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Your Money
BANK OF EAST JORDAN, is Absolutely Secure.
But the strong Building, the massive safe, the big
vault and the wonderful time-lock are the least part of
the safety. The fact that its stockholders control over
twenty banks in this state representing an investment of
$500,000 and a liability of $1,000000 makes it
a part of the strongest banking combination in the coun
try and gives it a financial backing that is unquestioned.
It is secure from any conceivable financial disaster.
,i Being incorporated under State Law, this Bank is
subject to regular inspection both by our Board of Direct
ors and by the State Banking Commissioner, as well as
by an auditor, representing our outside ' stockholders.
This makes our depositors
Perfectly Safe
To your security is added a good interest return.
We pay 4 per cent, time deposits left three months or
longer. This affords a good, Conservative investment
foryour reserve funds.
Begin your deposit with us today!
Peoples State Savings
4 East Jordan, Michigan.
Bora to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Weiss
a daughter, last Thursday.
John Waterman of Holland, is Ruest
of his brother, B. E. and family.'
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Uarl litroebel
an eleven poutid son, Wednesday. .
The Str. Cummins of the Boyne
Oltv Charlevoix route broke a shaft
Sunday and is laid up for the winter.
la digging a well on W. El. McAl
lister's farm near Flnkton the past
week, coal was found of a good qual
ity. The new dining hall on the Fair
grounds has been completed and the
dwelling will be ready for occupancy
this week.
The first deer of the season was
brought 4n over the D. & C. R. R
Thursday nrght. It va shot by Jay
MordenAf this place, near Alba.
The store building of the East Jor
dan Lumber Co. at Hitchcock was
burned Thursday morning. Earl
Tin trar mmn tv re-rmened the 6tore
- -
with a stock.
A recent issue of the Moderator
Tnnir RtAtea that Hudson, with a
population of 25,00 has 191 pupils In
the High school. Percy Holliday
principal of this school.
D. C. Loveday left Monday for Lan
sIdi? where he joined yMrs. Loveday
who has been visiting frlenda there.
From there they went to Chicago and
thoncn to t hir winter home at ot.
Petersburg, Fla.
Women of the Local Option Civic
Society's next meeting will be held
Friday. Nov. 18 with Mrs. Hall oq
Second St. Be nrompt at 2:30 P, M,
as there Is important business to
transacted. Visitors welcome.
A reception will be given at the
Methodist church to the new pastor
and hi wife, Key. and Mrs. T. Porter
Benpa. next Wednesday evening,
Nov. 16th, commencing at 8:0') o'cloo
A special Invitation is given to the
public to attend.
Mrs. Batterbee has Just Installed a
heating system in her new Greenhouse
on the West Side and an soon as plans
can be perfected will be prepared to
f urnis'vplanta and bouquets or an ais
crlotVpn?. A Greenhouse in East Jor
da has been a long-felt want and our
townsDeooIe are showing their ap
prcciation by liberal patronage.
Big preparations are being made for
the 38th session of the Michigan state
grange, which Bessloo will be held la
Traversa City, Dec. 13 to 16, This is
probably the last meetlug of the state
orgaoixatlon n this section ror some
years. Traverse City people are plan
ning to outdo themselves in the mat
ter of getting their advantages before
I ,he pe ople of the state. '
' W. G. Congdor, a farmer near Boyne
City, ts making a success of growing
alfalfaT He gets three cuttings a
season with a total average yield of
five tons to the acre. He markets the
alfalfa In the field for $14 a ton, a re
turn of $70 an acre a year. Next sea
son he will have twelve acres to cut.
Coogdor's other money crops are, bean
potatoes, onions, cabbages, carrots,
cucumbers, tomatoes and corn. He
has been engaged in the farming In
dustry only for the last six years, but
has not hat a crop failure during that
V. S. Pavton was a Charlevoix
visitor over Sunday.
Dentist C n. Pray and Mark Chap
lain were Mancelona visitors, Monday.
Mrs. (ieorge Palmer, with son Leon,
left Friday for Grand Rapids for a
short visit with friends and relatives.
Mrs. TillitBon of Charlevoix, will be
in East Jordan for a week to traosfer
pArMficatea from class 1 to class II
for the Lady Maccabees.
Miss Wiulfred Heston, a returned
medical missionary from India is
vlaltin'c friends at Boine City. East
Jordan and Charlevoix. She is
Northern Michigan girl, her mother.
Mrs. Mary Heston being well known.
She has written an interesting book
In India, "A Blue stocking in India"
Secretary White of New York said of
it, "When I took it up I did not lay
It down until I had finished It."
At the First M. E. Church next
Sunday morning at 10:39 Rev. T.
Porter Bennett will take for his sub
ject "That Child of Yours'' which
will be an address to parents and
children. At the close of the service
there will bean Installation of officers
of the Junior Epworth League by the
pastor. Good music and live up-to-
date services. You will miss it if you
miss it.
A. McDonald was an East-Jordan
visitor on Sunday last.
Grace Coon has been rery ill the
past week but is slowly recovering.
Mrs. Park Jaml?onV sUter-ln-law of
Mrs. W. P. Porter Is here from
Pennsylvania for a visit. (
Com'r. J. H. Mllford left this week
for the Upper Peninsula with a party
of friends on a hunting trip.
Mrs. Dickie, who has been hero
guest, of Mrs. W. P. Porter, left Moo
day for her home In Oregon.
Martin Runllne left Tuesday for
Grand Rapids where he will take
medical treatmeut for a long standing
The music at the M. E. church last
Sunday was exceptional tine and was
highly appreciated by the large con
gregations both morning and evening.
You want to examine our Vernls
Martin Beds, they are beauties. Look
over our couches, uur wxiensiou
Tables antung the best. We have the
largest stock of Comforters ever offer
ed in the city. Empet Bros.
Miss Hazel Sheldon of St. Louis, Is
the guestof her brother, Melvlu Shel
don and family and also her uncle
Lon Sheldon and family, the past
weeK. She left Tiiuraaay rorasuoii
visit with Charlevoix relatives.
Wilbur Carroll disappeared at Flint
on the night of Oct. 24th and his
whereabouts Js still unknown. Mrs.
Carroll wax with relatives at Central
Lake and the missing man was board
ing during her absence. Mr. Carroll
was formerly employed at the D. & C.
R. R. eeneral offices here and left some
time ago for Flint where lie opened a
rrnrprv at.nri a.nd was doinir Well. He
was held in high esteem both by res
irifiitH hpn and at Flint, where he
wasa member of the Baptist church
and a trustee of the society. He was
last seen by Clvde Lapo, a clerk in his
grocery store about lu o'clock, Mondav
nluht. The mlfslng man Is 32 years
of age, about 5 feet 6 inches tan,
noara irijccp hn4 liisht hair, and is
..,1LF p, L-V-T - ' -
very bald on the top of his heart
When Carroll was last seei; he had on
a dark suit of clothes, wore a light
colored top coat, a black derby hat.
On Monday evening at the L. O. T.
M. M. Hall, Lady Watson of Frank
fort and Lady Tillltson of Charlevoix
each entertained our ladies with a
short but imnressive talk. Then 10 of
our Ladies received intltation Into
the mysteries of the Excelsior Degree
work. The work was given bv Mrs.
WarKfin. The followlna officers were
elected and installed:
Eva Kenny. Queen Bee.
Mary Smith, Queen Regent.
Elva Barrio, Prime Minister.
Lilliau Brabant, Court Clerk.
Belle Kimball, Chaucelor of the
Mrs. Roy, Priestess.
Lottie Kimes. Right Attendant.
Leda Ruhllng, Left Attendant.
Bessielsaman, Inner Warder.
Marea Allen, Outer Warder.
Rose McArthur, Pianist.
Tina Sheldon, Kitty Monroe, Caro
line Williams, aud Anna Goodman,
Refreshments were then served and
we adjourned to meet again in two
Temperance Rally
There will be a Union Service of
the PresbvterUn and Methodist Epis
copal churches next Sunday evening
at the Methodist Episcopal church.
The pastors will give short addiesscs
and there will be reports from the
Sunday School Conventions. AH are
It la said that there are certain
iprings in Europe that give relief and
cure to Eczema ana otner sinn ai
eases. , If you knew that by washing
in these waters you could be relieved
from that awful itch, wouiant you
make every effort to take a trip to
Europe at once? Would yon not be
willin to spend your last ceat to nna
the cure?
iiu you need not leave home ror
these distant springs. Relief Is right
here in your own home town!
A simple wash or Oil of Winter
green, Thymol and other Ingredients
as compounded only in D. v. u. ire
scriptioa will bring instant relief to
that terrible burning itch, and leave
the akin as smooth and healthy as
that of a child.
If you have not already tried It, get
at least a 25-cent bottle today. We as
sure you of Instant relief.
W. C. Spring Drug Co.
Vou nre eordlallv InvlUd to the
Presbyterian Church next Sunday
morning at 10:30. Also to Sunday
School at 11:45'
Junior C. E. meets at 3:15 under
control of Mrs. Grlgsby.
Senior C. E. are having excellent
and well attended meetings to which
the people are Invited at 6:15.
Instead of the usual Sunday evening
service there will be a Union Temp
erance mee.ting in the M. E. Church
which will be addressed by the two
pastors, and a short report of the
state Sunday School Convention so far
as it relates to temperance will be
iriven. All arc Invited and will be
heartily welcomed.
The cost of tire Insurance is so cheap
you cauuot afford to carry the mk.
Nicholas & Nicholas will be glad to
quote to you prices at any time.
Men Who Arc Particular
about their Clothes, and who are looking for
V . . . . . . ..i , ji? ill
(jlotlies that are Uiiierent man ine ordinary, wm
V find Just what they want in our largo assortment of ft
X tailored clothes made by Danbr, Cohn & Co., the
V Chicago tailors. - h
When you buy one of these Tailored Suits
or Overcoats, you can rest assured that it will give
you the very best of satisfaction, the workmanship
of every garment to bo the very oest. iou musx
see these garments to appreciate their worth.
You will see an almost endless array of styles ft
and patterns in the newest and most up-to-date T
colors. Overcoats made with protector or combi-
nation collars, either single or double breasted. T
Unique and attractive garments that you
like, and at very reasonable prices.
I b. WIESMflN f
t til Lino I uviini
r.wi nn nnn Surnluk S3000
-l'"-" - r
I have made every effort to make this store the
Ideal Christmas Shop this fall, and have been successful
in securing a fine large assortment at prices to suit all.
Make your selection now, before the Holiday rush
pay a small deposit and we'll hold the goods until you
want them. Every article bought here is fully guaranteed.
Wc are glad to show our goods and prices and
then you decide where to buy.
Consider quality and price and you will buy at
A w. r. roner, rrcnueiu
4 W. L French. Vice Prei
T.en. G. Glenn. Cashier
. ... n n Ul ? L
Directors: W. r. roner, n.i. rrencn.
rfia. M. Schaffer. . M. Severance.
M II. Robertson. Carl Stroebel. Fred
The use of Foley Kidney Pills. They
are upbuilding, strengthening and
soothing. Tonic In action. quiCK la
results Illtes Drug store.
Fine Toilet Articles.
Feeling sure that
everyone appreciates
fine Toilet Articles, we
have laid in a stock
of Toilet Waters, Ton
ics, Face Powders,
Face Cream, Tooth
Powders, Toilet Pow
ders, Perfumery, Soaps
Jgj Sponges, Brushes, etc.,
Tg the quality of which is
such as to insure per
fect satisfaction to our customers. Whatever Dame
Fashion demands for the improvement of the hair, skin
and teeth, will be found here.
Three doors north of Postoflicc. fd
Pure Stone Ground
Buckwheat Flour
Made from Northern Mich. Grown Grain.
Nothing can be better to make a real Buckwheat
Pancake. Don't let them substitute some
other make or the ready-prepared, new
f angled baking powder mixtures.
Our Tea and
Coffee Service
Is said by our customers to be excel
lent, because they were never served
with any better Tea or Coflee since
thpv heiran drinking either. There
Is a delicious aroma, and a peculiar.
ly attractive flavor to our Teas!
and Coffees which soon makes them
popular favorites in the most par.
tlcular houaeholdo. All we ask Is
that you will test cur claim by a
trial order. We know that you
will afterwards admit the justice of
our claim.
Sherman & Son.
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For Fire Insurance
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Fire Insurance
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represents years of bard labor why leave them at the mercy of
a disastrous fire? Lot us quote you prices.
EEMEMBER. you are equally welcome as a visitor or buyer.
"Nicholas & Nicholas
Reliable Insurance Companies.

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