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Vol. 23
No. 3
- rr v x
s II I I
i .
Judge Corrcll
Makes Report
Annual Report of Probate Court
Work for the Year 1918.
i ' Th wftrlr nt th Prnhntf Hniirt for
the year 1918, in the county of Charle
voix, briefly told is as follows.
Number of testate estates begun,
eleven. Intestate estate estates twenty
five. Number of petitions filed praying
that the patient be admitted to the
Traverse City State Hospital for the
insane, fourteen. An order was made
admitting eleven of the patients to said
hospital, and an order dismissing the
petition in three of the cases. There
has been conveyed to the University
Hospital at Ann Arbor, for treatment,
under act 267, of the Public Acts of
1915, three adult persons, and to the
sume Hospital for treatment six child
ren under act 274 of Public Acts of 1913.
The only difference between the treat
ment of adults and children is that the
expense of children is borne by the
State and that of adults is paid by the
county in which the person resides.
Seven children have been adopted into
Charlevoix county homes during the
year. Seven guardians appointed for
minors. One person committed to the
Home for the Feeble Minded and Epi
lsptic at Lapeer, Michigan, and one
sent to The Farm Colony at Wahjamega,
Mich. Twenty-four estates have been
closed during the year, six of which
were subject to Inheritance Tax. The
total amount of said tax on the several
estates being $354. Gl.
T a .all atfantinn in tVo Vi o nrrn in
A uun ban auvuuvu iw " ""' fc
sentiment and practice in regard to
probating estates. I refer to the Deter
mination of Legal Heirs, sometimes
called "The Short method of probating
an estate." In the year 1913 there
was only four cases for determination
of heirs; in the year 1914 three and in
1918 ten cases in this court. The cases
in which this method was employed in
the year 1913 and 1914 were where the
narfips had died, ownint? real estate in
r '
the county, and leaving no debts or
obligations, and no steps were taken to
probate the estate at the time of death.
Later the heirs want to sell the real
estate, and that the purchaser may
know that he has a good title, or at
least has a deed of all parties claiming
an interest in the lands, a judicial
determination of the heirs is necessary.
In the year just closed this metnod of
probating was employed immediately
after the death of the owners, and in
cases involving a large amount of
nronertv. This was done bv the advice
I I n - "
of attorneys, which I do not think they
would have advised ten years ago. I
will say further this can be done only
in cases where there are no debt or
obligations outstanding against the
deceased, and the heirs or parties in
interest can agree.
Thirty children have been before this
court during the year. Fifteen of
either sex. Three girls have been
committed to the Industrial School at
Adrian, Mich., while no boys have been
sent to the Industrial school at Lansing
during. the same period. Nine depen
dent children have been committed to
the State Public School at Coldwater,
four of whom never reached there by
reason of their being found homes in
this county through the efforts of the
County Agent and friends interested
in their welfare. Four dependent and
neglected children have received
financial assistance by order of this
Judge of Probate.
Owner Thinks He rty a Orake,
Because He Swim After
He Crows
Rockland, Mass. Puke of Nonde
script, a combination of Keml -convertible,
land and water fowl,: owned by
James Law son, Jr., of this city, save
n exhibition of his versatility before
select crowd one afternoon this
Teek. Experta who have viewed the
lrd declare they are baffled a? to
I I I Ml... W A lliilra la A MViJlHli U'llll
VZb feet or a drake with a comb.
While amateur and professional
roultry fanciers are wranslinff over
the species of this strange looking
fowl, the Duke himself straUhtens .
o his full height and crows lustily ex
actly like every healthy rooster, then
settling down he start waddling to
ward the brook at the rear of his per.
and in he plunges for a swim.
Several times during the past fe
months Mr. Lawson says he has been
offered large sums of money for DukA
by show people, who are eager to put
chase him, but he refuses to sell.
Periodicals and Books That Will
Be Found at Our Library.
Following is the First Part of a list
of the books that are being ordered by
our Library Commission for East Jor
dan's Public Library. As it may be
some little time before a comprehen
sive catalogue can be compiled, we
suggest that all persons interested in
our library carefully preserve this list
for future reference.
The books ordered by our Library
Commission will be found in this and
next week's issue of The Herald.
Books to be turned over by the Public
School will be published upon compil
ation as will also a list of those donated.
First Part
World's Work.
Current Opinion.
North American Review.
Atlantic Monthly.
Scientific American.
Country Gentleman.
Association Men.
Official Organ of Y. W.
Red Cross Magazine.
Ladies' Home Journal.
American Motherhood.
Modern Priscilla.
American Cookery.
'Youth's Companion. N
American Boy.
Boy's Life.
Illustrated World.
Popular Science Monthly.
Little Folks. - - ..
St. Nicholas.
London Illustrated Weekly News.
Bird Lore.
Saturday Evening Post.
National Geographic Magazine.
Chicago Daily Tribune.
Nelson's Loose Leaf Encyclopaedia.
Webster's New International Dictionary
American Standard Bible.
Cruden's Bible Concordance.
Davis Dictionary of the Bible.
Brewer's Dictionary of Phrases and
Harper's Dictionary of Classical Refer
ences and Antiquities.
International Who's Who in the World.
Who's Who in America.
Barrow's Michigan Birds.
Reed Guides: Bird Flora Insect
Animal Life.
The World's Almanac.
Wagner's Manners and Customs.
Bartlett's Book o'r Quotations.
D. Appleton's Year Book.
Michigan Gazateer.
Robert's Rules of Order.
Galey's Classic Myths.
Etiquette - by Helen L. Roberts.
James Psychology.
James Talks to Teachers.
James Variety of Religious Experi
ences. Royce Worltl and the Individual.
Royce Sources of Religious Insight.
James Will to Believe.
Forbush Boy Problem.
Hyde Quest of the Best. .
Coe Psychology of Religion.
Dawson The Empire of Love.
Kent& Jenks The Testing of a Na
tion's Ideals.
Stelze Christianity's Storm Centre.
Hillis The Investment of Influence.
Peake Christianity It's Nature and
Driver Introduction to Old Testament.
Fosdick Meaning of Prayer.
Geo. Adam Smith Isaiah.
" " " The Twelve Pro
phets. Bigbee Twice Born Men.
Life of John G. Paton. .
Clarke Sixty Years with the Bible.
Stalker Life of Christ.
Stalker Life of Paul.
Peabody Your Child and the Social
Ramsey St. Paul the Traveller.
VanDyke The Gospel for an Age of
Atthern The Church School.
Barton Young Man's Jesus.
Gardner History of Christianity.
Hodge's Training of Children in Religion.
King Talks to Sunday School Teachers
Lawrence Sunday School Organized
for Service.
St. John Child Nature and Child
Slattery The Girl in her Teens.
Haworth America in Ferment.
Antin They Who Knock at Our Gates.
Carleton New Lives for Old.
An tip -The Promised Land.
Ha Book of Hospitaity for Town and
, C Untry.
Kellor Out of Work.
Harper Uncle Sam's Business Told for
Young Americans.
Chesley Social Activities for Men and
Lippincott Book of Sports and Past
times. Well's Rainy Day Diversions.
Bond Scientific American Boy.
Nugent New Games and Amusements.
White The Child's Rainy Day Book.
Beard Handicraft and Recreation for
Girls. '
Benson Book of Indoor Games.
St. Nicholas Book of Plays and Oper
ettas What a Young Boy Should Know.
What a Young Girl Should Know.
What a Young Woman Should Know.
What a Married Man Should Know.
What a Married Woman should Know.
What a Woman of Forty-five Should
Biography Life of Helen Keller.
B. T. Washington Up from Slavery.
Marden Making Life Count.
Steiner On the Trail of the Immigrant.
Within the Law.
Zangwell The Melting Pot. '
The Frontier.
Tolstoi Resurrection.
Woodrow Wilson New Freedom.
Marden Choosing a Career.
LaSelle & Wiley Vocations for Girls.
Jacob Riis Making of an American.
Parsons Choosing a Vocation.
Freeman & Chandler World's Com
mercial Products.
Jane Andrews Stories Mother Nature
Told her Children.
M. E. Burt-Little Nature Studies for
Little People.
Hardy Sea-Stories for Wonder Eyes.
Martin Friendly Stars.
Clarke A. B. C. of Electrical Experi
ments. Jenks Electricity for Young People.
St. John How Two Boys Made Their
Own Electrical Apparatus.
Darwin's Origin of Species.
Bird Stories from Borroughs.
Borroughs Birds, Bees, Sharp Eyes,
and other Papers.
Seton's Lives of the Hunted.
Gulick Efficient Life.
Holt Care and Feeding of Children.
Hutchinson Preventable Diseases.
Bos Book of New Inventions.
Hornaday American Natural History.
Ernest Thompson Seton Wild Animals
I Have Known.
Chas. Robert Children of the Wild.
Popular Mechanics How to Make
Mission Furniture.
Hodgson Easy Lessons in Wood-earring.
Walter Camp How to Play Football.
Base Ball-How to Play It By World's
Greatest Players.
Victor Book of Opera.
Victor How to Know the Opera.
Hillis Great Books as Life's Teachers.
Wm. Winter Chronicles and Memories
of the Stage.
Life of Alice Freeman Palmer-Palmer.
Conwell Acres of Dimonds.
Andrews Perfect Tribute.
Andrews The Three Things.
Van Dyke The Other Wise Man.
Hillis The Quest of Happiness.
Hubbard Message to Garcia.
Hale Man Without a Country.
Andrews Courage of the Common
Ganett Faces and Their Making.
Ganett He Took It Upon Himself.
Hubbard Get Out or Get In Ltne.
Hubbard How I Found My Brother.
Green The Blind Brother.
Jordan The Kingship of Self-Control.
Nixon Waterman Girl Wanted.
Nixon Waterman Boy Wanted.
W. H. Greggs Use of the Margin.
Beverage Young Man and the World.
Lorimer Letters from a Self-Made
Merchant to His Son.
Tennyson Cambridge Edition.
Lowell Cambridge Edition.
Eugene Field Complete Scribner's.
Riley's Rhymes of Childhood.
Poems of Van Dyke Complete Scrib
ner's. Poems of John G. Saxe.
Macauley Lays of Ancient Rome.
Robert W. Service Rhymes of a Red
Cross Man.
Foss Volume containing House by the
Side of the Road.
Shakespeare (Temple Classics) Win
ter's Tale, Othello, Taming of the
Shrew, Macbeth, All's Well that Ends
Well, Timon of Athens, Much Ado
About Nothing, Merry Wives of
Windsor, King Lear, As You Like It,
Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo
and Juliet.
Shaw - Outlook for the Average Man.
B. T. Washington - Character Building.
Fannie Crosby's Life Story by Herself.
Torbells Lincoln.
Shore's Life of Lincoln.
Owen Wister's Seven Ages of Wash
ington. Abbott - Daniel Boone, Pioneer of
Grenfield - Adrift on an Ice Pan.
Steiner - Tolstoi.
Faris Winning their Way.
Hawthorne - Grandfather's Chair and
Biographical Stories.
Indian Stories Retold from St. Nicholas
Bunyan - Pilgrim's Progress.
Swift - Gulliver's Travels.
Defoe Robinson Crusoe.
Gaskell - Cranford.
Kingsley - Westward Ho'
Hereward the Wake.
Reade - The Cloister and the Hearth.
Blackmore Lorna Doone.
Hugh's Tom Brown's Schooldays.
Kipling Kim.
Captains Courageous.
Jungle Books.
Wister - Virginian.
Cable Old Creole Days.
Short Stories by Bret - Hart, Aldrich,
Page, Hale, Barrie.
Boswell Selections from the Life of
Irving Life of Goldsmith (Students'
Lamb Essays of Elia.
Lockhart Life of Scott.
Macaulay - Lord Olive six copies.
- Warren Hastings, and other
Trevelyan Selections from the Life of
Collection of Letters " by Standard
Odyssey - Standard Translation Six
Aenied - Standard Translation Six
Scott Quentin Durward Six copies.
Dicken's Tale of Two Cities - Student's
Grace II) Six copies.
Parkman Oregon Trail - Six copies.
Tennyson - Coming of Arthur" and
' other Idylls - Six copies.
Coleridge - Ancient Mariner - Six copies
Macaulay - Life of Johnson - Six copies
Goldsmith - Vicar of Wakefield - Six
Palgrave's Golden Treasury Six
Morgenthau Years in Constantinople.
Green's Shorter History of England.
Bryce - South America.
Bagley & Beard School History of the
United States. ,
Bryce The Decline and Fall of the
Holy Roman Empire.
Nietzche - Quintescence of.
Josephus History of the Jewish Peo
ple. Bernhardi - Germany in the Next War.
Prescott Conquest of Mexico.
Henry Stephen Pictorial Argentina
(Knickerbocker Press.)
Owen Wister - Pentacost of Calamity.
Hagedorn You are the Hope of the
Gustavus Ohlinger - Their True Faith
and Allegiance.
Noyes - The Wine Press.
Schurman - The Balkan Wars (1912-13.)
H. G. Wells - The World Set Free.
Shaler Matthews - French Revolution.
Hazen Modern European History.
Bangs Houseboat on the Styx.
Pursuit of the Houseboat.
Guy de Maupassant.
Wallace - Fair God.
Hoosier Schoolmaster.
H. G. Wetls Joan & Peter.
Mark Twain - Tom Sawyer.
- Joan of Arc.
Mr. Brittling Sees It Thru.
Private Peat.
White A Certain Rich Man.
Duncan Higgins.
Conor Corporal Cameron.
- Prospector.
- Doctor.
Man from Glengary.
Hope - Prisoner of Zenda.
Rupert of Henston.
The Diary of a Bride.
Cobb Speaking of Operations.
Ctine - The Christian.
Hugo - Lei Miserables.
Cooper Leather Stocking Tales.
Tom Brown's School Days.
Tom Brown at Rugby.
Stowe - Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr; Hyde.
Stevenson - Treasure Island.
Elliot - Adam Bede.
Ramola. .
Doyle Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Return of Sherlock Holmes.
Dickens David Copperfield.
Dumas -Three Musketeers.
- Count of Monto Crristo.
The Glory of the Pines.
Twenty Thousand Leagues.
White - Daddy Long Legs.
Stories of Rocks and Minerals for the
Grammar Grades - Fairbanks.
Harrington - About the Weather.
Kelly Boy Mineral Collectors.
Rogers - Earth and Sky Every Child
Should Know.
Thompson - Water Wonders Every
Child Should Know.
Duncan - Mary's Garden and How it
Fultz Flyaways and other Seed Tra
velers. Gibson - Blossom Hosts and Seed In
sects. Hale - Flowerless Plants: Ferns, sea
weeds, mushrooms, mosses, lichens.
Keeler Our Native Trees.
Sargent Corn Plants.
Stack- Wild Flowers Every Child
Should Know.
Baskett Story of the Fishes.
Beard Curious Homes and Their
Brearly Animal Secrets Told.
Morley Bee People.
Wright - The Grizzly Bear.
Brown - Rab and His Friends.
Carter - Bear Stories .Retold from St.
Cat Stories Retold from St.
- Lion and Tiger Stories Retold
from St. Nicholas.
- Panther Stories Retold from St.
Stories of Brave Dogs Retold from St.
Nicholas. Carter.
Kipling -Jungle Book.
Olivant - Bob. Son of Battle.
Saunders Beautiful Joe.
Seton Krag and Johnny Bear.
- Lobo, Rag and Vixen.
Wild Animals I Have Known.
Blanchan - How to Attract Birds.
Adams Harper's Indoor Book for Boys
Harper's Machinery Book for
Allen - Industrial Studies United States
Baker Boy's Book of Inventions.
Boy's Second Book of Inven
tions. Beard Boat Building and Boating.
Beard, Lina, and A. B. Beard Little
Folks' Handy Book.
-Things Worth Doing and How
to Do Them.
Bond - Scientific American Boy at
Bradish - Stories of Country Life.
Brown-Health in Home and Town.
Burns Stories of Great Inventions.
Burrell - A Little Cook Book for a
Little Girl.
- Saturday Mornings.
Camp Fire Girls - Camp Fire Girls of
America. (Doubleday.)
Carpenter - How the World is Clothed.
- How the World is Fed.
How the World is Housed.
Carpenter F. 0. Food and Their Uses.
Chamberlain - How We Are Sheltered.
Clarke Boy's Book of Modern Marvels
Collins Boy's Book of Model Aero
-The Second Boy's Book of
Model Aeroplanes.'
- The Wireless Man. ;
Doubleday, Russell - Stories' of Inven
Formata Stories of Useful Inventions.
Fryer - The Mary-Frances Cook Book.
Hartley How to Grow an Acre of Corn
Hopkins - Home Mechanics for Ama
Johnson When Mother Lets Us Cook.
Kelley - Three Hundred Things a
Bright Girl Can Do.
Kilbon Elementary Woodwork- or
Carpentry for Boys.
Lane Industries of Today.
Lane Triumphs of Science.
Nida Elementery Agriculture.
Ralston When Mother Lets Us Sew.
Roth - First Book of Forestry.
Sanford Art Crafts for Beginners.
Williams, Archibald How It Works.
Jenks, Tudor - Photography for Young
Mackay, C. D. - Patriotic Plays and
Pageants for Young People.
Bacon - Pictures That Every Child
Should Know.
Bacon - Songs that Every Child Should
Cady - Picture Stories from Great Ar
tists. Conway A. E. and Sir Martin Child
ren's Book of Art.
Cyr Story of Three Great Artists.
Home and Scoby Stories of Three
Great Artists.
Hurll - Riverside Art Series.
Neidlinger Small Songs for Small
Powers Stories of Famous Pictures.
Quinn - The Art Reader.
Riley and Gaunor Songs of the Child
Scoby and Home Stories of Great
Mabie Famous Stories Every Child
Should Know.
Norton - Heart "of Oak Books Seven
Riis - Children of the Tenements.
Sneath, E. II. and Others - Golden
Rule Series (Six volumes.)
Alcott Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag.
- Jo's Boys.
- Little Men.
- Little Women.
- Old Fashioned Girl.
Alden New Robinson Crusoe.
Aldrich Story of a Bad Boy.
Baldwin - Fifty Famous People.
(Concluded Next Week)
School Commissioner's
Maj L. Stewart, Commissioner
Central Normal is responsible for the
following creed:
That organism which . dislikes
change is ill. That organism which re
sists change is dying. That organism
which does not change is dead."
Attendance reports indicate that the
flu is again raging in Bay township, in
parts of Melrose and in the village of
Pleasant Valley-is holding six'1 and
one half hours work daily to make up
time lost in flu vacation.
Miss Cary writes that she is pleased
with the new Progressive Road to
Reading books which she has received.
Burgess held the county record in
the number of new songs learned this
year, and in actual industry for the
Yule tide. They had lost no. actual
time for the flu. ,
The Easton- School board has pur
chased an organ for the school as this
year's "growth for the organism." '
Miss Grace Howard has accepted the
offer made to her in the. Brintnall: dis
trict. Miss Murphy could not return
due to changes made at home from
In order to release Miss Howard for
the offer given her, Miss Schneider re
turned to Ironton a little earlier than
she fiad expected, reporting that her
mother was enough stronger so that -she
could .manage the change.
Mrs. Lila Skornia has accepted the
Howard school near Boyne Falls, where
Miss Berry had taught during the Jirst
term. Miss Berry has returned to
One worried school officer wrote:
"Please we want a teacher with the
Standard School work coming finely.
Promises of five hoping to be ready in
March to receive their plates. Details
No other changes were made during
the holidays and we consider this an
unusually good record. The number
of changes usually required has been
from five to eight. Our changes ' this
year came in October and November
and were thrust upon us. All are
cared for and every school going.
The questions of the eighth grade ex
amination in May 1919 will be based on
"Columbus" by Joaquin Miller.
The Supt. of Public Instruction is
preparing bulletins containing a study
of this poem, but they will not be -
ready until the first of March. Then
they will be sent to the Com'rof Schools
only and by her sent to schools having
eighth grade classes. Until March
other classics should be studied.
Please do not ask for the Bulletins on
Columbus before the middle of March.
They will de distributed as soon as
they are received from Lansing.
The County Wide Branch of the
Junior Red Cross turned over to the
County Chapter $182 during the Xmas
Roll Call. Therebv thev also Disced a
subscription to the Red Cross Magazine v
for every rural school, for Boyne Falls,
and St. James, including every school
in their jurisdiction. The Branch Com
mittee also purchased for every school
enrolled a copy of Studebaker's "Our
Country's Call to Service."
The final W. S. S. report of the
schools of Charlevoix - County to the
State Department is as follows:
Boyne City owned by pupils $360.00
Boyne City total sold by pupils 353.00
Total $713.00
Charlevoix owned by pupils $2111.75
(Stamps sold not recorded.)
East Jordan owned by pupils $1452.12
E. Jordan total sold by pupils 489.45
Total $1940.57
Rural Schools, Boyne Falls, and St.
James, total owned & sold $1120.25
Total sold in County thru schools as
agencies $5885.57.

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