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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 14, 1902, Image 5

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from the iiiis
The Diamond Drill is in position to
announce for a certainty that Geo
Wallace has severed his connections
with the Corrlgan-McKinney interests
and that his! place will not be filled by
the appointment of another general
sutwrintendant. There have been loud
rumors for pome time past that Mr.
Wallace was to step out and to confine t
his attention to the development of
his 'Idaho gold mining properties
and some iron properties on the Mesabi
rane in which Ji is heavily in terest
ed. As the expected resignation did not
occur Home began to think that there
was nothing to it but recent develop
ments have shown that tne smoke did
not exist without norne fire. Mr. Wal
lace tendered his resignation last week
and it was accepted at Cleveland the
headquarters of the company. Immed
iately Snperintendant Richards and
Assistant Snperintendant Shephard
were summonodj to Chicago for a con
ference with Price McKinney and it is
understood that the result of. that con
ference was the division of the tmper
intendants work betweeu them two
men, Mr. Ktchards taking the Mich
igan end of it and Mr. Shephard trie
Mesabi end. A reporter endeavored to
verify this Information in an interview
with Mr. Richards yesterday but that
gentleman would give out nothing ex
cepting that Mr. Shephard had gon to
Dulnth but for vjf hat purpose he refused
to state. Tl7 election of Mr. Rich
ards to be the snperintendant of the
Michigan end of the concern is a de
served recognition to a aeserving and
hard working official. His jurisdiction
is extended from th Menominee range
to the Gogebic and a small iterest on
the Marquette. Mr. Richards came
her e a year ago to take holdof.the
Crystal Falls end of the business under
Mr. Wallace and the fact that he is
promoted is an evidence that h has
brought results and that his Kiiperiora
have reeogized his worth. Crystal
Falls people will be pleased to learn of
his promotion and to la assured that
he will make this his permanent home
as ho is very generally liked in this
Mr. Shephard will have the Mesabi
range the big Stevenson, tin Commdoro
the Jordan and several minor pnier
ties being under his jurisdiction.
Mr. Shephard is recognized as one of
the coming mining men and has made
freinds by the legion in his short stay
among us
It is likely that the Duluth otlico of
the concern will lo discontinued and
that the headquarters will again be
removed to Cleveland with branch
offices hero and at some point to the
Mesabi as was the case before the new
order of things wa- installed by Mr.
Wallace last fall.
For tin? first time in the history of
the Crystal Falls district a shaft house
is being constructed on wheels to be
carted into place as noon as the shaft
is ready for it. This work can be seen
at' tin Great Western niin j" 'where t he
new shaft house which is designed to
take its place over the new shaft, lias
ecn constructed and awaits t' e com
pletiou of the shaft to . ; !: I
iir Uriel oh iced abov e t!i '.a'!.
THC BRISTOL. ' covering the belies, renrdles of osr. ; CLASS OF 1902
There has been some curtailing of ' U was the work of humanity and The Annual commencement exercists
output at this property during the therefore of highest importance in the !(,f the Crystal Falls schools will be held
past two '-'weeks that have lead to . estiinitlon of the great corporation that during the week of Jane 13th io 21.
rumors of the 'suspension "f work. The ' foots the enormous bills of expense, .-'the. anouneetuent -.cards ' 'for.- the same
curtailment has ten chiefly in tne ow that thiis all a?complished there j having Wen issued this week,
letting, out of trammers because of fwins'tio cause of anxiety as to the j The exercises will commence with a
the slackinir off of shipments. All of future of the big mine. It is reoran- Uaccalanrate Address at the court
the men at the property were laid off izM and e-ptipped for any emergncey house,
during the week bat we are iufonned thought possible to occur. There are hev.
that the greater part of the miners now about ."W nren uixm the pay-roll j the termon to the class. The exercises
will bo rut back at work next week and trie unmuer win uxeiy r.w some wJII k,, at eight o'clock
but that all work will
development work.
Sunday evening, June I.'th.
Ames. May wood will deliver
be confined
A. 1 1 II
to " "in iucrer,eu iroui
! room is made.
timj to time as
Work at this property is just now
confined to erecting the shaft house
and getting the shaft realy , for the
hoisting of ore. The carpenter gang which is 3..WM.M2. tons iu ex
Iteprts from all iron ore shipping
docks in the upper lake region show an
oitrmt to June 1 of 5.141.137 tons
is now at work on it and as the timb-( cf the output on the same date
rs are an irameu reauy 10 w siuck ,t WH expectetl tut
up the work will not take so very long. th(J movelnent of ore ln May wouU
The track to the coal trestle is being ( t.low tQ 401)0, 000 tom hnt ttle r(..
laid and the next on the program will wrU Bhow fhi,mu.nt ()f
be tne erecting or coai hocks, jien are ;J o);j o:i5 tons. This
at work now leveling the grouna ana h hmVHVf,r fmm tlM vtMH,.i
only on
getting the place ready for the erecting
of the bents for the dcc'f.
Very good progreas has been made in
linking the Cliffs shaft for the past
week, a net gain of about six inches
jier day having leou made. It is now
down 12'.) feet from the surface and
1 too gallons of water per minute is
being pumped with sucn a proportion
of sand that the work of ten men is
constantly required to shovel it from Even within the past
the launder. This sand, or much of it quantities ot pig iron
goes to fill atout the shaft as the sur
face Hetties from the continual draft at
the bottom, so that it is not unlikely
that much of it finds its way to the
pump a sceond or third time or more.
Rut this is unavoidable as the shaft
must lo supported in order to hold its
lines, and to fill it vlth other material
would be liable to hang it Iteyond hope
of crowding it down. This at any
point aUive the ledge would le fatal,
and likely involve its abandonment
and the starting of a new one. Rut
there is no indication that this emer
gency will occur. The driving of pipes
lias revealed deposits off clay, but as
they are reached they are found to be
only thin layers so that little is known
as to the exact distance from the pre
sent bottom to the leilge. There are
hundreds of tons of pig iron on the
shaft to force it Uown and the work
so far as can lo noen is going on nicely.
Thus far there is no difficulty what
ever to compare with that in getting
down with the second snaft at the
Negaunee, though it may yet I
encountered. At present Capt. Rough
is confident that the great task will
lie successfully completed., but when,
he cannot, of mure, foresee.
All matters pretaiuing to the op
tion of the Negaunee mine seem to be
moving aivqg smoothly and scurely
of late. The surface has. been cleared
of the debris, and the yawning ojen
pit remains s the only evidence of the
calamity that occurred there on the
7th of last .January. During the past
few weeks tlx' pit has i hunted front
the form of a fimnel to that of a huue
lbtt l.tt..ntfl dish a Mat . surface of
probably half an acre having obtained
at the bottom which has every ap
pearance of being perfectly secure,
though the water is i-till kept from it
by pumps at th" Ultimo The under
ground approachi s to the No. 1 shaft
This shaft lions- i o-e
.I iao largest ; have bt-.-n so securely and tiuhtlv bulk-
headed that cct particle of all mat
reial ven water is excluded. This
was d i 'ire s i u ie two months ai;o and the
work of reopening t in wrecked tortious
of mine commenced. From this shaft
the car to be loaded with greater dis- j has !. . n hoisted a ii, t f clay, sand,
patch. The pocket will, of conr" be j nck and wreckage that would well
included inside the frame wo: k. ni-!i !iil tli open pit itself if placed
mulcted the top of the sheav j th'T-' It is now cxpccteii that ore
and lt'st in th-- diMiitl. Its dimens
ions at the hac are ::) x ''') and it is so
constructed that the tars instead of
Tuning along the side t be tilled will
run throiijrh the house, thus allowing
teet. above the
on the hou
The work of bailing the water is
going on at a lively rate. The water
level has reached a point where
the big stones are Isdng drained and
it is natutal that it should go much
nlower than where the water is not m
heavy A fair rate of progress is In -iug
maintained and the water wll all
le out on tilnie.
The wo'rZ'of getting ready fr the
big pump is being pushed ami the sta
tion is nearly ready. If the pump
can be got into action it will tssisfc
very maetrially in lowering the water.
dej units will soon lie n.n itv.! within
t ,vo weeks perhaps wle'ii the work of
hob-t ing will U commenced and bar
ing the unforsccn. -tntinm,d during
the lite of the current 1. asv Though
m' iiiin;,'!v a lone tine, tl
th it tin
a tine.
tllte. tl WoM.ler is
n.anaseuient has U-eu able to
rder out of ct.ao in so short
The woil; of reclaiming t ho
ntinti to-v was greatly r tanb'd in
recovering the remains of the entomb
ed men to which all eiTort was first
diiecteu. regardless of conditions that
might tend to restore the workings.
What was done in this direction was
merelv incidental to tin work of re-
owner's stand jx)i nt, as the Khipments
in May lust year aggregated only
1,.V1), 775 tons and as noted above, the
entire output to June 1 is full three
and half millions ahead of last year.
Still the ship owners are finding some
encouagement in the expectation that
o o i'.". be move I throughout the season
iu volume fully up to the limit of dock
and railroad capacity. Three, seems to
I no end to the demand for finished
product in iron and steel Hones.
week large
have been
sold for delivery during the. first
quarter of next year and for some of
this iron f.'l a ton is tobe paid. It is
undersbssl that the Steel Corporation
is prepared to buy 10). 000 tons for
delivery in the second quarter of 100:
and that this purchase have loeh made
this week but for the strike in the
Mahoning and Shennngo furnace
districts. It is also quite true that
lake coal shippers have not du some
cases moved half the coal they exact
ed to move up to this time, and in
this condition the vessel owners also
find some encouragement, notwithstand
ing that there is clearly a surplus of
carryng capacity if the vessels could
I ketit movinir. A strange feature
of situation is the trices asked for
new vessels. Numerous berths iu the
lake yards will soon lie idle, and it
was exjtected that the builders would
Ih .offering inducements on orders
for next spring's delivery, but the
prices thev are outing on ships of
Ti.OOO to (t.iMM tons capacity are 7.0)0
to $10, 1 m)0 alnive the trices charged for
vessels of the same Kind that have
lately been going into commission
High trices for material and uncer
taintv as to delieveryare referred to
as causes for the increased prices on
new ships.
George Schwab, a well known Ger
man citizen of New Labanon, Ohio, is
a constant reader of the Daytoti Volk
s.eitung. He knows that his taper
aims to advert iso only the I vest in its
columns, and when In saw Chatnls rl
aius Pain Halm advertised therein for
lame back, he did not hesitate in buy
inj; .1 bottle of it for bis wife,, who
for eUhl WctAs had suffered with the
most terrible pains in her back and
could yet no releif. He says:''Altj
Using tie1 I'aj n llaliii for a few dajs, my
wife said to me. 'I feel as though
b 111 anew, and befoie using the en
tire cult uls of the lioit.'n the unbeara
ble, pair.s nad entirely vanished and
she could again take up her household
duties", lie is very thankful and!
hopes that all sufleriug. likewise will
b sir of her wonderful recovery. This
valuable linemeiit is fcr sale it Co!e's
Very low rates to Kan Francisco. Its
Angeb-e and Portland and Return. Via
t he Northwestern Line. Tickets will
by sold until June Hit. inclusive, limit
ed (by extension) It return wit in
sixty c,o days on account various
gatherings. Through Drawing Ibmin
and Observation Private ( 'ompai tm nf
Sbeping cars daily. Personally con
ducts twice a woe.k. Apply t
agents Chicago it Northwestern R'y.
On Wednesday afternoon at three
o'clock will occur the t lass day ex.:rois
. This is a new feature of the com
mencement exercises but it is a func
tion that is carried out in all well
regulated schools and will be one of
the very last features of the eercies
of this year's commencement week. J
Commencement exercises proper will
occur at the ojtera house on the eveu
ing of June 20th. On this evening
the members of the seuoir class wlli
bid good by to their associates of the
schools of the citv and iro forth alone
is discouraging . -,.. . . lilff ut
t' lUHl Ulib 1111 ffc.WV - v
The exercise will Itegin with an ad
dresgs by Prof. R. Clyde Ford of th
Marquette Normal school. The memb
ers of this year's class are as follows.
Mamie A. Dawson, Ada A. Harding,
Emma Laehapelle, Sarah Liberty,
John. Ciind, Irene R. McGee, Jean V
McGee. Algernon S. Webb and Olive
R. Wills.
One of the Swellest and prettiest society
functions that has ever been held in
connection witti the graduation exer
cises of the Crystal Falls schools was
the junior reception given in honor of
the seuior class at the cutera house
last night. The juniors have been
planning for this event for a number
of weeks and the very goi success
that attended their efforts' showed that
they had planned wisely and well.
The event consisted of a formal re
ceptiuu which took dace in the balcony
at 0:00 o'clock, followed by a dance
which was interrupted long enough
at the midnight hour to allow of the
serving of ice cream and cake.
The hall was very tastily decorated
with ferns and flowers, giving an ex
celleut effect to the xvhole affair.
The reception was well planned and
pretty iu the extreme. Promptly at
the appointed hour the senior class,
consisting of the following young
ladies and gentlemen lined up for a
formal presentation to their uunierous
young friends: Mamie A. Dawson.
Ada A. Hauling, Emma Laehatelle,
Sarah Liberty, John C. Lind. Irene R.
McGee, Jean V. McGee, Algernon S.
Wwliu and Olive R. Wills. The attend
ance had leen confined to young jieople
solely and the very creditible manner
in which they carried out their part
showed that they are well schooled in
the art of proerly entertaining. The
young ladies ere dressed in white
ami everyone xv re the class Colors of
the juniors, xvhich this year is grn
and pink.
Following the reception came the
dance. The music was furnished by
the Florence orchestra of three pieces.
At twelve o'clock lunch was aiiiiou-
The Leading Photograph Studio of
Crystal Falls f jr fine Photographs and
Crayons. Kodak work finished for Am
ateurs. All work guaranteed first class
All photographs in iny'show case were
made in my gallery, All photographs
finished on American Aristo Paper and
Ixvat All HU Dei and
Money br Dolnic 80.
The captain of one rather old ami
rslow steamer of years ago, finding that
he would have to be a long time ln
China before he received a full cargo
of tea and would have probably to re
turn in ballast, began, to every one's
astonishment, to wy that, owing to the
repairs that liad been done to his en
gines, he hoped to make a racing pas-
enge back to England. Then, still more
to the astonishment of the captains of
the fast steamers and the xvorld at
large, he commenced to back himself to
make the fastest passage home.
In such very considerable suras of
money did he wager that people began
to think there was something ln It. and
the merchants pent their tea almost en
tlrely to his ship, arguing that as the
captain stood to lose o00 the repairs to
his steamer's engines had probably put
him ln a position to bet almost on a
(If course the steamer, whose great
est fpeed was eight knots nn hour, ar
rived ln England weeks after the oth
ers, and the captain lost 2."0. but In
stead of having to lie In' China waiting
his chance of cargo coming In from the
Interior, a probable delay of weeks, ho
had cleared in a few days after his
bets became known to the public with
a full ship, thus recouping to his own
ers, who of course paid his betting loss
es, a considerable number of thousands
of pounds profit. Blackwood's Maga-
In addition to my business
I have started an Ice Creatn
Factory and will furnish the
purest and best Ice Cream for
family use, also for parties and
picnics on short notice.
The Finest Cake
Is made with Royal Bak
ing Powder. Always light,
sweet, pure & wholesome.
Like Bunch of Carnation in the M ,rxo
rCV dV jCS S.isQ ,
We have a (Imiie lot of yourm pic
wliitli weuffer at. the inflow ii u pri'i:
I'll, " too wet old, prr pi i r, ?,Y00.
P'j, 7 to S week K old, per pair, .(!.( M),
I'i-, .". in uiIIh old, per pair, 7.00.
Grocn Bay, Wis.
need wild iiniudeiabdy the waiter.
Kfhel Plewellini;. Alma liVisliiHd,
Anar.da Son nsn, Liu-etta Harbour,
M;t Oe si'lv ji nil Koihi Abrnhanisnii
Rpjteared on the seei.e and for the fnl
ltwiriL' hour tie-v were th.- ni Kt in
tererdintr; pernuai;es in the I'.hII.
The datiee was resume! at about one
I 01 xti and continued until the wee
Jm-mII bourn when tie ounprvuiy parted
1 nvin the junh iH "le irty Ko(,d.;fel
I piWH ' and wir-ti tl. :.. i In'alty,
wealth and prc-rity 11 'heir III"
(.Tit .'f H' llOol.
Tnliii Tnllts t-an) I'm med : little
xc: lenient for the t -ti'-et.s
V,V hjesday by running away and
1 re-ikin up th" harness.
Mr. ('.' .M. Dusenln rr- came up
limn West niiiiuj the fii-t of the week
tt i-it vv i th relativeH in the city.
She bnnui unod word friii Mr. I),
ard Mi.vx that they are now o,uite at
huue iu their new Mirroundins.
CyriiH T. Setisiha cmne over from
A tlil 11x011 the fi rut ef the week P at
tei:d to mhiio biMineHH lmttteiM tnat lie
had in the city. Mr. Seiisiba drove
arrnfis the county from Atkinson and
nay- that he found the n-ads in very
tair hax'.
WoiU wan started on tie foundation of
the new KpiHcopal church this Weeif.
The pla;i- have leen chane as re
ariN the mi'trrial for construct ion. It
is now the phm b have the foundation
of "hud heads" and other balamo of
the building ill Ik.' l ot: tl UOted of
small ntones or brick and wood.
F'.f-t I'nli Mav :t. ! -t M-y M I .
iJii Ntv or IttnM l
Prolyl l uurt (or fi-H'"'!!.! .
Cttaleof Mr T. Sullirvn Drc!.
Mif iiii-l'T-irfiifd linvniK lifii MMiiiti-. t v
th.- .Iii-ltf- of ITolmte el K.il't romity. Coimi.i-.
MoiitT" 011 r-i-4lin In liif nmtttT of lt xtatf
of NUrv 'I . ti lii VMtt. i1.'n mikI mi
iDMlitnt frr)iu tli null! liv f Aftit. A. I
I!!).!, Imvtl.k- Hleitti! ly ed Jmlw of
I'lOt.rtO' tO Mil TOllH lldMillK rllOIIlM llrtlllt
n' r-tHf, In Hi.ii Ii to reenf their 'Imiiiih to
is f.ir ttoniii.OI'iii rtn.1 l,ii-t un lit
U!H K 14 HMO HI tll,t Will I.M-'t lll
Tlinr-. l.tv tl." l' t.iy I y ol.liiiv. A. I I'lo.'.
tit Oor!.( kA M . Hint uwoii 011 Tlmr-'liv the
lnli il.-iy of 0 tolxT. A 1 I0o', i.t Jlloo
', ,H k A M of null O iy nt ( t 'l'I- n i"
Minn III tll Vl'I.H' of Iron I.iV.T. IU f:i I
l oiiut y. to n'-i mii 1 t.tttoiir- in h 1 1. mm
h.ill if irt" iit 't to 11- 11 .1 1 1 1 -1 ct-tiili'.
P O.-'l A I rtl :".Hli 1o..
Mu mi l. )! M'.rr, )
l.rnii'.i; l, i Lire' n .
Give Mc a Trial.
ThT t' Morphln.
"Snakes of many poisonous varieties
an be handled without danger If tho
handling Is done properly," says 0 deal-
er ii animals. "Most people Imagine
that Rnake charmers handle only nou
poisonous "sn'alies," or pnaKes with the
poison sacs removed, but such Is not
nlw.ivs the ease. I have seen snake
charmers fearlessly handle reptiles of j
the 'deadliest variety without apparent
danger to themselves, the snakes ln J
fact" making no attempt to bite. A
snake does not bite unless angered,
and snake charmers aro careful ln
their handling to soothe the animal in
stead of alarming It. They generally
begin their manipulation by stroking
and avoid all sudden movement ln
handling the make. Most snake charm
erR I have come in contact with wer
morphine fiends, and by the absorption
of this poison they were impervious
to the poison of any but the most
deadly variety of snakes."
To Jlft to the Or!irtrn.
On orre occasion, when Von llnlovr
bail te conduct, an orchestral concert
at whreh a pleee written ly an aristo
cratic ai nitcur was to be performed,
th." compost r requested permission to
tliicej a rehearsal and on obt.iinlng It
opem-d a parcel contiiliilii.; seenty
pencils, which he handed to the mem
bers of tin ! and. i'.r-Uiu thm to mark
)ils Inieiitluns ln their puts, as he
would k their) by word of mouth.
linns vttri I'.ulow tiototl this matter of
detail aed h-ft the hall. Presently he
t ret units!. jiNo with a parcel, and on 10-
f-umlii:; his place at the tVk gravely
1i.'itdel out seventy pieces of India rub
ber, with which the players were to
erase the dlivet Ions which the compos
er had gheti them.
In t lie most AttriiMv' Country for the
KttrTiier, Stock U.I.hc M imiftM tntvr, mi1 in
vestor, rienty ! ko U opportunities In tli
Kentucky, Tennessee,
Alabama, AlssUslppl and FlorIJa;
tit all pofutw on the luu of thf
All (liir-xcx of til-intf Miell Will tin t t!if
invMteit chiinti In tli l'iilt-'l Strtti to
iioik Urne protitH by niiHoii of the ittnithl
Kiie Mfl clifitpiK'- of
LaiJ m.tA rrmi Timbr rvl Ston
Iron id Coal Lbor tvcrytKinj
Kr.-e f.ltff. liinon'iHl mhII unci, unit fr-je-ilwin
of iiiMitlon for thf niiUmUi turer.
I, met ioi'I fitrniH rtt l.o pr m-re an I up
itr lx. Hint .'00.000 ii r'K in H'ri.(ii
hit t it 11 tx- tiiki-n KratU iiikVt tie 1". 8,
Hoini-tcii'l l.iv.
Stoik i itiiiu In thf finlf t'n.'ft Ii-trict
will itntkf mormons profltw.
IUII lre ncurtioni tKe firt nd lliirJ
TvionJh of mth montlt.
I .ft u know what yon Mmt . nn.l
O-ll mi wln'O' Kiel how to eft it - Init Uoti'l
(Ii-IjiV. us tin i nt rv is lillinu' up ruphtly.
I'l inO"! inntt.T. ui.ipH uil'l nil li. I. inn..' io
fi... Aihlrf-s.
Gi rrrtl I mm ira4, rn ami I ndu.s trial Afeni
Innliroorn "Tvntm.
There are two sure ways of telling
the tllfTtrviiee between wholesome
mushroom and the pols nous fum;l
w hich so closely ro-finbh them. If they
are to be boiled, put an onion with
them, and 'f ihe onion remains white
there Is nothing to fear. If It turns
black. throw aw.iy the contents if the
llsh, for jtoisoa lurks there. A comnioii
test Is to KprlnlJe a little Kilt on the
pink undrrpart, anil If It turns black
you have real Mushrooms. If the pink
changes to yellow, you have a danger
signal tw.'fore. If precautions like these
were taken with all mushrooms, fresh
or ninnod. there would be less pickings
In tho world.
How's This!
Huii.ti.il JJi.il.trs
w.-otl'T ' i.i w.rij
Miiy t ii of I litittili ti nt .onto! m ciirn!
Mull ' fittittrh nrf
y. J. I HUSKY A 0 . Prop- , 'r,,,..0i ()
U,. tin nii'lfr''!"!. let vi" kieeiii .1. K. ( i.
iny for Ihf lat I." nml l-lt-vo him wr-
ffTtly l,oiMiritt l- In nil hn-lii.' tr-.iis.i tioim
h 11I fui.oichil'y Bhlf to iirry n.t any obllnv
lion i,df by their firm.
Wjht .i Tmv X. W'holfsnU' Prnt'iilxts, Tolf.lo. ).
Wai eis4, Kin" V Mttm, WltoU'fiilf Iriiu
Tolfdo .0
Hull '.! m i h CiM ii is 1 a Veil Ino ricilly . it t in
tliin tljr lilt thi" blood Kll-I lilili'iioiis Niirf.Uf
of the cytiMn. I'rl-f , 7V. j- r bottii- Si. 1. 1 by
nil ilriik'izi.-ts. Test Imonmls fii-.
Ilttll'tt Ktitnliv Pi-is elf th-' b.--e
A ppl ll-liT".
Snivel ii)'
Wiso is the girl whoso smiho of self
inter"-t prtuiipts her to take K-kKv
Mountain Tea. If iill 'h r full f
for Till: DlAMDNl! vj.r',,,,,! t .,. H always len ey in her
he irtllor nou ".I. .'." VYiUite-.ti Co.
Tlie following 1-tter from UoN-rt C
Watts, of S ib-iii. Mo. is iiistrii live
"I have 1 1 - ii troubled with kidney
disease for the last live years. I lost
tlesh and never felt well and doctor
od with leading physicians and tried
all remedies suggested without relff.
Finally J tried Foley's Kindney euro
and los to;e ' t, oottles ecm)etely
ctirtd meaii't I :':ii now sound and well
(dole's Pharmacy
sui ri:ur.u.s.
Daniel n.mte of Ofbrvillo. own
I w rites. T have had asthma for thnc.
or four years and havotried about all
the cough and asthma cures In tho
market and have received treatment
from physicians in New York and
other cities, but got very little benefit
until I tried Foley's Honey and Tar
which gave me immediate reliefand
T will never Im without it in my
house. I simerlv recommend if t..
all". For sale at Colo's I'haim.iry,
K. A. (Jray. J. P. mkville. Ind.,
writes, "For ten years I was confined
to my lod with diso,o if my kidm ys.
It was so severe that I couM not
move part of the time. I coniip.slho
very lest niMlical sklll"avai;ahle V,,f
could get no releif nntilJFoIey's Kid
ney cure whs recorniiien.led fo me " It
has lMn a (todm-nd to me". Atf.Ii.
Pharmacy .
You've got to i,i,f: ;,n n,,."-;,;,,.
to keep in the Hvriin. If .,.'
ping down the l.cld. i- (T pnpT.rity,
take HiK-ky Mor.Maiii'iVa.; mUkv
Itooplo strciiuo:js,.. .'.'Wilkin ",iiVpy
Chronic !., m.-thal lioul-'e, arldMrt
mer c ..i'e; .:,, ,;4v ,,.,',, j
and cured br F,'. yil.,u.-yyu. H'xr
at Ctil "t jIj.i riii.t .

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