etc., apply to neared
agent or to thi office.
W. .!. oi IRU,
(i, 1 A.
Houghton, MicL.
CHirAOO, milw ai kei: &. hJ. TAi n.
(ioing north .:2." a. tn.
i ioing couth .":4. p. m.
From Cryctal Full .......: 1." a. in.
From Chicago 4:1." p. m.
For Cryctal Fall and point
north and couth i.l." a. m.
ForCrydal Falland('hicago. ..":(." p. tn.
II young ladies think nore, pinpleH
and red nocs look "well with a bridal
veil and orango bloHoni8, it's nil right.
Yet Kocky Mountain Tea woulJ drive
.them away. 35c. J. C.'Wilklaaon.
and Atlantic Railway.
Do You Rent A Farm?
You can own one in N'Otheru Michi
L'.tn or Wieonin on tl.e Diituth. South
Sliore and Atlantic Dailway for one
veil V l i iit .
Thousand of'acie of fertile land
o en for cetth'ineiit.
'There are good opining for fanner,
labon i and manufacturer.
There are good cite for caw mill,giit
mill, "il(i mil' and tantierie.
sp lend id opport unit it is for ctot k v a is
iug, dairying and divticilied farini' g
Work can be found on farms, ti
iiumeidii mill and on the iiuth in
cummer and during the winter in the
m ot id.
Soil i good.
Wood and water are plentiful.
Stock raising and dairy farming. 'The
abundance of water, the certainly of
grac and other food for tattle and
natural cheltcr make tbif a natural
dock country.
Small fruit. Small fiuit culture ha
proved remarkably Micceccful.
(irain. Wta-at, rye, oat, barley, pea
Mint corn and buckwheat can be raiced
in profusion and the hay crop i mod
Home Market. The mining and mill
ing town of thi region furni.-h a cpli n
did market and at bed prices for all
farm product.
homi;ski:kfi;s' fxccusions
can be arranged at any time. One fare
for round t rip from nil point on our
For further information apply to
K. W. Ma( Diikkhan,
Land Commissioner,
Marquette, Mich.
Dominic Dallifor,
Dealer In
Fancy Imported and Domestic Wines,
Liquors and Ufrirs.
Steamers leave Milwaukee daily
9:15 p. m., arrinj,' at Grand
Haven 5 a. m. and Muskegon at
7:P0 a. tn.
Tho shortest and most direct
trans-lake line east.
'That is, who' said that you
could not et as ood
At Amasa as anywhere else
-md at as low prices as
urevail in Chicago.
Just received from the factory. Any
kind at any price. Reduced prices on
Summer (loods to close nut stock.
Drop in and see what a dollar will do.
B. Isaacson. ?.
Duluth South SliorciThc Light of Uic World
Our Savior in Art
,UtfAUt'yjJ. i1 i ' iMi.lv U(t.r...(M.. j
v i in.- , iii'iiiii mil n
In Hf.i't M,y r.ih, I'.ml.
Trains Leave Champion
For Montroal, tlie taut
ami lower Mii liipm ".'KIT a. in.
For IltMiuliti'tt mid tlir
copprr cc mi n try t" a. tn.
For IronwnmJ, Hurley,
Aptilaml hikI lultitli..... f.t. .".") a. in.
For l)t trmt ami t fie fiift ...f 1 :' u. in.
For Houghton, ('uliitm t,
Duluth ami the went 12:00 n. in.
Trains laavo Pouulillc
For lloustiton and tlio
coj e: country fU;."() p. in.
For Marquette '.;10 a. in.
For Detroit anil tluJent....,'J:10 a. in.
For NYgauncc, Ieihprming and
Marquette f.'l:r0 p. tn.
For ticket, titno tablen and other In
formation, apply to
A. II. Fisk, Ticket Act.,
Champion, Mich.
C. E. IUooEnnov, TicketRt.,
Hepuhlic, Mich.
iM irly niiMi.niKMo j,iiI,Iin, NVurly loo
t nii.1 U Mut Ii. r
I n furlfM lor fin h
lT.,lf I'r.....-
ruimiiiii u,iy iin.j nlitlit tn (ill nr.l.-rt. 1 'J rar
lofulM .f 4., r l..r lant ...litinii. Mr. Wnltf.ln
Mii-wiu IniM-tf Ii.im (,r m.'.oimi Me rtli of
lifMik. Hrt fxi-rl. lie.-. Mr. ?. kct I , of Nw
1 nrk. Iin hi.M ,,v.-r !-J nun u,,rtli of l,nA.
Hr-I fHTifin'f. Mr M....M. j,.k ,,r..-rn
f rt two i.iv. Mix. IifinvM ll took :i 1 onlrn
flrnf vi-( k. CliilHtiHii niiiri or nmmi run inuki
fl.ooo in ti,H minify ,,, k, T.rrltory H
Uu ri.(liy. Wrift- .nii k for ti-rnif'.
U Hiitfl. --stuff. M;iiii;rrto look hIIi t l orre-
I'OHii ( f l ntf,.t n.
AiMrt Th llIHh- lnirrlfriN i t, ,
luirnin t. I; vi Iihuuc Knil'litiu.
(., Minn,
Patesmt it.
Writ fur fftvw)k on rtnt. with IT1 nfi-f fiv
nd llt f Invnill.irm riul. lo An-hK'IAT1U
Mhltlt'AN INVK.N roius, l'limlfl.Mi, I'm.
Mrii hikI wotnrti of ijoo,J n't lrf to rfj.r-M'i)t
u, omto trnfl .olnttinf Munt. othfM
fr IimiI work lookmit Mfttr our intt-rvftn.
$HOo ftlwrv miHrHMt.vJ yi Mrly; ntra rom
inWfloii hikI f ii!t, rapid HIVRHvtnfnt,
o ftalUlifl fioii.. (irari.l rtuiiK for tnm
pt man nr womnn to fijre (lfiaiit, prrnii.
tiftit oitlo. Iilwral Inrom atvl future. New,
trlillMiit lm. Wntu nt oute.
93 CSurrhlSt.. v llarn, Vnn

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