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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, October 18, 1902, Image 5

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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7AZ 7; , . . . . -i 1 il mil lnttiavK iit.'l U'nrti liituiii
. . ii I f 10 if 1 .- I 1 - 1 r- 1 r With. 1 ' -
tJristoi nas wi uumu. immj, raijM? wjlcll thllH t(,.u,s IU. olltt fr
in USe There. , two toj. Tiiirty fot pillar-; ai
. , . . I left b..t n stoifi una thi snort
... ... n: ,.v Miit 1. k:aa rr.n to Inn imt niuler the 1 . . . .
A ivrTf-rU-'uive ox -iii" yirtumnM.' - - - iHirre is ajwayn 111 tut, tumuie or w:e
Drill j-:it the afternoon. Tulay,
mitojrr.mii'1 in th I$ritol wine,
(.aain Frai:Kpit took n iu r,w on
irarfau- and thr-i was rut a irok or
:t-rvif in the who!? uncerro'iu't
vvt-rkh...''8 that w v.re Jiot sho.vu to
.... . .....1 ...; t..
i.r.i.n i.ir 11,' ui,,.ii tiinrx. ti 1 u I
west 'ioO rt-t M that th ore deposit .... , .. . ,
1 Ih' workmen n tin raise 11: koiij'
on this hir t-irl ia r-rovel r.p for a , . , . , u, ,-,
1 to an I i 'rn;i,j from the ktojes ni.il
lent: Mi t te- 4! ly .'H feet. At .1., ,1
. . . thf air ul water i::eN Mr '1-iTHt l
intM .i..::t .0 feet rross cutH . . .1 .
throu-'h the twine raie. ha the
have :.-rii ; i,. tn the north aii'l lo . , , ... , , .
. . , . foniie-ti m i uuul with the Ieel
th notith. lite verv hi, rt. rising thin . . . . , . ,.1,,. 1
' n n n iiivh M miner tirt nreakiiiir t own
. uit ..Ti.'ainwl ! HI tillllrV"-! ia lh illlUieils? UllluUtlt , , .. . . ,, .,,;M1
tji-n va jojutel out-anu espiaineii 10 aronnI tlin first rais- in the mw He
of tlie top A ht5te is j;it in the
r.- ts ca: fully a if w-te in-pe:tni it
fvr the ojwriitirs. Tlie Iirist 1 has
U''iJ workiui; uhiiy in a juiet way,
n.t jnakii) h f-i- ari-1 it will le
a t'irj-rie to "nrr k1 : t l-arn that
x;,!,iratio:i has ,-?h l.n- in
tv.v 1:1 i n as iw tli'i (M-f.
L'-Mtion ( f Mine.
T t n not a.-uij:initel ;vit!i :
v-xi l !'-;iti n ' f t!j- ni a w v
of v.Y J--i-: J'T !J - !'!ar 'i,1,, 1,;'hv ",,r
we-t t!.- I!
r.-ri "f .-f
V.f.n.r (wn or
t . u:. ; - i y. it ' '.".
huttoiil ? t'iis r.Hi-rt mil the dirt 1
mill'-l into t!ie tram cits -ti ihf l-vel
ot "l)Iorili that lias leen done. We
were told that '.''MM feet of drifts were
driven mi this level alone and every
foot of this drifting was done for the
. .a 1 i
j,r,r;...w ,u vi nur urn ...n,. n ..j.j,,.. f n,.. r air! sovs
And of all the ore .hown UJ, hy this f ..hr.-five f.--
driftinur. f nil v ninety per rent of it .'. MM v .. . r .
liris: .1 i;-s U
in -t-i
f x : i l to t::e
a:; 1 -A. :ns th-
- f f.U- St-el
'.vt t-j.d :'
.;ti 'its t!i
: ,.,!.. 7h-
.!!;! .v-t rj-ei,..
sraiids there ' .-t an 1 will stand until
the -oiiditioi. '.i f the juarket are
sir-'i that an v- hiyti iu mananes
a:id low i:i iron 0111 oe tiM'd. Only a
very Miu'.ll am iimt of mrchanta! I
oy va- !u't w ith. In the W'-t. end
th"r was 1 l-i:-" a'lout ot fe.-t in
l"ri-!h .;:!! ! :' -r in width and in the
e,l-r etj. j, V!-. .'l' !'' t'e-t ! 1 1 i'
avd fe ' ii. wi lt!i w , ut T'ni
is ;t'd f ti: .; t i i ij.it was f .:it. i U
i i ! v :t i i . i !y 1; r.- l
.ir. 1 n-
;n t i-
V; 1 tic
in ' ; i ; 1 1 1 ; 1 1 p iji . i !!,
.'' t f- t j,
;.!:: Tw ra-e
1 ;s t! i:i lnrd .-f '.
loin" an-1 r:;ti- '' : nt in i:-
1 ;; Hi ! ' . p.- :v::t in nrm j.n.e
.t i : : n called ;: i;u- 01 it
fi;i iO iu iron anl i "twi-.-n ac.
: r' v i.rtv 'i
; 1
. i ills M.lli-
c !;i'i:-- I with 'J: -audi
11 "11 tic ti,-"
.vili run -1 ' ; i f 1 i
1o !!
M t
I'- r i:;i ""1 S ill : n w
l 'r.' ar-a "f tie- -! t
mil v; rk" I tie pr p
y ir, taking o-it .".ooo f,
t:;e p't that h- had
i i'';'' w; i lN- ".f.Tli T:,e
; I a
.-. ';ne
;t on..
..-is...- ,,ie fr-:;
Tip!.'!. The
(L. i'.v. Nortoti A: '. to ik a i"a- on
! i - . til OWV-rs. h ' I'M-' ! fvlll 1
i- lt".l':V. of Milwaukee;.- T I 1 ; is
i ;-e ti.-e niw-t, favialue its r--ard-
i .' (:: i-i n:
an,:te li.c-t ii 4
l;;,.': jaiiaO- I"!'t
l-v.d. T!." 1
in i:-"fi and i'ro
' !!: ! IV "!!
i : i . 1 1 ! I' - t:. it, va-i"
I ll.'lt I en ! ,.')!' i
!:;'t ,I will !,-iu- r
t : !.!. Ml" .ic.'lo t.
dii ant.
T!. S i:id Lev.l.
The uiie p; dur" in V'-irar 1 to
: - j'; i !i' an 1 er ;-. i t in n p-irs-r I
fi,e (i i nd J-vel as mi ti e fi:s .
ct -u t 1'in to t lie liortil o!f t! e
sli.ift at a d-pth of -J.-) feet and wie ie
tic" ha 1 a fair amount (.t' ore in the
was n. in. nt nil
Tic i'--t
all d--j v t ' u - nt'
cli,-e 1 1 ' ' '" i '.nti ::
j,..nt e't'i-r :
i.m u; a- in t' '.
was j t i
p.iwd--. :.,-:...
!-Ve !.i ,,r
of .:..!.. pi,..
v 1 i' .v ' i : i
i'r !)' .f
p ;- : . v
man is . i
it a:; X ;:;
i :!- ;! - a'! :'
Pi a-i I k ; -t::.;'
-j -
T " :i
, f .-in 1 "Mir it
ii1 r-' wi'.'.i
p c.-.'d-'r ;.i;;i
-illir i t i " I i
Kc n r i
t : i :i ,ri
;ii r;
:n i-'e -.vir-'
: or -ipplie..
--.pi -:v- :.
;iii':'--t 'i i;-
! ,M!" 1 .-u t!:
o! ! d:-if-. A
"I ' : t(. I"-
1 in
' . e -
' Ti.-
- i: '.. .!
1 1 ; 1 1 j: :
i iv i-
in ' .i" i.un
' a e.l.J f ill
1 the ... I
1 " k tall v. T
W t ,,,,,, v
!h -1 .es t;;i
is I;.
ti .
! 'IV It' ,
j i r i'i i '
I'll a
" : A .l.'-'I
Tn: :.. iti
. !t- t'l" ;
v ry i K j
t t . I
i -v Jiave
p ai-'-Iiii
v . T; i -
t-c- C.!1
li. ';t u-.i
v Ma !: in.:
!!. p. iiirin
i' d 'tp
i l!i.:t
T f I . I VA . ' i .1-
vv - i mvc j UJ3LJ Keceiveu cUr
Carload of tlpe Famouy
Rvery Sack Guaranteed.
And arc able to ivc you prices never before offeit-1 in this city
on (ioo'l-i likir these.
200 lbs. Wirv,-jold
200 lbs Midlines
200 lbs Brn
10 pkg's ItG..mond Coffee
4 40
2 10
2 00
: i L.iii
'! ut the LOWKST l'oSSIHLI
Come and see us and be Satisfied.
t ) p i l:i i:i
T;e or- li.-s
'.vi itn of wii' !i :i:i- ie-ver 1
d"t-ri:lit:" Tr," tl'Mid i
ml'! i rolleij
a il.iv.
i ! ! i .rtnaf ion. i he
tl e-;i - fjv
i-t and
Cooperative Co.
k Mia & 1 S d
40 43 4 4?v ;;-i$r 43 4e-s s453 ,r s& ;?5 fyat. ..:4n3 4s 3 .s 43
and 'n-' pit. a is o ii:e south
er.st. Th- '"i oie lies iu small
l'r!-- i." r): I'-an o?-e rui-h a-' a leii
of r nii'-'ht lay iu a t'd of .hi -per.
This ti'-ceitat. s a uoe:it i'.i! of ex
ploration in ord-r t find the ore
n h that yo-i are liahl.
f od ore
arrl r'rh-rs at
n rtni on
. 1 I
in tt)e('iytal Fall ;i-;ri' f cross -nt a' ove Mi-i
;; I.ittl ICxj.l -re 1. found on this level. Then atlej.t i. ,n
T!i" !'.--.v op.-rator- f.ii.ni a pr-perfv wo turned to diiftiny on t!:e fi-i,,l of
;f wiji' i' h it littl" was known ai ! tlie vein and tor l.M feet i-a-.t tiothinvj.
Il.av t l 1 , f t I VI.'. -:lt:,.H ..' '( 1 .. I ... I f, ... . j I ' "1 ' I .
jfiati- iuannr. Arvid I!; I; ' niaimauate ore was met with ar.dl,.., .!.j.;fa, v."t ,i,.,.rfj,. .
v.as pi i ed in lo -al el, ir' of th or - it.r a . i ; the same h ns ,,f Itristol L Vl. . ,
L-eneral supervision of ). W. Hopkins,
of '(.'oirniionwealth, who succeeded Mr.
0. ('. Davidson wlen tie latter went
witli the Steel company. The local,
or a-sistant sujrintendant, under
who.e immediate juanaLcemetit the
1. nii;e 5-. is Arvid lij-irk. an old Miiployt
of the OJehay-Nnrttm company and
oo.i .,f ftp. "i , i"0 ;J 1',il"l
v."- ' " iv- 'iis'ri'-- Mr
: . ' ' '-i .. .'!. i'l .- . ; ' I ; i ' f.i k
...,. -.
r "
v ' 'M r l. . V f.'v, ry . t.J -... J .V u S,l,
V"vyv 47 1 1 .1' AS
i :;, vf t,
rtT,M(i.t Mil I D II
il. c i.'.- P. ok hold
'vMUIMUWi ' jUU4vri'iry t .
The Third Level.
The third level of tin mine is tin
perty and Auu'.r, Fraujpiist rei-eived ( ore was met with.
tue appointment of mining i-aptum.
Tiieir first work was Uone in the open
r.it iiml .,. . i,i ii..!. ,i f t .,., i ..J ......
I " " n ' " "' " """" 11 r " " ,.u Fr.,... u'li ii., . .f I .. i.:.
1 . Ml ..111.11 in nni me Mllli-
I . . . .
i pei from the mine this year lias Imi
taken. The only difference letween
this level and the one ulsive it, in
to the underground exploration of tin
proprty during the frst suuiiner.
When the mine was unwatered the)
found the main shaft hut 1 '.'" feet lee p.
Thin may he said to he the depth of the
mine at the time. A careful ex
amination of all of the Kliafts were
male and the one just west of the open
pit s. t upon as the one to work the
property from.
Th... Main Shaft.
This is th m shaft shown iu the
picture and is th- one through which
all of the i,rc at, the property is hoisted,
it is sunk in tie j ip rs to the south,
or han'im: sid", and is well protecf-d
' hy I.ir-C' pillars of lock and haul
....... .1 it ; i.. i i ..
f V n shaft h.eis 10 feet hi'h which
supports u lare Pat s crusher through
which all of the ore niii.ed at, the
Jlir-tol is run l.efore he in:; flipped.
Til" "Id 1 tit. of the stntl't iiM-a-'ire-i
.) x ieet insnl-of the timl.trs hnt
regard, to the lay of the ore deopsits is
that the west end of the mine which
was a total hlank mi the second level
has Ix-en opened up and a stop of
Hristl ore. correspond lug hi that
found in the west end on the first level
was found and the mine on this level
takes on its original length aain.
aliouf I.IUMI ieet.
Las year this property, with niiicty
five m-n, milled 1 1 to is of ore
r.Tiu during mto h of that time shippin
inL" wa practically suspended.
The mining cr.ptaiii in August
Frani'ipiist. also an old lehay. Nor
ton man. To the hard and persistent
work of Optaiu Frant;ipnVt is, in a
iri'eat measure, due the successful
ojteralion of the mine. Jm in a pro
gressive miner and there is not a nook
or corner in the mine or a twist in the
formation that h has no carefully
studied. He knows his mine
thoroughly. Fred Miller is clerk at
the mine, having held the position
with credit to himself since the mine
started. The niyht captain is Swan
Anderson and the crew of men em
ployed at the. Uristol are ahove the
aveiai;e of tie miners in on th"
Menominee rum;".
openin:; it up s Unit when the skips
are Inwen d they will he in shape to
send out the ore The dl 1 1 from tnis
level is huisf.d to th,. ihinl p.V(.
tap-null a raise, a skip In inj used to
en-re i'. A Liducrwood h.ii,t I ft
..Wie-n til- l.llst.,1 people -tart, o to j . .lu.Is. ,, ins!,',,.,l (he thild level
it tlc-v tatered tUd.ovn to (he reula- j ,lt ,, iU j, j,, T,;s ,nlIl.f,.r
tionMe . f th- fin.-s. .ix p;. Iti;; a ,., ,,,in s(..iH juf4 n)ii jM
,n.u;,.l.!v drv -haft -ua! ., I ; ,;lhoH - at.d all of t he ,-! in-mn-t he
-"-''' '' f!'" '"I' the I, Ml i ,,. ,-,, ,,.. ;lt ;i tjm
With-. -, . . da:-.pe,,; in Ii,' l-.:st. Mini..; Sstcm.
I'll" i'iri I.- TI'" spsp-m i,s..d in winiii:t ' ,,.
!-,, l"t' th.. p-e., nt miii. t , nt the Uristol is very w-ll ( ,i I 'daP-1
1 a depth !' ! p ! , :wA , to uct .mt ore , !:,,. . ,
' op the tall an l at a pup. lly vl(l i tl,, lr i- , , ;,-, j,
It t'e- !5rt-'o p- .p!". had 111.' eji.'1'.; fi.l so lit!!e ,;,,. ,! ,,..
The civ we l.'Te tld. T ! e ( ( ,, , , I I i 11 I 1 1 : 1! , . I is ritj ,.J, J,,.
! . ii .. Ii. ..1 . I 1 r it.
i. .'O " '. " -i. l. I ,1 ll. -i i ,. ,M,j u
"i vi dip-, liv ";!; Ir .m !,. .-, ,,0 t , jj,..
-.'(. Ti,.' :.p .10 i poK -n ' h; Ihi Pooi.-l, u ii;fi val
of n.-ii in v ' and - ha; , ! t iT'ir... i;ts ,i-e nma! li-h
The Forth Lcv. l.
This is a new I v l that is now TAKH X OTIC 11.
heiir opened up and is corresponds I The iron County map known tin-
veryclost ly t,, u. third level, lint jl'. ( ' C'lark map is prof. i-teil hy ropy
litfle s'-ipim; has In-eii done on this i riuht and anyone found photor-phiii ;
e!, lu woik heim; confim-d to "r v'Hin same is liahh to j-ro.ectiti,.n.
Mrs. K.it,. (; (Mark.
Th- !M
V.'.l- f'Ol
V. a-- .,
win'- I
pr..;.. i'v
Ih !
; .
h-4 -'.'i' '
ot f !;i J - i
Is.'.' !
tr t'i i' -
4 V-
y Hf si
it the motive power of the timepiece I
If the spring has lost its temper the
watch is erratic iu its movements. It
th-- spring is h-cl.eu the watch -'op-
W A'i - !1 ItM" MIltN"''
t- in iia i .s ... . p ) a -!. ''. m "
M uhhorn wat ie-N will l mad" to i.
Mud others cured of anv irregular
hahits. The mechanism of all "move
uients" is familiar to us and we do
not have to do any experimentim:.
H-ndeioii liro.
IVah'r in:
Crystal Falls, Mich
Do You Know It?
Mike You Well, Kerpa You Well. Cum
l'irrple, hlotchrs, Liver Murks, Skin l.rup
ti'irtA, Con -U I put inn, Mck ll-Jnthe, JuumJici-,
I'u'.n in Muck, ConcRteiJ KiJney. Mukv'I-Ii
llnwiU. lilaJJer Dioriler5, InJijfestlon, Ke
str Itruuty and I'erfrct M'omtnhiHij. (in.i.l
lorJrandPii. Luvrd bv (innjnta, Muke Fath-r
Mnrin, Itclpa Mother do the Housework,
.MjIcs the ()irl. and ttoya Well, and krps
I'.utiy (iood Natured all of the lime. 1 lio
Urniiine .15 cts. a rackaife. Made only by
MADISON MLUICINti CO., Madison, Wla.
a '''. with that bulk coffee
and blow the dirt and flics and
foreign substances out of it. Then
open a package ol
Lion Coffee
see how clean and fresh It looks
and note its rich aroma.
Tb Mt4 pckttf laaartM ualloria aakllty.
r - ' ' " '
mG. h. cook
I-1 1 Sttft-P
Im(0 a
M( Cook h;is ;i 'icat reputation in Crystal Falls as an
Optician, having fitted ahotit l;iftv people with glasses.
Mr. Cook refers yon to three of our well known cit-
ii:iiS . II. MeCoiirt. d. I:. N'od.-; and I. H. Jackson.
Brothers' Jewelry Slorc
VcpiJ fSoon.
r f :i in 'uiv lor 1 -y- t t y
hi.iirl i.
.1! 1
Mo: t- Mi. li s in jvof tr.iJe hire than M ilh any v
ota.T : . ,i: in Uu- UmlfJ Matrs. Ouv you
K'jo.iu' (,. .- ;i ..!..! r.cr yini will unJ,-rsAnJ wliy.
Di:.!.'.'i.vnc not bar you from Iho aivantagrs
Wi' o'i.r :n q-.i.u I, .isv-rtiii.-nt And frkt,
'JSis;. J ilM V, ii 1 I
P.; i.-'e'i ;! '. ' '1,1,111
'jllv 'l VMlll !'l - "f f !
lift u"it'i, r i i
l::.",: ;
III 4 ! -
lli'l ('"tit i IITi. . In (!,. y.u-k. A I'l't-.
' '- ' "I' lii'-vt. ti'!!i;!i:!!v o. ,:
' ' ' v.' if hiu f v.-t !;) y l'"-f i 1' f
i:i ' ' :f' i:. I r i . ' 1 1 f . . . f
rw'i, ? .ij'
Absolutely Puro
" : -lltt- ,':ils l i I W.l i Hi. i if .1 1 1 l I t
I li.it inh li'lnl in l!.ill ;l lohj c.
j I I V . I .. l'l, I'll, if N' W . i IIP' .
I'.l .1 1 ll I ' ! l I II I , I ',1 . " I W IM lllk. 1 1 .! l I
, !, pl v it h 1 1 i.i 1 1 1' .i , .Hi' I v,i ;iln tit In
U i i I i t III' t M i. ' W ll ! '' lit t II' II I (I,
111.' IH . ill'' --. I''-1' I , -H.'Ji -ti ll H.ilt
I 1,iK, ;i ill--' ..f ri,iii:i.l.' l.lili'- t'.i'f,
i 1 , 1 1 1 i 1 .it'll lM ii : !. t !' ii' 'I . I
, I , :i l.i.t t !, .in. 1 !.':, t '.M 'I..-'
; ,111- n ull' - I 1 1 I I 1 1 i ,1 l.'l "I,'' "11 ; '
jr.. nt.'. I
! ;l III) In t f
i'j:l H:v oit Mailorder Ccl:i!()Lruc
;i.j y . i- ..-ii k.io; .- iron i tir iitn-.i v.-A' .s'.ocki as
c...ly l!; .. v -.t-it th.' iliMc in p rs in. In
r n c .. ;. . y"i arc much b. T.r fl by not bt'in;
h '.'.. O r '- ' r A -!c kiviw t'-i- str r.- k tt. r
""' V:.n yo-i do ". i:; n ly c.is,;. n..ikc more titi.-factr-ry
.....!! .... t h . ri yo.i CouIJ.
v'rAl?irJ:; A'TAVFr r, f, ..,;(.... rAWtPT imi-'.c j
H I-UKNlS!i;N(.;j. I)::tK:-J .v.A W:: '! .: :::, -:J C-lOCf-.KlHS ri our
IJ f rinclf-il rr -.:. No ...1 or '. h y.L.y . .'.trrr, and utJ.-r
y o.ir rules c c.r.'i'ry i. ;i.:r; jr. .
S m rt f; r than ..: t.jr.u-i , ii...
7 thi-y ..iu!J ct .t you at !io:;u'.
.o t" it you pay hm
an J iikk Ii Ic than
,.,!,. tl'.- tiii iir.'-'ii: , 'riu' fcf ,5u' catalMu, toliy. Send no :nonv-y or st.inp -ju t your
t : i ; i i I .!''(. . 1 1 1 1 ! ' -1 J r
:;;:,;;,:t::, :;;".;;;..: , & pardridge & black wiiix, 4
y riA.'t:5iic iiuii.dimi nr.iKnir, Mtctt. f
I I ..ii.l.t ;i till,. 1 1
.11. .j t ', I- t Mil'' "I " 'I"' '
('.,! '. pi .in . 1 1 v

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