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VOL. 26. NO. 31.
Louis MeDard was at Houghton
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James
Grace, Tuesday, a daughter.
E. 0. Best, of Minneapolis, was a
business yisitor in L'Anse Tuesday.
Mrs. Joseph McKiodles and child
ren visited friends in Houghton this
Miss Grace Harris, of Houghton,
is a guest at the home of .Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Smith. C '
Miss Hazel Harris.of Port Huron,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Mason.
Miss Rosanna Menard returned
Sunday last from an extended visit
with friends in the copper country.
G. A. Davis returned Wednesday
from Ann Arbor, where be had been
attending a summer session at the
Miss Maggie Cadotte and John J.
Bennett, both of the M. E. Mission,
were united in marriage at the M.
E. parsonage, July 22d, the cere
mony being performed by Rev.
Horace N. Aldrich.
A number of L'Anse and Baraga
people took advantage of the return
trip on the excursion Sunday after
noon, to spend the evening in the
copper country. Nearly all returned
home on the late train.
Mrs. Geo. 0. Jack man and daugh
and son i left Friday for Saginaw,
where they will visit Mrs. Jackman's
parents for several week. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Jack
man's sister, Miss Edith Scbeurman,
who has been visiting in L'Anse for
the past month.
We would respectfully call the at
tention of our readers to the display
"ad" on page eight, in which will be
found some inte resting items for
prospective purchasers. Mr. Levi
tan's mid-summer clearance sales
are always productive of good re
sults to purchasers. " j
The members of Company G.,j
Houghton Light Infantry came from
Houghton Sunday last, arriving
here by boat at 3 o'clock in the
morning. The boys pitched their
tents on- the vacant lots between
Main and Front streets, and early
In the day engaged in drill practice.
The soldiers returned to Houghton
by boat Sunday afternoon.
The excursion given under the
auspices of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians, of Hancock, to this
place Sunday last was largely at
tended and everything passed off
in fine order. Music was furnished
by tbflQTaraarack band and added
greatly to the day's enjoyment. The
base bait game between the Frank
lins and Atlantics was lively and
interesting and resulted in a victory
for the latter team by a score of 6
to 3.
Monday afternoon a pretty lawn
party was given & the O'Connor
residence in honor of Miss Frances
Dillon, of Houghton. Among the
little guests from out-of-town who
were present were the Misses Mary
and Margaret Dillon and Hazel
Haas, of Houghton, Miss Helen
Pinet, and Miss Helen McMahon, of
Baraga and Master Jack Norton, of
Ontonagon, Music and, games were
the features of the affair. Dainty
refreshments were served during
the afternoon.
According to a report compiled
by II, H. IRyerse, of St. Ignace,
chief fire warden of the state, the
forest tires which raged last May
destroyed property in Michigan to
the value of $353,357, with the loss
in Dickenson' county not yet esti
mated. Upper peninsula losses are
. reported as follows: Alger county,
175: Baraga, 12,300; Delta, 159,400;
Gogebic, $300; Iron, $1,000; Kewee
naw, $100: Luce, $101,380;JMackinac,
$215; Marquette, $41,755, Menomi
nee, $67,200; Ontonagon, $5,525;
Schoolcraft, $315. There Were four
fires in.Chippewa county, but no es
timates of damage done is given. In
tPresque Isle county, in the upper
tier of lower Michigan counties,
$75,Q75 worth of property was
wiped out. Altogether there were
160 forest fires in the state, and in
fighting them the department spent
August Menge was at Houghton
several days this week.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Johnston, Tuesday, a daughter.
Mrs. Peter Larsen and Mrs. Tbeo.
Soli, of Pequaming, spent Thursday
in L'Anse.
Hon. O. W. Robinson, of Cbassell,
was a L'Anse and Pequaming visitor
A regular meeting of L'Anse
township board was held Thursday
afternoon. .
Mrs. M. C. Bliss, of Saginaw,
spent a few days this week at the
Methodist parsonage.
Miss Leah Leavia, a member of the
Good Will Farm Band, is spending
a few days in town, the guestbT
. Mrs. W. R. Fruit and son, of
Houghton, who have been guests
of Mrs. H. N. Aldrich, returned
home Friday.
The association of Probate Judges
of the state hold their annual meet
ing at the Soo August 1st, 2d and
3d. Judge McMahon, of Baraga,
expects to attend the meeting.
Messrs Theil Robertson and James
Duggan, of Houghton, were in town
Thursday posting advertising mat
ter for the approaching Firemens'
Tournament to be held in Houghton
during August.
Marriage licenses were issued this
week to Herman Kroft and Miss
Susan Rice, of Pequaming; John
Jokinen and Lydia Lapinaja, Cov
ington j and Helvig Toppari and
Susan Rajala, of Baraga.
Friends and pupils of Miss Agnes
Aurelia Murphy will undoubtely be
surprised to learn that she has
tendered her resignation as teacher
in the High School. Mi6S Murphy
intends to devote about two years
to a special music teacher's course
in one of the large conservatories of
Chicago, and fit herself for a tutor
in this particular branch of school
Tuesday a party of young people
consisting of Miss Louise Blanken
horn, Rosana Menard, Florence
Campbell, Mable and Zoe Proctor,
of this village, and Miss Grace
Harris, of Houghton, pnd Miss
Hazel Harris, of Port Huron, and
Messrs Charles Blankenhorn, Walter
Seifert, Delore Menard, Harris
Smith and Jack Campbell enjoyed
a day's outing at'Arvon.
Notices have been posted an
nouncing republican caucuses which
are to be held in the Town Halls, in
L'Anse and Pequaming, Monday
evening, July 30th, 1906, at 8
o'clock, for the purpose of electing
delegates to attend the county con
vention to be held in L'Anse, Tues
day, July 31st. The number of dele
gates to be chosen are four in
Precinct No. 1, and two in Precinct
No. 2.
W. J. Massingham.of Duluth, was
in town several days this week, can
vassing for a recent publication of
his book, entitled, "Lake Superior
Region." While in this vicinity
Mr. Massingham spent considerable
time in procuring facts concerning
the history of L'Anse and vicinity,
to be used in a three hundred page
illustrated book which he is com
piling. The title of the new work
will be "The Lake Superior Region
and the Mackinac," and will contain
discriptions and half tone pictures
of all the historical points within
the territory embraced in the title,
and will be a book of considerable
value from a historical standpoint.
will be in L'Anse Monday, August
6tb, remaining for a . few days.
Office on Broad street. 7-28-t2,
Ladies' $4.75,- $5.00 and $5.25
skirts in Brilliantines and Panama
cloths, for Monday and Tuesday
only, at $2.98.
For Sale.
Horse, buggy and harness at a
very reasonable price. Horse is
gentle and a good roadster. Inquire
of Mas. J. H. Garriso,
7-28-tf. L'Anse, Mich.
Anthoriatlve Statement as to Amount
School Boards Can Expect on
Primary School Account. '
Lansing, July 26th, 1906.
Some discussion was had some
time ago, when it was first assured
that the primary school fund would
receive a large accession from the
result of the railroad tax suits,
whether the entire amount would
be apportioned to the districts at
once, or be distributed over a series
of years. The law places upon the
auditor general the duty of making
the apportionment, the distribution
being made through the department
of public instruction, and Auditor
General Bradley has decided that
there is no authority for withhold
ing any part of the fund which shall
be on band October 1st, and that
the whole amount must be distri
buted in November. It can also
now be stated very closely what the
amount will be in the neighbor
hood of seven and a half millions of
dollars, apportioned pro rata among
the counties upon the basis of their
number of children shown in the
school census; and the apportion
ment will be very close to ten dollars
per capita varying but a few cents
from ten dollars for every child of
school age.
It is interesting in this connection
to make comparisons with amounts
distributed in recent years. There
are two distributions each year, in
May and November. In 1900 the
amounts were fifty cents, and a
dollar sixty-five, a total of $2.15.
The next year it went to $2.40; in
1902, to $2.62; in 1903, to $3.10; and
last year it reached $3.30. This
year for the first time the May ap
portionment reached one dollar, and
now the November distribution will
make the rate for 1906 about eleven
dollars per capita. A few years
earlier the amount was only about
one dollar per year. That steady
increase and now this big jump, are
the results of republican legislation
and republican administration.
These moneys, derived from
specific taxes are devoted by law to
the payment of the interest on the
primary school fund, which
is derived, from the sale of
lands granted to the state by the
United States for primary school
purposes. That fund at the present
time amounts to $5,192,385.69; and
there are university, agricultural
college and normal-school trust funds
similarly derived, amounting to over
one and a half millions more. The
state has sold those lands and
invested the proceeds for the bene
fit of the schools, and the schools re
ceive the income. How was the
money Invested? Why, in one of
the best investments in the world !
and the only one available that was
absolutely secure. It was invested
in the property and enterprises
of the state of Michigan. We have
built state institutions with it, sav
ing that amount of cost to the tax
payer, and are paying interest on
the amount, in the nature of rent;
and we devote these specific taxes
to that object. Why not pay off the
debt, then stop the interest? Be
cause the terms of the grant do not
permit it to be paid it is a perpet
ual fund and it would not be good
policy, if it might be done. The
same money would have to be
paid in some form for the support
of the schools, and, if raised by
the districts independently, neither
the burden nor the benefit would be
so wisely or beneficently distributed
as now. The burden now rests most
upon those best able to bear it,
being distributed on property values
and earnings, and. the benefit Is
realized most by those whose . need
is greatest, being distributed on the
child population. Horton. I
Ladles' 90o gowns for 67c, at D.
Levi tan 's.
Arrangements Being Rapidly Perfect
ed For a Grand Affair.
The Annual grand ball given by
the members L'Anse Hose Com
pany, No. 1, the proceeds of which
will be used to assist in defraying
the expenses of the company at the
approaching firemen's tournament
at Houghton, promises to be one of
the best which the company has
ever given.
The date set for the dance is Fri
day evening, August 10th, and the
committee on arrangements state
that nothing will be left undone to
make this event a most enjoyable
The members of the various com
mittees are as follows:
Arrangement George Trudeau,
Andrew Johnson, Louis Menard, Jr.,
W. L. Mason, Elzior Collins.
. Reception-Edward Sicotte, Frank
Foote, Patrick Bulger, Elzior
Collins, Mead or Seavoy, Leo Mc
Kindles, Edward Seavoy, Henry
Sands, W. T. Menge.
Floor Charles Menge, M. Hook,
Frank Johnson, Henry Johnston,
Frank Collins, Peter Sands, Jr.
Music for the occasion will be
furnished by Wm. Hugo's orchestra,
and a bountiful supper will be served
in the dining room of the ball.
Tickets for the dance are $1.00,
an extra charge will be made for
Everybody should turn out to the
firemen's dance and show ap
preciation for their services render
ed in time of need.
Call at D. Levi tan's and get a
lady's $3.50 black skirt in all sizes,
Monday and Tuesday only, at
$1.98. Don't miss this chance.
Visiting Their Old Home.
' C. V. Danielson and Gust Larson
arrived from North Dakota Sunday
last, and went to Skanee Monday,
the home of their boyhood days, for
a visit.
Mr. Danielson went to North
Dakota in 1879, and is located in
Wilton, where he conducts a general
mercantile business, and this is his
first trip to Skanee since his depart
ure for the west.
Mr. Larson is the owner of a fine,
large farm, about four miles south
of Wilton, and it is also his first
visit to Skanee, since 1880.
Mr. Laron and Mr. Danielson are
both genial gentlemen, and speak
highly of the 6tate in which they
haye resided for so many years.
They will greatly enjoy their visit
and will find many changes which
have taken place.
Don't forget to call and see how
much money you can saye at Wm.
Kitz & Co's clearing sale, Baraga.
Death of Mrs. Joesphlne St. Onge.
Mrs. Josephine St. Onge, of this
village, passed away Saturday after
noon of last week, at 2 o'clock, after
a lingering illness. Deceased was
48 years of age.
About a year and a half ago Mrs.
St. Onge contracted consumption,
since which time she had
been a constant sufferer until the
hour of her death.
Besides a husband, ten children,
six boys and four girls, and three
sisters and three brothers are left to
mourn-her loss.
The funeral was held from
Sacred Heart Church, Monday
morning at 10 o'clock, the service
being conducted by Rev. Fr. J.
Henn. Interment was in the
Catholic cemetery. .
Card of Thanks.
We desire to return our heartfelt
thanks to our friends for the many
kind acts shown us during the sick
ness and after the death of our be
loved mother, and shall always
cherish the same in memory.
."' Children of thi late
Mrs. Josbphinb St. Onqe.
L'Anse, Mich., July 26, 1906.
LostA gold and black class pin
bearing the initials -I'll. H. S. '06,"
between J. B. Smith's residence and
tba Catholio church. Finder re
warded upon return of pin to
Harris Smith,
7-28-tl. L'Anse, Mich,
Organized New Society.
Mrs. M. C. Bliss, one of the
national organizers of the Woman's
.Home Missionary society, of the
Methodist church, visited this
charge Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday and organized auxiliaries
of the society in L'Anse and Pe
quaming. The following named
persons were elect to office.
President Mrs. H. N. Aldrich.
Vice-Pres. Mrs. J. B. Smith.
Cor. Sec Mrs. John A. Campbell
Rec. Sec Miss Mary Edgerton.
Treasurer Mrs. G. C. Jackman.
Mite Box Sec Mrs. H. J. Seifert
Paper Sec Miss Alice Reynolds.
The first meeting of the society
will be held at the home of Mrs'. J.
B. Smith Thursday afternoon, Sept.
13th. The society begins with
twenty members.
Following are the officers for the
society in Pequaming.
President Mrs. F. W. Hebard.
Vice Pres. Mrs. Eri E. Tracy.
Treasurer Mrs. Benj. Brink.
Cor. Sec Mrs. John A. Hopkins.
Rec. Sec Miss Ethel Hopkins.
Mite Box Sec Mrs.H.N. Aldrich
Paper Sec. Mrs. May Knowles.
The society begins work with a
membership of ten. The first meet
ing will be held at the home of the
president, Mrs. F. W. Hebard,
Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 5th. I
New Superintendent.
It has been announced that Mr.
and Mrs. Stockton, of Calumet, will
succeed H. M. Draper, as superin
tendent of the Good Will Farm, at
Houghton, to take up active duties
of the position August 1st. Mr. and
Mrs. Stockton will not assume the
superintendency of the farm until
Mr. Draper leaves, which will be
about August 15th. Meantime they
will become accustomed to the work
and to the children.
The board considered only this
one application at its meeting, and
as Mr. Stockton is thought to be a
a good man for the place he was at
once chosen. It is said that he is
fond of children, as is his wife, and
that better people to place at the
head of the little ones could not be
found. Mr. Stockton will resign bis
position with the Calumet & Hecla
people the first of the month, it is
said, to take up his duties at the
Everything in summer goods
must go. We must have room for
fall goods. which will arrive shortly,
consequently we must sell at sacri
ficed prices, and our loss is your
gain. William Kitz & Co., Baraga.
School Hoard Proceedings.
A special adjourned meeting of
the board of education of the town
ship of L'Anse was held in the
Town Hall, in the township clerk's
office, on Thursday, July 26th 900,
at one o'clock p. m.
Meeting called to order by Presi
dent II. J. Seifert.
There were present Pres. H. J.
Seifert, Treas. W. L. Mason, Trus
tee Charles Rambaud and Sec. A.
Menge. Absent:- Trustee Eri E.
Mjiutes of previous meeting
read and approved.
On motion of Rambaud, support
ed by Mason, the resignation of Miss
Agnes A. Murphy, as teacher, be
accepted. Carried.
On motion of Rambaud, supported
by Mason, the following bills were
allowed by the vote following. .
Marquette Mining Journal Co., pub
lishing contractor's notice $4.20
Hancock Evening Journal, pub
lishing contractor's notice 1.15
The American Contractor,
Chicago, publishing con
tractor's notice. 4.50
Ayes: Mason, Rambaud, Seifert
and Menge. Nays:-none.
On motion and support meeting
adjourned subject to call. ,
August Mknoe, Sec.
The tax roll for the village of
L'Anse, for the year 1906, is now in'
my hands for collection. The fee is
1 per cent, if taxes are paid before
August 7, 1906. Following that
date the rate will be 4 per cent.
Otto H. Sinoibtjsch,
Village Treasurer.
Dated July 7, 1906. , 7-7-tf
Items of Interest Taken From Oar
Exchanges and Condensed.
Geo. Standinger, ten years of ago,
was drowned at Hancock Wednes
day while swimming in Portage
H. E. Jackman, of East Jordan,
Mich., has been appointed physical
director of the Portage Lake Y, M.
C. A., of Hancock. Mr. Jackman is
a student at the Michigan Collego
of Mines and will continue bis
studies there.
Serious forest fires were raging
northwest of Marquette this week,!
The town of Birch was
in great danger. A special train.
from Marquette was rushed
to Birch with a portion of
the Marquette fire department.
George Needham, of Houghton.'
aged seventeen, employed as a
teamster for the Western Express
company, was drowned in Lake
Rowland, on the South Range, Sun
day last. He was rowing on tha
lake when the boat overturned. Ha
was dumped into the water and
drowned before be could be rescued.
Young Necdbam was well known in
Houghton, and his friends were
shocked when they learned of his
tragic death.
Mrs. Jas. Nipert and son Delorie)
left Tuesday for Minneapolis.
The M. E. Sunday School, of Han
cock, enjoyed a picnie here Friday.
Samuel Sutbern, of Chicago, was
was a business visitor here this
Rev. J. A. Paulson, of Hancock,
beld services in the church last Sun
day afternoon.
Heppner's ice cream will bo on
sale at the Town Hall tonight. Tho
proceeds will be used for the benefit
of the church.
Thursday -afternoon Miss Esther
Tracy entertained a number of her
little friends, the occasion being her
eighth birthday. The bouse was
decorated with roses, sweet peas
and daisies. At 3:30 a dainty lunch
was severed and at six o'clock tho
little folks departed for their homes
having spent a very pleasant after
noon. One of the best games of ball ever
seen here was played Sunday last
between the Pequaming and Lako
Linden teams. At the end of tho
niuth inning the score stood 11 to 11
and (necessitated one more inning
to decide the game. The home team
made two more runs which won tho
game for them by a score of 13 to 1 1.
The base ball boys have built a fino
grand stand, which adds to the ap
pearance of the ground and is better
for those witnessing the games.
The boys deserve credit.
when weary,
Run Down
and Fagged Out
Will tone up your SYSTEM.
Druggists and dealers sell it.
Bosch Tonic Dept.
- BttrBt,Hleh,

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