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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 14, 1902, Image 4

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Di; ill.
1 :.,::u:::v Co:;u:i . I'ciL::::rr.s.
rrKi.i-iK; rvi-.nr uivztux at
Terms: . C2.0fj per 'year. In advance.
V. f
To trie Republican Electors of tl:e
fctute of Michigan:
The state convention of the Kepub-
limna of Michigan is Hereby called to
xneet at the Light Guard armory in
the city of Detroit, on the Thursoay,
Jnne 2, 100.3, at 10'clock in the fore
noon, for the purpose of nominating
candidates for state offices, electing a
state central committee and a chair
man thereof and transacting such
other buientsa as may projx?rly come
before the convention.
In accordance with the resolution of
18?fi and 1000, ever, county will be en
titled to one delegate for each five
hundred of trie total vote cast therein
for governor at the last election in a
presidential year (November, 10M) and
: 'one additional delegate for every frao
V tion amounting to three hundred, each
: organ lzed county l?tng entitled to
at least two delegates.
" 'Under the resolutions of 158, no
"delegate will be entitled t3 a seat in
' "the convention who does not rwide in
" "the county he proposes to represent
Delegates from the noveral conuties in
eachcongresHional district are requested
to meet n district canon at 9:5i
, o'clock a. in. on the day of the state
conventioT and select office rs as fol
lows, to ixj presented at the state con
,f vention for confirmation:
1 ()ne vice-president.
2 One assistant secretary.
,H One member of the committee on
' '.'credential. "
'' 4 One member or the committee on
'permanent organization and on
blisinW '
5 One member, of tlm committee on
" 4resrtlntionA.''. . ' ,
' 0 Two memlxrs of - the republican
state central committor
In Compliance with itl resolution
"adopted in Detroit. June St. -190. the
' secretary of each-county -convention is
nrged to forward to .the -secretary of
- the state central committee . at Clare,
by the earliest mail after the de
: legate1 to the state , convention are
' choFon.r'a certified lUt ofdelegates to
; the convention from his coiuty.
. , By grdor of the nublirau state ten-
fral committee. , . C
. ' , , . . Otrit J. ))iekema,
( v Chairman.
' , 1 "s Dentils' E. Alward.
, - ' Secretary.
Yon won't 'need to if
you use Heath & Mill
igan's Mixed Paint.
It is very doubtful
if there is another
brand upon the market
that equals it in dur
ability. We sell this
particular kind be
cause we want to give
our patrons the great
est possible value lor
their money. It is
simply unsurpassed in
every quality that con
stitutes a high grade
paint. Real cheap
ness in paint lies not
in the price , alone.
J. C. Wilkinson,
City Druggist.
business Jerry Kenney is now running
the engine at the new nhaftt he having
taken the place vocated by Ernest
The new ventilator on the big engine
house is now completed and with its
coat of red paint and blacK finish looks
quite nobby.
A Republican county convention is
r culled to meet ixCtho town ball in the,
village of Htatnbttugh at 10:50: a. in.
' on Saturday the aith day of Juno,
A: I), for the following purposes.
To elect four delogatea to reprent
Iron county at the State convention
oilM to meet in th'V city of Detroit
""on 'the iXth day cf June. A. IV
To td-t four lit legates to represent
Iron county at the wv;itrUl'cmvetitiot
of tho olst, Senatorial district yet to bf
called. " " "
To nominate the following comity
0flliX ' . , ' - , ' - ,.
One sheri ' ' . nio treasurer,
one , r' "' " . uUuruey, One circuit
court 'muiuiisfioner, one reginter of
deeds. one surveyor and two coron
Win.' II. .Tot
Republican County
( From our fr)itl irtv"iit nt.)
fcW.. r."S .."S. rfW?. .x?. uC ..? .r. W fo J
t'rvstAl I alls Tuertdav attending the
, mt(ting;of til county board. , ,
John KotU snd John -Egirau did a
very creditable job In painting the big
" imioke Kta'ck at the mine lint week.
T'ho job wa. attempted 'bv two slf
'?tl-'d rorfSHioiials from' the city a
month ago but they were unable -to
fnlf.l tlie 4-onlract . ' ' '
lYed RoU rte.- mining' engineer for
, the Oliver company wan. here lat wwlc
mrveving the rsit'O frt the 12th b
tlio ltth level. . fj
The Oliver Base Idl team have at
lant wcur'd a pitcher, Joe Miller who
pitched for Urn Iron Mountain aggreg
ti.n last Sunday. He han accepted a
'NHition'as MachinstVsisfant at th
Mansfield Mine. ' . '
The surfae;wipfHaianro of the mine
ha I h 1 1 greatly (inpf uvd in loks by
the cleaning up and shipping of three
mrs of fvr.ip iruii during the pnut
, month. ' ' -,...
I. luinick 'Dallitior iniald a
t.t.HV i'.'e .'.,;)-" his F.doi..n r-that.is a
b iiity. The oi l ot.'i wn nirili ai d
a'fe -'Jher to ,'an.ieiJ U.-t hi pve; ;;nt
Frank Steddick is now the possensor
of a horse that he thinks ought to be
the priae fo Amasn. If its virtuesare
anywhere near as numerons as Frank
would have ns believe it is certainly
h peach and can go oh, ever so fast
Geo. Tromo has started practicing
with clay pigeons. Goerge iwivs that
it is the early bird that gets the worm
and he don't projiOHe to let Dr. Larson
or some otner sport irom ine ranaa
take any of his breakfast.
Win. Bolitho left for Detroit last
Friday evening where he was married
on the .10th instant to Miss Mabel
Morey. An enthusiastic nnmier of
youug people accompanied him to the
depot and played all kind of pranks on
him. The young couple will return to
Amasa in a short time and start house
keeping. The Diamond Drill extendst
to the young peopUt its very best wishes
for their future happiness. f
The Swedish congregation is figuring
on the erection of their church this
summer- This work has been on the
tapis for a long time and was to hve
Ix-en built last year but the plans did
not materialize. However, matters are
in such shape tnat it is quite certain
that tho church will lie put up this
The work at the Gibson exploration
north of the village is being pushed s
rapidly as possible. There is a .heavy
Hurface burden and efforts have lieeu
confined to stand' ; piping. It was
rumored today that the ledge h;id leen
(truck at a depth of 14 feet.
Under Two Flags was produced here
at the Finnish hall the other evening
by Rose Mayo and her troupe, under
the auspiceiLiif the Mystic, Workers. It
as nut a brilliant financial success lie
causo of the multiplicity or entertain
ments that are iioing on here this
week. I
Conductor Gullory, of the- Ainas)
freight run went to Kscanaba the mid
dle of the week to be present at the
commencement -exerciHen of the Efa
naba hchoots, one of his daughters
being among the graduates. ' '
Eli Foil ten in and Andrew Berg, two
of Amasa's leading citizens have
recently purchased- lots and are fiiur-j
iug'ou erecting houses in the near
futeje. til alj of dJie housen are built
in Amasj this year that are in con- i
tern la tion thi viiUige will grow im
mejndy. - . -
J. T. ,(jlibsou thh in the West on
business last wfek but is back at
work again this jveek. He returned
in time for the supervisors' meeting
list Tnewlay. ' '
The ! workmen , nt ttie Flewelliig
exploration at Red Rock are hnetbjng
things these 'days. Anew Utiler" is
Udng iustallHl this week.
' The legion gave a very I'lusant
dance at their halljast night.
I. II Crowe is away on a vacation.
Mr Clark, of the Burr Clark
Mercantile company went to Milwaukee
this week on Jnines..
Th warehouse of 11. F. Christenson
iv U,.; uinc: waa;iurnel last week-
will 1 ieoin!t as oori a arrangements
can 1h tnm for the material and the
W. J. Jiaslev, eiuirnvr tor tie Pick 1
and - Mnt.her people, v;n$ down from
JIrul v this' week doing s-.-rie v.a v-y
in.-.r at 1 1 lfei;ilo U mine.."-'" -
CI. :i v. t tJ C;..:iL,y
yerterd'iy rn a visit to fmn-ls in the
Wis. town.
Ben. Batty r;:,s gone Qainnesec to
work for Captain Uz ghes. of the
Viviau mine.
Frank Thompson has his cream parl
or nearly ready for business. It is
cretainly a fine addition to his re
Btraunt, a cozy, clean and cool place to
enjoy a dish of the excellent cream
that be handles.
Sicerbeck's circus visited Amasa last
Saturday and took well. The per
formances were attended by large
Dr. and Mrs. McBurney drove to the
Falls last Tuesday.
E. S. Dickinson was npfroni Norway
this week assisting in the surveying
work at the Hemlock mine.
Percy'Edwards is fitting up a croquet
ground for the use of himself and his
friends and croquet promises to be a
favorite passtime with the young people
of the village this summer.
. Tne Hemlock people are white
washing this week. All of the fences
about the property of the company have
been painted white.
The Ilematit schools suspended work
for the year last night with approp-1
riate exercises and the teachers have
gone to their homes for a well earned
rest. The year's school has been a
very successful one and the teachers
have been re-hired for another year.
Miss Lydia Horder will leave for
Milwaukee next Tuesday to legln her
summer vacation.
Mr. Burr expects his family here
soon from Stevens Point, is. where
they now reside. They will occupy
Mrs Horder house.
Lost. A cow last week atiout three
years old. white head, dark red, legs
white spotted,, Finder please return
same to Richaru Williams, near , Ar
menia mine, and receive reward.
Orders were received to retrench
at the Michigan mine of the Oliver
company and all of thee men employed
at the property excepting those sink-1
lug shaft andafew that are drifting on i
the'npper levels of tho mine have been
laid o(T. The significance of the move
or the probable duration of the stmt
down has not been learned as we have
not leen able to see any of the officials ,
but it is ooonfidently to be hoped that
it will not be many days before, orders
will tie received to pnt the men at
worK again. Th work of loading
tne stockpile wss also suspended and ;
he crew has returned to the Falls.
As en icduc: -.at to move all the goods
v;e can fccTcr " " in. 1st we quota you tho
follovin prices. Ve don't consider
theco 2Icr.3 prcrcnts to you but honest
vrcods ct lc3 money than you can pos
sibly buy them elsewhere.
Iron beds m 1 02.50 to 027.00
Mattresses.;-.. ' $1.85 tO;$l 5.00
Fancy Rockers , . . . $75 Up
Cobler Seats. $2.50, 2.lb, $3.50
Couches C4.75 tc $1 8.00
Children's '.Rockers. 35c, 50c, 75c up
A $20.00 side board for $13.50
Ve will sell vhat Slclijhs we have at
los3 that i value.
1 ILo A. S. I
Where do you
Trade ? ? ?
Why don't you buy your Hardware where
you can always set them at right prices. The
Crystal falls Jtardvara Company,
invite your attention to their complete line of
Jfarduare Stoves and Ranges
General Willing Supplies. Stc.Stc.
r -
iGtve us
A Crvll
Let im show
you we are
ber Iho
- -: Dealer in: '
a. a. WEOB. r.iBr.
Crystal Falls, Mich.
This is the most Popular expression that
is nowadays used. When you accept do
you ever question yourself- as to quality.
Drink Leisen cS: Ilcncs' Famous Hrands of
and there will be no question to ask.
P-re, Sparklinp;, Itivi
Leiseii & Hones.
Jacob Bauer, Ajrt.
If you want any
Building or re
pair! ng done,
Call on th eold
Reliable Con
tractor, AtlDREU 1EL80Q
Specifications furnlshod on
J. A. Nummi & Co.,
Our Studio will be Open EVery
Day From Now On.
We kindly invite the public to visit Our Studi.
and see the work turned out by uti
Nothing but Up-to-Date Work is Our Motto.
UlSirKN NCWIC-X MKURY CO., UbMi.r, N. T. i n'V.V'.", pt. T '' ) ','1"' ""

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