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Vol. IB
No. 47
I HI - I
Circuit Court
Convenes for November Term
at Charlevoix, Monday
Tho calendar for the November
term of Circuit Court in Charlevoix
County contains quite a number of
cases, Including eleven criminal and
twelve divorces. Below Is the docket
in full.
ThePtoplj vh Herman L. Swift,
I ndecent liberties with a male person
(three charges.)
T?e People vs Fred Belmer, viola
tion of liquor law. b
The People vs Moxie Spaogenburg,
violations of liquor law.
The Teople vs William Leraleux,
violation, of liquor law.
'. The People vs Frank Ilengy, statu
, tory rape.
. The People , vs Johu Malloy, viola
tion of liquor law.
The People vs Barney Gallagher,
Hugh II . Boyle and Joseph Floyd
violation of liquor law.
The People vs Joseph Lewis, mali
cious destruction of personal property.
The People vs Edward McSauba,
violatiou of liquor law.
Issue or Fact and Law
Carl Cummlng vs Boyne City Tan
ning Co., trespass on case.
Robert W. Kane. Assignee vs Peter
II. Boyle, assumpsit.
Beuben Geer vs Alois Volter and
Milada Volter, trespass on the case.
Feter Wishuhn vs Clias. Alexander
; and Edward Alexander, Assumpsit.
The Clare County Savings Bank
(No. 1) vs Gerald L. Featherly et al,
The Clare County Savings Bank
.No, 2) vs Gerald L. Featherly et al,
B(neCitv.TanningCo. vs Travlers'
intiffranee Co., assumpsit.
AVTJliarn Deadnjau vs George Slm
nierman, assumpsit appeal.
James B. O'Duuuell vs Green Bay
Trans. Co., assumpsit appeal.
J. I. Case Threshiug Machine Co.
vsTimothy Heaton. appeal.
Frank Meyer vs Bert A. Isbell and
Rosa A. Isbell, bill to forclose mort
gage. Frank Miller vs Malvina Miller,
Robert G. Madill vs Elaine J. Mad 1 11
Elmer E. Wilson vs Anna Wilson,
divorce. '
Bessie Price vs Frank Price, di
vorce. Charles Tisron vs Marie Tisron, di
vorce. George Lalone vs Rosella Lalone,
Mary L. Perry va John Perry, di
vorce. Sadie Wiggins vs Thomas Wiggins,
Ruth O'Brien vs Elijah O'Brien,
Grace LaDuke vs William LaDuke,
Ceo Stafford vs Fred Stafford, di
vorce. fcSatle N". Mosher vs Walter M. Mos
her, divorce.
Chas. J Zeltler et. al va Louisa
Newman Cameron, bill to quiet title.
Angeline Willis vs John, O. Plank
et al, bill to redeem from tax sale
Alfalfa Culture in Michigan
We should grow alfalfa because it
produces more digestible protein per
acrlptnan any of the other forage
crops; because through Its deep root
fly stem it Is able in a dry time, when
other plants with their shallow roots
are suffering from drouths, to get its
water and gather plant food from
deep down In the soil, an these roots
s are often found at a depth of 16 to 20
feet, and because, the nodules on .in
roots change the free nitrogen of the
air Into plant food.
The soil best adapted to alfalfa
growing Is a deep, rich, loam.which is
AH-draincd, with a.ssonsufficently
porous to perojii aerauon, ana penetra
tion of the roots. Alfalfa may be
grown on clay soil and also on gVavel
and sandy soils. Soils - that are not
adapted to alfalfa are those where
the water table comes within four feet
.of the surface, or where a hard-pan
s'libeoll lies near the Murface. or on
land where red clover would heave
badly, and where you find It Is best to
bow alslke rather than red clover.
A. R. Potts, Michigan Agricultural
Culhane's Comedians
The above well known attractions
will open an engagement of one week
at The Temple Theatre on Monday
Nov. 27th. presenting a line of plays
and vaudeville that are new and up-to-date
in a manner that wilt win the
approval of our theatre goers. The
organization is headed by Miss Fay
St. John one of the youngest and best
stock actresses In the profession and
she has in her support such well
known artists as Messrs All vn, Wilson
Franklin, MacVay and , Bartley.
Mioses Griffin, Seabright, and Cooper
and that funny fellow Tommy War
ren a comedian who has won a repu
tation from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific. The opening play will be a
comedy drama in four acts Heaping
the Harvest and during the week
such well known successes as Lena
Rivers, The Broken Trail, Divorce,
Circumstantial Evidence, Her Wed
ding Day, and The Honor of the Flag
will be presented. The vaudeville
contingent of the company Is a show
in itself, each and every acta feature.
There will be an entire change of
programme every night both in ptays
and specialties. The slogan of this
company is "Your money back If not
satisfied." Go expecting to witness
one of the best performances of the
year and you will not be disappointed
Clean, up-to-date plays and vaudeville
presented by a capable company of
players. Prices will be pooular dur
ing the engagement 10, 20, and 30,
cents. Seats now on sale at Mack's .
Monday night, ladies free under usual
Proceedings of City Commission
Regular meeting of the City Com
mission held at the City Hall, Mon
day evening, Nov. 20, 1911. Meeting
was called to order by Mayor Cleve
land. Present, Cleveland, Hudson
and Kenny; absent none.
Minutes of last two meetings were
read and approved.
On motion by Hudson, supported
bv Kenny, the following biiU were
allowed and the clerk iuHrucled to
draw orders for same:
City Treas., payment of street
labor. $42.30
Bert Hughs, sidewalk 2.88
E. N. Clink, three mo's. salary
city att'yi 25.00
R. D. Swlshei, Mfg, Co.,
daters 2.35
J. H. Graff, laving tiles 10 80
Chas. Coykendall, drying .75
It. A. Risk, health ullicer s
duties 9 00
Total... , $93.08
A communication from surveyor E.
II. Ltobinson, to the effect that
would soon be here, was read.
Moved by Hudson, supported
Kenny that the resignation of E.
Clink as city attorney bo accepted.
Moved by Kenny, supported by
Hudson, that the office or city attor
ney be declared vacant. Carried.
The mayor appointed Dewight II.
Fitch as city attorney at a salary
of $250.00 per annum.
Moved by Keuuv, supported by
Hudson that the appointment of De
wight II. Fitch as city attorney be
confirmed. Carried.-
Moved by Hudson, supported by
Kenny, that the city attorney be in
structed to draft the following named
ordinance: an ordinance defining the
duties of the several city officers; an
ordinance pretainlug to public health
and an ordinance relative to the
placing of telephone, telegraph, ele
ctric light poles, hitching posts? etc.
Moved by Hudson, supported by
Kenny to adjourn. Carried.
Otis J. Smith
City Clerk.
Empey Bros, are headquarters for
Comforters. They are selling a
68x78 inch Comforter, tilled with cot
ton batten, for the low price of $1.15.
If you want anything in that line it
will pay you to look over their stock.
A Household Medecioe
That stbp8"cough8 qtifckly and "cures
colds Is Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound, Mrs. Anna Pezler, 2526 Jeff
erson St., So. Omaha, Neb.', says: MI
can recommend Foley's Honey and
Tar Compound as a sure cure for
cough and colds. It cured my
daughter of a bad cold and my neigh
bor, Mrs. Benson, cured herself and
her whole family with Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound. Every one In
our neighborhood speaks highly of It."
Hltes Drug Store.
Marriage Licenses
List of marriage licenses Issued for
the week ending Nov. 18.
Francis Decker, 25. East Jordan
Grace E. Myrlck, 20. Boyne City
George Davis, 21 East Jordan
Pearl St. John, 21 East Jordan
Will McGregor, 28 Boyne City
SulaCoon, 21 ; '.Tuston
W. J. Vanvalklngburg, 37 Boyne City
Bern ice Sacou, 38 .Boyne' City
Carl N. Grulsch, 21 Boyne City
Grace Hunt, 19 Charlevoix Co.
Calvin Ferris. 20 .... ....Boyne City
Hazel Stafford, 18 Boyne City
D. S. Payton,
County Clerk
Tuesday, November the 28th, Is the
date when J. Leahy, the optometrist
will be at the Russell House, one
day only. Headache and nervous
ness cured, crossed eves straightened
glasses guaranteed to tit. Fitting
chlldrens eyes a specialty.
Shorn of Her Crown of Beauty,
Loses in Love and Marriage
Hair is certainly most necessary to
woman. Who could love and marry a
boula-headed'woman? What charms
could one array to offset such a dis
ligurment? A womans goal Is usually love and
marriage. Her crowning glory is her
hair. ' The loss of her hair mars her
beauty, happiness and success. Yet
right here in East Jordan, there are
thousands of women who are neglect
ing their hair to such an extent that
it is only a matter of time when it
will be utterly ruined.
1 Many women destroy the beautv of
their hair through thoughtlessness or
Ignorance of certain facts. Tuey use
curling irons over-heated. or to excess,
which destroyes the natural oil of the
hair causing it to split, break,-and
come out. They do not shampoo their
hair often enough, or too often. They
use soaps or preparations which coo
tain ingredients positively harmful
to the scalp and hair.
As a result of such treatment, dan
druti Is created, the hair loosens, loses
color, fall out, and baldness commen
ces, unless proper and prompt pre
cautions are taken in time. Then
again microbes and certain diseases
bring about unhealthy scelp and hair
Almost any woman may rid herself
of dandruff and diseased scelp and
hair if site will but use the right re
medy. We have the remedy, and we
will positively guarantee that it will
either cure dandruff and baldness or
it will not cost the user any thing,
Thats a pretty broad statement, but
we will back it and prove it with our
own money. We will return your
money if you do not find that Rexall
93" Hair Tonic is an entirely satis
factory remedy that will promote
hair growth and over-come scalp and
hair trouble; that it' will grow hair
even on bald heads, unless all life in
the hair roots have been extinguished
the follicles closed, and the scalp is
glazed and shiny. It gets Its name
from the fact that it grew hair In 93
out of 100 cases, where It . received a
thoroughly hard, impartial and pract
ical test.
We want you to try Uexall
Hair Tonic at our risk. You surely
cannot lose anything by doing so,
while you have everything to gain.
You had better think this over, and
see us about this offer. You will be
well repaid for your visit to our store.
Remember, you can obtain Rexall
Remedies in this community only at
our store The Rexall Store, The W.
C. Spring Drug Co.
The boy bethought himself of a
great many remarkable things which
were not taking place all about him.
And right shrewdly. "For these,"
quoth he, with wisdom beyond his
years, "are what one need be pre
pared fondly to recall In one's old
age." Puck. . - ...
"The well business is not a profit
able one, as a rule, is it?" "I dont
eee why not? "Don't those engaged
in It. generally find themselves in a
hole?" '
"Do you enjoy fishing?" the asked.
"Yes," replied the glib promoter, "but
not for fish."
W , JL - .
A Talk
On Colds
We have had so much
experience in selling cold
remedies that we feel that
we arc qualified to advise
you when you are suffer
ing. X For a cold in the hea
X we wpnld advise Laxative
Cold Breakers.
We feel there is nothing
For cold affecting lungs
and throat and for hard
coughs use Spring's Cough
This is a remedy wc
And for a chronic cough
by all means Use Vinol.
It will give you positive X
relief, stimulates the annc-
X tite and builds up the system X
X generally.
Try any of above and be
Drug Co.
Anyone can turn over a new leaf:
It's the new record that counts.
Inmates of a state Institution are
frequently both washed andjironed.
$ A A Softf Easy Boot Ww flr
' ) of Style and Service fvbX tW
JwJIii tell m
IXizJm sires in Her Footwear lraSS) Till1
rVVg;S Equipment a Comfort BuTI IS
-"PIa irri1-t-S1 Shoe which is also Suit- l&x ItSI
WViZ able and Neat for Street IB'
Wlfe Pingree-Made B
t'-f.l . "T" Dull Callskin Top V ' Ui 13
" fAj ''',:! . Vadium Med W- '
, ? r"'"sl fp .1 j
II 1 !
Put Yourself in His Place
THE INSURANCE PRESS, in a recent Issue, gives afac-slmlle
of the following tragic letter received by the representative of a life
assurance company from a friend of his under sentence of death by
cancer. The name of the writer Is, of course not revealed;
Dear Bill, Acknowledging your letter of testerdav, I would
ghidly increase my life insurance $0.000 if ou could place it. fiut
you couldn't. For tomorrow I am to be operated on for cancer, and
the doctors tell me that mv chance of survival is one in twenty.
This news will surprise you, since It Is less than a year ago that
your examiner passed rne (lie fourth time In ten years. I am trying
to be hopeful, out there is an impressive solemnity in the thought
that tins may be my last day on earth.
I have been putting my house in order. It did not require an
expert accountant. My assets are: (1) Cash in bank, $341; (2) house,
hold and personal effects, not worth selling; (3) life insurance, $:t),24o.
Liabilities as-follows: (1) Mortgage on house, $4,500 (2) house
hold monthly bills. $195.
This is my financial exhibit after sixteen yenrs In buslnes. Not
a strong showing for a man of :tt! But I began on nothing and had to
work mv vay up. Just as things are beginning to come my way, I
find myself on the brink of the unknown.
My only comfort in thin crisis Is my life Insurance, and I honest
ly thank you, Bill, for your council and persistence. Sometimes I
have almost hated you for loading me with hucli a burden. On a year
ly Income never higher than $.'$.&)(), Ir has been a big strain to carry
$.i0.24o. Last year, out of every dollar 1 earned 16 cents went for life
insurance premiums. ,
Hut It wa worth the sacrifice. What else would I be leaving
behind today? If I had banked the amount of the premiums, my
savings would have been less than $4000. And 1 doubt if I would have
saved even that much, for sometimes it was a terrific struggle to pay
the premium, and only the fear or forfeiture forced me to It.
Rut now I thank Heaven that I took the insurance and kept it,
for it enables me to go into the opernting-room with anxiety only for
myself, and none for Nell and Buster.
I face the uwrtalnty of tomorrow with neither remorse or
worry. Ten years ago 1 confidently looked forward to riches and old
age. Tomorrow, life and its opportunities may be cut oil. Mv air
Castles will have tumbled and my cherished hopes bo as dead as my
However, through life insurance, my faniilv will receive some of
the money I did not live long enough to make. They will have a home
and a sure income for life things which, even had I lived, I co'ild not
have guaranteed to them because of the uncertainties of health and
business. Life iusurauce has done for my family what I could not do
It may seem strange for me to write you thus from my grave-side,
as it were, but I wanted you to know of my heartfelt gratitude to you
and the great cause vou represent.
Yours sincerely,
Dist. Manager, P. 0. Building, East Jordan.

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