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31th Year No. 2d.
Subscription $3.00 per jear.
To Be Quartered in The Forest
Park School Building For
The Night Stop
Word was received her last week
from Fddle Fdenburn, tour manager
for the Michigan 'Pikers that the tour
will arrive In Crystal Full at 4:15
on the afternoon of July 14. The
question of caring for the big delega
tion was taken up at' the meeting of
the Rotary Club a week ngo and It
was decide to appoint a committee of
that body to take the initiative In
making tho necessary arrangements
for the enteralnmont of the Pikers
while they are In the city. The com
tnltteo appointed consists of Thomua
Conlln, K. J. Oswald, Dave Mendel
ton, A. L. Rurrldge and others who
will take up the matter of appointing
nub-committees to handle the big af
rair. This general committee met last
Friday night and decided to giro a
barbecue dinner to the Pikers at C
o'clock P. M. on the afternoon of the
Fourteenth. The' Pikers will arrive
from Iron Mountain, where they
spend the noon hour, at 4:15 and set
out to make their preparations for
the night. A delegation of Crystal
Falls citizens will meet tho cavalcade
at Florence, Wisconsin, where a short
stop will be made. This delegation
will escort the travelers to their
camping grounds.
There will be sixty touring cars
and ten trucks In the procession and
over 300 men In the party.
Sleep In School House!
The travelers will carry cots and
bedding with them tho only thing that
they ask is that housing facilities be
given them. When tho Pathfinders
were here they were bo impressed by
.the reception that they got und the
fhowlng of accommodations that
they decided to change the original
plans and stay over night at Crystal
Fall instead of Iron Mountain.
In tho meantime tho people of
the city will be preparing the bar
becue which will be nerved In the
school park adjacent to the school
building. Tho committee selected Phil
I). Shaw to take charge of making
the meal. The arrangements for the
serving will be made later in but
they will be practically the same as
those, at oilier affairs of the kind.
(md Ronda Rally
At 8 o'clock thero will bo a (rood
Roads' Rally. In front of tho City
Hall. The Pikers carry with them
a band which will perform on tho oc
casion. They also have with them
tight speakers who will talk at the
different towns they visit on good
roads. Several of these speakers will
occupy the time between 3 o'clock
and 9:20 at which tho speaking will
cease and a concert and street dance
The concert and dance will last un
til 11:00 when good night will be
said. In the, mean time the Crystal
Falls Club will hold open house where
our people may have an opportunity
to mingle with and goj acquainted
tfUn the distinguished visitors from
nil parts of the lower peninsula.
In the party will be somo of the
best known road advocates In the
United States. Many of 'the prominent
automobllo manufacturers and deal
ers of Detroit nnd other plates will
bo In the party, all of whom It will
bo a privilege for our people to
The expenses of the entertainment
will bo borne by tho city and the citi
zens. Tho reputation of Crystal Falls
for entertaining Its guests will bo
kept up on this occasion,
Head Th0 Ads
chaklinu for mini: ,wasii:
Supt. Harrison Ask Thirty Tents
Per Yard For .Mine Wate Hock
Tho action of local Supt'. Harmon
of the McKlnney Steel Company n
asking 20 cents per yard for mine
waste taken from tho rock plte at
the Dunn mine has caused a great
deal of comment about the city, espe
cially from those who aro striving to
husband as much, of the publi? re
sources tas possible to distribute
among the idle labor of the commun
ity, almost all or which 'has been
made Idle by the cloIng down of the
mines. Most people feel that tho rnn
Jng companies should promote, ratner
than retard, the spreading out of pun
11c funds at this time so that the
money available may benefit the larg
est possible number.
In fact, never until Harrison came
here, has rock, from the waste dump?
been charged for when the rock was
taken by the public official and. even
at 'this time, other mine superinten
dents are welcoming tho taking of the
rock if It will aid any In giving men
work- .
One gentleman In discussing the
nubject said that it Is a matter that
should be called to the attention of
the taxing officers for If the rgck In
the waste dump at the Dun mine Is
worth 20 cents per yard the (cwnshlp
of Mastodon has a very large piece of
property to put upon the tax roll of
that township and Mastodon needs
the money.
Others call attention to tho fact that
the waste rock belongs to tho ice
owners of the properties unless the
mining companies wish to dispose of
It and pay a royalty upon the rook. A
continuation of this niggardly policy
on the part of tho local mining of
ficials only serves to complicate mat
ters without any necessity for so do
ing. Read The Ads
Rojg Turned Out .Monday Night and
Made Excellent Showing
Anyone Having Stuff They Want
Auctioned May Bring7 it to
Central Market For Sale
StttffP Running Uelween .Marquette
and Ishpemlng Held Cp Fy ,
Four Robbers
The auto stage that' makes regular
trips between Ishpemlng and Mar
quette was held up near Fugle MIPh
last Moti'l.iy night by four i.ia.Uei
mm who, at the pint f revolvers,
made the pnssangeni get out and be
Marched. Only four men were In the
stage at the time.
A total of about '$.V and a watch wan
taken. Passenger .'on tho utago ur of
the opinion that the hold-up was the
w of young men and novices at tho
The big majority of the people of
Crystal Falls are unaware of the fact
that we have a band mado up of boys
In tho echoob of tho district that 4s a
credit to the little fellows, to the city,
the school' district and especially to
Frank Rortrand wiu has lalKred so
hard to get tho boys up to their pres
ent standard end whoso every inter
est Is wrapped up in theso little fel
lows. ,
the little fellows, to the city, the
school district nnd especially to Frank
IJertrand who has laborol ro hard to
get tho boya up to their present stand
ard and whose every interest is
wrapped up in these little fellows.
It was a great surprlso to many who
stood and watched the Mys, all of the
tood and watched the boys, all of them
lads of tender years, perform In front
of the city hall laM' Monday night.
Many were tho remarks mado as to th
good work done and everyone ex
pressed the opinion that the city can
be Just as liberal with theto boys as
it was with tho old band for with these
lads started In tho right direction, It
will be but a short time before we will
havo a musical organization of our
own again.
The boya are coming along rapidly.
They practice regularly and Mr. IJert
rand thinks that he has the makings
fo a crack musical . organization, all
of which will develop In time.
Read The Ads
The second Sales' Day for Crystal
Falls' merchants will be held on
Saturday, June 4. The poster contain
ing all of the offerings to ne made
on that day will be esued next Tucs
on that day will be Issued next Tueii
day and thoroughly distributed. Har
gain will be offered from every
store In the city that is Included in
tho Merchants' Club. They must be
bargain In order to get on the bill
so when you see a price quoted
thereon you may know that It Is
something out of the ordinary for a
censor committee has passed upon It.
The merchants are making an espe
cial effort to makej this Sales' Day an
inducement for people from all about
Crystal Fulls t'o vlst the city on that
date and get some of the bargains.
A lid Ion Sale This Time
In order to lend interest to tho af
for an auction salo Is to bo held' on
that day wherwit anyone living the
city, any farmer or local merchant
offer stuff to be auctioned off. ;
This does not nican that now goods,
stocks from other towns or any per
son not a resident of the place and
who is not offering bonafkle second
hand goods; goods from his shelves or
products grown on his farm may par
ticipate In this auction. It means that
If some resident of the city has a car
pet, a stovo or something that tnoy
want to sell they may place it In the
hands of the club for sale at auction
on that day; that farmers may offer
produce and stock, that merchants of
tho oily having stuff they want to
get rid of may put them in the hands
of the auctioneer on that day.
The rules of tho aucton are that
two bids means a sale. No limit of
price will be allowed; the auctioneer
will charge a commission on all good
sold and all sales must be for cish.
The auction wil start at 3:00 P. M.
with R. Ik Webb as auctioneer. The
salo will run until the stuff offered
is disposed of. Additional rules wfll
be adopted a tho experience devel
oped dictates.
Read th Ads
Tho base ball enthusiasts of our
sister city are organizing a team to
contend with other tcams of the lo
cality this season. Iron River 1 a
good base ball town and the fact that
they havo a strong team over thero
will add very much to the prosperity
of the local team for It's the rivalry
between theso two towns that makes
the game pay.
In speaking of the. new organiza
tion the Reporter says:
While nil of the po.sltioni have nut
been definitely decided upon, the fol
lowing represents for the greater
part these- position which are now
thought 'permanent:
Frank Dahl Catcher.
F. Purcell First Paso.
F. Smith Second Rase.
F. Hamacker Third Raso.
A. Tcge Left Field.
W. Ryrns Center Field.
II. Hafelln-Right Field.
The pitcher and shortstop have not
as yet been selected. Despite the va
cancies of these two most important
positions, enthus.I.vru Is high and lit
tle word of defeat la heard.
The Hoard of Directors for the
Iron River ,'Raseb ill Club are: Rd.
L. . Na.-.er. manager; John J'urnll,
seorctary-triVifuirer; M. '.I fMHfcm-
ouKh, Dr. 11. C Larson, F. J. VanOr-
num, Jule Rarton, Joe Michael, Au
gust Rehr, Robert' Rarnum, Frank
Flancher, K. R. Oxnam, Dr. J. II.
Read The Ads-
Mrs. Alfred Piper ha gone t'J .'
Charged With Misappropriation of
Public .Moneys Ry the Tax '
Par em' Association
Tho entire board of Stambaugh
township has been hailed Into court
to answer to a charge of mlsappro
prlatlon of public funds. The com
plainant Is the Iron County Taxpay
ers' Association with Isaac W. Dy
ers in charge.
The specific charge against the
board Is that they paid too much
money for election work. The August
primary election Jn Stambaugh town
ship cost $490 more than 4t shouTI
had the strict letter of the law been
followed In the paying of election
Those who know the conditions
fay that the board had to pay more
to get the Judges as more than a
day's work was done. There are con
tradictory stories on both sides so
that ond cannot safely draw a con
clusion until the facts are drawn out
in court.
One thing' Is certain and that l
that thero U no -suspicion of any
member of the board having profited
in any way by the election Judges'
pay. It was purely a -case of using
Judgment on tho part of tho board.
Rad tho Ad
TKKKMLi: accident
Ruckcl Jarred With I Men, Two Kill
d, Two Hiidly Injured, M:ij Die
Jut lis go to prenH learn
ftf An incident at the Monom:al;i i
mine In which Will A. 'Richard and
James Kinmnii were Mllr.l nnd tuo
other men. Alex Alexander nnd Mall
Doboon are Injured, llu lirt men.
Honed erlotiHly,
Information U yry niea;rc, 'lis
SM, Hint Hip four men wen beln?
pulled up a ralp by a puffer when
Hie rope otethipped .and slipped off.
Hie men v ere Jarred off Hip bucket,
tuo falllntr Into the bucket and (nolo
Hie bottom or Hip rr.le.
W. A. IHrnartU'Ji Ihc olded on
of Hip late Captain '. J. IHchards
formerly ireneral nuperlnlendent for
Hip .McKlnney Sleel Company,
Season' Opener Wus n .LVrord In
leugtli, Rollers Thrillers and
.Many Other Feature
A ganio of baseball running through
fourteen innings and lasting four
hours was what Crystal Fulls-Alpna
peoplo were treated to at the opener
last Sunday, Fourteen innlgg of sen
national ball and cold beans for sup
per. Some evaded the chilled stuff by
going; home to supper and returning
to the game which commenced at 3:15
and ended! at 7:15.
Everyone had his money's worth.
He who claim differently has a poor
conception of value. Of course tliiTe
were some errors nnd also some' bon
ers pulled but what does one expect
at the first game of tho teason; cer
tainly not mid season ball. Thero
was plenty of sensational fielding,
lots Of stick work and considerable
pep in evidence all through the 6ame.
Along toward tho end the pitchers
were pretty tired but they stuck dog
gedly through and the termination
was no disgrace to either team.
Rowman was in the box for tho Ni
agara boys and he had his curves
working right. He wasn't as impreg
nable a-s when ho; shut tho locals
without a hit last fall but ho was
good and when ISowman 4s. good the
game is bound to be interesting.
Kinder held the mound for ihc lo
cals and he held, it down with a ven
geance. It was Ills first' work-out for
the year and when a man pitches
fourteen innings right at the start it
means that he has some endurance
Tho score 4 to 3 doesn't indicate
muci of the real contest. It' shows
that that tho two teams were about
an even match. Crystal Falls bad Hie
best of dt when 1t came to suppm' for
the men behind Kinder fielded well
and sharply cutting off many runs
that othcrwlso would have given the
game to tho visitors. One freak play
was the dropinjj of a fly ball by "Rill''
Johnson in right field and his recover
ing of dt in tirao to, work a.couble
play. With a man on first and second
tho ball was hit out and hould have
been an easy out Tho Niagara run
ners were Justified In holdln close
to tho bases. Johnson dropped the
ball and with a quick recovery he
snapped It to third and Kenny relayed
It back to second forcing out both of
the runnersr.
Thero was some talk of cf.itUng
the game at 6:00 o'clock but Captain
Demerasky put his fot down upon It;
said the people came to see a game
and It should go on as long as t'uor
wafl light enough to see the ball.
The break came In the fourteenth
lrnlng when with ono on William
lined a eizzler through second scoring
the mat from tho keystone sack arid
terminating as heart racking a game
as has been played on the local
There was a big delegation from
Niagara and other towns In the nelgh
borhol so that the visitors had plenty
of support. They played their usual
gentlemanly game, clean and Inter
esting. Tho attendance wag very good and
the Iwseball boyw feel much encour
aged. The box score la as follows:'
Crystal Falls
J. Kinney, L. F 7 1 2 0 2
II. Johnson, S. 8 C 1 1 0 1
Demorsky, 2R 7 1 2 0 0
S. Kinney, 311 6 1111
Williams. C 6 0 1 1 0
W. Johnson, R. F G 0 1 0 0
Fultz, ID 5 0 2 11
Annear, C F 6 0 0 0 0
iKnder. D 5 0 0 1 0
4 10 4 5
Struck out by Rowman 18.
2 Haso hits J. Kinney, Demorsky,
and Pultz. Sacrifice hit Johnson.
Frrors Crystal Falls, G. j
Meyers. C. F & 1 0 I 1
Kinder, IB.; fi 0 1 0 0
Rrown, S.S - ! 0 0 0 0
(Jurney, R. P. 6 0 1 0 0
Keyes. 311 6 0 3 0 0
Lepscler, C 5 0 1 1 0
Rowman. P 5 12 11
Kelly. L. F 6 0 0 0 0
RrugKcr. 2R 5 110 0
3 9 2 1
Struck out by Kinder, 5
2 H.uo hits Lepscler.
Sacrifice hlt Kinder. Rrown.
Frrors Niagara, U.
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. Road Tho Ads
'A younc man applied at County
Clerk Wall's omc0 lift week for a
marriage licence. As the paper was
being prepared by ono of tho otlhe
force it appeared that the applicant
didn't know how to Hpell tho name of
his Intended wife nd she wa not
along at the time tho man had to ,o
tojher homo and find it out.
lie returned In about an hour's Hmr
weeping and explained that his H
ancee had changed her mind she wa"
too busy to marry a man who didn't
know how to fpell her name.
Directors Assured That Road Work
Will Start in Ernest During
June Month
"The 'laboring men aro getting
tired of promises; they want to see
some action and aro looking to ua to
bring about some coucreto results,"
said Lfurbetor Cha'dUmme of the
Citizens' Alliance at tho meeting of
the directors, held Just before the
public meeting was called last Mon
day evening.
. "We want to know why tho road
work has not been started so that
men who are our of work may get
employment," continued Mr. Chad
bourne. The replies to Mr. ChadUourno's
request for information were grati
fying in that tho directors were able
for the first tlm0 since the Alliance
was Xormod to glvo tsomo definite
answer to the request.
Tho new3 had Juft been received
from Escanaba that tho Iron county?
Raraga county ro:uli would be let on
the 14th or June. That will open up
places for about 250 men almost all
from thla Bide of the county.
The Chlcagon lake-Stambaugh
road waa let Tuesday and that will
furnish employement to about 100
men, all from the west 4de.
In addition Mr. William Holmes
has made the preliminary survey of
to Vilas county cut-off and that twill
be ready for letting In about a
month's time, making places for; 2'0
more men from the west side, i
Oflirlal Helping Out ;
The committees appointed to; call
upon the Crystal Falls township ;and
Crystal Falls city authorities, re
ported that they had found1 thoso of
ficials very willing to help out; thai
tho township has 116,000 to spend
upon highways nnd tho city has about
tho Rame amount. j
Criticism was made of tho cltyi be
cause of the Km a 11 number of laborer
actually employed against the Urge
number idle, the directors being of
tho opinion that as much of i the
money spent as possible, should go to
labor where, result of about the
Kame cost could be got.
.MeeHiig- l'oorly Attended ,
The general meeting was poorly
attended there Tniing not over scv-euty-fivo
present when President
Ryera called it to order.
Tho Hlgrh School band turned out
and furnished the music after wl.if-h
thero were addresses by Mr. Hycr.
Mrs. Oxmjun, Rev. Father Lenhart
and Ml Hall.
The addresf.es were all listened to
with Interest as most of them dwell
upon what team- work can do frr
Iron county.
Miss Hall's talk was on the mb
Ject of "Homo Huying" and during
her discourse sho presented figures
showing coxts of living and of up
pllcs In different place In and about
Iron county and also prices Illustrat
ing tho snving that can be made by
collective buying.
Her talk was- well worth lUtenir.g
to and It caused a great deal of dis
cussion after the meeting ended.
Another meeting was held at lion
River last nlfiht at which the pro
gram was practically tho same as at
tho meeting held here. '
The purpose of theso meetings is
to stir up public lntert-t and i-on.e
has already boon aroused.
Road th Ads
The mem berx of the Woman's Re
lief Corps will attend services at ttu
Swedish Lutheran church In a b-vly
next Sunday at 10:45 A. M., at which
time a memorial rermon vll In
preached, in Fnglieh by Rev. Roan
dor. (
Members' of the lodge and !..R.
veteran are requstod to m t in '.he
church parlors at 10:30 A. M. tin V) ko
Into the church In a body.
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Tho service at the M. K .Church
tomorrow forenoon win bn emductrd
by Rev. Rtckford aJid will be Mem
orial Serviro for the ' de ense I Jieroe.1
o America's .wars. u ;
In the evening Mr. Ivan I). Wright
will occupy the pulpit.
-r Read tho Ads . - V
Jacob' Jewelry Stom will discon
tinue ''handling' Chicago papers on
June l:t. Samo will bo handled by
Abo Jacobs' Confectionery.. Pp.
Say That Opponents Rousts of
Sharp l'mcUce He ot Fhase
Him a RR
"Well, how U your proposed ordln
ance getting on this week?" inquired
a reporter of Mayor Caffney last
"Oh. It is coming on," replied tho
mayor, "tho petition was signed. -up'
by the roqul&lte' number in a surpris
ingly short lime. It will be ready for
presentation to the commission at tho
next regular meeting."
"Dou you expect oposltlon?" con
tended the reporter.
"I am Kure I can't say an to that.
There probably will bo opposition but'
let them oppose if they want to. So
long aa tho oppotiton is open, abovo
board nnd devoid of trickery,, I don't
care. It la their right to oppose it if
they do it fairly. As I said lat week,
if tho people don't' want any change, I
am satisfied to let things remain JuM
as they are. It's the people that I'm
trying to keep faith with.
"I understand that my opponents
aro boasting that they are so much
supcrloto me In knowledge of sllght-of-hand
politics that they can ke-.'p
mo tled up all cummer. Perhaps 1by
can. I'm not a cxwinoiseur in thwart
ing the will of tho people; my great
endeavor la to do what tho people
want. I bellevo that' it pays In tho
long run. You know what Abraham
Lincoln aid: You ran fool koiuo of
tho people all of the tlfe; you can
fool all of tho people nomo of tbo
time but you can't fool all of tho peo
ple all of the time.' My opponeaita
boast that their superior wit' is going
to fool enough of the people to keep
all of the people of thla city fooled
but I very much doubt their ability
in that line. In fact, from letters that
I get and in conversing with tho peo
ple of the city, I have concluded that
tho people are pretty well ontD them'
right now.
"In short you can say for mo that
the taunt of my opponents that they
can keep 'Keep Caffney .sewed up all
summer,' goes right over my head.
It's not Caffney they are keeping
sewed up. It's the people and tho long
er they monkey with the peoplu the
more of a buzz saw they ar0 setting
up to cut their fingers with."
Read the Ada-
Iron County Tax Payer) Association
Issued One Cot f sing County
During the Week
Tho Iron County Tax 1'ayern' Ap
sociatlon started mailing out durl.ig
the week Its first complete stiicuient
of financial affairs of Iron oCunty, Its
townships, cities and villages.
The report contain seventeen
pages of figures and explanations 'of
expenditures which cover every Item
of tho expenses of the different muni
cipalities. The report starts with the expon
dituren of the rounty and continues
through the different offices r.r.d de
partments. It then taken up th-j town
Hhip and . school district's. It shows
the fompiratlvo cost of maintaining
schools Item by Item.
It also contains a statement of the
costH of the different departments
of tho county government n com
pared with chcr counties.
The little booklet J very lutcre-t-
Jng and well worth a careful read
Read The Ad .
Iron Mountain beat out Iron River
last Sunday in a rather one sided
game by a score of 5 to 7. The Iron
County boys had the best of the game
for a few Innings but a new hurler
who was rushed to the mound had
the boys from the west pide buffaloed.
The next gam will occur on Sun
d y and Monday with our old time op
ponents, Iron River, on the opposite
side. It promises to be a big game.
The fame teams play Monday, Mem
orial Day.
Fvans Is pitching; for Menomlneo
thU year. Last' Sunday he pitched
against C'ndstonp and was touched
for ten safeties and issued six fren
rides to lirnt, still he wan his c nii
bf-cauM? of the bone head work of
Cameron, who lit year p't u d for
I'seanaba Is this year with C'.t.' -t vie
as second string pitcher.
. The bae ball committer circ-t-lated
alwiut town during t wecU md
picked up a nice little Mim to help'out
the team with.
Read The Ads- ;
Read The, Adu-
'I with to thank all thoso who ex
tended their kind help nnd sympathy
to me during the sickness and d'.Uh
of my baby son. Also to tho nnny
who fcni fiowera for memory's offer
ings. ':'

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