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VOL. 26. NO. 21.
August Menge was a Iloughton
visitor Sunday.
Capt. Walfred Been, of Skanee,
spent Thursday in L'Anse.
W, T. Menge and son Oage, spent
Sunday last in Houghton.
Miss Lenora Stralow returned
Monday from the copper country.
Miss Edith Brodth, of Skanee,
spending several days in town with
J. A. Holland, of Grand Rapids,
transacted business in town Thurs
day. Attorney Ira E. Randall, of Hough
ton, transacted business in town
several days this week.
Mrs. William Huston left Friday
for Houghton, where she expects to
make her future home. ,
Mrs. N. M. Dellaas and Mrs. C
Van Iderstein. of Marquette, are
Visiting at Skanee for a few days.
Mrs. Charles II. Menge and
daughter Gladys left Monday for an
extended visit with relatives in
Owosso, Mich.
William Smith, of Houghton, was
a passenger on the Bon" Ami Satur
day last. Mr. Smith spent Sunday
here with his parents.
Miss Ella Steinbacb returned to
Chicago the first of the week, after
several weeks' visit with her par
ents in this village.
Allen Rossister, who for some
time has been fireman on the
switch engine at this station, was
recently transferred to a regular
run on Nos. 3 and 4, between
Marquette and Houghton.
Fred Bennett, of Isbpeming, was
in town Thursday calling on his
trade. Mr. Bennett stated to The
Sentinel that he bad been engaged
to take part in the Baraga High
School graduating exercises, again
this year.
Among the various improvements
which are being made on the
business places in town is the in
stallation of a steel ceiling and side
wall in Rambaud ATredeau's saloon.
Several other notable improvements
are also being made, and when com
pleted will be quite up-to-date.
The tug boat Nellie1 Cotton was in
this port Monday evening. The
crew, consisting of Capt, Patrick
Allie and Mr. and Mrs. William
Carpenter, spent the evening with
L'Anse friends. The boat left
Tuesday morning for Huron Bay,
The steamer Bon Ami has the dis
tinction of being the first freight
and passenger boat to land at the
new public dock since its construct
ion. The steamer was in port last
Saturday evening.baving on board a
small consignment of freight for
merchants here. There were also
several passengers from Houghton
on -board, bound for this point, v
One of the most severe wind
storms which has visited this vicini
ty in several years, prevailed all
day Friday. Forest fires occurred
in various localities, and during the
day reached one point close to
this visage. The fire department
turned out and plied streams of
water on the streets and numerous
buildings. Fire started in the
timber adjacent to the water works
dam, and was discovered just in
time to avoid serious damage.
Last Sunday afternoon the fire
department was called out, a small
blaze having started on the roof of
the house occupied by Patrick
Brogan, on Railroad street. When
, the department arrived the flames
were rapidly burning their way
along the dry shingles, and but for
the timely arrival of the fire-fighters
the loss would have been quite
severe, as a bigb wind was prevail
ing and would soon have
spread to adjoining buildings. Two
streams of water were thrown upon
the fire which soon stopped its
progress. It is supposed that the
fire originated from a spark from
the switch engine, which shortly
before bad passed a point near the
building. '
We carry a full line of McMillan
Suits and Pants for Men and Boys.
D. Livitan, L'Anse.
For a nice spring suit, all at D.
Levi tan's, L'Anse.
Enumerator WiU Begin Work' Within
a Few Days.
- The work of taking the school
census will be commenced within
the next few days by Charles II
Menge, who was appointed by the
board of education for that purpose.
The primary school monejrreceiv
ed from the state' each vear lessens
the taxes of -the township and
county and it is therefore of interest
to parents to give the census taker
the names of all children between
the ages of 6 and 20 years. .
While it is not believed that any.
names were missed in the last two
years because of the efficient manner
which the work was done, great
care having been taken by the
enumerator, it is well for parents
to be prepared to meet the enumer
ator ana all snouid give mm names
of every child in the family of
school age. One of the most com
mon errors among parents is the
belief that only the names of such
children as are attending school are
to( be given. This is not the case.
The names of all children of school
age should be given to the bensus
taker, and in that way the township
will benefit and receive more prim
ary school money than will be the
case otherwise.
Holding Dally Rehearsals.
The members of the graduating
class of L'Anse High School and
others who are to take part in the
commencement exercises are busy
people these days, and as the time
draws closer to the date, the more
earnest the work is being taken up.
Among those however, who are
perhaps the busiest are the ones
chosen for the production of the
play which is to form-an important
part in this year's commencement.
Daily rehearsals are being held and
a great interest is being manifested
in this new feature.
It is understood that the class will
present on this occasion the pretty
little play entitled "Arabian
Birthday Social.
You are very cordially invited to
attend a Grand Birthday Fete, in
honor of everybody's birthday, to
be held in the Town Hall, L'Anse,
Wednesday evening, May 30th.
Admission, one penny for each year
you have lived..
"We ask this for the Epworth
And if you'll grant our plea,
No ear shall hear what you have
No eye shall ever see.
Among the attractions -for the
evening's entertainment will be a
millinery display. All the gentle
men are especially invited.
Fresh cut flowers will be offered
for sale. Refreshments will be
served without extra charge.
Michigan Abstractors' Association.
The copper country will be hon
ored by a meeting of the abstractors
of the state about August 1st, at
The association is composed of the
leading abstractors of Michigan, and
the object of meeting and associat
ing together is for mutual benefit
and social enjoyment.
This will be the sixth annual ses
sion of the association, it is expected
that there will be present at this
session abou) seventy-five abstrators,
and a general good time is antici
pated. There will be presented at
its business session papers on the
leading subjects of interest to
abstractors by leading abstractors
of the state. .
Ira E. Randall, of Houghton, is
president of the association, and it
is through bis efforts that this im
portant gathering is brought to
Houghton, and no pains will be
spared in giving a royal entertain;
ment to the abstractors from across
the straits. In fact, the upper
peninsula will join in extending a
hand of welcome to our northern
homes, where is to be found a hospi
tality that is unequaled in the great
R. C. Williams and M. Voetscb,
of L'Anse, are members of the association.
Houghton Maccabees, Will Open The
Excursion Season With a Trip
to L'Anse.
Sunday, May 27th, will inaugurate
the the opening of the excursion
season in L'Anse, at which time
Houghton tent, No. 245, Knights of
the Modern Maccabees will come to
this village on-tfie steamer Mascotte,
accompanied by a large' number of
their friends.
Already arrangements are being
made by the local Maccabees and,
others for a rousing reception to be
given the visiting tent, and it is ex
pected that nothing will be left un
done to make the first excursion of
the season to this village a pleasant
It is understood that the excurs
ion party has engaged a popular
copper country band to accompany
them here on that date, and through
special efforts of some local parties
arrangements have been made
whereby the band will render a
pleasing concert during the after
noon. Another feature which has been
arranged for the entertainment of
the visitors is a lively game 'of base
ball between the newly organized
L'Anse team and the Pequaming
team. Both teams are undergoing
hard practice, so as to enable them
to give a pleasing game.
Those who have interested them
selves in the matter, give informa
tion to the effect that the local
picnic grounds will be put Into
suitable condition for the occasion,
thus assuring the excursionists of a
neat, picturesque place to unload
their baskets and partake of their
To the copper country people
L'Anse has always been a chosen
spot for picnics and outings, and it
can be assured them that its splen
dor has in no way been marred.
Our spacious and beautifully shaded
picnic grounds, our pretty trout
filled streams, and the genial hospi
tality of our citizens still remain as
in former years, and it is safe to say
that the copper country Maccabees
could not have chosen a more sui ta
place for. their outing than at
For Sale or Exchange.
A new nine room bouse and lot In
Hancock, Mich., built last fall. Will
take farm lands or other good pro
perty in exchange.
.Ira E. Randall,
519-2t. Houghton, Mich.
Lost Friday morning, along the
railroad track leading to the depot,
a lady's purse, containing a small
sum of money. Finder will be - suit
ably rewarded by leaving same at
The Sentinel office.
It. Mrs. Charles II. Anderson.
Peresons who have heretofore
wanted to 'send. a "hurry letter"
when they could not get a special
delivery stamp, will be interested
to know that a bill was recently in
troduced in the bouse of representa
tives providing that twelve cents
worth of stamps of any denomina
tion affixed to a -letter or to any
package requiring but two cents for
transmissiob in a usual way shall in
sure its delivery by special messen
ger, provided the words "special de
livery" are written on the envelope.
Announcements have been issued
for the ninth general conference of
the health officers in Michigan, to be
held under the auspices of the
Michigan State Board of Health,
at Grand Rapids, Thursday and
Friday, May tlst and June 1st, 1906.
An excellent program has been ar
ranged, Interspersed with interest
ing papers and addresses by many
of the leading pfaysf cans of the state.
A large number of delegates are ex
pected to be present.
The Upper Peniosula high school
teams will meet in contest at Ish
pemlng Saturday, June 2nd.
L'Anse Base Ball Team Crossed Bats
With Pequaming Nine at Pequam
ing Sunday Last,
Last Sunday afternoon the newly
organized L'Anse Base Ball team
went to Pequaming where they
played the ball team of that place.
The game was called at 2:30 o"clock.
with G. Henrick and E. Seavoy as
batteries for L'Anse, and Messrs
Nelson and Soli, in a like capacity
for Pequaming.
In the opening inning the local
team went down in a heap, while
with the aid of three bases on balls,
three bits and three errors, Pequam
ing scored to the tune of six beauti
ful runs.
At the beginning of the second,
Hendrick began to warm up to the
situation and only allowed his
opponents four hits, two in the
second and two in the seventh, out
of which Cequaming was only bene
fited by two scores.
There was "nothing doing" for
the L'Anse team until in the fifth
inning, when Seavoy got a single,
and Seifert sent a beauty off to
center, good for a three bagger.
This bad a tendency to start the
ball a rolling for the L'Anse team,
and scored Seavoy, after which in
the seventh and ninth innings by
timely batting on the part of several,
the locals were enabled to 6core five
more runs which concluded the
game, resulting in a score of 6
to 8 in favor of Pequaming.
Following is the lineup of the
L'Anse Pequaming
Hendricks p Nelson
Seavoy c Soli
Picard 1st b Constantineau
Menard 2nd b Wagner
Brennan 3rd b Chaudier
Seavoy s s Otto
Maloney r f Soli
Menard If Aim!
Seifert c f Doyle
At a reeent meeting of the team
the following named persons were
elected officers for the season:
Walter Seifert, capt., Octave Sea
voy, treas.; Delore Menard, secy.
A return game is scheduled to be
played at L'Anse, May 27th.
To all persons liable for assessment
for taxes in the township of
L'Anse, county of Baraga, state
of Michigan, for the year 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the
assessment roll for the said , town
ship of L'Anse for the year 1906 has
been completed, and that the Board
of Review of said township will be
in session at the Town Hall in said
township, on Monday, the 21st day
of May, A. D. 1906, and on Monday
and Tuesday, May 28th and 29th,
1906, from 9 o'clock to 12 a. m., and
from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock p. m,. of
said days, and to continue in session
longer if necessary, until all the
business which may come before
said meeting shall have been prop
erly transacted, at which time and
place aforesaid assessment roll will
be subject to review and correction,
and all persons who may consider
themselves aggrieved by any valua
tion of property as not set forth in
said assessment roll, or who may
have knowledge of any errors con
tained in said roll, or omission from
the same, or may have reason to
suppose that such errors exUt, will
then and there be heard by said
Board of Review, and all errors
found to exist, within said assess
ment roll will be duly corrected,
and. all property subject to taxation
within said township found to have
been omitted from such assessment
roll will be placed thereon by said
Board of Review. And such assess
ment roll as corrected and approved
by the Board of Review shall be the
assessmet roll of said township for
the year 1906.
Given under, my band, at my office
in said township bis 12th day of
May, A. D. 1906.
Frank W. Foots,
6-12-t3 Supervisor of L'Anse Twp.
We have a fine line of Drivers' and
Cruisers' Shoes. Cannot be equaled
anywhere in the county.
. D Livitan, L'Anse.
L'Anse, Mich., Hay 6, 1908.
At an adjourned regular session
of the common council of the village
of L'Anse, called to order by Presi
dent George C. Jaokman, there were
present Trustees Bentzen, Blanken
horn, Johnson and Williams. Absent
C. D. Shea, clerk, and Trusties
Rambaud and Sands. .
On motion and support the follow
ing bills were allowed by the follow
ing vote.
N. Y. Belting & Packing Co. $17 28
CP. Bentzen 4 00
Frank Collins, 2 bills 6 00
Joseph Bushy .. . 5 00
Robert Jackson 2 25
John Campbell 50
M. Novak .. 50
P. Bulger ....... 2 10
M. Creedon ..... 2 00
M. Novak 2 00
Yeas:-all. Nays:-none.
On motion the verbal proposition
of W. T. Menge, and other residents
on Third street, requesting that the
village purchase sewer pipe, and
petitioners would put same in place j
at their own expense, was referred
to the street committee.
On motion certain bills from the
Superior Construction Co., were re
ceived and filed with the clerk.
pending further consideration.
On motion the marshal was
authorized to notify all parties
obstructing the streets with wood
or litter to remove the same forth
with. '
The following resolution was
adopted by the following vote:
Resolved, that the assessor be,
and is hereby directed to take the
assessment and make the assessment
roll for the year 1906 of the real and
personal property within the cor
porate limits of the village, as soon
as possible, and that the percentage
to be raised on said assessment shall
be one per cent, to constitute a
general fund to defray the general
expenses of said village.
Yeas:-Bentzen, Johnson, Blanken-
horn and Williams. Nays: none.
On motion and support the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Resolved, that the public dock
shall not be used by the public for
any purpose than as a boat landing;
that no booms or rafts be attached
to the dock at any time so as to in
terfere with boats landing.
Yeas :-all. Nays:-none.
On motion the resignation of
Frank Collins, as marshal, was ac
cepted, and the president appointed
Louis Menard, Jr., as marshal, which
appointment was, on motion, con
firmed by the following vote.
Yeas:.all. Nays:-none.
On motion Peter Deagle was ap
pointed poundmaster, by the follow-
ing vote. N -J
Ayes:-all. Nays:-none.
On motion the council adjourned
until Thursday, May 10, 1906.
R. C. Williams,
Clerk Pro. Tem,
L'Anse, Mich, May 16, 1906.
A special session of the common
council of the village of L'Anse was
called to order by President Geo.
C. Jackman.
There were present Trustees
Johnson, Bentzen, Blankenhoro,
Rambaud and C. D, Shea, clerk.
Absent,- Trustees Williams and
Tlje president stated that the
object of the meeting was to appoint
a board of review to review the tax
roll wjth the assessor.
On motion and support August
Menge and P. C. Murpby were ap
pointed a board of review to remain
In session one day, which was car
ried by a unanimous vote.
On motion the council adjourned.
C. D. Shea, Clerk,
For Sale.
Twenty-nine acres of land, owned
by the Asher Estate. Good house
and barn, and good orchard. , Land
nearly all under cultivation. In
quire of
, Frank Pxquitti, Administrator,
4-28-tf. L'Anse, Mich.
Our line of Ladies', Misses' and
Children's Coats , and Skirts are
complet and of the very latest style.
D. Livitan, L'Anse. , "
Items of Interest Taken From Our
Exchanges and Condensed. '
Bf the brusting of a steam pipe la
the Wells Lumber company's mill at
Menominee, Tuesday, Nicholas
Gemenden. the night watchman, was
killed and Engineer Bush and 'Fire
man Johnson were badly scalded.
They may die.
According to the Soo News,
Gains L. Randall, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ira E. Randall, of Houghton,
was recently married at Sault Ste.
Marie, to Miss Amy I. Beuucbamp,
by the Rev. Fr. Gagnier,. of St.
Mary's church, in that city. Mr.
Randall has been a resident of the
Soo for some time and is employed
in the abstract office of John G.
The new steel tug that has been
built for Mayor Frank Perry, of the
Soo, was launched recently from the
yards at Ferrisyille, Mich. The
craft will bear the name of Chase S.
Osborn. The' name has been a secret
and it has been the cause of much
conjecture. The new boat is a sis
ter 6hip to the Frank Perry. The
two tugs are the largest of their
kind on the lakes. The Osborn will
be put into commission within the
next month. Mr. Perry now has a
fleet of tugs comprised of the Os
born, the Frank Perry, the Peter
Smith, and the Andrew J. Smith.
Henry Wendol, of Chicago, made
a business trip he-e Monday.
Messrs R. C. Williams and Oscar
San regret, of L'Anse called hero
. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hebard
returned to their home in Chestnut
Hill, Pa., Monday. .
The tug boat J. C. Morse made a
trip to Marquette the first of the
week. . .
P. C. Maloney, of Milwaukee, was
here Tuesday afternoon.
Dr S. Davis, of Calumet, was in
town on business Wednesday.
Rev. J. H. Paulson, of Hancock,
was here Thursday and Friday.
Invitations are out for a farewell
party to given in the Town Hall,
tonight, in honor of McCoy, before
his departure for Ottawa Monday
next,; ")
Attention River-drivers t We
have a fine line of Jefferson driving
boots, and respectfully invited your
inspection before going on the drive.
D. Levitan, L'Anse.
Levitan's line of new spring coats
and jackets for ladies cannot be beat.
We are showing a -large and pleas
ing assortment of Men's Suits and
Overcoats, all of the latest patterns.
Call and see them.
D. Levitan, L'Anse.
wnen weary,
Run Down ' J
and Fagged Out .
Will tone up your SYSTEM.
Druggists and dealers sell it.
Bosch Tonic Dept.
Bosch s

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