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Car and a Little Judgment All That
la Necessary.
.White and delicately tinted kid
gloves may be cleaned by anyone who
will proceed carefully and with some
degree of Judgment
Light glorea should be worn as of
ten as possible before the first clean
ing. If used carefully and the badly
soiled places rubbed lightly with
soiled bread crumbs each time after
wearing the first cleaning can be pro
longed quite a while, but after light
gloves have once been cleaned they
soil readily and should not be allowed
to become too soiled before submitting
them to another treatment
A very good preparation for clean
ing gloves Is made by mixing together
equal quantities of finely powdered
alum and type clay or fuller's earth.
Dip a piece of flannel In the mixture
and rub the soiled vparts with it, light
ly at first so as to loosen the soil and
not rub it in.
Repeat the rubbings until the gloves
are quite clean, then wipe them with
a piece of clean flannel. Bran should
then be rubbed all over the glove with
French chalk and wiped off with a
soft clean cloth.
Gloves should always be laid away
in tissue paper, for it aids in preserv
ing the elasticity of the kid and keeps
the gloves In a good condition.
Economical and Greatly Simplifies
Kitchen Work.
A blue flame oil stove for cooking
simplifies kitchen work especially for
a family of two. A stove with a res
ervoir folding a gallon will burn con
tinuously for six hours. By regulat
ing one's work so as to utilize every
bit of the flame, excellent results may
be obtained. For instance, when the
match is applied to the wick and the
flame la creeping up, have a vessel
ready to place over the flame imme
diately In order to utilize every bit
of heat When the flame is turned
out' and begins to subside, If one
plans to have some dish that needs
to be kept warm while dinner is be
ing served, very satisfactory re
sults may be obtained and every bit
of the flame utilized from the time
the match la applied to the last ex
piring flicker.
' Water Hanging Plants.
Be sure that plants hanging in pots
and baskets get all the water they
need, Because they are near the
celling, where the temperature Is
much higher than at the window sill,
they will dry out much more rapidly
than, ordinary plants, says the Home
Magazine.' They are also exposed on
all sides, and this accelerates evap
oration. I have a method of keeping
these plants well watered which
works well. I take a small can or
cup and punch holes in the bottom
of It Make these small at first, un
til you know just how much water
is needed. Fill these vessels and
place them on the surface of the soil.
Vines can be so trained as to hide
them. Observe the effect carefully.
If not enough water passes through
to keep the soil moist, you will know
that larger holes are necessary. This
matter can be regulated to a nicety,
with a little experimenting. Fill the
cup each morning. A treatment of
this kind will enable any one to grow
fine hanging plants.
Apple Pies with Raisins.'
Apple pies with raisins are far
from novel, except as they have been
forgotten in the search for further
fetching desserts. 'Cut up sour apples
and turn them with a goodly propor
tion of soeded raisins Into an under
crust lining a pie tin. Put on the
cover, but do not pinch It against the
lower crust and bake. When the
apples are tender remove the upper
crust without breaking It, season the
apples with sugar mixed with tiny
tabs of butter and with cinnamon,
stirring it Into the fruit carefully, and
then put on the top crast The pie
s delicious, hot or cold.
. Lemon Banbury Cakes.
.The filling Is made from one cup of
sugar and one egg beaten well to
gether, and to this Is added one whole
fresh lemon and a cup of raisins, both
chopped fine. This Is often made
for picnics, and Is to be put In any
good pastry In turnover fashion or
folded like an envelope or pocketbook.
The English cakes are made In a cir
cle or square, which Is then folded
over at the sides to form an oval,
or elBe two pieces are baked with the
filling between like miniature plea
For these the edges must be wet to
make them adhere and not let any
Juice escape In baking.
- Cleaning Kitchen Walls.'
To clean the kitchen walls, first
pour some kerosene in a basin, then
take a soft cloth and dip it In the
kerosene and wash a part of the wall
with It then wring another cloth out
of nice hot water and go over the spot
Just cleaned with kerosene and lastly
wipe with clean, dry cloth. You will
be surprised at the results'. It Is the
easiest and most satisfactory way of
washing painted kitchen or bathroom
1 V To Clean Matting.
Chinese and Indian mattings need
little washing If they are regularly
dusted and wiped over with a moist
but not. wet cloth. A little lemon
Juice or vinegar used with' the water
helps to preserve the white color.
Straw nattlngs may be ' cleansed In
the f ;way (not too often, or they
1H at I yellow) with salt and water.
Cocotr- matting should be well and
thorosgu;y scrubbed, and well rinsed
tiXore fcttttinj It Uci ajala. . .J.
Plv Weeks In Bed With Intensely
Painful Kidney Trouble.
Mrs. Mary Wagner, of 1367 Kossuth
avenue, Bridgeport, Conn., says: "I
was so weak
ened and gener
ally run down
with kidney dis
ease that for a
long time I could
not do my work
and was five
weeks In bed.
y There was con
tinual bearing
down pain, ter
rible backaches,
headaches and
at times dizzy spells when everything
was a blur before me. The passages
of the kidney secretions were irregu
lar and painful, and there was con
siderable sediment and odor. I don't
know what I would have done but
for Doan's Kidney Pills. I could see
an improvement from the first, box,
and five boxes brought a final cure."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Life Without Mind.
The possibility of life without mind,
while not subject to positive proof, Is
a theory that has gained considerable
strength recently through its advocacy
by Dr. L. Laloy, librarian of the
Academy of Sciences, Paris. He be
lieves that many of the smaller living
organisms, such as insects, are mere
moving machines, haviag no more in
telligence than may be ascribed to
plants. He refers to the well known
fact that insects are attracted by light
often to their own destruction, and as
cribes it to the same cause that in
clines the plant to grow toward the
light i
Thoroughly Reliable.
If ever there was a reliable and safe
remedy It Is that old and famous por
ous plaster Allcock's. It has been in
use for sixty years, and is as popular
to-day as ever, and we doubt if there
Is a civilized community on the face
of the globe where this wonderful pain
reliever cannot be found. In the selec
tion of the ingredients and In their
manufacture the greatest care is taken
to keep each plaster up to the highest
standard of excellence, and so pure
and simple are the Ingredients that
even a child can use them.
Allcock's are the original and gen
uine porous plasters and are sold by
Druggists all over the world.
Slightly Mixed.
A traveling salesman died suddenly
In Pittsburg, .Pa., and some of his
friends telegraphed the undertaker an
order to make a large wreath.
Investigation showed that the tele
gram ordering the wreath read as
. '"Rest in peace,' on both sides of
the ribbon; if there should be room:
'We shall meet in heaven.'"
The undertaker was out of town,
and the new assistant handled the
job. It was a startling floral piece
which turned up at the funeral. The
ribbon was extra wide, and it bore
the inscription:
"Rest in peace on both sides, and if
there Is room we shall meet In
heaven." .
Rajah's Unique Conveyance.
While amphibious vehicles are not
In themselves a novelty, it is safe to
declare the combination conveyance
just built in England for an Indian
maharajah as absolutely unique. The
body! shaped like a boat and painted
in rainbow hues In accordance with
eastern Ideas of color, is hung upon
a four-wheeled skeleton carriage.
While intended by Its owner as a state
carriage, it may be used on occasions
as a state boat, as the body can be
unslung and converted into an electric
launch. The skeleton carriage is
about 15 feet long and Is provided
with four rubber-tired wheels. There
is a seat for a driver and room for
four In the boat-shaped coach. The
total weight of the outfit Is less than
one ton.
Make Trouble for People with Weak
Intestinal Digestion.
A lady in a Wis. town employed a
physician who Instructed her not to
eat white bread for two years. She
tells the details of her sickness and
she certainly was a sick woman.
"In the year 1887 I gave out from
overwork, and until 1901 I remained
an Invalid in bed a great part of the
time. Had different doctors but noth
ing seemed to help. I suffered from
cerebro-splnal congestion, female trou
ble and serious stomach and bowel
trouble. My husband called a new
doctor and after having gone without
any food for 10 days the doctor or
dered Grape-Nuts for me. I could eat
the new. food from the very first
mouthful. The doctor kept me on
Grape-Nuts and the only medicine
was a little glycerine to heal the
alimentary canal. '
"When I was up again doctor told
me to eat Grape-Nuts twice a day and
no white bread for two years. I got
well In good time and have gained in
strength so I can do my own work
"My1 brain has been helped so much,
and I know that the Grape-Nuts food
did this, too. I found. I had been
made HI because I was not fed right
that is I did not properly digest white
bread and some other food I Jrled to
live on.
"I have never been without Grape
Nuts food since and eat It every day.
You may publish this letter It yon like
so it will help someone else." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Mich. Get the little book, "The Road
to WeUvUle,- fa pkgs.
A Big Bargain for 12 Cents Postpaid.
The year of 1908 was one of prodigal
Slenty on our seed farms. Never before
id vegetable and farm seeds return such
enormous yields.
Now we wish to gain 200,000 new cus
tomers this year ana hence offer for 12c
pkg. Garden City Beet... 10c
1 " Earliest Ripe Cabbage 10c
1 " Earliest Emerald Cucumber.... 19c
1 " La Crowe Market Lettuce.,... ,13a
1 M 13 Day Radwh 10c
1 " Blue Blood Tomato 18c
1 M Juicy Turnip 10c
1000 kernels gloriously beautiful flow
er seeds .... 13o
Total -tl.OO
All for 12c postpaid in order to intro
duce our warranted seeds, and if you
will send 16c we will add one package of
Berliner Earliest Cauliflower, together
with our mammoth plant, nursery stock,
vegetable and farm seed and tool catalog.
This catalog ia mailed free to all in
tending purchasers. Write to-day.-
John A. Salzer Seed Co., Box W, La
Crosse, Wis.
Japanese Hot Baths.
In Japan hot baths are used at a
temperature of 104 degress. Fahren
heit Immediately they leave this
the bathers plunge into perfectly cold
water. A European doctor who has
spent many years In Tokio declares
that after a bath of this heat and the
subsequent douche, he used to feel
warm all day in the coldest winter
weather, while In summer the bath
had the exactly contrary effect and
was most cooling and refreshing.
How's This?
Ws offer On Hundred Dollar Reward for any
eue of CatarrU tbat cannot bo eared by Ball's
Catarrh Curs.
T. J. CHKKET A CO., Toledo, O.
We, the anderetgned, here known V. J. Cbenejr
for tbe last is year., and believe Dim perfectly hon
orable In all builneae traniectkrae end financially
able to carry out any obligation made by bla flrin.
Waldino. Kimmax Martiv,
Wboletala DniKflaU, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, actios
directly upon tbe blood and muoooa turface of tho
ayatetn. Te.tlmonlals sent free. Frio 7S Mat per
bottle. Bold by all Drue-flat.
Talc Hall' Family rill fur eomtlpatlon.
Then They Went Off.
"It strikes me that you are loaded,"
said the pistol to the double-barrel
"Oh, not quite," rejoined the latter.
"I'm only half-shot."
Whereupon they both exploded with
laughter. Chicago Dally News.
New Use for Roentgen Ray.
An Ingenious if not novel use has
been found for the kind of radiance
discovered by Roentgen. With Its aid
a photograph has been taken showing
the machinery of an automobile, with
out removing the hood which covered
it ' '
PAZO OINTMENT I guaranteed to ear any caae
of ItoMng. Bllo. Bleeding or Protruding Hie In
S to 1 days or nionvj refunded- boo.
People who are fond of musio usu
ally draw the line at amateur con
certs. .
Lewis' Single Binder straight So cigar.
Made of extra quality tobacco. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory. Peoria, 111.
You can also tell a man by the com
pany he doesn't keep.
Mr. TV Inalow' fioothlne; Symp.
For children teething, (often tbe gum, reduce, hv
flammaUon, allay pain, cure wind eoUu. 36c a bottle.
Love your enemies but not John
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
made from native roots and herbs. No other medicine in the country baa
received such widespread and unqualified endorsement No other medi
cine haa such a record of cures of female ills.
Miss J. F. Walsh, of 828 W. 86th St. , New York City, writes: "Lydia
B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been of inestimable value in
restoring my health. I suffered from female Illness which canaed
dreadful headaches, dizziness, and dull pains in my back, but your
medicine soon brought about a change In my general condition, built
me up and made me perfectly well." " '
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cures Female Complaints,
such aa Backache, Falling and Displacements, Inflammation and Ulcera
tion, and organio diseases. - It ia invaluable in preparing for child-birth'
and during the Change of Life. It cures Nervous Prostration, Headache,
General Debility, and invigorates the whole system.
Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs, Pinkham, at Lynn, Moss. Her advice la free.
For Cough Cold, Croup,
oore inroai, onir ncc
Rheumatism and
At all Dealers ' '
Price 25c 50c 6 LOO
Sent- Free
'toarfs Book on Horsed
Ccttle.Hog 6 Pbultiy
Addres Dr. Earl S.SIoer
G5A!SS Dorter,..
most twice as much as any other dye and
cost you the same. lOo per package.
Every time a man accepts a 10-cent
gift it costs him a dollar.
You always get full value in Lewis'
Single Binder straight So cigar. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
If you want to see a man act silly
hunt up one who is Jealous.
T LAXAT1VB BHOMO Quinine Tablet. Drnr
gl.-e rxrund Doner If It fall to our. K. W
UUOV a aignature I on each box. 260,
There Is no cure for the indigestion
caused by being compelled to eat your
own words.
Garfield Tea (the Ilerb remedy which is
Guaranteed under the Pure Food and
Drugs Law) should be taken to regulnte
the Liver, Kidneys, stomach and bowls,
and to purify the blood.
Some day a long-suffering genius
will Invent a safety razor with a pho
nograph attachment then It will be
good-by for the garrulous barber.
FITS. St. Vitus Dance and all Nervous
Diseases permanently cured by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. Kend for Free fri.OO
trial bottle and treatise. Dr. R. II. Kline,
Ld., 931 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Why She Suffered.
"Yes, she is a woman who has suf
fered a great deal because of her be
"Indeed! And what is her belief?"
"That she can wear a No. 3 shoe
on a No. 6 foot" Royal Magazine.
Washington a Shingle State.
The state of Washington produced
10.500,000.000 shingles in 1906 fiscal
year, or 68V4 per cent of the total out
put of the United States. Washington
has 459 mills, with a dally output of
47,940,000, or 18 per cent more than
in 1905. In no other other state does
the yearly output approximate 1,000,
000.000. MiEur.iAT.sn
Many women suffer In silence and
drift along from bad to worse, know
ing well that they ought to have
immediate assistance.
How many women do you know
who are perfectly well and strong?
The cause may be easily traced to
some feminine derangement which
manifests itself in depression of
spirits, reluctance to go anywhere
or do anything, backache, dragging
sensations, flatulency, nervousness,
and sleeplessness.
These symptoms are but warnings
that there is danger ahead, and un
lessvheeded, a life of suffering or a
serious operation is the Inevitable
result The best remedy for all
these symptoms is
. The Proved Remedy
Jc For Over 50 Years. l
Price 25a and SOe ' !
J 1A :
II ' v III
XVfcfctable Preparationfor As
similating the Food andBegula
ting teStomachs andBovvvib of
,t)q- J'u ".ill Ttiii-
Promotes DigeslionJCheerfur
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine norImeraL
Apcrfecl Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
Special Trains Leave
MrwJW- I
Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and Alberta Homesteads.
Canadian Government representatives will
accompany this train through to destination.
For certificate entitling cheap rates, litera
ture and all particulars, apply to
C J. BR0UGHT0N, Room 430 Quincy Bldg., Chicago, 1IL;
n v nAAirnn .1 1 n T T f 1 D1J
IT. II. lYVJUL.IW, U11IU 11UUI, uavuuu iwuuuoi viug( ,
i. i. i i nr r mnnir n 10 D P-ll-l V
luuiauapuus, auu., ui vr.
Block, Milwaukee, Wis.
MnAia iii
A substitute for and superior to mustard or any other plaster, and will not
bllater the moat delicate akin. The paln-allaylnf and curative qualities of
the article are wonderful. It will atop the toothache at once, and relieve
Headache and Sciatica, We recommend it aa the best and safest external
counter-Irritant known, also as an external remedy for pains In the cheat
and stomach and all Rheumatic, Neuralgic and Gouty complaints, A trial
will prove what we claim for It, and It will be found U be Invaluable in the
household and for chl Idren. Once used no family will be without It. Many
people say "it Is the best of all your preparations." Accept no preparation
of vaseline unless the same carries our label, aa otherwise it is not renulne.
Before You Paint, This Sp?lnO
bear In mind the fact that it costs yon ss much if not more to paint year buildings
with inferior pmints than it would to ese paints of good quality. More barm and
dissatisfaction ia caused by tbe use of poor painta than almost any other article
usea tor preserving or beaatuyug property.
are tbe highest grade painta made. They contain the purest and most lasting pig.
menu gromnd in Aged Linseed Oil in correct proportion, are honestly made, cost
: no more than inferior paints and stand every test for exterior and Interior work.
Before yoe decide on the kind of paint to use, it win be to yow interest to send
for -our 1007 color chart of theJatest shades for modern usee, also vamatle inform
ation and paint facts that you onghl to know.
Wt want tvery vomer of a bvildiwr in thii locality who sends us Mis neurt
and address to have one of our beautiful Sufalo-kead souvenir siiverta ttttX
pint. The pin is neat and unique ia
if name ia received before April 1st
crrnio ca rim o th
a -wifiui
r nVil.
v For Infanta find Children.
tho Kind You Novo
Always Dought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Chicago, March 19th,
inn it-, n (Him i r. n .a hji mm ii
afpearanco and wi3 be) at wUaoet char,
ct. cz:: ni.

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