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:itii. Year o. 8.
rilsiffefeiiirsifcrarsycu cutstal falls, Michigan, march s, mi.
Subscription $3jOO per your.
First Review of Louis Bowman
Post by Post Historian Shows
, It's a Great Local Influence
The question of Michigan paying its
ex-service men a bonus will go to the
people for a vote this spring. The
legislature has Just about concluded
arrangements for sending the ques
tion Co the people.
The proposition la to pay the boys
$15 per month for every month's ser
vice. It Is proposed to Issue bonds
to the amount of $30,000,000 to pay tills
tonus and the bond Issue is the ques
. tlon that the people have to pass up
on. Lents How man Post History
During the week the history of
Louis Bowman Post No. 87 was com
piled, by the post historian. Few of
our people realize what an agency for
, good,this organization 1a bo to prisse
all of its activities wo publish the
history which is as follows:
The Louis Iiowman Post, No. 87 of
the American Legion at Crystal Kails,
Michigan was organized August 18,
v 1919, and on that date the following
facers were elected to hold office the
remainder of the year:
Commander A. L. Burrldge.
Vice-Commander Jay Griffiths.
Adjutant Todd Webb.
Finance Ofllcer O. M. Olson.
Historian Joshua Hoikka.
Chaplain John Bauer. Jr.
At tho regular annual election in
December of tho some year the name
officers were retained in office for the
1920 term with the single exception of
Jay Griffiths, who had moved away
, during the interim. Ills successor
was Dr. L. K. Bovik. At' the election
a year later (December 1920) the
changes in officers were few. Nor
man Olson was chosen Adjutant, de
placing Todd Webb; Leo Mroz suc
ceeded! John Bauer, Jr. as Chaplain,
and John Shemky Is the new encumb
ent of the new office of Sergeant at
Anus that was recently created. In
January this year A. L. Burrldge re
eigncd. His reason for so doing was
that ho had announced his candidacy
for State Highway Commissioner. A
law of the American Legion is that'
no Legion officer may seek or hold n
political office. On February 1st.
Wm. Lynch was elected to fill the va
cancy. In 1919 th0 l'ost had a membership
of, 165 and dn 1920 it numbered 140.
This loss is accounted' for by mem
bers who havo moved away, transfer
ring their mem1crhlps to other
Post's where they are now enrolled.
The members of the Crystal Falls
Club generously granted tho Post the
temporary and free use of their Club
rooms, until such a time as the latter
Khali provide a place of Its own. It
then hopes to reciprocate and repay
the members of tha Crystal Falls
Club by Inviting them to accept the
free use of its new quarters. This
promises early fulfillment in the er
ection of the new (hotel. For sever
Contlnued on page S .
Caj Bauer, Jak0 Schmit and Char
ley Holmes went to Stager lake last
Moncay and! In two hours caught 49
pounds of fish. One of the catch wlegh
4 22 pounds, another 10 pounds, an
other tH pounds another 9 pounds
aod the other 2Vi pounds.
TUo 22-pounder was exhibited all
4ay Tuesday in front of the Hauer
sard ware store and great was the -discussion
as to whether It was a mus
calonge or a pickerel. Meade Ia
ITantev John Erickson. John Bsiier
a lot of the old fishermen pronounc
ed It a musky but another bunch lead
by "Hags" Wilson ays it's a pickerel
and they have reasons for their claim.
Irrespective rf what kind of a fish
th big, fellow was the catch was a
remarkable one.
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Well, Mr" said Mead LaPIante to a
inmbor of friends In Wilson's barber
shop last Monday, "There is some
difference between tho weather this
last day of February and that thlr-ty-fivo
year ngo today.
"How is It you remember the date
so well", asked one of the listeners.
"IkK-auRo I snowshoed through
from Florence to Crystal Falls that
day" replied Meado. "And a mighty
cold day it was, In 'fact It was the
coldest winter I remember of."
"How did you go t a cross tho Brule",
Inquired Jako H( limitt.
"I wadd. it", replied MMdo.
, Hfl can't' understand yet why the
hoys laughed.
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John ('ustlday Is Having lib Manual
Training Pupils Itulld Bird Ileuses
"I think that we ought to give John
Casslday some encouragement In his
efforts to get the 'loys of his classes
Interested In birds," said W. H. Rezln
to a Diamond Drill reporter last Wed
nesday. "He Is having his pupib
build a lot of bird houses. Supposing
that we drop In after dinner, look
them over and tell the people about
tills very desirable work."
So, shortly after dinner we stopped
at the manual training room in the
Forest Park building and dt did our
heart good to see a lot of boys at work
on the machines, turning, sawing,
planing and doing other manual train
ing work. Several excellently con
structed articles of furniture stood n
lout the room In various stages of
completion and upon each piece a boy
was industriously at work.
Another thing that' pleaded us was
meeting with two Crystal Falls boys
holding positions as Instructors. John
has charge of the work as manual
training teacher with Klmer Soder
berg assistant. Both aro Crystal
Falls products, both are showing
splendid talents In their chosen line
of work.
Hut, it was to see the bird houses
that we went there so John plolot
ed us Into the room where the com
pleted work is kept and there we be
hekl a collection of bird houses num
bering about 100, many of them unl-
Ique to a degree. Almost all of these
bird home had been built by young
sters in the lower grades. A great
deal of the work had been done at
home and one could see In each piece
some element that spoke of the boys
environment. For example, nonie
tastily constructed- "log" houses, the
ends neatly notched, the mlneature
logs trimmed to place and chinked as
exactly as aro the well known cedar
house of tho Finnish people. We
wero told that these boys lived on a
certain location where some excellent
examples of that kind of work can be
seen. Other constructions by boys
living on some of the outlaying farms
were almost exact replicas of a barn
or shed on the farm.
We learned from Mr. Casslday that
over 100 bird houses will be put up
by -the boys of Crystal . Falls this
spring, many of them being located
In the school park. Tho cement work
ing class will, as soon as weather con
ditions allow, Btart upon a couple of
cement bird baths In the Forest Park
school yard.
With 100 bird house set up for oc
cupancy this spring there will be con
siderable attention to bird life by our
boys and that's a spirit that we want
to cultivate. A boy that loves and
cares for birds seldom goes wrong.
May Mr. Casslday have much success
In his efforts to get' the boys under
him interested Jn our birds.
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The remains of Dr. A. M. Darling,
whose death at St. Petersburg, Fla.
was noted In last week's Ijisue, ar
rived on Sunday morning. A delega
tion from the local Masonic lodge met
the party at Cliannlng and escorted
the remains to the city where they
were placed in the Masonic hall at
which place they were viewed by hun
dreds of the friends of the deceased.
On Monday the remains were taken
to the home and preparations made
for the funeral which occurred at 2:00
o'clock p. m. Monday. Crystal Falls
lodge of Masons had charge of the
funeral and a very large number of
the members turned out to pay their
last respects.
The funeral ceremony was held at
the home and the remains were es
corted by a large concorse of lodge
members and friends in autos and
sleighs to the locul cemetery where
they were laid at re In the Darling
In respect to the deceased all places
of business closed during the time of
tho funeral.
Those present at the funeral from
outside of the county were Dr. Lln
derman, Hilwaukee; Mrs. Lin Hoss,
Chtcago, Mr. IaSage, Pox Lake, Wis.
Many messages of condolence were
received during the week, one from a
former room mate of the deceased
reading as follows: !
"Word of Dr. Darling's death comes
with sad surprise. Many a life has
been spared to Rurvlve his through ,
his skilful service. Mrs. Handy and ,
I Join with the people of our old
hom In mourning his death and ex ;
tending to the bereaved widow and
daughter heartfelt sympathy.
Some Items regarding Dry Darling's'
early life not obtainable for our ar
ticle lift week have been furnished
us for this Issr. Dr. Darling was
born August 2. 1SC2 at Fox Lake, Wis.
Ho went through the grammar school
there and . then to Downer College
from which b graduated. He taught
m lino! for to yars nnd in 1 en-!
tercd mcdhal school. He was rrad-
mueij iiomi teokUK, iowh. iWMtcai
colb-Re 1S32 and came immellately
to. Cr.vt.il Falls.
- l!-nd the Ads .
To Lay Their Cases Before The Vot
ers of The City For Major And
Justice of The Peace
The entry of Axel Axelson into the
mayorulity contest last week made
certain that the mayor's, office will not
go begging. During the week a petl
tlon is said to have been circulated
asking that Charles Neugebauer be
selected to thc office yf Justice of the
Peace. Hon. C. T. Roberts had al
ready circulated a petition for this of
fice so that if the Neugebauer petition
goes in it win make a contest for the
only two offices on the list that are
Mr. Gaffney tells a reporter for The
Diamond Drill that he is going to
make an active canvass when the
time comes to start out. It is a little
early yet as it 1 a couple of weeks
until tho primary comes along.
Mr. Axelson hag not started out on
a personal canvass yet but undoubt
edly will do so in good time.
The Interest seems to center more
about the disposition of the candi
dates to make changes or no changes
at the city hall, Mr. Gaffney being ac
cepted as the candidate whose Inten
tions are to make extensive changes,
among them the appointing to office
of soldiers, while Mr. Axelson is being
accepted as th candidate whose In
tentions are to make Uttle or no
change In the present condition of
From remarks heard about the city
It U quite certain that there i going
to 1)6 more pep to the campaign than
appears now upon the surface. There
is a very evident demand among the
peoplo of the city for a change at the
city hall. It has been growing for
two years nnd It 1s this element of
our people who are most outspoken
for Mr. Gaffney. . (
At the same time there Is quite an
element' of our peoplo who believe
that things havo been going on as
well as can bo expected and these
people are Just as outspoken In de
fenso of present conditions. Upon the
size of these two elements depends
tho outcome of the election. Of
course there are some Interests lined
up on both sides for primarily selfish
motives, some who expect that Mr.
Gaffney will do things that, will 'be of
direct benefit to them or to their
business or business interests; then
thero are others who look upon Mr.
Axelson with the same selfish view
expect that his election means a fi
nancial galn'to them or to their busi
ness or to business with which they,
are associated.
ThU element should be discarded on
ihoth sides for they are primarly sel
fish. The public has no interest In
private business ventures one way or
the other. We need all . kinds and
classes of business that are legiti
mate, -the tnoro business we have in
every line the better, but every busi
ness should be made to stand upon Its
own footing, the success or failure of
the business enterprise accruing en
tlrely to those who run it and who pro
fit or lose by its success or failure.
The public's business is the satis
factory handling of the city's affairs
and that only.
Most of the voters of Crystal Falls
are Intelligent and it Is not probable
that these schemes of Individuals will
have much influence on the general
voting public.
Justiceship Is Important
The contest for Justice of the peace
is one that will undoubtedly arouse i
great deal of attention before it is de
cided. Mr. KoberU has never been
adequately rewarded by Crystal Falls
for the many things he did for this
place in the early days when he was
prosperous and a power in the pe
ninsula. Th selection of Crysan
Falls as the county seat of this coun
ty was due to the work of Mr. Rob
erts as much ns to anyone In the
world. In those days he w.vs pros
perous and he spent his money freely
for the god of his town. Reverses
cano to him In the panic of 1893 from
wMch he has never fully recovered,
He has never complained but strug
gled along, paid his way and did a
good turn tor his neighbors when he
could do to. At his advanced are in
life ho 1m now where Crystal Falls, If
It wlrl, can do a little to fay that It
rcrnemlKTS and is grateful to him for
tho things he did for her in his pro,
parity. That's the entire story of th
Justice contest. Sa far as ability 1
concerned there Is no difference, ellh-
Two Mm Plan Robbery and Mistake
Dr. Diller For Their Victim
As Dr. Diller was passing a bay
window projecting from the side of
Steven Reynolds' home on Crystal Av
enue last Saturday night about 8; 20
two men who were hidden iu tho re
cess formed by the window stepped
out, one of them striking the Doctor
on the head! with a club that he held
In his hand. Tho blow felled Dr. Dil
ler to the ground but didn't put him
entirely out. As he fell the other man
grabbed the small case that the Doc
tor carried and IkUi ran down the al
ley back of tho house to the St. Paul
track wind were lout sJght of.
Dr. Diller was going to the Reynolds
house to call upon Robert Munns. He
had no arms of any kind and was ex
pecting anything but a murderous at
tack such us he met with.
As stated, tho blow dazed the doc
tor but' he was not put out to such
extent that he couldn't observe the
direction taken by the young men.
He followed the tracks soon after
wards and recovered his glovo a short
distance from tho Reynolds lot but
his medicine case was not found until
the following day when some boys
playing along on the railroad bank
near the power plant saw It and ret
urned it to the doctor.
It la supposed that the robbers mader
a mistake; that they were "laying"
for Leonard Dalp the young mzn who
runs the A & 1 stor In this city. Dalp
rooms at the Reynolds house and us
ually gets along home about the lime
Dr. Diller visited the place Sunday
It is Claimed that Dalp when count
ing over bis cash last Saturday night,
was somewhat annoyed and felt a my
sterious' something haunted him. It
is supposed that he was being watch
ed at the time -by the two men who
made the assult.
Fortunately for Dalp the rules of
the company corapell him to place his
money In a safe provided for that pur
pose so that he dosen't carry any of
the company's cash upon his person.
Had he been assulted Instead or nr.
Diller the robbers would have got no
more than they did from Dr. Diller.
It is claimed that there is consider
able of this robbing going on nights
in the lower end of town. How true
this complaint is we have not. fath
omed but certain it ds that there needs
be a Jacking up of our entire police
system or there's going to bo some
thing bad evolve from the situatitm
that has been growing for tho past
year. White mule victims are not as
olentlful as they wero and those who
have been confined their attention to
the unfortunate white mule slaves aro
now turning to other people as vict
ims. Read the Ads
On the home floor last Saturday
the Ramblers defeated the Alger ,
County Club of Munlslng by a score
of 45 to 21. Three weeks ago the ai
ter lead the Ramblers by 19 points on
the A. C. C. court, and their expecta
tions were to show us up again, but
the score tells th tale.
The same started off with unusual
speed, with Dick Guenther, left for
ward, raaldg the first goal, and runn
ing in five more during the game. In
the second half he was relieved by
Chuck" Ouenther who added four
points to the score. Kinder, right
foEward. In the first half, with two
baskets and Kieren coming ia the sec
ond half with eight, startled the op
-Red" VanMarter Jumped at center
for the tip-off and fell back on de
fense with Larson and Nylxrg, thf
latter doing exceptionally fast floor
work, with four baskets to his credit
The scorers' record Is as follows:
Rambler' ' Points
Kieren, forward 16
Kinder, right forward
C. Ouenther, left forward 4
VanMarter, center ; "00
Larson, left guard 00
Nyberg, right guard ft
close Down
Announcement of a Cut in Stce
Prices About May 1st Was Made
By Corporation Interest
A C. C.
Jeraladt, right forward f
Johnson, left, forward f
Drynn. center f
Kvemt, right guard
Kllng. left ruard T
Sullivan referee.
Ton fans and booster, don't forget
that that Stambaugh All Stars will
play off the tie on the C. F. floor1 on
March 12. If you aro looking for an
exciting gime see this one. which will
probably be the wind-up of the sea
son. -Read the Ada
More Iron mines have closed in Iron
county. The Bengal mdno of the Pic-kands-Mather
Co. has gon0 down en
tirely and tho Fogarty has been plac
ed upon half time. News of this
change came to Crystal Falls Tues
day when men who had been Jaid off
at the two properties came here seek
ing work.
The Bengal is next to the Caspian
In size. The Caspian, also tho prop
erty of the Plckands-Mather company,
thas been closed since last fall when
It ehut down to allow of the shaft be
ing repaired and a new head frame
erected. Since that time the lull in
oro mining came on and the mine has
not resumed production although
shaft sinking and other development
work is being prosecuted In a small
The HengaH employs about 300 men,
most of whom will be entirely out of
work as there i no place for them
at the other mines.
The Fogarty was started up after
the Caspian shut down for tho pur
pose of keeping at work a number of
men from the Caspian. There were
about 150 men at work and we under
stand that the force will be reduced
to about 75.
Warner Lets Out 100.
The Warner mine has stopped all
production and will confine tho work
at that property to the sinking of the
new shaft. This work is being push
ed and will take care of quite a crew
but the best that tho local manage
ment can figure out d that at least
100 men will be made Idle by the
The new shaft is being sunk and
raised. From surface a gang is
pushing down to meet another gang
raising up from the first level and on
every level below gangs of miners
are raising up to tho Ivel above fo
that it is expected that a record will
be made dn tho placing of this new
shaff In commission.
So far, no order have been re
ceived for curtailment at the Amasa
Porter mine which is being worked
with two crews at capacity.
The general steel markets are very
unsettled. Iite last week the comD-
troller of the currency uncorked a de
nunciation of the management of the
U. S. Steel Corporation, charging that
body with contributing to the unsettl
ed condition of the nation by persist
ing In holding up the prices of steel
while all other products are sagging.
Th result of this was an unauthor
ized statement, claiming to be made
by authority, advising that a reduc
tion of steel prices will be made a
bout May 1. - This is understood to
mean that it will be made In the near
future as Independent manufacturers
have cut deeply in the present sched
ule and the steel business Is getting
more and more unsettled every day.
Most forecasters believe that a de
cided reduction In steel prices by the
corporation one to within ten per
cent of pre-war prices will go r
very long way towards clearing up
tho situation and getting business out
of the dumps.
.No Changes Here
In the mean tlme no changes arc
reported for Crystal Falls. The In
dications at the McKinnney. Stevl
company's mines are that things are
on the up-grade. Considerable work
about the engine house and the ma
chinery at the Odgers that was poM
poned lat fall Is to be gone ahea-'
with. The Bristol change ha been
discounted and work at the HoILIster
Mlninu company's properties Is look
Ing a little better, if anything, than It
was two weeks ago. ,
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J&lmar Johnson was chosen super
visor of Bates township at the prim
ary held Inst Tuesday. He bat A-
dolph Forsberg. Johnson i new
man for Bate township.
er one can fll th office creditably.
Th primary will occur March 21.
All of the' women of the city will havo
an opportunity to relator their choice
nf that': time" and It M expected that' t
large. woman -vott will bo In evidence.
Read the Ads
t C. T. Roberts
Sht I c the man fur thc
X Poor Vr
J For Justice of the Peace Z
1 1 1! R It I' H I Srl i RKATKR M I STItlXS
For the amusing loving public there
Is a treat In store, that I a novelty,
due to the fact that the entire per
formance Is given by genuine negru
talent and of tho very highest order
of excellence. This organization is
composed of the pick of the colored
vaudeville, circus, chatuaqua, musical
comedy and minstrel performers, all
corralled under the banner of what Is
known as "Herberts tlreater Mins
trels." This show is announced for
1 performance, on Thursday, March 10
at the City Hall Auditorium. Is it not
evident to you that there Is originality,
comedy and music In the negro race,
given to them by nature, and for many
decudes copied by the adherants of tho
burnt cork and Uoated by the many
whito minstrel companies, amateur
and professional. That they are full
of merriment, hilarity and tuneful
music is an admitted fact. Singing
and dancing Is characteristic of the
negro raco and Is hard to Imitate.
Theso qualities in the peeforraance
makes combination that will produce
a old timo musical show that is dear
to all and one that has all the allur
ing qualities of a sure Are production,
arranged for the purpose of dethron
ing gloom. Its dominant key note Is
laughter and the elimination of Mr.
Grouch from your system is its aim.
All the favorite funsters have been se
cured to instill happiness and pleas
ure to the throngs that greet this
company nightly. A special fcaturo
will be the great Adams In a freo ex
hibition on the 'streets In conjunction
with the street parade and concert at
noon on the day of the show. Reserv
ed seats can bo secured in, advance
either by 'phone, letter or in person
at Mroz' Jewelry store. Be sure and
get yours and not bo sorry after
wards, a
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A traveling man handed In the fol
lowing which w0 respectfuly refer
to Jim Peebles for solution in con-,
nection with the 45 mile per hour
train service, between Iron River and
Editor Diamond Drill: : "
. Tho alow truln through Arkansas
has lost Its title to the St. Paul train
between Iron River and Crystal Falls.
This claim ran bo vouchsdfor by sev-.
eral passengers, all of whom paid
first clasa passage last week Thurs
The train left Iron River at 11:00
o'clock a. m. Thursday Feb. 24 and
arrived In Crystal Falls at 6:00 o'
clock p. m., a dlstanco of 17 miles or
an average speed of 2t miles per
Some of the passengers were com
mercial salesmen under very heavy
oxpense and every day lost Is a big
factor to them.
Had the passengers been Informed
that the train gives t lie service it does
they wouldn't have tried to make the
trip upon it. They were given the Im
pression by the ugent at Iron River
that they could get to Crystal Falls
by ot least 2:00 o'clock p. m. This
would alow them to visit the trade t
the Falls and get out on the North
western. Who is to blame, the St. Paul road
or the crew? Should the railroad ac
cept passengers on a train of this
kind and charge them first class fare?
Is it possible that the t. Paul offi
cials do not know how long It takes
this train to make the trip between
the two towns?
(Signed hy . seven reprevirntatlves
of mercantile houses)
Read the Ads
Moonshinlng as a business Is Just
now in the dumps. Reason, hard times.
These half-time pay days are not con
ducive to moonshine drinking and a
a result it Is said that shine I a
drug on the market.
From runners connected by the
grape vine route with the shiners we
learn that there Is a rush to get out
from under Just now, thero .being
quite an accumulation In tho shine
wart houses.
As a result the fires are beine
(jurnched under the st'lls and the
shiners are going ralM hunting -there's
more money In it.
If these hard times keep up far v
year with a medium activity In eI
dence on the part of our oflWrs.
moonshtnlrtg as a business will be : '
lost art. There will for mjtny yean
be the small fry distillation for pri
vate use but with the dlsfippcarar.o
of the $lf per quart prira the gr:Ut
Interest ln the business ithhph,
Rend the Ads
SI. Patrick's Day Piitriiafunient
The Choir of the Ouardlan Atir':
Church, assisted by best loisl ta'' v.
are rehearsing "The Cypsy Ror " t
romantic musical comedy In 3 m- by
May : Dndgo nnd"' John'-' W'llo.-m '
There will, also be 'silctlor.s voc.it
nnd InMrmnrnt.il inu!r nn-! ''ration
appropriate to St. TatrVU'r "" ty.
1h rntortafnrm nt will r e pi r
In City Hull Auditorium on Thursday,
March Kill. Prog rim will oppearln
thc next h.-uo of The Dlmond Drill.
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