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' hi u i r n i ill
Vol. 16
No. 28
V IN I It I IF i
ii r in
Ay. E, N. Clink Candidate for
Probate Judge
"VJjTe don't know whether It got
blown In. thrown In or was rolled
lu. or whether It wan placed there
carefully with serious deslKnn, .but
nevertheless there la one perfectly
jjood bat iu the probate judgeship
ri up belonging to At ty. E. N. Clink
frt this city. Elsewhere Is Mr. Clink's
announcement. The gentleman Is
one of the best k nitwit men In Charle
voix County and will have a strung
hacking at the primaries An?. 2?lh.
As will be seen lv the announce
ments published elsewhere. Judge
Ilnrrls would like to continue in
office and S. A- CorreW of Rat ion has
his hat iu the name ri ritf .
West Hammond is now enjoying
an unprecedented building bnom and
Whiskey Row Is in mourning." The
foregoing is the concluding sentence
in a special telegram from West Ham
mond, Indiana which tells of a thrill
ing crusade made-by a militant girl
reformer, Virginia Brooks, against
the vice and crime t hai had controlled
every feature of the city's life. Miss
Jirooks began her battle against the
criminal saloons and gambling dens
of West Hammond almost single
handed. Several time she was beat
en and piobbed. Her home was
burned, but she kept on. Her chief
victory came last May, about the same
time similar victories came to cv-ral
Michigan cities. When West Ham
mond became a city and elected a
clean and honest administration.
The same disreputable means and me
thods, were utilized agai.ist MUs
iirooks'at West Hommoud that have
been utilized in Indiana and elsewhere
against anti-saloon workers and the
victory which came to those who
made the brave contest for cleanliness
and righteousness in that Indiana
city is one that, will well repay all
that it cofet, just as is true of anti sa
loon victories everywhere, It is this
result there which gives especial
meaning' and value to the closing
lines of the opening sentence of this
paragraph, 'West Hammond is now
enjoying an unprecedented building
boom and Whiskey Kow is now In
mourning. "
County Finances "
Hal. on hand June 1st...... $27,000 00
Ilec'd from Delinquent taxes 588 17
Poor Fund '. 29o.5:t
Library Fund 07 M)
Mortgage Tax 113 50
Couuty Clerk costs in tho oase of
The )'eople vs Archie Bargy. 7.50
County Clerk costs in the cae of
The People vsf Clarence Perry 7.50
State of Michigan..,, 239.10
General Fund.! $1.600 07
Ixr Fund 1,178.84
Circuit Court Orders , , 25 00
Probate Court Orders , 83. G I
Library Fund 481.00
Mortgage Tax . 05.50
Curtis & Wylie, Manltou County
Judgment...; 3G0.O0
State of Michigan, for i ending
March 31st..; 061.72
JJaJ. on hand July 1st 23,527 52
28.373. 2
Dated at Charlevoix, Mich., July
Ptl), 1Q12.
Richard Lewis,
County Treasurer.
Advertised Letters, s
Advertised list week ending July
6, 1912.
Letters: Mrs. Howell Calam. L.
Hammond, Mrs. C. W. Harrington,
Miss Maude llorttjr, Bruce Qulcksall;
Mrs. Myrtle Roberts, Carl O. Thomp
pon, Mrs. Bessie Udell, Elder WlnHeld
Vat8on, A. Woolman.
State Becoming Important Be-
cause of Its Farm Crops. .
As late as 1800 the principal indus
try in Michigan was lumbering, and
till state was the gieatest lumber
producing section in America, Even
In iooo Michigan boasted more lum
ber camps and saw mills than any
other fatate, although it had become
second to Wisconsin In annual output
To-day, however, Michigan is seeking
fame through another industry. It is
forging ahead because of the activity
of it's people In an agricultural way.
Ten years ago third place for a few of
the farm products was the best show
ing that could be made, now Mich
igan holds one first place, two second
places, and several third places.
Just where another ten years will
bring it, is hard to tell, but this
much is certain, it will be well to
the front among the agricultural
In ten years Michigan has advanced
from fourth to first, place In the pro
duction of rye; from third to second
place for potatoes; from sixth to se
conil place for apples; from eighth to
third place for pears; from fifth to
third place for grapes: from sixth to
fourth place for cherrles.and from se
venth to fifth place for peaches.
Michigan's ranking among the
s'u'es for the production of the more
Importaut farm and orchard crops,ac
cording to the Hgures being Issued by
the census bureau, is as follows;
Rye Michigan ranks First.
Potatoes, Apples Second.
Buckwheat, Grapes, Pears Third,
Cherries Fourth.
Peaches Fifth.
Plums Eigth.
Oats Ninth.
Barley Eleventh.
Wheat Twelfth.
Hay and Forage Thirteenth.
Corn Fourteenth.
The meaning of the above figures Is
that not less than thirty.four states
produce less of each one of the above
mentioned crops than does Michigan.
Michigan stands fifteenth among
the states In the value of its farm
lands, sixteenth In the number of
farms; and It is eigthteenth In the
average per acre value of Its farm
Michigan Crop Report '
Lansing. Mich., July 0. 1012.
Wheat. At present the lndlca
tlons are that the wheat crop will
fall short of the 1004 returns, when
'-he yield of the IState was a . trifle
over 5,000,000 bushels. The average
estimated yield in the State and cen
tral counties mil, in the Southern
counties 0, In the Northern counties
13 and in the Upper Peninsula 22
bushels per acre.
The total number of bushels of
wheat marketed by farmers lu June
at "4 mills is 83,304 and at 78 ele
vators and to grain dealers 07,110, or
a total of 150,414 bushels.
Of this amount 124.004 bushels were
marketed in the southern four tiers of
counties, 22.005 lu the 'central coun
ties and 3,415 in the northern coun
ties and Upper Peniusuia, The esti
mated total number of bushels of
wheat marketed In eleven months,
August-June, Is 13,878,000.
Ninety-four mills, elevators and
grain dealers report no wheat market
ed In Juue.
RYK. The average estimated vield
of rye In the State, southern and cen
tral counties is 12, in the northern
counties 13 and in the Upper Penln
sola 20 bushels per aero.
CORN. The condition of corn in
the State and Southern countlos Is
08, In the central counties G3. In the
northern counties GO and in tne Upp
er Peninsula 00. One year ago the
condition of corn in the State was 02.
Buckwheat The acreage of buck
wheat sown or to be sown, as com
pared with last year Is 87 in the State
and central counties, 85 in the South
ern counties, 90 In the northern coun
ties and 88 In the Upper Peninsula.
Beans. The acerage of beans plant-
pd as compared with last far Is 102
in the State, 07 In the southern coun
ties. 103 In the central counties, 109
n the northern counties ann 105 In
the Upper Pen nsula. The condition
of beans, compared with an average
Is 86 In the State. 85 in the southern
and central counties, 89 In the north
ern counties and' 03 in the Upper
Potatoes. The condition of pota
toes in the State and southern coun
ties t?, ip the central counties 81,
In the northern counties 80 and In
the Upper Peninsula 104.
Scoai; Beets. The condition of
sujar beets is 82 In the State, 83 In
the southern counties, 70 in the cen
tral and northern counties and 100
in the Upper Peninsula,
Clover. The condition of clover
sown this year as compared with an
average is 00 In the State and south
ern counties. 04 in the rentral coun
ties, 87 In the northern oountles and
05 In the Upper Peninsula.
Hay and FquXoe. The acreage
of hay and forage that will bo har
vested as compared with last year Is
04 In the State and central counties.
03 In the southern counties, 02 In the
northern counties and OS In the Up
per Peninsula.
Peas. The acreage of peas sown
or to be sown, as compared with last
year Is 82 in the State, 89 In the
southern counties, 84 In the central
counties. 71 In the northern counties
and 83 In the Upper Peninsula.
FitUlT. The prospect for a crop of
peaches In the counties included In
the Michigan Fruit Belt Is as follows;
Allegan 15
Berrien... 20
Ionia 5
Kent 3
Ottawa 3
Van Buren 20
Muskegou 4
Newaygo . : 0
Oceana 18
Benzie '. 41
Leelanau 25
Manistee 47
Mason. 17
Average for Mich. Fruit llt 18
Average for Mich. Fruit Belt 1011. 84
The following table of percentage
gives the averages in regard to .Truit
in the State aud the different sec
tions. Prospect for Southern Nort hern
average crop State counties couuties
Apples 00 03 75
Peaches 11 10 24
Pears 37 37 30
Pi urns 40 45 57
Grapes 77 78 75
Raspberries 74 73 80
Fkedeujck C. Martindale,
Secretary of State.
New Market for Apples.
A market has been found iu Great
BrJtaln for 100 car loads of Western
Michigan apples, provided that quan
tity of fruit, that will grade number
ne or better, can be obtained this
fall. Join I. Gibson, the secretary of
the Western Michigan Development
Bureau, is returning from Liverpool
where he has secured full Information
regarding the demands of the British
apple market. It Is nut unlikely
that the Development Bureau will es
tablish a label for Western Michigan
fruit, adopt standards, and attempt
to supply the wants of the pooplo of
the British Isles.
Coming July 16th.
Tuesday July 10th., Is the day when
J. Leahy, the Optometrist, will be at
the Russell House, one day oily,
Glasses guaranteed to tit, curing head
ache y specialty.
Baltimore showed Chicago what a
real battle Is like.
RestauranU may come and restaur
ants may go, but the political pie
counter always has plenty of patrons.
Some women are hard to please,
They hardly get a weddinu gown be
fore they begin to look up material
for a divorce suit..
Dandruff and Every Form of
Scalp Disease Cured Quick by
It Is simply wonderful how Zemo
goes after dandruff. You rub a little
of It In with tips of the fingers. It
gets right down Into the glands, stim
ulates them, stops the itch, aud
makes the head feel line. No It isn't
stlckv! Zemo Is a flue, clear vanish
ing liquid. You don't have to even
wash your hands after using Zemo.
And what a wonder It I for eczema,
rash, pimples and all sKln afflictions.
A 25-cent trial buttle at W. C. Spring
Drugstore Is guaranteed to stop any
skin Irritation.
Zemo Is prepared by E. W. Rose
eilcine Co .. St. Louis, Mo., and Is
regularly sold by druggists at $1 a
bottle. But to prove what it will do
at trifling eipcnse, Zemo Is now put
up In 25-cent trial polc?.
Have You j
Seen This
If not, ask to sec it.
This is one of the great- t
est bargains ever offered in
Will shave like a $5.00 J
Razor. i
This offer is purely for
advertising purposes,
Ask to se it.
last, only 35c each t
Drug Co. I
A seltish man never realizes how
few friends he has until he linds hlm
self laid up fur repairs in a hospital.
How indignant It makes the wo
men of t he neighborhood when a man
kicks about the cost of his wife's fun
In these days of high cost of living.
a medicine that gets a man up out of
bed and able to work In a few days Is
a vapiabio and welcome remeoy.
John Heath, Michigan Bar, Cal., had
kidney and bladder trouble, was con
fined to his bed, unable to turn
without help. "I commenced using
Foley Kidney Pills and can truly say
I was relieved at once. M Ills ex
ample Is worth following. Hlte's
Drug Store.
I have Fruit Lands, Lake Shore
Farms, Improved Farms and City
property in all parts of Charlevolt
(bounty to sell or trade. Also farms
and business chances anywhere In
United States. Joel Joiinstok
Dr. C. D. Owens
East Jordan, July 13, 14, 15,
Dr. C. D. Owens extracted teeth
for a great number of people here last
winter and is going to return to take
Impressions for plates and bridge
Teeth will be extractod fillings or
crovvn work as before absolutely with-,
out any pain whatever, no drugs uspd
to produce unconciousness, no bad
after result as cocaine leases, or it
will cot you nothing.
No matter how large the teeth or
how bad a condition the mouth is in
nor how old or weak a person is there
is absolutely no danger nor no pain,
anci the gums heal more readily than
any other known method of extract
ing. If this was not. a fact he could
not return to the same town to do
business. There Is no other person us
Ing this method outside of the C. D.
Owens Inc. otllce in Grand Baplds,
this oftlec is located on on roe Ave.
opposite Herpolshlmers and is incorr
porated under the state law of Michi
gan where there arc five of the most
skilled dentists In the state operating
and using this Owcnsolar method.
NOTE. To business men. Dr. C.
D. Owens does not Interfere with the
local dentist for pooplo that go to him
never would have any dental work
done If thM method was not used.
Remember the date.
July 13, 11, 15th, Saturday,
Sunday, Monday, Russell.
Gamp Fir
of fee
open air ? You can smell it now. How do you like It.
Nero Coffee always has that same delicious taste,
When mother pours it, your old "cmp fire appetite'1'
But for coffee to be good, you must have the right kind. Nero is
a blend of pure coffee berries properly roasted and delivered
fresh. We are sure you will like it.
Royal Valley Coffees
are without that bitter taste that
burnt flavor that muddy color. They
are unusually strong and make richer
flavored coffee because they have so
much more of that natural rich coffee
oil. -r
Come in and buy a pound of our coffee and you will
want none better.
j-MnK S3igy.'Trraisr.garT- i
The season for Graham Pud
ding, Muffins and Gems
is here again. There is no food so well adapted
for use in the warm and hot months as that pre
pared from Graham Flour, if the Graham is the
real true-to-name kind as it contains the natural
phosphates of the grain. Our Graham is made
from native wheat, cleaned, re-cleaned, and
ground by one reduction on a French Bhur,
so that it contains all the natural elements of the
grain. It is far better than all the so-called
health foods and cuts down the high cost of
living. Ask your dealer for it and get tho
"Argo Coarse Graham."
I We "Meat"
who cares to meet us. And
;; success
ss in supplying the careful and particular part $
e community with the choicest Meats ever cut by M
K of the
$ petite. i ine Sugar- .
;t; Cured Mild Hams and Bacon, Fresh Sausages, etc,
I Milf ord & Schnelle f
g Phone No. 49 I
j:j East Jordan Planing Mills Co., jj
$ B. E. WAT HUMAN, Manager. !;!
t n ii m
best liked by all who
try them.
80c. 6Cc. 50c.
we are "meatingM with
a knife, Fresh Lamb $
and Mutton, Choice $
llib Roasts of Beef. $
Fresh Milk-Fed Veal
and Fine Legs and $
Loins of Fresh -Killed $
Pork. Steaks and
Chops that are fresh
and juicy, with that $
sweet flavor that al- $
ways tickles the ap- g
Custom Planing Mill, ft
Manufacturers pd Dctlcrt in V
Doors, Windows find Glass,
Siding, Ceiling and Flooring
Mouldings, Turned Work, jt;
and Scroll Sawing.

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