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Vol. 16 ,
No. 4
i v A lllrlii lr
Round-Up Here
6 Next Week
Will Be Held Thursday and Fri
day at K. of P. Hall.
Complete Program On Fourth
Page of This hsue.
The annual Countv Farmer. Instl
tutc will be held at East Jordan next
Thursday arid Friday, Feb, lt -and
2nd. Mectfrig wl'l be held at the
Knights of Pytbtan's hall in Temple
Theatre Blck.;;The Woman's 'on
fjrcss will be held in aoother.ha'il on
Thursday afternoon.
On the fourth page of A this Issue
will be found the complete program,
Read it over and then come to these
tneptlng. They're worth your while
whether ijou area farmer or a city
Marriage Licenses
Issued for the week tndlng Jan.
Carl V. Howley, 25 Wilson Twp.
Hazel Reiths. 19 Wilsou Twp.
Charles E Ilusby, 27 Boyne City
Tearl VanCamp.24 Port Huron
RlchaVd'klout, 27 Boyne rity
Bcsslj E Stokes, 19 Boyne City
Joseph Bes. 24 ' Boyne City
Leona Bargy. 20 Boyne City
Peter Boss, 31 , East Jordan
Frank ie J. Detlaff. .Irt . East Jordan
t. S. Pay urn
County Clerk.
Clarence Darrow, a man who through
two or three local option campaigns
came to Michigan from Chicago as
the high-priced advocate of the brew
ers' association, will probably not per
form iuch service again. It Is declar
ed by the working men who paid him
that-' Darrow pocketed over $100,000 of
their hard earnings for posing as the
attorney of' the McNamaras, while all
the'time that this money was pouring
into bis hands lie. knew that the Mc
Namara brothers were guilty. Had
he either opejilv orsecretlv given tills
Information to the laboring men he
was pretending to represent It would
have, saved., them many hard earned
dollars. Clarence Darrow accepted
inohov for -service he knew lie "whs
not going .to perform. lie accepted
pay for preparing to ..defend the Mc
Namaras when he knew thdt tln-y
were as guilty as bloody crimes could
make them. And this same Clarence
D.-irrow accepted- money from the
brewerlesand wsabknsr InVMIchlgan
for'rriakl'rj speeches'.' In. their behalf
when he lyieWllTey too 'were stained
with the fclood'flf spores and hundreds
of tlieir VetlmTjd .w.eje the cause of
grief andmlsery tbrnapV. many thous
ands of olursta.teV'uoLbers and wives
and little children. .
; i . . -. . TV
fht (Unge. of Vision.-
Data have f.ben' gathered .In Ger.
many win .reference io- tne distance
at which persons .may he recognized
by their; faces and figures,, says tha
Scientific American. If one has good
eyes, the; Germans claim,: one cannot
recognize a person whom he has seen
but onc$ before at a' greater distance
than 25 meters (82 f,eet). If the per
son Is -well known to one, one may
recognize him at ' from 60 to" 100 me
ters, and" if it is a -member of one's
family,;; even at ll"50..j meters. The
whites Vof the eyes VicLay be .seen' at
from 2.7 to 28 "meteticiand the eyes
themselves at 72 to 73 meters. .' The
different parts of the body and the
slightest movements are distinguish
able a( 91 meters. .., The limbs show at
182 meters. At 540 meters a moving
man appears only as an indistinct
form, and at 720 meters, 2,361.6 feet,
the movements of the body are no
longer visible.
Proceedings of City Commission.
Specl il meeting of the Cltv Com
mission held at the City Hall, Mon
day evcnlngJan. 22,1912. Meet ing was
called to order bv Mayor pro tern Hud
son and adjournment was taken to
tht City Attorney's oftlce. Present,
Hudson nod Kenuy(i);, absent, Cleve
land (1).
Minutes of the four previous meetings
were read and approved.
On motion by Kenny, supported by
Hudson, tbe following bills were al
lowed and the Clerk instructed to
draw orders for the same:
John Nachazel, gravel and
cleaning water tank $4 25
H. W. Dlrken, Vance case
; and water rebate 3 &0
Standard Oil Co., cylinder oil. . . ,8 73.
Total $1048
The City Commission of the City of
East Jordan, having under consider
ation the matter of paving on Mill,
Main and Esterly streets In said City,
Commissioner Kenny offered the fol
lowing resolution and moved its adop
tion: Resolvtd, that this Commission
deems the paving of. Mill street from
tbe east rail of the East Jordan and
Southern Railroad track to the east
line of Third street; Main street from
the north line of Mill street to the
north line of Gai field street, and Es
terly street east from the east line of
Main street a distance of one hundred
seventy feet, more or less, to the east
line of alley and west from the west
line of Main street a distance of tt-n
feet, to be a necessary public improve
ment, as shown by the ptans. plats,
diagrams, specifications, profiles and
blue prints now on file with tbe
Clerk of this City, and intends
to establish a special assessment dis
trict therefor as shown by said
plans, plats, diagrams, specifications,
profiles aud blue-prints, and that said
special assessment be assessed and pay
evrnty-tive (75) per cent of the cost
of such Improvement (the City to pay
its just, proportion of the cost of In
tersections of streets and alleys and
benefits derived by parks and public
places), the same to be assessed upon
the lots, lands and premises abutting
such proposed Improvements; that the
Commission intends to establish a
special assessment district comprised
of the lots, lands .and premises, and
streets and alleys abutting upon such
proposed Improvements as shown by
the plats, plans,' diagrams, specifica
tions, profiles and blue-prints now on
file with said Clerk; that it intends
that said City shall pay twenty-five
(2f) per cent of the cost uf said Im
provements, together with Its Just
proportions of the cost of the Inter
section of the streets and alleys, and
of benefits to parks and public places.
Resolved further that this City
Commission meet on the thirteenth
day of February, A. D. 1912, at the
hour of seven o'clock p. m., at its reg
ular place of meeting In the ttecond
btory of the Hose 'House on Main
street, In said City for the purpose - of
hearing and considering any objec
tions .' to the proposed Imprbvement,
or the establishment of said special
assessment district, on the several
! amounts to be paid. The City.; Clerk
shall give notice of this meeting by
publication In the Charlevoix County
i Herald, a newspaper published and
i circulating in said City, ouce In each
I week,, for two successive wejks prior
to said time of meeting.
' Adopted by the Commission by aye
and niv vote on the twenty-second
d iy of January, A. D. 1912. Ayes,
Kenny and Hudson (2); nays, none'(O).
Moved by Kenny,' supported by
Hudson to adjourn. Carried.
Otis J. Smith.
'. City Clerk.
"What ire -you- grouchy about?"
asked; the young man who wears bis
hat oyer one eye.
'Tour manners " suggested Mr.
"But you told me. to make myself
at home in your . office
"Tree. And I was merely sympa
thizing with you. , I am sure that with
your aggressive style of speech and
yoor general lack of repose your home
life cannot be happy.
Empey Bros, are headquarters for
Comforters . They are selling a
08x78 inch Comforter, filled with cot
ton batten, for the low prlco of $1.15.
If you want anything In that line It
will pay you to look over their stock.
Art and Selenee.
"What a beautiful picture of an
angel! said the lady who was visit
ing the art gallery.
Tes,H replied the ' aviation en
thusiast; "but between you and me
thoe yflpgfl, P!?n!t practical.
Many in East Jordao are now using
the simple buckthorn bark and gly
cerine mixture known as tdler-i-ka
the new German Appendicitis rerue
dy. A SINGLE DOSE relieves con
stipatlon, sour stomach or gas on the
stomach almost INSTANTLY. Thli
simple mixture aotlsepttclzes the dt
gestlvc organs and draws off the Im
purifies and people are surprised how
QUICKLY It htlps. James Gldlcy
Couple of Boyne. City Men Must
Stand Trial.
Jesse Sweet, a lumber jack, ani
Jack VVyant, who runs a . second-hand
store, both of Boyne City, were ar
rested Tuesday at that place for
Illegally selling ,booze.,,
Wyant Is the proprietor of a, small
second-hand store, using this method
to cover up the Illegal sale, of the
booze," and was. caught red-handed
by sheriff Robblns. He was given hi
liberty by giving $500 security to ap
pear Monday for a hearing. Sweet Is
a lumber Jack, and was also caught In
the. act. of selling liquor. He was
given a hearing before Justice 'Ham
mond of that city, bound over until
the next term of court, and aken to
Charlevoix to await trial.
This Offer Should Be a Warning
to Every Man and Woman
The newspapers and medical Journ
als recently have had much to say re
lative to a famous millionaire's offer
of a million dollars for a new stomach.
This, great multi-millionaire was
too busy to worry about the condit ion
of his stomach. He allowed his dys
pepsia to run from bad to worse until
in the end it became Incurable.
His misfortune serves as a warning
to others.
Every one who suffers with dyspep
sia for a few years will glveevcrything
Iih owns for a new stomach.
Dyspepsia is commonly caused bv
an apnormal state of trie gastric juices
or bv lack of tone in the walls of the
stomach The result is that the
stomach loses its power digest food.
We are now able to supply certain
mbsing elements to help to restore
lathe gastric Juices their-digestive
power, mid to aid in making the
stomach strong and well.
We know that Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets arc a must dependable remedy
for disordered stomachs, indigestion,
and dyspepsia.
We want you to try them and will
return your moiiey If you are not
more than satisfied with the result.
Three sizes. 25 cents, 50 cents, and
$1.00. Remember, you can obtain
Rexall Remedies In this community
only at our store The Rexall Store.
The W, C. Spring Drug Co.
County Normal Notes
The Normal students attended the
Paieots Association Wednesday even
ing. The first number on the program
was a solo and chorus by the class.
Mrs. R..B Armstrong, Mrs. H. A.
Craig.ahd Mr A. F. Bridge also gave
talkson. topics of great luterest to
the citizens.
Li la Gray was absent Friday on ac
count of Illness.. .
Miss Hlmest received a letter frbrii
Miss Margaret Ryan, class of Mi9, who
Is teaching in a private family at Elk
hart, Ind. . She.qDjoyft her work very
much. ' ' '
The program, glve'n under th dlr
ections of Misses H I mes and Whiting,
at the Historical Society was greatly
appreciated. :'
Miss HI mes lecelved a chrd from
Miss Ethel Murray, class of 11, who
Is teaching near Clarion, stating that
she attended the Teachers' Institute
held at Boyne City last week, but
that she did not see any Charlevoix
students or teachers there.
The Normal class attended the Far
mers' Institute held at the court house
Saturday. They furnished part of
the music during the day but took a
more prominent part In the program
in the evening, their part consisted of
talks by the different members of the
class and muie. We feei the insti
tute was a great benefit to us from
the fact that we have a much differ
ent opinion of country life.
Folty Kidney Pills
always give satisfaction because they
always do the work. J. T. .Shelnut,
Bremen, Ga., says: 1 have used Foley
Krdney Pills with great satisfaction
and found more relief from their use
than from any other kidney medicine,
and I've tried almost all kinds. I can
cheerfully recommend them to all suf
ferers for kidney and bladder trouble."
II Ilea Drug Store.
Don't forget
We again hare a full line
of these Remedies.
Here are a few of the
REXALL "93" Hair Tonic
REXALL Orderlies
REXALL Dyspepsia Tablets
REXALL Grippe Pills
REXALL Cold Tablets
REXALL Rheumatic Rem-
J REXALL Kidney Remedy t
.REXALL Liver Salts j
J and scores oi others. J
Remember, these Remedies
are guaranteed and will
cost you nothing if they do
not benefit you.
Drug Co.
The Season for
Buckwheat Cakes
is here again. This years crop is of fine quality
and we are making the same old-fashioned Stone
Ground Absolutely Pure Flour. Don't let your
dealer substitute any of the mixed coin
pounds that the Pure Food Law still allows; in
sist on the PURE STONE GROUND its cheap
er in the end.
Made by the
at Mill B., East Jordan.
It will probably never be known
what the hand saw.
The Reid-Graff Plumbing Co.
We have opened a Plumbing Shop at
the former John Mortimer stand and re
spectfully solicit a share of your patronage.
Prompt Attention Given to Repair Work.
Phone No. 193-2 rings; residence, 193-3 rings.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
Is a reliable family medecine. Give
It to your children, and take it your
self when you feel a cold coming on.
It checks and cures coughs aud colds
and croup and prevents bronchitis and
pneumonia. Hites Drug Store.
Quality Merchandise
It is not only what we have it is what we have done for our trade.
AVe have been selling Quality Merchandise for many years and that
means that once a customer always a customer. He who buys the well-known
Born or Foremost Clothing keeps on buying the same kind. Reason why
The same is true of the Pingree Line of Shoei.
The same is true of the Rindge Everyday Shoes.
The same is true'of the Ideal Everyday Workingman's Clothing.
We have on hand a limited quantity of the real genuine
"S00" Pants and Jackets
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. Let your money buy the best goods.
Let Quality be your aim in buying.
Then you are sure of satisfaction.
First Arrivals of New Spring Goods
Are now being unpacked.
Call and see them.

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