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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, February 17, 1917, Image 8

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Captain Edwin Jacka was over from
the west side over last Sunday.
Mrs. John Erikson Is at Duluth
tisiting her daughter, Mrs. Green.
Sam Jacobs was over from Iron
River last Sunday to visit with his
Mrs. Edwin Jacka of the Great
Western location la reported to be
quite ill at her home.
Harry Wills made a trip to the west
tide last Monday to attend to some
surveying work at the Tully.
Mr. Fox of the Von Platen Lumber
Co. of Iron Mountain was in the city
last Tuesday looking after some busi
ness matters.
Joe Keast is laid up at his home in
this city as a 'result of a couple of
broken toes, received while at work
at the Tobin mine.
Mrs. M. E. O'Brien, wife of the
well known insurance man. died last
week Saturday and was buried in the
copper country on Tuesday.
The Women's Club met with Mrs.
Joseph Keast last Wednesday even
ing. A Lincoln program was carried
out that was very Interesting.
Dr. C. F. Larson was at Chicago
this week whore he read a paper be
fore the surgeons of the Milwaukee
road who were assembled there in
annual convention.
Herman Holmes loft last Saturday
night to attend a meeting of the board
cf directors of the Detroit Life In
urance Co. at Detroit on Tuesday
Sherman T. Handy is again a candi
date for mayor of Sault Ste. Marie.
Mr. Handy has been mayor of the Soo
for the past two years and has made
an excellent official.
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Connelly and the
former's mother, returned on Monday
from Green Day, where they were
called by the death of J. M. Clifford.
Escanaba Journal.
George Lachin was exhibiting his
air starter for Ford cars about town
last Saturday. Ho has made a num
ber of improvements upon it that in
creases its efficiency very much.
Joe Grattan was down from hi
logging operations at Amasa last
Monday. Joe says that he is getting
on fairly well now and hopes to move
all of his timber this winter.
H. J. Oswald Ml down a ralae at
the Tobin mine last Saturday and has
been laid up several days the past
week. Fortunately Mr. Oswald's fall
was broken or the affair might havo
been much more serious.
Mrs. V. B. Sexton, of Crystal Fall,
rpent Monday here with friends. She
was on her way to Illinois where Mr.
Sexton is receiving treatment at a
sanitarium. I'owerih-Spauldlng Trib
une. J. II. Strom, of Ironwood, was in
the city over night last Tuesday on a
visit to his sister, Miss Amanda Strom
who is convalescing after an opera
tion for appendicitis at the Darling
Ed. Lott,' Jr. came over from Iron
River last Tuesday to nettle up hi
contract for hauling gravel on the
county road. Mr. Lott completed his
work In good season.
FOR SALE Household good, also
a Faige car. A. Dahlgard.
Mrs. Roger Jackson
the sick list this week.
is reported on
Senator M. H. Moriarty was a busi
ness visitor at Iron River last Wed
nesday. Captain J. 1. Kdwards was down
from Parks Siding last Wednesday on
a business trip.
An S-pound baby girl arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Morrell
Thursday mornin
Sumner Hopkins, of Palatka, was in
the city last Thursday on his way to
Amasa to pay the men at the Warner
Supt. Alfred Martin was down town
last Wednesday for the first time In
a number 01 wceics. Air. lariin nas
been laid up with a bad cold.
James F. Corcoran left last Tuesday
evening to attend the democratic state
convention as representative of Iron
county. Mr. Corcoran is a member of
the state ceutral committee from the
12th district.
W. C. Eldred is about again fully
recovered from his recent bad cold.
"Hilly" says that he has completed
the. snow plough invention for his
automobile. What he wants now is
an opportunity to put It Into opera
tion. John Peterson is home from Mil
waukee where he has been in a sani
tarium for his health. He Is looking
very well and has hopes of complete
W. H. Jobe made a business visit
to Chicago this week. Mr. Jobe is
getting Ills plans ready for the com
ing Institute trip when he will go
south a the representative of the
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
City Marshal Broad has been gath
ering in a lot of drunks of late who
arrive in Crystal Fall on the trains,
either from Channing or Florence.
The marshal meets the trains and if
a drunken man gets off he is immedi
ately run in.
A supper will be given by the M. E.
Ladies Aid in the church parlors on
Wednesday, Feb. 21st. It will be an
oyster supper and the charge will be
25-cents per plate. The menu will be
Oyster Stew, Cracker:-!. Potato Salad,
Meat Sandwiches, Pickles. Cake,
Doughnuts, Coffee.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin F. Drown will
leave the city tomorrow evening on
their annual vacation. Some time will
be Kpent In New York City, where Mr.
Drown will attend the meeting of the
National Association of Mining Engin
eer. Later they will visit thi various
resorts in Florida making their head
quarters at Jacksonville. Iron Moun
tain Press. ' ,
W. H. Brnson reurned on Tuesday
from his trip to Detroit. Mr. Bronson
visited at hi old home. Manlstique,
on his way back and pays that the
place has grown so that had he been
blindfolded and set down in the mid
dle of the town he wouldn't have
re osnized the place. Mr. Hronson
tame to Manhtlque 34-ycars ago di
rect from New York state. To pet to
Manlstique he and his companions
had to go to Seney by train and then
by supply teams cross the peninsula
to Manlstique.
Sheriff Wilson was at Iron River
last Wednesday looking after some
blind pig violators.
Rev. J. H. Oatey, of Iron Mountain,
fpent yesterday In the city as a guest
at the Methodist parsonage.
Misses Vina and Aim Mao Russell
are enjoying a 1 visit from their cousin.
Mis Anne Hallaren of Menasha, Wis.
Mrs. Robt. Keast and daughter,
Martha, of Iron Mountain, visited with
Mrs. Alfred Keast during the week.
Miss Evelyn Conlln entertained a
number of her girl friends last Tues
day evening with a bijou party, the
occasion being her birthday.
Mrs. Herman Holmes and Ester ac
companied Mr. Holmes as far as Chi
cago where they remained with rela
tives until his return from Detroit.
H. N. Bradford, Ford distributor for
Wisconsin and Northern Michigan,
was in the city last Tuesday In con
ference with R. 11. Webb. Mr. Brad
ford'u headquarters are at Milwaukee.
The Y. M. C- A. boys will rua pic
tures at the UNO theatre next week
to help meet the expenses Incurred In
their trip to the Soo.
Miss Hattie Jackson entertained a
number of her boy and girl friends at
her home last Sunday evening. Music
and refreshments served to make the
evening pass very pleasantly.
Miss Grace Wilson went to Mil
waukee latft Thursday to spend a
short time in the wholesale millinery
houses getting posted on spring
styles. Miss Wilson will leave the
lfct of March to resume her position as
trimmer at the Decker Millinery store
at Scotland. So. Dakota.
Mrs. Chas. K. James and her three
children, accompanied by her sister.
Misj Hattie Jackson, left last Wed
nesday evening for Fort Worth, Flori
da, where tlm James family make
their home. Mis Hattie will visit
them for a time.
A farewell party was given to Mrs.
Charles E. James at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Jackson,
last Monday evening. A large number
of Mrs. James friends assembled to
say good bye to her before she de
parted for her southern home.
Two blind pigern from Crystal Falls
and two from Alpha were before
Judge Davison last Tuesday. On a
promise to get out of the business
thev were let go with the charges
against them held In abeyance.
R. Miller, watchmaker at the Jacobs
Pros.' store, has accepted a fine posi
tion with the Chicago Time Lock Co.
and will leave for Chicago as soon as
the new watchmaker arrive which
will be in a few days.
Fritz Rcyer has been offered and
accepted a position on the sales de
partment of the Ludowici Roofing Co.
and will commence work for them on
the 19th Inst. Mr. Beyer has been
with the Ryerson company for the
past two years.
g gSgki mw will start
fJMiu4- 4& you in our
8ggp flfiSS Christmas
8- mpuibm Club
O i - y$U&' jmU Mow howyou
o $MffijL
Come in; ask about it.
Come into
Jump iail$
with only
lc - 2c - 5c
10c - 50c - $1
or any amount
and we will
of our
I c oil
It cost nothing to join; and you get all of your money back
next Christmas. Join yourself and have your children join.
Iroi Conilly Moial Msmt
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross came down
from the Cuyuna range last Monday
to attend the funeral of Alex Ross, Jr.
at Iron River and came here on Wed
nesday to visit relatives and friend i.
Mr. Ross is doing well on the Cuyuna
and likes the country up there very
Mesdameg CJholz, Ross, Richards,
Peterson, Martin, Pearce, Roberts.
Rowley. Coomhe, Miss Alberta Bosan
ko, and W. C. Bronson went to Iron
River last Thursday as a delegation
from the Methodist church here, to n
meeting of workers in Iron county.
They report a very profitable time.
Herman Wciland camo home from
his stay in Florida arriving hero yes
terday morning.
syrup outfit of the latest type with
pails, htaps and gathering tank. Thos.
Large publishing house wishes to
employ local collector for Installment
collections. Woman preferred. H. H.
Holm. 404 Watkins Bldg., Milwaukee.
Wisconsin. 2w.
A card received from I. W. Byera
conveys the information that he is in
New York city and l an Interested
observer of affairs and conditions dur
ing this trying period.
Sam Ham was to have left last night
for Chicago but he fell upon the side
walk and sprained his shoulder and
the accident will keep him here for a
week or ten days yet.
Mrs. John Krikson arrived home
yesterday morning from Kvanston to
which place she went from Duluth to
visit her sister, Miss Ruby Rowley,
who was ill but who is much better.
Hands Chapped?
Use Qxylhuis
a wonderful new
preparation for chapped hands
or face.
One Trial will convince.
Delightful after Shaving.
Rezin's Drug Store
Rev. Wm. B. Coomhe arrived home
from Detroit last Tuesday morning,
where he had been to attend a great
Ratherlng of Methodists. On Wednes
day morning- he went to Norway and
Thursday he spent at Iron River.
where he delivered addresses on the
j Detroit convention.
I Arthur (Jraves started out last Sun
day morning to put his sister-in-law
and child on the train for Iron River.
He allowed himself just about time to
make the train nicely, expecting that
it would be somewhat late. As he ap
proached the ofllce of the Iron County
Lumber & Fuel Co. he saw the train
pulling Into the station and calling to
! the lady to "run" he started off on a
run with the child In his arms. He
arrived just In time to place both on
the train safely, although all were
about exhausted. As the train pulled
out he entered the Rtatlon with con
KldraMe patlsfactlon and remarked
to Dewey Tromhley, the only one In
sight. "WU. I had a close call but I
made It." Aske.j for an 'explanation
I he told how his sister-in-law had Just
esoflnl mhsing the train. "Where
Is jhe going?" aked Dewey. "To Iron
irer," replied
plied Dewey, "T!:at
"Well." re
is rolng to
A few nights ago, about 10 o'clock,
a party of tourists In a seven passen
ger car were, passing through Crystal
Falls enroute to Milwaukee, when at
the corner of Fourth street their mer
riment was suddenly turned Into
gloom by a "punctured tire."
One of the number started In pur
suit of a garage, when a female's voice
rang out on the frosty night air, in
agonizing tones, as she was heard to
exclaim "It was morphine!" then
quickly followed by a succession of
voices In distress as the heavy thud
of a falling object was heard, while
a man's bass tones groaned "Then
' I'm a lead man."
One of the tourists clutched his
friemlH arm, while shivers ran down
their spines. They both arrived at the
same, conclusion "Someoite is at
tempting suicide" and they quickly
ascended a flight of stairs, proceeding
down tho halls from whence the din
of highly excited voices came.
A brilliant light through an open
doorway disclosed the merry faces of
a bunch of people eagerly rehearsing
a "Home Talent Play.
"Well, I'll be jiggered!" one ev
clalmed as, they hastily made their
exit, running pell-mell down the stair
way, to tho side walk, where the Joke
was told to'a passing pedestrian.
"Ha, ha, ha, That's our Dramatic
crowd rehearsing for 'Capt. Backet
that Is to be at th City Hall Friday.
Feb. 23rd -swell show, and up to the
high standard mark of merit."
"It sounded like the real thing," the
tourist returned. Their car wni noon
adjusted and as they were rolling
away the following was heard with
much amusement.
"Say! Wasn't that great? We must
be sure to see this on our return,"
and again "Betcher life! I'll take my
hat off to Crystal Fall' talent any
Don't mi it. Monday, Feb. 26th.
.'ilmlMhu, ?5 and to cnti.
Spring Will Soon Be Here!
The Ford Motor Company are iilling orders only for Immediate
delivery. We will have, no stock of Ford cars on hand this spring, but
all orders must be tent to the Ford Motor Coupany, and are belnsr
tilled In rotation.
An order placed for April 1st delivery becomes immediate only
ou and after April 1st,
THOrSANDS of orders are already on hie for Immediate delivery.
We cannot guarantee when April 1st orders will be tilled. May orders
villi be worse still.
We are not tr)IK to scare the public, bot this adverllseineat Is
addressed to onr friends the Prospective Ford Ilnyer. Kvery word
In this advertisement can be con tinned by writing a letter to the Ford
Motor Company, Mllnankee.
We want to send jour order In today for Immediate delivery, aud
yon will be. notified by (he Ford Motor Company Hie day joor ear N
Touring, $3C0.00. Kunabont, f.'l 1.1.04). F, 0. H Detroit.
Caystal Falls Hardware Co.
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Van lloutcn's Famous Cocoa.
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of a cup each of flour and corn-starch seasoned with half a teaspoonful each
of Fait and paprika. Add this to the remainder of tho milk scalded in a
double boiler. Stir constantly until the mixture thickens, then occasionally
for twenty minutes. Add yolks of two eggs beaten u with a quarter cup of
creamed butter and half a cup of grated cheese. As fcoon as these are cook
ed, turn out Into a shallow pan and when cold cut Itl shapes. Lay these' In
a baking pan apart from each other; cover thickly with grated cheese; re
h-at and brown In a hot oren.
Finnish & Swedish Mercantile As'n

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