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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, November 08, 1902, Image 4

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Tiii DiamoS Drill!
;rystal falls township and
city of crystal palls.
I'm. S'-.Oo inr ';!, iiMulvaiio
S..l!'l;lAY, NOVKMliKli h, 1 !:.
Statiti?H KHthemi by the fctate
a'jjr iomraini ner goto show that
th average wages iail won-en in
Michigan 8 H7 cents IT day.
"' npjK)ii)fin'Tit of (). C. Davidson
t i.e J option on thn njpcr tniiisu!u ,
Irin hroftd made vacant hy Mr. Kor j
ia ty'n resignation will m-t with the I
he . t npjrovaI o" 'r "Davidson is
Menominee Rimxo super intnidiwit for
Um Oliver Mining company, . a nian of
illent jii'iu'cment an-1 hL'h Ihimtum
noility and may he dep.-ndid v.m to
1. what i ht-st for the institution.
YVf coiigrahilate (ioen.or Hi!s uj.n
th exc"t'ti'ir 1 -x vl. nr. of his
t I off.
' ysfal Tails h a little village hut
i - cliool.s havf and iim :vti ..lnui.-s
o'' i i st excrili-ut hiiil Jin iit.u' i;ul-in.-.
In short, it is tn.ly c tufortinu'
to ! te how well provided with rx-res-in;
material the m-1:m.N i.f tl. lier
J'-l TlSIlhl serin to he.
A 1 hut two of Iron rnnty' teachers
n?' ided the recent institute at Crystal
Fa I 1 The er rent of attend. Hue Was
x t ptioiially iiigli. Snpt. liill and
liN corps of teachers were on hand
at every sesdon. Iron JJiver and
h i.; jliaugh teachers attended in force.
;.t Mlerator.
It is needier, perhaps 'to cau
tion people against using im
pure toilet and hath ' twapH.
No one uses harmful south
willingly, hut many use the
uu wittingly.
You are most apt to get
right" soaps at ft reliahle drug
store for instance you never
in your life saw a hit of gen
uine tactile floap sold any
where hut at drug store".
We are something of cranks
in thin matter of purity, and
guarantee the enmity of even
snap We sell. C1om prices you
arj also sure of.
J. C. VYilK'Mison,
City I.rujcit.
LaKc. ;ind will run alm .st il i recti
south to Dunora and M 'iicssrn, tlx inv
thioii-h the lartr-'r part of t f i - coke
fields of the Westmoreland rci n.
passing through Allegheny, Westmore
land, Uulter. .Venango, Crawford and
Krie counties on the r tit .1.
Alter leaving Krie county, it will
take a central course hit ween the
Erie and Allegheny valley line of the
l'enus lvama through Venango county,
keeping to the west of the Allegheny
j river until it reaches Allegheny county
near the weastcrii line of that coitntv.
I ie Diamond Drill is in receipt ot a
Jitt booklet sent, out h' the Jass'liger
! utinent of the D S S rV A railroad
cut led "Deer Stalking in the Cpper
Vn nsnla ot Michigan". The work is
f r i i the pen of the upper peninsula's
iK. .u.- citizen, Chas. S. Oshorn,
ni. I adds to his already estnidisned
rei ' vn as an orator, fame as a
vi er. Mr. Oslxirn has so thoroughly
fcti.i ed the upi er ienir)su!a in all of
it liases that he is abundantly snp-jIi-
: with data to spread its fame to
the vorld and we prophesy that this
jitt hooklet is nut the leginning of
wn i greater things from Mr. Osbon'H
p"i. in which t'uj peninsula will he
ti nt cene of hi creafion. .' ,
T h Elections last Tuewlay were of
th . enuine olT-year order, especially
in f npjier peninsula where les than
lift If r'" vsnal vote was cast.
As a general thing tne county went
Kjnhlican hut hy reduced majorities.
It is dearly noticeable that the tit'e has
turrd: that the endulum has started
on i s backward course destined for
the land of distrust and discomfort
enc mpassed within the lxmndri of
the iVrnocrntic party. 'It is an old
naylng that the American people can't
let ell enough alone. They must lw
exp rimenting. The success of the
Ht I ihlican party in breathed the
breji h of life into the deceasel com -inn.-
rceit of the nation and redeemed
th" people front the plough of hard
tine s that the success ot Democracy
four years previous brought with it.
For 'dght years the Republican party
has maintained this condition but there
are igni that indicate that the people
wis'i to go exjermenting again and
liotv. ithstanding that the Republican
are still in .power, the follishnesn of
the people in following the braen calf
of Democratic free trade fallacies is
hap; ing the party's prestago in com
mei ical affairs and, already investors
are getting alarm ed fearing a repeti
tion of lMrJ.
- it
. Ii stead of ohm riw railroad lieing
, stnji, troiii IMttshurg Uj the lakos for
.! th' , purpos f; handling ore J from
the -liuk Superior region to ,1bcr tjr-
' Ha 1 s of this sei tiuli, there will le two
' raj! tads, each it dependent the
'vrj ing lines, having capacity for
' J; ai i lit.'g e.ti 'f rtTijii U-nrwigf 1 4 rm pre
ivn the lakes. ,Lrid, Plenty of a " jni
jCoHi,' t'r.u rctm'n;i;iuh v . ; - ;
j TJiecstMr)e"isitii U 'hacked by
lUyJ- CJay, :.Fr(ck. m'uU-"i1iv'V Xell.ju
T i plsn ot the promoter tf tlie
la1- t, railroad has in view a feeder for
tli monster new furnaces at Doiioja.
M : "'vii and Clairton
Ti ' new furnaces that have h". n
the -Chi"
bu; '
Worlds Fair. St,. Louis, Oct. 'in
I'nriest and Stephen Iicxldy of Cent
ralia. Mo., have put into execution a
plan bv winch they expect to get to
the World's Fair of 1!M at St. Iouis
without experise to their parents.
They will U' drawn in a cart hy two
two-year old cattle.
Vacation was a problem witn Mr.
Roddy as with all fathers.; much more
of a prolem than it was with the boys.
What would he done with the boys
after school was puzzling Mr. lbwldy.
He wantel to keep the boyH employed
and off the streets. The devil lurks
on the streets of towns, small and big.
looking for boys. The purchase of the
calves was a solution. They skirmish
ed through the country and found two
of t he same ge that matched. For
one, five dollars was paid and for the
other si z dollars. "The boys will kill
the calves," declared Home of Mr.
Roddy's frieuds, as they ridiculed his
venture. Rut the boys did nothing of
the kind. They noon had the animals
well trained to harness, working finely.
Feeding and caring for them was
sufficient employment to keep the
youngsters out of mischief.
.The (Jentralia Fair Association gave
the cart, its owners and drivers free
admission provided they would drive
around the show ring. The famous
cattle herds of central Missouri did not
attrac t more attention. The second
day of the Fair a wealthy farmer
offered one hundered for the team of
calves for his boy, but the Centralia
youths, though 'sorely tempted, refused
to sell.
The young men will raise them, get
an old-time outfit and drive to St.
Louis and through the city to the Ex
loflition. They hoje to Hell the team
there for enough money to pay their
expenses at the Exitosition. Stephen
Roddy' is thirteen years of age; his
brother Forrest, ten years.
The boys are now in t-chool, much
Ix-tter for their summer exericnce
than had tney - spent the vacation on
the st reets. , y ' ' ' '
.1. 0. 0. F. Af FAIRS.
, -. ' r .' '
11, Hid. tb Crystal Falls delegate
to the mei;titig 'ill f ho ' (i rand Lodge
I. J. (). F. returpe.yLi.4t. week Satur
day, lie says thjiijl' grand session
the. older.' !;?! this y-ar at Fort
ilnrf.h OctU ,;M wa a suce, ss in j
fvliy vVVtj. T1m people of Fort Huron
rv".'!!! i" flnui( tieiegaies every
iU C,rJsienth'ij.,' A'pulillc meeting was
field in -their Honor, at which the
mayor of the city and meniliers of tin
local Ldgi h delivered address. Tlx
sessions of trie convention covered a
period of three das and .V drlegat-s
from live hundred lodgi s were in
at tli.e points are piactically aue!iiance.
,,llcd hy t!i. Mcdlon iit it, Th sr-rta-y,s report showed large
hare nDi hiding factor in t!i(. i't-reas.. in n-mhership. as the follow- j
ihle Steel company, which own j t;ild indicates: J
l.iiiton St.el company plant at Total ni inh rlii f within the jur-j
t i. the Fnion. Steel company, i-diction. !,. i,n ::. I'M !
Nuiii!. r initiated duting th jtari
eridiu x ! c. ill. I'.ol ;;t ; ;;)
Nu'iil. -r .'imitt 1 I.) c itd dm ing the
'.Number, of members withdrawn
during the year 305
Numler of memliera euspendecl
during the year ' 1,470
Number of members expelled during
the year ' M
Total loss 2,147
Net gain during year ending Dec.
31,'lMl S.71'.
Total memU-rshlp Dec. 31, 1001
Net gain in menibershiD till June
:ii). IDOJ 2,HsO
,SfifJ..3 was distribnted among the
memlires through the state for U n vo
lent purjHJses apjioi tioned as follows:
Amount paid for the relief of
brothers ' :',. ii.rM. i:j
Amount paid for the relief of wid
owed families :1.1h.h:i
Amoint paid for tho education of
orphans ..ViHj
Amount pail for special, relief
4. '.:.) ;!
Amount paid for the hurial of the
dead lo.r.s.v.js
The oHleers for the ensuing year art
as follow -:
lirarid Master A. H. Drown,
Traverse City.
Deputy (irand Master Fn-.t F.
D'i'"v. Kala::i:.o'
j (Jruid Warden- W. L. I Jvrr. Cheboy
gan. j i rand Secretary - K. il Whitey,
(irand Trea-urer D. D Fritc-hai
j (irand Master Drown made the fill
slowing appointments, which vere . n
' finee hv t' I itge :
(tr.-uid ('hai-'ain- Rev. D H. Reiter.
j R .' iie.-ter.
(irand Marshal - I'raKli I. ( rr.
! 11 iv City.
(irand Conductor Fred A. Rogers,
Mt. IM.asent. .
(irand lb-arid William II. Flvnn.
We know of no greater service that
this newspaper can render its many
readers than to h-t th-m know of a
r. ally meritorious article and where
the same may fie procured. Fo- ttiis
reason we wish to have every reader
peruse the following from Dexter
Mahoney, (uigley, III. II" says:
"lMease K'-nd me hv express two dozen
of Re-(o. I find it an excellent med
icine and have to keep it in stock. "
Re-do Tonic Laxative Syrup is au
unfailing cure, for constipation, sick
headache, biliousness sour stomache
and dyspepsia. It is the ideal med
icine for children. f() cent Uttties
sdd hy Frank W. Cede Druggist.
breaking into a blazing home, some
firemen lately dragged the. sleeping
inmate from death. Fancied security,
and death near. It's that way wneu
you neglect coughs and colds. Don't
do it. Dr. King' New Discovery for
Consumption give prefect protection
against all Throat, Chest and Lung
Troubles. Keep it near, and avoid
suffering, dentin and doctor's bills. A
tea spoonful stops a late con ph. per
sistent use the most stuhlxirn. Harm
less and nice tasting, it's guaranteed
to satisfy bv J. C. Wilkinson.
Very few could believe in looking at
A. T. Hoadley, a healthy, robust
blacksmith of Tilden, Ind., that for ten
years he suffered such tortures from
Rheumatism as few could endure and
live. Rut a wonderful change followed
his taking Electric Hitters. "Two
bottles wholly cured me," he writes,
and I have not felt a twinge in over a
year." They regualte the Kidneys,
purify the blood and cure Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Nervousness, Improve
digestion and give perfect health. Try
them. On'y .-( cents at .T. C. Wilkinson.
FOR 1003.
Six uheets lOxl. inches, of beautiful
reproductions, in colors, of pantel
drawings, by Brywon, i9 now ready for
distribution and will be mailed on
receipt of twenty-five cents coin or
Htauips. Address F. A. Miller,
deneral Passenger Agent, Chicago.
,d t
have ili i-e
liir r Sr. I com
huilding thp'c
r of the gn at plant at D'-nora.
si e under s
us with ti e
, which is now
i rs at Moiii-s i n.
lin- that li
V id hegill .It r.i'4
j, t. i d to n,.d.e .-ne
t ie hal dim.: d.s ks of th
.w pr.
ear .Milling D . ;;.
Niiinl i-r ri in-:at. d i
'ding J)ec. !. p.oj
Trf.il 'Hill
N umher of menilHT!
1 ' til- Ve,l-
li:i in.
di-'d d!
The following testimonial was re
ceived from Mr. John W. Young, an
old soldier and highly respected cit
izen of Lincoln. II., who says: "I
had a seven cough and cold and I
decided to get Home Kind of medicine.
I purchased a bottle of Harts' Honey
and Horehonnd. and am plea'd to say
I am now well. 1 advise anyone
sutlering from throat or lung affections
to use thl vnlnal.le remedy, I. cannot
recommend it too highly." Sold by
Frank" W. Cole Druggist!
Marriod men do not live longer than
.single men. Jt'onl.v; seem longer., and
if either are troubled with dysK-psia,
biliousness' or cons ipatioti. the only
safk mi!' r a ifialrfe ' t hiYig to do is to
bnv a bottl. fMv (in Tordc Laxative
Syruji. the vrfain .cure frr conslipa
t ion. and live to din ot old age. Sold
by Franl-.W.'''oI,.(iDruggist; -
Try thrm
When o i f, .1 ilnll aff. r eating.
W!,t n ,i'i have no apjvti V.
Winn j.ui have it bad tav'e jn fhr 1:1 ,vith.
Wh"ii our ji v.-i.is torpid.
W!e u y i ni 1 ovv ! aie con!ip.i'..d
When yo. idias a In a. la- fie.
Wlie-l M. rfeJl bflioiH
'I'ii'W will impme y.-iir appefit-.
C ;e.lse ;,1 iluiMlut,. y,n s ,, f ,
and ieg-il.ite";yi.,nrliver and bowds.
For f lie l.yj'oie's I'lmniM ,
)'ou hare the "Dttds"
M V hdi c the Smtss
Semi us vor y.ork ami let
rjis ret uetjuuhiteil.
fftmseekt'efr't's Hear this in
. Wo wish to call your Attention to our
Special Sale
On Iron and Wood
! Bed Springs am Matrcsscs 1 -
Wo must Iiavo tlio room in which to
show Wintor Stork :incl will closo out rZlJ
our wiindiousso stock at (Iroatly Koduc- hi
cd Pricooy. A lare lino of PILLOWS,
(QUILTS and BLANK 10TS that must
he moved at onco.
I . ' ks
M. M, IVllLLCKil
; : l
1 1
Paper Hanger,
Sign Writing, Etc.
Specialty in Wall Paper
Samples of the Loading
Wall Paper Houses.
If you want any
Building or re
pairing done,
Call on th eold
Reliable Con
Specifications furnished on
In tin- ni'v.i Atlr.irliv nitrv fur Mi-
. K.ii ini-r, "U I l;.i-nr, M i.iui Mi-. r..in. in-v.-!.ir.
l'li'iity ntv I '! j -t T ii.it i In Mil-
, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Alabama, AVisslssippI and I'loriJa,
at all j.i.iii'- " 't'" ' t 'I."
ll ill- ( t,n-iii"- it vi.!!ln. Hi.
k.., '... -t iti ni'.- in II" l.uli'-l M il.,
tl. !.... .m.;,t- l.v f it-' II. m. !
.111.1 i d",i I.r.r-x ni
r,n.l f Armi 1 inr n.l Slnnp
ri til Lhnr- KrtKioi
i'.mmm! ii- '-' - ii.-- -tut lr-..
,... (.1 t,l lli.il I' ' : .- " 'l'l'-' 1 r
( HIM- .t I "" 1 ' ' ' 1 'M'
u ir U. ill.' I ."' ' " - " N" '
1 I . t ii ii ,!.t!i" ri'-' i ' ! 1
Him ,.-(.-... I I i-..
k t (fiiu in II" ii t I ' ''
VM I ! Iki' i ll-M l'l ''1- i '-
lllf Urt rtyts.c thr lnr.1 n thinl
rursilis fil h month.
I,. M- I !i)A !- ' ".!'. " " ;
t. I ' 1 1 . - ' '''l'l I ' '1 'I' '
,. . iv . n- ! Ii.- . -, V I- 'V . :. : i: t-i ' :
I'l-.M" ill'!!". 1. 1.. - -l'l-. .1 ' 'I ' .
Gfirrl Iriirvii'r.Mion -! Itnluttr ia! Arn
: k4
1 1
Anything in the I laidware Line? If .so ours A i
is the place nn are L ckiur for. We inxite r.i
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Nothing hut rp-t(.-I).,tr Work i, Our Motto.

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