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Vol. 25
No. 24
The New High
School Building
lyfk Modern and Up-To-Datc
of Any in State.
East Jordan may proudly boast of
having one of the most modern and up-to-date
high school buildings of any
city of its size in the state of Michigan.
The building provides for a maximum
attendance of 350 students. The de
partments in addition to the regular
high v school academic subjects are
commercial, manual training, agricul
ture and household arts.
The building has many unique feat
ures. In the first place, it is a one
story building. The walls are con
strcted of brick and hollow tile. Sky
ITjits are used in all.of the rooms which
are more than twenty-four feet wide.
This gives not only adequate but per
fect lighting. The gymnasium and
auditorium are in the center of the
building. The gymnasium serves as
the stage of the auditorium. This en
ables athletic contests to be played in
the gymnasium and witnessed by spec
tators seated in the auditorium. When
the gymnasium is used as a stage, vel
vet velour curtains are suspended from
the ceiling in such a manner as to make
the stage any size or shape desired.
The gymnasium may also be shut off
from the auditorium by heavy doors
which run on a tiack.
In the household arts department
electricity is used for cooking. Four
teen 1100 Watt h'ot-plates are used.
These have proved to be the most sat
isfactory cooking apparatus known.
The only basement there is to the
building is for the heating plant. A
fan system of hot air is used the air
being drawn in from the roof, forced
through the furnaces and then into the
rooms. Iu the furnaces are humidifiers
which moisten tne air for the rooms
and exhaust the impure air from the
rooms into the attic and from there
through the roof by means of ventila
tors. It is possible to change the air
in the entire building in teu minutes.
If the furnace is hot in the morning,
the fljr can be turned into any room,
and ii just a few minutes the air is
comfortable. During the summer time
the fan is used to change the air in the
rooms, thus keeping the rooms cool
during the hot days. The heating
system has been found to be exceed
ingly economical.
As a convenient building in which
a school can be easily organized, the
East Jordan High School is especially
to be commended. High school stu
dents are nut put to any inconvenience
of running up and down stairs which
is alwavs a source of confusion. The
auditorium is on the main floor and
there are no stairs to climb which is
always an inconvenience to the public.
The corridors are so constructed and
the toilets so placed that the entire
school is easily irspected. The manual
training department is set far enough
away from the classrooms so that the
noise of the machinery is not a distur
bance. Showers and lockers are plac
ed in connection vith the toilets just
Cttross from the gymnasium which adds
to the convenience. The entire buil
ding is so planned that it makes it easy
to have athletic' contests, to put on
school entertainments, to enter into de
bUig and oratory and all other func
tions which are worth "while.
East Jordan ought always to be pro
minent in those school activities which
uot only appeal to the public but which
are of inestimable value in the train
ing of young people. -
Science and Agriculture and Athletic
This is Mr. Speltz's second year at
East Jordan and his general popularity
amoW the students and his uniform
enrcfssboth as a teacher ahd coach
attest to his excellent ability.
Mr. Speltz is to teach at Boyne City
next year.
The East Jordan High
The East Jordan High
the public spirit of East Jordan citizens, to their devotion to
generous and patriotic desire
mendable zeal in promoting
Crowd Can
Be Seated
Not Necessary to Remain Away
from Exercises Tonight Even If
You Have No Ticket.
There is still a block of seats held in
reserve for those who have not yet re
ceived checks for seats at the exercises
tonight at the auditorium. About 150
more can still be seated. No one need
stay away tonight because he hasn't a
ticket. Come early and get seats in
the gymnasium for which tickets have
not boen given out.
Frincipal and English
The work of Miss Hobbs both as
Frincipal and teacher of English has
been of a uniformally high grade. Miss
Hobbs coached the Senior play and
directed the work in oratory and decla
Miss Hobbs , goes to Bay City next
year and her parting will be a distinct
loss to the East Jordan High School.
The Commercial department of the
East Jordan High School has very ably
demonstrated its value in training
yonng people for commercial positions.
A year agova large class of young
people finished the commercial work
and practically every one went into a
responsible commercial position mak
ing a success there. This year the
commercial department has made a
record which even surpasses that of a
year ago. Those who are graduating
from the commercial department are
very efficient in both shorthand and
typewriting and every one has received
a Falmer Fenmanship diploma.
In the commercial contests held at
Traverse City this year, East Jordan
won first place in advanced shorthand
and beginning typewriting.
The record of the commercial depart
ment has been a splendid one and it
now offers to young people a most ex
cellent opportunity for preparation in
both shorthand and book-keeping.
' t ' -v
j )xt : yj
School, constructed during 1920, stands as a monument to
to provide adequately for their
the community's welfare.
Supt. Key worth, came to East Jordan from Gaylord some
three years ago to take charge of our Public Schools. His work
here has met with the unqualified endorsement of our citizens.
He goes to take charge of the Hastings Schools this fall with the
sincere good wishes of our entire community.
Program Tonight
Tonight at the high school auditorium
will be the combined Commencement
exercises of the Class of 1021 and the
Dedicatory exercises of the new high
school building. Citizens may expect
an unusual program.
Mr. Harold Jarvis of Detroit, Michi
gan's famous and beloved tenor sing
er, will sing some of the songs that
have made him famous. Mr. Jarvis
will appear at least four times on the
Professor C. O. Davis of the Univer
sity of Michigan, known as an educa
cator throughout the United States,
will speak upon a topic upon which he
is regarded as anthority, "The High
School as a Social Center." More and
more in every community the high
school is coming to be regarded as an
educational institution which ought to
reach more than just the high school
students. The people of the entire
community ought to receive education
al assistance through the chaunels of
the high school. The East Jordan
High School is so constructed as to
make it useful as a community agent.
Mr. Davis will be here to explain the
various ways in which this can be ac
Mr. E. E. Gallup, State Supervisor of
Agricultural Education, visits the East
Jordan schools once or twice a year.
Mr. Gallup is one of the largcrt leaders
In agricultural education. As a
thorough-going American he has great
faith io the American public school
public education, to their
children, and to their com
system. His address on "The Ameri
can Spirit in the Public Schools," will
be a. great patriotic message.
Tonight is to be the banner night in
the history of the East Jordan schools.
Household Arts
Miss Palmalier has had charge of the
Household Arts department for two
years. She has been instrumental in
building upthis department from a
little work in sewing to a complete de
partment which includes both sewing
and cooking. Miss Palmatier has ac
complished splendid results.
If nobody ever has given you a fair
chance, why haven't you gone out and
taken a fair chance?
There still exists the brand of par
ents who take pleasure in punishing a
child for the thiDgs they have done.
The CIassofl921
The Senior Class of East Jordan High
School or 1921 is next to the largest
class ever graduated from the local
school. The members of the class
have been very active in affairs of the
John Gunderson, who has been pro
minent in all school activities and espe
cially in athletics, graduates this year.
So do Paul Franseth and FlnvH T ic.
kum, both haying made remarkable re
cords in debating. In fact all of the
members of the Senior class have been
prominent enough in the activities of
the school as to be missed. Rosabelle
Danto, who has successfully led the
singing in assembly, and Martha Wag
bo, the school artist, both finish this
Several members of the Senior class
will be in school next year, others will
enter commercial lines.
The Seniors report that they will be
occupied next year as follows:
Rosabelle Danto Undecided
Doris Nice Undecided
Emma Omland Teaching
Martha Wagbo Teaching
Gladys Batterbee Teaching
Marian Pickard. -Northwestern Univ.
Alice Malpass M. A. C.
Lyle Wangeman U. of M.
Lawrence Addis M. A. C.
Irene Etcher Business School
Marie Mitchell.... Battle Creek Sani
Martha Lorraine... Battle Creek Sani
LaVerne McCalmon.. Charlevoix Co.
Floyd Liskum. Western State Normal
John Gunderson Western State
Juanita Secord Western State Normal
Edd Barrie Albion College
Vernon Alexander Undecided
Stanley McKinney Undecided
Paul Franseth Stay at home or
attend U. of M.
Last Monday evening from 6:30 to
30, just before the Class exercises of
the Senior class of 1921, an exhibit was
open to the people of all the work of
the schools from the Kindergarten to
the High School. This exhibit was
tastily arranged and showed in a very
remarkable manner the fine work that
has been done throughout the school.
The work in drawing and penman
ship, under the supervision of Miss
Darling, was excellent. No less so,
however, was the work in arithmetic,
language, spelling and other subjects.
In the high school there was a fine
manual training exhibit of the furni
ture made by the students this year.
The History, English and Commercial
exhibits were very commendable and
in the science department the note
books made during the year were on
display. In the Household Arts de
partment the sewing which was done
in this department was to be seen.
The work of the Junior High in history
reading, geography, English and arith
metic was all splendid.
The prevailing opinion was that this
was the best exhibit yet given by the
local school.
This exhibit will be preserved for
display at the Fair this fall.
East Jordan has been fortunate in
having a Board of Education composed
of progressive and forward looking
men. They have been interested in
all of the affairs of the school and
have been enthusiastic in promoting
its welfare. These men have the
vision to see the educational possibili
ties of this community, and of course
they were the leaders in securing the
new high school building. All of them
are reliable business men in whom the
people can place great confidence.
The members are as follows: Ira D.
Bartlett, President; C. H. Pray, Secre
tary; L. A. Hoyt, Treasurer; W. P.
Porter and Roy Webster, Trustees.
The 'East Jordan High School has
won marked distinction this year in
oratory. Virginia Pray, the school's
representative, won first place in the
sub-district contest at Harbor Springs.
She then won first place in the district
contest here at East Jordan. She then
went to Howell, Mich., for the final
State contest and while she did not
win first place there, she made a splen
did showing.
Miss Pray has still another year in
high school and next year will stand a
splendid chance to bring state honors
to East Jordan.
Class of 1921
Splendid Class Gave Excellent
Program Last Monday Night.
The Class of 1921 gave an unusually
fine Class Day program at the Audit
orium last Monday night. The audit
orium was packed to the limit, fully
CM people being in attendance. The
program contained many unique feat
ures which indicates that the Class of
1921 possesses not a little originality.
The girls of the class sang very
prettily the song, "Merry June". The
boys followed with the noble song,
Your Flag and My Flag."
Rosabelle Danto was the class saluta-
torian and welcomed parents, citizens,
teachers and schoolmates with choice
language fittingly delivered.
Irene Etcher delivered the class his
tory written by Martha Wagbo in the
style and manner akin to the language .
of the bible. The history is elsewhere -
printed in this issue.
Vernon Alexander delighted every
one by reading a poem of his own com
position relating to the class.
Christa and Pauline Hoover sang
very beautifully a duet "Sunset."
Paul Franseth, the high school's
famous debater, of course gave the
class oration. He maintained usual
high standard in both composition and
Alice Malpass, in a most original and
novel manner, gave the class prophecy
by introducing a telephone conversa
tion some years in the future with
Rosabeile Danto. She uniquely brought
in each member of the class and very
cleverly assigned each to a more or
less ludicrous position in life.
La Verne McCalmon and Doris Nice
added to the merriment of the occasion
in the manner in which they created
and presented gifts to the class.
A duet to the music of Schubert's
Serenade was sung by Rosabelle Dan
to and Alice Malpass.
John Gunderson very solemnly read
the class will in which the Seniors dis
posed of numerous and vnrious articles
and customs which have been sources
of either annoyances or merriment
during school days.
Juanita Secord gave the valedictory
which was well written and delivered
and made a very appropriate closing
for the exercises.
The entire program was well receiv
ed and immensely enjoyed. It was an
other excellent achievement for the
high school.
All students planning on attending
the East Jordan High School next year
should file application for tuition sign
ed by parent or guardian with the
director of the district in which the
student resides before the fourth Mon.
day in June, which is the 27th.
A great man is one who is able to
conceal the fact that he is common
place. mm ,
Manual Training and Mathematics
This is Mr. Hoover's first year at
East Jordan. Although handicapped
by not having been able to use the
Manual Training room for the first few
months of school until the new build
ing was ready, he has nevertheless
turned out a large amount of excellent
Mr. Hoover teaches at Ann Arbor
next year.

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