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No, 42
Vol. 15
Proceedings of the City Com.
' ; 3: ' '
.Regular mx?otl.n , of the City Com
mission ,Leld In the City Hall, Mon
day e.veninpr Oct. 10, 1911. Meeting
was raited to order by Mayrj pro
tern Hudson. Present. Hudson and
jKennj; absent Cleveland.
' Minute? of last. meeting were read
and approved.
On motion by Kenny, supported by
fludson, the following bills wcie al
lowed and the cleric was instructed to
draw orders for the aacie:
Mich. State Tel. Co.. service
Ctttfc Adams. Mill A $11 23
Detectfve Pub'. Co., poljce
helmet ..' 3-15
Mrs. Shedina, .cleaning Jail... . 5.00
.City Tres., payment of street
labor... 41.61
Hoe Stephen Mfg. Co. Mdsrs .. . 62.00
Jus. Gidley, fumigators etc 2 90
Standard Oil Co , craphile 15.49
J. II.' Shults, police badges 3 03
jEd win Henry, rebate on walk. J 1 .52
Total 145 92
Moved by Hudson supported by
Kenny that a permit be granted Nel
son Muraa to build an addition to his
bakery building 12 It. x 14 ft. to con
form to the city ordinance. Carried
Resolution was offered by Hudson
8 fallows: Be it resolved, That no
'jbillp which shall be Incurred on ac-
count of qurantine In-Infections
diseases, shall be allowed unless the
ame shall have been authorized by
the board of health and shall bear the
signature of the chairman of said
Moved by Hudson and supported by
jKenuy, that the above resolution be
Adopted. Yeas Kenny and Hudson;
(nays none. Carried.
Movt-d by Hu'lson supported by
, Kenito adjourn. Carried.
" ' V pxis MIT II.
, City Clerk.
W. C. T. U. Convention
The Twenty-eighth Annual Co n
' ventlon of the Woman 6 hri tian Tern--perence
Union of the 11th Pist. of
Michigan is to be held in our city
ri.ext week Oct. tweniy-lift h and sixth.
fyiepp will be a clas or Grand Gold
Medal" contestants of which Mi-s
; irace Howard will be a member on
Thursday evening. A cordial in
vitation is extended to all people
, who are interested in the cause of
jtempcrence both great and sniall. We
i are hoping to have with us Wednes
day evening Miss Margaret Bilg who
Is a talented speaker. She was a del
. egatelo the worlds W. C. T. IJ. Con
. yenffon at Glasgow. Scotland, last
year and spent several months in
'Europe afterwards looking up the
tempereuce staiues. Mary E. lies
pjo Dist. Press Supt. (
County Finances.
Report of the Coijnty Treasurer, . of
piarlevoix County Mich., from the 1st
of October 1910, to the 1st of October
Balance on hand Oct. 1 1911 . .$9,048 On
Delinquent Taxes 12,304. 90
Redemption Certificates ,1..()7
peneral Fund 8.4.15 2.1
Runt's of the Poor 420 1
Hf atji and County Taxes 04,115 88
Vines for library Fund.... 272 00
Teachers Institute Fees 100 00
State of M Iclvlgan v. : 2!)9 54
Circuit Court Fund 22.1.40
Primary School MoneV .". 40.155' GO
Tax Sales (;2.'J 47
Inheritance Tax 100 19
juujauent Tax for Curtis &
V Wylle
Hunters Licenses, for the year
- 1910 .'.
J. Iy. Handy, for Soldiers
' JlellefFund
Mortgage Tax
Farms-by-mail Scheme.
Selling farms by mall is.an Industry
noticeably on the decline In Chicago,
various exposures of the facts behind
glow i ng magazine ad vei tlsements ha
Ing served usefully, aided by the In
vestigation by postottjee inspectors
which have alarmed the unscrupulous
meuwho promised little earthly
paradises, some for ' seventeen cents
a day" and others or a similarly easy
sum. Emerson Hough, the famous
novelist, ma,de an' investigation of
many of the "farms-by-mail" schemes
and related ;nany ingenious processes
for separating the unwary from their
cash, his conclusions being summed
up in the warning; "Never buy laud
or-anything else without first tare-
fully Investigating the character of
the men with whom you arc going to
do business.' The State of Michigan
has been a great sufferer from the
operations of land sharks who sell to
the ignorant and trusting the poorest
laud in the state us '-farms," many
victims having found that their pur
chases, unless a prohibitive amount
was spent by them, were worthless s
farms. In other states land grants
and clouded titles aro also used as a
cloak for nefarious real estate schemes.
A year or so ago there was a concern
operating out In Ohio which sold
Texas lands that very likely the seller
had uever seen. He missed the loca
tion of the Pecos Kiver by a great
many miles, invented towns that cjid
not exist, and sometimes gave county
recorders in Texas trouble in trying
to lind lauds described as lying with
in their county lines.
Not only Chicago, but the whole
country has suffered because of im
postors who have used the mails to
pread alluring accounts of opportuni
ties that do not exist and real estate
that is worthless. Michigan laud
buyers have been vitimized also by
this method of selling real estate and
have become suspieio.is of all adver
tising schemes of the kind. Even the
Western Michigan Development
liurtau has beu accused r lending
itself to questionable efforts of th
kind and ot permitting itself to be
manipulated by smuo unci upulous
land sharks, who have private "axes
togrind. ' Ludingtou Record-Appeal
Hunters Licenses.
I will be at the following places on
the dates mentioned below to accomo
date all wishing Deer Licenses:
Taylors Inn, East Jordan, Wednes
day. October 25ih, 1911.
II. C. Meyers Hardware Store.
IJoyne falls, the forenoon of Thuis-
dav, October 2rh. 1911.
Post Olllce at Clarion from 2:30 to
3:30 p. in., October 2(5tli. 1911.
Post Olllce at Walloon Lake from
4:00 to 0:00 p. rn., Thursday, October
20th, J911.
Hotel Garland. lioyneCity, Friday.
October 27th, liHl-
Each License expires 25 days after
date of issue.
p. S. Payton,
County Clerk.
Total 141210.88
i Disbursements
fleneral Fund $49,061.05
Poor Orders 8.680.81
Probate Court Orders....... 043 36
Clrclt Court'OrderS ... .... 2,404.40
Criminal Fco Orders.. ..... 3 4.'
Soldiers Relief Orders. ..... 107.97
Teachers Institute Fees 51 03
State of Michigan..'. lp.3507
Primary School Money .... 4G. 153.50
Cities Township & Villages 0,05.90
Detroit House of Correction. 97 81
Library Money 158.00
Curtis & Wylle, Manltou County
'Claims 1.350 00
Interest...... 504.12
jialanceon hand Oct. 1, 1911 8,354.03
Total.; 144,216.88
pitcd October 14th, 19U.
Richard Lewis
County Treasurer.
The cold blooded murder of Jacob
Kraft and his wife in a road house on
Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Saturday
night or last week, isacrlme for which
the ''regulated" Clinton street saloons
were directly responsible. Charles E
Fuller, who murt'eicd Mr. and Mrs
Kraft, Is repotted in the Detroit Free
Pres as haying visited various sa
loons otj Clinton streetSaturday after
noon. He drank a good deal of whis
key at these places and while under
its influence purchased the revolvers
with which the crime was committed
The pith fiopi Detroit saloons to
murderous crimes has bocn very often
taken through recent weeks. .
Louis Peril lu, the youngltallan who
shot and kflled AlRurdick in asaloon
brawl in Wexford recently, pleaded
guilty to manslaughter and was sen
tenced by JiJdje May nt to a term of
from five to fifteen years in the Ionia
reformatory. The young man had
heretofore born a good reputation. It
is fully realized in the community
where the crlmo occured that the $a
loon and its entire day of drinking
and drunkeness were directly tefpon
sible for the stabbing and killing of
Al Uurdlek. by one whom a little
while before had been his friend. The
killing of Al Rurdlck and the pcnl
tentionary sentence of Louis Perlllo
will be Incidents that will not be for
gotten by the voters of thatKcctlon of
the state when they vote on the ques
tion as to whether or not the saloon
n which this murder was committed
shall remain open.
We quote the following pity para
graphs from an editorial in the Chi
cago Tribune:-
Thc predomination of girls in the
public schools, both grammar and
high, is a regrettable fact. It is bad
for every one concerned; for the boys,
who will not receive their best devel-
pmeu'.; for the girls; who will find
themselves obliged to accept as mates
men in some way inferior totht mselves
for the city, which will be peopled
largely with male citizens narrowed
by lack of opportunity; or the repub-
io itself, which will have a mass of
voters not really qualified to decide
upon the import ent questions which
will be Intrusted to them.
School education is not the only
sort of valuable educat'ion, it is true
but it is , the piost reliable base of
education. It can do no ingjo than
open up the doors of life, but lacking
it, many of thtse doors must remain
forever closed, or at least there is
danger that they will do so. The
merlcan public had In the old days
an almost fetichlike confidence in the
elllcacyof education. It wasunashmed
of pverty, providing it did not im
ply thriltlessness; and when it meant
that high economy which consisted
in going material without comforts for
the sake of cultivating the mind, it
was justly proud of It.
A return to this old spirit is needed.
Don't let the boys go to work merely
because the first excitement of money
earning is on them. Don't let them
heedlessly sacrifice themselves that
your own burden made a trifle lighter,
Your family is standing still when
you do that sort of thing, and not pro
gressing as an American family ought
to progress. Look to the future of
your boys, not to your present ease.
Thev da not realize what they are
missing, but you do, especially if you
have missed the higher education
yourself. The evolution of the fam
ily is one of the finest games which
anybody (ran play, and it is one, in
which .aiiyono cau take a hand. Rot
ter hold to the old ideals and keep the
bovs In school. Your self-respect-
will increase if you do, and the hard-
erit is for you to do it. the .more satis
faction you will have from your
Marriage Licenses
Neil C. F,dett, 28 Charlevoix
Margaret M. Cady, 1!) Charlevoix
Addison Storrs, 34 Royne City
Lydia Mevius, 34 S;iginaw
x D. S. Payton,
County Clerk.
Wc Rack up Our Statements
with Our Personal Reputa
tion and Money.
Books At
Bargain Prices I
Wc have about 300
copies of popular copyright J
J hooks which we arc going
1 to sell at much less than
Now is the time to sup
ply your home with choice
books for winter reading.
While they last 25c each.
Call and look them over.
Sec our window display.
Drug Co.
A Medicine that gives Conifidcncit
Is Foley's Honey and Tar Compound.
Mrs. T J. 'Adams, r22 No. Kansas
Ave.Columbus. Kas., writes: 'Fora
number of years mv children have
beeiv-to.bjeit to-couglt and -colds.
Fused Foley's Honey and Tar Coru
pounl and foflnd that. It, cured their
coughs and'etdds, so I keep it in the
house all t he time. Uefuscsubsiitutcs.
Hftes Drug Store.
Uiaai C.WI PIS. - 5
v MICH. t.y-
There is more WJiitcRose
sold in Northern Michigan,
twjee over, than any other
.one Flour.
Absolutely pure. Never
bleached. Just the best
Flour possible White,
Strong and Wholesome.
Try a sack. Money back
if not .satisfied.
I The East Jordan Produce
jj Fuel & Ice Company
Respectfully solicits the patronage of our citizens.
$ In addition to Produce Buying, they will have for
8 sale Hard and Soft Coal, Wood, Hay and Feed,
K Lime and Cement, and Ice,
8 Warehouse on State-st. Phone No. 200.
V7E have a Special Course for Business pnd Farm Accounting for you. This special
course is prepared by Prof. Jno. A. Jiixcll, A.M., Dean of School of Commerce,
Oregon Agricultural College. This i3 the only School In Western Michigan usinn same.
Practical far-seeing young farmers cannot afford to be without it. You must know the
cross cost of producing Utockj Hay, CraLi, Fruits, Vegetables, etc., in order to know
your rain or loss on these products. We can teach you Uiia work cither by mail or
personal Instruction at the College.
Our regular courses alone Commercial and Stenographic lines are unexcelled anywhere.
Not a graduate out of employment. Over 30i) students placed in positions annually. If
you hnvs not seen our Catalog you are notf.urtiUar with the work of Michigan's Greatest
School of ttusluess and Shorthand. A postal card will bring it.
62-68 PEARL ST.
We arc po positive that we c;in re
lieve constipation, no natter haw
chronic it. may be. that wc otler to
furnished U;e medicine free of ali cost
if we fail.
We think that, it is worse than use
Icsh to attempt to cure constipation
with cathartic druys. Cathartics may
do much harm. They may cause a
reaction, irriatc and weaken tlie
bowels and make constipation more
cli ionic.
Constipation is often accompanied
and may be caused by weakness of the
nerves and muscles of the lar'c intes
tine or colon. Toepcta cure vou
must therefore tone up and strengthen
those parts and restore them to health
ier activity.
The discovery of the active principle
of our remedy involved the labor of
skilful lesearch chemist. This rem
edy produces results such as aro ex
pected I'roni the liest of the best
known Intestinal tonics, and It Is
particularly prompt In Its results.
We want you; to try Itexall Orderlies
on our guarantee. Thev areixceed
Ititflv pleasant, to take and are Ideal
Tor children. Thpy apparently act
directly on the nerves and muscles of
the bowels, having it would seem, n
neutral anion on organs or glands',
.'I hey do not purcor cauc Iricotiven
ience. If the do riot cure chronic
or habitual constipation and thus re
lieve myriads of associate or depend
ent chronic ailments, your money
will be refunded. Try Hcxall Order
lies at our risk. Three sizes of pack
aires, 10c, 2.c, and 00c. Ilemember
you can obtain Uexall Remedies In
this community only at our store
Tne Uexall Store. The W. C. Spring
prug Co.
If Father Had To Do the Darning
He would insist on every member of the family wearing
DEPENDON Hosiery and Underwear.
It is unequalled for every member of the family. Dependon is so well made it
has to last long the most carefully knit, the most flexible, the most comfortable
underwear and hosiery you can find. Dependon means Just what the name
implies perfect reliability in underwear . and hosieryunequivocal goodness.
One trial will convince you of its economical desirability.
Dependon Hosiery
satifics every hosiery need. For children, ultra-durable
Dependon Stockings arc good stockings. The linen
spliced heels and toes resist hard knocks withstand them
so successfully that your weekly darning is appreciably re
duced. Dependon Hosiery for women is an- unexcelled
combination of fineness, durability and shapeliness. Men,
too enjoy the sturdy worth
of Dependon. All prices
in men's, women's and
children's hosc-:-15c up.
Dependon Underwear
is made in all textures closely knit and of incom
parable Tit. It feels as good as it looks. Dependon special
yarns and knitting can be found in no other brand that is
why thoughtful parents everywhere insist upon Dependon
for themselves and their children. If you and your family
arc not wearing Dependon Underwear and Hosiery it will
pay you to investigate its undeniable merits.

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