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ZUh Year No. II.
Subscription $3.00 per joar.'
Pioneer Resident Gets a Splendid
Testimonial From His Many Old
Neighbors In The City
James J. Gaffney won out in the
city primary by a majority of 217 ov
er Axel Axclson , In last Monday's
election. Mr. Gaffney won a major
ity in every precelnct dr. the city, his
vote in th second ward surprising
Tho vote last Monday was a record
for a primary. A total of 819 vot'es
were cast And all but ten of that nuni
bonr were counted for mayor. The
size of the vote was a surprise for
the dwy was not one calculated to
bring out voters. It' wasi dull and
cold and a sheet of glare Ice covered
the entire city, making walking dan
gerous dn many places. Automo
biles were out to convey the voters
to the polls. As a result a large
number of women voted.
Second Ward a Surprise
The surprise of the day was the
result 1n the second ward where
Gaffney beat Axelson by a majority
of 50 votes. The second is Mr. Ax
elson's old home and It was thought
that be would get his big vote there,
which ho did. It was far from a
majority, however.
Tiie flr.st' ward gave Gaffney a ma
jority of 24 and the third gave him
6 majority of 143 so that be went into
the second ward with a mifllcient ma
jority to overturn anything probable
that Mr. Axelson might pull out in
that ward. It was not necessary to
writ off any of his majority in that
precinct for wben the votes were fi
nally tabulated it was found that Gaff
ney was the favorite
Campaign Was Gentlemanly
The. campaign (between Mr. Gaffney
and Mr.Axelson was one of tho clean
est that has been carried on In Crys
tal Falls. Doth gentlemen are well
known business men and well thought
of. Personalities wero entirely ta
fboood by both sides. The campaign
was based primarily upon the question
of a chango in present city affairs
and it would eeem from the result
that the people want a change.
Mr. Axelson intends to go Into
the election determined to organize
and make a better showing. If he
continues in his 1 determination it
means a lively election for the 4th
day of April when the final test
corn es.
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Farmer Near Aiubenr Saw Water
Wash Out TrackFlagged Train j
Fatting (.'lass In City Hall Theatre
Injured Chester Nettell.
IiHt Saturday night! as Chester Net
tell was calmly sitting in the City
Hall Theatre, watching the show, a
piece of glass fell from th sky light
above and struck him on the nose,
cutting a bad gash dn that organ.
Had the glass fallen a few inches to
ward his 'body It would have struck
film on the head and killed him. The
glass was a piece of the heavy stained
window in the celling and was trian
gular dn shape.
The cause of the glass falling was
due to the action of some small boys
who stole Into the show and climbed
into the attic of the hall. They were
watching the bIiow and ono of the
boys in moving about misjudged his
utep and put his foot through a pane
of glass.
Tho names of several of the 'lad
have been secured and it la quit' pro
bable that their parents will have a
pretty bill to pay ns Mr. Nettell's In
Jury is directly attributable to them.
In addition therp will be a damage
to the window which is considerable.
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From present Indications the stat'e
of 'Michigan will have an empty
treasury about September 1 unless
j-ome action is taken to stave off that
condition. The Mate administrative
board has been buy during the past
week or two devising ways and
means t avert this condition.
The latent proposal, anil ono that
seems t( be in favor, I to levy a
special corporation tax 'designed"' to
raUo about $C.,0K).0Ct) dollars,' the a
nount necessary to carry the ftate
through until next year's taxc are
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The W. IL C. will men with Mrs
Hensky next' Friday afternoon at 2:30
Last Sunday morning as passenger
train No. 3 was speeding along bet
ween Arnberg and I'embine, Engineer
"Hill" Karn saw a man standing in
the middle of the track about 1,000
feet ahead frantically swinging his
hands. The train was stopped and
he told the crew that a wash-out had
Just occurred about a quarter of a
mile further along.
Tho man was taken on the engine
and they moved up to the wash-out,
which wag found to be as represented.
The water was running so swiftly
that' all efforts to block up the track
were of no avail so the train had to
be backed t Kills Jc run to Mari
nette where it was switched onto the
North-Western tracks and) sent a
round via Towers t'o Iron Mountain
where it was switched over onto the
North-Weistern again. The mall ar
rived here at 7:00 oVlock p. m.
Had the man not flagged the train
Mr. Karn says he probably would
have plunged into the hole as a
freight train had Just passed over the
place and for that reason the track
was supposed to be safe. The farm
er, wnose name is stout, saw tne
freight pass over tho place and Im
mediately afterwards the bank gave
away. He knew the passenger was
about due so hastened down the track
to stop dt.
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4 f
Tonight in the City Hall John Shem
ky takes on "Buck" Jackson of Min
neapolis for ten rounds 'of flstcuffs.
TlUs promises to be a very interest
ing fight for the reason that Jackson
comes very highly touted and expects
to repeat his performance of a year
ago when he put Shemky away for the
count in the fourth round) of a sche
duled ten round go. Shemky, how
ever, thlnka otherwise, and tonight
will attempt to reverse the decision
of their former encounter and feels
confident that ho can knock this Jack
son, person for a "goal." He, has
trained assiduously for this bout and
if the manaer in which he disposed of
Ed Sharpe of Green Hay several weeks
ago ds any criterion of his fitness and
ability to deliver tho leep medicine,
then Mr. Jackson can prepare himself
for a very, very rough evening of
milling. It' should be a whale of a
battle. Two prelims betweeji home
boys are, on the card to precede the
main event. The first set-to is be
tween "Al" Annear and Kid Carlson
and in the senil wind-up L. Charron
will mix with "Hattllng Joe" Dunn.
Reports Are That These Underhand
Warnings Have Been Going
On For Some Time
Conditions at Prison Had Hut Not of
the Sensational Kind KeporU'd.
On April 4th, Election day, the peo
ple of tho State of Michigan wilt have
th opportunity to vote on House
Joint Resolution No. 1. This meas
ure provides for a constitutional a
mendment' which calls for a bond is
sue of $P0,000.0(M to pay a bonus to
former service men and women.
The amendment will provide that
every soldier, sailor, marine or en
listed nurse who served for the Unit
ed States shall receive $15 for each
month or major fraction thereof spent
in service between the dat'es of April
6, 1917 and August 2, 1919.
It is estimated that the average
length of servicee of Michigan men
and women was eleven months. There
Is approximately 180,000 men and wo
men who wlll benefit by this amend
ment should it pass by popular rot'e.
The amendment on the ballot will
be worded in substantially the follow
ing form:
"Sec 20. Tho State shall borrow
not to exceed thirty million dollars,
pledge Its faith and credit' and Issue
Its notes and bonds therefore, for the
purpose of paying to each person who
entered into tho military, naval oi
marln forces of the United States be
tween April Cili, 1917, and November
11th, 1918, and served honestly and
faithfully therein during the lite
World War, and who was a resident
of this state at the time of entering
such service, the num. of fifteen dol
lars for each month or major fraction
thereof, f such service, up to and in
cluding August first, 1919.
NO . . .
This measure passed tth Houses
of the Michigan I-cglslaturo with only
one dissenting vote. This lone vote
in opposition, was cast by Hepresentu
tive William Case of Leelanau Coun
ty, who Mated that he believed the
bonus should bo paid by the federal
1 1 should h ard I y be n cce a ry t o
urge all Legion members and ex -service
turn and women to make sure
that all voi'ers who are friends of ex
service men and women to turn out
In lrge numbers on election day and
put this matter across. Let's Go!
Vote "Yes."
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It Is reported that the pumpmen
working at the Tobin mine found two
sticks of dynamite embedded near the
collar of the shaft recently. The
finding of tho dynamite was followed
by the posting, a few nights later, of
warning igns at the shaft in which
it is claimed that' tho writer gave no
tice, under ukull and cross bone
heading, that unless work was start
ed soon somothlng dire would result.
Just how authentic these reports are
or how much their tenor reflect tho
feeling of some of the workmen to
towards the company cannot be fath
omed. It Is claimed petty grievences
against the local management are re
sponsible for the display of force
signs. It was known that! the local
management la in bad, both with the
workmen and the community, but it
wasn't suspected: that the thing had
reached) such a degree.
The Tobin mino was closed down
last fall along with the Dunn mine
and many of the men put at work on
half time at the Odgers. In the se
lection of those to whom half time
work was doled out it Is probable
that hard feelings were engendered.
Nothing to Trille With
However, the significance of the af
fair at the Tobin, if tbey were as
drastic as it is claimed they were,
ought not be passed over lightly by
this community. Whatever may be
one's feelings against persons, tho
lives nndi property of others ought' not
bo put in Jeapordy and that ds cer
tainly what would bo the case if the
crazy notions indicated by the report
ed findings were carried out. Neither
will any such indications of terror
ism bring a resumption of operations
any sooner. The McKlnney Steel Co.
liko all other Independent mining
companies, have found it necessary
to curtail operations'. They haven't
done It through malice or because
they are advese to operating in Crys
stal Falls. It Is because of general
business conditions which 'they, as
well as others, regret exists.
If, as it Is claimed, the action was
taken because of animosity to the lo
cal management' It is certainly ill ad
vised and will get nobody anywhere.
Is Disgrace to Community
Tho actions at the Tobin are a
disgrace to a community that has
heretofore borne a reputaion of peace
and orderly appeal in cases of griev
ances. It Is tho general opinion that
the thing i tho work of fomelx dy
who Is not entirely right in his head.
At any rate it should be a warning
to our citizens and especially to the
officers to be alert' and put a damper
upon such procedure.
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The man had Just informed the
Pullman agent that he wanted a
Pullman berth.
"Upper or lower?" asked the agent.
"What's the difference?" asked the
"A difference of CO cents In this
case," replied the agent. "The lower
Is higher than the upper. The higher
price is for the lower. If you want
l( lower, you'll have to go higher.
We sell the upper lower than the
lower. In other words the higher
the lower. Most people don't like
the upper, although it is lower on ac
count of it being higher. When you
occupy an upper you have to get up
to g to bed and get down when yon
get up. You can have the lower if
you pay higher. The upper Is lower
than the lower because it is higher.
If you are willing to go higher, it
will be lower."
Hut the poor man had fainted. Ex.
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Following 4s the standing of the
Range basket ball 'team?. Only Range
gnmes were considered in figuring
the percentages. ,
The Marquette prison affairs, which
have been given more or less airing
throughout Michigan during the past
two weeks are Dting given a rest
thlg week, the legislative committee
having completed Its labors and gone
back to Lansing.
From one in. a position to know
The Diamond Drill learns that the
real bad featuro of the affair is the
relation of tho prison management
t'o the prisoners in a financial way
It seems that the most of the defal
cation has been with the money which
the prisoners earned and! had on de
posit with the Institution West, the
defaulting bookkeeper, was supposed
to have a record of every penny ot
this money but It develops that no en
entries were made in tbo books for
several years. He kept the accounts
on memo Or in his head. Tho only
record that the board had to go on
waa a stack of memos about a foot
thick. These, havo been entered in
tho 'books and soon the prisoners will
be given a statement of their ac
count. It i3 expected that more or
less friction will arise when this ad
Justment la being made, as it is cer
tain that many errors shortages and
overpays will be made.
We are told that the state will not
in all probability, lose anything
through West's operations as ample
security hals been turned over.
Contrary to reports the condition
of the prison so far as general clean
liness is concerned is good xs good
as can be expected with fhe over
crowded condition that exists. Last
week there were 160 prisoners sleep
ing in the corridors of the prison and
not another cot could be put in. Pri
soners are being received daily so
that the condition Js fierce.
The board! has mado a demand for
a cell block but so far they have re
ceived scant encouragement from the
legislature. It is reported that un
less relief Is obtained the board will
refuse to accept any more prisoners
and thus the matter will be brought
squarely up to the fttate.
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Miss Helia Petc,rson, daughter of
Mrs. Mary Peterson, a former Crystal
Falls resident, is the winner of the
Penmanship contest "which was held
by Urown'a Business Colleges, Iiloora
ington, HI, this month.
Miss Peterson Is a graduato of the
Crystal Falls High School and has the
distinction of not only being the best
student writer in tho Ilrown organi
zation at tho present' time, ibut has
also made the wonderful record of
not being absent nor tary at' any ses
sion for the past fourteen months.
Since going to Bloomlngton, Miss
Peterson has mado many friends, and
is held in the highest esteem by her
teachers and the student body of the
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The results by precinct In last Mon
day's election is as follows:
For Mayor
Precinct Gaffney
1 39
2 217
3 256
True Statemen tot Oil Exploration
Near WMtedale, In Schoolcraft Co.
Small Mills Will Be Pressed Into
Service This Year To Save
Logs From Spoiling
Logging operations in this vicinity
are wound up. A few stragglers are
1 raying out ties and small stuff which
they were unable to get out while
slflghlng lasted but in the main there
Is little or no logging work now (be
ing done and the large numher of men
that were employed in the industry
are idle.
Jacks are moving about freely seek
ing work which ds mighty scarce and
places that were logging centers are
reporting a lot of idle men on the
The past sea-son has differed very
much from others in that' while there
is a large harvest of woods products,
but very little of the output has been
put on cars for shipment.
High Kates the Canm?
One reason for this condition with
buyers who have contracts with log
gers is the fact that the exceptionally
high freight rates pile up money fast
and with tho present high money
market the disposition is to allow logs
to stand at the aiding until the mill
is ready for them, especially logs that
mnst bo shipped a long distance.
Jobbers who sold early and whose
contracts were not cancelled; are in
luck. Many small Jobbers who got
out logs expecting to sell them on the
general market are stuck there are
no buyers.
A great many of these men are figur
ing on using portable mills to cut the
logs that are liable to spoil into lum
ber. Most of the hemlock will be
carried over unless dt can be sold at
a price that will at least bring back
new dollar for an old one. The
pulpwood men wero here during the
week and some small sales were
made but at prices tliat are no attrac
tion. x .
The lumber market is looking up
If volumo can bo considered a symp
tom of Improvement. Prices even in
the retail end are away down, espec
ially in tho soft woods. The reason
for this is that yellow pine is being
thrown on the market' at a scandal
ous price. This naturally effects the I
sale of otker soft woods, especially I dard
Stnmbaugh ..
Crystal Falls
Norway . , . .
Iron Mountain
Florence ....
Iron Hlver ...
G12 295
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Will all cx-servlco men who have
received a war record Wank or letter
asking for Information kindly attend
to thLs at once as I have until the
last day of this month to complete
this work.
County Historian.
The Importance and neces
sity for a Spring clean-up Is
recognized all over the coun
try, and it is hoped that you
will fall in line, clean up
your property and urge your
neighbor to do the same.
Fiver y ity and village ac
cumlate piles of rubbish and
dirt during tho winter
months anil only the co-operative
effort on tho part of
each individual will get the
accumulations moved and the
city put in a wholesome, san
itary condition.
The city officials have been
urged and will do their part
in making our town a dean,
healthful place to live and
attractive to the many vaca
tion tourists who visit' m
during .the summer months.
Health Officer.
the hemlock which has to compete
with that wood' in the big markets
The Increased freight rates are
having their effect In stlfflnlng the
market, but It Is reflected mainly In
higher prices for construction work.
Sales to the automobile Interests are
being made In fair sizes. A sale of
about f0 cars of hardwood to the
F'ord Interests was made by a Detroit
dealer last week, the condition being
that some of the lumber must be in
the kiln in a short time. The bulk
of the -shipment comes from the cop
per country where It has le.cn In pile
a long time.
Prices are not the only difficulties
that sellers of lumber are meeting
with. New terms of payment, .some
of them being so severe as to impose
a CO-day dlsconnt period nr asked.
Kveryone Is trying to avoid financing
at tbe high rates that rule In money
market so the manufacturer Is pass
ing the burden on to the raw mater
ial man.
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A raid was made upon the old Sul
livan restaurant at Iron Hlver one
day last week. Nothing of an In
criminating nature was found In the
At various times during the past
winter articles have appeared In tho
press relavtive to an exploration for
petroleum at Seul Ciioix (pronounced
sish-wah) point in Schoolcraft" coun
ty. Many of the statements are
greatly exaggerated but all of them
have more or less fact connected with
The Diamond Drill happens to know
the Inside of the affair but was pledg
ed to secrecy until the operations
commenced. The credit for tho exis
tence of petroleum being suspected to
exist in this section must be given to
tho State Geological Department. In
their report of tho limestone areas
of the state they cover, among other
places, the point which Jutts out Into
lake Michigan east of Manistlque and
Is known under the name pronoun
ced so differently from the way it Is
The information given was seized
upon by I L. Linton, of Saginaw, a
young man who was connected with
the oil explorations in the. Saginaw
valley. Do Is a son of Tax Commis
sioner Linton, Is an ex-service man
and well known among the array men.
He was employed In the state high
way department at the time he ran
across the geological report.
Anticline Exists There.
The notablq thing about the forma
tion is that an anticline exists in tho
Tenton limestone which is discernab
1c on the little peninsula that JuttR
out into tho Make. The eastern end
of the upper peninsula is one great
field of limestone.
The anticline is to oil bearing for
mation what the fault or folding Is to
the Iron bearing formation. It (a a
sort of folding which forms a reser
voir at which tho oil is caught and
held in a sort of an underground
lake, fed by tho various arteries that
radlatQ out through the Trenton layer
to great' distances
Tho formation at the point con
tains tho following layers: A top lay
er of dolomite, beneath, that the Man
Istlque limestone, then the Hendricks
limestone, next a layer of Rochester
shale, then Clinton limestone, next a
layer of Medlne shale followed by a
layer of Medina limestone. The next
Is a thick layer of Utlca and Lorraine
shale and under that lies the Tren
ton limestone, the oil reservoir.
It is claimed by tho geological de-.
partment that the only place where
the anticline exists to that! it can be
plainly discerned is on Seul Cholx
The first thing Mr. Linton did after
assuring himself that an anticline ex
ists at the Point was to quietly tie up
on option a lot of the most valuable
lands In that vicinity. He Intended
to get all of them but his work leak
ed and some Manlstlque parties lm
mediately got busy and brought Stan-
011 representatives to the dis
trict. What their effort will amount
to Is not known.
Mr. LlutVm then associated- with
himself a practical oil driller who had
an outfit and was at the time engag
ed in drilling In Canada, The out
fit has been moved to the point and
l.i now being made ready for work.
It Is expected that a determining holo
will he down to the Trenton field by
the middle of the summer.
Mr. IJntnn and hi essociates are
selling stock In a corporation known
as the Schoolcraft County Oil Devel
opment Co. When in Crystal F'alls
last fall Mr. Linton was very saug
luno that he wouTd show up oil in
that' place. His company is purely
a development concern organized for
the purpose of putting down the test
hole. It costs a fmall fortune to
rig up and sink a hole for oil.
Should they nhow up oil at the
Point 'here Is great possibility all a
lonK t:e anticline If It ran be follow
ed. The Point, however, seems to be
the place most favorably located for
petting a well of value If any o l rx
lMH in the. rock there.
Head the AN
There is going to he h red hot con-
place but the raid Wt a sequel tha! jt'-xt in this township. t) hot an elec
ts both amu-lng and serious.
One 'f the deputies, while maklnr
earch on the pretnK-es, laid bN gun
down and when he came to l"k for It
the gun had disappeared If M-ems
that" one of the habitues ol the place
picked up the weapon end tu.t'fe off
with it. The fellow sold the "in t"
another Iron Hlver man for $2.00.
When tho deputy found that his
gun was gone his Ire was aroused s'
he ytt out in a still hunt for It sin!
finally located It. He trarfd it back
to the fellow who Mole If end that
man he arreste-1 for stealing. He
then returned to tho fellow who
bought the gun and arrestetf him for
carrying concealed weapons. Here
after the guns of deputy slierlfT's will
bo left alone in Iron Hlver, even
though the deputy happened to lay
bis gun carelessly aside for a time.
t!on as has been held In a long time.
At the primary John Omtafsori lat
Tcni CorbeJt for supervisor ' v o:ie
vote. Corhett U now runr.l -. on
sllpi and every nose in the township
Is being counted In an effort to win
on either Ide.
Tln-re wore 11.1 vote ;i t vn th"
recent primary. It U probaVo that
closo to 12." vote wii be ran at th''
election. Manslcld people know how
to use flipn and they are all r.-Meu- i
mate politician.
Tlie contest in that towjiah'v '1
be wjite'u I v. ith lutcre-t by all il-ks
to the controversy.
Head the Ad --"-
I. W. Dyers and Oeorgr l.Ushop
were Crystal Palls ; visiters bt Wed
nesday In attendance it a meeting of
the Iron County Agricultural Commission.

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