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I'oor Cur Sertlce Had !Jajd Ship
jueuts During the Last Week
Log shipping about Alpha Is getting
brisker and the big titock of logH that
liave been linked on all sides of us
arc gradually dissolving.
The Johnson Bros., who have two
million feet banked north of the Ma
tion, hav orders lo ship 800,000 feet
and started yesterday at the work. It
U probable that before they get that
order pent forward there will be word
to shin the balance.
William Holmes had been patiently
loading out the Holmes &. Co. logs
-when cars were available. Aiinougn
he has been loading three weeks he
has had but twelve car. Last Ihurs
day more showed up and It looks as
If there will be a temporary relief In
the car situation.
Paul Schook is loading out a lot of
mining tlmebf at his docks near Mas
todon. Mr. Schook is also complain
dnjr of car service. This general com-
plaint on service at a time when the
railroads are crying o hard for bus!
Head the Ads
union cant m: ykiiihi:i
The rumor started hero last week
lo the effect that the Cleveland-Cliffs
Co. has started work clearing for
shaft at their property north of the
village can't be verified and dt' looks
ns though the tdory has been manu
factured out of whole cloth.
It Is generally felt that the C. C
company will before long do some
thing at the property and lntima
tlons from thoso who are In position
to know ecms to bear out that opin
ion but so far as there being any work
done upon the property thero Is noth
ing in the statement.
Head the Ada
Iron Itlver has deserted fast time.
The community was placed on the fast
time schedule Monday morning. An
inquiry made through the school
Children disclosed the fact tliat the
majority of the parents are against
t&H time, so at 5:00 o'clock p. m.
announcement was made that old
time Would be resumed and so It was.
Alpha Is the only place In the county
on fast lime.
Head the Ads
Dave Schoffman went to Chicago
last' Wednesday on a business mis
sion and there Is an absence of news
this week as a result. Dave's tore
is the popular place for meeting In
Alpha and with Dave gone there Is
ii great void in Information.
Harry Anderson got a box car yes
terday and 1s busy today loading his
household goods for shipment to his
Wisconsin home.
Miss Olga Hutula, one of the
school teachers i3 on the sick list
this week.
' :if
The Catholic Ladle Aid gave a
card party at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Lessner last Wednesday evening.
It was very well attended and a fine
time la reported.
One of the nleasantest social, affairs
Alpha has witnessed in a long time
was the farewell reception given Mrs.
Harry Anderson at the home of Mr,
and Mr. John Hubbard last Tuesday
by the women of Alpha. Mrs, An
derson will leave Alpha very noon
for otfier parts and her lady friends
and that means all she came- in con
tact with while a resident of Alpha
gave her a 'testimonial of esteem In
which they hold her In the reception.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will leave
Alpha next week and their many
friends here wish them God speed.
A party or lMckands-Mather ' offi
cial visited the Judson mine last
Tuesday and spent part of the day
looking over the property.
The home talent play given at the
Porter rchool last week Friday even
ing drew a very large house and ev
eryone who attended was loud In
praise of the affair. Miss Irene Olln,
who had charge of the play, 1 com
ing dn for a lot of praise over the way
she directed the show.
Misses Irene and DorU Olln are
both heme, sick, this ween.
Irene was taken 111 Tuesday and the
following day her sister came from
Iron Mountain, where she Is teach
ing school, both of them with the
Walter Westlund and others from
Alpha visited "Camp SC. David" this
week. That Is the name chosen ior
the new businessmen's camp near
lluck Lake. It is unnecessary to
say that tho name Is a compliment to
our fellow townsman and naum-u
Alphaite, David Scliortmaii. u
universally agreed the testimony
paid Dave is well earned but' Paul
ndcrsen says lie doesn t wueic
the "St. comes irom.
Tho Olln show at the Majestic
Theatre was a big success, one or
the biggest crowds ever attending
the theatre was registered that ev
ening. Mr Olln Rave a ire maw...,
to the children during the afternoon
It Is needless to say that the perfor
mance was well attended
Mr Richard Faul of Norway was
a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Helmer this week.
The new Olin Ford truck Is In ser-
vice. It is vised' ior ma'K ur.v.,
to the Dunn mine and surrounding
The Sewing Club choose officers at
its last meeting as follows:
President Agnes HendricKson.
Vice-Pres. Marie Itaher.
Sec.-Treas Miss lieien ugreu.
Th election took place last Mon
day evening when the Club met with
Miss Ogren at her rooms.
Misses Mabel Johnson and Rose
Trudell were Crystal Falls visitors
this week.
Uev. Illckford will preach at the
M. F. Church next hunuay
wnrd hiu been received from Mr.
Carlo Camponl that he sailed for
America on tho 23rd inst.. and he I
expected home about the first of next
Condensation by
Alfred S. Clark
W...AAAA.V..VAA.V.v.v.,A.. KJ
T Jimfi Pralmore Cooprr'a boy
bo4 may be trarrd hla grata tor
plrtarlaa; primnil foreata and idvm.
(area alive with thrill. Som of a hardy
aad vlarorona ploaeer, be lived by a
raaalaa; a (ream at the very edge of a
deep, myaterloua wllderaeaa, la which
larked wild mea aad wild beaala.
Aboat the arreat roaring Ore ta hla
father' hoapltable ball at mea of In
domitable will and darlaar. They had
rappled with aatare aad with mea
la their moat primitive ferocity. Tbey
told true bat lurid talre of dolnga that
profoaadly attrred the ehlld:a Imagiaa.
tloa. Theee mea risked death aad tor.
couaftyi ao boy J a mea waa aataraU
ed with that patriotism which vividly
rlaga throaich hla Ufa aad characterise
ao clearly bis wrltlaaa. -
Small woader la It that tbla ehlld
later aet blmaelf the taak of dearrlblaic
the froatler aceaea of hla aatlve laad.
aad achieved the famoaa "Leather
atecklaa; Talea which have hladled
the bearta of ao ma ay adveatnre lov
laa; boya. Of tbeae 'The Iathflader
aad 'IJeeralByer" aeemed to Cooper
blmaelf bla beat novela. They were
bath violently aaaalled when they first
appeared, because their author had
ereated ao much peraoaal boatlllty.
For Sale by
Alpha, Michigan.
iirniMir.i Ti Reld was at
this week, assisting his brother who
U in business, thero
Russell (loodney returned to Wau
kesha the first of the week.
motored to
HKN the young hunters.
Deerslayer and Hurry Har
ry, reached the Lake CWlm-
merglas, the Hurons were on the war
path. Floating Tom Ilutter, the only
Rettler on tht lake, knew the redmon's
ways and had built his house on piles,
a quarter of a mile from shore. With
him lived his daughters, Judith, hand
some and flirtatious, nnd Hetty, Vi
young woman with the mind of a child.
Hurry Harry, a handsome giant of tho
woods, had been one of Judith's many
Floating Tom had another home,
the Ark, a crude houseboat propelled
by sweeps and a sail. Here tho hunt
ers found him. As the Ark passed an
overhanging sapling, warriors, be
daubed by war paint, leaped for tho
roof. They fell Into the lake, but
yells nnd pattering bullets from shore
told that they were out In force.
Hutfer was n hardy, fighter, Hurry
had the strength of ten ordinary men,
and Natty Ilumppo had won tho nam
of Deerslayer because of his unerring
aim with the rifle. They might havo
withstood n siege of weeks. Hut Ilut
ter nnd Hurry, tempted by the bounty
for scalps, determined to raid tho In
dian encampment, where they expect
ed to find only squaws nnd children.
Deerslayer refused to Join this cow
ardly warfare. But warriors were In
the ttnts nnd the raiders were cap
tured. Deerslayer, now the sole reli
ance of the girls In Hutter's lake
girdled house, could not attempt their
alarmed the camp. He ran for the
canoe, but as he pushed It off an In
dian landed squarely upon his back.
Deerslayer thought not of himself, but
gave the canoe so powerfuF a shovo
that It gilded n hundred feet away. He
tumbled' Into' the lake, arose with his
assailant, and they floundered In
breast-hlh water. lie was quickly
surrounded, so he surrendered quietly.
Morning came and the Ark Was
wcpt toward the house. The keen
?yes of Hist detected a moccasin float
ing against a pile and Big Serpent was
sure the Hurons were within. Hurry
nnd Hutter laughed at him and clam
ftered Inside through a trap-door.
Hardly were they within, before there
was n heavy full. To the sharp ears
of Big Serpent, the whole house
seemed alive. Now and then an In
dian yell sounded or a deep hollow bel
low from Hurry.
Big Serpent dared not desert the
three girls. Suddenly the door burst
open and Hurry came raging forth
upon the small platform. He stood
panting, eyeing his enemies. Then he
seized one bravo by the waist and
flung him far Into the lake; two oth
ers quickly followed. Four were left.
They were without arms and hnd lit
tle desire to close with this demon. He
kicked one Into the water, he doubled
up another by-n prodigious blow, the
bigger of the two remaining closed
wftfi his wiilte foe. They wrestled
fiercely upon the narrow platform.
Then Hurry raised the redmnn high
above his head, hurled him down and
fell heavily upon hlra. But at that
moment of conquest his arms were
bound from behind. The Indian
whom he had flung Into the lake had
scrambled out In time to pinion him.
As the Ark drifted past. Hist cried
out to Hurry to roll off. He obeyed
and fell with a great splash Into the
1 water,.. Hist threw him a rope, which
he clutched with hands and teeth, the
.bullets of the outwitted Indians fell
hort, nnd Big Serient pulled the ex
hausted giant on board. The Hurons
left the house, and when Judith
reached It her father was dying. Ho
had been scalped while still alive.
The two men were soon Joined by
Deerslayer, who had accepted a fur
lough, promising to return nt noon the
next day If Hist nnd Judith refused
to become Huron squaws. To Hurry's
disgust, Deerslayer nnnouneed that he
Intended to keep his pledge. It meant
death by torture, nnd Hurry could not
understand how honor could drive a
man. Insane. The giant left the lake
stealthily that night but promised to
guide back a company of soldiers.
Judith, having dismissed Hurry for
ever, tried to tell Deerslayer that sho
loved him. But the hunter was so
humble nnd Judith so beautiful that
he could not understand. He knew,
moreover, that Judith had not always
resisted tho caresses of an English
The sun was directly overhead when
Deerslayer strode Iwck Into the Huron
encampment. He haughtily refused to
save his life by wedding tho widow
of a warrior he had shot, whereupon
her brother hurled n tomahawk nt tho
captive. Deerslayer's hnnd shot up
and caught the weapon as It flew. An,
Instant later It drove back and struck
his foe between the eyes.
It gave him his opportunity to cs-
t ' ' "'. ' '
MH! here's THE
THERE arc a lot of car owners in this
neighborhood who could tell you that
we have helped them. save money. Our
welding broken parts kept them from in
vesting their money in new ones. Helping
a man save money is really befriending him
His simple honesty . and modesty rn- As the Indians ran to the dead
made a profound Impression upon Ju
dlth, who had hitherto listened too
willingly to the honeyed words of Eng
lish officers. Her arts were forgotten
In the presence of this native woods
man who was blind to feminine wiles.
Although the Indians had no canoes,
Deerslayer knew that they could
quickly mnke rafts, and he was glad
enough that he had agreed to meet at
the lake that night his dearest friend.
i f.mllv motored to .. . t.
j t hp uwr) ' " f ine young iieiawsre wnrnor, ing oer-
, Ishpeming last Sunday. Mr. ti. nays , M minHPt rnaneuvered the
that half the truth anoui i" ryi Ark n(kftr fhe ron,MVOU!l nn,j nig Ser
from Witch Lake up has not been told . ionped aboard. The bank re
sounded with exultant yells, nnd a
Eaton, Crane & Pike
Whitman's Johnston's
The Teters family arrived In Alpha
yesterday from Urn UReU. The
boys came on Thursday. They say
that the weather 4s frightfully warm
at I)s Angeles. They will make
their hhmo in Alpha in the future
Jimmy l'cters Is relieving the ngent
at Stager this week. He goes to and
from his work from Alpha.
Mrs. Tom Holmes drove over to
Iron lUver last Wednesday, taking
along with her Mrs. Wescott ami Mr
and Mrs, Fredcrlckson.
The Catholic Ladles will give a
Ba.aar and chicken supper Wednes
day April 27th at the Village Hall.
All nre cordially Invited.
Mr. K. C Bradley sold his warehouse
here during tho week to the Crystal
Kails Co-Operatlvo Society of Crystal
Head the Ads
FOH SALE: 40 acres well Umber
ed In Sec. 2.V44-33, convenient to rail
roads, one. mile Irom county road.
Cheap for cash. Also lot In Second
Addition to Crystal Falls, with two
story frame ' house, double cement
basement, 7 rooms with bath on first
floor, C rooms with bath on second
floor, suitable for two families or
rooming house; Prlc0 $3,000. Terms
lo suit buyer. Apply to Ch.irles M.
linger. CryMal Falls, Mich. (H-1G)
socre of savages splashed Into the wa
ter. Deerslayer and Big Serpent bent
to the sweeps nnd, foiled them. Illg
Serpent's hatred of the Hurons was
white hot, for they were carrying Into
captivity his betrothed, the lissome
man's side, he burst away with tho
speed of a deer. Behind him he heard
the savage yells of his pursuers. Bul
lets whistled past, but he ran on un
touched. At the edge of a gully, he
leaped upon a fallen tree, shouted as
If gloating over a free trail ahead, and
then crept beneath the tree. Ills foes
Jumped upon It as they bounded along,
but one after one they raced Into the
gully. Deerslayer doubled back,
reached the lake nnd threw himself
Into the canoe. The paddles were
gone nnd he had to drift, lying flat In
the bottom. Bullets cut the sides,
making peep-holes. Just as he thought
himself safely away, the fickle wind
changed and he was driven back, again
a prisoner.
The Hurons were now enraged.
They bound him and the young war
riors flung tomahawks at Mm, trying
to see how close they could come.
This was but preparatory to the tor-
name. Whether or not It wns Judith,
Deerslayer never knew.
He trod another trail, with Big Ser
pent and Hist, back to the Delawares.
The Hurons long knew his wrath, but
fifteen years passed before he saw
(illmmerglass ngaln. Ills heart beat
faster as he looked through the ru
ined house and Ark, upon that client
sheet of lovely water fringed by deep
woods nnd green hills.
Copyrlrht,1919. by the Tost TuLllahlng
Co. (Tlie neat on real). Copyrljcht In the
United Kingdom, the Dominion. Its Col
onies and dependent!, under the copy
rlRht act. by the Pot rubllh!nif Co.,
ISoaton, Ma., U. B. A. All right reserved.
Thomas W. Lamont, Chairman,
Tells of Relief Administered
and Task to Be Completed.
" I ' " 7 ' tures. Then Judith, desperate In her
IlrSl wrill III lilt- I rji ur "i iiuii'i ,
and Hurrv. She believed that read
ing her Bible to these savages would
soften their hearts. She was allowed
to converse freely with the rnptlves,
for the Indians bad a superstitious be
lief that the gods spoke through those
whose wits were weak. Her pleading
words, however, fell upon deaf ears.
Deerslayer, with keener knowledge of
love, stalked out of the trees to nave
him. Her Impassioned words had no
effect and the flres were kindled nt
Ms feet. Hetty leaped forward and
stamped out the flames. Then Big
Serpent bounded forth, and with a
rapid thrust cut Deerslayer looe. In
bis hands were two rifles, and for a
moment the Hurons were dismayed.
The warrior who had hoped to wed
Indian character, ransomed Hutter , gt hfj kn,fo hf hyt
and Hurry with some Ivory chessmen)
that the redmen deemed Idols.
While the released captives slept
and the girls watched, Deerslayer and
Big Serpent paddled away to rescue
Hlst oh-Hlst. who bad sent word by
Hetty that she would e on a conspic
uous point of land when a bright star
came out over the hilltop. The star
come out. but WH did not appear.
The ..Delaware and his paleface com
rade crept noiselessly to a ridge where
they could overlook the encampment.
Big Serpent chirruped like a squirrel
and I list, guarded by an old hag, was
so suddenly llcnt that they knew she
At last the two women parsed them.
Big Serpent dragged Lis beloved to
ward the ennoe; Deerslnyer clutched
the old woman, but her -"stream
I lint stnick up his hnnd and he fell,
Big Serpent's knife quivering In his
breast. The redmen scattered for their
gun, but now a tramping was beard.
Bedeoats appeared among the trees,
led by Hurry. Deerslayer's rifle
crackled and two Hurons fell. The
rest, cut off from escape, were butch
ered or made prisoners.
Hetty was mortally wounded, but
none of the others were hurt. Judith
flung away her reserve as they were
leaving this scene of bloodshed, and
Implored Deerslayer to mnrry her.
But he remembered her past, and her
beauty could not move him. She
turned away and walked on with the
soldiers. The captain had been her
ardent' wooer of the pnst, nnd rumors
came later to America that on Lis
j grent Hngllh estate lived n lady 'of
The American Committee for China
Famine Fund, according to a state
ment Issued by Thomas V. Lamont,
chairman, has reached the second
itage of Its mission of mercy of send
ing funds from America to feed the
millions of starving famine victims In
the far eastern republic. At the low
est estimate, the statement says, Just
as much more Is needed to carry "the
last o.OOO.OOO" through to the June
harvest as hns already been sent.
Mr. Lamont points out that quick
response by America to appeals mad'
by President Harding and his prede
cessor. President Wilson, has resulted
In such prompt distribution of relief
that the threatened magnitude of the
famine has been checked to a marked
eitent. A continuation of the efforts
so fijr made, It Is declared, will place
the farnln relief for Chins nmonr
America's most effective philanthro
pies. The Waiting Millions
There remain, however, the state
ment shows, a "last o.(X.X,000" to be
saved, and these people can be saved
only by continuous and voluminous re
lief resulting from American subscrip
tions. The statement. In part, follows:
"Quick response to the appeal of the
American Committee for China Fam
ine Fund gives us at the half way
point In our work the cheering nssur
snre that the subscriptions from gen
erous America already have served a
great humanitarian purpose, Inasmuch
ss relief already administered has held
the famine In bounds and made It pos
slide for America to save a multitude
of human beings.
"Whereas early estimates msde It
soem that millions must perlh, we
now are advised that Instead of the
!. 10.000 who,' It was originally fear
ed, were doomed to death from hunger,
relief at present In sight from all
ourees, 'American, Chinese and for
eign Is sufficient to provide scanty ra
tions until the June harvest for all ex
cept ft.ooo.ono people. These iMSt
3,000,000 are destitute, according to
our latest reports from the American
Advisory Committee In Peking and are
dependent for eilstenca upon new
help coming from outside sources, and
this means America.
From All ths Psopts
"It Is. the earnest hope of the Com
mittee that the number of contribu
tions made as well as the aggregate
will be such as to make our bumnnlta
rtnn gift. In a real sense, a gift of the
Atnerlenn people as a whole.
"One way to mnke Individual effort
nnd generosity rontrltuite toward sav
ing China' starting Imputation Js f..r
every one res pons rvd to "ChlmPs
need, in effect, to 'pick a pal
In China for a day.' The thought,
behind this special appeal in connec
tion with the latter rart of our effort
will be for American nwm, women and
rhlldren to choose, figuratively, a Chi
nese famine victim as a friend for a.
day nnd to send what they spend on
day on themselves or an American,
friend to the China Famine Fund ei
ther through local committees, banks
or churches or direct to Vernon Mun
roe, treasurer, Bible House, New York;
"No American Is so poor that he
cannot save a life at the lowest rata
ever quoted, one dollar a month. Life's
quotations fluctuate, sometimes In one
nation, sometimes In another, but the
lower the quotation the greater the
opportunity of humanity, the opportu--nlty
of human beings to save human
life. China Is far away 0,000 miles
but hunger Is hunger, whether around:
the corner or beyond the Pacific.
"We appeal to America to make ef
fective the work alreedy done In;
cheeking the China famine disaster by(
saving until harvest those already
saved from death."
As a practical and popular demon
stration of the sympathy of tho nation
for a sister republic, a "China Famine
Week," to be observed throughout the
United States, has been set for the
eight days from Sunday, May 1, to
Sunday, May 8, Inclusive.
In this week It Is hoped that the
churches nnd civic, commercial and
professional bodies will tako an active,
part. The success of this week will
determine largely the amount of re
lief which can be sent through per
sonal sacrifice to R.OOO.OOO starving
people still dependent on outside aid.
To China
6,000,000 Chinese Famine Victims
Still Need American Help Defore
$1 will save one life one month.
To haaten the work cf relief, thla
newspaper will forward contrlbu
tlona to the local Treasurer, or to
the National Treasurer, China
Famine Fund, Bible House, New
York City.
LONEYi I most heartily endorse the
movement for the relief of the suffer
ing women and children of Ireland
and know that the United 8tates has.
pever wavered because the hearts of
our people are always reaponelre to
an arpeal for suffering humanity of
very lond. Their purses are always
opon to render aid and assistance!
when needed. Ireland now aaks fori
Our help. May her urgent request be
TREADWAYl I have the deerM
sympathy and warmest regard for the
peopla of Ireland and expect the cam
ralgn In behalf of sufferers in thai
country will be entirely suecsiful,
The Unltod States Is always ready an
willing to aid In such worthy ran
ralgna and the people will undoubted
ly to their full share.

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