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Charlevoix County Herald
a. A. LISK. Tubllslitr.
We can stand for female aviator,
but not for avlatress.
This la the Identical. cold wave jou
were wishing for last July.
This Is a beautiful world to live In,
when one's liver Is working all right.
Bome mistakes can be corrected,
but eating toadstools Is not one of
How fortunate for oyster . lovers
that the successive months have an R
Jn them!
Unfortunately weepy, maudlin
weather cannot be put Into a cell to
Bober up.
Our Idea of a versatile man Is a
poet who can eat a second plate of
boiled cabbage.
Fossibly one reason why aeroplanes
are not being made safer Is that acci
dents help swell the gate receipts.
Women would do well to let avia
tion alone until men have made a
greater success of It.
A paragrapher asks: "What is a
perfect wife?" The only answer we
can give Is: "How old is Ann?"
Flying from New York to San Fran
cisco is just as dangerous as flying
from San Francisco to New York.
An Illinois judge has decided that
Reno divorces are not good in Illinois.-
Have your divorce papers made trans
A New Jersey man became the
fourth husband of his third wife the
other day. Birds of a feather do flock
Whenever there Is a great disaster
In this country you are sure to find
heroes who gave or risked their lives
for others.
No, brother, the anti-pistol toting
law In New York was not passed for
the purpose of stopping the hold-ups
In Wall street
A babys cry saved six people from
being asphyxiated. Let us learn to be
patient with crying babies. They may
come In handy.
Mr. Malcolm McDowell puts the
hobo's cost of 1'Jvlng at four cents a
day. But he falls to tell how the hobo
sets the four cents.
The knights of old had one advan
tage over their descendants. They
could go through the deer season with
out being punctured.
When we stop to consider the num
ber of Isms that exist the great won
der Is that more people do not get
Into the violent wards.
Platinum is now worth two and
one-half times as much as gold, and
gold is worth about Its weight in po
tatoes and other luxuries.
The undertakers having decided to
call themselves "morticians" we pre
sume that bod-carriers of the future
will be known as "mortarIans.M
Brooks' comet is said to be com
posed of illuminating gas and cyano
gen, but the scare manufacturers can
not frighten us after the Halley hoar
A Cleveland judge granted six dl
Torces in ten minutes each. At the
normal rate of arithmetical progres
fion. if he could do that well in Ohio,
what a home-breaking record he could
establish in Nevada!
A Greek couple In Connecticut wait
ed 24 hours at a church for a priest
to come from Boston to marry them,
so evidently they had made up their
A New York woman has Just re
ceived $200,000 from the husband
she ran away frcm to Join a younger
man. Which shows how grateful he
A Pittsburgh scientist says that
Andrew Carnegie looks' l.ke the ear
drum of a whale. That man need not
waste his time performing any heroic
A western man has asked the Phil
adelpbla police to find him a nice
wife. Great goodness, does he think
the police have anything to do with
"nice" people?
A Stamford, Conn., woman who died
recently bad read the Bible through
sixty times. We presume after the
third of fourth time she ceased to
skip to the last chapter to see how it
was going to end.
A Massachusetts woman mistook
her husband for a burglar and shot
him as he was crawling in the back
window about midnight. She still In
sists, however, that he got what was
coming to him, even if he was inno
cent of the charge of burglary.
Chicago has a preacher who says he
will go to the theater whenever he
feels that way, and that It's none of
the congregation's business. As far as
we are concerned, he is at liberty to
take in even the moving picture
HAT poor girl moper who
nr I into your views because
I in nr tnrm4li on1 -rii
scheme of things has queered you from way back, or because
some darling of fortune can carry around poodles while you
must tote bills and order books that moper ought to brin
herself to task before she goes to the ash heap or under the
tube roses.
The "Brushwood Boy" and "William the Conqueror," two
jfnrios wo hnvp Kiirolv heard of some time, considering the
fame of thoir nufhnr. ran host irivfi vou
lost it through moping. The main
on the joy of using their facilities,
first and their sweethearts afterwards.
Then that delightful storv of
Eyre, and that uplifting one in which Maggie Tulliver, who never has
the things she would have, has such a
And no hooks are ouite so cheerincr and instructive to the worker as
Dickens' novels, in which we are always
and poor houses and all kinds of trades and industries and brought next
to people who have things to contend
The best way to get away from
those of others. But there is still
suffers with decrepit standpoint.
A stenographer who used to mope because she wasn't the manager and
who had too many dreams in her head that wouldn't materialize got a
turn in the right direction one cold winter morning. A half-frozen woman
with two little children accosted her
ment of her mother, herself well protected against the wind in a new
Hours for
Study and
fore any mental exertion is required.
Constant nibbling of food between meals should be forbidden. It
destroys the appetite, increases the saliva and interferes with stomach
Children should never Ik hurried ofC to school in the morning with
an insufficient and rapidly eaten breakfast. Their appetites. are often
poor at this hour from the effects rif an ill-ventilated sleeping apartment,
and if they arc kept at school for several hours without luncheon they are
very ill prepared for mental work.
The greater number of children have a natural craving for 6wccts.
The important role of sugars in furnishing energy in active childhood
necessitates the consumption of a larger proportion of sugar than is
required by adults. The craving of children for confections, candy and
the like furnishes a true indication of the actual requirements of nature,
and it must be admitted that a certain amount of wholesome candy, like
plain. molasses candy, not only docs most children no harm but may serve
them as an excellent food.
Simple forms of well-cooked bread and cstcrd puddings should
be furnished as dessert occasionally.
Tea and cofTce should be withheld. They interfere with digestion
and make the child nervous.
Too much water should not be allowed with mecls, and what is given
Ehould not be iced.
on Right
By Mrs. Harold Sanford
taih the performance of n few unpleasant
duties is the only fly in the ointment, and in view of the benefits to accrue,
she considers the payment slight and strikes a good bargain accordingly.
But the woman of primitive instincts, whose emotions have not been
dulled by civilizatiqn's edge, the idea of marriage with a man whom she
does not love is an impossible issue. f
Every fiber of her being rebels at the barter; she has no choice in
the matter.
Money to her is a very insignificant part of the formula for happi
ness, and not to be reckoned in conjunction with the big primal forces
that go to make up her existence.
She scorns, to hawk her wares from one prospective buyer to another,
but reserves for herself the right to win her own happiness, and gives her
self with the splendid generosity of a great nature.
Of such are the real mothers of the race.
Ought to
Bring Herself
Back to Earth
goes around wedging wormwood
Miss Gild was born with a gold spoon
'ornn't nr lirwniiei flir rpnnr:l llviTlfl
a new relish for work if YOU have
people in these stories, are all keen
borne of them even love their worn
the faithful and conscientious Jane
wonderful gift for sell-sacnlice.
taken to the heart of work houses
with like ourselves.
your own mistaken views is to read
another way for the girl moper who
just as she left the snug warm apart
fur coat. 0
After she had heard the woman's story and called
her mother to attend to her comfort she watched a
vision in costly furs and billowy plumes carry her
poodle across a little snowdrift and lmg him to her
pretty self. Thfs gave her another turn.
When she reached the ofliee, she didn't mope. She
only reveled in her ability to do the chief's corre
spondence unaided, and reckoned that if fortune ever
smiled on her in the shape of a real rich husband she
would give more of her time to paupers than to
Hours for children's study and fot
meals should be regulated. Sufficient time
should be allowed before each meal to per
mit children to wash and prepare them
selves comfortably, without going to the
table excited by hurry. And they should
Im? required to remain at the table through
out a fixed time, never being allowed to
swallow their food hastily in order to com
plete an unfinished task or game. An in
terval of half an hour or more should in
tervene after meals for recreation, in order
that digestion may be well under way be
Whom shall the girl marry the young
man with muscle or the old man with
The question involves the matter of
temperament. There is the woman who
has little more emotion in her makeup
than the average sack of flour. She lives
for heir .personal well being, aided and
brought "about by material comforts. To
her marriage is little more than the enter
ing into a contract whereby she will gain
more 'of the world's goods than at present
she is blessed with. The fact that it en-
Jl -J $
.. ( .
757 Ff
( Sl 1
' f mrTi$ik 1
Photo, Copyright, by Underwood &
NO up-to-date costume Is consider
ed complete without the Inev
itable hand-bag, which must har
monize with, If not match, the
costume. This bag Is suspended from
the shoulder either side and made of I
If the Bisected Skirt Is to Be Gen
erally Worn Let It Have Femi
nine Appellation.
It is thought by some in Germany
that tho name "harem skirt" or more
horrible still "trouser skirt" is the
only thing that prevents the spread
and general use of this much, talked of
article of wearing apparel. So these
same people have offered a prize for
tho best names and have hit up "Ama
zon" and "cavalier" skirt as a result,
and hope by keeping these more allur
ing titles before the feminine public to
popularize the garment. Not that it
needs so much to be popularized, they
say. The leading German shops ad
Tertise it in bewilderiD variety, and
privately claim that orders are pour
ing in to a degree which shows that,
like other extreme modes gone be
fore, the trousers er, that is, the
cavalier skirt is sure to conquer in
the end. Rut if the more timid fol
lower of fashion buys one, and keeps
it hanging in her closet to gaze upon
with awe and admiration, yet is afraid
to wear a "trouser" skirt upon the
street, by all means let us christen it
with something softer and more femi
This pretty frock is of gray blue
cashmere embroidered in the same
shade. The waist Is finished across the
front with a band of madcria embroid
ery on linen, of which the shoulder
collar Is also made.
This last is placed over a collar
of black satin, bands of which finish
the silk cord matching the gown forms
the girdle.
MmM i
Mail Bag
Underwood, N. T.
embroidered moire three Persian
palm leaves bordered with pearls, being
the chief decoration. The fringe and
fringe is the mode at present is
nade of pearl and wood beads, in
brown to match the cloth suit.
Slight Change In Styles Will Be Noted
in the Coming Season's
An unusually decollate neck finish,
extremely short sleeves and an. irregular-shaped
train inclined to shortness
are features having a bearing on the
new evening gowns for fall and win
ter. Lace plays a large part, both, as
a foundation material and for trim
ming purposes, every variety being
used, no matter what the texture or
pattern. Allover designs or robe
gowns aro used as an underbody, in
which case the filmy draperies par
also used for draping over soft fln
tially conceal the pattern. They are
ished silks, crepes and satins, and in
these instances usually are cut in one
with tho waist. Some of the newest
mode's show the allover lace exten
sion below the waist line in cutaway
coat effect, Citoyenne frill or peplura.
In some Instances the pointed effect
is made in tho front, with tapering
lines cutting off to the waist in the
back. Dry Goods Economist.
Detachable Flower.
It must have been the girl of small
allowance who invented the detach
able flower for her hat. Trimming
the winter's chapeaux Is so simple
that it is an easy matter to whisk
off one flower and put on another to
match the next costume worn.
Velvet poinsettias are a favorite
flower on winter hats for those who
can stand the vivid red so close to the
Another popular flower Is huge vel
vet roses In rich dull tones. A new
Idea is to outline the edges of these
roses with tiny beads to correspond
to the color of the costume worn.
Instead of sewing on the detach
able roses each time, they are pro
vided with tiny safety pins on the
under side, which are quickly adjusted
to the trimming.
Making a Pillow Cover Fit.
The cover of a sofa pillow can be
made to fit well by the following little
trick: After sewing up three sides
but before turning the cover right side
out, tack the two finished corners of
the case securely to two corners of
tho pillow. Turn the case over the
pillow. Sew up the fourth side for an
inch or two at each end. Tack these
two corners to the corresponding cor
ners of the cushion; Finish as usual.
This keeps the pillow from pulling
and sagging away from the cover.
Large Revera Popular.
The use of the large collar Is no
doubt responsible for the popularity
of the large revers. Some are long
and narrow, coming down below the
waist line. Others are square and a
few round.
In a certain number of cases the
coats are made with a single rever
on one side and double revers are
seen In some instances. Tho long
shawl collars are agaU meeting with
WAYS. Last August there visited the Cana
dian west the vice-president of the
largest individual hardware company
In the United States. As his firm have
a turnover of millions, and deala ex
tensively with farm implements, this
man took a deep interest in crop con
ditions in Canada, and on his return
he embodied his findings in an article
for the Hardware Reporter. This ar
ticle should be of special Interest to
The writer speaks of the importance
pf the spring wheat crop of Weste.ra
Canada. He might also have spoken
of the Importance of the oat crop and
also'of the winter wheat crop, as well
aa barley. Winter wheat during the
past few years has been a great suc
cess, and experiments have shawn
that it can be grown with success In
almost any portion of the three prov
inces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta. Put apart from this, the
spring wheat crop is the one generally
grown, and all who know anything Cr
grain, anyone who has had anything
to do with markets, knows or has
heard of the high character of this
cereal and the splendid yields, that are
annually produced. Reproducing from
this article:
"In a land of such great sweep, and
of such difference in 6oil and climate,
there are many resources, but none
are at present of the same overwhelm
ing importance as the spring wheat
crop. In the Interminable prairie
stretches of the northwest province
it is the one absorbing topic of inter
est and cf conversation during Its
growing and its harvesting, for upon
its success or failure hangs the weal
or woe of a large part of the Domin
ion. Its influence extends far down
Into the United States, drawing thou
sands of farmers northwards with the
lure of cheap lands, but likewise be
yond the great lakes, even to the easy
going maritime provinces, calling the
flower oi their young men to its op
portunities. Development in these
prairie provinces goes on at high pres
sure for everything hangs on the out
come of spring wheat. Success has
emboldened the raisers of this one all
important crop, and each year there
Is further incursion Into those north
ern fields that only a short time ago
were regarded as Arctic wastes. The
Canadian Northwest seems to be onel;
of those modern agricultural, examples
set forth to drive the final nail in tbt
coffin of that ancient Malthuslan de- ,
luslon that population tends to outrun
the means of subsistence, since the
only fear now among Qfanadian econ
omists is as to the danger of over
stocking the wheat market. Only
about two and one-half per cent of
possible arable lands in the northwest
provinces is now under cultivation,
and this year the crop promises to
be close to 200,000,000 bushels, bo
that your imagination and your arith
metic can easily supply the answer as
to the possible or even probable out
come." During the months of July and Au
gust the weather was unfavourable
and the production of a 200 million
yield of wheat will not likely be real
ized, but even with this, the threshing
reports coming to hand show that thoi
crop will be a splendidly paying one!"
A Change of Opinion.
"Talk is cheap," chuckled the poli
tician with tho telephone frank in hla.
After talking $20 worth, he pulled
out his frank and found it had ex
pired. "By heck!" he muttered rue
fully, "that guy was right when he
said that 'Silence is golden.' " Judge.
We alway respect the opinions of a
man who keeps them to himself.
Mrs. Whislow's Boothlnj Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces Inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, 25c a bottle.
In this world one must be a little
too kind to be kind enough. Marl
Headaches, Colds, Indigestion,
Pains, Constipation, Sour Stomach
Dizziness? If you are not, the most
effective, prompt and pleasant
method of getting rid of them is to
take, now and then, a desertspoon
ful of the ever refreshing and truly
beneficial laxative remedy Syrup
of Firs and Elixir of Senna. It is
well known throughout the world
as the best of family laxative reme
dies, because it acts so gently and
strengthens naturally without irri
tating the system in any way.
To get its beneficial effects it is
always necessary to buy the genu
ine, manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co., bearing the name
of the Company, plainly printed on
the front of every package. ,
Swollen, Vsrtoo Veins, 1?4 lf
Goitre, Wn,C4out and Khenmstlo !
pnatta, Npralns knd JtnilUM rpon4
qutckljUnheactionof ABNOUIIINK.JK,
A tat, healing, toot hlDf.antltfiptlollnlD'eDl
t hit penetrates to the at of trouble sMltt
log nature to nitk. permanent reooyery,
Allays pain ana Inflammation. Mild and
pleatant to nae quickly abaorbed Into tli
atire. Sueefal In other cane, whr not la
VouraT A UNO It It I N K . J II.. II and I? Mr
bottle at druggists or deilTertd. ltook 1 u free.
. r. lotxu, r. a. r., its tm itrwt, priu, aaw

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