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Mrs. Keller is very sick at this writ
ing, v
TLi rwdd wuti at Iron Mountain'
hurt Wednesday.
I'atMcKernan ii working at the
Monongahela mine.
Mr. anl Mrs. Ralph Prince of Pow
ers fpuiit Sunday in the city.
Oscar Poran took tho morning train
for Iron Mountain last Monday.
Tho ladle of tho Eastern Star gave a
jarty in her houor last Monday evening.
A. L. Fhnvelliug left on a buiness
tirp to Bessemer last Thursday morning
I. Cohen went to Chicago last Mon
day evening for a business trip of a
Walter Hanson was at E.scanaba tho
firft of tha week on a visit to friends
down there.
Mrs. John A. Knight went to Chit-ago
Wednesday evening where she will
visit friends.
Sol Fraizer was in the city Wednes
day on his way from his camp onthe
Bver to Menominee.
Mrs. Win. Eldred weut to Eseanaba
last Monday for a visit with friendds
in the Iron Port city.
Snpt S. L. Coventry was up from
Iron Mountain Monday visiting Supt.
Bjork of the Bristol.
Frank Terrjen went to Escanaba last
Monday to take ft position with the
C fcN. W. railroad at that place.
J. T. Gibson came down from Amasa
to spend the day. Wednesday, looking
after some business in this city.
Isaac W. Dyers was over form Iron
River to look up some legal matters
in which he is interested last Wed
nesday. Herman Hendrickson came over from
Stambaugh to visit with his old neigh
bors yesterday. He returned this
George Vooh went to Iron River last
Sunday to spend the day gossiping
with his many friends in the west
side town.
The Woodmen are going to give a
party on the evening of tho third of
April. Vanderberg's orchestra, of Mar
inette has been engaged.
Superintendant Chaa! E. Lawrence
was in the city over night Tuesday
while on his way from tho west side
of the county to Amasa.
" I. II. Jackson has completed his ice
hauling job and has had his teams at
work for Jonn Hasselstrom hauling
wood at the Tobin mine.
Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Brien were over
frnm Iron nivr Wednesday and that
evening they were initiated into the
Lodge of Kathbone Sisters.
Mrs. Lena Robenovitch, sister of
Mrs. S. Harris, came up from Chicago
last Thursday and will spend a few
weeks at the Harris home.
We have recieved many favorable
compliments on our new serial "The
Spur of Fate". The general opiou is
that it is a "Cracker jack".
Miss Hattle Maultby, of Crystal
Falls, visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs Joshua Thomas on Longyear
street this week. Bessemer Herald.
A letter from Miss Henderson
arrived to late for insertion in
this issue. Next Week we will
have it.
Martin Rogan went to Florence- last
Monday to transact a little business
and incidentally to tell the natives
down there what true Democracy is.
Bert Henderson made, what lie thinks
is his last trip to the luml-er camps
for the winter, this week. He was
up in the vicinity f Floodwood, Re
public and WitiM'ck.
Miss Maud Henderson left Saturday
evening to join her sister, Anna in
Chicago. A. letter received Thursday
nays that they saw Prince Henry when
ho visited the Windy City and "rub
bered" at him to their heart's content.
300 buys 80 acres of farm land one
mile from Bristol mine. About 15 acres
of good timber thereon. Terms to
suit purchaser. Thos. Conlin.
John Hasselstrom has made a phe-'
nominal record In getting in wood to
the Tobin mine the past week. lh i
i,.... i., h,.i.yi( it in at the rate of I
Km) cords a day. I
Supt. E. F. Brown, of Iron Mouutain, i
came up with the Knights Templar j
Wednesday and found time to talk J
mining with some of the explorer
alxmt towu.
Frank Scadden was taken suddenly
ill while leing shaved in Robert
Wilson's barber shop Wedensday even
ing and was confined to his l-d
several days since.
The Pewabic mining company pulled
out of Crystal Falls this morning and
will go over in the vicinity ot Iron
Itiver where they will do some drilling
on their own lands.
Miss Blanche II. Wjnf left lat Sat
urday for Chicago to take up the latest
modes in millinery, after which she j
will return to Calumet in time for
spring millinery opening.
Mrs. E. A. Pike will go to North
Freedom to join her husband who is
stationed there to superintend the
work which C. T. Roberts is doing
there for the Peering Harvester people.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones came to the Falls
to settle down to house keeping after
a two weeks' honeymoon. They are
domiciled in the Parks house on the
corner of Fifth street and Crystal Av
enue. The puzzle picture we ran last week
has not been solved yet although at
least twenty boys and girls told us that
they tried it. Let's see who' will be
the first to send in an answer to either
last week or this week.'s puzzle.
Rolwr t A. Douglass, of Ironwood.
spent Sunday in the city. He came
down Saturday evening to inspect a
carload of oil and got through in time
to go to Iron Mountain Sunday evening
but he had to take the latest train out.
J. Leonard, the new proprietor of the
Eldred hotel is having a very good
run and is rapidly becoming a favorite
landlord with the people of Crystal
Falls. His house is full to overflowing
and he has a reputation for giving
good service.
Mft.lamM John and Mike Hotton. of
Sault Ste Marie, are visiting at the
Munns residence in Maple Grove.
Tho ladies came here to assist at the
institution of the hxlge of Rathlone
wiutAra Mr Mike Hotton is a niece
of Mr. Munns.
The sevearl caucuses were held in
ivH wards with results as
follows: First ward, Dan Boyle
Mrmri ward. Frank Uren. Paul
Schook and W. J. Brown.
Third ward G. E. Voos and Byron C.
Waters. From the township, John Wall
George Johnson left last Wednesday
evening for Iron Mountain where he
intends to inlist in the U. S. army
and iro to the Philippines. George
honorable, discharge from the
:uth. reiriment of Michigan volunteers.
of which organization he was a mem
U'v during the Spanish-American war.
N. I). Davis, deputy for the Modern
Wot m! men. was in the city several
days this week working for the local
lodi-e. Mr. Davis seems to have a
cinch on the business in Iron county.
His latest success was at Amasa where
he succeeded in getting twenty ap
plications for membership in a lodge to
lo organized there.
! Ill
Still in
N the Ring.
We have just purchased the finest
; line of Silverware ever shown in
; Northern Michigan, if you
; don't believe it call and
see for yourself at
We are Sole Agents for
1 1 1
included Mr. Hingham ami then it was
up to him to do a stunt and he did it
t tht amusement of all. He kept the
comriny in an uproar for nearly two
JiH Pike came down from Sol Frai-
zer' camp on the Deer River last Wed
nesday and while here arranged to go
to eouse keeping in the weicu nouse
on tiftn street. Mr. Pike had len
tmlecided whether he should locate
here or at Menominee and his final
d-ision will please the many friends
of Mr. and Mrs. Pike.
Mat. Gibson was in the city Wed
nesday visitiug with his many fiiends.
Mr. Gibson recently returned from
Cuba where he was operating a dia
mond drill for the Sullivan machinery
company which concern was operating
machines for a large syndicate that
obtained concessions on a new iron
range in Cuba. Mr. Gibson says that
his party found two iron deposits that
he thinks will b operated at onec.
Kellev's Pig American Lady Min
strels filled the Opera House last Tues
day evening. The company is supposed
to be one of the strongest one-night
stand shows on the road. The audien
ce seemed to be well pleased. The
feature acts on the bill were the Shaw
Sisters. Miss Georgie Shaw did one of
the qiuckest complete changes, we ever
had the pleasure of witnessing. Miss
th female Baritone, did a
- IV "-
very nice turn and should have been
down lower on the bill, in place of one
nt th weaker acts. As a whole, the
show is a good one.
We have in the children's department
of this issue a composition written by
Ruth Hancorne, a little six-year-old
of the 0th grade. This is the first of
a series of compositions that we are
going to run, one each week, the
composition that is adjudged the best
at the end of the school year to win a
fine prize for the writer. This proced
ure on our part is for two purposes, to
interest the children in composition
work and to let our readers see what
is being done in this line in our schools
Re sure and read the compositions
and encourage the little folks.
An attachment was levied against tne
business of the Finish & Swedish
Co-operative association last Thursday
in favor of John Soderman and Victor
Rosenlotl. The gentlemen are stock
holders and attached tor money that
thev loaned the concern. A meeting
f the stockholders was held last night
which lasted awav along into the wet-
mall hours of the morning and was
adjourned until today.
of rggs or Rluc iJ
used in roasting
And can be bought only at one Store.
It is all coffee pure coffee 1 1
strong and ot delicious rlavor.fi 1
m riling am vv . : , I
H irm lit m!chlrt With!
a rhem routine of ecirS. clue or
f other equally noxious substances.
f TUimI1 p-krf tnure uoirortu
I r ou&lttf tod InMUUM.
Drop Head
There was a very enjoyable time at
the Lock wood last Sunday. A number
of the gents assembled in the larlor
to listen to Messrs Connelly and Smith
play on the guitar and mandolin.
Gradually the circle expanded until it
0 CYCLONE 8 nimiPK 8
O V Representing X
trnii 1 1 1 1 i 1
X R Crvaial Fa S. 8 NUnlHWtnltnN MU-.
jUULU..mm g N 1 C h I $ A. ft COMPANY,
Phone NO. 9- R Q . . in.iwMM.. .
Tin: litkrarv.
The next meeting of the literary will
be held one week from last night at
the school house.
The program is as follows. Debate.
Question; "Resloved that the condition
of Cuba will Ih lettered by annexation
to the United States. Aftlrmative:
Thomas Conlin. Rev. A. A. Maywood.
Negative. M. II. Moriarty, Chas. 11.
We greatly appreciate the many kind
words and the assistance rendered us by
our friends ami neighbors and return
to all our sincere thanks for the
kindness idiown us during the sickness
and death of our beloved one.
James Finnerty.
James J. Gaffney.
Mary Gaffney.
Lizzie GafTney.
George Gaffney.
County of Iron. )
To whom it may concern: I have
this day disposed of my stcx-k in the
Kimball Luinler Co.. to Ray Kimball
and severed my connections entirely
with the said corporation.
Claud C. Kimball.
Dated at Crystal Falls Michigan,
March, 3, Wi
All llr IVnthrra In Cold
YVrutlter nnd W nm Provided
with .Novel ( overlntf.
An ohl hen. belonirini to Mrs. M. A.
Stormont began laying late In the
fall, and was so persistent that she
lid 26 eggs before she concluded to
ton. Purine all this time die had
neglected her moulting, and when she
finally got ready to shed her feathers
it was in the middle of winter, out
the old ones had lost their life and
were dry and harsh, consequently
there was no otljer way but to make
the change. In a short time she was
almost bare aud suffering from the
cold, relates the Kirkwood (111.)
The Misses Stormont, seeing her
predicament and appreciating the
value of her service rendered, deter
mined to come to her rescue. They
accordingly took the old hen into the
house, took her measurements, made
her a suit of flannels to fit, and then
released her. Her ladyship took the
matter very philosophically, and
hustled off to her companions, appar
ently very comfortable in her new
Ao Ancient 'Fakir" Oefrmnded Mao?
rrrxmi, Hut III Victim
rvrr Complained.
Prof. Musterberg". of Harvard, whose
specialty i psychology, relies to ome
extent on the point of a good story hi
Miforeinghis positions in abstract dem
onstrations. He has one on the associ
ation of ideas that will illustrate.
A mediaeval mauiciar. more accu
rately called "fakir-" now a lay s a n
noun'ced that he had inented and had
for sale a maLric lot. If certain rather
common stones were mixed and placed
in the pot. with a certain portion of
water, and the a hole sha ken .lilk't ntly
for nn hour, the stone-.would turn to
Iold proided that during the hour
the operator should not think of a lnp-
The fakir sold a great many for fab
ulous sums, and not one of the purchas
ers ever demanded a return of the
money. The fakir knew his business,
says the Roston Herald. He was in nd
vanoe of his age In psychology, in his
k-ni nermanentlv fixing in his custom
er's mind the association of that old
pot and a hippopotamus.
To our customers
Painting is part of It jvist as much as soap- IJVV
ing and scrubbing. There are spots that water fc.i-"'
cannot remove, and discolorations that scouring
will not take away. Use the paint brush iu such cases.
Family Paint
In small cans, h made to meet the thousand and
little mint atxmt the house. It
one demands for a little paint atout the house. It
h ready to use. Pries (juickly with a good glos3.
Can be wuiheu.
A LUAtf L'.ni'UKlLb OLD.
Work of Train Ilohher.
Dni nublicatlon in this country, the
Express Oazette, looks after the sta
tistics of train robberies. In the last
12 voars .W trains have been held up
In the United States, with casualties
of 93 persons killed and 105 wounded.
In the Years 1000 and 1901 45 trains
were robbed, the casualties being 2
passengers killed, 10 wounded and 5
robbers killed, 3 wounded.
FOR SALE OR RENT : My saloon
building on main utreet. I will lease
the naloon as It stands or will sell the
bar fixtures. For terms Inquire of
Mr. Aberle or Thomas Conlin.
Caspar Aberle.
. CMBW .
! Like Dunch of Crnlion in the M Mio
1H n larnci ia Mini uooaa
with wort !! Imitation of
! jb. Slj To protect tb rt
7 Crx pcllttntloatoour troJo
mark, orlatad i wrr rack
a. IMmaaJ tba rnm..
for 3U br il Oraut-'
it Wmm Found In a Cm wr-UvrrXUng In
ArUonn nnd la Sow la a
A notable recent contribution to the
archaeological museum of the Univer
sity of Arizona Is a loaf of broad found
in a care dwelling in the Superstition
mountain of central Arizona in 187'J,
and since that time in the possession of
Herbert lirown, superintendent of the
territorial prison, tays a Tuscon re
port. The loaf is undeniably bread, and
without doubt is of great age. It a.
found embedded In the ashes wherein
It was baked probably hundreds or per
han thousands of ears ago. It had
try plainly been wrapped in n cloth or
mat. and the marks of the fiber of the
cloth are visible in the dark, brick-like
moss. Mr. llrown lsof the opinion that
the bread was made of mequltc Wans,
roughly ground in metatcs by the
aboriginal housewives of centuries ago.
With it was found o store of ancient
sacrificial implements, stone axes and
arrow heads. The loaf has been steril
ized by the curator of the museum, and
has been scaled within a glass jar.
King Kdifird'i IMatlnct Ion.
Kinjr Edward Is the only monarch
In Chriaendom who holds ecclesiastic
al office. lie has a prebendal still In
St. Darid'a cathedral where a' prin
ciple analofruus to robbln Teter to
pay Taul It in rogue. The emolu
ment or the nreDena are nanueu j
the kin, who then hand them orer
to Jesus college, Oxford.
Has world-wide fame for marvellous
cures. It surpass any other salve,
lotion, ointment or balm for Cuts,
Corns. Burns, Sores, Felons, UlterH,
Tetter, Salt Rheum, FaVer Sores
Chapped Hands, Skin Eruptions; In
fallible for Piles. Cure guaranteed.
Only cents at J. C. Wilkinson & Co.
utter sul gool rejiutHtlon in wwh Htnte (on In
t hi county rejiiirM) to rrpreMetit .and axlver-tl-
oM "tinlllheI wiillhy biiln tioui? of
h(' fln.MH'lttl etiui'liiitf. Salury f 18.00 vo-ckly
with ex4'tiM ti'l'llt lomil, all juijuM" In iai-li
rmh WnliK'H.l.iy dlrvrt from beait ol!iC!.
M'rrt iuil t itn l.f fiiriii-ln-il, wlu-n iifc.tiry.
KeWrliie. t'.n lij hi'lt ii'!treieJ stioni't'il
eiiwlo,. Miiu.oftT, :UU (Atton HuiMliiK.
Chicago. :
It is a mystery why women enduro
Backache, Headache. Norvotisnefs,
Sleeplessuess Melancholy, Falcting and
Dizzy spells when thousands have
proved that Electric Bitters will quick
ly cure such troubles. "I 8ufferel for
years with kidney troubles", Writes
Mrs. Fhelio Cherley, of Tetern Iowa,
'and a lamo back painel mo no I could
not dread myself, but electric bitters
wholly cured me, and, although 73
years of age I now am ablo to do all
my honso work". It overcomes consti
pation, improves appetito give perfect
health. Only 50o at J. C. Wiikinson'n
drm? stow.

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