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Senate Delay Vote on House Resold
tlon Setting June 8 As Ad
journment Date.
Lansing. In a second message to
the special session of the legislature,
Governor Groesbeck has presented 20
additional subjects for consideration,
this bringing the total of issues which
may bo discussed to 57. It is doubt
ful whether adjournment will be taken
this week although the house has
passed a resolution setting June 8 as
adjournment date. This will likely bo
held up in tho senate committee until
Jtho important measures have been
acted upon.
Differences on the Dacey-Strom sol
diers' bonus bill have delayed pas
sage of the measure, for which the
extra session was primarily called.
The house passed it in amended form
which provides that only one third of
the $30,000000 bond issue necessary
for payment of tho bonus run 30 years,
another third 20 years ,and the bal
ance only ten years. This would save
the state $15,000,000 in interest, it
was claimed in tho house. It would
mean though the reprinting of the
bonds and a delay In payment of the
The Governor in his second message
stated, "It is imperative the bonus
money be available July 1, and any
thing which jeopardizes this plan
should be avoided. He also took the
stand that the belief that the short
term bonds would save the state in
terest money was unfounded, and act
ing on these instructions, it is pos
sible that an early agreement between
the two houses will be reached.
Most of the additional subjects men
tioned in the governor's second mes
sage were submitted in bills and res
olutions: The governor ask3 for
Additional appropriation for the
Michigan Soldiers' home, creation of
a Michigan-Wisconsin boundary com
mission, appropriations for the Ionia
State hospital, Mackinaw Island Park
commission, Michigan College of
Mines, $90,000 for new cell block at
Murmipftp. Kiinn1pmont.il deficiency
bill, additional appropriations for de
partments and institutions.
Legislation requested by members
i-,f the legislature is:
Jf rcofTuiriHnn nf railroad crossings.
construction and maintenance of
drains, appointment and duties of
county agents, corrections of errors in
several enrolled acts of the regular
session, and banking laws.
Oklahoma City Placed Under Martial
Law by Governor.
Tulsa, Okla. Hace riots here last
week resulted in the death of about
100 persons, Including nine whites,
and in the destruction of 10 blocks of
homes in the Negro quarter. The city
was placed under martial law by the
governor but even then desultory fir
ing continued for some time.
The trouble is declared to have
started from the arrest of a Negro
charged with attacking an orphan
white girl, and subsequent attempts
of other Negroes to rescue the arrest
ed man.
Decrease in Deaths From 4.71
to 3.23 Per Thousand
Since Year 1911.
Substantial reduction of the death
and injury rate in coal and - metal
mines of tho country is shown in u
statement reviewing the safety work
performed by the bureau of mines
since Its establishment In 11)10, made
by Dr. II. Foster Bain, acting direc
tor. From u rate In 11)11 of 4.71
deaths for each 1,000 men employed,
there has been an almost -unbroken
decline to a rate of li.'Si per 1.000 In
11)10, the statement said.
It was the occurrence of a series of
disastrous coal-mine explosions, at
tended by heavy losses,' of life, that
caused congress to create the bureau
of mines. In 1011 there occurred 15
major coal mine accidents, causing
ll.'l deaths, or 15.5 per cent of the to
tal number of men killed by all causes
at coal mines during the year. In 10-0,
eight similar accidents caused 01
deaths, or only -.7 per cent of the to
tal from all causes. For the interven
ing years, the statement said that a
general Improvement was shown.
The bureau has at present ten espe
cially equipped I'uIIman cars engaged
in transporting its training crews
from mine to mine. It has nine res
cue stations at Pittsburgh, l'a.;
Wilkesbarre, Fa.; Vincennes, Ind.;
P.irniingham, Ala.; I'.erkeley, Cal.;
MeAlester, Okla., and Seattle, Wash,
liesldes training the miners in rescue
work the experts of the bureau train
the wives and children of the miners
in Urst-ald.
Tho increased output of mines, es
pecially of coal, in recent years has
been produced with little Increase in
the number of miners, the statement
said, and adds that the personnel is
not nearly so skilled in mining as ten
years ago. This condition makes nec
essary added precautions against ac
cident, the statement said.
The bureau has trained in the past
ten years 50,071 persons In mine res
cue work and lirst-ald methods. In
Pennsylvania, 0,111 persons were
trained, in Colorado, 2,0l!l; In Mon
tana, 2,7-10; In West Virginia, 2,713;
in Michigan, 2,(.L,0; in Kentucky, 2,
447. in Arizona, 2,147; in Alabama,
2.007. The state of Washington, with
1.7S4 persons trained In relation to an
average number of miners employed
amounting to 0,0.55, has the best record.
P7 - a: -V
Having been engaged aT the time.
Police and firemen were called Im
mediately and a tug which was sta
tioned nearby grappled for the ma
chine with ropes. The car was finally
brought to the surface long enough to
break a window and take out Mrs.
Lamb's body. Life had gone in the
quarter hour sho had been submerged,
f helplessly locked in tho car.
Her husband and four children sur
vive her. Her husband Is employed
at the Kelsey Wheel Works at Wind
sor, Ont.
Tho chauffeur and his companion,
who cranked the car ,are being held
by tho Canadian police.
Governor Groesbeck Appoints Mem
bers of Newly-Created Board.
Will Attend Twelfth Annual Conven
tion of Rotary Clubs.
New York. Eleven hundred mem
bers of the Rotary clubs of the United
States and Canada were passengers
on the steamers Cameronla and Caro
nla which sailed June 1 for Liverpool.
They will attend the twelfth annual
convention of the International Asso
ciation of Rotary clubs at Edinburgh,
Scotland, June 13-16. The convention
will be the first held outside tho Uni
ted States.
4 -
v V Hi VA
Presbyterian Ministers To Receive
$1800, Assembly Decides.
Toronto, Ont. Presbyterian minis
ters are to receive a minimum salary
of $1,800 a year and the bonus grant
ed aged clergymen Is increased 23
per cent as the result of action taken
by tho Presbyterian general assembly
The church at large will guarantee
the minimum salary.
Miss Alice J. O'Neill has the dis
tinction of being the first woman
justice of the peace in Greenwich,
Conn. The principal work of a Justice
of the peace in Greenwich Is marry
ing folks, os the old New England
town is a famous Gretna Green for
New York and New England couples.
Miss O'Neill, who is still in her twen
ties, wondered what would happen at
the first marriage she performed. It
has been the custom of Greenwich
Justices to kiss the bride. Should she
uphold a precedent and kisx the
groom? The first groom, however,
decided the question for her by gal
lantly kissing her hand. Most couples
enjoy the novelty of being married by
an attractive young woman.
Detroit Man Heads K. of C.
Marquette. Judge Joseph Moynl
ban, of Detroit, was elected state de
puty at tho closing session here of the
l Twenty-second Annual Convention ol
Jthe Michigan State Council, Knight!
of Columbus. It was the largest state
convention ever held by that organlza
Hon. Other ofllcera chosen ore: W
E. Stum, of Monroe, state secretary;
poter J. Dunn, Adrian, tstate treas
urer; Charles O. Oliver, Hancock
state advocate, and Max P. Krutch
Apn Arbor, 8tato warden.
Strange and Good Story Told by
Man Who Saw and Killed It.
S. W. (Soble) Howell Jr. of Frank
fort, Ky., tells a good snake story.
He formerly operated n brick yard
as one of his businesses. James Atkin
son was on employee and called him
one day In haste to n point out his
discovery of n snake.
It was one the like of which had
not been seen before. On his arrival
be was astonished to find that the
snake hod six large knots on It at In
tervals. They killed the snake nnd
found It to be of the "cow sucker"
variety, and (hat It was not n great
distance from a hen's nest nnd that
the snnke had swallowed six hen eggs,
which It seemed the reptile was hardly
large enough to swallow. Tho eggs
were not broken ond gave the snake
the appearance of having knots at Intervals.
New York Columbia university has
bestowed upon Madame Marie Curie,
co-discoverer of radium, the honorary
degree of doctor of sciences.
Since her arrival in the United
States a few weeks ago, Mme. Curie
has been signally honored by several
of the universities of the country.
President Harding has pesented her
with $100,000 worth of radium, the gift
of American women. s
Machine Backs Into Soo River When
Cranked By Driver.
Sault Ste. Marine. Mrs. J. S. Lamb,
a nurse, was drowned at the Canadian
Soo when a' taxicab into which she
had just stepped, backed off the dock
into the river when the motor was
crankedl the reverse gear apparently
Europe Said to Be Angered at Idea of
Rival Association.
Lansing Governor Groesbeck has
announced the appointment of Charles
A. Blaney, Kalamazoo; Mark Merri
man, Jackson; Frank D. Eaman, De
troit; W. 11. Porter, Lansing, and
A. T. Roberts, Marquette, as members
of the state prison commission. The
prison commission will function as
part of the newly created department
of public welfare which will replace
the various boards of control for state
, In all there will be 22 commission-
ers and a director in the welfare
' department.
Geneva. The League of Nations Is
preparing for open warfare against
any rival association of powers such
as are suggested by President Hard
ing. The league, after remaining on the
defensive, hoping the Harding scheme
would die from lack of support, now
has decided upon action measures to
combat the American viewpoint.
This action was decided upon fol
lowing reports that Uruguay, Chile
and possibly other South and Central
American countries plan to withdraw
from the league with the ultimate
purpose of joining a society of powers
of which tho United States would be
the nucleus.
Truth About Porcupine.
The quills of the porcupine are
loosely inserted in tin skin, and may,
on being violently shaken, become dt
tached a circumstance which may
have given rise to the purniv fabulous
statements that the animal possessed
the power of actually ejecting Its
quills like arrows or darts at un enemy.
Senate Sub-Committee Hear Charges
in Senatorial Contest.
Washington. In accordance with an
agreement reached last week, witness
es were called June 8 to testify before
the Spencer sub-committee in the
Ford-Newberry senatorial contest.
It was agreed by both sides that the
evidence presented at the trial in
Grand Rapids would not be admls
sable, as members of the committee
have already gone over the court
records and have formed their con-elusions.
Embarrassing Moment.
The car was crowded and as we
neared our destination my cousin and
1 decided to make our way toward the
door. I suddenly missed my purse, so
we started back through the car to
look for it. A number of people helped
us In the hunt, and then a woman
said: "Why, your purse Is hanging
on your umbrella." I should have
liked to have made an exit through
the nearest window. Chicago Tribune.
A new size package !
Ten for 10c.
Very convenient.
Dealers carry both;
lOforlOc; 20for20c.
It's toasted.
No Doubt About His Love.
Bess "Are you quite sure he loves
you?" June "Love me? Why, 1
went down on his knees in damp moss
with new white flannel trousers on
to propose to me." Iioston Globe.
Kansas City Had First Electric Car.
Kansas City had tho first electric car
In the United States. It was put Into
operation May 1, 18S5, on a line south
of Westport, an extension beyond what
was then known as the "Westport
Horse Car Line."
The Great Marathon.
Life Is a mad, mad race nnd when
we get through It we are all out of
breath. Boston Transcript.
I Wm , HH
I list tlk-iifi
Why sm wm.
sm to hme all.
fn tiff kisk '
The same standard of quality
built into U. S. Tires is put
into U. S. Tubes.
YOU probably know a man whose car is a
hobby with him. He knows just why it's
the best little old car there is of its class.
And he'll stand up for that car against the
world in any kind of an argument.
Year by year an increasing number of men
feel the same way about U, S. Tires.
For a while they may try "job lot" stuff,
"bargains," "big discounts" and "rebates."
But usually it doesn't take long for a man to
sense the economy of the standard quality lire.
For years U. S.Tire makers have been build
ing quality tires for sane tire users for the car
of medium or light weight no less than for the
heavy car.
The tire buyers of the land have responded
with a mighty U. S. Tire following.
r 4t
fail na
"Find the U. S. Tire dealer
with the full, completely
mimed line of froth, Uve
. S. Tire:"
The U.S. Tire makers meet the re
sponsibility for supplying this nation
wide following with characteristic
Ninety-two U.S. Factory Branches
are established, covering the entire
Find the U. S. Tire dealer who
has the intention of serving you. You
will know him by his full, completely
sized line of fresh, live U. S. Tires
quality first, and the same choice
of size, tread and type as in the big
gest cities of the land
States i
Rubber Company

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