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The L'Anse sentinel. (L'Anse, L.S., Mich.) 18??-current, September 27, 1890, Image 1

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'vX;-''-'' ;V.
'."X-X s, .XV :vv..- ...; v 'h:'..;V.'t; Vr;-.'' X-'
v ' X ; That ' if you jwarit-- to see th& finest stoKjk , of . : :; '
;; XX-VX .t-rS--- "r ' '
X "ks.,
fir rj
f . Outonag6aB newjail ia Hearing com-;
Motion. ', . ., .4V X .: ;
fihete re over tfiKiy cos :n or typjioid
iever at C.klutnet- v-';-.
1 'The First iSionol bnk of VAsliland.
fWJ JVs., la in ttUroil straits and Tuaj'.'' go
C' ,-Ar'aln of . Urtar !bakinffV; " .,
f t Ilonciiton connfy iomln Us fl1rgfttes
adjor Hod. S, M; Stfpbunson .V
j Jtelps Perrip Jia made) tormhi ap
t "iootiou for a w ttfi piolflea
or 'of rrbi1 Vfeo f d; Vilttlii tbirty
:. -. . oyer ir.'..,..
......Tj'o-iaflc' ooC'of a
y'ttiifflind ci Jbw'vay ; ont of the
;ap;LtQiicomty Jail bat Mon day. ' ; Ho
js re-capturei the next Zap..' A
ttrilay jfjoinjf ' Jonrnaf VeVrds
( '-.'fatt' ""cm yi'9'd fever : $V Iej"
..,,'r A'e entrtainwl
' ' - -r . i fticoome','pi6!nic.
A land itclicnie of gigaut-'o proportions
hatviM-e illy boen.nada pablia at Minn-
en poUs.- Abont 3,000 acres near the
city limits, pn three trnnk railway Jines
hari bqoa pu ; h t u t a. ooti of, $.1,750,
000, to he bnitt np ifI' 'tni6nfcorries
and mechanics 'liouaefl', somewhat ajter
th'a plan- of P.ollman, nr,v, only ' a
maqh larger sc ale,' It it Estimated that
7,030,000; wdi be expondol on, tbe land
and inipr,oyemei)t8, v;Fao;oriea'' employ
ing about i,600sfuen are already soouredv
'V.t;.7,'',i;,i i;;; f;-.
; arry beWjj'::TeaVe4tatfl?;;iiear' f
JUotihad on M,ldrf;BWly..:?Iast
fie valtio br.'prr
L:; Thv.fjj Election Law.
; . WotwitV8tondiV1ery fnn
onasiop , opnoorii of eT'r-tioa;
iBcsj'lhat' were
A i
ia the KoW r-:'..i.,v t,.-.!'. .1 to
liialiO tt tiidi of noirm -.pf' liifli lahd fVir
the mining stOi X,.; Mty ;.DeVey' finding
that the abitVacta aud,' tikoa . 'were' all
viirhV'cpiiMintod and ihe;4cAt.riiii icon-,
STitpcaatedtf'Ho d'B.ol ; ' exatiiine
y e ry t ) ohiI riixi 0 1 - nj a I tirl r ' "poi i pjf
3 r
' ' l.llr.'. "'. ,'. .'1. . 1 Jl . ...
. ior nuu.ui J,.-.
.Vera fl cr-: r fev:
jiewey " i f uer t ry f:' ii
y:Thi? try' j'l .liy "
JV-- that.b
'-v.id 'Gent's iirnishng: aooftvVri
liar in r just returned from a pm chasing trip I dosiro to announce to tho Public
V" that my store ii now well filled with
, goods and your iospeo'ton of aann i$ nolicited. ' .:.
Much care has been given to the dry gd depArtmant, enibrrctngft
yaried show of desirable diea gowdim FLANNEL, LADIES CLOTII,'' TiJI
COT, CASHMERES, and LU3TRO.H, aud tho lrg?st di-pl.iy of NOTIONS
YASNS;' SAXONY WOOL, "and ZZ?llYy$;' ;-f -' y.V '1'X.V.
'-A 'r, .-mTS'xr'aii
Is open ial all hours. ' Horse Shoeing a
''.'":" ,-; Specialty. '" , -
JOHN R. TnOMAS. rnop.
jn connection. Eo,;nUr etaej t Toquani
i It' an rye to t L'iiess-
y w7UAa:vrio9A!omity-r'el2i'K' , of
c C iiiudU lai. ti2 an aero.. On
w'.v ''' . '-Ration one ioriy of the land jb
m v ; 1 to'l;s fctjr rich in.' (jold," mt(;gots
. .rionni",ni pjiUbion an over; ir.
JChJi ,inii3io;nions ,uro that Carlson hits
"struck it iicb." (" ' ' "X'-' :': .'
it --'xhe firm of Tirk Rro.4 nleat dealers
of Ontonagon, has -dwhUved partner
ship. Julius, tl: younger menjbor of
Iho flrm, Hpped out between t wo days,
taldig vith him $700 of tho firm'
irforiey, leaving the other fellovf to do
lutle against lifo'd hard8htps Alone.
TMs ii u novel way of Bflltiing a )art
np?.ship l.usine8., but it' appears to bo
tactual..;, , .. '
lio Hancock Erownsfono Co. has
bee t ' organized Uo quarry Hands ouo
rear Nrtwtonville, on the D., S. S. & A.
jmlrrid.- 'lho cpital stock is $."00,0C0,
dividwl into 20,000 shares. . The names
of tho shareholders and the number ol
ImiortHt Culmbach and Mnenchener Itact,
Uufniiess'i) Ptnut. liW.rale'AK.W.H. '
Wel)rvrt- y;; " MartelP 0(r.naej,..
i. i.iv- r i .Miurry, -i-t.rt wine.
.kI IoiiiuitSa . Cicart
JutoV- 4'Strppii ,:. , i, -'i'
sharemre as follows: T. 'B. Dnnstan,
tctiatce. 5.0C0. T. B. Dnnstan. 2.500.
Edward Ryan, 2,500, Cliarles J. nods
2,r,fl0, M. Finn, J.2C0. Win. Condon,
1,230, . Simon McDonnell, : 1.2C0,
Auilrew JohnstoD, 1,230, Diniol Craw
ford;-2,Rp(f, ; ir-At r$ ;"fy:'!r
"' Lorr'oo; "Jcntocoirirrcjat Allonc2'
SaUirdiJ' . J&cl'j 'Iah'tala, a
Fwiiih I1; f, !T.") t '.Xj fnio'vlp;
S a'i -i on"' "XX? cj 'vpv'i
tha '
Th foUoviag-j y, .menM
mi for t!iftv X. ;7 X .l.)fbb
euawng year ty' tla-' : r tirch. "At
Alpena UiU Veeky 'N.';.:!4 f'Vy v'
" Fresidi'ng elfb f. A.' it Br1 tett,-M$r-'
ott; -AtianO,' to-,X.W;rkeri pai
.Mill and .lt'oja''Ul,Xoltank,fhiaijin, F.
L, ,. Leouor.l t : ppwemer, Juuio IveY j
Oalnmet, H.E. Wolf; Central Mine, W.,
J. Ilrtrpei ; ChniiiT'ion, Jonn llettes;
Crvs'al Fcl's. F. O., Jones; Detonr,
Jolm Mnrdwk; Donald-ion, W. tE.
Brown: Eiunabo, (K IT, Whitney;
Ghylotone, 1. C. J. McAnlcy;IIaneocl(,
T. Wilcox : Pewuliic Mire, O. A. W-alkor;
IlermansviHe aid Indian' xniasim, to
ho -npp'hid; (lebsela and Cedarvillo,
N. II. DoUon ; lloug!iton, C, M. Thomp
son; Interior and Waketield, Henry
White: Iron Mountain and Central,
J. M. Shank: Iron wood, O. C. Tinner;
Ih.euiing, J. P. Vatuor: LakeLiuJen,
Jo-en!i Fra∨ L'AnfO and Poquanv
jnr; Indian niissioo, J. D. HallidRy ;
irmistifjuu, S. L.. Polkinhorn, Mar
qnett, F. ( Piltslmry; Menominee,'
I. Biddic'kjMiel'igammeatidHnmbohlt,
8. Hnucock: Munising Indian mis.Mop,
T. Nnlmnavsh; Nant.i'iwav, JtohertKir
by; Ne.Jaunee, Fn-ilorieh Strong: New
lwrry, A. A. Wood.: Norway. .Timothy
E.Jwurd; Ontonatrou, H. C: Ki-h ftugl: !
Ot-e:hoe, J. S. Mitchell: Rookford. J.
E. Perdu: Republic, R. L. Hansen:
S ilifbury lind National, W. . O. HicRs:
Sanlt Ste. Marie, j; E. Whalen : St. lg-
iaoe, Jiiuies Paooo: Sener and Rook'
River to be hUpIied: Steplienaon atid
Intfalls,- A. B.' Jqhus;.Tpfv-.rv ,
iirom-:'';X-'': '-''-"' . '-. ;
-CX': V- v.
r , . '
j --; ji )
rv;M" '
.'-8'XW.rr7'ai:A:X ' :; 5
WfttVra;rM bceU'to .Iter yV' C f '
WlVt' "l&r himself imai'the1' - .v.'jX-H
laf' in hif Htntc4 11 ere ia a, -004 . deI
of misapprehension concerning it re-
qnfrementflif we may judge from $h
fpllowing,, whibu we find in one of our.
exchanges:. fi'"-f- -:: 'XXV '
The new election law will oome into.
effect at tbeVjooming fall election. : It;jf
provides for sebte voting. Each voter.';
will walk up to the polling place like fc
lamb'tobe Unghtored. enter his re-X
snective utall. lnok nvar . tSo l.1lAt ' '
choose the one he. wishes to rote,-walk
out and hajid it to 'the inspector who X
places ik ia th0 slot, and tha country h r
uvbcib, nn iui ueen iue casiom nereio . .',
fore, as anyone found with a ticket in X r
bis possession outside "the polling place X
Violates thlaw dod is subject to a fine. fT
' " Jn'Jf Is undoubtedly an impraoti- y.
wtl i one and probably unconstitution ' '
al as rell; 'Intt it'is.nof open; td' thd: v
particular criticism ftboVeVhatod on it. 4-
There is nothing in the 1 lair 9 prevent , X;
the "pedJUng of ticketV" 'Wneeat?;
with timehouored oostom, ''--V; ; i
7 -'ie 97 materia change from . the : .-
'xuithtffU tir;ie the tickets jire ' ';,'
conoenjfedis irt .the- requirement' 'that X
tiwlM frmZliei: by.thet vXX; ''x, '
t" X ! X-.Cbi. rhrfiaioQ. fi-' thtt 'A K " X''
olated on thed- '' cf tic V ,:
( .i , ;-jper cent i!ie.d '7 Xj
,.i tia , central :commttee, '-V'j' ;l ?;
n .uwi ik . ungiog curamiMeeoi . '.
,J P j - cr ; ornizatwn in ;-V .! .' ; '
WfH jiuap w.pc , wnotl.-.pf ,'v .'::.,v:.Y..f..
.rfectieWwiy be 'deempd ,1" - "f'i 'sCi.v''
ct'; " fiati'lleilby, the prt'. 'ctr 1:' VVy-ifX! it
teed inst (is they LaTo always hu-a h- v i X
and. wtri;4fca ut i:,X''-j.
that i have' tn iVwuUW-'1 f't XAX "'';;..,:,r-.('.'".'" '.''
. J
nothing in this act haij bo constructed
to -H4aifere with the right pf ' luay. -
elector to erase' or Insert any ; name or ' ;'s ,
names npon such ticket if done in writ- " "
ing; or by prinied slips by' tho elector
himscif." Neither ia there anything toO
prevent the voter -'from making these X
alterations wherever ho pleases, ; 1
though th-ro is to be a booth provided . ; i
in all townships , or voting precincts '.' "'.
where there are moro than a hnndred ; ; 5-
voteV, vhere the voter may prepare hi :i
ballot to suit himself securofromobser r
vation. ') ' '-rV;'.;'r ''' '.!' .
The law is faulty enough and imptao- X"'
ticablo enough without attacking it forv;: A
defects it doo4 nos cootainl Detroit )
Free I tea. ' ' ."' ;::-;; :"iV lf y ';
v- - ; ; .x-v'.xx
"Con 0 ress ion a 1 Convention,- ; j ; -:.
A Kepuhljcun Cinventlon for' the Elev X'-'
entti Cuitprelonal lictrlct of Michigan li i .
herhv calll tit meet lit trie city ut J r-.
quelle, on Wednesday, fie Htli rfay . 1 J
11)0. a 3 o'clM!k, r. m . to nonilu
dH iU for IfeiircHtMtNiive in cr
.'-The M'versl counties ttvt'
be entitled H rtw '- '
..... )

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