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Penetrate to the Spot
Rltfht on the dot.
Price 23c end SOe
To Be Refilled.
One of the suburbs of Chicago Is the
site of a well-known school of theol
ogy, from which go out each weekend
many members of the senior class to
try their voices as "supplies."
A passenger on a Monday morning
train was surprised at the number of
them who got off at the station.
"What are all these chaps getting
off here?" he asked the brakeman.
"Them?" asked the brakeman. "O.
they're returned empties, for the col
lege." -Youth's Companion.
Stood the Test.
Allcock's Plasters have successfully
stood the test of sixty years' use by
the public; their virtues have nover
been equaled by the unscrupulous Im
itators who have sought to trade upon
their reputation by making plasters
with holes In them, and claiming them
to be "Just as good as Allcock's."
Allcock's plasters stand to-day In
dorsed by not only the highest medical
authorities, but by millions of grateful
patients who have proved their effi
cacy as a household remedy.
Without self-sacrifice true friend
ship cannot exist. Goethe.
FAZO OINTMK.NT U puaranifOft to rare an caw
of licb'nx. Wind. Illooilinn or ITotrudiug 1'ilaa it
to 14 daraurmuoer refunded. Wo.
The greatest of faults is to be con
scious of none. Carlyle.
Given Free If You
Are Sick.
Sheboygan Chemist Will Send
Sample Bottle of His Remedy
to Any Address, All
Charges Paid.
One of the most liberal offers evei
made by a responsible business man
has been announced by M. It. Zaegel,
of Sheboygan, Wis., a leading chemist
of that city.
It has been the aim of scientists foi
years to find some liquid preparation
which would possess anodyne, astrin
gent and antiseptic properties and ye1
be of such a consistency that it would
penetrate, first, through the skin, then
through the muscles and finally to th
very bones, exerting on its way down,
healing and pain destroying proper
A few years ago Mr. Zaegel, in th
course of his scientific investigations,
discovered this long sought secret.
The fame of Z. M. O., as he 'calls it,
soon spread far beyond the confines ol
his home city and thousands of per
sons In all parts of the country have
been convinced of its merit, ....
Z. M. O. Is a mixture of vegetable
and mineral oils forming
an amber colored liquid
of pleasant odor and
taste, which, when used
as directed, gives prompt
relief to pain.
Applied to cuts, sores,
burns and bruUes, it
heals, as owing to its
antiseptic properties, no
pus or matter can form
in any wound where
this wonderful oil Is
Mr. Zaegel has retired
from his drug business
and will devote his entire
time to extending the
blessing of Z. M. O.
He has determined to give away
absolutely free a sample bottle of Z.
M. O. to all who suffer from Wounds,
Backache, Rheumatism and Piles.
Take advantage at once of this free
offer, as every household should have
a bottle of Z. M. O.
Write Mr. Zaegel, 117 Main street,
Sheboygan, Wis., state the nature of
your complaint, and a free trial-bottle
will be mailed at once, all charges paid.
So many are taking advantage of
this offer that Mr. Zaegel says he does
not know how long he can continue to
give away free samples.
Write at once if you have Wounds,
Backache, Rheumatism or Piles.
0. K. Poultr)
Rabbit Feoci
The name luelf dMrtba Hand for eatalo-na
"free, wblab girt deoerlDttnn of all onr tmrn and
iroa catea. IfflBCIKS VIM f HCI CO.. MOtMOS. INK
ntrtn wrrk ani pa """ . f0
RVIVtrK M WKMI'r,hiIU.rv"
I. WMMaataa.lt. I I. laSl. BWkM a-M. Bt rrim.
Wm t. ttUmmm, Patoat Attn,
aav, Waahtnatna, I). O. Adric
Ire, faraalo. flth tmj
Some Time Severs and Helps for
the Busy Cook.
If you have no fish kettle tie the fish
In a piece of coarse muslin before
cooking it, so that there may be no
delay in lifting it out when done. Rub
It slightly with vinegar or add a little
to the boiling water, as it whitens the
Ash and makes It firmer.
Small mustard tins make good spice
boxes If a neat label Is placed on the
front of each tin. An earthen pan is
the best receptacle for keeping bread
fresh, but if this cannot be obtained,
a large tin with a good lid makes a
capital substitute.
For the cutter which is used for
stamping out rounds of pastry use lids
of tins, tops of tumblers or wine
glasses. A good set of weights and
scales should find a place In every
kitchen. Quantities may sometimes be
guessed pretty accurately, but there
are many things which must be
Setter Than 8oap or 8oda to Preserve
In scrubbing a pastry-board, to get
It a nice white, plenty of sand must
be used in this way. First wash the
board, then sprinkle it with sand and
scrub it with a brush the same way as
the grain of the wood, so that the dirt
is taken off without making the board
rough. Rinse the sand off in plenty of
cold water, wipe it with a clean cloth,
and Bet it in the air until dry. In
scrubbing floors and tables do not use
soda, for it makes boards a bad color,
ZAi does not cleanse better than soap
with plenty of warm water. In teach
ing young girls to scrub boards, It is
very difficult to make them under
stand that the brush must always be
worked the way of the grain in the
wood, and never across it.
Air the Linen.
With regard to the airing of house
hold linen, it is impossible to be too
careful at this season of the year.
The clothes on the return from the
laundry should, without fall, be un
folded and hung on a clothes-horse in
the kitchen for a night before being put
away, while linen which has been
put away for some time should like
wise be aired in front of the Are be
fore being worn again. Sheets and
pillow cases, although kept In a hot
air cupboard, should Invariably bo
properly aired before being put on the
beds, as the heat of the cupboard is
apt to be moist, and the closely fold
ed sheets hold the damp. Careful air
ing preserves the linen Itself, and pre
vents spots and mildew on the sheets,
as well as being necessary from a
health point of view.
. New Use for Potatoes.
A recipe which is efficacious for
cleaning fabrics without injuring their
texture or changing their color is the
following, which Is also good for clean
ing rugs and carpets. Orate two raw
potatoes in a basin which contains a
pint of clear cold water. Now strain
them through a sieve, allowing the
liquid to fall into another bowl contain
ing another pint of cold water. When
it settles, pour off the water into a
bottle and keep It for future use. . Dip
a sponge into the potato water and rub
the soiled garment carefully, after
which it may be washed in clear water.
Tinware should be rubbed with a
flannel cloth, well soaped, to remove
all stains, brightened with a dry flan
nel dipped in whiting, and finished
with the ever useful chamois.
:.. For zinc baths and zinc covered
tables nothing is more effectual than
powdered bathbrick used along with
Boap; polish off with dry whiting, and
finish with chamois, as in the previous
Turkey 8oup.
This is made of the framework and
other left-overs of the turkey. Put
the carcass and other bones in the
Boup kettle, cover with cold water,
add a sliced onion, a cupful of toma
toes, half a cupful of well-washed cel
ery tops, and salt and pepper to sea
son. Simmer gently two or three hours,
until the bones are clean, then strain
and serve.
. A pood Paste for Cleaning.
A good cleaning paste for articles
of copper, and coarse steel may be
made by using equal quantities of pow
dered bathbrick, ordinary polishing
paste cut in small pieces, whiting and
soft soap. The mixture should be
well stirred together, and mixed with
tepid water to a consistency pleasant
to work with.
Baked Bananas.
Remove a strip of skin from each
banana so that it- shall be open on
top as the fruit lies naturally.
Sprinkle this with sugar and lemon
Juice and bake in a hot oven for 20
minutes, or till the skin is black ani
tho pulp soft; serve hot.
Bean 8llces.
The beans when cooked tender may
be drained and pressed through a
sieve. Then pack in a baking powder
can. Slice and serve with a French
dressing. Lima beans are also de
licious cooked thoroughly, chilled and
served with a simple dressing or
tossed in butter and served hot.
Coffee Jelly.
Take the coffee left from breakfast
and heat on the stove; sweeten to
taste with sugar, and stir until It dis
solves. Add sufficient gelatine dis
solved In cold water to set it aud turn
it Into a mold. One-half a box of
gelatine sets a quart of coffee.4
Secret of Japan's Success.
Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton of the British
army wrote the evening after on of
the great battles which he had wit
nessed between Russians and Japa
nese In the recent war in Manchuria:
"To bed I Although It is with re
luctance that I prepare to lose my grip
of the exciting consciousness that I
have to-day seen the most stupendous
spectacle that it is possible for mortal
brain to conceive Asia advancing,
Europe falling back; the wall of mist
and the writing thereon." Then as to the
meaning of this retreat of Europe be
foro advancing Asia: "The more I
think the more certain I am that It
was not strategy or tactics, or arma
ment or information, which won the
battle of Llaoyang for Oyama, but that
It was rather the souls of the Japanese
troops which triumphed over the less
developed, less awakened, less stimu
lated qualities of the Russians."
Low One-Way Rates.
Every day to April 30th, 1907, the
Union Pacific will sell One-Way Colon
ist tickets from Chicago, at the follow
ing rates: 1
$30.00 to Ogden and Salt Lake City.
$30.00 to Butte, Anaconda and Helena.
$30.50 to Spokane and Wenatchee,
$33.00 to Everett, Fairhaven, What
com, Vancouver and Victoria, via
Huntington and Spokane.
$33.00 to Tacoma and Seattle, via
Huntington and Portland or via
Huntington and Spokane.
$33.00 to Portland and Astoria, or
Ashland, Roseberg, Eugene Al
bany and Salem, via Portland.
$33.00 to San Francisco, Los Angeles
and San Diego.
Correspondingly low rates to many
other California, Oregon, Washington,
Montana, Utah, and Idaho points.
For full information call on or address
W. O. Nelmyer, G. A., 120 Jackson
Boulevard, Chicago, 111.
One of 8olld Color Will Always Give
Best Effect.
The dearest, daintiest, most artistic
wall is a solid colored wall. It fur
nishes a perfect background for all
kinds of pictures, it throws them out
in their correct proportions, and does
not detract from their artistic value.
The solid colored wall is also much
better as a background for furniture,
and harmonizes much more artistical
ly with carpets and rugs than any
other method of wall treatment. The
less breaking up of color on a wall
the more artistic it is.
The most successful form of the
solid colored wall Is an alabastlned
wall. There Is as much difference be
tween tinted walls, as there is be
tween shoddy and all-wool gowns. The
shoddy gown holds Its color for a few
days, while the all-wool keeps its color
to the very last thread, so also in solid
colored walls, there are shoddy walls
and permanently colored walls which
retain their color down to the very
last particle.. The ideal wall coating
never rubs off, never flakes nor chips
off and is always ready for a fresh
coat. If there is wallpaper on the
wall, soak it off with warm water,
then go over the plaster after you
havo removed the paper with warm
water to remove every trace of paste.
Have the wall thoroughly clean for a
clean wall cannot be built on an un
clean foundation. If there are any
particles of foreign matter adhering
to the wall scrape them off with a
putty knife. ' Then If there are any
dlscoloratlons on the wall, size it with
a material made from cheap varnish,
thinned down with benzine and japan
added for a drier, then cover your
wall with your tinting material.
Be sure your man uses a tinting ma
terial mixed with cold water. If he
comes to you and asks for warm wa
ter, you can make up your mind that
there is glue in the material which he
proposes to put on your wall, and you
can be certain that you are going to
have a shoddy wall, for glue means
shoddy. Glue means that it will hold
Its color long enough for the man to
collect his bill and not much longer.
Insist on your tinting material being
mixed with clearold water. Be sure
that your wall is made from pure ma
terials, then you will have a perma
nent, artistic, sanitary wall. A wall
that will be a "thing of beauty and a
Joy forever."
Brother Thought Postum
as Coffee.
A wise doctor found out coffee was
hurting him, bo ho quit drinking it.
He was so busy with his practice,
however, that his wife had to write
bow he fooled his brother, a clergy
man, one day at dinner. She says:
"Doctor found coffee was injuring
him and decided to give Postum a
trial, and we have used it now for
four years, with continued benefit In
fact, ho is now free from the long
train of Ills that follow coffee drink
ing. "To show how successful we are
In making Postum properly I will re
late an Incident. At a dinner we
gave, Doctor, suggested we serve
Postum Instead of ordinary coffee.
"Doctor's brother, a Clergyman, sup
posed it was old fashioned coffee and
remarked, as he called for. his sec
ond cup: 'If you do preach against
coffee, I see you haven't forgotten how
to make it.' "
This goes to show that well-made
fully boiled Postum has much the
flavor and richness of good coffee al
though It has an individuality all Its
own. A ten days' trial will prove that
It has none of the poisonous effect of
ordinary coffee, but will correct the
troubles caused by coffee. "There's a
reason." Kama furnished by Postum
Co, Ltd., Battle Creek, Midi.
Toil can do your dyeing fn half an
Ask your druggist.
When anyone has done you a favor
bow small It looks the day after.
Lewis' Single Binder straight Co cigar
made of rich, mellow tobacco. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
All philosophy lies In two words
"sustain" and "abstain." Esictetus.
that la LAXAT1VB BHOMO Onlalne. BlmllartT
oanad remedial aoiuellmaa dooal.e. The flrat and
orialoal Cold Tablet la a Willi M PACK AUK with
black and red lettering, and bears toe Ifoatura of
JCW.UUOVJfi. 260.
The noblest spirit Is most strongly
attracted by the love of glory.
One trial will convince you of the pe
culiar fitness of Nature's remedy, Garfield
Tea, for liver, kidneys, stomach and
bowels, for impure blood, rheumatism and
chronic ailments.
Character is that kind of statuary
which a man cuts out with himself as
both tool and subject. Sterne.
FITS, St. Vitus Dance and all Nervous
Diseases permanently cured by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. Send for Free 12.00
trial bottle and treatise. Dr. K. H. Kline,
Ld., 931 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
So mysteriously are we linked with
others In this world that we cannot
fall in our duty without harming oth
ers, nor bear ourselves bravely with
out benefit to others. Scovil.
It Cures While You Walk.'
Allen's Foot-Ease is a certain cure for
hot, sweating, callous, and swollen, aching
feet. Sold by all druggints. Price 2fio. Don't
aejeptanv substitute. Trial package FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy. N. Y.
Bold Raid by Foxes.
A curious vulpine raid was witness
ed one recent . Sunday on ithe Manor
farm, Corston, near Malmesbury. A
number of unsuspecting fowls were
feeding quietly in one of the fields
when a band of fire foxes appeared.
Heading for the fowls, they each pick
ed out one of the .unfortunate birds
and made off, carrying their prey
with them. London Dally Mall.
Oats Heads 2 Foot Long.
The John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse,
Wis., are bringing out a new oats this
year with heads 2 foot long! That's a
wonder. Their catalog tells!
Speta the greatest cereal hay food
America ever aaw! Catalog tells I
Our mammoth 148-page Seed and Tool
Catalog is mailed free to all intending
buyers, or send 0c in stamps and receive
free samples of new Two Foot Long Oats
and other cereals and big catalog free.
John A. Salzer Seed Co., Box W, La
Crosse. Wis.
Rockefeller Escaped.
Judge Hedeman, Journalist of
France, was sent by ifis paper, the
Matin, to interview John D. Rocke
feller, when the latter was at Com
pelgne last summer. "Mr. Rocke
feller." said M. Jules, "I desire to in
terview you." "Ah" replied Mr. Rock
efeller. "I desire to ask you some
questions about yourself and receive
answers therefor." "Ah!" said Mr.
Rockefeller. "I desire to discover If
many of the things said about you
are true." Mr. Rockefeller pondered.
At last he said: "I have heard it
charged that I am so stingy I will
never take a cab. This is not true,
for if you will observe closely you
will see that I intend to take one now."
And he did.
Personal knowledge
this competitive age ana when of ample character it places its fortunate
possessor in the front ranis of
The Well Informed of the World.
A vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the
highest excellence in any field of human effort
A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowl
edge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health
when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., is an
ethic J product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and
gives universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of
Known Quality. Known Excellence and Known Component
Parts and has won the valuable patronage of rmllions of the Well Informed of the(
world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first
and best of family laxatives, for
This valuable remedy
under the name of Syrup of Figs and has attained to world,
wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its pure
laxative principles, obtained from
and the Well Informed or the world to be the best we have
adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna as mote fully descriptive of the remedv.
. but doubtless it will
name of Syrup of
rW$ firtXw
Experiences of Mrs. Rockwood ani Miss Tlerney
A large proportion of the operations
performed in our hospitals are upon
women and girls for some organic
Why should this be the case !j
Because they have negleoted them
selves, as every one of these patients
in the hospital beds had plenty of
warning in those dragging sensations,
pains at left or right of abdomen,
backaches, nervons exhaustion, in
flammation, ulceration, displace
ments, and other organie weaknesses.
All of these symptoms are indica
tions of an unhealthy condition of the
female system and if not heeded the
penalty has to be paid by a dangerous
operation. When these symptoms
manifest themselves, do not drag
along until you are obliged to go to
the hospital and submit to an opera
tionbut remember that Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, mado
from native roots and herbs, has saved
hundreds of women from surgical
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compounda has cured more cases of
feminine ills than any other one
remedy. Such letters as thefollowing
Mrs. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are. Invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs. Plnkham, at Lynn, Mass. From the
eymptoms given, the trouble may be located and the quickest and surest way
of recovery advised. Out of her vast volume of experience In treating female
ills Mrs. Pinkhara probably has the very knowledge that may help your
case. Her advice is free and always helpful.
Ask Mrs Pinkham's Advice A womaa Best Understands a Woman's Ills.
if at fa aain cTr trr our-o bkbt rvt
9aWl -a-a-a S9iUU onWCO TB WOO
Men's ghoea, S5 to SI. SO. Hnya' Khoea, 8V.1 to ei.SS. Womrn'e f iT-M -V
Bhoea, SM to SU.&O. Mlaaea A Children'. Bhoea, SU.KS to SH.OO. -
w . i jjourim suoes are recognized iy expert judges of footwear'
to be tho best in style, fit and wear produced in this country. Each
jmrt ui mo buuo unu every ueiaii 01 me maaing is loofcou alter
and watched over by skilled shoemakers, without regard to
time or com. n i couia lane you into my large factories at
Brockton, Mass.. and show vou how carefully V. I.. Douirlmtl
shoes are made, you weuld thon understand
.. Bi.uBivui Rtmwi tbiuo b nail
W. I. ltimsla. nam and prii-a It atampml on th.
fatt Color Evtlett turd txtlutivtly. Catalog mailed
pniya uu imnriur mora, lur fl MlillNulf. tQ l. the Iv.t fliw (Iraleri vcrvwlin-.
la quickly absorbed.
Gives Relief at Once.
It cleanses, soothes
heals and protects
the disecsed mem.
brane. It cures Ca
tarrh ' and drives
away a Cold in the
Head quickly. .Re
stores the Senses of
Taste and Smell. Full size EOcta., at Drug,
gists or by mail j Trial Bize 10 eta. by mail.
Ely Brothers, 50 Warren Street. New York.
's Cream Balm I ?&vlaSl
Personal Kngwledg
is the winning (actor in the culminating
which no extravagant or unreasonable claims
has been Ions and favorably known
Senna, are well known to physicians
always be called for by the shorter
Figs and to get its beneficial
effects, always note, when purchasing the full
name of the Company California Fig Syrup
Co. printed on the front of every package,
whether you call for oyrup of Figs
or K)V tk full nam- .Svnir rl
rigs and tuxir ot Senna.
are constantly being1 received by
Mrs. Pinkhaui to prove our claims.
Mrs. C. A. Rockwood, teacher of
Parliamentary Law, of 63 Free St.,
Fredonia, N. Y., writes t
"For years I suffered with female trouble. '
It was decided that an operation was neoes
nary, and although I submitted to a serious
operation my sufferings continued, until
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
was recommended and it proved a marvelous
remedy, so quickly did it restore my health .
I cannot thank you sufficiently for the good
it has done me." . )
Miss Margaret Tlerney, of No. 323
W. 25th Street, New York, writes:
Dear Mrs. Finkham:
"When only eighteen years of age our
physician decided that an operation was
necessary to permit of my womanly organs
performing their natural functions. My
mother objected and being urged by a
relative to try Lrdia E. Pinkham's Veget
able Compound did so. I soon improved in
health, the proper conditions were establish
ed and I am well and strong, thanks to
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
No other remedy has such un
qualified endorsement as Lydla E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. No
other remedy in the world haa such
a record of cures of female ills.
why they hold their shape, tit better,
ny (Illlcr lllKFS,
bottom, whins protect.
th. wraivrarainat high
ret. VV. L..
UUlULAlt, Urucktou.Alaaa.'
of the great profits which have been mads
from copper mining and also know that the
prices and dividends are constantly increas
ing. You know also that the multi-millionaires
are heavily in the game and that
hey are winning as they generally do.
Can't you get in too on the ground floor.
I mean? We have a proved, producing and
strong copper district here and there is a
chance to get in on good propositions
(ground floor) and to rise with them. Let
us tell you about It. This is whera tho Old
Dominion mines are at Globe. Address,
Tke Arisoaa Security & DTt1opneat AiMciatioa,
J. A. IMDEAUI, fitiwrtt Maaiitr. GLOBE, ARIZONA.
contests of
are made.

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