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"He Giveth Hit Beloved Sleep."
II..- jiliik of 4ftWH I t.'.r ti hill;
;ik-. there la thy Said to tin.
in Autumn 'neath tn' noonday's sun
30 forth and rr;ij til! day Is dune.
Mr hen winter's near and atnrllghta peep,
He giveth His beloved sleep."
Pnr out when low you lay your In. id
I 'ponfWir duwny pillowed lwl
If lue n.ou heat within thy breast.
rhare'a One above who ruelrda thy rest,
A Mil nt watch His enfeta keep,
'H. pjtveth ills beloveo Bleep."
Paint not when life's preat trials come,
Nor from the narrow pathway roaan.
March on, braaal forward, alanca a head i
And when the barriers all have tied,
And thou thi dreary agea reap,
'Ha fflveth fill beloved sleep. '
When Inst thy weary toils are done,
The race Is run, the Koal I5 won,
Arid when thou takest thy lust rest.
Id atill la near: thou shalt be blessed.
When mists athwart thy eyelids creep,
"He giveth His beloved sleep."
JnO. J. Marks.
How Character Is Made and Shown.
He was known to them In the break
ing of bread. Luhe, xxiv.. 35.
There are maajfL wonderful and
glorious passages lfj the New Testa
ment, but few more pathetic to my ap
preheMJon than that little story of the
walk djjKimnatis, the desclplSS not re
. diiiiizlnj; llie Maswr. while yet their
HeaWtl lu: ne, within them us they
lalketl with Him by the way. And
the story reaches its climax of beauty,
unfolds the sweetest flower of its sig
nificance where the dliclples, rehears
ing the details of the event, tell BOW
.le.stis "was Known to them in the
breaking of bread."
How interesting and suggestive that
He was not known to them by any
sign that marked Him as the Messiah
ur in any way pre-eminent, but by one
of the simplest things He had ever
done in their presence. One like3 to
think of their recalling something
pleasant in His manner, some happy,
grateful look upon His face, as if He
were Qod'l minister in answering the
prayer. "Give us this day our daily
bread" which He had taught them
when they asked Him how to pray.
Perhaps the time when He sat at table
with them was the time when the
consciA burden of His ministry was
le:.,t oppressive and He unbent Him
self in the most intimate and friendly
It is very lovely to bo thought of
when alive and remembered when
dead as doing kind and pleasant
things. Among the thousands of exag
gerated and pretentious epitaphs in
Mount Auburn there is one which
She was so pleasant.
I think it one of the most enviable.
And there are many women and as
many men who earn it perfectly. They
do not strive nor cry, but wherever
they go and whatever they do they
diffuse an atmosphere of comfort and
content. They make sick people well
and sad people merry. They dispel
the gloom from anxious hearts and the
fevered pulse is quieted at the cool
fountain of their unfailing cheer.
A great .nany persons are known to
theiraYiilies and friends in the same
way as Jesus was known in the New
Testament story by their behavior
at the morning, noonday, or evening
meal. "Joy of the street," says the
Provencal proverb, "curse of the
home." It is proverb which fits
many people like a glove. These are
men who spend all their pleasantness
and gayety on their companions In
business and at the club and have only
four looks and cross words at home.
There are women who can "smile and
sinile" at the afternoon reception and
the evening party, and be anything but
agreeable in the uneventful round of
their domestic cares. Hut what men
and women are in this uneventful
found gees far not only to rdiow their
true character, but to make it what it
is for better or worse.
Francis Paeon said: "God hangs the
greatest weight upon the smallest
wires." That would be dangerous me
( liatiitJC were not the wires so many
that Nrthelr aggregate they are of as
great strt :igth as that of the cables on
which our great suspension bridges
swing in air. The atomic theory may
be true or false in physics: it is cer
tainly true upon H spiritual plane.
All great actions, characters and
events are prepared for in silence and
)bRcurity by innumerable little seem
ingly unimportant actions, refusals,
acceptance, disposition. The roots
:f a great character spread out like the
root., of v. greut tree, ten thousand
filaments drawing their virtue from
the dark earths and secret springs, and
vielding each its proper increment to
that great strength with which the
tree or character flings wide its
branches and defies the stcrm. Men
and women are best known as they are
most surely fashioned by such little
seemingly petty actions as the break
ing of bread or the making of it. or
rhel.s necessary for the honest
anting of it, because the whole char
acter rushes into expression in every
part, because every part reports the
tountlness or unsoundness of the whole
:o which it has contributed its due pro
portion of those elements which in
:heir aggregation and eo-ordlnati' m
uake tip a human life. Jown White
The Constant Christian.
Constancy, stability among Chris
lans, is currency above par. The exi
gencies of the Lord's work ore such
hat we cannot afford to be unstable.
The unstable Christian is one of the
greatest stumbling blocks in the way
f sinners. Thousands of men out
ilde the church give this as the main
eason for their active opposition or
ipathetic indifference to Christianity.
The unstable Christian I a reproach
D bis profession, a reproach to bit
church and a reproach to his Christ.
"onstancy, stability, is one of the
Christian worker's strongest assets.
Many of us may not be able to en
gineer vast enterprises in the church,
many of us may not have the natural
powers and gifts of some of our breth
ren, many of us may not have enthu
siastic, hopeful and positive natures;
but there is not one of us, not one but
can be constant in our efforts as Chris
tians in our own sphere, if we will
take ourselves and our profession seri
ously. It ig not child's play to be a
representative of Christ. It is the
work of a man and worth that man's
highest thought and best endeavor.
Nothing among the so-called negative
vices undermines character like insta
bility. Nothing so stamps a man as
us. less to his church, to his commun
ity and to his Christ as inconstancy.
On the other hand, nothing tends to
build up a noble and exalted charac
ter so much as eonstapey and faith
fulness; nothing will be more likely
to raise a man's usefulness to his high
est notch than these qualities. To be
inconstant, unstable, that were of the
earth, earthy; but to be uniformly
true and steadfast, that were of Christ,
Through Sorrow's Gate.
There are many things, besides sor
row's self, that come through sor
row's gate gentleness, tact, sympa
thy, strength, beeautiful traits of char
acter, which seem to find no other
mode of entrance into life. Long for
unclouded joy as we may, it still re
mains true that few of us Would
choose for our most valued friend one
who has never suffered. The eyes that
have not known tears must needs lack
something of tenderness. The heart
that never lias been torn with an
guish and loss has never sounded its
own depths, and cannot measure those
of another. The soul grows strong
through storm and conflict, if it ever
mows strong at all, and, however sweet
a nature may be. we find it incomplete
and unsatisfying if it has never known
the softening, hallowing touch of
grief. There arc dark pages in our
lives where we would gladly have
changed the story if we could. There
are wounds that still ache, and losses
that even yet are hard to bear; but
however we may feel about the sor
row itself, there are few of us who
would be willing to give up all that
ii brought and taught us to be just
what we were before it touched us.
There are some precious gains that
come through sorrow's gate.
Rejoicing in Tribulation.
This is contrary to the flesh, but in
harmony with grace. Men naturall
shun what is disagreeable and irk
some. To endure tribulation with joy,
it must be of a kind which has not
come upon us by our own folly and
sin. If we bring irouble and hardship
upon ourselves by our own wrong
doing. WO should mourn and repent,
rather than rejoice. Hut if for fidel
ity to truth and devotion to Christ we
suffer, then we can rejoice that we
are accounted worthy to enter intc
the fellowship of his sufferings. Tc
such Christ speaks: "He thou faithfr.'
unto death, and I will give thee 8
crown of life."
Such as boar trial for Jesus patient
ly and joyfully, thereby give a good
and effectual testimony of the reality
and beauty and helpfulness of the
Christian religion. The world has re
spect and reverence for a Chiistiun
who is himself a living example of the
faith he professes. Put the undegen
crate despise hypocrisy in religion
and take a discriminating view ol
practical Christianity as they read it
in the life of professed followers ol
God Hears.
Prayer must be addressed to the
Father. As soon as we niter that sa
cred name the divine nature responds
and. to put it vividly, is on the alert
to '.ear what we desire. A little child
cannot utter a sigh however slight, a
however sanothered. without
awakening the quick attention of its
mother; and at the first whisper of
our Father's name He is at hand to
hear and bless. Alas, we have too
often grieved His Holy Spirit by a
string of selfish petitions or a numbef
of formal plat itudes. To the wonder
ment of angels we thus fritter away
the most precious and sacred oppor
tunities. Be still, then, before you
pray to consider what to ask. Order
your prayers for presontat ion and be
sure to begin the blessed interview
with word.'- of sincere and loving ap
preciation and devotion. Itev. F. B.
Human Life.
It is the salvation of a noble nature
to have soive tSSh of self-denial, some
motive for self-'-acrifice left, when all
that made the dally burden of life en
durable has passed away. Happy he
who bas habituated himself to look
upon his whole earthly career but aa
a task of which the reward, though
not given here, is as priceless as it is
certain. I have remarked that a truo
dell neaUiOS of the smallest man and
his OSSM of pilgrimage through life
is capable of interesting the greatest
man: that all men are to an unspeak
SblS degree brothers each man's lifo
a strange emblem of every man'a
and that human portraits faithfully
drown are of all pictures the welcom
esl on human walls. Thomas Car-lylo.
John Chinaman Haa at Leaat One
Cause for Congratulation.
The impassivity of John Chinaman's
countenance is now at least partially
explained. He has no nerves in his
teeth. This interesting bit of lnfor
mation comes 'way from Oregon,
where the dentists have been having
a state meeting. One of the speakers,
who makes no claims to "painless
dentistry," said he had tinkered with
the teeth of many Chinamen, and
never once had known of them to
whimper. The only thing in regard
to which they show the least anxiety
is to "secure any teeth they have
pulled, which they want to take back
or send back to China in order that
they may have a full set when they
are reincarnated." A Chinaman would
bo a good subject for a "painless den
tist" to use in a public demonstration.
School for Theatrical Critica.
A school of theatrical critics is tc
DS opened in Paris. The student?
are to attend dress rehearsals auc
write them up for practice.
Of Vfioe Interest.
Breed, Wis.. July IS Special
Charles Y. Peterson, Justice of tho
Peace for Oconto Co., has delivered
a Judgment that is of interest to the
whole United States. Put briefly, that
judgment is, "Uodd's Kidney Pills are
thd best Kidney medicine on the mar
ket to-day."
And Mr. Peterson gives his reason
for this Judgment. He says: "Last
winter 1 had an aching pain In my
back which troubled me very much.
I the morning 1 could hardly straight
en my back. I did not know what it
was but an advertisement led me to
try Dodd'3 Kidney Pills. After taking
one box I can only say they have done
more for me than expected as I feel
as well now as ever I did before."
Pain in the back is one of the first
symptoms of Kidney disease. If not
cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills it may
develop into Bright's Disease, Dia
betes. Rheumatism or some of tho
other deadly forms of Kidney Disease.
German Love of Sauerkraut.
Here is an imaginative story to
Illustrate the estimate that some Ger
man citizens place on sauerkraut as
a food staple. A German was speak
ing Shout the high price of cabbage.
"I tell you, dose kebbages is awful
high iis year," he said; "me und me
vife puts up six, seven, eight barrels
of sauerkraut every year but ve
can't dis year. Dem kehhages dey
cost too much." "You put up some
sauerkraut, didn't you. Chris?" he was
asked. "Ob, yes two or tree barrels
just to haf in de house in case of
Leproay Among Fish Eaters.
Statistics are quoted showing that
while in India the average occurrence
of leprosy is three or four cases per
10,000 of population, in the island of
Minicoy, in the Indian ocean, whose
Inhabitants are devoted to fishing, it
rises to 150, and at Kaligoan. a fish
curing center, it amounts to u00.
Harper's Weekly.
Horsemen's Kindergarten.
"The men who are training the
horses must be strict, and, at the
same time, kind to them, and under
no circumstances must they played
with. It is also net advisable to en
courage the horses with sugar, car
rots, etc.." is an order issued to the
London .Me tropolitan Fire Brigade.
Settled the Case With Her.
Many great discoveries have been
made by accident and things better
than gold mines have been found in
this way, for example when even the
accidental discovery that coffee is the
real cause of one's sickness proves of
most tremendous value because it lo
cates the cause and the person has
then a chance to get well.
"For over 25 years," says a Missouri
woman, "1 suffered untold agonies in
my stomach aud even the best phy
sicians disagreed as to the cause with
out giving me any permanent help,
different ones saying it was gastritis,
indigestion, neuralgia, etc., so I
dragged along from year to year, al
ways half sick, until finally I gave up
all hopes of ever being well again.
"When taking dinner with a friend
one day she said she had a new drink
which turned out to be Postura and
I liked it so well I told her I thought
I would stop coffee for awhile and use
it, which I did.
"So for teres months we had Pos
tttSD in place of coffee without ever
having one of my old spells but was
always healthy and vigorous.
"Husband kept saying he was con
finced it was coffee that caused those
spells, but even then I wouldn't be
lieve it until one day we got out of
Postum and as we lived two miles
from town I thought to use the eoffeo
we had in the house.
"Tho result of a week's use of cof
fee again was that I had another ter
rible apell of agony and distress, prov
ing that it was the coffee and nothing
else. That settled it and I said good
!) . to Corfee forever and since then
Postum alone has been our hot meal
time drink.
"My friends all say I am looking
worlds better and rny complexion is
much improved. All the other mem
bers of our family have been benefit
ed, too, by Postum in place of the old
drink, coffee." Name given by Postum
CO BSttle Creek. Mich.
Ten days trial of Postum In place of
coffee or tea is the wise thing for
every coffee drinker. Such a trial
J tells the exact truth often where cof
i tee is not suspected.
I Look in each pkg. for the famous
.little book, "The Koad to Wellville."
In a Dutch Village.
At Marken, a fishing village of Hol
land, few men are to be -seen, as they
are nearly always out at sea in their
boats. Those whom one does see are
like Dutchmen in a play, in queer
headgear, in the most voluminous
knickerbockers that ever delighted the
heart of a caricaturist and having on
chattering wooden shoes which are, as
a coasting skipper once said, the
surest preventive of colds and of "cold
feet" (which he spoke of as if they
were a disease) to be found in the
world. Clumsy enough these Dutch
fisher folk look, but they are handy in
a boat. But there is agriculture, too,
of a simple kind at Marken. Not a
man usually is to be seen working
in the bay harvest or at other employ
ment in the fields. The women do
the farm work.
Low Wages Paid in Egypt.
The population of Egypt is about
8,000,000, and most of the people are
engaged in a sort of desultory cam
paign against mother earth to forco
her to yield enough grain for tho
mere sustenance of lazy life. The la
bor supply is large and dilatory; the
wages are correspondingly low. In
upper Egypt one can hire farm la
borers, or loafers, at 9 cents a day,
and in lower Egypt at 13 cents, the
laborer, or loafer, to board himself.
Theso laborers, or loafers, want no
money in pay, but will take part of
the crop.
Grasp the Opportunity.
In 1865, Durham was a village of a
flozen houses. When the soldiers
plundered the place, they got a quan
tity of smoking tobacco. They liked
it so well that they hardly got home
before they began to write to Durham
:o get more. There were in the town
men of enough enterprise to see the
DPIKjrtunity which this situation of
fered them. It was not long before
Durham salesmen were selling Dur
ham tobacco In every part of the
world. The World's Work.
Soldiers' Superstitions.
Among the numerous superstitions
of the Cossacks there is none stronger
than the belief that they will enter
Heaven in a better state if they are
personally clean at the time they are
killed. Consequently, before an ex
pected battle they perform their toilets
with scrupulous care, dress themselves
in clean garments, and put on the
best they have. This superstition is
not confined to the Cossacks alone,
but is widely prevalent in all branches
Ol the Russian army.
A Trip to Colorado, Utah or California
is not complete unless it embraces
the most beautiful resorts and grand
est scenery in Colorado, which are
found on the Colorado Midland Rail
way, the highest standard gauge line
in the world. Exceptionally low sum
mer round trip rates to Colorado in
terior state points, Utah, California
and the Northwest are offered by this
line. For information address Mr. C.
H. Speers, General Passenger Agent,
Denver, Colo.
Imitation Furs.
The skin of the muskrat or mus
quash makes a much more durable
and richer looking fur, and from i
Imitation Alaska sable coats frequent
ly are made. Rabbit skins aLso are
used after a complicated treatment in
the manufacture of imitation chin
chilla. No wonder there is such a dif
i ference in the chinchilla furs.
Man Should Be Vegetarian.
Man's structure, compared with that
; nf other animals, indicates that frultl
and esculent vegetables are his nat
ural food. The man-like apes live ex
1 clusively upon fruits, nuts and gretr
! leaves
Work and Prayer.
Praying for things and working foi
them brings results. Worl; brings re
suits Which sre at least satisfactory
for prayer may be answered in a waj
that l unexpected.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, an tha eaanot rates
Dm saat of the dtaeaee. aiHtrti Ii a bloot or ooastt
tmliiu.it disease, anil In order locate It OU mnai take
Internal rtvm'dlea. Hall's Catarrh I BN h tHkrn In-
tonally, and acta directly oa the blood and naeona
surface. Hall's Catarrh Care Ii sot a ojaaca medi
Clnt. Ii srai pri'M-i lifil by one of tin- bent phynlclaim
111 Olid. 1 11 II t r V ur li'ilN Utltl U ft rclllur rn-i ui-'rlntlnn
I ii la otupuaed of the beat tonics known, cotnolned
with tba Mat t.inwi partOara, acting directly on tba
mucous surfaces. Tba perfect combination of thi
two iiitfrMii-tiM ii wiia' prodnoes rack wonderful ra
talis lu caring catarrh, mcl ir testimonial, free,
K. J. CMKNF.V fc CO., I'rupi , Toledo, O
I Sold 'v Drucaiata, price 7!Vc.
u unlly rills for ron:tpntlon.
Wi lli a woman nnya n thing Is In
Style shi m;tns It Won't be as sunn as
all tier frlanda get it. New York
1 ' i ess.
The BageabecS Animal PnHidisp nnrt Trained
Animal Clreua on tea Pike at st. Loala attraeta
gnat orowSa ai try day. There are wtM beaete,
liona, raoparda, parous, hjtjnaa, baara und Uajara
roundup in their nutive jungle tojfeilirr with
dOVMettcat'.M animals In porfrct harmony. Tho
Haaeoback tralaera Meant the most thrilling
perfonBancea ol perreot animal training dully
In the t'-i-i y-nfi' of tho bjSfa arena. ou should
not fall toaee it. It is the greatest attructlou
ui trie WcrJU'a l-'uir.
During hla courtship n man thinks It's
n dream ; after marriage he is sorry that
he Woke up.
WoaSafa Fnlr Arromnioltlona.
Roii.. ii ;itni reaaoaaMa accommodattooa; nrl
j(.in u arid "a Padr aroaada oa laa south aide,
w it h prlrat gate dlrael from Uatov Station bj
Market atraet ;ir. VV'rlt for reservations.
Graiid View FratenuM Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.
Tlo who will not takn advlro pets
knowlodS when trouble overtakes
him. Kutllr.
I 3 tlrt J i -i u.ii ol !)r. Kllne'D drrut Nerv,- Ki'-tor-
ex. Son.l f.n- FRKtS IS 5. 00 trial liottle uml tr.-atlS.
U. it. U. lC.UNC.LtU., 931 Anh Btnvt. 1'UllaOi.liiUia, V
He alona la an acuta obaarvar who
ran ObnarYtJ minwti-ly without (Mlttg
I do not tWievi IMao's fare fur Consumption
hii mi aajaal ror asssiss Mat aolda John k.
IIotkk, Trinity Springs, Ind.. Feb. 1ft, 1W0.
Many n meek man develop Into a
hlajtl tenp?r when the elevator Isn't
English Vicar Disappointed the Buyer
of His Living.
In England the purchase of an ad
vowson, or tho right to succeed to a
vacant church office, Is not uncom
mon. There is a story told of a coun
try vicarage whose incumbent -was,
:hough but middle-aged, very Infirm.
His tenure of the position being thus
uncertain, the living was advertised
for sale. The auctioneer who at the
tlmo had the disposal of all church
preferments mentioned as a special
advantage to intending purchasers
that tho holder could not last long.
To put this prospect to the test sev
eral possible buyers went down to
the village to look over the vicar. A
father and son attended the Sunday
services at the church. A servant led
the ailing vicar, but the latter man
aged to get through a very earnestly
delivered sermon lasting half an hour.
In the afternoon he again conducted
service, baptized children and
preached for fifty minutes. Service
in the evening was to follow. But
the man who had come to buy had
seen enough. "My son," he said, "that
old cock ain't a-goin' yet; I am," and
he forthwitn departed. In the end a
young parson bought the place for
himself. The invalid outlived by
twenty years the man who had bought
his living; he lasted fifty years be
yond the sale and died of sheer old
age at 92.
,, main :;.MTOrnvjiai,H.r
Afcgetable Preparationfor As
similating foe Food andReg da
ting the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
nessandRest.Contains neilher
Opium, Morphine norliueral.
Jlx .Smvtn
CanJuJ Suv
hSUtryttmn navar.
A perfect Remedy forConstipn
Tion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature or
Send top of package of
for handsome
Battle Creek, Mich.
A Large Trial Box and book of in
structions absolutely Free and Post
paid, enough to prove the value of
PaxtineToiiet Antiseptic
Paxtlne la In powdrr
form to dlaaolve In
water non-poteonou.';
and far auperlor to liquid
antlxeptica containing
alcohol whkh Irrltatca
Inflamed aurfacea, and
have no cleanalng prop
erties. The contents
of every box makea
more Antiseptic Solu
tion lasta longer
goea further haa more
U5ea In the family and
doeamoregood than any
antiseptic preparation
you can buy
The formula of a r.otcd Boston physician,
and used with great success as a Vaginal
Wash, for Lcucorrhcea, Pelvic Catarrh, Nasal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane.
In local treatment of female, ills Paxtlne is
invaluahlo. Used as a Vaginal 'Wash wo
ChallOBM ths World to pro luce its equal for
thoKM&fhnaga, Itiasx relation In CMansinf
ssfl has Msg pom r: it kills all gams wbJcs
canso fenflammatioij ami discharges
All jealii!druKui1ts keep Pas tine price, BOe.
a box If yc radoeai t, aend to oa for It. Doat
take a substitute tin n- is nothing like l'axtine.
"Write for tho Wt99 Ho! of Paxtlnr to-dny.
B. PAXT0N CO., 6 Pcpe Bid., Boston. Mas
home In dlnlnir ronin. vli-eiiliiir nnun ami nluct-H whore
mei ar. ironiiip
hoiiu' i itaaa, neat
and Mill not nnl I nr
Injure anything.
Tr them nine uml
yon never aa
wtUionl Uwm.tfno
kept h ilt'ii"-w.imnt
pi apa Id fur uoi
HtROI.lt vrHH.
Htt itekaiii ifraaai
DravfclfB, V I.
W. N. U. -DETROIT - NO. 30 1904
touts shim u nil ruts.
Heat i Hugh Syrup. Tastes (food, us
In time. Hold !y druiratsts.
Mi'u,:! ..r.i.a.i ,'. ..m . .r
A weak, aching back tells of sick
kidneys. It achea when you work.
It aches when you try to rest. It
throbs in change
able weather.
Urinary troubles
add to your mis
ery. No rest, no
comfort, until tho
kidneys are
well. Cure them
with Doan's Kid
ney Pills.
Mrs. W. M. Dau
scher, of 25 Wa
ter St., Bradford.
Pa., says: "I had
an almost con
tinuous pain in the small of the back.
My ankles, feet, hands and almost my
whole body were bloated. 1 was lan
guid and the kidney secretions were
profuse. Physicians told me I had
diabetes In its worst form, and I fear
ed I would never recover. Doan's Kid
ney Pills cured me in 1896, and I have
been well ever since."
A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mrs. Dau
scher will be mailed to any part of the
United States. Address Foster-Mil-burn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Sold by all
dealers, price 50 cents per box.
A lot of people w;ho grace tlu show
window resHj belong on CSS bargain
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
the ocarrawn ompany. new vonk crry.
JULY 26th to AUGUST 6th
An Aggregation of
Attractions Never
Before Equalled 0at
an Exhibition of this
Kind. -
Ample Accommodation for Visitors.
Low Railroad Rates from
all United States Points.
Particulars Given by
Canadian Government Agents
or Nearest Ticket Agent.
Made from a most pliable,
tough fibred leather.
"Invincible in Strength.'9
Ask your dealer Write for booklet.

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