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No. 3
Vol. 16
Good Attraction
i ii
W 111 liC lUC Danu unccn new
Tuesday Night.
By request of a mjmber of our citl
tens who were unable lo . attend the
Band Concert in Decemberowing to
the holiday rush the East Jordan
Military Band will Yepeat their Con
cert next Tu(cUy ntglft. Jan. 23rd, at
the Tenjpje Theatre. Several new
features have been put .'on the pro
gram and the musical feast will be
worth anybody's twenty-five ceuts
the udoiis'ilon'prue asked.
There Will be a hummer of choice
selections by lite Band; there will be
vocal solos. Instrumental, solos and
brass duo?.' .The "Dancing Dwarf of
Borneo", will be. there with a laugh
maker, and Professor SKMee Creafore
Wlsriflestlclc has ieeo prevailed upon
to briog hit loncert' Band of Wind-
Jammers fr.mi Mlisoun for the eveu-
inifs entertainment-
IkMow Is the" program as partially
March, "Heads Up1....".. ..Baud
Joy lo.Uie Wond" Grand Sacred
Potpourri.. Band
Comet Duo . "Autumn Leaves,"
Hyatt. and Webster.. Band
"The Elves," Overture Band
iiolo. "Unit i the End of Time"
Miss Tessle Ueld
'The Jolly Blacksmith," Descrip
live March Band
Bartone Solo, 'Rick of Agra,'
Air Vari O II. Mover
"Ttie Dancing Dwarfs".. From Borneo
Vocaf bolo, "The Song of the
Open ISea" ...O. II. Moyer
Cornet Solo- y Win. E. Palmlter
ISolo, "I Miss Yu Mortal. Twilight'
" ' MUs B-sslc Frazier
Trot. Soosee Creator Wiggle lick's
Concert Band.... From Missouri
The entertainment I- well worth
twice the price of ad mission asked
and for their own benefit, the people
uf-uurcity and -surrounding country
should be there and enjoy the pro
gram. Tickets on sale at Mack's
price 3 cents.
Notice of Primary Enrollment. Proceeds f City Commission.
Beans a Big Booster.
The farmers In the southeastern
nart of Grand Traverse county, West
ern Michigan, have been doing well
by raising beans on contract. Christ!
Ileysman harvested 127i bushels of
the Black Valentine beans from five
ttcres, a return of 25 bushels and bet-
ter to the acre. Frank Box secured u
Yield of l bushels to the acre of Bed
Kidney beans, and A. E Bryant
threshed 140 bushels from the pods
harvested from his ten-acre natch. It
Is estl pasted that close to ten thou
saod bushels were grown lo this sec
tion In 1911.
' Beans can be grown to a profit upon
fthe'Western Michigan lands. Fur
thermore, the, quality of the Western
"Michigan bean is above tne average
Mn 1910 Seth Rockwell on forty acres
inear Moorestown, Missaukee county.
harvested enough beans to bring him
' $1,036 07 when sold at $2 10 a bushel
; to a Detroit seed house When the
ilue of the seed was deducted he had
1 a net Income of $964.97.
Notice Is hereby given, that In ac
cordance with Act No. 281, Public
Acts of 1909. as amended by Act No.
279, Public Acts of 1911, the Boakd
Of Enrollment of the several town
shins and wards of the count? of
Charlevoix, State of Michigan, will be
In session Saturday i lie 27th. day of
January A. D 1912, from 7 o'clock
A. M. until & o'clock P. M. of said
day, for the purpose of enrolling the
names of all persons, members of what
ever political party, who make person
al application for such enrollment.
Following Is a brief sia'-ement of
the different ways in which enrol
lment can be had in townships or
cities during the year of 1912;
Enrolment dates this yar are Jan
uary 27th . and April 1st.
1st. By personal application on enrol
lmeui cl ys
2" d. By a written request accompan
led by attldavlt, an elector can enroll
any day. but can nob vote at aoy
primary held within two mouths
This attldavlt and application must
be delivered to the township clerk or
other officer In charge of ttie enroll
ment bo k.
3rd. An elector who was sick or un
avoidably absent on enrollment day
or who became 21 years f age or an
elector alter enioiiment day can have
his name enrolled on primary election
day and Yote at that election by tak
intr the necessary oath.
4th If an elector who has been duty
enrolled as above chai.ges his rest-
deuce from one precinct In the slate
to another lie can be enrolled In tli3
new nrecluct by obtaining a proper
certificate, from a memher or tn en
rol lment board of the precinct where
in he formerly resided stating that he
s oulv enrolled in the precinct from
which lie has moved and is entitled
to enrollment In the new precinct, or
br making oath to uch facts.
No person c:m vote at any Primary
election in .Michigan unless his name
has been enrolled , under said Act No
All enrollments prior to Aug. 2nd.
1911. Is Void.
An entirely new enrollment Is re
autre I
An elector who neglects or refuses
t mlve the name of His Political
Party Cannot have his name enroll
Dated at Charlevoix, Mich. thli.
thirteenth day of January, A. D. 1912
Daniel S. Payton,
Clerk of the County of Charlevoix.
Adjourned meeting of theCltyOomi
mission held in the City Hall, Tues
day evening, Jan . 9, 1912. No quorlum
being present, meeting was adjourned.
Ttecrular meeting of Ihe City Com
mission held in the City Hall, Mon
day evening, Jan. 15. 1912. Meeting
ws called to order py Mayor pro tern
Hudson. Present. Kenny and Hud
son (2): absent, Cleveland (1).
Minutes of last meeting were not
On motion by Hudson, supported
by Kenny, the following bills were
allowed and the Clerk Instructed to
draw orders for tne same:
James (Jid'ey, fumlgators
and materials $11.40
Stroebei Bros., mdse 14.95
J. H. Shults. bal. from Feb. 1910 .39
Eugene Adams, 6 nios.
salary as Fire Chief 25.00
E. J. Hose Co. Porter tire 16 .00
Tlios. J. Smith, repairing walk .50
Mich. State Tei Co , service
of II. Cook at Mill A 7.50
Alonzo Graves, team work
on streets 4-M
Total $79.74
Moved by Hudson, supported y
Kenny that the appointment of Wra.
Pickard as member of the Second
Ward Enrollment Board be declared
void on account of resldeuce In another
ward. Carried.
The Mayor pro tern then appointed
Samuel McCalmon Jr. as member of
said board.
Moved by Hudson, supported by
Kenny to adjourn until Tues. evening
Jan. 18, 1912. Carried.
Marriage Licenses
William Spencer, 25 Boyne City
Anna Schultz, 19 Boyne City
Rudolph Mlttelstead, 23. . .Boyne City
Mable Walte, 24 Mancelon
Absalom Sprv, 39 Boyne Falls
I Sarah Fraley. 27. Boyne Falls
.lames B O'DonneM, 25 ...iSt. James
Elci Schmidt. 24 St. James
I). S. Payton.
County Clerk.
Considering how little letters con
tain, on an average, people are too
anxious to get them.
Don't forget
We again have a full line
of these Remedies.
Ilere are a few of the
REXALL "93" Hair Tonic
REXALL Orderlies
REXALL Dyspepsia Tablets
REXALL Grippe Pills
REXALL Cold Tablets
REXALL Rheumatic Rem
edy i
t REXALL Kidney Remedy 1
nrv i l O-li- -
tt,AiLLr Liver 33113
UUU atui cs ui unit i a.
Remember, these Remedies t
I are guaranteed and will t
t cost vou nothing if they do ?
t not benefit you.
I Drug Co.
The Season for
Buckwheat Cakes
is here again. This years crop is of fine quality
and we are making the same old-fashioned Stone
Ground Absolutely Pure Flour. Don't let your
dealer substitute any of the mixed com
pounds that the Pure Food Law still allows; in
sist on the PURE STONE GROUND its cheap
er in the end.
. " Made by the
at Mill B.f East Jordan.
The Reid-Graff Plumbing Co.
We have opened a Plumbing Shop at
the former John Mortimer stand and're
spectfully solicit a share of your patronage.
Prompt Attention Given to Repair Work.
I Phone No. 193-2 rings; residence 193-3 rings.
It will probably never be known
what the hand-saw.
Foley's Uoney and Tar Compound
is a reliable family medeclne, (Jlve
it to your children, and take It your
self when you feel a cold coming on.
It checks and cures coughs and colds
and cruup and prevents bronchitis and
pneumonia. Hltes Drug Store.
Raldness is too Generally Con
sidered a Sign of Advanced Age
Circuit Court Jurors.
Primary Enrollment.
Notice is hereby given that In ac
cordance with act No. 281, Public
Acts of 1909, as amended by Act No.
279, Public Acts of 1911, thi Boards
of Enrollment of the City of East
Jordan, State of Michigan, will be In
session on Saturday, January 27, A. D.
1912. In the several Wards of said City
at the places designated below, v lz.:
First Ward.C. A. Brabant s Store;
Second Ward, Dan Goodman's Store;
Third Ward, C. C. Mack's Store;
for the purpose of enrolling the names
of all persons, members of whatsoever
Political Party, who make personal
application for such enrollment.
Dated this 9th day of January, A
D. 1012.
Oils J. Km I th. Clerk of said City.
Circuit Court will convene Monday,
February 6th.
The following is the list of jurors
Otto Sf ler Boyne Valley
Daniel McLellan ....Bay
Daniel P. Boyle Pealne
Tfels Lafrlnere. ....... ..... St. James
John F. Kenny .....South Arm
Thomas Morrison Wilson
Frank Thompson.... Boyne, 1st Ward
Bert Martlndale ....Boyne, 2nd Ward
John DutXey Boyne, 3rd Ward
A. A. Beemau Boyne, 4th Ward
Fruok Glasfora. .Charlevoix, 1st Ward
Albert Holmes.. Charlevoix, 2nd Ward
F. E. Frailer ...Charlevoix, 3rd Ward
Kdwln Coolc Norwood
AlUo Sberk Melroe
Jlobert Gregory Marlon
A B. Woodward Hudson
Philip Howe.. ...Hayes
John Nasson .... Eveline
Charles II. Camburn Evangeline
Charles Harrington Charlevoix
William Mack I e Chandler
"Obarlei Knaff. Boyne Valh y
John A. Koteskey ....Bay
D. 8. Payxom,
County Clerk.
What a lot of Ingenuity goc to
cooking good thing that are bad for
UedJgeatk. .
Otto Schmidt, proprietor of a beer
gardeu at 940 Beaufalt Avenue, De
troit shot and killed Anna Treptow, a
cln employed in the saloonkeeper's
household, and then turned the re
volver ou himself and seut a bullet
through his own head. Excessive
drink resulting in temporary derange
merit is given in the Detroit papers
as the cause of the crime. Through
recent weeks In Allchigau saloon
crimes have hecome so common as to
attract little alteuti'tm. Olio Schmidt
exerclseJ his personal liberty" In
shooting AnnaTrepioW and in killing
hlaieli. Just as he had beeu exercis
ing that sort of liberty as a barkeeper
and saloon proprietor. In most cases
It is the man ou the outside of the
bar who does the shooting and the
killing after be has morally and men
ally destroyed himself and impover
ished his family. But In this case
. . . . . . i
the proprietor nan oecome a vicum oi
the allurements he had provided for
ot hers arid he 'met the same tragic
fate (hat his business brought to
many other saloon unfortunates.
Michigan's saloon murder list for the
year J us i entered upon threatens to
exceed even the awful record of the
ear Just closed.
A bald-headed person does not have
an equal chance with one blessed with
a healthy head of hear, because bald
ness Is too generally accepted as an
Indecatlon of age. Many large cor
porations have established an age
limit, arid refuse to take men over 35
years of age as new employees.
Probably 05 per cent of bald-headed
people mav regain a good head of
healthy hair If they will follow our
advice and accept our offer. We have
a remedy that we positively guarantee
to grow hair on any head, unless the
root of the halrareentlrely dead, their
follicles closed, and the scalp lias be
come glazed and , hlny. We want
people to try this remedy at our risk,
with the distinct understanding that
unless it does exactly what we claim
It will od gives satisfaction In everv
respect, we shall make no charge for
the remedy used during the trial.
We know exactly what, we are talk
ing about, and with this offer back of
our statements no one should scoff, I
doubt our word, or hesitate to put our
remedy to an actual test.
We want every one in East Jordan
who is sufferlhg from any scalp or hair
trouble, dandruff, falling hair, or bald
ness to try our Bexall "93" Hair Tonic.
We want them to use It regularly say
until three bottles have been used
and If It does not eradicate dandruff,
cleanse and refresh the scalp, tighten
the hair In Its roots, and grow new
hair, we will return every cent, paid
us for the remedy for the mereasklng
There Is no formality expected, and
we exact no obllgatian from the
user whatever.
We are established right here lo
East Jordan, and make this offer with
a full understanding that our business
succss ent irely depends upon the sort
of treat ment we accord our customers,
and we would not dare make the above
offer unless we were positively certain
that we could sudstantlate It In every
particular. Remember, you can obtain
Uexall Remedies In this community
onlv at our store The Uexall fctoro.
.The W. C. Spring Drug Co.
It Is Not Too Late
To Come In Now.
Our supply is complete of the well-known
Ideal Clothing Company's
Lot 81 1-2: Our Big Special Overall at $1.00
Donble Sliding Bucklo Suspenders H inches Wide Big Apron
Safety Spring Loops Sliding Cross Over Elastic Web lix6 inches
Combination Pocket Two-Button Openings Full Waist Measure
Lined Curved Pants Fly . Lined Buckle Straps and Heavy Bucklo
Suspender Buttonholes sewed in 3-ply heavy denim Match Pocket
Deep Swing Pockets Two Big Hip Pockets Reinforced Crotch
Extra Roomy Seat Two-Seam Legs Rule Pocket
Brass Buttons Big Legs, same width at shoe as at knee
The above is only one of the many thoroughly reliable things we are offering
. in Men's Clothing.
(Reg. U. S. Patent office) Positively the best serge
in the world for ladies' dresses and men's suits.
and shrunk. Guaranteed all wool. This
Suiting by the yard sells at $1.35 per yard, and in suiU at $16.50, to $18.00.
Oak Serge
Beautiful New Laces and Embroideries, Dress Goods and Trimmings,
Tne JNew season s rmi Arnviai.

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