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Tst Wanted. For Sale
X?fr Pant in this Column is 25
ronfc for nn o incprtinn for 25 words or
less. Initials count as one word and
compound words count as two words.
words a charge
ol one cent a word will be made for
the first insertion and one-half cent for
subsequent insertions, with a mimimum
charge 01 id cenis.
ner Third and Nichols Sts. MRS. C.
WAI?H. 20x2
For Sale Real Estate
FOF SALE Mv residence on North
Main st. For terms inquire of HAR
RY CURKENDALL, Harbor Springs,
Mich. 45 tf
For Sale Miscellaneous
AT. FAT PA TN FIF.T.D We have be
tween six and seven acres of standing
Aliailtt Wllltll V C WISH IU 0.11 J
municate atoncc.-MRS. W. P.SQUIER
tastdoraan. rnone u.
WAGON BOX in cood condition
Have no further use for it. BOHU
MIL STANEK. East Jordan. R. 4. 22-3
FOR SALE Five vearlincr HEIFERS
also some seven-weeks-old PIGS
dan. Phone 1G5-22. - 22x2
FOR SALE New and Second-hand
Siding, New and second-hand Pine
Lumber. 1 and 2 men tiemiocK. win
dows and Frames, and Electric Wire
and Fixtures. Matchad Lumber
Some City Property. ROBERT
We are acrents for CHAMPION SILOS
Silo Fillers and Feed Grinders. None
better. ANTHONY ZOULEK, East
Jordan. R. 1. Phone U8F22. 18x6
WANT FARM, Ranch, Plantation in
exchange for apartment buildings
Good location. Rents 5,uuu to iuu,
000. Price $25,000 to $750,000. Trade
separate or together. uhOKuh w,
STEWART, 21) So. LaSalle, Chicago.
Albert Tousch
When Youth and Inexperience start
out to reform the world they are al
ways shocked to discover that the
world doesn't want their kind of re
form, but Age and Experience, bent
on the same mission, try to conceal the
fact that they are attempting a reform
and by appealing to reason or preju
dice sometimes accomplish that which
they seek.
A cheerful giver usually has a
cheerful liver.
Money makes the mare go and also
it sometimes makes an ass of its owner:
No man ever could understand why
any woman should be jealons of any
Then there are the theatre-goers
who are shocked when they go to a
theater and are not shocked.
The soul of a poet may dwell in a
scullion but did you ever know it to?
? Ve sell C
j Mileage
0 Shoes
Yourlome Flours
Iron Duke - - White Rose
Deserve Your Attention
They Are
. Made From Pure Wheat.
First Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Thomas Marshall, Pastor.
"The Church where your welcome
never wears out." .
Sunday, June 19, 1921.
10:00 a. m. Children's Day Exer
cises, uaptism or cnuaren.
11:15 Church School.
3:00 p. m. Junior Church.
7:30 d. m. Subject "Christ and
the Child."
7:30 p. m. Wednesday evening-:
Community Movie.
7:30 p. m. Thursday Prayer Service.
Presbyterian Church Notes
Sunday, June 19, 1921.
11:15 Sunday School.
6:00 p. ra. Y. P. S. C. E.
Church of God.
Hours of services:
(Eastern Standard Time)
Sunday School 10:00 a. m.
Preaching at 11:00 a. m.
Evening Service 8:00 p. m.
Wed. Prayer Meeting 8:00 p. m.
Welcome to our services.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Burgess,
St. Joseph's Church.
D. M. Drinan Pastor.
Masses on 1st and 3rd Sunday of each
month at 8:00 and High Mass at 10:00.
Mass on 2nd Sunday of each month
at 8:00 o'clock.
High Mass on 4th Sunday of each
month at 10:00.
On 5th Sundays Masses at 8:00 and
Masses on Holy days and Devotions
will.be announced.
St. John's Church.
Bohemian Settlement.
High Mass on 2nd Sunday of each
month at 10:00.
High Mass on 4th Sunday of each
month at 8:00 o'clock.
Latter Day Saints Church.
L. Dudley, Pastor.
8:30 a. m. Young Peoples Prayer
10:00 a. m. Sunday School
11:00 a. m. Prayer Meeting.
7.00 p. m. Preaching.
7:00 p. m. Prayer Meeting.
7:00 p.m. Religo.
Holiness Mission
Main St., Opposite Commercial House.
Hours of services.
Sunday morning Sunday School at
10:30 eastern time.
Preaching at 11:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at
8:00 p. m.
Everybody welcome.
A "spoiled" child always is in bad
odor. ' ,
A new use has been found for ether,
and the criminal element of our popu
lation is not pleased. In time their
uneasiness may develop into a panic.
It has been demonstrated by practic
al experiment that a small amount of
ether administered to a person an
amount sufficient to place him under
its influence and yet leaving him con
sciouswill cause that person to res
pond readily to any question, to babble
his inmost secrets.
Just what effect information secured
in this manner will have in law is not
known, as its admissibility is yet to be
ascertained. But the fact remains that
this opens up a possible way of detect
ing crime and of solving many of the
mysteries that now baffle the police of
the country.
Then, too, if employed in ferreting
out violations of the prohibition law
there is no limit to the consternation it
may create. It may even cause half of
the population of the United States to
decamp for parts unknown.
The theatre will be open every night
next week starting Monday wtth Viola
Dana, in "The Off Shore Pirate" and
Snooky the Humanzee in You'll Be
Surprised" making two special features
combined into a very strong show that
is built to make you laugh. Viola Dana
is one of the Temples most popular
stars and Snooky the monkey ranks
for first honors in the comedy line, it
will be a great show for the whole
family and will make you forget your
Tuesday, beautiful Grace Darmand
in "The Beautiful Gambler" the story
of the frenzied days before Nevada
prohibited games of chance you can't
help being thrilled by this breathlese
Wednesday, Wm. Russell in "Cheater
Reformed". This is a wonderful pic
ture with a good moral lesson and in
teresting from start to finish. On the
same program is the second episode of
the "Lion Man" making seven reels of
a program that is made to entertain
Thursday, Elaine Hammerstein in
The Point of View" the story of a
girl who changed her view of life and
won happiness instead of sorrow, a
picture that will live long in your mind
Friday, Tom Moore in "Toby.s Bow"
you park your troubles outside when
you see Tom Moore in this picture. Its
crammed full of giggles, smiles, laughs
and roars.
Saturday will mark the starting of
a new serial with Eileen Sedgwick in
"The Diamond Queen" which promis
es to be the best chapter play seen
here to dale. There will also be a two
reel Western "The Fighting Actors"
the News weekly and a comedy mak
ing a six reel program.
Snnday, Douglas Fairbanks returns
in "When the Clouds Roll By" which
is a genuine novelty, he simply carries
you off your feet, new and original in
story and action, full of pep and com
That Michigan increase plats of Hub-
am clover, the new crop which has at
tracted so much attention from grow
ers all over the country, compare
very favorably with those in any other
states, is the opinion expressed by
Prof. H. D. Hughes, of Iowa, the dis
coverer of the crop. Professor Hughes
visited the plats at the Michigan Agri
cultural College last week, and was
enthusiastic about the work with the
new crop in the state. Michigan
increases are said to be larger than
those anywhere else in the country.
Alabama and Iowa, two of the lead
ing Hubam states, have both suffered
difficulties with the new clover this
year. Excessive rains in the southern
state, frosts in Iowa damaged stands
this spring.
"Late seedings of Hubam were some
what injured in Michigan by draughts"
says Prof. J. F. Cox of the Michigan
Agricultural College, "but earlier seed
ings are generally in good shape. This
crop often makes a disappointing ap
pearanee during the first month of
growth because of the fact that it starts
tardily. This has caused many grow
ers with really excellent stands to
think the crop a failure and put in. an
other crop.
"Remarkably rapid growth of the
Hubam plants after being once estab
lished will carry them past ordinary
weeds, however, and if plants are pre
sent from one inch to a foot apart in
the rows, clean cultivation should be
given and a good seed crop expected.
"Those fortunate enough to have
stands of this new crop may feel cer
tain of a strong demand for seed."
If you expect things to go wrong
you seldom will be disappointed.
When a speaker announces that he
only has one more word to say before
he quits talking, ever notice how the
audience brightens up?
Women may not be logical but who
wants them to be and how many men
When you feel above your job, it's
pretty certain your job is above you.
Of eourse the world needs reforming
always has and always will but do
you believe after thinking carefully
over your own life you are the
one to do it?
Self-flattery is the lowest form of
You can decieve a young child about
everything but its stomach.
Look into his history a little and you
will find that the man who boasts he is
self-made is woman-made.
That day is happiest whose work is
If everybody spent as much time
finding reasons for working as he does
finding excuses for not working, all of
us could loaf about half the time and
accomplish as much as now is done
It used to be said that "a woman's
place is in the home" but now it is in
the automobile.
To the victor belongs the broils.
Garden Notes
(By M. A. C. Horticultural Dept.)
Keep potato and tomato plants well
sprayed with Bordeaux Mixture to
protect them against the blight.
Cultivation of the new strawberry
bed should be thorough and frequent
and continue as long as the plants are
growing in the fall.
All seed stalks of rhubarb plants
should be cut out promptly, as soon
as they appear. Seed production ex
hausts plant food, which should other
wise be used by the plant.
Don't continue cutting the asparagus
bed too late in the season. Remember
that the plants must be given time to
store up food in the roots for produc
ing next year's crop.
It is a good plan to apply a good top
dressing of manure to the asparagus
bed at the end of the cutting season.
It may then be thoroughly cultivated
into the soil and will not interfere with
early growth in the spring.
Why do peony buds often form but
never develop into flowers? This is
often due to a poor dry soil. Fertilize
well, mulch the plants during hot
weather, and give them plenty of wa
ter during the blooming season. Try
In the city of London there are hun
dreds ol thousands of people unemploy
ed five million of them in Great Brit
Empty stomachs are as numerous as
the leaves upon the trees.
One section of London is gaunt and
filled with misery. There is no work,
no money and but little bread.
In another section the center of
aristocracy and fashion gayety reigns
supreme. Immense sums of money
are spent on the pleasures of a single
night. It flows continually in the pro
duction of social excitement.
There is no want, no hunger, no lack
of bread there.
But are we Americans in a position
to criticize England's aristocracy for its
frivolity in the face of unemployment
and misery? '
We are not.
Millions are out of employment in
this country. Our cities swarm with
homes where the larders are empty
and little stomachs are more so.
Yet in Atlantic City a prize fight is to
be pulled off between an American
and a Frenchman between Dempsey
and Carpentier.
Men will journey from every state in
the unipn to see that fight. They will
pay from $10 to $1,000 a seat to see
two men beat each other up.
A broken nose smeared with blood
will elicit no feeling of pity or concern
only renewed howls of joy or chagrin.
There will be no empty stomachs at
that fight. No little children crying for
bread will witness that gory contest of
The money spent for the privilege of
seeing that fight would furnish a royal
feast for all of the people in the United
States who now hunger for bread.
Instead, it will not allay the suffering
of one.
No, we are in no position to criticize
the English, or any other nation of
peopie, so far as squandering our sub
stance and neglecting our unemployed
are concerned.
Did you ever know a woman on see
ing a baby didn't remark, "Isn't he
To see the cause of your failure, look
in the mirror.
What wives should know is that hus
bands would rather have them run
bills up than to run themselves down.
Office Hours: 8:00 to 12:00 a. m.
1:00 to 5:00 p. m.
Ereningi by Appointment.
Office, Second Floor of Kimball Block.
i: Dr. O. JH. Pray I
Dentist ;
Office Ilonri: i
8 to 12 . m. 1 to 5 p. m ,
And Evenings.
Tbone No. 223.
Frank Phillips
Tonsorlal Artist.
When in need of anything in my line
call in and see me.
Select Your Rugs
and Linoleum
From Our Stock.
You will find patterns suitable
to every room and prices lower
than they have been in years.
.BamberJ Watson
Furniture Dealers
K. G. WATSON, Funeral Director. Phone 66
East Jordan The Hest City Of Its Size In Michigan.
Perhaps an office some time might
seek the man if the man were not so
busy seeking the office that he's not at
home when the office calls.
Physician and Surgeon
East Jordan, Mich. Phone No. 128
Office I&urs:
11:00 to 12:00 a. m.
2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 p. m.
i Dr.F.P.Ramsey 3
Physician and Surgeon, j
Graduate of College of Physicians and t
I Surgeons of the University of f
y Illinois. J
(J East Jordan. Mich. J
jp rnone wo. iyo.
Roll Your Car Into
Cro well's Garage
We take pleasure in announc
ing that we have opened a
first class Garage in connec
tion with our Livery and have
engaged an expert mechanic
to care for this department,
Many a man can "deliver the iroods"
who cant make them.
Who remembers when girls wore
high collars with white ruching at the
top that gave their heads the effect of
an inverted lamp shade?
If In a Hurry To Go Anywhere Call
Taxi Service
Day and Night Service.
Enclosed Car.
Main-st, opposite E. J. L. Co. store.
Phone 7. LET'S GO.
Dr.W.H. Parks
Physician and Surgeon
Office socond floor Kimball Blk
. next to Peoples Bank.
Phone 1584 rings
Office hours; 1:30 to 4:00 p. m.
7:00 to 8:00 p. m.
X-RAY In Office.

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