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-'.MUU-r I- ,);.
VOL. 27. NO. 7.
Harris Smith was at Covington
Frank Hall, of Houghton, was a
L'Anse visitor this week.
Mrs. 'P. . C, . Murphy is reported
convalescing, after a siege ot la
Miss Lottie Cosgrove spent sev
eral days this week with friends in
Ira E. Randall, of Houghton,
transacted business in L'Anse
John Anderson, who has been at
Bergland since last fall, returned to
L'Anse Thursday.
Bernard Wittenberg and William
Levitan spent Sunday last with
friends in Houghton.
Warren Selden returned to Mar
quette Wednesday, after several
days' visit with his parents in this
A regular meeting of the Ladies'
Home Missionary Society of the
M. E church will be held at the
home of Mrs. H. J. S'ifert Thurs
day afternooo, February 14th, at 3
Requests from a number of resi
dents of Nestoria. asking that
"the lid" be placd on the saloon at
that place on Sundays, were made
to the sheriff this week. .
Supervisors Fred W. Schwa! m, of
Baraga; John Elfman, of Covington,
and ,S. ,T. McKercher, of Spurr,
i were in town Tuesday iq attend
aoce at a meeting of the county
J. Robert Llndahl, of Skanee,
has again been awarded a contract
by the government for carrying the
mail between L'Anse and Skanee,
for a term of four years, beginning
July 1st. 1907.
Miss Delia Perrault.of Ishpeming,
arrived in L'Anse Tuesday evening,
where she will be the guest of
friends for several days. This is
Miss Perrault's first visit to this
village in six years.
The Ladies' Aid Society of L'Anse
M. E. church is greatly rejoiced
over a proposition which has been
presented to them in the way of an
attraction- for the approaching
church fair, to be given under its
auspices Thursday, April 4th. Thin,
like many of the other new and
pleasing features, is to be withheld
for the present, but the public can
rest assured that it is an attraction
which will be worthy liberal pat
ronage and will be well worth' the
money invested. -
John Patrick, who resides ' about
three miles from this village, met
with a painful accident Wednesday
morning which will lay him up for
some time Mr. Patrick had come
to town with a load of wood and had
driven into the alleyway at the rear
of W. T. Menge's residence. As
the driveway wan badly blockaded
with snow and vehicles Mr. Patrick
alighted from the sleigh, walking
beside it. When about to enter the
gateway, the rear of the sleigh slid
in such a manner as to pinion Mr
Patrick's right leg between it and
the gate post, breaking both bones
a short distance above the ankle,
and otherwise badly brusing it. H
was immediately removed to Zellen's
Pharmacy where be was given
medical attendance and was later
taken to bis home.,
Wednesday morning, about 10:30
o'clock, fire was discovered in the
' dwelling bouse occupied by John
Moran, on Broad ktreet. During
the early part of the day the water
pipes had become frozen, and in
order to thaw them a torch was
taken into the basement and ap
plied to the pipes. As soon as the
water was again flowing, the mat
ier was given no further attention,
until the hour stated, when
smoke began issuing from the floor
and wall in the kitchen. Upon in
veatlgation it was fouod that the
torch had ignited the building papr
, between the walls, and the tire had
been smouldering for some time be
fore showing any outward signs.
. When the Are department arrived
flames were issuing from the floor.
but by quick work with axes and a
few pails of water the flames were
In, the Methodist Episcopal-Churches
of this Charge Tomorrow. Dr.
J. Howard Anderson to
Deliver Address,
The birthday of Abraham Lincoln
will be appropriately observed in the
Mei hodist . Episcopal churches to
morrow with an address suitaole to
the occasion by Dr. J. Howard
Anderson, and special music by the
male quartette.
The observance of this day is an
annual event in the church, and the
offering is taken in the interest of
the Freed man's Aid and Southern
Educational Society.
This society has been doing
educational work in the south since
1867, and this year celebrates Its
fortieth anniversary. Members of
the coorgegation are asked to con
tribute one cent for each year of the
society's existence or forty cents per
The services will be held in Pe
quaming at 10:30 a. in.; at the Mis
sion at 2:30 p. in., and in L'Anse at
7 p. m.
At the L'Anse church services the
following program-will be rendered.
"Sweet Sabbath Eve, - Crosby
Male Quartette.
"The Old Pocket Bible," - Parks
T-nor Solo and Male Quartette.
"Far Away," - - Lindsay
Male Quartette.
At Pequaming the following pro
gram will be rendered
"Nearer My God To Thee. "Sweeney
BasH Solo and Male Quartette.
"The Might v to Save," Stebbios
Male Quartette
"Rejoice I OZioo," - Beirly
Tenor Solo.
The public is cordially invited to
Grand Rapids Congressman Is Elected
for the Unexpired Portion of Al
ger's Term.
Tuesday William Alden Smith was
elected United States senator for
the unexpired portion of Senator
Alger's term. He received 82 votes
in the house and and 28 in the sen
ate. Senator Charles Smith, of Hough
ton county, introduced a bill appro
priating $30,000 for a Michigan
buildingat the Jamestown Ter-Cen-tenial
Senator Fuller, of Delta, put in a
bill appropriating $128,000 for the
insane asylum at Newberry.
Fears Giving Offense.
''You can't do any good work to
the world without offending some
body," 6aid Congressman Long-
worth in an address. "The man. who
makes no enemies is the man who
does no good.
"Some men but for this fear of
making enemies might accomplish
something. As it is, they remind
me of the dying man who was too
cautious even to make bis peace with
"Do you renounce the devil and
all bis work?" the minister said to
this man.
"And the dying man replied in a
weak, hesitating voice:
"Please don't ask me that. I'm
going to a strange country, and I
don't want to make myself enemies."
Rochester Herald.
George Plese, of Calumet.twenty
four years of age, was taken to the
uppT peninsula asylum at New
berry Saturday last. He was com
mitted as being dangerously Insane.
He was the' worst iuveterate
cigarette fiend in the copper coun
try. It is said that he had smoked
from childhood; that he. wa never
without a cigarette in his mouth, to
the extent of smoking ia bed at
night. He . was prematurely aged
by the habit, and recently showed
symptoms of violent insanity.
Held In the. Court House Tuesday
Afternoon Considerable Busi
ness Transacted.
A meeting of the county board of
supervisors was held in the Court
House, in this village, Monday after
noon. . The following named supervisors
were presert: Fred W. Schwalm,
Baraga; John Elfman. ... Covington;
Frank W. Foote, L'Anse; S. T.
McKercher, Spurr.
Absent Olof W. Been, of Arvoo.
After the uual grist of bills bad
been disposed of, the appointment
of a superintendent of the poor for
Baraga township, for the unexpired
term of the late Richard Feore.
came up. Two applications were
read, the candidates being James
Fleming and Joseph E St Germain.
A ballot was taken, Fleming receiv
three votes, and St. Germain one.
The chairman thereupon declared
James Fleming duly appoiuted to
the office.
Herman J. Seifert, superinten
dent of the poor for the townships
of Arvon. Covington and Spurr,
thereupon tendered his resignation,
which, was promptly accepted by the
board and August Hutula. of Cov
ington, was appointed as bis suc
The supervisors inspected the
beating apparatus in the residence
portion of the jail building, which is
n a very poor condition, and the
chairman wsa instructed to have
proper alterations made.
Sheriff Cosgrove as authorized
to employ a janitor for tbd Court
House and jail at a salary not to ex
ceed $45 per month.
August Menge, of L'Anse; John
Markle and William Hugo, of
Baraga, were appointed as a board
of election canvassers,
A few other minor matters were
disposed of and the meeting was
adjourned to March 28th, 19U7.
Young Feople of L'Anse Held a Meet
lng Thursday Evening and
L'Anse admirers of the sons of
Ham will undoubtedly be pleased to
learn that they are to be given a
trat by representatives of this
ancient race. ' -
For sometime the subject of pre
senting a local talent minstrel show
in this yillage has been under dis
cussion, with the result that on
Thursday evening a meeting of a
number of the young people of
L'Anse was held and an organiza
tion perfected.
An excellent program, which bad
been previously prepared, was sub
mitted to those present, which met
with unanimous approval.
The company will consist of some
of the best talent which could be
procured and it is the intention of
those under whose management the
entertainment will be given, to
present to the theatre going people
of this vicinity one of the brightest.
cleanest and best performances
which has ever graced the local
theatre. , i
Arrangements were made at this
meeting whereby rehearsals are U
be commenced within a few days
and continue until after the Lenten
season, by which time it is ex pec el
that everything will be in readiness
to present the entertainment.
The program will consist of a
magnificent first part, an olio and
a mirth provoking a'fter piece, in
troducing a company of thirty peo
ple, presenting some of the latest
song bits of the season, and a grist
of funny sayings which have not ba
time to age. The olio will abound
in new and novel features, th
majority being original ideas of the
Although the date has practically
been decided upon, for various
reasons it ha-t been deemed advisable
to withhold it for the present.
Held In the Town Hall, In L'Anse,
Monday Afternoon. Business
Quickly Transacted.
A Republican county convention
was held in the Town Hall, in
L'Anse, Monday afternoon.
The meeting was called to order
at 2 o'clock, and upon motion
James McMahon, of Baraga, ' was
chosen chairman; Martin Voetsch,
of L'Anse secretary, and Simon
Denotnie and J. J. O'Connor, tellers.
The chairman appointed James
McKercher, of Spurr; John Markle,
of Baraga and W. L. Mason, of
L'Anse, committee on credentials,
and Thomas D. Tracy, of Kewee
naw Bay; Bert Funke, of Baraga,
and Charles Rambaud, of L'Anse,
committee oo order of business.
After a short recess tbo committe
on credentials reported the follow-
ng named delegates entitled to
seats in the convention:
Arvon Not represented.
Baraga James McMahon
John Makle
Simon Denoraie
George Ibbotson
f Thomas D. Tracy
. Bert Funke , .
Covington John Elfman
L'Anse, Precinct No. 1
Charles Rambaud
W. L. Mason
P. Voetsch
J. J. O'Connor
L'Anse, Precinct No. 2
George M. Edwardson
Spurr James McKercher.
The committee '8 report on order
of business was an follows: .
First the nomination of a candi
date for county commissioner of
Second The nomination of t
candidate for county road coromis
Third The selection of two dele-
irates to attend the Republican
state convention, to be held in
Grand Rapids.
S. O. Clinton, superintendent of
schools of ' Baraga, was unanimous
ly re-nominated for the office of
county commissioner of schools, and
James McKercher, of Spurr, was re
nominated for the office of couuty
road commissioner.
Fred W. Schwalm, of Baraga, and
H. J. Seifert, of L'Anse, were chos
en as delegates to attend the State
' There being no further business
the meeting adjourned.)
Max Marsh left Friday for Ver
non, Mich., to visit his parents.
Charles J. Brink left Wednesday
for a two weeks' visit with friends
in Saginaw. ,
Fred W.IIebard was at Houghton
Twin sons arrived at the borne of
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hickey Mon
day morning.
The rendition of the service of
song entitled, "The Man Who
Spoiled the Music," drew a large
audience at the church in Pequam
ing Sunday evening last, and the
program which was well given by
the young people, was both enter
taining and instructive. The same
service will be rendered in the near
future by the young people of the
Methodist Episcopal church of
Two juvenile ski jumpers met
with accidents during the past week
in Munising. Merton Wise, aged
fourteen, attempted to ride the targe
club hill. After going over the
bump he became badly eutangled in
his skis, the point of one 'striking
him just below the eye, neoessi
latino four stitches to close the
wound. The second occurred Tues
day on one of the smaller hills. Carl
King, aged twelve, received a cu
on the forehead, which required
three stitches. '
Lent begins Wednesday next.
St. Valentine's Day Thursday
next. .
W. L. Mason was at Marquette
Wednesday. ' . A'' V
R. C. Williams and J. J. O'Connor
were at Houghton Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Levitan spent
Friday in the copper country.
A regular meeting of the common
council was held Thursday, evening.
J. A. Holland, of Grand Rapids,
was a business visitor in town Fri
Attorney D. L. Robinson, of
Houghton, transacted legal business
in town this week.
It is stated that the ground-hog
saw his shadow Saturday last. This
necessitates a peep at the coal bin.
Miss Isabele Stein bach left Mon-
ay for Cbicugo. where she will pur-
bue a course of studies at Univer
Weather permitting a game of
hockey will be played in Baraga
this afternoon between the L'Anse
and Baraga High School teams.
Mary and Bertram McKanna, who
have been guests at the home of
heir cousin, Miss Nellie McCabe,
for the past two weeks, returned to
their borne in Hancock Friday.
"Dutch Jake," a drama in three
acts, was presented in the L'Anse
Opera House Wednesday evening
by the..; members j, of, , the Baraira
Comedy Company, to a fair ' siz"
audience. The play was an interest
ng and pleasing one throughout.
each member of the company taking
their part in a clever manner. I
s understood that the same com
pany will begin rehearsals soon for
the preparation of another plav to
be presented some time In the oear
One of the greatest social events
which has taken place in this village
n some time, occurred Friday eyen-
ng, the occasion being that of th
Eagles dance. The party was
argely attended by members of th
order and their friends from all
parts of the county. Excellent
music was furnished by the Ideal
orchestra, of Baraga, and added
greatly to the evening's pleasure-,
bountiful .supper was served ii
the dining room of the hall durin
the evening. All in attendance re
port having had an enjoyable time
Leo Putzke, deputy sheriff, m
Baraga, was in L'Anse Wednesday,
having in custody Charles Smith.
charged with stealing an oven-oat
from Hans Olson, of Keweenaw Bay.
Tues l:iy evening. After taking the
coat Smith walked to Biraga. Worn
was bent to the officers there to h.
on the 1 jokout for him and on Wed
nesday rooming he was located
Smith was taken before Justice
Hugo, and given ) a fine of $5 and
costs or thirty days in jail. Un
able to raise the tine he was brought
to L'Anse and placed in the county
jail. v
Carl Johnson, section foreman, on
the South Shore railroad, located at
the Taylor Biding, met with an acci
dent a short time ago which is now
causing him considerable trouble.
At the time of the accident Mr.
Johnson was engaged in driving w
spike. A mis-directed blow of the
sledge caused the spike to tiy, strik
ing him on the left leg a few inches
below the knee. At first nothing
was thought of the Injury until h
few days ago, when it began to swell
and has shown come signs of blood-
poisoning, but it is thought with
careful nursing nothing serious will
result. A
Thomas Pengilly, a former Calu
met man. was attracted by a worn
uold band as he was placing an en
gagement ring upon the finger of
Miss Nellie Howell. "That looks
like my mother's nog," said Pen
gilly. That was my mother's
ring," Miss Howell replied. The
ring prevented the marriage o'
brother and sister. After wander
ing thirty years in Africa and the
Lako Superior region. Pengilly,
had met his sister in Dutte, Mont.,
was attracted by her manner, loved
her and woo her hand. After a
year's oourtsbip they were to be
married. The date had been set.
Items of Interest Taken From
Exchanges and Condensed.
The Chicago & Northwestern
road has ordered 8,IW0 freight cars
to be delivered within fourteeu
Mrs. Katherine A. Remmlinger,
who conducted a pop factory at
Iron Mountain, was taken Thursday
to Newberry asylum for treatment.
The first annual copper country
poultry and pet stock show will bo
held in the Araphidrome, in Hough
ton, February 19th, 20th an. I 21st.
Fred, the infant son of William
Careen ter,of Redridge, Houghton
county, fell down stairs Saturday
last, receiving injuries which re
sulted a few hours later in his death.
Anton Bukawak, a trammer em
ployed in the Red Jacket shaft of the
C. &. 11. mine, was killed at the
sixty fifth level Tuesday ncorning.
by falling rock. He was a married
man and had lived in the copper
country about five years.
A large meeting of sportsmen as
held in Ishpeming Wedneday for the-
organization of the Upper Peninsula
Sportsmen's association. The chief
object of the new organization is tbo
promotion of legislation for tbo-
better protection of name and fish.
The hpcrtomen prr.ctically desire a
modification of the existing law pro
tecting trout and also more string
ent measure for the protection of
leer, partridge and other varieties.
f game.
Superintendents to Meet.
The annual meeting of the depart
ment of superintendents of tho
National Educational association has
oeen called for February 26-28 in
Chicago, and it is exp-cted superin
lendents of schools from all parts of
he country will bo in attendance.
This is the only gathering of its
kmd devoted exclusively to the work
and interests of school sup-r.nten-ili'nts
and it is usually well attended
with benuhViul results to ail. At
: lie same time t he annual meeting
of the society for the Scientific Study
f Education will meet in Chicago.
This organization includes many
rlucator.s ot national prominence in
is membership and its deliberations
i-e always interesting.
For Sale.
I offer for sal my house and lot,
ocuted In' the village of lAhse.
Price moderate. For further par
ticulars call ou or address
M., Novack,
1-5-tf. L'Anse. Mich,
Logging, tote sleighs and 'carry
alls made to order.
CORNFLID8 Stkinmktz,
12-8 if. IAnse, ich.
When weary,
Run Down
and Fagged Out
Will tono uo your SYSTEM.
Druggist9 and dealers sell it.
Bosch Tonic Dept.

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