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L Mil iF
No. 17
Vol. 15
IF, J ' I
iij i
8th Grade Xams
Ja Be Held at East Jordan,
Joyne City, Charlevoix
and St. James,
The Annual Grade Examination
will be held on Thuisduy and Friday,
May 4th and 5th, beginning at ;3o a.
rn, standard time.
'v The examination in reading will be
ba6Vm "Evangeline."
Applicants will bring legal cap pa
per und ppn or pencil,
The examination will be conducted
In the high school buildings iu the
following places: Charlevoix, Boyoe
City, East Jordan and St. James.
Rural pupils may select the most
convenient place or if more convenient
may attend elsewhere and have their
papers forwarded to me, provided the
examiner at such other place does not
refuse to forward papers.
The recent legislature amended the
Tuition Law making It necessary that
a pupil filial! be the holder of an
eighth grade diploma in order to have
' his tuition paid by the district.
(This dues not app'y to ninth graders
who had their tuition paid last year.)
This makt?s the examination an im
portant factor to any one from the
rural districts who may wish toattend
high school.
The examination will be made at
practical as possible and will be fair
and free from puzzles.
A u average of SO per cent w ith a
minimum of 70 per cent will be re
quired for a diploma
Teachers will please sec to it that
all prospective high Rchool pupil
tjidferstand the importance of this ex
aniluation and urge them to attend.
Each applicant will bring a certio
rate from his teacher stating the
length of time he has pursued the
tudics of the eighth grade.
Spencer Lands Sewer Job.
At the meeting of the Common,
Council last Tuesday eveiing, bids
were opened for the const uction of
two trunk sewers, and the contract
was awarted to George spencer, his
bid being $115-50.
Th,e .Sewers are to be of 12 Inch tile,
2nd on Stute Ht. connects near Coul
ter's Warehouse wjth the e;ver al
ready laid and rugs east to Third St.
Esterly St. the sewer ruus from
the lake east to the south-yve&t corner
of J . F. Kenny's lot.
Free Orchard Demonstrations.
Claude E. Smith, a graduate of the
Michigan Agricultural College, with
the ciass of 1910, has been engaged by
the Western Michigan Development
Uureau to conduct orchards demon
strations in Western Michigan the
cjming season. Mr. Smith Is a fruit
expert and well qualltled. to give In
formation on all phases of the subject
of orchard development. Granges,
horticultural societies and fruit grow
ing associations desiring to have dem
pnstratjorji? will please address their
requests tq, Western Michigan Devel
opmeut Hureau, Traverse City, Mlchi
gau. The only expense to the local
organizations will be that of getting a
goodly uumber of fruit growers to at
toud the demonstrations.
Annual Meeting,
The annual meeting of the member
uhlp of the Western Michigan Devel-
ppment Uureau will be held at the of
fees of the Bureau in Traverse City
pu Wednesday, May 3, 1011, at 2
o'clock. At this njeeting two direc
tors will be elected for each of the
twenty counties in good standing and
one director for each transportation
Ompan? holding membership In the
Bureau. In addition to the election
of director, the annual reports pf the
pfllcers of the Bureau will te read and
the work of the past year reviewed,
and plans made far the fqture.
For the Mav term of Charlevoix
County Court.
Adam Louks Hudson
Frank Kane Hayes
Enos W. Lane Eveline
George Hale Evangeline
John Robinson Charlevoix
A. B. Maj ir Chandler
Charles Kaden Boyne Valley
Bert Vanhoesen Bay
Johu O. Gallagher Peaine
Charles A Hers St. James
Howard Pinnev Souih. Arm
Edward Nowland -Wilson
Joe Bassler..... Boyne City
II. E Mtllspautfh ..Boyne City
1). M. Stackus
A. J. Bichaidson....
Samuel Martmg
Silas Alcox...
Wm. Wallace, Jr Charlevoix
Wm. Seymour Norwood
Frank M. Uous Melrose
Anthony B. Clark - Marion
John Peters Hudson
Henry Baker Hayes
I). S. Pay-ton,
County Clerk.
The tax on bachelors In Wisconsin
Is classed as a tax, on unimproved
.Wexford county is to Jiavq a new
'court house. There is now on hand
127.000 for that purport and at the
tecent election a bonding proposition
for $20,000 additional Carried by over
800 majority. With such a fund to
draw on this progrcsslyo count?
should be able to erect a court luiuse
that will be a source of pride to every
Circuit Court Jurors.
W, C. T. U. County Convention.
.Boyne City
...Boyne City
The Twentieth Annual Convention
of the Charlevoix County W. C. T. U.
will be held at Charlevoix May 2 and
Among those from East Jordan who
will take part In the program are Mrs.
A. D. Grigsby. Mrs. M. II. Robertson
and Miss M. A. Porter.
Officers of the association are:
Presideut, May E. Heston, East Jor
Vice President at Large, Maria B.
Beech, Bovne City.
Corresponding Secretary, Sarah M,
Wilkinson. Charlevoix.
Recording Secretary, Gertrude J.
Burdick, Charlevoix.
Treasurer, Mary M. Robertson, East
Marriage Licenses
Marriage Licenses issued for the
week ending Apr. 22.
Martin Savria, 28 Bay Shore
Katherfne Rumisek, 21... Bay Shore
Claude Shepard, 24 East Jordan
Alice Hott, 23 East Jordan
Eruest Wood, 23 Boyne City
Ellen La.More, 19 Boyne City
Melviu Miner.' 31 ......... Cuj ne City
Mary Gross, 24 BjyneCity
Samuel Peters, 32 Ph-lps
Myrtle JJickey, 1W East Jordan
1). S. Payton.
County Clerk.
The mad dog excitement has broken
out In. Charlevoix again, and the board
of health has taken prompt and lgor-
ous action. A dog belong! mr to John
Schaellcr has been acting strangely.
Last week he entered the sheep yard
of Richard Shapton and maimed sev
eral sheep. Two other dogs are known
to have been bitten by him, and how
many more nobody knows. The three
dogs were executed, and the head of
the Schaeffer dog was sent to the
hygienic laboratory at Ann Arbor for
examination. The microscope disclos
ed unmistakable evidences of rabies
The duty of every dog owner is plain.
They should not wait for further of
ficial ceremony but prompMv muzzle
their dogs. And the authorities
should see to it that fake leather
halter muzzles do not pass. Public
safety demands prompt action Char
levoix Sentinel.
Out Of The Ginger Jar.
It Is a poor rule that won't work al
What is it that works while we
sleep? Yeast.
The average tax collector dosen't
ride in a taxi-cab.
Extremes meet when the kitten
plays with its tail.
It is getting pretty hard to tell one
ie from another.
You will never reach theritfbt place
ou the wrong road.
The harem skirt is a harum-scarum
rig to $ay the least of It.
If you are on the down-hill line
make haste to get a transfer.
May not a marriage ceremony be
ustl.v called a transaction in bonds?
Some husbands fear the wile's uo,
and some stand in awe of her know.
The horse is known by its years, but
the mule is better known by its ears.
Salt will keep meat, but it requires
'sand'' to keep a K"od resolution.
Unfortunately in a good many or
chards the trees are known by their
Auto means to go alone, therefore a
feline that prowls iu the dark is an
The only kind of mining that is sure
to produce satisfactory results Is kal-
Generally It Is all right to take
things as.thev come, but It Is danger
ous to take a coat that way.
It Is natural that an expccUnt who
as been cut oil by a will should suffer
from a lack of will power.
It gives us a jolt to find that the
eadlng citizen is hungry three times
a day and that he snores in his sleep.
Trying to quieta fretting baby Is a
hard task, but trying to quiet an ac
cusing conscience Is a harder one.
A great many gates are needed on
the farm. There's the propagate, the
fumlg.ite, the irrigate, the subjugate,
the big gate and the little gate, and
others that might be mentioned.
A New ork official says that crlm
I rials are driving cabs In that city. It
takes a New Yorker longer to learn
things about that town than it does
a 6tranger.
A Kentuckey woman gives the pro
ceeds of her bens Sunday laid eggs to
church. We'll give the fish we catch
to the parson If our wife will let us
go fishing on Uundays.
Thomas Hansberger of Monroe,
Michigan, cleared up $400 In 1010 from
his sheep raising operations in West
cm Michigan. He has better than GOO
acres of cut over land In the eastern
part of Grand Traverse county, which
he uses for pasture puriosos during
the summer season. He brings his
sheep to the ranch by rail, In the
spring and ships them to market and
to southern Michigan Iq the fall.
S Going Fishing
I Monday?
t If so it is time you were
rcptcnisuing your uuuit.
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We have everything you J
need and at right prices.
Steel and Bamboo Poles
all prices.
Reels from 25c to the
fine jeweled ones at $1.00.
Lines of every descrip
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We also carry a full sup-
in iaci we carry every- a
flilnrf In ficriinrf cunnlioc T
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You Risk Nothing by Trying
This Remedy.
We want every one troubled with
Indirection and dvsnepsia to come to
our store and obtain a box of Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets. Thev contain
Bismuth-Subnitrate and Pepsin pre
pared by a process which develops
their greatest power to digestive disturbance.
Itexal I Dyspepsia Tablets are very
plenant to take. They soothe the
Irritable, weak stomach, strengthen
and Invigorate the digestive organs,
relieve nausea and indigestion, pro
mote nutrition and bring about a
feeling of comfort .
If you give Rexall Dyspepsia Tab
lets a reasonable trial we wili return
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Drug Co.
Some one has said, "the
true value of a life assur
ance policy must be gauged
by the security of the pro
tection given; if it proves to
be a good investment, all.
the better; when both .arc
shown, there is n othig on
earth to equal it "
The security of the pro
tection afforded by the Sun
Life of Canada needs no
comment, and the profits
paid arc not exceeded by
any company on this continent.
$J Beware of widows! Especially your
A A man of principle leaves his widow
K principal. JJ5
$ Hyoopayas you go in life, pay
your widow as you go In death. $
One of two parties is carrying the A
risk on your life either an assurance
v ;
? flow many of your acquaintances
will not be counted intbc 1911 census?
I V. G. Holbeck I
District Manager.
&5 uii iiiov.iivr ouiu
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Drug Co.
Real Estate
W. A. Loveday
( w
Hot Water
For cleanliriMs and comfort hot
water is absolutely indispensable.
If you already hav it In your
lmus. and any of the faucets are
leaking and needs fixing, send for us.
If yo:i have not a ljotrvvater system
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will do it in the very best manner
by skilful workmen and at moderate
Let us do It and it will be dono
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