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And Zt Wai Good and Sufficient, Ac
r v cording to His Con
l , . ; struction. -
"Sir," we said to the stranger whom
we were endeavoring to enlist in our
; society for the preservation of Niagara
falls, "now that we have outlined the
motives and principles of our organi
zation will you not put your name in
the roll?" ....
"Not by a lonj shot," he growled,
relates Judge.
"But, sir," we argued, surprhed at
uch a callousness toward the beauties
of nature, "surely you, like all other
' patriotic citizens, wish to see this ma
jestic spectacle of grandeur preserved
' from the ruthless hands of commer-
r ctalism."
"Don't care a boot about t," he
muttered, turning, as though to leave
We clutched at bis coat lapel and
begged him to wait a moment,
"Do you mean to say," we continued,
"that you do not care if this migbty
' cataract were changed from a marvel
ous, inspiring, awe-compelling sight to
. measly, factory-dotted cliff?"
- "As I told you," he answered, shak
ing himself loose, "I don't care. a con-
tlnental cuss what becomes of ; Niag
ara. I went there on my wedding
. tour.".
.Xben we noticed a large bump where
his bald spot is growing toward his
". neck. , . ' -' ". . ; ' (
Be Pleasant Every Horning" Until
Ten O'clock; the Best of the Day
Will Take Care of Itself." I
This is one of the best little ser
mons we know. Hav? you ever
stopped to think that the morning
is the time when your temper 13 usu
ally ruffled, and have you ever
stopped to think that the cause of
bad temper in the morninj is nearly
always because your stomach has not
; been working properly during the
I night? It has contained a lot of indi
gestible substances that form gas
t and makes you have dreams. It
K breaks up your rest and you wake up
in the morning tired, instead of re
r freshed, . as nature intended . you
I Our grand sires required no ad
' monition to "Bo pleasant every morn
H ing until 10 o'clock; the rest of the
day will take care of itself." for they
' digested their food and woko up full
of life and energy ready for the day's
duties, and this was because they
lived on simple foods Instead of high
ly seasoned palatable concoctions,
which contain no nourishment. . Na
ture gave us milk, .wheat and eggs,
and on these foods a person can
' live Indefinitely, but If the milk is
skimmed, and if the outside of the
wheat i taken off the kernel, and If
the lime, the salt, and the iron, wBlch
Is in the outer part of the wheat
berry, if these are all removed, you
have simply starch alone; the starch
goes into the stomach and becomes
sugar. .
Do you know that a person would
starve to death on plain white bread
.. and water? Do you. know that he
could live Indefinitely on whole wheat
bread or on whole wheat food ana
water? These interesting' facts are
. all set forth in a book called "Back
to Nature," which tells about proper
living and gives recipes for meals of
the simple kind the kind that makes
you strong and well; the kind that
makes you "Pleasant every morning
' until 10 o'clock." This book is pub
lished at a great expense, but it is
given free to cvory reader of this
paper; It is an advertiiement of
"EQG-O-SEE," the great food which
Is made from whole wheat,' which is
baked and predigested and is all
ready to serve from the package you
buy at your grocers. You get more
life and energy from a 10-cent pack
age of EQG-O-SEE than you will get
' ' from a thousand dollars' worth of
white bread. This is no Idle claim.
It is a scientific fact. We want to
tell about this simple food question,
so write us and say "Please send me
a copy of your book 'Back to Na
ture,' " and the book will be sent you
at once without charge. Address
KOG-O-SEE CO,llo. 10 First Street,
:, Quincy, I1L , V
Music for Neighbors.
' "I've got to practice on the piano five
bourn a day," said the disconsolate
small girl.
"What for?"
" 'Cause mother and father don't like
our r.ew neighbors." Washington
Sad Effect of Athletics. .
"This man," explained the hospital
doctor, 'is the victim of athletics."
"Ah, overtrained, I suppose."
"No, .he neyer trained a bit The
fellow who hit him had, though."
Philadelphia Ledger.
Only Rich in Embryo Yet.
The . Bud How did you get your
start in life, senator?
The Oenator Why er I haven't
really got started ytt. you know. I
am only worth f 10.000,000 as yet
-r . Hard to Shut TJp.
"Putting a parrot In a strong cage,"
remarked the Observer of Events and
Things, "doesn't shut the bird up alto
gether." Tonkers Statesman. ' ;
Author ol "Pck's Bad Boy Abroad." Etc
lOaPjrWli UJ J. M. IMwiM.)
Pa and the Bad ' Boy Stop Off at a
Lively Western TownFa Buys
Mining Stock and Takes Fart In
a Babbit Drive.
Well, we are on the way back home,
after having engaged Indians, cowboys,
rough riders and highway robbers to
Join our -show for next season. ; Pa
felt real young and kitteny when we
came to the railroad, after leaving our
robber friends at the Hole in the Wall,
far into the mountain country. We
came to a lively town on the railroad,
where every other house is a gambling
house, and every other one a plain
saloon, and there was great excitement
in the town over our arrival, 'cause
there don't very many rich and pros
perous people stop there.
, Pa had looked .over the money the
robbers had given him, to throw it
away, because it was old-fashioned
The Fony Tossed Fa in the Air.
confederate money, when he found
that there was only one bundle of con
federate money, and the rest was all
good greenbacks, the bundle of con
federate money probably having been
shipped west to some museum, and the
robbers having got hold of it in the
dark, brought it along. Pa burned
up the bad money at the hotel, and
then he got stuck on the town, and
said he would stay there a few days
and rest up, and incidentally break a
few faro banks, by a system, the way
the smart alecks break the bank at
Monte Carlo. ......
I teased pa to take the first train for
home, so we could Join the circus be
fore it closed the season, and he could
report to the managers the result of
his business trip to the west, but pa
said he had heard of a man who had a
herd of buffalo on a ranch not far from
that town, and before he re tunned to
the show he was going to buy a herd
.- Pa Swung
of buffalo tor the cowboys and Indians
to chase around the wild west show.
I couldn't do anything with pa, so
we stayed at that town until pa got
good and ready to go home. He pucked
the faro bank some, but the gamblers
soon found he had so much money
that he could break any bank, so' they
closed up their lay-outs and began to
sell pa mining stock in mines which
were fabulously rich if. they only had
money to develop them. They salted
some mines near town for" pa to ex
amine, and when he found that they
contained gold enough in every shovel
ful of dirt to make a man crazy, he
bought a whole lot of stock, and then
the gamblers entertained - pa for all
that was out .,'1 .
They got up dances and fandangos,
and pa was it, sure, and I was proud
of him, cause he did not lose his head.
He Just acted dignified, - and . they
thought they were entertaining a dis
tinguished man. ' Everything would
have gone all right, and we would have
got out with honor. If It hadn't been
for the annual rabbit drive that came
off while we were there. Part of the
country is irrigated, and good crops
I are grown, but the jackrabblta are so
numerous that they come in off the
plains adjoining the green spots, at
night, and eat everything in sight, so
once a year the people get up a rabbit
drive and go out in the night by the
hundred, on horseback, and-surround
the country for ten miles or so, and at
daylight ride along towards a corral,
where thousands of rabbits are driven
in and slaughtered with clubs. , The
men ride close together, with dogs,
and no guilty rabbit can escape. " ,
Pa thought it would be a picnic, and
so we went along, but pa wishes that he
had let well enough alone and kept out
of the rabbit game. Those natives are
full of fun, and on tnese rabbit drives
they always pick out some man to
have fun with, and they picked out pa
as the victim. We rode along for a
couple of hours, fluslwng rabbits by the
dozen, and they would run along ahead
of us, and multiply, so that when the
corral was in sight ahead the prairie
was alive with long eared animals, so
the earth seemed to be moving, and It
almost made a man dizzy to look at
The hundreds of men on horseback
had come in close together from all
sides, and when we were within half
a mile of the corral the crowd stopped
at a signal, and the leader told pa that
now was the time to make a cavalry
charge on the rabbits, and he asked pa
If he was afraid .and wanted to go
back, and pa said he had been a sol
dier and charged the enemy; had been
a politician and had fought In hot
campaigns; had hunted tigers and
Hons in the Jungle, and rode bare-
backed in the circus, and gone into
lions' dens, and been married, and he
guessed he was not going to show the
white feather, chasing Jackrabblta
They could sound the bugle charge as
soon as they got ready, and they would
find him in the game till the curtain
was rung down.
That was what they wanted pa to
say, so, as pa's horse was tired, they
suggested that he get on to a fresh
horse, and pa said all right, they
couldn't get a horse too fresh for him,
and he got on to a spunky pony, and
I noticed that there was no bit In the
pony's mouth, but only a rope around
the pony's nose, and I was afraid some
thing would happen to pa. I told him
he and I better dismount, and climb a
mesqulte tree and watch the fun from
a safe place. ,
Pa said: "Not on your life; your pa
is going right amongst the big game,
and is going to make those rabbits
Els Ax Handle.
think the day of Judgment has arrived.
Give me a club."
The leader handed pa an ax handle,
and when we looked ahead towards the
corral where the rabbits had been
driven, It seemed as though there were
a million of them, and ' they were
Jumping over each other so it looked
as though there was a snow bank of
rabbits four feet thick. When pa said
he was ready a fellow sounded a bugle,
and pa's pony started off on the Jump
for the corral, and all the other horses
suited, and everybody yelled, but they
held back their horses so pa could have
the whole field to himself. . ,
Gee, but I was sorry for pa. His
horse rushed right into " the corral
amongst the rabbits, and When it got
right where the rabbits were the thick
est, the darn horse began to buck,- and
tossed pa In the air Just as though he
had been thrown up in a blanket, and
Be came down on a soft bed of strug
gling, and scared rabbits, and the other
horsemen stopped at the edge' of the
corral and watched pa, and I got bar
my horse and climbed up on a post of
the corral and tried to pick out pa.
Then all the hundred or more docs
were let loose In amongst pa and tie
rabbits, and it was a sight worth go
ing miles to see if It had been some
body else than pa that was holding the
center of the stage, and all the crowd
laughing at pa, and yelling to him to
stand his ground.
Well, pa swung his ax handle and
klllod an occasional rabbit, but there
were thoueands all around, and pa
seemed to be wading up to his middle
in rabbits, and they would Jump all
over him, and bunt him with their
heads, and scratch him with their toe
nails, and the dogs would grab rabbits
and shake them, and pa would fall
down and rabbits would run over him
till you couldn't see pa at all. Then
he would raise up again and maul the
animals with bis club, and bis c'.othei
were so covered with rabbit hair that
he looked like a big rabbit himself.
He lost his hat and looked as though
he. was getting exhausted, and then he
stopped and spit on his hands and
yelled to. the rest of the tnen, who had
dismounted and were lined up at the
edge of the corral, and said: "You
condemned ' loafers,, why -don't you
come in here and help us dogs kill o
these . vermin, cause I don't want to
have all the fun. Come on In, the wa
ter Is fine," and pa laughed as though
he was in swimming and wanted the
rest of the gang to come in.
The crowd thought they had given
the distinguished stranger his Inning,
and so they all rushed in with clubs
and began to kill rabbits and drive
them away from fa. - In an hour or
so the. most of them were killed, and
pa was. so tired he went and sat down
on the ground to rest, and I got down
off ray perch and went to pa and asked
him what he thought of this latest ex
perience, and I began to pick rabbit
hairs off pa's clothes.
."I'll tell you what it is. Hennery,"
said pa, as he breathed hard, as though
he had been running a foot race, "this-
rabbit drive reminds me of the way
the rich corporations look upon the
poor people, Just as we look upon the
jackrabblta. We pity a single Jack-
rabbit, and he runs when he see3 us,
and seems to say: 'Please, mister, let
me alone, and let me nibble around
and eat the stuff you do not wantrand
we drive them into a bunch, the way
the rich and mean iron-handed trusts
drive the people, and then we turn in
and club them with the ax handle of
graft and greed, and we keep our pow
er over them, if enough are killed off
so we are in the majority, but the
Jackrabblta that escape the drive keep
on breeding, like the poor people that
the trusts try to exterminate. ; Some
day the Jackrabbit and the poor people
will get nerve enough to fight back,
and then the jackrabbit and the poor
people will outnumber the men who
fight them and kill them, and they will
turn on the cowboys with the clubs,
and the trusts with the big head, and
drive those who now pursue them into
corrals on the prairies and into peni
tentiaries In the states, and those who
are pig-headed .and cruel will get
theirs, see?"
I told pa I thought 1 could see,
though there were rabbit hairs in my
eyes, and then I got pa to get up and
mount his horse, and we rode back to
town with the gang, while the 6,000
rabbit carcasses were hauled to town
In wagons and loaded on the cars.
"Where do you send those Jackrab-
bits?" asked pa of the leader of the
slayers, as he watched them loading
the rabbits.
"To the Chicago packing houses,"
said the man. "They make the finest
canned chicken you ever et"
"Th9 devil, you say," saM pa. "Then
we have been working all day to make
packing houses ' rich. Wouldn't that
skin you?"
Then we went to the hotel and 1 pat
courtplaster on pa where the rabbits
had scratched the skin off, and pa ar
ranged to go out next day to the ranch
where the herd of buffaloes live, to
look for bigger game for the show.
though he would like to have a rabbit
drive in the circus ring next year if
he could train the rabbits.
"Mammy" Wouldn't Tell.
On his native heath down In "Ole
Vlrglny" there Is nothing the average
darky tesents so vigorously as im
pertinence on the part of one of the
race. A. regular "fo'-de-wah mammy,"
known by young and old as "Aunt
Prudy, 'was toiling up a long hill near
her cabin home with a huge basket of
clolhes on her head, when she was
stopped by a llttlo pickaninny sitting
on the fence who yelled In a shrill
voice: "Whar yuh goin', Aunt Prudy?"
Aunt Prudy turned slowly, and, with
frown to make a statue ' thrill, thus
addressed the little negro: "I'se gwlne
whar I'se gwlne, dat's whar I'se gwlne.
Yellah brat a-slttln' on de fence axln
me whar I'se gwlne! I'se gwine whar
I'se gwlne, dat's whar I'se gwlne, an'
doan yuh axe me no mo' whar I'se
gwliie, kase I ain't gwlne to tell
youh!" Baltimore Sun.
He Surprised Eliza. ,
; A story is going the rounds of the
territory press of a farmer, living a
few ml!e from Henryetta, who worn
his old suit until everybody was tired
of it, and his estimable wlfo was al
most ashamed of him. But one day,
when Billing .produce in town, he de
termined to bvy a new suit, and a
happy thought struck him. . He would
surprise Eliza. So he bundled a new
suit Into the wagon, hurried toward
home, end at the bridge, two miles
from town, he stood np in the wagon
and "peeled" and threw the despised
old' suit ' Into the -creek. Then he
reached for his new clothes. They
were gone had Jolted out of the. wag
on! ' The night was' cold;, and his
teeth chattered as' he scurried : for
home.', lit" surprised Eliza even mors
than he . antlc!;tU J. Kansas City
Journal. , . ' ;' ' ' - -;
nervous and despondent; if your stomach is out of order and youry
appetite gone, your liver, inactive, congested and soreyour digestion
impaired and bowels irregular, if you feel just completely tired out,'
have headaches, rheumatism, backaches or catarrh, ; v
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it U not a mtent or secret remedy, but a combination of roots and
herbs, the names of which are on
Nature s remedy lor constipation,
If you doubt this, you can test
absolutely no expense.
Send your name ana aaaress, aescnDing your mimcm, uu Jl-T
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Make your boy's food tasty Mother for it has to do some big things.
It has to make flesh, blood, bone and muscle and supply bonndless
Energy. Remember, the boy of today is the man of tomorrow
- " ' ' TVim't Intnv fiSm Tfivtalta and tnfmtallv with
ry indigestible meats, pastries, rich puddings, etc., that
1 rs a act as a drain on his nervous
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and tugis it (art what bo enrro axxt for. '
Egg-O-See keeps the blood cool and it the ideal summer food.
Chr hba tan tomorrow "thcra woot b do larls'i."
TnyvtA andec condltlnm of crupoteoo elroBllnn. . .
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rubllabed to sell at IS cent a copy.thl bandeoraaly Illustrated book wttl
b Balled nut! to anyone who write, a long a tola edition bit. AddraM
No. 10 First Street Quiocy, Hunob
ni i rrro rooTcnoc t
A Cgrtaln Curs for Tlrecf, Hot, Achlna
tamp. Name poakloa preferred. HAILWAT ASSOCIATION, Room 7, 271 Jaourue 8t.. llrooklrn.N. V.
PogltlTelf cored by
theao Little Pills.
They also rellere Dla-
trws from DytrpepeU, la-
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating, A perfect rem
tdj tor Dizziness. Natnee,
Drowslnegs. Bod Taste
la the Itoota, OottM
Tongne, Fain to tne SMa
regulate tbe Bowels. Purely VegetaWa.
SKUiniL SiUUCKE. simF?.:cE
Genuina Must Bear -
Fao-Similo Vignatun
dlalag-rooea, aleeplBg-rooea ana piaeee iw
alee are trouble.
r aajtblng.
Try them eare,
yoa will nTer be
without them. If
not kept by deal
era, aaal prepaid
ferl. MwM
w. 1 4
Am.,aVnya,S a.
UTf tat Btet
Watch Stkoel In A-erica
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r. fcnvravliiv. dork Work,
. Optln. Tallioe i. a able.
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s before yov. bwy. W eere yon
1 aniMT. Alan Tnmaa mmd Wind
IICKEM KZU 9- tXae. lew.
i-ti"T- nr'
1 1 ";V i 1 ,4..
) In r .'. - r I l""" '
tela- and fr- 4 a
Wk.JU a-.J aawraeadda.awa A. I to
; Zaegel'o
Swedish Essence
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every package. ' ; ,
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V . m j n
energy. , j
But feed him plenty of
weat or tna Kocxr Mounraim; iwwiwwumjw
Tr?al rackM
ddreea. Alias
Fttt WI-
H. Olmetedt
111 11 .-N'.l.
Railroads. Kf perlsnoe unneocsaarT. Yoangmea fruui ooun
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Ban franolaao or Tx Angale. Ticket on
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."Aleo other low ronnd-tiip rate to Call- '
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.- . . ' ' VIA ' .., -
union pacific
B4 twr gewr Utk$t$ read ovtr tkU Vn. .
You, Cannot;
Jl Inflamed, ulcerated and catarrhal con
ditions of the mucous membrane such as
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by feminise Ills, sore throat, sore
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Paxtlf.a Toilet Antiseptic'
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i --eee
A. i:.; ii-
w cist.
, rk 1 "1.1

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