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East End of Forest Avenue Being
Improved and Water Extended
South on Fourth St.
The city conrmlsslon at its meeting
latt Monday night set the election on
the ordinance initiated by petition to
be held on August 16. On that day
the electors of the city will pay if
they are satisfied with present con
ditions. If they are there will be no
chango in either the commission or
appointive officers for the balance of
the year; if they are not satisfied
and show it by a majority in favor of
the ordinance it is very likely that
there will be a rpeedy settlement of
all differences. Whichever way the
vote goes it' Is certain that the city's'
government will work smoother the
balance of the year.
AYliit It 3Ieans
The ordinance as Initiated, abolishes
the ofllcea of city manager, city at
torney, city marshal street commis
sioner and health ollloer and empow
ers the mayor, as executive head of
the city, to hire men from time to
time as the necessity arises, to do
what work is necessary to be done
under the different department's. In
short it temporarily changes the gov
ernment from a commission-manager
farm to 'straight commission form
like Marquette has, where the com
missioners, one or all of them, as the
charter may provide, supervises the
activities of the city.
There is nothing unusual about it
for many cities under commission
government are so managed, in most
of them however, the work being di
vided, each commissioner taking a
When the charter commission was
writing the commission lor
this city it was a question whether
they would recommend a straight
commission government or a commission-manager
form. They chose the
manager form but in choosing they
never dreamed that such a condition
as exists now would arise.
How It Came About
The election is a result of a tie-up
that came as a result of the election
last spring. Mr. GaiTney was chosen
on a platform which called tfor a
change In the appointive officers of
the city. He thought at the time
that he would be but one of the com
mission ami when he voted as ho
promised to voi'e and was out-voted
by the two other commissioners,
the matter would bo nettled until the
people could have an opportunity to
express" themselves by the . election of
another commissioner.
Some o f the friends of aspirants
for office got after Mr. Mottos, one of
the commissioners, and so Impressed
him that he decided to resign and he
did resign. It is claimed that this
condition was brought about by de
Bign, but be that as it may, it had the
effect of putting Mr. Gaffney where
he couldn't keep his promises to the
people and vote for1 any man as com
missioner who wouldn't vote to make
a change. Mr. RJork had announc
ed his determination to stand pat on
the officers In office, especially upon
Manager Sanders at whom most of
the effort seems to have heon launch
ed and would vot'o for no person who
would make a change.
It then developed that the charter
contains no provision for making an
amendment to it. Mr. Gaffney's sup
porters demanded that he do some
thing to carry out his promises. The
only thing he could do under the
charter, was to Initiate an ordinance,
which he did, and tills action brought
forth u determined opposition by
thone opposed to a change.
Then Mr. Gaffney propose! to let
the people vote for a third commis
sioner by agreement and agreed to
vote to appoint the man having the
greatest number of votes If Mr. RJork
would do the same. In that ease lie
promised to withdraw the petition
nr.d proposed ordinance. This prop
ortion was not taken up by his op-
ponelit-: so he decided to let it go to.
an election.
What Will 1U The 1trult
Trt i rowrtpr for The Diamond Drill
Mr. GafTriey replied that in eae the'
ordinance is ndopied he will dispense
with 'most of tho "facers during the
. -r,i . titr.rs or until the people can
fleet a full commission at which
time 'he win giauiy y-m m a imm
inent to repeal the ordinance. He
thinks that h n pave reveral thou-
and dollars for the people if they
place the burden upon him.
If the ordinance Is turned down he
sayB that he will let things go as tlity
are. as it will bo evidence that the
people want it that way.
There are some mean tilings sail
by those opposed to it and some heal
engendered but that seems to be un
necessary. There is a threat to go
Into court and contest the validity -of
It but Mr. Gaffney says that he ha9
no fear upon thut score as the offices
will be vacated if the ordinance car
ries, and that will end the Interest
that many have in the affair.
.More Streets and .Sevtevs
The grading of the west block of
Fourth street was commenced dur
ing the week and rock 1s being haul
ed there. The work was temporarily
suspended to allow repair work, much
needed, on Crystal Avenue. It 13 to
be hoped that the grading and rocking
of Forest Avenue will be continued to
the city line as it Is a much needed
Improvement .
Sowar is being put In on the south
end of Fourth street, another much
needed improvement.
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rnti: iii nk
Jolm Shwnly Han 3io Offer or a Match
With Anyone So Fur
John Shemky authorizes us to say
that the report's' publlsed In another
paper to the effect that he has been
matched with an Iron Hiver man for
Ijabor Day and with Perkins on some
other date is rot. Shemky hasn't
matched with anyone and he never
heard of the Iron Hlver man.
He was asked if he would fight Per
kins at Iron Mountain but the matter
went no further than a suggestion.
John is not real well, in fact ho hasn't
been real well since receiving the
foul blow at Ishpemlmg. He fought
the fight with Perkins on Pikers' day
to keep his word and considering his
condition at the time he fought a
great fight. Perkins had made the
statement, so -'tis said, that if he did
n't knock Shemky out In four round?
he didn't want any money. He had
all he could do to stand against the
local lad for 'ten rounds' and if Jack
had been in his usual physical con
dition Mr. Perkins would havo, hit'
the mat.
John says that he's going to recup
erate before taking on any more bouts
for he values the word of the fight
fan "ho did well" more than knock
out's. It Is probable that Shemky will
be In condition and will fight on Lab
or Day but there is absolutely no
truth to the statements that' he has
fights booked.
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Travelers Got The (Had Hand Every,
where After Leaning Crystal Falls
Tho Michigan Pikers had a regu
lar time of It after they left Crystal
Falls but at no point was their stop
of more real pleasure to them than In
this city.
At Iron River nn excellent dlntifV
was served and the reoeptkyi com
mittee, under tho direction of P. ()'
Prion met and greeter the visitors
in fine style. A good roads meet
ing was held that was well attended,
considering that the meeting was held
at noon.
The dinner served by the ladles
was said by everyone to have been
one of the nicest that was tendered
the autolsts anywhere.
From Iron River the autocade went
to Watersmeet, where a short stop
was made, and then to Wakefield and
Heasemer, where additional stops
were made.
Iron wood was the night stop and
the travelers were given a royal re
ception there and well looked after.
The next day's iftop was made at
Ashland for nocn and at Duluth at
night. At the latter place the visi
tors were given but little attention,
but Superior, across the river in Wis
consin, was enthusiastic and the Pik
ers vowed to make Superior their
stop-over after this.
Tho next day's run was from Du
luth to Grand Marias. They crossed
the .Canadian boundary In the after
noon and were escorted through the
Canadian lands to Port Arthur and
Fort William.
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Tile outside improvement's to the
court house ar looming up nicely to
day, the most noticeable Ming the
new steps In front of the building.
Tho flight 1s of white Hedford stone,
well dressed md well net and It v. ill
be ri big Improvement to the old step
Up above Alex Mayer has remove d
cd the Id flag staff that was struck
by Mr!. teeing two years ago and pait
:y demolished and has put In lis pi if o
a ball ornameat surmounting the
cupola containing the clock.
T!;e f!.g staff was hit by lightening
twice and tin supervisors drei.lM
that It was time to discontinue it. so
they erected one In the front yard
to t.lVe Its pi a re.
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Secretary RNhop Has Started To (Jot
Things .Moilntr For the Fall Show
Rumors That More Ore Will Go
Forward From the Crystal
Falls District at Once
A reporter for The Diamond Drill
visited the scene, of the drill work
being done by the Palms-Rook Co.
near the Amasa-Porter mine during
the week. We found the drill busily
at work under the direction of Mr.
Moberg, of Negauncc. a brother of our
townsman, Fritz MMoberg, who Is al
so engaged on the drill.
The drill is still working on it's
first hole which Is being put down
about 1,200 feet south of the point
where the Ralsani road branches off
Route Ci. The hole is close by we
should say within a few feet of the
hole which Mr. St. Claire put down
some eight or ten years ago.
The drill is ln formation but how
good a formation only those who are
Immediately connected with the work
know. It Is evident that the new ex
plorers will put down deeper holes
than were sunk by the St. Clair peo
ple and that they will do their work
in a much more thorough manner.
It is generally understood that when
the present hole 13 finished the drill
will be moved north about 400 feet
and another hole put down. When
that hole i completed the drill will
ho moved 400 feet south of where It
stands now and a third hole punk. It
Is probable that developments as the
wo,rtc progresses will have a great
deal to do with the future program.
-Morei Ore Sod
According to the Iron Trade Review
the general situation in the iron ore
market' la unchanged and business
continues to Je restricted to a few
and comparatively small tonnages.
There is nothing to Indicate an im
mediate Improvement, but the largest
dealers are looking forward hope
fully to a change for the betfer Inter
In the season. They base their1 pros
pects on the probability that the fur
naces will need to increase their ton
nages of ore 1n anticipation of re
quirements during the winter and
next spring. While the total of ton
nages at furnaces and on lower lake
docks is sufllcicnt for a year of opera
tions on the present schedules, t,he
tro men do not expect present condi
tions to continue that long and believe
the ore trade will be among the first
to respond to renewed demand.
During lasfweek two furnace com
panies wer0 negotiating v 1th one In
terest for approximately 150.000 tons
each. These companies are regular
custimers of the ore , produeer anil
the only question involved was the
exact tonnages they would tyke. Last
year they took about 33.000 tons each.
Their total requirements this ear
which are expected to be tio?ed t' is
week probably will not exceed 300,
000 tons. ' ,
This producer reports a j.'.lghtly
improved outlook insofar as his own
business Is concerned.
There s lrat one active inquiry lr
the open market and that is for a
hout 30.000 t)iis. Practically all of
the business thus far has been done
between or producer? end regular
customers. Trading In the open mar
ket is r 'Helically at a standstill. It
is reported that the Ford company,
which put out' an inquiry some weeks
ago for about 73.000 tons and "which
went to tho general trade now is ne
gotiating with one. producer. Sev
eral small lots were being mid the
ptist week, the total being .less" than
100,000 ton it.
A leading mlirlng company has
made known its intention of reduc
ing wages for a third tlme tho date
b"l-g Indefinite, and ban further re
duced It t operating schedule. Re
ports of Impending general wage re
duction are current In the trade, but
only the one company referred to ad
mits havlr.g a definite plan to thlt
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On the 11th of August the Agricul
tural Kxperlmf t.t Station at Chatham
Is holding h farmers round-up day.
At that time there will be several of
the be.-t agricultural speakers there
In the ft ate aid the Experiment
S.'itlon will demonstrate the various
experiments which they hr.ve been
carrying on for the benefit of the
farmers of tills peninsula.
If you want to know Just what the
Michigan Agricultural Ccllegc 1 do
ing for the farmers of this peninsula
be at' Chatham on the 11th of August.
At a meeting of the Iron County
Agricultural Society held at the .Town
HaJl at Iron River a week ago laet
Saturday G. 11 Bishop was chosen to
act again as secretary. P. O'Hrlen
of Iron River was chosen vice-president
and Robert Munns of this city
vice-president. F. Javoroski, of Iron
River, Is tho treasurer and Mr. Manby,
county agriculturalist, superintend
ent. Arrangements for the 1021 fair to
be held on September 20-24 so far
made by Sec. RLshop were reported to
the meeting. Reside an extensive
display of pure blooded livestock,
perhaps the largest ever shown In the
upper peninsula, and an auspicious
showing of farm crops and other pro
ducts, there will be brought to the
fair Knapp's carnival an organization
especially equipped to exhibit at fairs
'this is a departure from previous
polities of the society but the plan
s to bo tried out at the suggestion of
Mr. rtihop.
"You can announce to the people of
Iron county that the 1921 fair is to
bo a greater suecesi from every angle
Vh3u even the event of last year,"
e-ald Mr. RIshop last week. "Every
farmer in tho county who has pure
blooded stock has promised to com
pete with other owners and the stock
exhibition will be the greatest ever
held In Cloverland. Despite the hot
weather and the drougth which has
affected the growth of crops, I find
farmers more enthusiastic and more
elated over fair prospects than ever
before. The entertainment Is going
I') be good, many applications are In
for concessions, and the four days de
Voted to the fair will be a time of
fiction and gayety."
i Sec. Bishop was Instructed by the
committee to make what necessary
repairs are advisable on the entrance
buildings and to have them repainted.
A committeo was appointed to build
an addition to tho stock barn and to
appeal to the county board for finan
cial assistance for this work.
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Judge Roberts had to pinch him
self to make sure that he was awake
und net in dreamland or in the realm
cf the Sulutan last Saturday, when i
Finn from near tho Fortune lake
school appea-tfi-d in his court and en
tered complaint against two Finns
from Amasa tho charge being that
ihey had stolen his wife not enticed
her away, Just stole her.
The story 1 that the woman was
In the vicinity of tho school house
early the morning following the 4th
of July when the two men accused
came bounding by In an automobile.
They stopped. On0 f them pick
ed up the woman and placed her ln
tho tar. They carried her as far
as the Amasa-Porter mine when they
got tired of their booty and threw her
out, breaking a couple of ribs and
shaking her up badly.
The man had a hard time to find
hi 4 wife and a harder time to find out
who tho men were hut he succeeded
-in locating both. He intimated that
$1,000 qash might calm his anger but
tho men were thy the dough so he
had to do with less.
The men were drunk and their act
lo:kg as if It was Just a crazy drunk
en effort to do something awful. In
Justification they claim the woman
Jumped Into the car for a ride. At
any rate the case was settled on Mon
day and Judge Roberts relieved of
making any close decisions.
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gigging rack on street work
j State Department Wants To Postpone
Adam Street, Iron Rhcr and
Filth Street Work
County Engineer Lnrs'on made u
visit to Lansing this week to confer
with the statp highway department
In regard to the work on Adams street
:: Iron Hiver' and Fifth Street In
iCrystMl Falls. The program, as an
nounced some time ago. Included tho
paving of both of those streets, the
statu and county doing tho trunk line
portion and the village of Iron Riv
er and City of Crystal Falls dolg the
It' Is reported that tho drpaitment
wants to postpone thee two plcft
of work until next yeir and Mr. Iir
scn Is very much opposed to the post
ponement as In addition to the pv
lnn being needed, the work is badly
needed to r'.Ve employment to work
nun about here that are out cif Joh.i.
The cru'-ber was started up In the
fcnnd plains pit during the week, tho
output being ued In resurfacing tho
r.trcteh from Fortune Lake to the
county frm. Julo M'isler Is ln
eha'i'e of operations there and i
making n rood showing.
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MIm O'ea Larson, the very efficient
nnd accommodating bookkeeper at
jtho Cierherg & Co. store, has return
Ifd from her vacation which she spent
In Milwaukee.
Dr. Perry is Sent Out By The State
Organization, is a Fluent
Speaker-Admission Free
The Woman's Club of Crystal Falls
lias arranged a treat' for tho people of
to city in nil address by Dr. F. A.
Perry, executive secretary of the
Coalition Committee of the State.
The line of Dr. Perry's discourse will
be on Americanization.
He comes to Crystal Fails highly
recommended and entirely without
pay of any kind. Mo fee will be
charged by the ladies and everyone Is
urged to gt-t out and listen to what
Dr. Perry has to say on this very
Important subject.
To Teach Lojalty
This meeting Is in Hue with an ef
fort to teach iloyalty U our country
und love of our fiag. It is a subject
that every live American should be
Interested in.
The Coalition Committee, under
whoso auspices Dr. Perry Is making
these talks, Is absolutely non-polltl-cal
and mon-sectarlan. It works with
all classes of patriotic citizens without
party or church affiliations. It's only
purpose Is to build up a strong citi
zenship and unite all lovers of de
mocracy on the broad platform of the
Golden Rule, thus destroying the In
fluence ot tho Rolshevlk, who is en
deavoring to create class conscious
ness a.7nl a spirit of unrest.
The Woman's Club has taken up
the subject ot Americanization and
this meeting is their first effort in
that line. They expect to enter quite
expensively upon the work during the
winter and should have the support'
of everyone.
Fncourage them tonight by turning
out nnd listening to Dr. Perry. The
speaking will commence at 8:00 o'
clock In tho city hall auditorium and
It will be entirely free. Everyone is
cordially Invited.
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The Alpha-Crystal Falls team had nr.
open date to morrow owing to Mar
quette having cancelled its scheduled
date. Manager MendeLon promised
Florence to give that team the fijH
chance to play the locals atul tomor
row the team from our neighboring
town will cross bats at Athletic park
with the locals.
There will undoubtedly bo a big
bunch of fans along ami t lit l'F.r.i
ence boys are going to play the gamo
hard. They have been doing well
of bite and figure to give the locals a
Good battle.
Florence has nLvays bt-en a good
friend and supporter of Crystal Falls
end they deserve the patronag'i ot
our people. When Crystal Fulls ha.'
Its big battles on several year a so.
there were no more ardent rooters
for our club than the Florence people.
Let's turn out and givo then the glad
hand and a real enthusiastic hand
when the Florence boys are o;n the
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The Crystal Falls Gun Club will ap
pear in the registered shoot at Esoa
naba tomorrow, some of the members
going down tonight, some tomorrow
morning, but at any event there wl'!
bo u good attendance from here.
Tills E- canub.i shoot is to be a rc'.
affair, with contestants from all ovr
the pnln;ula. The entrance fee of
t!ils shoot Is SL'O.'O and a n turn ( '
10- per bird is made for every on
broken. In addition there are h.t
are V "own a: 20 and 15 coniV?tanr
where .tr.i prle are awarded tiin--breaking
12. 1.1 or 11 In the 1." chr:
and 17-1N or 19 in the 20 el.is.
Annng tho.-e who will m iko t'.,. t r 1
are Dr. A. J. Dockings, Hup!.' (J. V
Harrison, Mo Lovefnols, V. !!.
Rezln E. J. Oswald. John
RraJley Rarlow.
It !- exported that omo ct ur en
trants will make good showing. at
tht. meet a there are a n;ir.iN-r of
fine shots, among then Dr. I locking-.
(J. E. Harris m, Ton Mont ui. bo n:;.l
John Frlbley, not to mention many
others who make fone nirprl-dnir
rnarks In the contests.
All member eif the club are pray
ing' that a high wind doesn't blow off
the b.iy tomorrow.
Road Tho Ada
Miss Ethelcne Henry and guests
are enjoying a week's vacation In the
Holmes cottage at Fortune lake,
A Xegro and a Spaniard Captured by
Murlil Walto at R.ilsaru, ( harg.
ed With Hold-up
A negro named McGeo and a corn,
panion claimed to be a Spaniard and
giving his name as Hary Clark, were,
taken into custody by Sheriff Walte
at Ralsum last Monday I morning
where they were found sleeping along
side of a tox car, waiting for tho
night train to come along, their In
tention being to board her and get
out of the country.
Tho men were charged! with sev
eral acts of robbery, the primary one
being for breaking Into a Camp ware
house belonging to an Escanaba man.
They are also accused of holding up
a man on the railroad track near
Amasa but thc got nothing from
- Th0 two men were lodged ta the
Jail to await the arjival of the offi
cers from Escanaba.
On Clark's person was found a dis
charge paper which was issued to
Glen 11. Allison of Eaglo Grovt Iowa,
Clark pays that Allison i.t a cousin
of his and asked that the paper ho
sent along to Its owner.
Letters from chums at Ska.-ndla
wero found which "indicate that the
bunch had been guilty of law viola
tions before the one that brought
them into Sheriff Wi!te'fl clutches.
Ilwul The Ads
The section boss at Kelso reporteet
to tho local authorities that a man lay
tick at Kelso and that ho was In a
terrible condition. An Immediate)
investigation was mad and It wa
found that the maa's' condition wtn
not half described It was abomln.
The man whose name wa Charle
Erlckson was employed by Mr, RJork
man of Iron Mountain to watch tho
property at Kelso. Mr. RJorkraan
claims that he was told tho man was
ill and Immediately seat two young
men to tho place to car for him.
The young men, 6o he says, camo.
back In a short time and reported tho
man in good condition, bo that Mr.
DJorkman knew nothing of his con
dition until the authorities were call
ed In.
Marshal Broad, Judgo Robert's, W.
C. Eldrcd and others went to tho
place. They found the man lying In
a bed of filth and so far gome that he
was unable to talk. They cleaned
ldm up as best they could arl ftarted
him for the hospital via tniln but lie
died on the way here from weakness.
It seems that he had neither food nor
medical attention and he Just lay Id
his bunk and starved to death.
Road the Ad -
John Doelle, se-cretary-managcr or
the U. P. I). Rureau has been selected,
so 'tis said for the newly created
position of "Commissioner of Agri
culture" by Governor Groeiibwk. Mr.
Doelle I.', ln the east Just now, so
that no word has been received from
him directly but those in Mr. Doelle'a
confidence have known 'for several
weeks of his Intended, vhango of posi
tion. The selection is generally regarded
as an excellent one In every way lor
Mr. Doolie has given evidence of his
ability to promote agriculture? In his
work on the V. P. D. D-
The office of commls.ioner of agri
culture Is regarded as ono of tho
mo.t Important' In the state Several
sUites In the union have Ioii main
tained u department of thru kind and
while the movement Is fumethlng of
an experiment in Michigan. It 3 suc
cess has been established 11 other
RoaJ the Ads
In the la-t 140 years the country's
yearly tempt rruro has arergol t'.l
decree. Taking It by d'?'Vle, It
lias never arlrd o much hu two d'?
grcs tront that iverage.
Tht! ri h .f July en record was U
1 S 1 f . the fr.Tnou? ye.ir when tho snov.
lei! In li.o r.crriern state every
no Mh.
The holte-t Jul were In 1780 ynl
is 7l'..
Tl:, coldest J:munry wai pi "'7
nnd tho i It t March w:ih In lr".
The three w;trmo-t decide. v r,-i
tho-e ended H i0O, 1S30 -rjj IW
be roMe t litC'ide fol'o.Vfd the f'.c
ond bsttoe-t.
Red T Ad
Mls -Ffgr. Car.'rtror.i e f th! - c ty
and Mr. Ll:ni Shat rf Ircr IM-er.
were marrhV 1 a t v ek n'. Tr i
MouM-ilri. The y'-crig people rr'hcr
nolo it t'i'ir'h up :n their frf . ;
Vic bride r rimed to her work a
StolbeTe t.ir ': r.fter the .--'
ding ar.d C" croon to Y,f . it
Iron River. Tho nnrrlago l'el
out, however ar.d at J:ut' the I ' " ing
bride wis forced to ac knowlc & i it.
Tie groom Is the young V"t with
when Slgni was rlllTi? revcl year
nco when phe receive! such ' terrible
wound when their autcmollle wont
wrong. -
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