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3lth Yi'iir No. 2i
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fiki:i fihk (iiikf
Man Escaped to Michigan Side and
Sheriff Waite and Deputies
Aided in His Capture
John Uuzlnsky, a settler on the Wis
consin shlo ot the Urulo IUver at
Saunders, shot and killed his wife at
their homo on the Uuzlnsky farm,
Kouth of Saunders last Thursday
morning about 7. o'clock.
Exact details of tho affair are hard
to get. In a general way It la known
that" Uuzlnsky was Jealous of his wife
and that they quarreled frequently.
Tho strained condition was 'brought
to a end on Thursday morning when
tho husband- shot the wife 'several
times with ft revolver.
It seenis that the man had been
brooding over h!a fancied wrongs
and had made, plans for (ho pulling
off of the crime for he waited until no
one but himself and his wife were in
the house when he did the deed. It
seems that a number of persons had
been at tho Uuzlnsky home Just pre
vious to the shooting.
Escaped (o Michigan
The man made his escape to the
Michigan side and word was sent to
Sheriff Walte ns well as to tho Flor
ence county authorities. Mr. Walte
and his deputies went immediately to
the scene and aided In the search for
the man. The Florence county au
thorities came to the seeno Immedi
ately also.
Sheriff Walte returned late In the
afternoon with some definite Informa
tion as to the man's horrible crime
and his escape. Thero were nine chil
dren in the family, the smallest bo
Jng only a couplo of years old. The
couple had quarreled frequently but
nothing more than that is generally
known about them.
The theory that the man escaped
Into Michigan was found to bo wrong
for late at night a message to Mr
Walto apprised him of the capture of
the man at Florence late in the even
ing. It seems that ho struck off
through tho woods to tho south and
walked to Florence village. He 13 in
Jail down there now.
Head The Ads
pikers in pictures ,
Film of the HhM Tour to lie Shown
Crystal Full Very Soon
The committee In charge of the ar
rangements for tho reception of tho
Michigan Pike.' Association on July
14 received notlco this week that
a moving picture him will bo exhib
ited In this city soon showing the
Pikers on their tour of 1920. The
tour of 1921 will be filmed In tho
same way and exhibited next year
so that one can readily see the
great advertising that Crystal Falls
Is going to get out of the visit of
these men' the coming summer. The
letter telling of tho film is from Fred
Case and reads as follows:
"Thirty-three feet of film, showing
the Michigan like Tour' last July
"Around Lake Huron," is now in St'.
Ignace and will bo forwarded to you
in duo courso by express. Please
make arrangement to have it shown
one or two evenings at your local
picture house and then forward same
by express to A. J. Pohland. Iron lllv
cr. It takes nearly ono hour to
show it, but I am sure your picture
house will be glad to substitute It
for their regular picture at one per
formance each day. In this city, they
Kave the Iahi pefromance at
night. Under no circumstances keep
it' more than two days, ns wP want to
pet It through to Duluth back lo
Ixnvcr Michigan by July 1st.
"Tho pictures were taken by tho
Ford Moving Picture outfit at a cost
of several thousand dollars, and the
pikes Association spent $f,00 00 to ar
range 'the pictures and Insert readjng
matter to make it attractive. We had
it here two nlKhts, ana men u
sentto Ton' William and Fort Ar
thur. It shown the greatest tour of
the kind ever pulled off and Is a very
Unresting picture.
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Cannon's entered Into a partnership
with the !wo Oarage, on Paige an
tomoMles. The new association v. ill
'be known ns the Paige Auto Sales
Agency. Lester Cannon intends gv
inr to Milwaukee next week to drive
up one of the new 6-C6 Falge Can.
which made the famous Fhowlng M
paytona Reach, Florida.
Manager Sunders Not hie St. Arnuuld
That He J KIrcd Hut .Major
Says "Stick"
Fire Chief St. Arnauld received a
notice from City Manager Sander
last Tuesday morning that his uerv
ices were no longer wanted aad to
deliver over his keys and tho city
property to Peter LaPlante.
Mr. St. Arnauld went to Mayor
Gaffney with the letter and the mayor
was quite surprised as nothing was
said by tho manager to the commis
sion the evening previous about tin
matter. .
The city charter says that the
manager may hire city employes by
und with tho consent of the com
mission and as the commission had
given no consent to the hiring of a
man in St. Arnauld'a place the mayor
told St. Arnaald to ntlck to his Job
S. Arnauld Is sticking around o
there is another mix-up out of the
strained conditions reigning i in
city government. Just what tin out
come will ho isn't clear. The mayor
says that no salary orders for new
men will be signed by him until they
have been confirmed by tho council eo
it looks like a real fight is brewing.
Mayor Gaffney when seen by a re
porter was rather peeved that the
manager should start anything under
the circumstances, and is cho"k full
of flcht.
St. Arnauld when asked f lie kntw
the reasons for his dismissal sayi that
the pnly thing that ho can think of
Is that he signed the petition to g'e
the people a right to vote on t!i3 ques.
tlon of clearing up the city's muddl.
Road' tho Ada
Marquette High School Team Too
Much For the Local Lads
The baseball team of the Marquette
High School camo to Crystal Falls
last Saturday and played a 'game of
baseball with tho boys of the local
high school. The visitors won the
game by a score of 15 to 14. Con
sidering tho fact that this was prac
tically tho first game that the local
lads have had with a strong outside
team they did well.
Charles Kichard and F. O. Rochon
ofllclated as umpires and succeeded
In keeping peace as well as an even
score. There never was any question
of which team was the better, the
Marquetto lads having the experience
and the punch. However, tho local
boys stuck doggedly at it and gavo
their opponents a good fight. The
same two teams play at Marquette
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The Sunday Iako mine, operated
by Pickands, Mather & Co., was shut
down indefinitely Tuesday. Just
how long this curtailment wll last
wo have been unable to learn. From
the present outlook it will probably
stand until winter sets in, a this
seems to be the policy adopted by
all independent operating companies
at the present time.
The Colby and Ironton mines at
llessemer were also shut-down last
Saturday and no Information Is avail
able there as to how Jong this shut
down will continue.
It seems to us that It Is about
tltno for the "teel companies to come
to some understanding regarding the
prlco of ore and steel, and cut out
this "public Ikj dammed" policy that
they have been pursuing the past sev
eral months and get busy. With the
enormous profits which they surrdy
made during tho waf, they should be
content to stand a small loss for a
few months until the market rights
itVelf. Wakefield Advocate.
Ilcd tho Ada-- -A
Sections in Maple Grove Will Get
Water and Sewers This Year
Giving Many Men VYork
(Joumor O.thorn Secured For Two
Speeches In Iron County Thh
The firm of Cannon & Gordon will
succeed "Cannon's" In the manage
ment of the big furniture and hard
ware business that the old firm lias
built up In thU city. Mr. Gordon, an
experienced business man is a new
member of the Arm that will take di
rection of the business alout July
Mr. Lester Cannon informs us that
if is the Intention of tho new firm to
purchaso the building In which the
business is now being conducted and
to add thereto a brick front of 6. feet
in lengtli and 30. feet wide. Tho pres
ent building will be moved back so
as to allow the new part to bo built
on the front part of tie lot
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Crystal Falls has a n?w orchestra
made up of boys from thP town who
have organized to supply the demand
for music, in this vicinity'. The young
men are Arthur Swanson, piano; F.d.
McCarthy, drum and Felix Andrlzzl.
The boys played at the Alpha pavll
lion and at tho city hall for dances
during the week.
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Mayor Gaffney filed a petition last
Monday night with, tho city commis
sion asking that an ordinance pro
viding for the abolishment of the of
fices of city manager, city attorney,
health ofiicer and city marshal be
passed by the commission or referred
to tho people for their decision.
This action on the part of Mayor
(Jaffney Is a part of his plan of get
ting to the people unless some, agree
ment can be made as to the selection
of a third commissioner.
As the matter now stands the com
mission is without ono member and
will bo until some ono gives In or the
people have an opportunity to express
The petition wag referred to the
city attorney for review with the un
derstanding that it be brought up for
action at the next special or regular
It was hinted after the metelng that
the, referring of the petition to the
city atorney was part of a scheme to
delay but Mayor Gaffney simply
emlled and said: "Two wrongs do not
make a right. Every matter brought
before the commission is referred to
tho attorney and X didn't propose to
try to interfere with the regular prac
tice in this case. I want to be right
with everyone and am taking. .no ad
vantage. I expect that the city attor
ney will act promptly. If he doesn t
there Is an easy remedy that I propose
to take."
Add to Semer Work
Manager Sanders conferred with
tho commission as to the sewer and
water work that Is being done and
some that he proposes to do In Maple
Grove, where there ar some people
without service. Rrier Hill street will
get water and sewer and so will Iron
Street. It will take some time to
get things started on the legal end
of this as there must be sewer dis
tricts established and part of the cost
assessed against the property served.
The city attorney will take up this
phaso of tho matter at once.
Light In City Park
Complaint has been made ijyy sev
eral to tho school board of conditions
in the Forest Park of the fchool dis
trict. The board of education took up
the matter with the commission and
us a result there will bo several light?
placed In the park right away.
Tho wire3 will be run from the
present end on Marquette Avenue so
as to light up all parts of the park.
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A meeting of the directors of tho
Iron County Alliance was held at the
Farmer Room in the Town Hall at
Iron River last Tuesday evening.
The directors chose John F. Lyle
to fl.l the vacancy caused by Mr.
Holmes going away for the sumai;
Frei. Ilyers reported that ho culd
fcei Gov. Osborne for a couple of Uiks
in the countv one on June 16 an- tb
other Juno 17th. It was decided to
have Gov. Csborne talk at Cr7U!
Falls on the evening of the 16th atid
al Iron Hlver on the 17th.
Tho Iron River merchants app?arej
before tho dlicctors and stated ".httr
caFe regan Ij.g credit conditloaf, A
committee consisting of Mr. Oxmaa h
Iron River and George E. Bishop n
Stambaugh, was appointed to take
tho lead in getting the merchant! of
the west side together for som plan
of protection to tho deserving work
Ingman and tp the merchant hmself.
Reports pt labor conditions showed
that the east side of the county Is In
the worst shape.
Read tho Ada-
Hrcaklng of Rooms At Kelso a Severe)
Arthur Peterson of Mansfield, was
in Crystal Falls last Tuesday en
route from the Jrlve camp of An
drew DJorkman, now near the mouth
of the MIchlgamme to Mansfield. He
drove by way of Florence.
Arthur says that the crew which
has been engaged In picking up the
logs that went down tho MIchlgamme
with the flood last spring is now work
ing below Pevey Falls. They
Jumped over a piece of tho river at
the rapids where many logs are hung
up but where it was almost impos
sible to get the logs floating. The
logs so left behind will stay there
until next spring when an effort will
be made t'o tako them out with the
The crew that 1 sacking will
sweep athe banks from that point
down to the pond at Twin Fals where
Mr. DJorkman will set up his hoist
ing rig and pull tho logs out and load
them on cars. Tho operation will
cost a lot' of money but it 19 the only
way of FaVlng what fllttlo cafci be
saved out of the wreck. There is a lot
of green pino among the timber that
got away and that timber is valuable.
Road the Ada
Mayor Gaffney Takes Steps to
Protect Persons and Property
in This City
All Corporations Not Dissolved Must
Fay Tax or Directors Are Liable
Tho Sales Day given by the Crysta!
Falls' merchants last Saturday was a
success but not quite as great a one
as tho one previous. There were many
visitors in tho city on Sales Day and
many of them came from a distance.
The auction salo which, it was de
signed to pull off was not a kucccss
for tho reason that sufficient prepara
tion had not been made for it. In or
der to have an auction tale n success
cess it is necessary to give the people
an idea in advance as to what Is to
be offered for sale. That Is Jut
what will be- done the next time. The
merchants will list up a lot of stuff
that will be sold so that people may
have an opportunity to know about it.
Any person wishing to se'.l goods at
the next auction sale Is requested to
notify the secretary of the club, A. L.
Flood or Mr. R. H. Webb, the auction
eer, at leust two weeks in advance but
failure to so notify will not prevent
one from bringing in stuff the day of
the pale if no rooner.
Kaplan & Ruttman met with such
A new law passed by tho last leg
islature 1 of general Interest to all
corporations In this state whoso chart,
er have not been surrendered or busi
ness wound up in some legal man
ner. Some of the provisions of Act M
read as follows:
"Section 7: In any case where a
corporation Fhall be dissolved by pro
cess of law, or whose term of exis
tence shall terminate by limitation and
not be renewed, or whoso property
and franchise shall be sold at mort
gage salo, or If for any reason tho
atitude of the corporation toward the
state .shall be changed from that ct
forth in tho articles without a form
al dissolution, it will bo the duty of
the last board of directors thereof,
within thirty days thereafter f'le a
certificate to such effect with the Sec
retary of State signed by a majority
of tho remaining members of such
board and accompanied with the fee
prescrUxel .which certificate shall be
filed or recorded along with the orig
inal articles. In case of neglect or
refusal to file such a certificate as
aforesaid, each, of the directors shall
be subject to a penalty of ftv6 dollars
for each and every day during the
con'lnuanco of such neglect or refusal
to be collected in an action brought
before by tho Attorney General.
"Tho amount to be paid by the
various corporations Is told in the fal
lowing extractions of Senate Fnrcl'ed
Act 27.
"livery corporation organized or
doing business uuder the laws of this
Htate shall at tho tlm of filing It
anual report be required by Section
Hoven hereof for the privilege of ex
ercising Its franchise and of transact
success in their sale that they de
cided to continue offering cut bar- ing its business within thU state, pay
gains weekly and will continue the
Item advertised on the bill during the
entire month or as long ns the stock
holds out.
Road the Ad
A registration of all laborers seek
ing work. is being made at the City
Hall. All persons having any work of
nny kind are requested to tall up the
city clerk's office for help. If it is a
garden to hoe, a fence to build, any
thing In the work line, help out iy
the secretary of state an annual fee
of one mill upon each dollar of its paid
capital and legal reserve but such
privilege fee shall in no case bo less
than fifty dollars nor more than ten
Itead the Ads
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Uren and
Keith will leave noon for a visit to the
pacific. coa.t. It was Mr. Uren's orig
inal intention to make the trip via
auto but changes in his loading oper
ation nt Dalfam necessitated
taking one of the?o unemployed that 1 change in his plans. They will visit
havo registered at tho city clerk's of- with relatives in the west' and expect
to be gone anout two momns.
The clothing storo of Ely Miller &
Son was broken Into and merchandise
to the value of between $500 and
$1,000 taken therefrom about 1:00
o'clock last "Wednesday morning.
The robbers entered the store by
smashing a glass in a window down
in tho basement of tho store. Sev
eral persona heard tho blass breaking
among them Mrg. J. R. Flood, who
was up at the time. Ell Massie. night
watch, also says that' he heard the
smashing of tho glass and hastened
down th street but couldn't sc any
one. The night was a very foggy one
and it is not to be wondered that
the night witch did not seo anyone.
Threw Drlck Through; Wlndovf
A brick wag found in the base
ment and It looks as if the thieves
hurled It from some safo hiding
place, smashing the window first and
then waiting until all was quiet be
fore they entered the store. With the
window pane demolished it was easy
for one to enter the building as tho
window I3 close to tho ground.
Judging from the amount of stuff
taken it looks as if several trips
were made to the place or else there
were several persons Implicated in
the robbery.
Of course It Is Impossible to ray
Just what was taken because the
stock Is n largo one. For that reason
only an estimate can ho mado of the
total from the known articles gone.
Taking inventory of the loss as com
pletely as it is possible to do Mr.
Miller says that a dozen pairs of
shoes about equally divided between
men, women and children s snoes
were taken, at (least six suit's of
clothes, a dozen pairs of stockings, a
dozen silk shirts, three alarm clocks,
haJf dozen ipocket knives, three
watches, a dozen boys' blouses, a lot
of ties, caps, hats and other Items too
numerous to mention.
Later Information on tho hold-up
shows that it was a real one with guns
In sight. The two men meant
business. Ono of them grabbed the
victim by the neck and ordered him I
to deliver over his money. It 5s j
claimed that about $2.0 was the
amount of tho loot.
Tried It Again Thursday
It seems that tho robbers who vis
ited Mr. Miller's lower store on Tues
day .light wero not aware of tho put
ting on of extra police for on Thurs
day night they attempted to break Int
the Fair store and did succeed In
breaking the windows.
Tho night watch heard tho crash
and scared then) aWay. Ono of them in
running out of tho yard lost hU cup.
Efforts are now being made to iden
tify the head piece.
(uffney Acts to Protect
Immediately after the report of th
robbery Mayor Gaffney took the bull
by the horns and put on extra pol.ee
to patrol the city at night'. The nameg
of these extra men are kept from the
public and the mayor lnform us that
they will bo changed frequently both
to keep their identity concealed and
to help out men who are out of work
and have fanjlles dependant upon
Owing to the tie-up In the citv
commission no positive and deflnlt?
appointments can be made and Mr.
(Jaffney has taken this action on the
limited power granted by the chart
er to the mayor.
A Hold-Cp A
The report of a hold-up on t'w:
track leading to the location no-!'
of the city tho samo night as the Mi',
ler robbery decided the mayor on thl
stand. The story is that the man who
was held up was going to his home
when two men accosted him and de
manded that ho stand and deliver.
Fortunately the man had no money
or valuables on his person so the
hold-up men had their trouble tor
their pay.
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Mrs. A. M. Darling and Miss Ruth
will leave early next week, for a
trip to the Pacific coast. They will go
flm to Los Angeles and San Diego
and from thero tako the boat to Port
lard, Oregon, where they will visit
with Mrs. Darlings brother, S. D. Hoi
lister, Jr. They expect tv be gone
until about Sept 1.
Alpha-Crystal Full' Hall Team trl
uniplud In-Hard Fought (Jame
Again the scalp of ''our old anta
gonist danglos at our bolt. Iron
Mountain went down to defeat last
Sunday in a well played game of
baseball with the Alpha-Crystal Fall
team. Iron Mountain strengthened
up by securing tho services of a pitch
er from Milwaukee, Brodle, by name.
who did his best to stem tho winning
rush of the locals but to no purpose.
Brodie, besides ptlchlng first clajs
ball, proved a good hitter making
three of the six hits that Iron Moun
tain got' off Kinder.
There was a hie crowd Drosent at
least 200 jroinir down f mm Prralil
Falls to witness the scrap. Th local
boys started right out to win the
game and they won it because they
played a better brand of baseball.
Kinder was hit for six safeties but
with his system of letting hU toam-
males in on the play when thero U
none on, the hit column doesn't tell
what ho could havo done had it been
up to him to put all ho haa bohlnd ine
The Iron Mountain team nNvrt,i
good ball but not of the brand that
tno locals played. Coach Shaw was
there with tho head work and hu
team is following his instructions to
tne letter. One of the Drettie nias
of work seen on any field this year
was wnen Demarasky double-crosaod
the entire Iron Mountain outfltf in tho
seventh inning. With a man on third
ne tok a healthy swing at a wido one
convincing the Fordson feUowa that
he was to "hit er out." The noxt spool
nan he laid down along the first laso
Iln in aa nice a bunt as ono could
wlsh for. The catcher had to go aft
er the ball as the entire field was
playing out, thus uncovering tho
home plate and the man on thin!
scored easily.
The following account of the scor
ing is taken from the Dally News ot
last Monday:
"Crystal Falls made its first killing:
In th second inning when W. John
son connected and sent the hall to
center field. Pultz followed him to
the plato and snapped one down the
first base line. TedeschI fumbled the
ball on second and Johnson went on
to third while Pultz chaaed on to
second. Annear struck out and was
followed by Kinder who cracked ono
to the shortstop and was thrown out
at first, while Johnson crossed tho
plate. Kinney followed with a strike
"In the fourth the Falls repeatod.
W. Johnson nailed a fly to center ami
reached first. Ho went to second on '.
Pultz'3 sacrifice. Annear reached
first on a drive to short and Johnson
rambled home. Annear waa caught
off first, Ekholm to Almono, while
Kinder struck out.
"Crystal Fall3 opened the slaughter
again in the seventh. Pulta sent the
ball to right and landed on first.
Annear hit to second and aho ar
rived at the initial sack. Kinder
bunted and advanced Pulta and An
near, but was nailed at first. J. Kin
ney followed with a fly to center and
Pultz came home. Tho bases then,
became loaded when II. Johnson alo
sent ojie to center. Demrosky bunted
and was caught at fir-1 while Annear
crossed the plate. D. Kinney ended
the rally by striking out.
"In Its trips to tho plate. Iron
Mountain connected with the ball, but
couldn't place It. Undauntedly, the
breaks were against tho homo loys
and although they fought every inch
of the way, the Jinx popped up Juat
at the wrong times. They mado their
only score in the eight'. Rrodlo
knocked a two base hit and was fol
lowed to the pan by Freeman. IK-odle
went to the third when the catcher
let one by hti. Freeman went down,
short at first. Pelcgrlnl hit t'o left,
reached flm and Hrodlo trotted home.
Daniels filed out to hort while
Rahol ended the Inning on a drive to
second, and was caught nt first.
"A1 record crowd, including a larro
aggregation cf Crystal Fnlls rooter
saw the game and exhibited extras
ordinary -spirit. Thin was In direct
contract to the Mionie tcom, which,
cut In the field, lost its voice afc
the firrt' few Innings.
Iron Mountain will meet Cryf il
Falls a week from next Hundijr, und
if given an even break on th gvn
promises to bring home the bacon if
the team's playing Is tightened t;p
and a little spirit amused"
The attendance at the game
very satlcfactory, the total gste
celpts being In the nefghborhood f
$375. Iron Mountain Is a go(d 'll
town If the rowdy element will inly
keep under cover and not 'disgust the
good people.
Channlng and Florence tWt In a
row a week niro last Sunday At Flor
ence the claim being that somo
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