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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, November 30, 1901, Image 5

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i , -7
r. rr
The finest line of Mljjh
(Ira tie IMnnos everseen
In this city for the
Holiday Trade -
Also Sheet Music and
Muslcrvl Merchandise
Always on hand.
laml-ClilTs people last spring, is
moving tilon as
scarcity of labor
will permit. Yesterday several j through which ll is proposed to
carloads or timber, evidently do. -pump all the surface water pos- J
signed for me .shaft, arrived and , sible before it linus its wav be
hauled. out to the location, which low ledro level.
is out one or the. ninny consign
.lo last sprinfM.s J Work on the now -sand shaft" jL2U4J.LiID
s rapidly as the at the Arajjon is now fairly un- (J ; "j-j
or and material der way. This E the shaft M n f n Q 7I Tr Tr3 17 11 M
monts to follow and which will'
Lot K wood Hotel.
MVRTAVGH'S Music Store.
To .: active , shipping season
11 U1U ,avin closed, the Cundv mine .
ultimately find its way under the inMnnfmnil hsod ailA
ground. It would UMntoreslin- numb;r ()f surfilco jKUuU ;Un AJ
to know approximately what the (i,(.()ntinU0ll :u.tivn mln-mff for sl f
tirstt.mof ore will cost the com- few (lays to ma,.0 somo rorair.si
pany wn.-n raisci to me surrace machine,
r 4 1. . . .. f 1 . . . ..
uuiu uursn.ui huh ui iii; niiir to l busy
menced. It is stated that E ;.-E.., r ,
2 Ceiling, - Siding,
Bill Stuff,b
Pine and Hardwood Flooring.
vj- fy
The Oliver Iron Minin;, com
pany has decided to sink the
shaft commenced by the Dottoto
Iron Company before the mine
changed ownership. The im
rnensiiy of the undertaking may
be letter understood when it is
coi.vii.'ci d that the time consum
ed in ( ( uir -' this shaft the rc-
Qku (j-p-.h, WO b-et, vill be
;iooi;l ;v, o c ,n :i aim uie cosi in
the i:'i-:hl 01 hood of ('0,() D.
Tli'. Mi.nslieid vein dips to the.
east, standing at an anrle of a
bout HI derM,'s. The now shall
E located in the hanin about
4w'' feet f roni' the old shaft and
was sunk to a depth of T 1 feet
who. 1 work was suspended. It is
a Ox 10 inside of timbers and
has three compartments The
roc!: is diorile and it is probable
that this rock will continue with
them until tin? shaft cuts tin ore
formation which will occur at a
depth of HuC feet.
"Work preparatory to starting
tosink was commerced last, Tues
day when one crew was started
tunneling the railroad track for
the pipi line and anotlnu crew
staited clearinir jrouf.d for
the placing of a 'pulVer' to
handle the rock from the shaft.
Four inch steam arid live inch
air pipes are? to be installed it be
in' the policy of the Oliver
yvioplf! to to install at the outset
: "V? )paratus of a capacity siifiicieut
for all time.
Tiie new shaft will be attacked
at three points. One crew will
start sinking from surface: an
othor will crosscut, and raise
from the sixth le( 1 and another
will do lik(?vvise from the ninth
level. Work will be crowded at
all points so as to eet the shaft
in condition to pull ore through
at the very earliest time possible.
The Pewabic company, of Iron
Mountain has at tlx? present time
three explorations tfoiii on in
this county as follows:
Tju: Ciiyktal Fat.ls
TIms exploration is on lands
of Peter McOovern on the .shores
of Runklo lake. The kinds lie
south of the Hilltop mine and
are supposed to lie rossed by
the same formation. At the
present time the work is confin
ed to stand pipe work to test the
lodjru. A diamond drill is used
and short holes are drilled to
make sure that the true lod'o
'.s found in each hob'. A couple
of pipes have been lcdrcd and
the drill is beinjj set this week
for the third hole. The surface
overburden is very heavy in this
vicinity varying f'om 100 "to lfiO
feet. Prior to the drill being
placed on tho property much
test pitting was done up on tho
hillside near tho Crystal Falls
mine where the surface is much
shallower. The ledge encount
ered so far in both pits and
stand pipes is grey slates. Work
will bo continued until the prop
erty is thoroughly explored.
Tin: .Hekcuwood
In tho vicinity of the station
of the same name about seven
miles nbovo Iron River these
people own a largo tnict of land
ond ,havo been conducting ex
plorations thereon for a couple
of years.' Work in this locality
is made difficult because of tho
very heavy overburden. The surface-
varies from 100 to 200 feet
and much of this is a hard
pan Hint is so hard that it is nec
essary to drill and blast it the
same as so much rock, firey
slates make up the ledge met
with so far.
Hero too, the Pewabic. people
own a lot of land and they have
have been exploring these lands
olT and on for a number of years.
Present operations are being
prosecuted a few miles north of
the stat ion. The surface here is
heavier than at any other point,
varying from il.'O to I'.ok fc-t .and
then? is a heavy billow of watej
I generally encountered to a depth
of i?(K) feet. The ledge met with
in this locality so far is a, grey
slate very similar to that found
at tho other places.
- - 4 - - '
Shipping 1ms been suspended at
this rniiK and stocking of ore
comnu'need. The mine will 1 e
wo rived to its fuli capacity this
winter. There i's much talk of
sinking the shaft nnd it is proba
b'e that a new level will be add
to the mine this winter. About
sixty men are employed in the
mine under Capt. 11. M. Lowry.
Tom Hrooks is dork a:id time
keeper. Tji7:Piki:.
Hon. C. T. Roberts and A. K.
Pike have secured through A.
L. Flcwelling an option . on lot
; Sec. 110 Jool'. This property
lies b"twcon the Youngstown
mine and the Paint river and
there is little doubt but that tin?
ore from the Youngstown mine
extends over onto this property.
It is probable that the ore lies
at quite a depth but that it exists
was quite conclusively shown in
adiamond drill hole put down
in 18H1 by the late P. E Dunn
in which the ore was encountered
at a depth of 000 feet. Mr.
Roberts hopes to be able to place?
the property with a strong Chi
cago concern with which he is
dickering at the present time.
However, he is not waiting for
someone to take it before start
ing exploratory work for Mr.
Pike has a crew at work' sinking
an exploring shaft about five
rods north of the Pri. tol switch.
This shaft will bo carried down
to the ledge but what, the? further
program is, is not known at the
present time.
round Ore.
Peter Holmes, of Menominee,
has found ore on louds belonging
to him4 the SW of the NW
b '.V2. This properly lies , .bout
a quarter of a mile west of Ur
ban's spur on the Amasa branch
of the CSi N W railroad. Mr.
Holmes haf been exploring on
the land all fall and encountered
the ore in the last hole put down
before work was suspended for
the winter. A row of staudpipes
was put down across the forma
tion tho last one locating the
ore formation." This pipe was
put down through 131 feet of
quicksand and hard pan and an
enteral a ledge of mixed ore.
Tho pipe was continued down
llvo feet in tho mixture which
cleaned with every inch. Tho
sludgo that was washed up from
tho last foot was fully three
quarters pre. Tho land is owned
in feo by Mr. Holmes and is open
for option. .' ,
The great undertaking of
opening tho oro deposits on tho
properties in tho eastern part of
tho city purchased by tho Clovo-
OOu was expended in Opening tho
Ncgaunee when the first ton1
y. preparatory lJ
IJ.'i omiiR'iKb It to Tralimifii.
was hoisted there, and thii in-1 ;. H. Huimim, Lim.i, O , ttim-. b.
clmhd no cost of realty. In-. K. u. I: It., writ.-: "I lum- lK-. nf
eluding the cost of the property, j t""h,';, 'U"! l";- 1 M
it will be no surprise it thoi , n(1(( bo(tK. , ntil(ly r,.Ii( .v., mc ijkgPENTOGA,
Clcvehuid Cliffs company have ! ui,,,iiv r, c.nnmrn.i it tuiuivum.', ir i
an investment of a round million;"1' '" fli,M,,!1'; M,,mn-; ,,r tr,;;"
when the necessary buildings, Plwumiifv.
maehinerv, rail connections, etc. J . . .
! TIk' fallow ur,' chuplims taken from
are established m connection , ,)( (; r,.,,ll:ill( ,orr. sr ,n.!mt v, tho
with the opened mine. From otfia.rnii llti:dl pertains tu eld
this forward, the? pre'iminary f Crystal I'aiU p--b- tin4 many friends
work will consf.tute an industry "f hem will I..- pleased l leani that
of considerable importance, since an-prusp-rlnu' in ihrlr i.rw h,,m,.
a large number of men must . "Nt'xt w -k U,U ".ark the entnme,
' ti Cri'i'il'iiw nl :i Hi'i'L v iii-w sen imp.
nrily Ut finploy.-d until j .,. .,,,,. .. ,. ,,.,,,
Hood & Mahoney,
the mine is opened. The com j U(. , M ditnr-in t in if has t lie repn-
pany i providing Jigainst every ! tat hm f loin;. a praetieal ininini
conceivable mishap, and (-specially
with reference to the1 water,
it being the intention to have
power lo handle hot'o gallons of
water per minute, though the
chances are that this will not be
called into requisition, as there 1
will h.ditlle or no water from'
the surface, whereas at the Ne- 1
gaunee sand shaft there was an i
immense swamp all about it, the!
contour of the surface on every'
sale being such as to form a cir-J
cular watershed, with the vicin
ity of the sheft as the (enter.
This is at least one unfavorable
condition with which the Clin
people will not. have to contend.
- - Negaunee Herald.
I man ti"M' epinieus art1 t nist mi1 hy."
.1. b. Hewers aiv puttiei,' in a
line stf.ek ef watches and j- In.
Tie y u ill ;i1m hae a tin- display ef
holiday ud fur t he ( "I t l ist mas t rade.
TIm' li;tt- si'eimd the st-rvii-es of a
uncinate opt h-ian. The ever popular
Tiiu" iiit u'K to keep to the front of
the in i ie ni.iii'l's progressive
n.ar 'h."
lhe hm,m .NS of t he (ireenlan l post
eltiee is iiif! -asinu' rapidly. Messrs.
bower .v Son are attending to the
waul s i if t lie puMie in a u r) satlstae
Joi manner."
Negotiations that' have been
going on for the past two months
or more between (Jon. 'Alger and
the Donora Mining company, of
Pittsburg, for the lease of the
Volunteer with an option of pur
chase were eomsumated during
t In? past week and the Donora
Company will take charge on the
first of December and at once
commence the work' of unwater
ing the mine. Mr. Oscar 15,
Warren, formerly of Palmer, but
for several years past occupying
a responsible position with the
tho Mahoning company with
headquarters at Ribbing, Minn.,
has boon engaged as general
manager, and will arrive at. Pal
mer on the UHtli, his family
having preceded him reaching
here by the early train yester
day morning. Tin? Donora is an
independent company composed
entirely ol Pittsburg capitalists
and it is tin? purpose to work
the mine Jo its fell capaeily,
from, the very start. The same
company has taken on option on
Section IL', of the Pittsburg iv
Lake Superior Iron company
and commenced operating a din
mond drill there some ten days
ago. The Iron Herald is in
formed that it is the intention of
tin? company to have something
of a stockpile for shipment upon
the opening of navigation. The
buildings and plant of machinery
are intact as left by the Cleveland-Cliffs
company, but a short
time ago, so that comparatively
little time will bo required in
making tho start. The nocos
sary supply of coal has already
been shipped from lower lake
ports and will be delivered at
the mine in amplo time. The
revival of this industry at this
time indicates that tho season of
1892 will be one of unusual activ
ity on the Cascado rango, Nc
gaunee herald.
Preparations aro being mado
to sink the Cyclops shaft of
Penn Iron Mining company to a
greater depth.
It is rumored that Penn
Ijon Mining company will soon
begin tho sinking of a shaft on
their Central Vulcan property.
How 's This!
We .f!.-r en,. llmi'Irva i.!!.ui ' H.-wtml l"r
iiuy ru-- of 1 nt uri li t luit -. 1 1 1 : t e nuva ly
II .ill's aO.i ili t urr.
1'. J. ( llKNIiV .v. Co . I'r-.j.H., Tol.!,, O.
Wi ti;r .u, rsimi.-l. I nvi. kiKiun .1. F. li
ncy ..r tl l ist 1." yt'iiis, mi, I 1.1-Vvr li'.tn (':
f 1 I !y liMiior.il.lv in nil t i -1 1 t ri'.i,-u t Ions
x 1 1 1 liii.iticiii l!y nl!'' to i hi ry out imy oiaii
1 1. r 1 iiui'l. t.y 1 hrir linn.
Wi s 1 ,v Tut'.. WIimI-.su!,. UniNt-, T.i!.-.,i, ().
Wai imm;. Kinnmv MAieriN, WIn'i. s.vN- ltnm
t:s:, Ti !!. o.
Hull's e. it iin li ( 'urc is t .ikrii inttTiiiill) , in t inu
ilitiM-tl) iij.en tin ll '1 una iiiikuiiuk ciirf.m'
of tin-iysi-ij). I'ikv, T.'.v '. r liottl.-. Sulil Uy
11 11 iii iK'i.:i-1 n. Ti-st luioti' its ti-i..
Mali's I- iimlly Ci!N lire tl..- .-t.
.. -4 4 -
frobnto Notlco.
lirst . ill, heat Ion Nov. O',, l,st Nov. an.
('i('.TY OK lo. HS
At a s.-ssImii of tin- J'r'..it.- Court for ciia
coiinty, liclil lit til.- I'lol.nt.. ( ll'.i... i tl..- City o
Crystal Calls, m si4ia loui.ty. mi tli.t liftcutli
l.iy ot Novnnlx r. A.
l'r.'iit: lion, Alt rt 1, l'lrvvrllnii; J u-Hi' of
In tii.. in. 1 1 or ol t In i-stiit of : in N. li.-m,
.1. I
: r.M'hiu 1111.I liliiiu' tli l it ion, ili.ly V't 1
fi.'.l, ot KOm l'. is'. cniyini; 1 1 lit el.. i;.,i n .
j.oiiitril a. 1 111 1 nisi rat 1 u ol s,ii. I . 1 a if li if L'.'in-r-
II I J t . r j .. .s,s; I'll. 'rtn. oil, It Is Ori.r.(l, tlnll
Mdnl iy. tin- liltitli l..y of I .mi m l,. r. . I ,
!', at O n o'cii.. I In tin- I.. I. 1 11, I..- ussiyii.
-. f..r 1 1... Ii.-in em oi s.... i it ion, ,1 im 1 thtt 1 in'
!t..lM at lov ol ni 1 ri...i uihI a)..tli''- "T
Miii. in! T. -1 1 a iii 1 ;. a I.-, an- ri ipii'stril t o
a- . ar .e 11 s, .si ,11 of s,i. Court, tli.'iito
li. .I.!, ti .it t In- I'i . a., it., fiil.iv. 111 1 l.ucu y oM 1 y
t,il .',i!, tu v.i ol fount y. ari.l -don c:uh'', il iiuv
t In o I., u l.v t tu-1 1 ,t 1 r 1 1 if 1 . t it 1. .li. r s Im 1 1 1. (
ma I ( raul .1. .iii-l It Is 'iit I fi. 1 0,,i,.,
t I1.1t sal ' j.. t ,tl .11. m v.' noi . v 1 0 it..- s. v. r.il
1 1 . ,r ;'.t. rt'S. III sal-! 1 'M at .' of t In- ...il li
c i o ..ii, ).. ! 11 1. m ami Hi.' Ii.'im In.! t It i'. of, ly
tu-iiiL' a 1 o,y ..f his oi .l. i- to In' ulis,-i 111
'1 Mr. I' MoM I'lill I , 11 lion a..', I l 1 1 1 1 -' 1 11 11. 1
f IIVIII..J -n.! in sa;. conntv. thl'.' si s-i.'
vo 1 !.- I iv, t.ais to s.ii. I 1 1. IV "if 1 n 1 1 1 1 u .
(A t ni" r.i.v i A 1 m I. r I . I-1 1 1 1 ijm. .
(111. 1 1 . IT-..N, J 1,,'ti.- o I'f ..I, ..If.
e l .r 1'. ! :t i..i!' r,
. - - -
I'eir Iloarst ness.
I'. !i j. lo.;. t-"ti , it 1 1 ut f on, I r 1 f , -oih
lie I ni 1 1 hut .s.tikt'ii ti woii 11 In 1 v. :i tvliH
i- r tor llioulli', iiiul otic tmtlle of
I'ol.y's 1 1 f r: ' v nm' Tur i'e-tond Ins
M.il-'. I'.i' silll r I ill t-t I'lilr.S (nil's
I 'liil I lili.e V .
Mieliiu.iii Iowa Font I'. ill (Janie.
CUIn;iuo III . November 20, IOOI.
T!i: ('. N. . U Co., will for the
the aliove occasion sell round t ri p tick
et s p-ood kr"iiiKr the e( iiiiik" ef tlie l!7th
and ret urn lea inn Chicago tlie even
ing of the ith at one fare for round
W. I'. SAMtOllN,
I mMm
1 k
i A Trade Marks
Ak. 4A Dt$iON
i f'rft'', CopymoHT Ac.
nroniri1fng nkt-h nnd dwurit.f Im mf
qntrklr iiowrtiila our Mi'itn frov wl.rtliwr an
liiTontlnn 1) pribhlf rUntll. ('(.iiinuiiil'-.
tlntrlrt.lrroiifl(liitliU. lUn.lNwvk on I'attita
int fr. l.1it (nin,r tur wiirinf ntm.
l'M4nl Utrn lin.uh Munn A U. rlT
tjvrUU otiC4, wit houl tfinr, In IhA
Scientific Jftnerican.
A hn1omitf ntnrtM wklr. rtt rt
rultlnri ,f n rli.iitlfln t..nrtil. T'rm. II
ronrj fiinr montba, It bold all newHlw
Mil fill & Co.30,Brt,fw- 116V
liraDi-ta omc4, U5 T 8U Wajhlitfyn, 1. C
I'i, -J
. 1
'A -
)xxZZ'- ..
will he carefully and seient i Ileal
ly carried out under our own inr
r-ediate super isioii. and in ae
coia'anee with tlie very latest
l it. - sand improvement s that ..s
1 ile d f'vir l' niotiern, up-to-date
1 eid iiii, when you intrust jour
work to the
Wi-'will fnrnl.-h t'st Ituiit.-H i l.' i t'ln'ly iip.t ,
at I'ti' .'s tlnit ( atini.t It rutin .'tnl vvitli r
wot km : in -tup run si a. tel. V
s", Cv' -'j ,,(,; s-v -vv sS,r Vjj,
r- 1
And all kinds of Soft Drinks.
Waulea - Hpqerol - Vdater
9n Cyphon fioUtles.
Lei sen & Henes. i
Jacob Bauer, Agt.
Live People want Liglil.
i . i a . . n . ..ti T 1 4
ueau unes uon vmw aiij. .
. r 7,
x ., n
7 Vx
1. '
( )ur likiht. makes oiir Homes, St ores
and Streets ltM.k A It raetive.
I nsti ranee
(i rat. Is.
Companies issue Permits
Permitted hy Consult im., lanineers of
Nat ional P.oard of lire IT n lerw rit ers.
The "NUUTi:" Indoor Illuminator,
"."in candle jm Aver, superior to Elec
tricity (r (las at ON IvTTONTII
tlie cost.
The ''NUIJTir'OutdiKir Illuminator,
the most Economical Eltfht in the
World. Cheaper than Kerosene.
A Brilliant Ornament not a Gloomy Eyesore.
Use the "NULITE"
and you'll not be
without light.
J. If. Berg,
General Ajjent,
Crystal Palls, - flicli;
for fresh
Buns, Pies,
Toast, Etc.
York 1 s c7
akery, pa A

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