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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, July 05, 1902, Image 8

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tfiwt Lou I Item
for Duty Ke . John' 2Suldr, wIk) Iihh ljf iu U
', employ of Herman Baen?'vcr ome
nail-paller ar:Wl tlcad. but at present eutplojtVi .t Iron
her mouth sheared ojutalu. fiat the Fourth with his
many friends l-r. and returned
this morning. fc-'neidr will le back
here tha middle f the month. and
8t;trt a ci'ar nhop. A he umlHrxtandij
his business thoroh, and hein a good
feilow, he will certainly mett with
Not H.iti.-tted with hi. two farms,
Wm. Itusvd concluded t lo nuinc tstra
farming ly utilizing his buck bar and
Koaie schooner in which hw placed a
quantity of cotton t attn Mibn-rd in
water. On ton of the bat ton he howed
Bjhi-manu oats ami now hiats of a
tZjrixt with a
jrnl horns or1 in
AUbrion into A. Lnst field garden
JLrirda'y niyht and proceeded to play
jsvm. with the carefully cnltivatel
rtrptible beds and removing and
fwnpiutf down every ventage of Mr.
. -UASeM'u effort in gardening. The
ac:nal nuccceded in Kettinj? away
diheovered. Mr. Lutneld my,
iif .ve believe with riht. that a man
'. .eaven hid cow running at lariro
'iii'.;ht is a criminal and chould be
sitisdiwl by the I ms of hi critter. U
"Hvt atfout time that people wake up
h fi.cow nuisancer
"Tif men employed at the exploration cr0p of oats from which he expects t
-. r.. rue niu. in-ar me irwis,
Svm railroail tracks say they will
:rtxuence tdiippintc ore letore l. T. j
Q.!.rt r.tnrns if he taVHHway much!
fiftcjer. There is bcarivly Hny doubt
r4. a fair hi zed mine Udti;,' opened
r l. property, judging from the
-X'ir.it of cleiiuj. re peen on the dump.
t.jg new warehouse, in the rear
of ihe city bakery and Cannons tfc
3L'.t7en'n tdon, erected recently
.i.;roves that part fei -ondt n-et
-r5-ilerfnIly. An old land mark, n
JUlU1 Jiiin'le covered building erected
liu 1, and occupied by some oiour
prrainent citizens liatl to N torn
fr-d Neal, the new photographer, for
I. Nummi Ac Co., has some tine
"-irfi on exhitdtion in front of their
r4.t:o. They have lately put in a new
Uiir-:ast which tdiOvn off the
f?tttlty of their work to good advan-
Mr. Neal is certainly an up-to-1
kir man in his business.
Atues Ford and A. Vanderpool
2? started the erection of d. F.
Utrrxm fine new residence at Fortune
TLUk It will have hard wood floors
r m finished in eorgia pine thro
art ut. It is a nity the building is
3c b.'ing put up in the city.
.e- social uiven by the King's
nug.iters on Holmes' Uwn last
!UVUy eveniug was quite well attend
ruf: r.nsideri ug the damp weather.
TTif Aciety cleared about twenty dol-22vm-fvhich
will apply on the bill for
tl&r painting of the paronage.
25 will be bnt a few years before
ll Panola plains will be the garden
erf? of Iron County. Several home
Md?rs have located there recently,
Albert Diahau and Albert Laufenberg
ywjsr th first ones U locate farma
JTbaductjr Vauu Oss has recently
J7i3i4a'd forty acres of land from
G2uu Anderson near Fortune lake. He
fraJ!ad to Improve the dwelling there
SAri1 promises to entertain his friends
cirrrnrf the nummer in a royal man
ner. "X. W. IIenlricks' family expect to
ntiixp wxn to their farm near Fortune
IIAa for the summer. Mr. Hendricks
!i cvtting to Im quite a farmer and
;jreiises to soon show us as fine
Vwv tables as are raisM in the county.
Jt message received from Mrs.
JIiV.alf summoning Dr. Manchester,
rauuvunced the serious illness of the Dr.
ArSf Dunbar, Wis. The many friends of
Mt Dr. here will te pleased to learn
ty Us speedy recovery.
Il.e Fair Dressmaking Parlors,
.2h Miss Wilt, as manager, has
?S'y turned out some swell gowns.
STrf her once and le convinced that
Jaw prices are right for the style and
Kwn done.
Bhen you awake in the morning
f4Hng like the end of a misspent life,
.ITur month full of fir and your sonl
ltd of regrets, take Kockv Mountain
rtk Oreat medicine. J. C. Wilkinson
51 Co.
itr spending one week at the
of Mrs. John Keopeke, Miss
JLMnnie Xearing left Wednesday even
lief for Green Bay, where she will
frcd the Fourth with friends.
Dy changing the livery stable adjoin
ing his hotel, into a residence, Wm.
;XiIrel made a splendid improvement,
.'jtrtT at tl.e same time gave comfortable
ruMters to his family.
?rxf. IUU is alMut to take au ex-ii-nUtd
trip through the Upper-Pen-laor.dla
in the interest of the Ameri
can Ilook Co., thus combining lms-Ja.-w
with pleasure.
J. II. Parks Is putting up a neat
Ui;le log cabin, on his homestead near
CVicagoan lake to lie used by the
;.amuy tor pleasure during tne sum-
Siirae very new artistic signs adorn
IJL fronts of soveral of our business
picvs. The work was executed by
'X'nry Simons, a sojouring artist.
iii.w Anna Morrison enxeriainea a
naajlier of her friends Saturday.'evenlng
Ia..ivnor of her sister aud cousin, who
.ra-jvntly came from Calumet.
Dneang Khoulter.a tiarW r, formerly
employed In John Atherton s rarter
dhop will retnrn to the cityFriday to
ruetiine his oJd portion.
llr. A-IVandaigueretunuHl to the
city dnrlng ;theek after ft threo
th vielt with her daughter in
Owing to the"extremrrW weather
Bls"toason, the.hsyi.crop will te
Im than last year in this nelgl.-
vield enouirh to nav his taxes on his
farm. When it comes to farming,
Jiilllie IlusMd is hard to l-at.
If through any act of mine thank
fullness, relief or peace can come to any
face, let me Keek no other joy. If you
have no picture gallery, or have a voice
or violin or banjo or mandolin, why
not, instead of playing t j your friends
alone, find out if any sick one loves
music and is able to enjoy a few j
snlei tion. Sm tim ci:it mi. I let
us arrange a "St. Celia" branch "f
the Sunshine Club.
A plant of machinery arrived and
will soon be in.-tallel n the Park's
option adjoining the Dird mine,
owned by the Thomas Furnace Co.
of Milwaukee. The property will ba
thoroly worked and a mine o;ened. J
J. T. (iibson has charge of the same.
Herman Storm, a Fin-Swede,
was killed at the Crystal Falls mine
Thursday evening thro his own care
lessness. He ot on an up-going skip
of rock, and in jumping off at the
surface, missed his footing and fell to
the bottom of the shaft.
Gideon's Minstrels will atear at the
Opera House Wed. .inly fth. They
come highly recommended and are giv
ing entire satisfaction in all the towns
they are showing in. Secure your re
served seats at the Drug Store.
We haven't time to investigate it
and ascertain the reason but for
several hours there has lieen no rain in
Crystal Falls. People are Incoming
worried and alarmed over the peculiar
2 Don't be persuaded into taking
something said to be "just as good" as
Madison Medlcln Co s. Rocky Moun
tain Tea. There is nothing like it. 35
cts., no more no less. J.C. Wilkinson
& Co.
Rounds out the hollow places;
smooths out lines that creep abont one's
face ; woos roses back to faded cheeks.
That's what Rocky Mountain Tea
does. 3.1 cts. J. C. Wilkinson & Co.
Alphonse Spanner who has been
working for the Park's Merc. Co.,
broke his arm Thursday by falling
from the delivery wagon. Dr. A.
Darling set the arm Immediately.
Mrs. Fred Floods traud and family
departed for Marinette last Thursday,
where they will sjend the Fourth with
Wm. Trebilcock left Thursday
morniug to join his family at Black
Creek. Wis., where he will spend the
Mrs. John Koepeke is making con
siderable improvements on her property
on Main Street, adjoining the railroad
All hats left in my utore will le sold
out at threw and two dollars, and less.
Miss Sieberg, next door to Post Office.
H. R. Blodget left the city Tuesday
for St. Louis, where he has secured
employment at the fair grounds.
Ass't Supt. Trebilcock, is batching
these days while his l-etter half is
visiting in Wisconsin.
Chas. Henderson went to Kseanaba
Wednesday on bnsiness and returned
the following day.
Mr. and Mrs. Ale Flewelliug of
Amaa, spent the Fourth with Mrs.
FlewelUng's father.
Chas. Anderson of Fortune Lake
Dis't. and wife left for a visit to Mil-
ankee, Wednesday.
Geo. Tucker of Idipemlng , was in
the city Tuesday in the interest of
II. O. Youug.
Mr. Freeman, warden of the Mar
qudette prison, was in town a few
days this week.
Thomas Conlin whs atment from
the city Wednesday doing political
work in Pentoga.
The Sunshine Club will meet with
Mrs. John Krlkson Tuesday, July 10.
Will yon come?
Paul P. Smith, was home from
Amasa to spt-nd the Fourth with
his family.
Mr. Jamar and his craner, enjoyed
a three days fishing trip this week at
the Brnle.
Considerable excitement was seen
Monday evening when the firealarra
waa scan led, no fire of any consequence,
however developed, the trouble merely
ling that the broiler in thw Ickwood
bouse kitchen contained.. too much lire
charcoal and then set fire to the greae
which had accumulated on the outside,
causing considerable flame for a few
Word was received from Mr. Luke
Welch announcing his complete re
covery, it having taken bnt two
instead of the usual t'iree weeks time
at CarMad. At present he is visiting
with a brother of Mr. Adolph Lusttield
at the city of Prague where they will
remain for a week before starting for
home via England.
Mrs. Pearl Henry-Hothie left
Sunday morning for a six weeks course
at the Marquett Normal where si e
will prepare fur the U-acu-r's examina
tion in August. Sue na accepted
the position olfered her by the Mans
f'uld School Board tor the enduing
Robert Munns, Al. Charon, and Wm.
EM red took their trotters to Iron
River on th- Fourth to avrain prove to
the p'o.e of Iron River, vhicli city
ovii-d the U'st hore. Robert Munns
brought home the first prize and the
others wei not far behind.
We are all glad to we Ernwt Munns
around on the streets again alter the
successful operation for appendicitis
performed by Dr. C. W. Oviatt of
Oshkosh, assisted by the Doctors of
the General Hospital
It is th- intention of the board of
public vorks to erect a bsick power
house at the new location at the Falls
instead of a frame one. which i.ud -nbt-adly
is a wis one.
John Matson. a Swede from the
Western location, died last Saturday at
the hospital and was buried the fol
lowing day. He had been in this coun
try but a short time and had neither
friends nor relatives here.
2 4
--'5 -JV-t fo:AU$f.ft
W4 i ,3B8
the excellent valu- in our uo,ms must
liecome apparent to you and when
something in the line ot
is required you will com h re h oii -e
to make the purchase.
There's more than average beauty;
more than average quality more than
a vera ire value in tliee goods.
Prices could not lie lower.
First National Bank,
- r
Vj -V) Vtj ) sv V .07 rr g)T,
KJ t v" "u ? '. "J? '" '' '- 'u? 7o 'oj VAlr uSp 7u JS VV r(i
h .,., b o t ir- 6
Walter Darlin-r is entertaining
friend of hi from the Madin Univer
Mr. F. II. Well.-, the merchant at
Deer Park. Long Island. N. Y., says :
"I alwayn recommend Chamberlaiu's
Pain Balm a the best liniment for
strain. I used it last winter for a
nevere lameness in the side, resulting
from a strain, and was greatly pleased
with the quick relief and cire it
effected." For asle at - O.'le'n
0 I . h: d
o c
o. i n
Dr. Bold of Chlcatro i In the city for
three, weeks, as the gnest of Dr.
MIm Mollie (llbrton, rpent the Fourth
In the city, the gnejt of Mrn. Panl
Hon. S. T. Handy, of the Soo, ralle.1
on his old friends In the city Wednesday.
Cha. Seberg male his regular
j Inert trip to the Falls Wednesday.
Rav Kimball and familv moved to
their new home which is situated one
mile up the Paint River last Mouday.
The house in finished throughout in
hardwood, and is quite a model of
convenience in every way.
Will Sheeriu. of the Bell Telephone
Co., left the city Monday for his home
in Neenah, where he will visit for a
week and then go on to St. Loul. to
remain tint i I the Fair in over.
Miss Maiy Anq Sullivan and mother
left the city Thursday to make their
future home in Butte. Mont, where
her four sons and a daughter reside.
They have resided In this city for more
than twenty years.
A tleaaut snmrise party met at
Ouht Johnson's house last- Monday
evening, It lieing his birthday anniver
sary. Tney presented him with n
lieautlful book-case and writing desk
Miss Anna Hendricksen of Mastodon
underwent an operation for appendicitis
last Tuesday at the General Hospittal
Dr. C. W. Oviatt of Oskosh assisted
by his nurse, performed the oiration
Cut this (tut anil tak it to Cole's
Drug Store and get a lx.x of Chamber
laiu's Stomach & Liver Tablets. The
lest I'hvsic. Price 2 cents. Cole's
James Lnndgreen, the two year old
child of Mr. and Mrs. Chars. Lund-
green of the Falls location, died last
Sunday of the diptheria and was
buried the ame day.
As we go to preM. we learn ot the
death of Thomas Oallivan. which oc
curred at noon. Further account will
lie given next week.
Mr. Hams, brother-in-law of Mrs.
E. N. Berg, was operated on for ap
pendicitis by Dr. C. W. Oviatt aur
ing the week.
Charles Lind. who was laid up with
pneumonia, was seen on the streets
again Monday looking a little pale but
feeling giod.
Mrs. I. H. Jackson and five child
ren are visiting with her parents at
her old home in Southern Wisconsin.
Miss Freeman Bennett left the city
last week for a two months visit with
friends at Norway and Ishpeming.
Mr. John Tufts, moved into the
Kimball residence lately purchased by
Matt Lee, on Wednesday.
Joseph Koskl, from the Columbia
location Is at the hospital sick with
typhoid fever In a very mild form.
Axel Anderson and wife, are In the
city, spending the Fourth with Fre4
(lilger and family.
Mrs. F. H. Abbott, who has Inwn
quite sick for a week, is able to bw ont
Patrick Behan and family will oc
cupy the house lately vacated by'Mrs.
Mr. James Corrigan of Corriglan
McKinney & Co., was In town Tues
day. ForSal: A five room cottage In
Maple (Jrove. Inquire of Frank Cren.
A. L. Flewelllng retunl Monday
from a business trip to Duluth
Charles Price and M. McQueen, of
Sagola, spent the Fourth here.
Mr, and Mrs. Burr of Amasa were
visitors In the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Cuinrningi is still very sick.
"I am using a lox of Chamberlian's
Stomach & Liver Tablet- and rind
them the best thing for mv stomach I
lever used." says T. W. Robinson,
Justice of the Peace. Loomis. Mich.
These Tablets not only correct dis
orders of the stomach but regulate the
liver and bowels. They are easy to take
and pleasant in effect. Price. 23 cents
per box. For sale by Coles Pharmacy.
We. are now ready to serve lunch at
all hours of the dav. All home made
aooda at Mrs. E. N. Berz's Lunch
and Confectionery room.
The following machiuery, tools, etc
for sale cheap.
140 h.p. fire box boiler.
I 20 h. p. upright loiler.
1 team of horse.
I lumber wagon and harness.
1 safe.
1 Roll ton desk and other office
Pinimr. valves, buckets, tools and
other material for exploring outfit
Inquire of T. J. McCusker.
Paper Hanger,
Sign Writing, Etc.
Specialty in Wall Paper
Samples of the Leading
Wall Paper Houses.
V Representing
0 Crystal Falls. 8 NORTHWERTERN MU-
MicKiix. X
I'honC !0. O. - V? nt Milwaukee.
Sec the World in'a Night
Lyf.art. iuiCT;,wija..' "iTrTMq.Tnikiaai
A Chance to Circle tho Globe In
VL Few Hours.
The Methodist ladies and their
guests visit European Cities and
return with money galore.
A lightening trip around the
world consuming only a little
more than three hours in all,
with twenty minutes stop in seven
of the most prominent capitols
on the globe.
NOTICI1 I have len appoint
aiff nt for the nale of lot In the Wa?-ner-Caiey
aMition with authority to
ill lot at the following prices: Cor
ner lots $75; Inside lot 50 dollar.
All person are w.irnl from trenpaw-.
injr on thia iroprty. OmnT Abrlet
Will it Spread?
What? Fame or Paint?
Its fame has gone
broadcast and all
users know that It
spreads well under
the brush.
Corers Most, Lookt Bast,
Wears Longis(tUoitGonoaicaf,
Full Moasuro,
Von have the "Dms"
W'c hare he Surfs,
Semi its your isork ami let
its acquainted.
llouscckcccrs Hear this iu
C. T. Hampton & Co.
topper stocks York Stocks
Hayden Stone & Co.,
Member of the New York Stoik Ex
fhanjo and of the Bonton Stock
W.H. Laldley & Co..
MemWr i.f tLe Chicago Board O-
Chicago, Boston
and Now York.

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