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51th Year No. 13,
Subscription $3.00 per year.
Contract For Up-to-date Structure
Will be Let lust as Soon as
Bids Can be Secured
The location of the now theatre
building which Mr. U J. Bregger
Intends to build in Crystal Falls has
been settled. It will be built on the
prewnt Ue. A combination, has
bewi mado by Mr. Bregger with the
Crystal Fulls National Hank, where
by tlie hank secure a frontage of 43
feet in front. Mr. Bregger retains
12 feet frontago for entrance pur
poses and takes a chunk off the rear
of the bank lot 90 feet long and the
entire width of the lot. This will
give Mr. llregger an opera house CO
X 90 feet in dimensions with an en
trance 12x50. It will give the Crys
tal Falls National Hank a building
48x50, all of it on the front of the
The deal looks like an excellent
combination for both parties inter
ested. Hank Will Improve Also
The deal means that more work
will be done than simply the building
of a theatre. It means that the bank
will now go ahead with its original
plans of putting up a brick wtaM on
the, west lde, of veneering with brick
the east side and of putting in a new
front that will bo an ornament to
the city.
The directors of the Crystal Falls
National, havo been anxious to do
something ever lnce they started to
complete the, plana that they had In
mind when the bank building was
purchased, but the conditions reign
ing and the inability to get what room
they needed ha held theni back.
Tba bank people are progressive
and expect to put up a building that
the peoplo of Crystal Falls will be
pleased with.
Working on Plans
Mr. Lockhart, the Minneapolis ar
chitect?, came hero last Wednesday
and mado a survey of the property
for th0 purpose of getting at the plans
Ho returned to Minneapolis that night
for th0 purpose of getting busy at
onco so that1 the plana may bo out In
the shortest posslblo time.
We are told by Mr. Bregger that
tho building will ibe of the latest fire
proof construction, with all modern
lighting and other conveniences for
serving the Crystal Falls public in a
way that cannot be excelled.
Will I'se the Tno
Mr. Bregger told a Diamond Drill
reporter that he expects construction
work to start about May 1; that It' is
his intention to havo the work rush
ed so that the house may be ready for
opening by November 1 at the latest.
The construction work will Inter
fere with tho, performances at the
Gem but the I'no, upon which Mr
Bregger has n lease, will be pressed
into service while the Gem Is being
The theatre people have to cut the
back CO feet off the bank building and
this work will be done among the
first activities fk as to free tlie part
now In use for tho foundations which
inu.t be put in.
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Mr. Km.il Kronqulst of Crystal Fulls
and Miss Maude Johnston of Ensign,
Mich., wero married at Escanaba last
Saturday evening lu the presence of a
number of friends and relatives of
the contracting parties.
The young people came to Crystal
Falls Sunday and on Wednesday ev
ening left for a wedding trip through
lower Wisconsin and Michigan that
will laRt about two weeks.
Miss Johnston spent a number of
years In Crystal Falls, In the post
office, where tdie met many of our
peoplo and was universally liked for
her courteous- way. Her home 4s at
Knslga, ft small place near Ksennaba,
whcro lier family is among the most
respected) of the community.
Mrv. Kronqulst Is the geological en
gineer of the M. A. Hanna interests
and u young man of , ability and
energy who has mule i host of
friends In Crystal Falls during his
residence here, Mr, Kronqulst has
proved -himself to bo a'.' valuable till
ren of the community, ever ready to
n!vit in nny public waj that ho'-1
able. He i-taml '"'.high in his pro
fession. Ho comes from Mtdl'on.
Wise, where he graduated, from the
University nt that' place.
The young people will make their
Lome In Crystal Falls.
BIjJ Delegation From Marquette, Iron
.Mountain and Ehcuuaba Here
Tho Installation of a Rotary Club
in Crystal Falls will take place at
the Club rooms this evening. District
Director Kaye and a delegation of 18
are expected from Marquette 'Willi
other Rotarian delegations from. Iron
Mountain and Escanaba coming to as
oist at the institutional functions.
Tho local committee having in
hand the arrangements for the even
ing consists of W. II. Bezln, Herbert
Larson, Ceorge Brotherton, Murray
Biddell and A. L. Burrldge. They
have arranged with Terry Behan to
take charge of the feed which will be
tho main feature of the event.
The object of a notary Club Is ser
vice to the community and whoever
becomes a member pledges himself
to devote hi attention to the com
munity. One of the requirements is
that a weekly meeting be held at
which a lunch Is nerved. Members
positively must attend weekly.
The Ilotary Club, as noon as It gets
to forking will 'begin the addition of
more members, the laws allowing the
udditlon of three members per
Head the Ads
Colonel John If. Bersey, adjutant
general of Michigan, i9 anxious that
the adjutants of veteran organiza
tions over all the st'ate send him the
names of all their members, divided
Into three classes to represent the
different branches of the service in
which the men served- They are re
quested to send the names of all the
men who served in the army In one
list, those 'who served In the navy in
another list and those who served in
the marine corps in tho third. When
thta Is done blanks will be sent to
the organizations to be filled out.
In Detroit the adjutants of the
different veteran organizations are
requested to send in their names,
divided into three classes, to Harry
C. Lear, secretary of the Veterans'
Bonus Comnidttee of Wayne County,
2334 Second boulevard.
Colonel Bersey estimates that a
bout 110,000 Michigan men were in
ducted into the army, 40,000 volun
teered for service 15,000 served in
the nuvy and 3,000 In the marine
corps,, and that there were between
C.0O0 and 20,000 commissioned officers.
It has been decided that none of the
bonds will be issued) to the soldiers
g bonus money. Governor Groesbec.k
and Colonel Bersey believe tliat issu
ing part of the bonds to soldiers
would Interfere with tho sale of the
bonds. It Is believed it will be better
to sell the bonds in one lump to one
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Senator Lemlre Would Help Settlers
Starting on New Land
Farmers In this state, who may not
have lands suitable for tilling, and
yet which, under better conditions,
might produce foodstuffs will have
state aid. should a bill bo Introduced
by Senator W. A. Lemlre of Kscana
ba, bo passed.
Under the bill, farmers of tho
state, might appeal to the county
board of supervisors for aid in clear
ing their lands for farming purposes.
A group of farmers who desire to
have their land? cleured could appear
before their respective boards of nup
ervlsors and a contract for the work
might be let lor the entire number.
It Is provided under the measure
that farmers owning not more than
40 acres of land could not have more
than 20 cleared by state aid for pro
ducing purposes and in proportion
up to 160 acres.
The supervisors would pay tho bill
n contracted and would allow tho far
niers 15 years to meet their debt, un
der the measure. One of the princi
pal objectives of the bill would be
to aid the tettlers in tho state who
might Invade tho upper sections of
tho stale which are not ready for
farming and are In need of clearing.
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Legion Started Moirment For Club
Lat Tuesday Evening
Crystal Falls and Alpha are going
In for a Joint base ball club again this
year. That much was decided nt the
Legion meeting held last Tuesday ev
ening. The nucleus of the club Is here, in
fact an entire club is In Right -if Mr,
Kinder can bo prevailed upon to
spend the summer 4n CryM.il Falls.
A meet in of the citizens of the
ccmimmify' dntetested in bae bill
will' bo bid next Tuesday evening at
which arrangement will be mud" t'
puh tho organization of a club. . Tfie
meeting will be held In the di!
- Bend tlie Ads
Mr. 11. C. Bradley went to Duluth
last Monday on business returning
the latter part of the week.
A Series of Resolutions Defining
Purposes and Ideas Were
The second meeting of the Iron
County Alliance was held at tho town
hall In Iron Hlver last Mouday night.
The meeting had a dual complectlon
in that a land clearing meeting was
held also.
A number of farmers and other,'
were present, at least one-half of the
audience being laboring men.
The meeting was called to order
by President Dyers In an interesting
talk in which he outlined the objects
of the association. He pleaded that'
the member who had enrolled them
selves under its banner take the
thing serious and that they tackle
the problems that we are faced with
with determination.
One feature of the evening was a
splendid address by a traveling
salesman, a Rtranger who happened
into the meeting and whose remarks
were well phrased and exceptionally
well timed.
The secretary read the minutes of
the public meeting at' Crystal Falls,
after which the business of the even
ing was taken up.
The following resolutions were pre
sented to the meeting on the recom
mendation of the board of directors
and were, after discussion of each,
unanimously adopted:
Kcisolutlon No. 1.
RESOLVED, That every dollar of
public money should be given the
widest distribution; that all compen
sation to public officers be reduced to
the minimum allowed by law; that'
no extra compensation be allowed
to any public officer; that in times
like these service to tho people must
be paramount.
Resolution No. 2.
HESOLVED, That In the, opinion of
this meeting, every American citizen,
resident of Iron county ehould be
given preference In all employment,
both public and private business in
tho county, and that rio person of
draft age bo, given employment any
where in the county as long as there
are ex-service men or married men
residents of Iron county qualified for
4he places to be filled or out of em
ployment, and that! our directors take
the most drastic measures that this
resolution be enforced.
Hesolution No. .X
HESOLVED, That all lownshlp rood
work bo let In accordance with the
law and that tbese contra eta be ko
let that the greatest number of peo
ple get employment, ,and that all
t'ownshlp road work be done efficient
ly; that the people of tho county use
these roads after they are made and
it. Is to their dnterast that the county
and townships have good roads.
Hesolution No. 4.
WHEREAS: There are some mer
chants, blacksmith and other In the
county who do not know that prices
havo been reduced or that the mines
hare leen closed;
That this meeting instructs dt board
of directors to devise some method of
publicity of the price at which stan
dard articles of consumption are sold
In Iron county and dn neighboring,
counties and a!o the wholesale price
Resolution No. ..
HESOLVED: That all public mon
eys be spent for the purpose for
which they are raised; that the Jug
gling of funds by transferring them
from one fund to another be Flopped.
Hesolution No.
HESOLVED. That tho deposit of nil j
public moneys be let on bid In ac
cordance with tho law.
ltfntutlon ' N
WHEHEAS, For twenty years the
American people t the berk of ev
ery cheap politician have been "rid
ing" the railroads for which abue
Wo now pay every time we turd
train or receive ft pound of freight.
That Iron county has been happily
free from this tendency, but. lately
there hn been an inclination to
"ride" tho minim; companies which
fr",(!"iicy Is to be deplored.
' i That the mining companies. arc1 not
Prfert Imt they have led th way.
They brought the railroads Into the
county. You and I are here becauve
there is a chance to live off th" money
left' in the rommnn'tles by the min-1
Ing companies. That Jt Is worth while
comparing Iron county with those
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RsuVd Oier Wisconsin and Lower
MJchigau Last Saturday Night
Think of the upper peninsula enjoy
ing clear skies- while lower Wisconsin
and the lower peninsula of Michigan
was covered with snow to a depth
varying from one, to three feet. That
was the . condition that reigned last
Saturday and it is the second time
this month that such a condition has
Snow commenced falling last Fri
day night in lower Michigan and
Wisconsin. All Saturday it fell and.
driven by a hurricane gale, it piled
up in railroad cuts to the depth of
eight or ten feet, stalling trains that
attempted to go through.
Snow plows were hurriedly brought
out and set at' work so that by early
Sunday morning most of the stalled
trains had been released. Tho North
Western seems- to have suffered most
from tho storm. It's Sunday train
didn't get to Crystal Fall until about
four o'clock dn tho afternoon. The
St. Paul was not hit so hard but its
trains were about thrco hours late.
Tho storm is said to havo been
similar to that! of 1881 when traffic
was Interrupted for a week on all
Wisconsin roads. This is tho sec
ond storm that has raged south ot ut
and whdeh we escaped altogether.
The southern limit of the snow belt
was about at Kenosha, Wisconsin,
and Jackson, Mich. Tho northern
line was at' Oshkosh, Wis, and Bay
City, Michigan.
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20,000 War Bead EJther Hack or
Rcftdj to b Shipped
Twenty thousand bodies of Amer
ican soldiers who fell in France eith
er have been shipped to the United
States or are in process of being re
turned for burial in their native
country, says a Farla dispatch.
With 102 officers of the American
army and a personnel of more than
2,000 men working night and day in
many sections of France, tho graves
registration service of the American
army has reached a point where, it is
possible to forward 4,000 bodies a
month. The work of sending &ack
the 52,311 bodies designated for inter
ment in America will be completed
by the ned of next October, If present
plans are fulfilled.
Bodies of Americans have been
taken from every cemetery in the
south of France. Tho greater part of
the effort Is being concentrated in the
zone of the armies the Argonne, etc.
77 bodies of American soldiers who
died in Italy will bo removed to the
United States next month.
The graves registration service Is
working. in Berlin on arrangements
for shipping 30 bodies of American
soldiers who are buried In vurlous
parts of unoccupied Germany. This
latter work was rendered difficult be
cause the location of many of the
graves was unknown.
An expert has been going over Ger
man burial records In Berlin several
weeks and virtually all graves have
been found. The, German government
has afforded every facility to the
graves registration service
More than 20,000 bodies will be
buried in the four permanent ceme
teries which the American govern
ment "will maintain dn France.
The Fine Arts Commission of the
American War5 Memirial jcouncil,
has arrived in Paris for a series of
meetings and a tour of inspection of
the permanent cemeteries. Th
commission has in contemplation'
plans for beautlficatlon of cemeteries
and will determine the character of
headstones to be used and the general
decorative scheme to be followed.
The commission probably will consult
with the leading Wench landscape ar
tists. Head the Ads
Casper Bauer Informed us during
the week that the cut of 10 In farm
machinery which was declared by the
International Harvester Co. last week
has been put Into effect at all of the
sub-agencies in the country.
Bauer & Son represent the Inter
national Agency in Crystal Falls and ,
their big line of machinery win
marked down as a result of the cut.
Thf display of machinery, mention of
which was mado last week, Includes
harrowsdisc, spring toth and spike :
tooth plows', cultivators, manure
spreaders, wagons, potato planters,
etc. ' '
Head the M
The next 'regular examination for
teachers of Iron county will b held
on April 2Sth, 2Dth and 30th. Tho
examination will b conducted In the
Court Houo in tho City of Crystal
Fall, also In the High School bulll
Inn In the Village of Stambaugh.
Com'r. of School.
Head the Ads
On Sunday next, April 24th. there
will bo one mass only In Crystal
Fall, at ten o'clock. First mass and
Easter confessions In Alpha.
Commissioner Mottes Resigned
and Bjork Intends to Follow
Suit if Necessary
Mayor Gaffney was confronted with
a trap laat Monday night when ho
took his office under the charter pro
vision with thQ Intention of making
his appointments and setting salaries
for the coming year.
Tho trap was set by the resigna
tion of Commissioner Mottes as a
member of tho commission. The res
ignation of Commissioner Bjork was
In but it was not presented that ev
ening and Mr. Bjork agreed to hold
his office until a third commissioner
could be selected. The meeting was
adjourned without date.
As Commissioner Bjork Is out of the
city and will be gone for a week or
ten days there Is little probabllltf that
anything will be dono this month.
A third commissioner was not se
lected Monday evening, so no quorum
of the commission can be had to do
Sanders the Stform Center
The storm rages around Mr. San
ders. Mr. Gaffney interprets the
mandate of last election to be the
dismissal of Saunders. Mr. Bjork Is
an out and out Sanders man and he
is iulraired for taking a stand even
by the opponents of Mr. Sanders. Mr.
Mottes didn't want lb take sides and
refused to act any longer on the
It seems that Mr. Gaffney Informed
the other two commissioners last
week that it was his dntentlon to
move for the ' dismissal of Mr. San
ders and that he favored leaving the
offico vacant for a time, making Will
Lynch acting manager to let him
demonstrate If he can manage the
Job as efficiently as Sanders can. If
ho so demonstrates, dt Is Mr. Gaff
ney's purposq to advocate making
him manager next year; if not to
look around and get another man to
fill tlie position.
Mr. Sanders has friends in town
who claim that It is unfair to pull him
out at this time when he has no Job
In sight and times are so dull that
the prospects of getting one Is very
remote. They have decided to fight
to tho very last ditch tho letting out
of Mr. Sanders and with them are
aligned some other appointive officers
whose tenure of office is extended
by the ruse which has been worked.
Mr. Mottes Is an ex-servico man
and was chosen to tho commission
a year ago by the efforts of tho ex-
nervlce men. Mr. Lynch, who Is
proposed for the acting managership.
Is also an ex-service man." The sold
ier boys are very active, especially
for the appointment of Norman Olson
to the treasurer's office. Mr. Mottes
couldn't very well vote against his
comrades without' incurring their
criticisms and enmity. At the same
timo he was being Importuned by the
friends of Mr. Sanders to not separ
ate a man from his bre.id-and-butter
at this time. Mr. Mottes was subject
ed to a great deal of buffeting by
IkHIi ldes and seems to have fallen
into the very trap which the cunning
ones set to tie up Mr. GatTney's
hands, and hold everyone In office -ho
BJorks Hesitation In Abeyance
Mr. Bjork filed h resignation with
tho clerk but it was not presented to
the c-cmmisflon last Monday night.
Mr. Bjork was present and acted h
far as a consideration of the claimr
presented to the !oard were concern
It Is underwood thit he Intends tc
present bis resignation at a late,
date. In the mean timo where L
the city at?
City At'torney Dwyer was., present
at tho meeting and upon l-ing asked
by Major Gaffney If the appointment!,
can be made at a subsequent rnee'lng
ho replied that they can so be made.
Others hold that appointments .-cannot'
be made after May 1, nor can sal
aries bo changed. It Is not likely,
however, that any such a contention
will hold as it ds a common usage to
perform any such duties at subse
quent meetings provided they have
been pasd over or prevented at' a
former mtlng.
Some claim that Mr. Gaffney Is
sewed up for a year, as the charter
does not provide for special elections.
Ejnrh Man of Leisure
In the mean time agitation is be
ing fanned to a fever heat by stories
Lot Turchne In Hands of K, It. Webb
To Be l'erfertat Soon
There is much progress being mado
dn tho matter of the starting of the
new hotel project. Int week tea
men got together and put up the mon
ey with which to purchase lots for the
hotel. The money was placed with
Mr. H. B. Webb who was given auth
ority to see Mr. Hobinson and If pos
sible purchase from him the old
Lockwood lots at a valuation which
those putting up tho money think
fair. If Mr. HoWnson will not como
across for a fair price, ome other
lot will bo purchased. Mr. Hobin
son has been askins $7,500 for tho
lots and this the committee thinks is
too much in comparison with what
lots can he had for elsewhere. In fact
if the peoplo want to build the hotel
dn tho lower end of tho city lots can
bo had for nothing.
It Is tho general opinion that if tho
old lots can be had at a fair prico tho
hotel should go there but If Mr. Rob
inson holds to an oufslde price, it will
go elsewhere.
The lots will bo purchased by tho
ten men who will hold them In trust
1 w I iit innti asouviuiiuu nuu mill
them over at tho price acquired to
ik. l.i.i . ... v. ..i rt..
wit? auu'i cuuiuuy (it'U luriueu. uy
this method of procedure, tho work of
clearing up the lots may be started!
without waiting for the fulll returns
of the subscriptions. It also wllowa
tho managing committee to keep
faith with those who have paid In
their money on the promise that their
money will be kept dntact and re-
turned to the donera in caso the ho
tel project flashes. In such an em
ergency tho ten men will have tTm
lots on their hands but they are will
ing to take the chance so as to get
tho work going.
Head the Ads-
Tho Thomas Farrell Tost of Alpha
has been Invited by the local Post to
participate in the Memorial Day ex
ercises which will be held here on
that day. Tho plans are to havo all
ex-service men appear in uniform and
parade to the cemetery whero tho
services and ceremonies In honor ot
tho dead will tako place.
Tho following Spanish-American
War veterans have been made hon
orary members of the Iouls Bowman
Meade LaPIante and Hiram Frlh-.
ley, our two remaining Civil War
veterans, were accorded this testi
mony of respect and esteem some
timo ago.
Dave Mendelson has been elected
manager of the Alpha-Crystal Falls
base ball team for the coming season
and Phil Shaw has consented to act
as coach and in an advisory capacity
during tho games by directing from
the-bench. At the Legion meeting
next Tuesday evening tlie base ball
situation will be more fully discussed
and steps taken to get the team or
ganized, games scheduled, grounds
groomed and prnctico started. All
business men and base hall fans are
extended a cordial Invitation. Pleaso
bo present, Jt will help to build up
the moral of the team and manager.
A special invitation Is extended to the
Alpha fans. The line-up is the samo
as last year with one exception. Pit
cher Evans will not 'be with us this
year, but .manager Mendelson has re
tained Kinder, who made a very good
showing last year,
i The line-up.
Kinder p.
Williams c.
Dcmarsky a. b. '
D. Klnney-.lb.
H. Johnson ks.
Win. Johnson r. f.
Annear c. f.
J. Kinney 1. f.
A flr&f. da team needs first class
purport, LclN (Jo!
Read the Ads-
KnutI Nelson Informs us that bo Is
contemplating moving to - Mt'nomlnT
in the near future. Mr. Nelson hi
been a resident of Crystal Falls for n
long lime and hi old neighbors re
gret to nc him leave us.
that are bandied about and happen
ings at the city hall. Mr, Lynch re
ported on Tuesday that -he ws toll
by ' his cubordlnatc that they were
told not to take any order frm htm
and. that he, himself,-was receiving
none, ho that he was practlcnllv r
man leisure on the city p.iv roll.
It is probable that all these mart"
will work out In de time and lr-d
n't pay to Z t excited, Mr. P' rk's
position In coming ojt flaf-frv-f ,i for
Mr. Samlets and standing by I.N gum
is commended, even by tuo o whi
seek Mr. Sander's removal.
In tho mean time fno plan- for street
work and of giving e.vtr i employ
ment to Idle men this summer aro
all In tht air. ' i

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