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Temple Theatre
From June 28th to July 4th.
MONDAY, June 28th.
Qeorge Walsh in "The Shark." The
story ol Luck, Lure and Love."
10c and 20c
- Kenneth Harlan in "The Trembling
Hour." A real story with a real cast.
10c and 20c .
Hoot Gibson in "The Sheriffs Oath."
Adam and Eve Al a Mode" Comedy
and Screen Magazine.
10c and 20c
E. K. Lincoln in "Virtuous Men."
The great melodrama of the year.
10c and 20c
W-J Vonnalv in 'fllir TJttle Wife.'
A refreshing comedy with a sweet
10c and 20c '
Jack Dempsy, Champion of the World
in "Dare Devil Jack.1' Mutt & Jeff.
News Weekly, onuo rouaru vajiucuj.
10c and juc
SUNDAY. July 4th.
Constance Binney in "The Stolen
Kiss." From the book, "Little Miss
10c and 20c
Fatty Arbuckle, Tuesday July 5th.
Not all dictionaries contain th
word Mshun-plke," but It was In com
mon use In this country a century age
and throws an amusing, light on th
character of some of our thrifty an
cestors. A "shun-pike was a short
byroad that left a turnpike on one sld
of a tollgute and Joined It again on
the other. Youth's Companion.
Origin of "Carpetbagger."
"Carpetbagger" was the description
originally applied to a needy political
adventurer who wandered over the
country pandering to the prejudices of
the'lgnorant In order to try to get Into
office. " lie was so called because he
was regarded as having only enough
property to fill a carpet bag.
' "Venerable Bede."
. The .Venerable Bgde or Beda was a
Saxon churchman of deep piety and
great classical learning. He was born
about the year 072. at Jarrow In Per
tain, England, near the mouth of the
Tyne. He died In June. 735. Just at
he had completed a translation lntc
Saxon of St. John's Gospel. His chlel
original work Is his "History of tht
Anglo-Saxon Church," written In La
Notices of Lost, Wanted, For Sale,
For Rent, etc., in this Column is 25
cents fofone insertion for 25 words or
less. Initials count as one word and
compound words count as two words.
Above this number of words a charge
of one cent a word will be made for
the first insertion and one-half cent for
subsequent insertions, with a mimimum
charge of 15 cents.
fer modern equipment. Please phone
Herald office or address E. PROC
TOR, East Jordan. 26x.
Lost and Found
t FOUND One pair Bay Horses. Owner
can have same by paying for this
-notice and expense of feeding horses.
ELMER LaVANWAY, East Jordan,
Mich., R. F. D. 3. 26-3.
For Sale Real Estate
FOR SALE My residence corner Third
and Garfield Sts. Price 13000. D. H.
FITCH, Harrison Block, Muskegon
Heights. 24-6
FOR SALE Eight acres of land with
good house and barn and other out
uildings in good condition. Water
at door. Orchard bearing a good
place for growing small fruit Finest
view in town of the lake and city.
Property is in city limits 'only 3 or 4
blocks from good sidewalk. For price
and terms call at residence. JACOB
QUICK. 20-8
For- Sale Miscellaneous
FOR SALE One good Holstein Cow.
Inquire of EUGENE FULLER, or
phone 83. , 26-2.
TOMATO PLANTSMor Sale. 10c per
dozen. S. STAFFORD, Nettleton's
Corners, East Jordan. 2Gx.
FOR SALE Three Good Milch Cows.
FRED HANEY, East Jordan, Mich.,
R. F. D. 4. 26x3
For Sale Used Mowing Machine in
good shape, one heavy wagon and a
Work Harness. J.J.VOTRUBA. 26x2
EDISON AMBEROLA Cottage style,
together with 104 blue amberola 4
minute records. Will be sold cheap.
MRS. MORRIS GEE, near West Side
school house, East Jordan, R. 1. 24x4
Bring Your Laundry Work to Monroe's
Segar Store. Agency for Petoskey
Laundry. 13
8 1
G. A. LISK, Publisher
Subscription Rate, $1.60 per year.
rntAPAri .t the Doatofflce at East Jordan
Michigan, as second das mall matter.
Briefs of
The Week
Miss Nora Markee of Wolverine is
guest of Mrs. Glenn Burton.
Mrs. G. W. Kitsman and children
returned Tuesday from a visit at Stan
dish. W. S. Blanshan and family have
moved to Boyne City, where they will
make their home.
Mrs. L. L. Dubber and children of
Detroit are visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mr. George Hager.
Misses Mae' McDermaid and Irma
Graven of Frederic were here first of
the week visiting friends.
First Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. M. E. Hoyt, Pastor.
Sunday, Jane 27th, 1920.
10:30 a. m. Annual Children's Day
Program. Something out of the usual
will be given this year in addition to
the songs and recitations of the little
people! One of Tullar Meredith's
Productions. "The Sky-Bird" will be
rendered. It consists of a human in
terest story interspersed with lively
choruses and solos and duets. Mrs.
Sherman Conway has charge of the
decorations. Everybody welcome.
Baptism of Infants will follow the pro
gram. -w-
3.-00 p. m. Junior Church.
7:30 p. m. Paster will give a short
summer evening sermon on "The
World's Eternal Summer."
Sunday evening, July 4th, we will
inaugurate our union summer services
in this church. Rev John Duncan will
give a stirring address on "Psendo
Patriotism." Special music.
Presbyterian Church Notes.
Rev. John Duncan, Pastor
Sunday, June27thj 1920..
10:30 a. m. Caesar's Saints."
10:45 Sunday School.
10:45 a. m. Every Man's Bible Class.
Subject "Rise of the New Idealism."
F. L. Bretz.
6:30 p. m. The young people have
adjourned their Society until Sept.
7:30 p. m. "The Greatest Reception
Ever Held."
St. Joseph's Church.
G. Bierens, Pastor.
Masses on 1st and 3rd Sunday of each
month at 8:00 and High Mass at 10:30.
Mass on 2nd Sunday of each month
at 8:00 o'clock.
High Mass on 4th Sunday, of each
month at 10:30.
On 5th Sundays Masses at 8:00 and
Masses on Holy days and Devotions
will be announced.
St. John's Church.
Bohemian Settlement.
High Mass on 2nd Sunday of each
month at 10:30.
High Mass on 4th Sunday of each
month at 8:00 o'clock.
Church of God.
P. M. Burgess, Pastor.
Services as follows:
(Eastern Standard Time.)
Sunday, June 27th, 1920.
10:00 a. m.-Sunday School.
11:00 a. m. Preaching - Service
7:30 p. m. Preaching Service
Prayer meettng at the Chapel every
Tuesday evening at 8:00 o'clock. "
Welcome to our services.
Latter Day Saints Church. -L.
Dudley, Pastor.
Sunday, June 27th, 1920.
10:00 a. m. Sunday School.
11:00 a. m. Prayer Meeting.
7:30 p. m. Preaching. Subject,
"Church. In the Wilderness and Out
Again." -Wednesday
7.00 p. m. Prayer Meeting.
7.-00 p. m. Religo.'
Peart Always Prized Ornament
Through all recorded time the pearl
has been the favorite ornament of
royalty and beauty.. Pearls were
prized In the Jewel caskets of Egypt's
Ptolemy s, and the first Jewel men
tloned In the most ancient decipher
able writing, was the pearl.
For Somnolent Smokers,
A cigar held Between the second
and third fingers, above the second
Joints, will not drop from the smok
era hand If he falls asleep. New
York Sun. - .
Canada's First ChrlrtlaiV Marriage.
The first marriage solemnized In
Canada was the marriage of Etlenne
Coullllard and Anne Hebert, at Que
bec city In 1617, nine years after the
founding of the city by Champlaln.
Traffic in Food Becomes Daily In
creasing Scandal in ,
the City.
White Flour 100 Crowns a Kilo and
Beef 80 Crowns a Pound Cut-tom-Made
Clothes and Shoes
Quoted In Foreign Money.
Vienna. Smuggling of food and
other necessities or luxuries becomes
a dally Increasing scandal in this hun
gry city. .
As the crown approaches the disap
pearing point In value, the operations
of these illicit 'left-hand" tradera
becomelsolder and more extensive. It
Is an old story now that anything can
be bought for a price In Vienna. The
only new phase Is that "the price goes
op dally.
While the city finds It difficult to sup
ply the bread ration of a loaf of coarse
black stnff, the components of which
It would take a chemical analysis- to
determine, at nearly double the price
of early autumn, white flour can be
bought "by the left hand'!, at about
100 crowns the kilo (2.20 pounds).,
Sugar Almost Prohibitive.
American and Argentine tinned
corned beef can be had, but delivered
to one's room It costs about 80 or
00 crowns the pound. White loaf
sugar from CKecbo-SJovakla la avail
able at a price that means about one
week's wage of the average office man
or woman for a kilo.
. Venison, mutton chops, gopse, duck;
and other meats are here, but they
represent three figures of crowns for
one portion In restaurants. Seventy
thousand perspps fought for 50,000
pounds of salt meat in ft market sale
the other day.
For such things as shoes to order,
tailored clothing and similar things
the price la no longer quoted In
crowns. The dealers charge In dol
lara, pounds sterling or francs, al
though this Is Illegal. n' They say they
must pay In foreign money for mate
rials and cannot sell In crowns. The
correspondent bought a suit In Oc
tober for 2,200 crowns. This week the
same tailor asked the equivalent of
0,000 crowns In pounds sterling.
Remove Price Marks. .
In th shops price marks have been
removed from articles. The whole re
tall trade Is trying to adjust prices to
foreign exchange, and that fluctuates
so rapidly that each sale Is calculated
on the day's quotation from Zurich
(the Swiss franc rate governs local
When the passenger trabi service
inrougnoui me country was suspenaea
vfor teidays the bills of fare In the
restaurants and hotels furnished evl
dence of the extent of the smuggling
business. Not only did most meats dls
appear, as well as green salads, but the
prices went up correspondingly. Motor
cars are scarce and gasoline Is gov
ernment controlled, so even., the ac
complished and resourceful smuggler
finds himself at a loss.
In the queues that formed In front
of ticket offices when train service re
sumed It Is said that by far the larg
est proportion of applicants were
smugglers anxious to reach the prov
inces and obtain the top prices for
fresh food supplies. How they evado
the food control permits at provincial
borders is not explained. Only there
remains the evident fact that they , do.
Eats at Much as Ten Persons; Poet
la Also Very Fond of t
Flume. Innumerable peculiarities
constitute the temperament of Oa
brlele d'Annunzlo. He Is superstitious
to the core, and will never sit down
to an ordinary meal unless there are
11 at table. He is fastidious In his
choice of foods and will drink only a
special. kind of Rhine wine. '
His favorite dish is scampi, a small
crabflsh, found only In the Quarnero.
The flsh resembles in color the Ameri
can shrimp, but is much larger, and
has a taste milder than lobster, ap
proximating the crab, but considerably
more toothsome. t . "
Besides his paTtlallty for scampi,
Lieut. Col. d'Annunzlo is a lover of Ice
cream. He sometimes divides a large
cake of it intended for the whole
table Into halves. He takes one entire
half himself, then gives the other half
to the remaining 10 at the table.
Steam Shovel Used to Scoop ;
Drowning Man From River
David Elklns of Columbus, O.,
a watchman employed to patrol .
the river bank, was saved from
drowning when another watch-,
man lowered a steam shovel Into
the river and scooped Elklns
from 12 feet of water.
Elklns had slipped on the bank '
' and fallen GO feet into the river,
fracturing a leg. Elklns com
panion lowered the shovel Into
the river where he saw bubbles
rising and saved the drowning
V " . n-IK.rvtV' IT QmiVlH UJI
Unless he's just naturally fat and
good-natured, the man who slaps you
on the back wants something.
Court for the County of Charlevoix
In the Matter of the Estate of Mary
Brown Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that four
months from the 7th day of June, A. D,
J920, have been allowed for creditors
to present their claims against said de
ceased to said court for examination
and adjustment, and that all creditors
of said deceased are required to pre
sent their claims to said court, at the
probate office, in the city of Charlevoix
in said county, on or before the 15th
day of October A. D. 1920, and that
said claims will be heard by said court
on Friday the 15th day of October
A. P. 1020, at ten o'clock in the
forenoon. ' v
Dated June 7th A. D. 1920.
Servetus A. Correll.
Judge of Probate.
And I am goinp to be in this paper and
tell you WHO to buy from and WHERE,
WHAT and WHEN to buy what you need.
When I am in this paper you MUST SEE
My aim is to make this space VALU
ABLE to you and to the firm for which Pm
going to work.
Truly yours,
1VS. I'm going to work for the .
Aro Milling Co
For Quick Returns Use
The Herald's Classified Column

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