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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, July 12, 1902, Image 8

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Short Lon.1 Item for Duty ReUr.
Mabel Ma.-ssi is visiting
ivt-u in Republic. ,
Dr. Larhun will leave tomorrow
a nhort vacation trip.
Half Kates to Sons of St. (leoie ,
Meetinjoit Hancock, Mich. I
Miw Winnie Harrington U in the ;
city the guest of her brother.
Half rates to Democratic
Convention at Detroit, 'Mich.
Mi3 Zephyrina Thouin ha
tn I'nwerrt vihitiutf her hit-ter
Ralph Prince.
Hnpt. W. J. Richara was at
Chicago on business for hi company
the middle of the week.
Mr. D. II. Martfison will leave next
week tor Centerville, New Drunswick,
to visit with relative for the tummer.
Mrs. Arnold ami daughter from IJeloit,
Visare in the city, the guests of
Mrs. Arnold's hitter, .Mm. Thomas
Con 1 in.
Mis Mollie (iibon, left Monday
afternoon for her home in Champion,
where fhe will npend her Glimmer
Fred C. Roln-rt and John K. Mc-
(Jillis drove to Iron River on the Fourth
to p pend the diy with their folks in
that city.
Mis Anna Sebertf will leave shortly
for a year's trip abroad, ttne wiill en
gage a milliner to carry on her bninens
in the fall.
Isaac V. Uyers was over from Iron .
River yesterday looking over the field
for hi candidacy for representative
from this ditrict.
Mis Laura Hooper assisted on the
reportorial stall of the Diamond Drill
while the editor was taken up with the
jxditical campaign.
Mrs. Witmer and little child of
Lovering in Southern Michigan, are
here for a visit with Mrs. Witmer's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hill.
I'rof. Hill went np to the copper
country on a tour for the American Rook
company for which concern he in at
work during the vacation.
Miss Maud Harding who has i u on
the Mesabi range visiting friend since
the latter part of tne winter returned
home for the Fourth of July.
In a runaway at tho Columbia last
Saturday, Rob Webb' horse entirely
smashed his new buggy, thus neces
itatiug his buying a new ne.
A. L. Fie welling wan at Bessemer
the greater part of last week attend
ing the term of the doge hie county
court where lie hod several impottant
Cut this out and take it to Cole's
Drug Store and get h x of Chamber
lain's Stomach tV Liver Tablets. The
U'st physic. Price " rents. Cole'
Win. Trebilcock returned from Rlack
Creek. Wis., where he spent the
Fourth with Mr. T. and family. He
reports them all well and enjoying
their visit.
Miss Daisy Ureu came houij from
Chicago for her summer vacation
last week and is at the home of tier
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ureu. of
the third ward.
Via the North-western line. Excurs
ion tickets will be sold at on fare for
round trip duly and 2, limited to
return Aug. inclusive, Apply toasts
Notth -western R'y.
Round' out the hollow places;
smooths out lines that creep about one'
face; woos roses back to faded checks.
That's what Rocky Mountain Tea
does. .' cts. --.I. C. Wilkinson V Co.
Via the north-western line. Ex
cursion tickets will be .sold at one
fare for round trip July 17. limited to
return until July 22 inclusive. Apply
b ngts. Chicago A: North-Western R'y.
Chas. M. Folseth. left Tueniay
morning for Escanaba where he tooK
the Uat for Cleveland and Ruffalo.
From the later place he will go by
water to Daluth to viit with his
brother and sister.
When you awake in the morning
reeling like the end (f h misspent life,
your mouth full of fir and your - soul
full of regrets, take Rocky Mountain
Tea. Great medicine. J. C. Wilkinson
& Co.
The trip around the world which the
M. K. ladies are arranging for next
Tuesday evening promise to Is a
very pleasant affair. The crowd will
assemble at the Ijockwtsxl house and
make the round under guidvs.
Tlierc was unite a delegation from
here to Iron River on the Fourth of
July. Among others we noticed
Roln-rt Mnnns. Willbur Twa and Al.
frira "Won't you advocate
a rprinklerl" j
citizens thin
i Frtedon! jusi iu liuie i jom f uirtni several ot our
u,.tSr,n that .wrnrred after ti ;ehins the wind blew forty knots an
Vi- C. T. Hottert came up
relat- tLulifk-ation that occurred after tiVJL,
1 primaries lat Tuesday evening. Tr.e r.our and the dnst whirled down tne
for Captain had dropped off at Marquette street blinding nil before it' 'e.
on hi way here where he was snmmon- we certainly ought to have a dprinkler
..r, it Tnrv flo tinted rn a In the citv bur our experience h jtar
reporter for ihu Diamond Drill that he ago when we started oat to advocate
ku Bfarf.i a ..' nhfift at the North one was aucn a wouia emu xue aiu
I FrWMi ,.,i r,r.-,i-rtv and ha it down ! of anyone. As' a result of our advou
130 feet. This move was tnalenec-ia gentlemen in the city
htHtM 1 essary because of the great inflow of
water in the old bhaft it being so great
gone that he conldn't get pumps enough in
Mrs. !the shaft to handle it. The new shaft
! is in the elates m0 feet away from the
old one, which was in the sanuatone.
The new shaft is a comparatively
dry one.
Wm. Holmes Jr. informed a reporter
for this paper that the fine hard
wood land holding of Holmes tV Son
west of Chicogan lake has l-en sold to
the Wisconsin Land S: Lumber com
pany, of Hermansville. Tho bass
wood and elm was cut from this land
last winter and shipped to Menominee
where it was sawed into lumber for
the Holmse. About the only timbeJ
left on the land is maple and it is the
finest maple in the land at that. The
Hermansville people are providing
for future wants in making these
We doubt if there is a county grounds
in the upper peninsula that can show
up better than the grounds about the
Iron county court house. Janitor Hin
der i a gardener of the first water and
gives a great deal of his attention to
beautifying the gronnus. To such a
degree of excellence has he brought
them that their leauty i a source of
comment from all visitors of our city.
Residents wishing to improve their
lawn can get some good points from
Mr. Hinder.
set oat
' solicit subscriptions and the. very fr
man that be struck referred him to the
writer as the only fellow that wautfd
a sprinkler and added that we would.
perhaps, pay for the luxury. A
j sprinkler is certainly needed here j
i but unless there i a uniformity of t
sentiment on the subject there no
use of trying to get one. The way
that property owners do iu other cities
is, to chip in fifty cents or n dollar
Per month each and ray the man that
.; VV-!: RWr-VliV.'il -iwS;
11 $x' P ? J n Vx
the excellent value iu our goods
become apparent to von and
something iu the line of
is required yon will come heiv at once
7-S i
3 First National Bank,
vn o 3'i Td fV, v f's xr4 ro'x
fumifche the cart. The business to mhke the purchase
Charon. Mr. Mumis had a horse in
one of the r.ves nu 1 as usual came, out
n winner.
YY. W. ilei.dtick ha. moved hi
family to his homestead near Fortune
lake and is n. v a lull fl- d'd mom
back. lb" has an exceptionally ln.e
piece t liiud nu 1 i;;i nd to keep rlgfit
on clearing until h els it all under
Don't be persuaded into taking
something said to 1 "just a- p'-d"
Madi.n Medicin Co s. Rocky Moun
tain Tea. There is nothing like It.
Chas. Roger was visitor at
Pentoga last Monday. The boys eay
that his mission to that place was to
"fix" it for Mr. .Shelden and that tie
reported it to le sewed np inn Shelden
gunny sack with Roger ls'st thread
upon hi return here. The fact that
Shelden got three votes in Pentoga
would indicate that tho thread must
have broken.
Tom Will i erecting a fine ieidcn
ce building on fifth street in front of
John Erikson' place. Henry Don j to
has the contract to do the carenter
work and ha the building half finished
now. The lsn are wondering what
Tom is building that house for and
some of them go so far as to hazard
the guess that he is getting the cage
so as to le ready for the bird.
Excursion tickets will Is sold by the
Chicago, Milwaukee St. l'anl. iVCo.,
to all who wish to attend the great
est show on earth, Ruffalo Rill's Wild
West, which is to ls belli at Ishpeming,
July 17th. Fare, one and a third.
Ticket good returning on any train
July lth. For further particulars seo
the Agent O. V. Plee. at the depot.
The work on the Episcopal church
i progressing nicely. Mr. Flodstrand
lias the work in hand and is doing an
extra fine job. The veneering of
small stones is going to make the church
look fine. The wall has been carried
up about four feet above the ground
and is now ready for the frame work.
Captain S. 0 . Renuett was at Iron
River last Wednesday in company with
Dr. Hulst and Supt. ( . C. Davidson
where they visited the McOilli pro
perty. The gentlemen looked the
exploration over very carefully and
were very favorably impressed witli it.
John McOillis and (ieo. Pureed I
were called to Iron River yesterday by
the illness of Mis Lyda Purcell who
tne day previous underwent an
operation for appendicitis. Dr.
Crowell, of Iron Mountain performed
the operation.
Andrew Nelson has all the carpenter
work that he can attend to these day.
He has two new houses to build, one
of them lading for Ed. Gnstafson on hi
new lot iu Maple grove. Mr. Nelson
also has considerable work In hand for
the Oliver Mining company at Amasa.
The department running team is in
the harness practicing to enter the race
at theNegaunee tournament. Captain
Hans Johnson has charge of the Ikj h
and it is exacted that they will keep
up the former good record of tho team.
Alex Ross ami family spent the
fourth with his brothers in tni city.
Mr. Ross is now heal pumpman for
the Oliver Mining company at the
Riverton mine. He has been iu hi
present position for a year and likes it
very much.
Alex Rogers underwent an operation
at the Iron Mountain hospital Wednes
day. Rejtorts from nim say that ho is
getting on uicdy but that he will U
confined in Mi" hospital for two weeks
There wan a nt time at Ihe Colum
bia l'H'.iti in last Sunday and as a result,
constable .lolui-on was kept busy.
The caiiM oi the hilarity was undoubt
edly too tr.n, h election beer.
Wm. Lyon lias a crew of men at
work sawing wood at his new farm
west of Fortune lake. Mr. L. will 1
in the market with a lin lot of dry
wood this fall.
cts., no more no Lm-. J.C. Wilkinson i Mrs. A. M. Darling is in Milwaukee
xt Co. ' this week visiting friend ther.
men would, we think, make money
by paying a dollar each to a man for
sprinkling the streets. We hope to see
some one take the uubject up and
m:ike a canvas of the city.
Tho base ball game which was
advertised for the afternoon of the
Fourth between Ihe Neguuuee club and
the locals did not take place 'oocause of
the non -n pt ai ante of the Negaunes-s.
The actions of the Manjuette county
!) is certainly nn unheard of proce
dure. The manager arranged for a
game and the game was advertised but
when the local went to the train to
meet the visitor they found that they
had never left Neguunee. And this
too, without even the courtesy of a
message telling the local management
of their action. Nothing has U-en
heard from the Neganiue club since
to explain their action so it must be
charged up to pure cnssidiies. There
will te a game of base ball at the
driving park tomorrow Udween the
hxal club and the Republic team.
The Republic team is a ftrong one
and a good game is expected.
John Matson, a simple minded boy
about 14 year of age was drowned in
the Michignmnit river at the Mansfield
mine yesterday. Some boys were
bathing In tho river which attracted
Matson' attention and drew him to
the place. Ho then attempted to
walk a Isxim stick that lay in the
river. The boom was coated with
slime making it as slippery as glass.
Matson slipped and went into the
water. He was weighted down with
clothing and could not save himself.
The accident occurred in the forenoon
but the lody was not recovered until
late in the afternoon.'
The street, commissioner is puttin
in a drain in the alley between
Crystal Avenue and Sueproir nvenin
near the lower end of the city. It is
a piece of work that is badly needed.
2 Have you seen the fine picture and
the show case that McCourt
ha put in in the front of his studio,
ha somo of the large size picutre
on exhibition that beat anything.
John Dawson i erecting a hay shed
on hi farm south of town. Mr.
Dawson is giving much attention to
ins rami and nas one or ire nnesi in
the county.
We are now ready to servo lunch nt
all hours of the day. All home mad"
Kod Jit Mrs. E. N. IWg's Lunch
and Confectionery room.
Mrs. Kitteridge has a ' couple of
friends visiting her from Wiscon.-ir..
Chas. Henderson was at Esc.ihnba on
business last Monday.
Miss Ilerta Vivian wa- at .Amasa
this week.
Mrs. Tho. Oulette writes ftoui
Ix-ipsic, Oermany under the date ot
June 23 a follow: We are back to
Leipsic after n week' stay at Dreis
den and my daughter .Myrtle, ii
feeling much better after h week's rest
and I hope she will be able to hold
out during the closing examination
of the school which will occur about
the 20th of July. After school we
will go to the Ulack Forest for three
or four weeks for ft rest. The doctor
say the mountain air 1 just what
she want and need. I had intended
to tako her on a tour through Switzer
land and down the Rhein but I have
given that idea up us the doctor think
rest will do her more good than ex-
cietment. Ho say frnther that all
she. need 1 more rest and less pract
ice on the piano. I have rented a
iH-antifnl littlo ottatre with a nice
flower, covered lawn and we will live
by our selves alter the first of July.
I was afraid that I would not be
able to get it or one as good after we
came back from the Pdack Forest so
I have to take it now and will ( lose
it up during our absence. Lein.-ic,
and in fact, all of Saxony is in mourn
ing on account of their king. Albert.
He had U-eri cick f r a long lime
with heart disease. Hh was a good
hearted king and and hi whole king
dom, and for that nutter all of iter
many loved him and mourn his loss.
The American here have been
making prcperation for tho Fourth of
July. There nro quite a number of
them ami most all of them live in tho
vicinity of St. John's park, one of
the nicest parks in tho city. Myrtle
tell me there an? several of
There's more than average beauty ;
more than average quality more than
average value in these good.
Prices could not be lower.
g ing to give entertain));
musical students the .:i
of th Fourth.
M;t t the
t. evr.iug
8 8 LIFE 8
pire s-zrir: 5 LIFE
8 8 CTtlUNt s
0 rr'. W
WANTED : A girl to clerk in
caudy kitchen. Inquire at the store.
There was a man hurt at the Colum
bia mine this weetr. He is in th
hospital ami hi recovery is looked fur.
Miss Henderson received, yesterday,
a very fine lot ot Duck hat which she
will have on exhibition next Monday.
Don't fail to call and see them.
Mrs. I.Cohen and children have gor.e
to Eau Claire to visit with friend-.
They left Wedm -oav and expect to be
gone several weeks during which time
they will visit at West Superior
and Duluth.
Duck hats will le all the attraction
at Mis Henderson s millinery parlors
next Monday, Re sure and call for
you'll not K in the swim unless you
have a duck hat.
An extremely pleasant affair was
the farewell party given to Mrs.
Joseph Harris, of Kenton and Mrs. R.
Lieberman, of Chicago, at the home
of Mr and Mrs. N. Warshawskev ht
Tuesday. Those present were "Mr.
and Mrs. L. Harris Mr. and Mi
Peter Warshawskev. Mr. and Mi-.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Savlan, Mr. ai.d
Mrs. Wool, Mr. and Mrs. Canon. All
of the children of the guests wer
present also. The affair was in the
nature of a garden party and was held
on the lawn which was beautifully
lit with colored lights.
Judge Flewelling passed upon the
sanity of two iuen this week, one of
them honing John Fikes the old
Slavish fellow that has leen a euriou
character on our streets for a couple
of years, always taking part when a
band was out parading he immediate
cause of his lsdng sent away was an
attack that he made on a child lielong
ing to Erick Erickson. The little fellow
had fired off a cannon cracker which
angered the old fellow and be too!;
after the boy with 'nn axe has wa
using. It is probable that he would
have seriously injured, if not kill-d
him had Irving Jackson not interfered.
Tn other in-aiie patient w.-h from
- - -
The following machinery, tool-, etc..
for sale cheap.
1 f' h. p. fire box l-oilei.
1 h. . upright boiler.
1 team of horse.
1 lumber wagon and harness.
1 safe.
1-- Roll top desk and other ortice
Piping, valves, buckets, tools and
other' material for exploring outfit.
Inquire of T. J. MoCusker.
$ n
n n
x X K
N - - x Representing v
S Crystal Fails, S NORTHWERTERN MU- 8
M,cK.n: k COMPANY,
'. g f MlIwrKvikee. 8
0 'Phone No. o.
Will it Spread?
What? Fame or Paint?
Its fame has gone
broadcast and all
users know that It
spreads well under
the brush.
-iHV. I n
Covers Most, Looks Bs:t,
Wears LongostJfostEconomca,
Full Measure,
sold nv
Paper Hanger,
Sign Writing, Etc.
Specialty in Wall Paper
Sample nf the Leading
Wall Paper IIoies.
fjj ! r j
NOTICE. I have lwen appointed
a-jrcnt for tle fule f lots in the Wa'-nor-Carey
addition with authority to
hfl loN at the following price: Cor
ner I d $?.; inid' 1' tn iV) dollar.
All irn are warm! from tre.'j'aM-
them 'Ina: ou thii irufertjr. Cair'AWrlot
)'ou title the ,):ifs
Wr the Sttrfs
Sc'tt t.s yh'T :.;, (iitif let
us ifet (u't(fti)iteti.
oftsee.'t't'ft'rs Hear (his in
C. T. Hampton & Co.
CoppcrStocks York Stocks
i ''iki.m'omh.nts i or;
Haydon Stono & Co.,
M-mfM-i ..f the NV-.v York Stock Et
fhane and rf the Ronton Stock
W. H. Laldlcy & Co.,
Memlxr r,f the Chicago Tjard 0
Tr..-. V
Chicago, Boston
and Now York.

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