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look Out for Trouble
Tha after-effects of the Grip 'are apt
to to serious.ut abnormal healthy
condition may be restored in a' sur
prisingly short' tlmVfcy Vinol. V
r Watertown. Wis. "After a severs
attack of the Grip my system was in
fa rery -weakened, nervous and run
do'wn'condltiotu I hegan taUms Vinol
with the rery best resujtf, and in a
hnrt time I beiran to ftfcl'llke an en
tirely 'different person i'nd I am better
1 and stronger than I Tiave been for
years." Adelaide Gamm.' (We guaran
tee this testimonial to-be genuine.)
'. We have never sold in our store
such a valuable Strength creator and
tealth restorer for the convalescent,
the weak and run-down, as Vinol, and
wo ask people in this vicinity to try
a bottle of 'Vinol, with the under
standing that their money will be Re
turned Jt it does not do all we 3x&
for Ui ' ' ' '
... ... W. C. Spring Drug Co.
; , Try It for . v.
Do you testa '1? rlg thus?
This day 1 will live ' becomes a
'man. I will te filled" w:h good cheer
and courage. I wiJl do hat is right;
I will work for the h'e'iest; I will
put soul' into every hanr grasp, every
smile, every expression into all my
work. I will live to sat'-fy my other
self." You think it is w. Try it
for a day .Elbert' Hubbard.
Spirit of Sympathy,
vjgware of that bane of social life,
evil speaking. Seek for the spirit of
love which i the ty vlt of truth for
you tan 'never know anyone without
sympathy or love and take care how
to speak Of those who have not yet
learned to love; Never talk of Other's
"faults ''without necessity and avoid
thosmwho do. Ruskln.
Coughing at Night
Iean9 Jo3a of sleep which is bad for
everyone. Foley's Mloney and Tar
Conipoun'rt wt(Vi3 live cough at once,
'relieves the tick Ung arid "dryness lu
the throat and'heals 'Irtfiamed mem
branes. : Prevents if cold QVyejupinsr
'Into bronchltl8 or pneumonia. Iveep
always In the hoqse. Refuse substi
tutes: Hi tea Drag Store. :' . 1 ;
Mr. Willis "But why don't you
take your bank book in and have It
balanced?" Mrs. Willis -."I don't
want that snoopy-looking, cashier to
know how much money I've got
there!" Puck.
Beef Goes Down.
The cow that fell through a Penn
sylvania field Into a coal mine fur
nishes . the first example.. Jn modern,
times of a downward movement "Ja
beef. Washington Post, .
Child's Request.
Bobby's aunt had often brought him
ome tiny chocolate mice, which he
liked very much except for their size.
One day he sidled up to her coaxing
y and said: "Auntie, next time you
buy chocolate mice, won't you please
buy rats?"
Inculcating Religion.
Th fall. - off in attendance In the
various churches and the lack of 'in
terest on the part pf young people
In religious matters ha? had the at
tention of the authorities pf Bavaria,
where the supreme court has decided
that parents must provide religious in
struction for their children apd that
th instruction must be In keeping
With the faith of the parents.' ' '.
Bright Child.
"I wish I waa twins, mother, then
half of me could do lessons, and half
could play." London Punch.
If you are suffering from Eczema,
Psoriasis or any other kind or skin
trouble, drop Into our store for in
stant relief. "We 'will guarantee you
to stop that iteh lu'-tyg" seconds. ,
A 26c trial bottle tfflrprove it
We have sold oth 'rftipedles for
skin troubles, but none tha'jt W could
recommend more hlphly than 'the well
known compound of OU of Winter
green. Thymol and a few other In
gredients that have wrought such won
derful cures all over the country.
This compound, known as D. p. p.
Prescription, - will pool and heal the
itchy, -burning' skin as nothing else
can. Get a regular bottle and see oa
pur no-pay offer,
W. O. Sprl ne Drue Co.
Si 8's (i iff ijfi)Ct5J ,!
W. C.T. U. Program ,
The next meetlui: of the W. C. T.
Q. will be held vVith Mrs. Joyut Fri
day, Nuv. 24, 1911. 2:30 p. ni. Topic,
Scientific Temperence lu tlieSchools;
eader Mrs. W. II. Sloan ," . ' ' ;
lrevotlimafs. led by Mrs. Griffsby.
Roll Call'td re answered by short
r adliitfs'on 'the topic. ' '
Bushiejs, " ' '
Hymn, selected from White Ribbon,
lly tubal. ' '
Ueadlnir. selected, Mrs. Sunstedt.
Instrumental Solo'.' 'Mi's! Violet
' lUjadintf, selected. Mrs. .Tnvnt.
Vocal iSo, Miss Vershei fjurrilne
Heading, selected,' Mrs.' V. ll.Sluao
Kverjbody come. Visitors wel-
Loss of Appetite pr Distress
er Eating a Symptom Thpf
Should notjjc Dis
regarded A ppetlte U Just a natural desire for
food. Lqs$ of appetite or stomach
distress after eatiiuj Indicate Indices
tion or dyepepsla Over-taling is a
habit very dangerous to a person's
uood general health.
H Is not what . you eat but what
vou digest and assimilate that dose
vou isooU. Some of the strongest,
heaviest and healthiest persons are
moderate eaters.
There is nothing that wjlj pause
more trouble than a disordered stoin
ach, and many people daily contract
serious maladies simply through, dls
retrard or abuse of the stomach.
We urjre all in East Jordan who
suffer from any stomach deratigment
inriiirtstlon. or dyspepsia whether
acute or chronic, to try Kcxall Dvs
onjsia Tablets, with the distinct uu
derstandlng that we will refund tljpjr
money without question or formality
if after reasonable use of this raedl
cine, they are not perfectly satisfied
with the results. We recommend
them to our customers every day, and
havp jet to hear of any one who has
not been benefited by ihcni. vve hon
estly believe them to be without equal
They give very prompt, relief, aiding
to' neutralize the gastric juices.
strengthen the digestive organs, to
regulate the bowels, and thus promote
perfect nutrition, and eradicate all
unhealthy. symptoms.
We yrge you to trv a 25c. box of
Rexali Dyspepsia Tablets, which give
If diysi ' treatment. t the end" or
that time, your money will be returned
po vtm If you are not satisbed. Of
pourse, In chronic cases length of
treatmenp varies, For such cases, we
haye two larger sizes, which sell tor
00c. ai)d. $1.00. ltemember v'bu can
obtain iexall Remedies only at our
storeThe itcxall tore. Tne vv. u.
Spring Drpg 3.
RainmarVs upon clothes may be re
moved by placing a clean damp cloj.h
upon the material and pressing wun a
moderately warm iron.
Bootless Opposition.
The surest way to prevail on a
young couple to get married is to op
pose them. Tell them you "would
rather see them In their graves,"
and ""twplye months after their baby
wjll pa$j you twice a day In a willow
The Turkish Way.
"vVe don't think 'we ever pungled for
a real Turkish bath, though we have
produced for the Turkish bath, so-
called. The real Turkish bath, judg
ing from the appearance of 'such
Turks as we have sepn is a dry ql eas
ing process.
A man may ho jji Ipve with two
aomcn at the same "time,' but not if
either of them knows about t.
Bex'. Point of Attack.
It's no use to tell a pretty girl she
is pretty; she koew that long before
vou did. The place to worn it in wuu
success is where a girl Isn't pfotty.
New York Tress.
Q. A. Llsk. Publisher
Entered at the uostottice at East Jordan
MIchlKfto. a second ctasa mall mutt sr.
Postal Savings
Depository To Be Opened at
East Jordan, Dec. 7th
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18. Amounts less than tl, may be.
saved oy the purchase of 10-cent pos
tal savings cards and adhesive 10
cent 'postal-savings etamps. Each
postal-savings cards contains blanks
to which savings-stamps may beamx.
ed from time to time' as purchased.
and a postal-savings card with nine
10-cent savings stamps thus amxea
will be accepted as a deposit of SI
either in opening an account or In
adding tu an existing account.
19. Savings cards and stamp?? will be
redeemed Only, by tue Issue or savings
certificates and are not valid for post
age. They wlJl not' be received in ex
Change ior poyiage siauipa uu mv
.. . m. . nrill
postage stamps be accepted In er
phsinge fcjr postal-savings cards or
n Intnrpst, will be allowed on all
deposits at a rate of 2 per cent per
annum, comtk'ted on each savings
certificate separately,' and payable
annnally. N interest will be paid
on uioney which remains on deposit
for a fraction of a year only.
21. Deposits will bear Interest from
th'o 1st day of the month next follow
ing that in whlchieposited.
22. Interest will continue to accrue
nn a R:vron 0.9. rtiticate as long as It
rernning outstanding, certificate be
ing valid until paid, without limita
tion as to time.
23. Compound Interest is not allow
ed on an outstanding certificate, but
a depositor may withdraw interest
payable and include it In a new de
posit, which will bear interest at -the
regular rate.
When a man is generous to a fault.
it is usually his own fault. ,
There Is no fun Inloattu unless ygu
have a lot of work to do. ,
The Detruit Saturday Night's lead
ing first pace article last week wa3
devoted lo the sahon question In De
troit. This surprising statement was
made. "If the aldermen would like
to know how the people as a whole
feel about the saloon in Detroit they
can rind out very easily by taking a
referendum of the entire town. Let
them ask the people or Detroit wheth
er they want 1500 or 1000 or 000 saloons!
and they will get their answer, it li
the saloon that breeds the slot rna
chine graft and all soris of crookeq
ambling games and so extends in
eliuite.ly Its power for political cor:
ruptlou. Vhat else has made possible
the ridiculous spectacle or a sneriu.
now rushing about with hysterica,! In
tensity because a new and active pros
ecutor has shown him the way. What
else can explain the effrontery of the
leeches who deal in these contraptions
in seriously discussinir the arrest of
the officers for seiziug such contra
band goods? Will the aldermen dare
give the people of Detroit a chance to
sDeak on the saloon question? hatur
day Night's comments and questions
show a point of view ou the saloon sit
u'atipn that is rapidly becoming prer
valent eyep in the very laigesi cuies
Cornelius Lypch, 30 days' In Jail
Leone Burley, 3u jjays in Jail; Macej
Wllholt, 15 days In jail; .Juq Uiskie, 5
days In jail; H Irani Smith, fine and
cpsts; Beujamln R. Ferguson, eusV
pe tided sentence; Harley Fi'nley, sus.
nended sentence: Dexter Pittlbone.
suspended sentence.' Tills llt of navies
In part represents the saioqn's reia
tions tq one nqorning pqllce cpnrt
list In Grand Ilaplds. Jt was com,
mented ou by newspapers, tht report
ed the police court doing pf vhat
morning, tb,at Lynch was formerly a
trusted locqnmtlve engineer bqt was
now on the brink of delirum; that
Pettlbone was a blind man to wnom
the saloons were forbidden to sell 11
quor, but they sold it to him Just the
same. And the others were poor nn
fortunates who were asslsing ten
brewers and saloon Ists to give force
and pull to their "personar iioeriv';
pretense. Thee men good, customers
of the brewers and saloons, will spend
their time Id Jail without the,, least
thought or pare of what becomes of
thepa on the pa,rt of the brewers. The
saloon's Interest In personal liberty
does not extend to efforts to keep
their patrons out of Jail but only to
Hfcure for them the "liberty" of pass
ing their wages over the bar and Into
thesaloop till.
Character Above All.
( Yoiinsr man. character is worth more
than money, character is worth more
than anything' else in this wide world.
I pu!d rather baye It said of me in
my old sgr' than to have ' a monu
ment, of pure gpld built' oyer my dead
body reaching frori earth to heaven
I would .i.ther have it said Jhat "they
could he: no occasion agamst nim ex
cept it be touching the law of his
God." tlsr to have all thia . world can
give. D-vIght L. Mcody. '
Difficulties of the Historian.
To obtain history which iVliterature
and history 14-blch (s accurate depends
unon human Qualities not often found
in tfce same person. .He who has the
art of getting at the ' facts ana it
really is Quite an art. and difficult
encugh to master- somehow does not
h?e the art of building his facts'
Into a literary structure that pleases.
perhaps fascinates, a multitude of
rcaders.L. A. Chase, Pe)low In Amer
ican History, Michigan, In Outlook.
Truth cf the Case.
Betty Rlchwood thinks it provoking
for a woman who has been working
all day mending her tyusband'f coat,
to find a U e letter from another In
the nocket. That is perfect nonsense.
There is not a woman on earth but
would find the letter before she be-
gan to mena tne coaiaiia men m
coat would not be mended At all.
Backache, IcadaLf;, Ncryousneia
and rheumatism, botn in men and
women, mean kidney trouble. Do
not allow it program beyond the
reach of medicine b,ut j'top tr prompt
y with Foley Eldney Pills. They re
ulate the aptjon of the urinary or
gans. Tonic it) action, quick in re
suits. Hps prugStorp.
A Kansas Belle.
An Atrlilrv.in er neVkr haR a. beau.
One reason is that she walks so rap
Idly tag average ypung man can't
Keep up with ner. rAtcnisoa iiiODe.
Or a Catcher's Mask.
The Chicago man who got a divorce
because his wife's Jolt on the jaw laid
him up for 22 days didn't really reed
a divorce hf needed a paUceman!
Washington Post.
We Are Showing the Finest Line
Yv inter
Notice our CJothing window for samples in
styles and y astern s.
The genuine Scotch and English golf made, of the
new "Warmth Without Weight" cloth,
at $1.56 and $1 00-
I rll
Absolutely Pure
fi&ccluicly hps ' bq ozshsiKisto
Many mlJCtarQS are offered as
substitutes for Royal. No other
baking powder i the sftrne In
pomppsition or ffectjjveness, or '
PO wholesome and economical,
nor will make such fine food.
Royal is the only Bakiq Powder me
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Beauty Hint.
Beauty secret fo,r men only: With
soap and water make a snow-white
lather, apply freely to afflicted por
tions of face, then scrape clean with
a sharp razor.
A Woman's Look.
A woman can say more in a look
than a man can in a bopk. Boston
Take That.
."Lend me a dollar, pld chap; I get
paid tomorrow." "Haven got it, old
scout; I got paid yesterday." Puck.
Dryden's Wise Vords.
Ill habits gather by unseen degrees,
na broods make rivers, rivers run to
seas. Dryden.
Gossip is a bsast of prey that does
not wait for the death of the creature
it devours. George Meredith.
IT j
Shown in East Jordan,
Good wool, worsted and
cassimero Caps, latest
style ant shapes, at 5Qc
These hivp the ipside fur
ear warmers.
Iii Fur Caps we have genuine Alaska Seal, $20
Detroit style, also College style.
Hudson pay Seal, Detroit and Collpge etycju
Black Fur Caps (Coney) Detroit style, $2 $1.50.
Regulation Army Furs, $ 7, genuine sea lion.
Conjoin. We are sure we can show you the Cap
you like. You will learn where caps of quality
come from. We are glad tQ show yqu.
. JmmT. -
Suspense That Hurts.
Of all the conditions to which th
heart is subject, suspense is the one
that most gnaws and cankers in the
Strange Companionship.
A thrush and a wren have buil
nests in the same basket In a shed at
Wells, Somerset, England.
. Prom the Egg.
"How ought this essay on Easter
customs b3 started?" "Ab ovo,"
It Is So Easy.
Most people who begin "at the bot
tom stay, there.
Prank Phillips
Tonsoria! Artbf.
When in need of anything n m.y llpe
caU lu nd see me.

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