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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, February 15, 1902, Image 4

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The Diamond Drill.
Monutrnr A Conlin I'rni.KSHEI.8.
Terms: 82.00 1'" y-;ir, h advanc..
HAT L'lvDAY, 1 KUIil'AHY 15. l.M'2.
JL B. C-iamVrs baa Un M olutid
deputy collector at tho jrt of Ksca
nab:i. Andy in ore cf th j roiirietotB
of tho Eflcnnabu Journal and a whole
ponied, rnttliriK good follow. We're
dueedly glad to hoar of . his appoint
xnont and congratulate Collector Smith
and Mr. Chamber on their mutual
good J nek.
There will l an t lection this earing
for a county road oonimif-slom-r to fill
tho vacancy cauwd by the death of
Win. Parka. A liepublicau convention
will bo called isoine time in March to
jiominate a candidate and the only as
pirant for the position that wo have
beard of to date is the gnthman who
wna appointed by tho boa id of miper
vihoiH to fill the vacancy until the elec
tion and who is now filling tlie position
very creditably to hhuteif and accept
ably to the people of the county. Mr.
Farley is a stalwart Jiepublican and
bal. n prominent in the couik Ub of
the party from the dajH away back
when he used to walk Tu rn Stager to
uttend t livt ntioim held in Crttul
Falls. lie was defuittd in bin fiiet
candidacy for county loiul otmmiNs
ioner mvcral jears ago and yielded
gratefully to tho will of the paity.
Ho certainly def-.TvcH recognition
thin time and we f-incciely h jc that
be Willie the hoi e ( f II. e litj.nl lie -an
of the county.
' " cJ
Should bo compounded
by .1 competent phar
macist, and
Should bo used. We
carry none but tho
purest of drugs and our
prescriptions are put up
Our Prices arc Right.
J. C. Wilkinson,
City DruRKist.
(Ffin out I'fclii! ('ortcrj'Diidoiit.)
Tho heason of city iolitih in at
band again and thoto intcu M d in city
affair aie on-ting about for Mutable
timler. City aliniiK haw htn o:i
ducted ho bu.inih libe and with mill
gcMMl remit during tho past ear that
it in not likely there will be much
change hhouid the picycnt city i IhVialu
decide that, they wish a re-election.
They aie all m i inn their lirft terni
and the lomteny that i.i due to a faith
ful ofheial uictatis their re-election
hhouhl they ho d ire. Of hhum there
j8 ahM) the eoie heads to contend
with. The fellow who tl. inks (heroic
something wrong with nothing tut a
"think" to mid tdantiato bin nsccrtion
is tho follow t hilt has an axe to grind,
an a genrcal rule, and the pcnj.le pay
but little attention to him. A. re)ie
pentative of this paper interviewed the
city oflicials this week to an ei tain if
they desired io election. Major UVhso
told uh that ho had not decidid yet but!
will do ho soon and let his decision
bo known. lie is intended in tbo
citv'n getting the bond issue and i tH
light and water plant htraighteiied out
And the dehiie to nee thes tilings done
properly and to the best interest, of tho
city is the only oue that will hid nee
bim to take the oilioo again. Clerk
Mnniih is a candidate for re-election.
He 1 fti male the bent cleik Ciyntal Falls
ever Inel and ,as a gmreal tiling, the
people realize it. City Treasure Henry
will also be a candidate for re-election.
Iltrt ollieal work has boen above a nem
Marice of criticisui and hi. great pop
ularity witli the pooole has not dim
inish d a wit. Wo were unable to fee
the aldermen but understand that Mr.
Ham lstroin will nut bo a candidate.
This is to ! regietted for he was
gieatlj interested in the city'n wel
f aie and was a n.mintunt and hard
worker in the it v 'h inteiect. Arvid
Djoik ia being putforthas a nndidate ,ll'rfnl ,aU''
An anxious Rilncriber wishes to
know if it was all right for him
to eat sausage andlimhnrger on ground
hog dny. With the di:ipicranee of ho
many laniues from here lately it seems
to come as a fort of coincidence, but
not being well verned in the art of
making Hausago wo refer tho Hkcr
after information to our r( aders.
-After a brief interval of blessed peace
those notorious hogs mentioned in a
previous issue of this I arr have again
commenced ttieir depradations. This
time they devoured a layout of pies
that was placed out dcorn to cool at a
certain boarding .iot.se out here. The
boardeis nay thai the only way to get
their lust pies is to eat the pigs so the
owners had best beware.
Certain of our gentry are having a
goud deal of fun lately by referringjo
a nlace which we are taught to believe
to ie extemely warm atmosphere ami
winding up with the (pies-Lion, ''Where
am 1 at". . What the joke is is un
known to any but the initiated fo out
side! s aie left to imagine for theiiiHtl
es. Lives of Mansfield men remind us
We should purchase V. O. U.
Or lie cla.jed among thot-e people
That chew Peerless dont you nee.
Let us then bo up and doing
Cast our pecrhss in the lire
Pe MibmiHsive, careful lest we
Should arouse tho ladies ire.
Outside newspapers toll m that Jan
uary month was warmer than unnal.
Perhaps it was, outside, but our coal
bins ami wood piles tell a very differ
ent stiry.
HheiiT Holmes was a Mansfield visitor
during the fore part of tho week. Ilia
business here was to notify the jurors
chosen for the coming term of Circuit
Court from this township.
Mrs TIioh. Proad accompanied by
Miss Mable Menhennette hnn l-een at
Champion visitor during the past week.
Supervisor Proud -is keeping bach
elors' hull these days during tho absence
of his wife.
Columbia Mine Notes.
i I'rc in Our KjM-tl:l ( 'nrrt'-" !n"u lit )
Mr .T;!. Wilson is on the pick list.
The etook pile at the Tobiu is in
creasing in its dimensions at a won-
for supervisor in thoMCer.d ward but
be has given his friends no decisive
answer as yet. The people begin to
realize that they made a gre ious error
when they turned Mr. JJjork down last
fpring and many Maud mix ions to rec
tify the error. Messrs. McNeil and
ftau will be candidates for re-election
and it is to be hoped they will be suc
cofhful for they cannot be improved
' Via the North-welkin Line, under
the auspices of im experienced director,
leave Chicago. Thursday. February,
6th t Wednesday February, 10th; and
.Wednesday, February 2rt, taking in all
the princ ipal pointu of interest in old
Mexico. Trninn run on pecdulos tpoc
jAlly arranged for fight weing and all
weals are served in dining earn.
The price of tickets include all
traveling cipenses and necessary inci
dentals Optional tickets returning
through California.
" Party limited as to numbers. Scure
accommodation oarlv. For particulars,
rater and illustrated .book, descriptive
Kufus .Tones has b en hauling a car
load of coal from tho tracks to the
Mohongahela engine house.
A two year old heifer belonging Io
Ole linger Paid twin calfs Thursday,
one however is deformed, but the
other is doing nicely.
Frio Anderson mipplion many hero
with their winteis wmhkI. He hauls
it from Jarvis's farm, where bought
Homo stumpage this fall.
The Oliver people have about all
they can do fin ling place for the, cord
wood, timber, and lagging that is daily
being bruoght in Itob Webb gets the
wort t'f it ns he tries to be in forty
eleven daces at once.
Miss Mary linger whs married to
Martin Jewell at two o'clock Saturday
afternoon by lie v. A. A. May wood at
tbo homo of the brides parents. It was
a quiet wedding only a few inthntae
friends lxdng present. They have
(darted bousekeping in the hotiFe iirev
iously occupied by Chas Dove.
it oiitDLPH Tnn olopii
The fume of Pucklin'a Arnica palvp
ot Mexico, apply to agents of the C. Xr!a the best in tho world.extenda around
K. It'y.
hTOPK puilpInu you sali: :
I offer my ptore building on Hnjerlor
nvenen for Wile cheap as I dcrdro to got
jid of all of my property In Cryptal
, Falls Mrs. Vandandaigne.
tho earth. It' the one jiorfect beater
of cuts, corns, burns bruises, mires,
pcald. tR)ils, ulcers, Felons, Aches,
pains and all fkin eruptions. Only in
fallible pilo cure. 2.V a box at J. C.
October HOth 1901.
Tho followinjr aw the mioutes of the !
procHdings of the adjourned annual I
meeting of the board or Sajierviso
of Iron county, Michigan, bold in the
county clerk's office In the Court
House, in the city of Crystal Falls,
on 'Wendnesday the 30th, day of Oct-ob-T
1001, at ten o'clock in the forenoon
pursuant, to adjournment: The meet
ing was called to order, by the chair
man ,nnd a quorum not being present
an adjorument was taken until one
thirty o'clock p. in. One thirty o'clock
pi m. , board met pursuant to adjoum
ment, tho meeting was called to order
by the chairman, with the following
meniers present : Corcoran, Lyons,
J olxSode repaint, Olson, liau, Puzzo,
McLaren.".. ' A Iwnt: Proad, McNeil
Henley. Moved by Lyons and seconded
by Olson, that we adjourn uutil ten
o'clock tomorrow morning Octolx?r Ulst
1001. Motion carriel.
J. IF. Corcoran, Char i man.
John Wall, Clerk.
Thursday. morning October 31st, 1901
board met pursuant to adjournment,
the meeting was called to order by
the chairman, with the following mem
liorsy t'reseiit; Corcoran Pan, Olson,
Lyons, Puzzo, McLaren, McNeil.
Absent; Proud, Jole, Soderqnist,
Mov ed by Pan and seeonded by Olson,
that we proceed and audit claims a
gaimt the county. Motion c-arfed.
After woikingon claims against the
county until t-ehe o(lotk neon on
motion the board "adjourned until one
o'clock p.m. One otlock p. m. , board
met puiHiiant to adjuiiinnunt, the
meeting was called to order by the
chairman, with the following mun
hers present: Corcoran. Lyons.
Olson, Puzzo, Phu, McLaren , McNeil,
Si.derquist ; Alent ;Prad. Job, Henley.
The ceinmitte on clatKcd lack taxes
submitted their report to tneloaid.
Tho following resolution was offered b
McNeil, who moved its adoption.
Mvonded by Olson. Pe It Pesolved, Py
the Hoard c f Sujiervisors of Iron county,
Michigan, in regular nnnual meeting
Inly assembled in the clerk's "trie,
in the Court Hons", in the City of
Crystal Falls, in said county, on I'd-
:51st. day of Oc tober. A. 1). It'Oi, that
the charged back taxes appearing on
the Auditor (noral's INN thereof for
the present star and which said list
ha by the county treasurer been laid
before this boaid at its present meeting
be and the same are hereby disposed of
in the following manner: Ammnts
paid.Oounty 'J u asim r to ho leftnvd
to the Pro.i-ei,ting Attorney for exam
illation and the collection enforced.
Township of Pates, &a1. IS.
TitwnsTiip of Crxslal Fails, 17.
Township of. Hematite, l. r,.
Township of, Iron Piver, 15. 'v,st.
Township of Mastondon. tv)
Township if Stambau .h, V 7.
Total :?l p. r,..
Amounts paid Township Treasurer to
be referred to Snp.-rvisoi for collection
from the Township Treasurer or his
bondsmen with costs.
Township of Atkinson, 7J.
Township of Crystal Falls, fcr.ft. hi.
Township of Hematite, $.'tt. 11
Township of Iron Piver, !f0a. ()!.
Township of Mansfield, jf.'.iD.
Township of Mastodon, $10. -f.'l.
Township of Stanibangh. 7. M),
Total fr,. :,s.
County of Iron
At a session of the Probate Court fur
the County of lion, holden at the Pro
bate office, in the city of Crystal Falls,
on Tuesday, the ft earth day of February
in the year one thousand nine hundred
and Two I'll PS F NT, A. L. Fleweb
ling Judge of Probate.
In tho Matter of the F.date of Nie k
Diederichs , deceased. On remling
ami filing the petition duly verifietl, of
Charles Hennehy Ar Co, Thereupon it
is Orderetl. That Wednesday, the fifth
day of March A. 1). 1!'0 at 10 o'clock
in the foiehoon, le ansigned for the
heaiing of said petition, and the next
of kin Creditors ami Administratrix
of naid Fstate and all other p'rsons
interested in haul Pstate, aie rcpiired
to appear at a H'ssion of paid Court,
then to be holden at tlu Probate
Office, in the city of Crystal Falls ,and
t-how cause, if any there be why the
prayer of the petitioner should njt bo
granted. And it is Further Ordered,
That said petitioner give notice to the
persons interested in paid Ketate, of
the pendency of naid petition, and the
hearing thereof by causing a copy of
this order to ls published in th DIA
MOND DRILL a nowepaper printed
and circulated in haul County of Iron,
for three nuccefsive weeks previous to
paid day of bearing.
A. I Flewelliong,
Judge of Probate.
Tor up-to-date jot) wor!
Tin: Diamond Dkiu..
gu to
rJONT Be Foolcdi
Hi markrt l tlnr floods J
i(h urtlilrt Imilatlmu of
To protect tba fniklld w cN
trxcil ttrttln to ar t rsiH
mnrk, printed on every pwlr
mg f . ImA4 tb rioulfws.
Carl A. Day, the Crystal Falla Inm
ItennarTwho is chaged with trcepafa
ing ou lands ownel by this county in j
Iron county, cutting a tract of pine
timber therefrom and ruuning the logs j
Into the Mitchikan river, a branch cf
the Michigauime, was present a t the
meeting ot the county board of snper
visors yesterday morning when hia caee
came up for settlement. The trespass,
was settled entirely to the satisfaction
of the board, but not perhaps to Mr
Day. That gentleman was invited to
explain why the loys were cut without
Iiermistdon. He stateel that while in
Wisconsin he was informed by bis
foreman that be had 'located tho tim
ber in epieftion and asked to lK)k ni
the owners. Mr. Day fet about to do
this immediately, but in the mean
time the logs were cut by his foreman.
Mr. Day etated 'that ho had considera-blediftk-ulty
in getting any word
from tbe'eounty oflicials for some time
and when he was uotiGoel the timber
brut already been cut. He was then
asked to present his own casein per
st n to tho county Mipervi&ors
The"' report of John A. Cameron,
tiie county land looker, as to tho a
mount of timber tut and the value of
the sani7rw"asr(ad and accepted Mr.
Tamer on n tit ted that he estimated the
cut tt'rbo 11HJ, 0(H) fect'and placed a val
TumoT Tt7"HiB bill for expenses in mak
ing the trip to Crystal Falls amounted
to ar. 7.". Tho Inianl decided that a
bill s'i il l bi pre-juit il t Mr. Diy of
tlaJ" tiuil er bnst'tl cm Mr. Cameron's
fimes and including his bill of ex
pense. The county demands payment
within twenty days. Mr. Day claims
that tho timber cut is dad and that it
is priwtically worthless for lumber ami
fit only for shiiv.'les. He has a small
shingle mill at Mansfield. He alsi
claims that ho cannot get Mr. Cam
eron'fi price for the 1 .s.
The supervisors consider that their
demands upon Mr. Day are not unreas
onable when it is considered that three
tinted tho valtii of the timber standi u
could be collected as is provided by
law in case, of trespass.
An address by .!os.p!i Choate, Am
bassador to Croat Pritiau. on the ca
reer and churat. t'.T of Al raham Lincoln
his early life -his early struggle with
the woild -his character as developed
in the later years of nis lifo and his
adiniuistral ion. vhich placet! his name
so hifi on the worlds' roll of lienor
and fame. ha.- been published by the
Chicago, Milwaukee cV St Paul Rail
way an'd may bo hail by sen ling six
(l)) cents in postago to F. A. Miller.
(Jein ial Passt nger gnet, Ciiicago, PI.
IIow'n This!
WicU' t en.f Iliiiiilr.-iJ I'uitr.M Krwanl fur
ai,y t it-f if t itOtnli Unit eaiHint If turnt dy
Hall's ':tt.oilt Cure.
r. .r. itiiM-v a . riopx.. Tou i,, .
Wo t) i mnti-r-'? Iitcif ttttuMi J. K. ( lif-tu-y
lor I In" liift 1 j -:o n, it int t.i !ii- e l.!in
(.(tly IioIm.i :U!i' lii nil liii.-ie.i s tn iin ict loiii
ton) (in, on i illy utile fn ca'-ry out any oImIim
1 1 ( iiiiwl" by tl.i lr llriu.
Y.mt X TnvAX. Win :-sti!e I)t ivui-ts, Tu'nlo, o.
W.4I IUM), KlVNAN it MaHVIN, W'llt'lfMlte Dmu-
(.'i-ts, Ttilf'to. o. '
Mull's t'.itiwi li ( tilt" U taVi'M liitt-rnuily. ui'f im?
diirt tl upon tli- t'Uil ami nm uous sutfaif
i f tl.c sjftiiii. l'rit i", 7.V. j r bottle. So!l ly
nil flnuui-t. TesllnuiUUiN two.
fliitt's r.oallv fills tr' tin- ti.rst.
is Sufficient
-v '- - H;
t i Vi " .
M trHl Our famous,
l:-j" r:: KrjK chat?
rOili'CT MT
A IltG
Ask f our Oi nU t hi a pale
rOd Si
who neither sands i
bis sugar nor
waters his milk
who bclicvrs In
the boM, ami particular to
pit j se M (tatrons.
That's the grcccr who rctorn-
mentis ami sell?
Coffcu that if coffee unl.i;ctl
FOUND A brown and white heifr.
Owner please call at Frod Dahlgren'a;
the Great Western location.
Klonest Goods for I
Litde Mney.
As an inducement to move ull the goods
we can beforo Jan. 1st wo quote you tho
following prices. Wo tbn't consider "
these Xmas presents to you but honest
goods at less money than you can pos
sibly buy them elsewhere.
, , r ; . -Vj ;
Iron beds : $2.50 to $27.00
Mattresses ....$1.85 to $15.00
Fancy Rockers .$1.75 up.
Cooler Scats ....$2.50. $2.75, $3.50
Couches. $1.75 to $18.00
Children's Hockers.. 25c. D0c 73c up.
A 0.00 side board for $13.50
We will sell what Sleighs we havo at
less that value.
I L. A. HENRY. ;
Where do you
Trade ? ? ?
Why don't you buy your Hardware w here r
you can always get them at -right prices. 'The;
Crystal falls hardware Company ,
invite your attention to their complete line of ; ij
J jiarduarc, Sioves and Ranaes, v
6 General Mil Una Supplies, &tc,,oic.y
Fj -
f oo IIS
Uj 1
?Lct js iliow
yovi wo arc
bcr the
R. D. WEDC, Mgr.
lr p& Jf-!;V.5 &m-Z-t") P-
a n rvi p r v n o m r w
l When you aro in search of
i jSf.) "jj "-i it i1-, z -s ?V ;
rUi&r my rfix? i$ r'uS '''iiP' fi o. ri UiUi & uicS rUiiv uy rikJ
? r' iC? r'u ir S? Vav; Vu1 r'& Vl ''u ir rui? ''a & & ' kv' u 4 v K vV .
t Don't Forget to call on
: Dealer in:
Crystal Falls, Llich.
If you want an
i Building or rc
pairing dont
Call on the ol
Reliable Cor.v
Specifications furnlsl
application ;

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