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The diamond drill. (Crystal Falls, Iron County, Mich.) 1887-1996, June 11, 1921, Image 2

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lUJ.urauifr Day Will Be llundumc
1 Observed Br the Sundlnui l;m
1'eople of I he Count
At a meeting held by the school
Hoard at Crystal Falls on June 7th,
the use of th School Bark and Ath
letic Turk wa? granted to the Swed
ish people of Iron County for the eel
, chratlon on Juno 24th.
A. Ostrand, A. I Axelson, Arthur
Uroinan and Carl Sholander went
over to Dates Tuesday evening to meet
"with a committee from Iron Blver and
Stainbaugh at Capt. Swan Anderson's
residence for the purpose of making
preparations for the Mid Summer
celebration. It was decided to have
u. ball game at the Athletic Jark be
tween Iron Blver, Stambaugh and
Crystal Falls at 3:00 P. M. For that
Iurpo?e ball teams are now busy
practising on both wldes of the coun
ty, and, there will also be tug of war
bolwcn Iron Blver, Stambaugh and
Crystal Falls. A double quartet from
the "west side -will partake In the pro
gram. Efforts are also being made to have
ft girl cnoir on tne prugmui mm u
men's quartet from Crystal Falls. The
School Boys' Brass Hand from Crys
tal Fall, with Mr. Frank Bertrand as
leader, will furnish the music for the
Fosters and bills advertising the
program for the lay in full will hq
distributed later. All the Swedish
people of Iron County as well as out
siders aro requested to partake In this
celebration and be present In large
numbers. The program will com
mence at 1 o'clock in the School'Park
at Crytal Falls. Lunch and refresh
ments will 1e served by committees
In charge.
A dainty lunch was fcrved to Iho
committees by Mrs. Swan Anderson ut
her home which was enjoyed and ap
preciated by all present at the meet
ing. '
Bead the Ad3
committees affoisted
judson CLOSES
Men From That Proper! Are, Put
At the Balkan
The wrvcrest blow that Alpha
tcrleneed this dull season was
the closing of the Judson mine. Or
dcrs to close came last Tuesday night
and underground operations were
DUSDcnded. The crew at the Judson
were set to work at the Balkan min?
all men at' that property going on
half-time basis.
One rav of bono that shot out
through this cloud was the commence
ment of shipping nt the Itllkan. Or
tiers to start shipping were issued
Tuewlay also and the' empties were
net In at the Balkan. The dully output
from that property, the Amasa-Porter,
the Foeartv and the Baltic will be
sent direct to the docks. Jut how
flong the operations will be confined
to tbis small shipment is not kuown
tmt Jt is hoped that something will
happen to Increase the shipments and
put the property back on full time
The Judnon had been operated with
n small crew since it was tak?n over
by the Balkan people so that the ac
tual number of men thrown out of
employment' Is not great.
sltatcs an alternating at the Balkan
that hits the men there also.
Head the Ads
FOR HALE Lot 10 Block 11 First
Addition to Village of Alpha $125.
Albert J. St. Onge. Iron Itiver. 1118.
Mrs. W. J. Perkins, Mrs. William
Uren and Miss Irene OUn were at Iron
Mountain one day during the week.
The young girls gave n dance at
the pavilion last Wednesday evening
which they called the "Beginner's
Dance." They say that the class of
beginners is noVlargc and enthusias
tic that they will have a dance each
Mrs. W. J. Perkins and Miss Beck
er gave a surprise shower party on
Mlfs Irene Olln last Tuesday evening
that was a complete success in every
way. Tho affair was given at the home
of Mrs. Perkins and a large number of
friends of Miss Olln assembled to pay
her honor.
Mr. and Mrs. John Trevarthcn or
Qulnnesi'C, were visitors at the home
of Mr, and Mrs. Howard GUI last Sun
Messrs. Houlmont and Trudell are
painting the Olln bulldlngg this week..
The Legion held one of Its regular
meetings last evening.
Mrs. Houlotte, who has been visit
ing at her old home at Stephenson, 1J
back in Alpha again.
Miss Pearson of Iron Mountain, w.1
Jn Alpha during the week with her
trother, Charles Pearson. .
The pewlng club la going to picnic
tit Spread Eagle next week.
Bead The Ad
FOR SALE!: Day old chicks,
straight' from tho e?rg. 15-cta oach,
I'ggs tor hatching fl.pO per 15. Par
cdls post or express. Write or cull
l.ucXaw Bros., Box SI, Florence, Wis.
(19-0) ...... . ---J
Work' of. Preparing For the Bltf (Vie.
tion Is Sow I'nder Way j
The committees for the big celebra
tion which Alpha will pull off were
appointed at a meting of th general
committee" held last Tuesday night.
The names of the several committee
members are as follows:
Band Committee Louis Mottes.
Concession Committee William J.
Argall, Boy Weeks and H. J. Veeser.
Treasurer John K. Hubbard.
Advertising Committee Dr. J. P.
Orator of the Day Supt. G. W.
Marshal of the Day: To be chosen
by the American Legion.
Dance Committee Frank Kazilek
and Victor Olen.
Children's Amusements WlUlara
Uren, Charles Ogren, It. G. Whitehead
and Fred White.
Parade Alfred Forsman, Hugh J.
McLaren, Fred White and Tony Dora.
Baseball It. O. Whitehead, J. P.
Edwards and Felix Demoraskl.
Athletic Contests Felix Demarasky
II. J. Veeser and Paul Houlmont.
There will be a meeting of all or
these committees next Teusday even
ing when the specific arrangements
will be taken up, prizes apportioned
and fimliar arrangements made. .
The Alpha-Crystal Falls baseball
team will play a game of baseball on
the local grounds during the after
noon. Further information as to the day's
doings will bo announced In these
columns as they are decided upon.
Bead The Ads
The M. E. Ladles' Aid met at the
Porter school last' Thursday with a
(large number of the members in at
tendance. . ,
Mrs. L. V. Johnson came over from
Iron Itiver last Thursday to visit
with her many friends in Alpha.
Mrs. Georgp E. BIshon of Stam
baugh, was Jn Alpha, last Thursday
attending the Ladies' Aid meeting and
visiting her old neighbors.
Tlie pupils of the grades at the
Porter school are practicing for the
minstrel show which they are to pull
off soon. Some thirty or forty little
ones are in the affair, all of the
grades being represented.
A party was given at the home of
Mr. Howard B. Beed last Thursday
evening. Mrs. Beed and Mrs. Thomas
Harvey being the hostesses.
Otto Carlson is busy these days get
ting his home ready to receive his new
help mate, who will share his )omc
very soon.
Boy Weeks and Mr. Kennedy are at
Amasa doing a painting Job on the
big store building at that place.
Miss Ethel Flneannon la vlsitln
with friends at Alpha this wek.
Mrs. Beed and Mrs. Whitehead en
tcrtained a number of their ludy
friends nt the home of Mrs. Beed Jat-t
Wednesday. A lunch and cords con
stituted the evening entertainment
Miss Bayley won first prize ani Miss
Irene Olln second prize. The consoli
tion prize was won by Miss Shin
Iron County with a population of
22.107 had one death from diptherla
in 1920, thus giving the county i
diptherla death rate of 4.6 per 100,
nflOnonulation. according to rates
published this week by the Michigan
department of health.
Bead the Ads
FOR SALE: My residence property
on Fifth Street. Mrs. A. M. Darling.
Read Th0 Ads
WANTED To hear from owner of
MrsT Gill, mother of Harold Gill,
who lias ben at the home of her son
will return to her old home at Cham
pion to stay for the summer.
Mr. Ed. Shogren arrived here with
his family last' Wednesday from Iron
ton, Minn. Mr. Shogren went to Iron
ton last week to move his folks to Al
pha, where they will make their home,
Mr. Shogren having the position of
night captain at the Judson mine.
Mr. James Demorasky of Belolt,
Wis., is in Alpha on a visit to his
son, Felix Demorasky and his daugh
ter, Mrs. John Lecnor.
Mrs. ElTlc Thomas of Marinette, who
wa visiting with friends In Alpha,
returned to her home on Tuesday.
Mr. Knud Nelson of Crystal Falls,
was In Alpha last Thursday on busi
ness. Mr. Nelson will leave Alpha
The World's Best
Lubricant for
Mr. BIsmark
from Florence,
Trudell, movie man,
was in Alpha last
Report of the Auto
mobile Club of
The Automobile Club of
America had a Special Gra
phite Committee and its
Technical Committee test OiJ
dag. Their report showed
that before using Olldag the
Club car developed only 30.74
horse power, while after us
ing Olldag and running GOO
miles it developed 33.70 horse
power, the increase in power
being horse power of 9.6
per cent. Summing up the
merits of this lubricant, the
report of the commltteo said
1. Increases the efficiency of
the engine.
2. Decreases the smoke from
the exhaust.
3. Decreases the quantity of
lubricating oil.
4. Retains compression In
cylinders. )
fi. Causes the engine and
gears to run more sweet
ly. C. Decreases the liability of
bunlng out bearings.
7. Increases the life of all
For further Information
Box 215, Alpha, Mich
'iilllH WW
r ii
m ti r
7 3W0S
T 3 t
r ?
33s i
WE enn install or repair electrical start
ing and lighting systems start your
car around here and light up. You can't
always light out when your lights are out
better see that your lamps and generators
and parts are working properly.
good farm for sale. Stato cash price,
full particulars. D. F. Bush, Minneap
olis, Minn. (13-25),
WASTED Agents to sell dur Teas,
and Coffees, Baking Powder, Ex
tracts, etc., direct' to the consumer.
Premiums given. Liberal commission
basis. The Great Atlantic and Paci
fic Tea Co., DOG N. Clark Street, Chi
cago, Illinois.. (20-21-22.)
Florence, Wis.
Six room house and lot for sale on
lower Marquette Avenue. Call per
sonally or 'Phone 113. Alfred Gribble
FOB SALE: Household furniture,
and Ford Sedan, Inquire of Miss War
ner, Bed Cross rooms. (19)
FOUND; A upper set of false teeth.
Mrs. John Clymltes, Waterworks.
WASTED A' Houso or Booms. Suit
able for house-keeping. See W. J.
Beck, Insurance Dept. Iron County
National Bank. 2l-tf.
FOB SALE Two good milch Cows
for sale. John Johnson, Box 42
DIL F. P. ft 0 YES
Crystal Falls. Michigan. '
i jkos rorxT
The law requiring chauffeurs and
driver of all vehicles equipped with
and using electric lights upon the
public highways of this state, to ef
fectually apply dimmers to forward
lights so as to dim and lessen the
same so as not to Interfere with the
sight or temporarily blinding the vi
sion of the drivers of any approach
ing vehicle, will be strictly enforced.
Any p crson found violating this, as
well as any other of the provisions of
Chapter S'J of the Compiled Laws of
the State of Michigan for th year
1915, as amended, will bo arrested
ami prosoeuie. Motor ' policemen
have been stationed on the county
roads and are Instructed to strictly
enforce the motor vehicle laws of
the state.
Dated this 3rd day of June, A. D.
Sheriff of Iron County.
' (21-24)
GlNffl&T ON)
frt5 Z
It always gives
100 per ct.
Let your order be
At all Reliable
l mfmm mm
Klcetliis m mjr degr,
rmrs.'f i rasrx t
The Camel idea wasn't born then. It was the
exclusive cxnert Camel hlonrl thnt rAvfti..t;n;Tn,i
f ,1 ; v(wiuviuuiibU
cigarette smoking.
J That Camel blend of choice Turkish and Domestic
tobaccos hits just the right spot. It gives Camels such
mellow mildness and fragrance!
The first timi I smoked Camels I knew they were
made for me. I knew they were the smoothest, finest
cigarette in the world, at any price.
Nobody can tell me anything different
ft. J. REYNOLDS Tok.tr. C
V'iatoa-3Um, N. C

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