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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, February 08, 1902, Image 6

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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Jim Frogrni In (be ftlnrteeath
tmry IUa Ilrrn Tralf lr-
Air, Charles Haxvksley In bis prenidn
111 tddreni to the UritJsh Institute of
Civil Ki giut-t rt reviewed the 'progress
I civil tM.fcinreriiig in the uiucteenth
etntury, i t porta a London papr. In
1811 mai, etuuhr m took 41 hour for the
journey from Ixiudou to Holyhead,
liven in 1S37 the jotrn y took 27 hours.
The first railway for puiifcengers came
luto service in hSi', During the cen
tury about $5,000,f,oo,OOQ was invested
fa building railways. In 1840 the total
jiumber of lighthouse in the ltritisb
Isles was IK?; in jnfx the number was
1,100. The tarly lighthouses were
lighted by oil lamps. The oil lamps ot
to-day hae a power of 1,100 caudles
aud the electric arc given the light of
In 1819 the Savauiu.h, pmpelh d part
ly by fcteam. partly by tail, traversed
the At'. antic in :( day. In 1833 the
voyage was made under t tea in nlciie
and required 17 day. The vyai to
day is accomplished in k!x da or leu.
The largest ships form rly displaced
less than 2,500 tons aud now displace
' 15,000 tons or more. The Oceanic' ton
uage is 17,271, the Celtic's is SO.IHM.C'oul
gas was flrM ' dm il for lihtinr housed
in 17U7. T! first teleproph line dates
from IK'H; tin- ir.-t submarine cable
(Dover-CuI.ii) from 1H51. l'.i-ctricity
was first eiii rated by steam eujjinca
la 1831.
Such arc . few of the statistic of
nineeri:: progress duriiifr the cen
tury. Thfy h oxv a projects toward
oornfort; an:i ...ippiness is-, more or less,
a bj-prn;!i;c: (,f comfort, o that we
have pond r n to rejoice over these
statistics, bold at tliey may teem.
CjaTlnl' Kifrlrnef In H-nnth .frlra
Mioua fcrl of Ien-tUlr.
. Y
After 21 ii ! ; i : ii m tllitintf four dental
rurgeons have been M-rt to South Af
rica tn attend to the tr th of the army.
Thus do(.- lie war office put forth
Mupcnd.iu- v its to atone for j -.i s t
iuaptitudc, tis the Iondon l'al! Mall
Tn mi :trt"; (,f n n v.i.i r of a :n.1
pon J'i ' 1 lour siirj'i rnis .-Jioii'd
be kepi in!- ral! Inisv. No soldier w ho
of So. Glen Falli, N. Y., des
cribes a condition which thous
ands of ir.cn
ant? w o rn v n
find identical
with theirs.
Read what he
says, nnd note
the similarity
of your own
case. Write to
him, enclosing
stamped ad
dressed rm'f i-
L. D. Palmer. for r '
anu yet a prr-
sonal corroboration of what ii
here given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"I suffered afoniinj pain in the lift
breast and between my flioulh-rs from
heart trouble. My heart would palpi
tate, flutter, then itip heals, until I
CockI no longer lie in bed. Nieht after
night I walked the fhor, for to lie down
would have meant Hidden death. My
condition seemed almost hot eletswhen
I began taking Dr. Miles' Heart Cure,
but it hclrirtt ni from t':c lirst. Later
I took Dr. Miles' Nervine with tlie
Heart Cure and the cfiftt w.is aston
ishing. I carnes-lly iiopl'.-e similar tui
ferer to j;jve these renie ties a trial."
Sold by all Druggists
on guarantee.
Dr. Mttas Medrcal Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Bargri Sktpprd from th Rrle Canal
t D Card on th Paala;
A lagtniout Trcalrnaat by which Drunkard
ar Hci tf Cured Dailr tn Spit of
The ej-colngr native bargemen of
Manila bay will experience Nomethinfj No.nku
like surprise when a fw month he nc-e
thej e towed Into their harbor 19
Erie canal boats, ivent bjithe Philip
pine Transportation eoirtpanj, report
the New York Tribune. For Keteral
jeara these barges have been In use
on the Krie canal. Now they hate
leen towed over to the Morgan iron
works at Ninth street and the East
Ntrvea. A t-'lcanant and Poaiiiva Curt
lor the Liguor Habit.
It ii now cenerHlly knowi. uinl under--lv
J t hut lh utikerierH i m uifeMfe hmI
ot w-iikoi A IxmI.v tilled with i i .
ni(l iihaih eoindte!v fdiatttied Iv
I hi iimIk-'iI t,r r..ntaiit u-e dl intoxiiol
inn lirpuof, it rpniex ho -ntiilote cuprtble
C. M. & St. Paul Railway.
(ioiiif I I til .i nil pollli ill Ibf
iron ;rii ri.pir country, 7:lfH.in.
. . ' C miiiI h tn .MilirHiike anr
No Weaker. p tne 1 , f.'hieM unit till rxtintx
ariuth. 9:1(1 ptn,
Goiny norlli t all pointn in
iron ami copier country. 'Jilfi p.io.
Going ftmth to Alilwjiukee ;ni(i
t'liit'iio and till HiutH
"nth 7:-.' p in
Through keeping earn to .MilwMiikee and
rleer, where they are '..being 'carefully , ,,f n-tti.il riic tl t rodictttii'g ll'
pulled apart preparatory to shipping .""mui, mul lUtiovjng the riuvmg I.i
them to the orient. IMece by p'ece the intoxicant-. bufleit rK mimv now cuii
, decks are leiog pulled up on the pier at lioine without publititj-
I riiftv to tlnf,1 nwnv Inln ti' hnUc " '!. l t line fioill hll-imrt l tl.tH
j . ... -j
.of huge steamers, there ta remain tin
i tun
Home (mild Cuke" which
u uuwv (fiiaiiii. IIICIT vl II maill Jill- , . t I t.
... . . .. , i loin tki'it '-i feeteo niter until v vear hi
til once more put together In Hong- ',, r,v Ml(l f,Ht.o-t ..IinibrMf.
I f,:it;.foil kmc rrMlini! to lu et Kiim
. - .' '. .. i ;.Ti,mii ! bl li, m ei Ik kiI l y
I v"ri e rie ttf' MiOft It-lMoile
t-i . lit (lilei l.ii 1 1 t i til II, kt I.
' l nr. IiIk rlinn Hi, III V't'loll I I HUH
f liliit.nM td '. I '.il-HllU l I'lliliU.tttl.
I'lt-r, in(lu-ti. 'ii- hum up '.
V Kong. From there they will be lowed
aerwn the China h:i. down the Luzon
?tniit and into .Manila harbor.
I Large steamers cannot approach
within two m'Avs of the shore In Manila
j bay. For this reason it has always
Wen reeehsary to end out cascos. or
iignTerf, in wnien tne cargces are
transported up the Pasig rivfr to the
city. These casoocs are small and
clumsy, and are owned by individual
natives, who will not work until their
supply of rash runs short. The, iron
canal boats arc capable cf holding five
or six times more cargo than any cas
co, and the 10 tngither cou'd put all
wi,li wortblcss lr5.i..04 m
nneuv r?ftlirJTfllN
V A . . Tr a
' . To rrotecttls r-t::3 W tmi
I eclaistteetl-atacaetrma
. V r' trk, vrlaUi en every Mck
' t,r. Onnaad ti"e r--.J-V,
for bakt tr t-i Lrr
Look Carefully
To Your Kidneys
Dr. Jenner's
Kidney Pills
VlVi S Cl'RK Vol'R IIlMUM.fi!! Cuii.n
fi.KS I'lfYol-K Kathkkh!! I lli I fill
et iy in in no en a nonti oto tol in m
-penlic f--r t Iuh fli.t'n.r only, Mini io
-killfullv deviKetl mill prcp'tl'etl ttml it i
ilmi otighly hiI. 1 1, 1. hikI detiHHlit to tin
l.l-te, ro til it It em ik, given ill H Clio of
i'ii or coffee without the knowledge ol
tit iHi titkiirj it TlioonridH !
,.iv t iiii'd heiiiM'l Vfi willi
the cise os of Manili harbor into their i mu prio leM- ieni"fl . jin I m.iov nnne
Imitr of Ihr ( nrlnnn l;fferl Ther I'ro
iturr I poa lunarr re-itevlrtnna.
C :i III ' ..I l ' I :
.i!I, if h" 1
vf havin;- h's
mrp-on, t hi t !
:h .
v: iiionil.s in Afr'ea
',ej.'!ti :i eh.n.'-c
i I h e.i mi i nt i!. I h
i'.'. - !! !i 't ( : el i. ) :
. n. A ' : li ,! ' i .'
i V ! I i: e w i i !.', i i:i i i,.'.
li',"!. it I e t I atei'l iv
liith i' ; I f ,m my
k ei h:i ulrd , :.i,i: t!i.
c,'i.it I r 1 1 r :iiiii tiliir '
Something NcwUader the S-jn."
All I K a-torn I iti vc 1 1 led to run ckT.
li tl;e iihc of (Kiwiler, itfji I tuniM. i m iil
ml li in: iii ut e (oi rn. I'lieir pi mm in
In up (lie iiiiinion.-i inembi iiriei e-n mi
Ii :i ti eijick open und hhit. ;,,
wi iful jici'f u.-etl in tin- iiih.il. i I,,!-
' llOl.lv Ciltlll !lV,l flit? Ml III',' I : " t
i' . ti, s I h.i I ln ii m.iVi r. lui c ,i in
"Hi , N ) 1 1 1 p;lnlr illnl iHlit IIH'ht - r
i ! li 1 he (h-t.iM . All oil jit, i
' e J pl'iO't !l I. i Ml lui i..i-; f. t
. i' 1 1 - iii, I'd- a t li 1-.1' i- u I ., if i j .
' lie itlil l,t ofi'VTMM!!!, li i
! t ' i 1 1 i ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i r, i l i , . i ,
' hnil.f i.iv I, r,,) ;.
' i i r, I 1 1 l i n 1 1, ; . ; . . ' . ', T
,1 t
Slippery tidewnlkn (hat have been
the rub for the pasl few mornings
have terr! (I to hrlrg rot emphatically
one of the prn!iar ?f! r f human na
ture. o matter how much the fall
Injures n man physically,, It .seems as
nothing in hc damage to his .ulf-es-teem
If perchance In'w misfortune hap
pens to be witr.e .fe! b ouu- one rUf,
The first thing the iiiifr.rtiit.nte docs
after picking hhnyelf up i? to look all
about him with an idiot io niniJc on h's
face just as If he took the whole thing1
;:s a joke. Inn ;inioi;t t if anyone
has M'tn hin fumble.
If !Ii-ie h p(f-n s to he some i.ne
nr.'ir by wlm In., wvt r,e -ei! tt" fall
the smllr vr,!:!-h" !irf do re i- a
p'-ay of ?. "-;!" that w luiiw-roiis. It is
hi In) tli-it ' i (TV rs. Ii i i.,.:ii Inl
fte.v? of
.P In-eii euietl iind niiitle tempeiil
ik It by Imviiig the '( tJKfc." ioliniiiiteieW
lovirg ft ientln .ii.. I n hi liven wiMnoit
' ' ii knuwiede in fi.Ifet' oi tc.i. Hint
.,t.vi: to'l.iy thnt tliey tlincont intied
li inking d tbeii ham fito will. l)tj OT
'Vait. Do not l-e ileluded by itpo.irt nt
ui'l ui'-lwliiij; "itrpivvctnvtB." thive
oi, . di-Ciinn :: once ninl f.r nil time.
I he 'iloMR (JOM) ('VRKM in nol nt the
xtn mely low price ol One Dolhir, tliUH
obteiiig within rencti ol everilNxlv u
leiliauit tiioie efuCtua! than othciH
opting '2't to ?o0. Full liitctionn r
' oinpnny curb pickage. VlHTi.il tulviee
'.V ekiUeil ph hii'itmn nhen lecpicntetl
'.'!.. .ut clrn el. nice. Sent prepaid to
inv pa 1 1 of t lie w mlil on reeeipt el One
loilar. Aildri'-n irpt. P. 'iT'.Mvlwin .
liile tt t'oilip:in , 2.'l.'t Hint -i.'2 Ial'
!a t Mid I , IMiihitiflp'ii i.
AH cone-pondi-tirr htiictl.n Ci.nliil
Snort l!.ioe. to Copp'-r Conntrv.
I' i- ii , i k- eli i-e f .inn rt ion to -Mil
f . ..-i I.e Lo.ih-n, Doll ii Kiv
i - i mi i ,i I K.i Pge a in I
l-'u:' 1 1 1 f' 1 1 a 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 in n-
a ( iiiiini
! i,;!.. i- o
ii iii.i ii
l: II
a 1
?"lllp! f I'!1 'l
PUinth". It .-.',i;'
acta re forvlc.' mh
trio-thache in ;i pt
I " e;j.n ill nlTord t.
la ill i i,; i
ani th i
i.vi r
n.-.lc n niari or:
" lo-i::y fron
ts inolar, whii h
i'. to know that
:!! with the
,' I I I I l H,
i I i " oal v . I.
.it .., I ,' ' I. ,1
I - 1 . 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1
M'i i'l.l.-H I.I!
j.!." . r t I I,- h.!i
. t.f o,,. 1 1...;
. 1 1 , U i 1 1 1 1 i : : i
mi i' h . !
: I '. ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
.1 III.
. .I.p
!l I: til in
- II, .'..f'li, I, .!
r ! :
I at II,
i 1 1 1
I'm :
I v I II.
-1 1
it -
i revp,ie.'i '. it,- i
J if h.e fat! : -'
i l "i'oi)rh-l.(.i." , "
; how .' i r. ii- or '
; is seen at a u !r i'
! -or- hi- way aft
! litujK .-is if th,- th
I course iiii-i.ii n t l !
! "ood-nat nred'v it
as if th i! hat va.
i hum Ilia t 'on, or ,i
i;i !' : I: h h.i t by
ft .,f i.i'ii-hii.:. If,
in i-:ht rird no f;ice
-. , ! ! r f a ! n i : .'i te
-i 1 1 : (a . ! I in; i, a ry
v w i - :i i".i i rr of
:i i inn.-f be 1.1 ken
enaiMK.I) v. ith the
... Ill I.
)' th
arid Atlantic Railway.
Do You Rent a Farm?
Ton ran wo one in Nnl.ern Mir hi.
can oi Wi-coiiu on the lhituth, South
Shoo aial Atlantic l.'wiUity for one
eni' it-nt.
ThouMniiiln of ficrcf of fertile lands
open for settlement.
Theie me pood opening for burners,
l.ihi'iein and lint nuf.ict in i k,
Theo nic yn-tfl nif,n for m inilU, ii-n
uiiIU, pulp inil'n and tanneiitb.
.vph i . t I opportunity l i-o t k rain
li t;, daiiyin and direinitird lat mi g
Woili i an In iunl on fMi ioK. in
iiiiiik i oun irulU hikI on the livers in
eutu'iict tid dui ing the wiutei in thfej
Soil in good.
WoimI tind wnter ,m plentiful.
Stotk raining and d.iirv l.ninin-; The
abiintJance of water, thf eeilaimy of
Uidrn and other food for cattle ami
natural shelter muke thir h HHtuiul
ntocU country.
t-inall f: int. Small 1. uit inlturc ha
piovcd rem nkably nincinful.
(Jiuiil. Wla-at, rye, oate, t,nley, pean
Mint cornaiul buck wheat cuni be lainetl
in pi oftiHon and the h;iv crop in mot
Home MaikeU. The ininii.n'aii l milb
ing town- of ttnn reti ion furninh a npleri.
tlid mat lat .and al ln-i-t pi ires fta nil
f irm productt.
no.' i n e i
-, ett.,
1- oilier
apply t.
M:. Ii
lie.- I i .!
" 1 1 1 t ; ,
U. I'. A
' i n in tn .lie, 'lat mm
for 1 1 iun.1 tn,' Irion 1. 1 1
li.it -.
i' 1 1 f 1. 1 f !i. I II f.il In, I t l ..-
II W. Mm 1',!
I. in. I . n
t line,
pi ill) t
cause the kidneys ' to ; work as
nature intended they should.
They build ..up the shrunken
walls of hc kidneys, as no
known remedy has been found
to do before.
As a cure for urinary troubles
they have no equal.
10, 25. 50 Cents im
C) A ( )
i A
1 1 .
M w h.
t: A T. i' 1 i l.
'.M'.'i .
Ij 1 1 ! '.. V j
1 11 t he inn 1 j u a !
en and biscuit
?U"re h U :; . , ' 1 1
hi fir I h.in A pri!, l!'07. i
! ; !e 1h ween ) rek
he one 1 1 .1 i.d and
ht r.
pa ny e.i , ; i- , . ,
r.-ta ny :i - ! 1
nt hers, !n i e I J, 1
ly v, e;i !. 1 : ,! '01 i 1
v- a irrt-fi.i r.i b' .
i!f -ef. ' : :
Cilif , , on i 1 !'.
e.oubl he , hf 111
l r a our hi- i-i; .
, .nr.-.''-..
- H-h:; in
u 1 ,-i na t ural-tn'.-ehic
f t'oiie
w 1 1 h ;in a vf r
rt rat-e bis
"eh th
P' 1- 1 i .'
li-u-t in j
n tl'i rl lv
a 1-. ii . :, I t 1 u ' '1
i:; : ( ' to
.,. L'h-. -I ..: . . ;,
- Mill f-" i' -I!
i.e.-. It In ,
' II ; ! ' t
1 1 i-e
in ' 1
a a i
down jn th;-: w
linn u
: llii.-c I.
i f . nrkli.
I'l l.l Inn.
it u . U
Out .1 I ... i Stat MTiattr from1
Kati".t i : t In- ov 1 nor of New -
McxifMi, !I. (1. li .-. i working ;it the
rio-a in :i j"b print ii tillire in A!bu-!
quertpie. II. n i- uh it t he A Ibmpn rtjiie
corn "1'nii'ii n : of :hi- fUv(on 'Irau
serlpl - the o!ti man: "Win n I '
called mi him recently 1 found hitn in
Lis w im.i! a n', in ;),.- 11 ;ir of hU
hou-,: .: : .' ' , , 1 a- n I . I r re pi t -lonk intf
uld man. Will, an old handsaw h"
with painful effort, wic-tin
from the ti t.!.!, uf a fall 11 p.n'nin the j
,oiik! with which to cook his (iinncr. '
The f or iiu r senator i p-r force hi o wn j
nia nof-iil!-i orh. lli- appriiranct in
tlii" 1 Kin a II (In I it - i - cm 11 more athct
e than that he pr - nt.s when. c-ery
evening as regularly as the neighbor-!
,rir whittle blow-, he aj'pfars upon
ihc .vtrrets In faded trnrb of ancient
.nt, bending uj.u, .hi- eane. Itiokin'
aiMther up r.or a l l. , n cop,ni7iny nt
one. doing1 his few errands, aain to i
return from hi M-If-ehoscn Isolation'
f thecrowi't'l : t : 1 . t - to the greater
seclusion of h'- l.-'ii.e. lie b iwn eer
limited and a ha " a rd look."
' : 1 v 1 1 a 1 . i
- 1 i .' ''iii, f-.i
n . I , 1 n no v in.
It cut.-- all I' ll
1 11 nt Iv and
1. !i- V II iv
,!, Ate
1 I Milill In
' m r iii 1.,
v -i i; i- It at 1 1. .e
n.i.l.v, but a
' 1 - i i-it i 1 l -..a 1 1 lib 1 ii l .
' i i.'iai in .1 a v h a mi or -1 . 1 o ,
(, 1 11 : in.' to the (hurt mi.- s , .
i ' :i ! '! M 1 .( I . iari;,i.i . 1 lun' f
-it - i"l f"i !l ;it line.., ami .!,!,
! 1 1 ! e'li 1 r- a to our e. .nil 1 1. .n.
v .a will 1 1-. i r mi, , ,( 1 il(f , j, ,. , , , . ,
il -CM I. I ' I id I III- M ,lh I fill I - HI." I
It. hi,,: oi, (',1a, il html CO-I In
1 .. s 1 m l t he l eg ula i- a i.- i f "SMri'
In- "( o: Mt MKCP ' 'AT I.",' Ml ( 1. ...
Stiit tai-p-tnl to a'i :n!ili..-- 111
' I, I t I S I .1 I t'H I Callllll.l nil ,l."
One hollar. Ad Ii.'.-h I . pt . P. '.iT'.t
v. a 1 lh 1... a ' '' on p-1 n . I'.'r.M .to !".
W.n hi t -In - t, Phil. nh Inlii.i.
j other trilling affair- of a lift tin
ri'.Niilt is nbont tin -arr when a
j f.!u.-hy wniw ball. jv.--U if b. a -r'-v-hlfv-'
ous boy, rim: t - marh t.n the bread
i bach of an of )u rw i . i"'. ifid ;ar-..n.
t an .vi . . m in 1 it u 1 si 1 i: .
1 .in I ( v-' a I
M." ('in. a;..
I ,' I M .
, a -t.,1 I,
r m t li null
01 ' l -till l a
.r, i:.
p. rn
Copper I'.insc U'uiiro.id Co.
:.i ' 12 01 -.(,,, 1.,.. , .!.' . i" -t
Iypv7ia w iiMrc,ojrfii.el in
half tin ca.st'?. It ilivcivci tho
unknowing hulfercr. lbs many
vumtiotiri work aloii the weakest
lincrt of the tytUitn.: To battle;
arjurust only one of them in vain.
(hir Ixioklet explain ite PVinp-
toiii'. Our I yspepsi;i Tabled yive (")
4'otnplcto and laKtiut; rein f. j
I ttm Hm o r i
Dyspepsia Tablets 9
10c, ?rc. t
.7. I.,
f o
.1.1(1 has
r. 1
Qtirer ( iiiiimhiiit TloH I I .ett
Hit lllil Hon .'in -furrier
lit Irtttrn.
hour t iiaes daily for I't year'
mer and " inti r. in fair n t a t he 1
foul, lan iinla Annie lb !.l t rl so 1
?.rurnllei a '.vlo--ibarrov btarir;
I'niteiJ Stale', mail form the po-M 0
tiff at Ph ;i-anilb', fa., to the' rail-j
roatl. a mile a w a . She tool, tin- joii ;
when her hii-!.n'!. ho liad tin eon-'
tract to cirri tin- mail, ft II i'i nI
because she emihiu't carry the load i
she inlroihn cil I he heclba 1 row , -nysi
th'- i" 'orl: San. j
When her hnib.ind beeaioe a eon-1
firmed invalid sin k pt tin contract
for him. and niit -eo' him, toi, ami .it t
hi.- death the i na eminent uoiihla't)
take tin joli awa from her. It is I
I A-
r RUiUE-
I' M '
1 o . ;
: r. 1 ;
( 1 s ;
i a t
. 1 1 11
Of Iror? cjQty
House . 'Moving;!
worth int ?lno a
M her living.
1 ml it is al-
1 1 . r,
o 71 i ii
o 1 ' j 1
I'. M
.; ir,
I on
: ol
u ;ti
j 1 ,
:) H'ki
I ; r.i ,,. ..:
o- lie
1 .' 'I'r- in.
P .'in-.
I, lln-..i
l.ll.i l:,v
.-tn, -k
W im ; .
1 t
I:. in.-.
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10 '.
1 a r.
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1 I t
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I I lil
II is
It "I
Nuiir.il tor fublk atlon.
Don't Force
Your Bowels
vii!i hirsh mmcrats which
alway? leave hid attcr-cffccts
on the entire system, and where
their 02 Is persisted in, tend to
completely wreck, the stomaa.
and fc)wcls.
Edgar s Cathartu.
The only harmless, vegetable,
bowel regulator, and liver vitxYtztt
As pleasant to the taste a
rajihlinii rai-iil, I.oeiii afl
iIU put in. Old laiitipnur.
Iloiiuhl. Srnohe Mn'!,- talnetl,
'Oll'M H PIIIVI'I 1 , 1 1 e .
;:;;::,,T:ini":;..:ir-'"'1,jFaiming, Mineral and
sotiu' !ns." she savs, "iti
Timfaei1 Landg.
.seems a though I could nexi-r dra
iny-elf and that old barrow another
iiiniiiioii IIoiim.
1 I l K.il'.s. M ieli
or n?.
; t:. Si.utti st
bn'i.Ui. Mm, 1
In it i a 11 T r; t
In the m. inner of it paii lhue xxon
' dcrful followers ol principle and 'ruth
1 In art. the .lapaM.-e. haxt a les-on to
' tench u-. ;iy the n'inois,rur. When j
a .lapitie-i eon noisv or breaks Mime I
1 jnacioiis jiieec of putter- or porcelain,
i he docs 1 tit throw It away with dJft
1 dain; neither da he try to deccixe the
' casual tdiM i ver into the belief that It
is unbroken. I n i ad, he has it joined
" together, ireneially xith god lacquer.
j In Mich a favliion that the fracture is
..-boldly i. ho -a 11 and en v a-.entt d on, as it
f a si a. l a. .jt ion . iv ! : la-i . P. 1 ir.l i 1 I I .
Pc iMiirwi sr 01 riie I v o. i.-ioii j
laxiini ftn it M M.-.p'i'rrK-, in f ,
l ,si. inv 7n P'oj I
Noti'i I IitT.I,. -1 v . 1 1 Hull tit. r.lli.u; ,u ;
lot loeil m 1 1 l.r Inix (H.'l 11. a Ii v .,( 1,U i.al,t . .11 j
Io niale faint pre"' 111 'i.i.rt ef la el inn. nt, I
1 i... 1 i.r, ,. .1 1. in 1,.. ......... ..i...... 11... . i... i- m.i
t'erirtnit ...at of troa e.iiint 7 nt cry-a-,1 j c..ndy, and as positive as the harsK
I I" , Ul , "iini'll, ,1 l 1 4 1 n . 1 1.1 1 , f. , I 1 I
Ai.lift li.ti No. K.UI7 uf .fohti Oar-'v for iii-
w. v; sv. ', .-i:. sv ', k. . 7 r. -in n. it at n .
lie liaiil. 1 1.. illowit,;; w II lirn..,. I ,i .f,i- h
f fail irmoiM rsl'.Mii' n;.. nu-l t-na lv. I'-n uf
K.iM lnn.1. vi; Ol r. .1 I,, via. ptint ln,M,
('Inn ivf, ! ,, Cm,,. - , r,', a !i ,,; i -t
fall-. Vl.'l.
I iu.i.t a, s. , 1 it 1 e , , 11 .'' t . 1
est mineral. No gripe or pain.
10. 25. 50 cents.
tJorrespotydGtyce Solicited.
jio iot !niv Property Without a cor
m ci -xlMtraet of the : Title. 3fap and
DiH'jrtariH fiirtii'-hcil toordef.
X it l lte tte iii o ill. j
lh ton th- II of the coca. ml hc ! IT OIKDLKH THK 'iLfUlK
.mnes tii 'a h m i' haul and xxhi'e the I Tho famo of HiK'klin'H Artiini mhc
lie.it b oft 1.1 ' .'''ut the t 01 si.',e.-iey ,rt in the world. extend iirouid
of clable r mix of the nuts an u'.Uh- . 1(h nirt)l U h Krfrrt jietI,.,.
.,rni ..I il M'i'i u'.. " ihe si l( et eo! ntm '! ... i'ii
ir,r ,ll u : . . , . . of 1 ut, coriiH, biiniH brntsi-h, mucs.
ef S.M'.h ll.el,r.i, cities ai.u in the; ,1 1 11 t . . . ,
I Hl-:llll l.olU llll ITS I Alfllli4 Al l. ..vi
The nut-, are cut open xxitti a ; . '
Tl... mllh 1.1 fixes a moht re- I " k1' crtiptioin. Only i;.-
drink. I i 1 the meat hraten fi,,,', P'' '''
H Ik'X lit J. ('.
vith a .L poo 11 or, 1
livrr cut from t he
ae often, xxith a ! WilkitiKon'i.
Vrl(t' Hellieloioi lNiimlitllon. j
At the, present day, on the best nu
tloritief, there are l'.'.o.ooo.ooo Musul-1
Tiant In the vorld. The ("luistian pop- )
alatlon U put at 47,('00.00(p, but the In- (
jrcase of.Ulatn ix "more rapid than that j
r f its iter rellpi-on. Never be fori: has j
tfcere leen uch dexoiion to Moham-,
aedanl.in a in India nt this time tin j
Ztr British rule. i
FOUND -A brown and white heifer.;
Owner plenso ctill at Frnl nahlgretrs ; j
the (IreMt Western locution. 1
Illrt of llrdoulM Arln.
TLe Itedouln Arabn are small uteri.
tjt or een datr :;,hrd ualUj
fine fmon Hiri!
Ib bn In llx
rnrM . Irl" ' I u r-
T1IIP1P pri" 700. W lllv-r
II ill II from C'hlrro, Omfchft
IWrfllJIrHt. roI. dlrrl.
were, by the frank xposition of the
no thm J by xxhieh il i made jrcod.
I n rioiil.x eiMxiL'h.a dist-'retly new and
charmingly decorative efTect i in most
casts added by thee irrecular rold
li i i , while t he w n ve of era f I mi a 1. sh lp
1 tickled by the niarxelons skill hib
Ited by the repairer in I hus xxrhliiifj to
gether the ixxo dissimilar materials.
Truth is prest rved at co los of or
ti.tlc beauty; Indeed, once more It Is
mane clear that the txMi may ahvay
. walk hand In hand.
The Itnllnn f'onrt.
liike Kin? I'd ward. King Victor Km-
1 manuet U engaprd in verj radical
j weeding out of the Intit-atlon list of his
j court, and I adopting policy of ex
, cluslvenew. In the da ja of Klnp; num-
bcrt almost anjrlxtdjr could secure an
1 lnTitatlon to court ball, especially If a
foreigner, and the spie t an a general
nile numbered 3.000 to 1.000.
CIIAS.M.. Rogers.
'', f on r 1 1 1 t , '' ,,.(.' ,
who neither sands 1
his itiar nor
waters his milk
who Ixdieves in
the best, and is particular to
please his patrons.
That' the grocer who recom.
mends and
loon Coflrco
Coffee that it coffee onglaed
- unadulteratetl.
Jv f jj
Pa per
Editorially Tearless.
Consistently Repuhlican--AIvays.
N'ov .s from ;i II parts f tin world AV-1 1 written,
ori:in;il stories Atiswcrs 10 fineries on all subjects
Articles on Health, tlie Home, New Hook's,- and on
Work About the Farm atid (Jarden.
THE Inti:.R OCEAN is a member of .'the 'Associated'
Press and also is the only Western newspaper receiving
the otnhitu v! tcler.ipiiic and cable news matte of both
the New York Sun and New York World respectively
beside daily reports from over 2,ox special correspond
ents throughout the country. No pen can tell more
fully why it is the bcAt on earth.
Brim full ( ncwa frm twmy -
, t.

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